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Friday, January 19th

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Jeremy Reed CC II know this guy could use. While motto we play in the sun belt we call the fund belt so don't chance by the way Appalachian State this guy from south Alabama safety Jeremy reasoning did Todd forced Jeremy how you doing man. Are aware there are no well I see I like some multiple Jerry but not everybody around here understand some muscle pull tell tell about the fund got a good Germany not a cause any man no stopping. I'll tell about the fun though Jeremy. I'm very far that they then he's put self edit if it's so every every the game day you're Saturday. Or Friday or go even a Thursday. You know it it's there's a great game is great competition in the lead out you know of course of course. There's to collect a political or so. Different approach without the man on the election. Her talk to your theory safeties coming out of south Alabama's media NFL draft and it's funny because. One might my producer Ryan got a bad mouth of the Sunbelt Indy to inadvertently the other day because we are tonight James Bradbury whose you don't want the court issued after he played it at Sanford and it was and it was initially. I think supposed to play a day an offensive role announcing that again briefly. See him first slam you with him in Alabama is seems torn Alabama are you is committed to the to a some built schools and Ryan's act like you can't you can't find kids at that level thought we guys are playing good level so pulled down area outside of the tower five. Earlier about there. As a great conference you know my best yeah if you look at the these faculty year's third ensemble seems great prop up companies did a pretty big game you know. But here yeah in my team automobile ABC stay in this stage. It looked at that same here you can see games from our Tennessee just last year when perhaps they play and see how. State. Took about Clearwire yet so I mean it's simple as critical although it after today the coaching you're there go to this game better and better be. Anything after which Tennessee this year doesn't really knows who we're supposed to do it was a last year which there. Did you all know I'm mad about that so German in my mom under should've won that game I would look to go for you always is. He's gone through some of the scouting process and talking to guys how much stock do these NFL guys put on your tape. Vs those power five teams what what they say about those games and into the weight goes more than your games in conference play how does that work. I mean aren't they there there that are partners but because they're the whole idea of note this is the competition that we see in the NFL church. And you know that that's the case that there are looked at first the valuation wise. Can he play it with a got are considered note Oklahoma State their or mr. then. So it's a pop pop pop you know angry at. But they also looked at those fun little game sort of mop up post got a can't shield I don't know a home. They look at. From top to bottom. Okay you put it at that level in Arafat's own you know I played you know immigrant trop when he plays in the conference is he consistent you know go home. I think it would then go valuation put the first in a Democrat ought to go to Arafat into two. Here and here you're going to be in the Senior Bowl right you'll be at the Reese a Senior Bowl. So guys that's diamond that's the best of the best of of its veteran guys Saturday guys that played a lot of football just like you and your career and for all different conferences that that's gonna bring out the competitor in you coming up here. I absolutely and about hope for peace. That he's only gonna break out of you know. I heard. Basically my entire crowd that watched me off for years out there watching you can't go on yeah thank you stop already did get there I don't like governor out all our response that a month. And I'm definitely did I can continue to Christian the court should automobile. Have you been scouting the roster already beyond assuming you look at the guys are onion once guys when drill start have practice during the game especially coach told me on that guy you know you look at it right now. Look that the losses yeah. The press trust cannot just say I want everybody I want I want to get my senator replied oh that's kind of player I have a couple of months. All of college insider I want to cover tackle you know whatever that didn't take long wanted. Everybody that. You know all careful what you ask for a be careful what you ask for it. As for. Take analog and signal. Then he wanted to make business decisions in the in the Senior Bowl and listen and look I played in the Senior Bowl I've I need you want piece of advice I'll tell you this. That week of practice. Is going to be. The most intense not intense because of physical nature now that's not an either or there's almost situations because when you look on SI and our. Right just like your old high school gains on these coaches are coming down recruit to go out. But man almost callous of me lined up watching and everyone I'm hearing on ads you're I don't know if they're looking at you must also take every opportunity try not to miss threats. Jumping in there or somebody else is down and all that sort of stuff member. He strategic opportunity this. If there's a situation is not a put two and a good life. You might wanna chill out because his moral situation you're trying to cast yourself in the best light possible ma'am rather and that keep your head down work your behind off Manning go have fun. Are her. Our logo are sure. Honestly device or Jeremy went for the first for those who maybe a medieval lost some real football and other the wonder in which Jeremy Reed is gaining a painter Jesus safety they might be in a market for that in the NFL draft what what is your game what do you think you bring to a team when you get to the next level. All our current certain urgency I don't that's huge for me I'm I'm a leader out there on local. I'm the quarterback of the defense and stick. Consider Khaled bring. Capacity in on me. You can look at you get total foreign utility go to knots and you also says this consent. Sure you know rock opera element to it and feel like did not meet people need to get a ball. That is the player I am that the players have always been in my town I can't you know practiced. Can be. In addition that kind of guy a local law outlook in my entire life go down. They're passionate about what I do. Jeremy green safety coming out of south Alabama is going to be the recent senior bowler McCann caught I a lot of these guys enough. We'll see with the printers and video options are due in the draft a secondary health just went off since two and dust. Jeremy from off from a fan of the fund built to run to another thing thanks to make time is your sister to talk to invest a logical case. I hurt it or else they go.