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Wednesday, June 13th

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On the need to become gas slime will welcome and Jim Miller former NFL quarterback now he works for serious and jam NFL radio how are we talking legitimate anti would you Jim Hall Jim you interviewed Norv Turner yesterday on on the show. First Dublin on the show but second off what what was your big take away from your interview with north. Yeah I think well one nor obviously been along time needle basically thirty years that the culture but expo will only be. He's coats some good ones you know when you look at Troy a bit and obviously yours what what they'll revert to be coaxed a lot of guys that. You know I I it took me by surprise when he said it would you know what is you know are all great quarterbacks that you coach. You know what that take away of a candidate in a pot that I think britney's that he wanted to that's quarterback or receive it terps could just see appeal. You know whether the priests snap read or post peppery. How we greet the defenders. And how they're playing. And so I I think you know when you compare that guys like Troy but it so workers that that they what it there it certainly hit that one at that there's despite that on a court back. Norv Turner's coached as well. Joseph always good to hear your voice and talked to you listen you with pat. On on serious all the time and as you being a former quarterback and understand the quarterback position the way you do. When you see Cam Newton get older and the game become more refined slowed down form what are some of the things that you still look for. In the growth and the maturation process of Cam Newton does that the second or third act of his career there were getting into. What it really been an up and say this for quite some got you don't don't let our help they can athletic candidate. You know we've seen quarterbacks that are that are being expected her big then obviously he had a lot of injuries early in his career I really was really really preaching that in ticket applaud this bad. I think it Andrew Luck currently at the big quarterback you'll be cute new numbers were. Identical at the end of they'll cop Biden got doubt due to injury in of course Campion at the knicks the route because he's not afraid. Beat the physical guy idiot only that it close you know to 45 to wonder that people even know you're that big when you take that many shot. It it's gonna happen aspect that I think you know what rob repairs preached over the past couple years it would start playing a little bit smarter let's get the ball out of this and a little bit faster that's why they drafted guys like Kurdistan into what a cap REIT was awesome last year in what some guys. Get the right after the catch after the book fall slightly to Italy expert nor. In north so we've been at the play action guy yeah or that area I the job outlook you know work that we're gonna let this short games set up the heat game. And I think that the game plans are for Carolina I think he had a hold it there at the north. I didn't think about this heat that they're kind of back at that occur right now in terms of their install because route to do ski boot moose are down there in Carolina was on your door. Out there in India go what he was there at coats so we could get all or to the thing he goes where it became. Now just about the technicality Apollo would want that saw bets were on the relief branch out. Jim and it is a former NFL quarterback Q you talked a little bit there are about. I cam and and he's got his willingness to put his body on the line. If your coach trying to get him not to change but to a vols in the hits that he takes. You know how how do we will vault what what is that evolution for a guy doesn't tend not necessarily learn how to protect his body but but know when it's okay to take those risks and and maybe. When the risks have gotten too much which I think some people in Carolina felt the last couple years. Yet they keep straight to perk or where it's risk vs report you know during a game and you do learn in that bleach and co quarterbacks that do that. What the situation could naturally your job you're trying to manage every situation and deep at the quarterback position and I column got it at that hole. You know when your team's got added it's a final drive in it it's hurt I've been in camp takes up with that you know brought in the well we shall back there yet that the got to have a moment where you gotta you know you gotta get the first now you know you're gonna. You know explode your body goes global but it paint a little bit punished but. Get it your all being put a stay at the first and then. Nobody goal but he can't sit front fight eager to do three arts or arts may be and learn to do it now learned to run out of out just played smarter they're really preserve. Is body and that I think. With what the short passing game in a ten play Smart current situation on clay where he can import bill shot. I guarantee it there's going to be a Monday morning where he wakes up after such big gains were keeping it a lot. That meant my body it's still pretty get you know I like the witnesses is work for the Carolina peppers and and an outlet to preserve my body and if you do. Can't tell a difference in games like that ideally wannabe 21 at twenty or brought all in not grasping your jurors or perhaps. You know and and hopefully get to that state to a camp probably never will that he is so great. Run and all but he got only complete smarter and he can be coached at the play that way in between national what ball. Jim Miller joining us here on the mid day show you can hear more serious accident NFL radio and well I used to hear him here locally in Chicago on the bears show with Tom there it goes a great job in his coverage of the NFL gym for. Rookie wide receivers or in this case ago occurred Samuel as well as DJ Moore who haven't seen a lot of NFL. Looks is it press man release is its own option routes is it sitting