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Tuesday, June 19th

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Joining us right now on the aids become hotlines covering the NBA for a seat on a smear networking is Jeff Goodman. They just played O and I understand that your are you your little house bound right now. May. Tennis you don't mind me about a month ago and I'm about two weeks away from being able to its stock weighted on count and which is in every year bought the beach is good weather finally hit. So I'm you know able to get. Whatever it is I'm Jewell to dive play and stop well that's my problem. You reliable learned that lesson apparently I've been exactly where you are in a drugs. And probably not a lot to say yea drugs and a lot of different variations but after Ebenezer Dre do a drugs. That good note. Get there get their just enjoy what we've been at the drop would be entertaining. I don't know. In a bit with the company trades are made just because this strapped. Is about Ohio in net cheers is really not at the top I don't know how many injured gonna give up. It's at the top and of this strapped without getting. Real proven commodity and dark. Now you know warn them I guess the hot dirty rumors is that there are multiple treat teens looking to trade down horror in the top eight. How many of those are real and how many of those are just stories. One minute think you know it depends tortured you have been obviously you want to get up is because that worked GAAP item and you got like eaten. Bag leap on its Aaron Jack and bomb book. Border trade ya window or those are probably your seat and some people would have decked him in there I would not. What would import it or or throw it like. That eleven spot is cattle where they captive somewhere around and not the state can't get a good player. But that the cattle where most people feel like a lot in front somewhere around eight. Jim when you when you hear him you know come and to the same when you heard. A missed cut check talk about how you know this is the first lottery that he's going to be wits with the hornets and how he hopes it's going to be the last one is that basically because. He's just not gonna attend future lottery is and in addition to invent that conversation because the the boot look at their roster. And where they draft. Is it realistic to think this team will not be in the lottery again next year. I mean looking at there rot in these cities up art you know they got temple one more year a short money but where where's the jump got to tell Brighton which get a power is what is and isn't well archer is the O two but you know Cody Zeller it would years. Jeremy lamb like particular group Marvin Williams the general. They are what they all. So I think what you're looking at here is a team that's probably. Somewhere on the range of may be made in the buyout probably not gonna do it in gonna end up in the back apple lottery which is kind of a war what you wanna be ultimately. That's why then they can do what he did like you don't wanna be in the middle because. It in an unfortunate for stroke and not that I get a bunch of up big time reagents. Look at her she's got to build the dry out or second tier create and so you do try to hit it when you have the eleventh pick but I know I don't I don't think. I don't believe me it's gut check in believes it OK I don't believe that's gonna out but I still think they're gonna get more lottery pick. And it might be fourteen this year or the year after but I don't see their current roster constituted and since it all the sudden they gonna make this big Yelp. I guess the only reason you could think that wasted because these years is still early week. Jeff Goodman goes in VA for mercy on us media was on you can count hotline at just one of the I guess one of the trade rumors is that the the cavaliers. In an effort to get LeBron to this day would be interested in trading the eight pick for guy like Campbell walker. How much stock do you put Matt and if if the hornets were to pull off a deal like that. Is that something that they should try to pull off as soon as possible and then maybe. Package 811 the move op. I know because I wouldn't get rid them. Wouldn't get critical I still got to build around him is I cared it is not meant doing this up about oh deficit uplifting your soul. I would like Campbell walked. I would keep him and try to build around it is the one tennis superstar you out. At a position where you have to go out a really good player. To me again I would it I wouldn't trade but it before more is there now could you lose of after they cheer. Yeah that's where you got to figure out yeah I have a good chance to retain a I think commitment that the guy he's pretty oil is a payment a ton of money. I'm not sure you watch it the other debt they have the bigger problem get somebody. You know giving him like. Rob you know it caddie about me you gotta get him up and get about a legitimate number you've got to go outside. All right that's good news for those of us yelling myself we were in the keep kemba camp so that's that's good news for. For guys like us all what what do you think is the the most. Most likely outcome here. For a look at Don chicken is how much concern is they're really about whether or not he'll come to the NBA and where are you thinking influence. Yeah as you're concerned whether it comes to the idea is Danica in the NB. Where you land that that the bigger question right now is it. A lot of people thought it was going to be Sacramento out of the gate now looks like it's probably going to be. Atlanta or met this you know I think eaten go to law that goes through this Sacramento. I can see Atlantic going Jarrett and event that this end up with it would Luka would be a really picked up over the Mike. To be so I I kicked out. Numbers of those top war and could mope popular country young could Michael Porter sneak into that top war. Well it depends supporter obviously of its. Other medical come back everybody could be ball to eleven. It's not out of the question. If if it medical's. And I've kind of heard different things from different NBA people a lot of summer span and it worries some. And the medical that doctors are are a little bit concerned until they're they're people. Others as senate not that big a deal on net that not your ordinary a lot of you get a buried opinion. The doctors spot on somebody's injuries. So ordered to me build a second look out part about it wrapped up somehow got to eleven. In your Charlotte. I think you rolled directly if you got some of the may Indonesia's so. Worries so that you can't go. A couple of the guys you might see being could see it settle and I agree with if if Michael Porter junior somehow gets to eleven you gotta hit the stop Bodden. But as if he's not there are based on guys you think who might be there or what do you think is is a good fit. Yeah I don't being not really is. Epic they've got an you know commit he's got a similar but not so you know what are you gonna do there I think maybe a proper. William something like that you might look Jack you're a freak out Willy an array of broader. That can replace maybe Dwight Howard out there this year. You know if you wanna take a point guard there might be warrant through Bayer if you're if you wanna back up. In case camp believes you know negotiate illness Alexander. Who's along 6566. Boat execute it well really good defensively. You know the bridges both by Peter vials. And blues is a recap it out of Michigan State. Accountable for ever combo forward that about operate. It tutored act great shooter does everything well. But but need to find a way to football or get by and then the Kelberg is not a bonobo more. A piece really good defender. Not a great short not a great shooter. I elect. It would duplicate what and KG gives you a little bit but ultimately if you're Charlie here don't look I think it can't be the best player that'll up. They're not really worried about position. For the most part you're just say that there's a guy on the war. That there are eleven that we think could be at all start at a road. That is sort of a day. Jester and in terms CME AC on a median network to I understand you have a podcast due tells about it. I do area outside the book B a M last week and and will be starting up but I. Another company I can't say the name. And about above and but multitude of podcasts at it would heal on its media and it'll be Canada the first. I cover about well reliable coverage he had trouble out there coverage unit I schools so. It'll be the first one it's that it's really built around basketball at all levels and as a student gets closed throughout the auto week. It's geared more towards India and other want it here were solid stance up. It'll be bought and be Ottawa really able to do what you're out for Prius and but now obligated to operatives are in in a couple months there'll probably do that so if it'll be on outlook due on the part and the first one today it would Doug Gottlieb and it'll be if you check my Twitter. At. Goodman oops it's on there and they'll be considered as well. All right very cold Jeff Goodman cover in the NBA are announcing on this media. At. That are up about operative figure all right Jeff Goodman.