down in those those little. Intricacies of nuance spots where you take some time to to figure out what's the toughest. Thing to to acclimate to for any rookie wide receiver in the NFL. Yeah I think EE Canon built it's kind of all on it in a Dutch shell just becoming better route runners as we know. A lot of these guys come technicality in Kurdistan a lot of data on the fire broke tree. So there. You don't op that they don't know I don't Rodham they just got to know the techniques so well what they've come out of they're breaking out meshes with the tiny with a quarterback depending on the proper care. That they're seeing so you know so you mentioned press man. You know say it's. You know say it's up thirteen and ten situation. In that receiver vs oppressed men knows that eight I need to get to a let you know media. A twelve yard out route it is called a pat on the bank coverages are quite polite scrimmage. The route to a Debian ought be you know shorter than what they should. Because they feel that type unit saw her actual release techniques that you mention getting the proper. Yeah like this data route important that how they come out of that public come out of the route at the end at the top but the staff is critical look at the coverage. That they see so they're they're being taught a lot of new techniques are being exposed to a lot of it recovered just go. Well let's be out of college teams that they've run maybe is dirty game one or two coverages you know in the NFL you could see anything for your goal line. Doubt that their goal line so you gotta be ready to to know you know how your route converts what do converts to. Vs the cover to see what a bit split is that a hot read were against spam off the route. Now becomes hot route so there is the process the that it it's a learning process and it it takes I. But normally you know these guys have been approached a lot each show so common and it made an impact in according to north toward what it yesterday. He is relieved pretzel it with DJ Moore that's now at receiver that he feels going to be a good one wrote. Jim Miller on the tech may come gas line here on middays nick Wilson Jason golf under BF NZ. So or we keep it on the offense there discretion McCaffrey's a guy who last year utilized a lot as maybe a third down back toward a traditional third down back. This year there's some talk about what's the best way to utilize him howdy you'll unlock that full potential of a guy who maybe isn't just a straight ahead at. You know knock it down a beast mode back. Yeah I mean everybody questioned whether he can run between attack or he did quite that are that are out there stamp birdie any he had a lot of care. Robert Barrett comment about it that they don't look at his war workload. Out there at this guy it'd probably you think he can be a recount back Granite Hills well. In certain situations may be one artist Spain and down at the goal line short arc we really much what all. In the most likely situations. But I think McCaffrey can do at all I think they're gonna. Split about quite a bit at the receipt or whether to a lot to do and that's quite a while but the numbers you commotion about the back deal. But you know the draw mean the screen game how we run inside outside so he's been bet that they can just. The receptions that your goal I think you just got to look for that to continue look at it. It's about the short being the short pat he early and how what's gonna. Expanded branch out he'd get deeper throws at the game goes not. And I think DiCaprio be good at the right after the catch stuff that he was tremendous secure go with so great reception. The path is not only have a new offensively called the avenue so I knew due principally Cohen Eric Washington are. I think Donte' pose going to be a terrific addition I think. You saw the difference that he made last year in Atlanta so I think bit there there's an upgrade there. As set tops nothing can be a little bit more consistent you seem flashy plays out of them looped weekly is one of the best in the game if not the best middle linebacker in the game. And indicates that secondary. How do you cover up a secondary that you don't know of the play making ability or you haven't seen it yet because there's a lot of lot of questions in that that that back into the defense. Yet it Brad very continue to grow in the well I think they're gonna expect that Ajax in the form early from Dan Nichols opposition to a lot side. You know they beat that does to a different outcome so making a run three wide receivers that sometimes your Nichols that ends up being your pay. He's still that there Ehrlich rob Scott Rolen inkjet moderate line. And will be a state he position comes together I think get a as a good player into north Serb seat comes over becomes a lot of experience so. I'm not worried about that beat that they're still they're souls now up front and they're brought out and in linebackers that can run and even went back wife Erica but at the plate that are out they go group is the issue. You know the guys where there are there like a decline that didn't play well and I would expect from that standpoint whether it's David mail. But the other guys that are called into duty I don't think a bit too much because the front lead the front or is legitimate they can mention an effort not very well. IPod Atlanta what could reach because we knew weekly with Dan Quinn you're you're don't like and it kept wait doubt that apple. Paparazzi clearly Carolina. Played Atlanta at twice in two runner earth that it you to put on the TP the first Carolina. He was and it you know being slapped with yet we keep that we upgraded you're. But whining that reap big deep that the apple rotation and played with Bernard Butler became quite short the team up with that very well. Jim excellent stuff we really do appreciate your time and hey. What ought to have you back gone Asia as we get in and finally get to visualize this Newton this Cam Newton Norv Turner offense. All right some great guys think threats meant today.