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Wednesday, May 16th

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Is. ESPN Jack carried on. We're doing we're doing well we're doing well hopefully you are as well so I didn't get you for a second on the second stream broadcast second screen broadcast last night. Four that Celtics game and what are your thoughts on the way the way Boston handled Cleveland report. I was just depress their deep let me bought and contested just about every shot back out out of much burst out but it. They're trying to put people out Ehrlich. Or Haitian or excellent. They were there or move we get the ball moved I don't remember if they did get a bottle of Berkeley were getting very mediocre shot. App where the first after at the rim whatever they want it. They're getting wide open looks but are you. The public on the keyboard and are. Do you feel like in the second half the Celtics just pretty much impose their will over the cavaliers economy don't fold up chair. Yeah that was part of it I mean a big part of it the other art will rot at bat he got it at. In the first happening with our order. Topple Lebanon and I don't particularly in Spain mapped out. Bob Wayman a lot about the early derby factor. You do you do do you see Cleveland as a team that can come back from this because we've seen two different Cleveland teams now in the playoffs and obviously a large part of their struggles have been a byproduct of what the Celtics have been able to do. But we saw was supporting cast has struggled against Indiana we saw them rebound and play extremely well against Toronto and obviously having struggled again do you think that when the series goes back to Cleveland. The cavaliers can turn this thing around. I'd never say never went and brought them all about where are being. Oh if that op all they can win both game Brinkley on and then. You know everything is riding on game five to about where it's going to be a period if they're they're able to win those two. But the winner gave five traditionally don't went there the import ought. A possible yeah I you don't eternity he'd come back from 02. And win in the Easter copper Spinal Tap and all but only that. I think I think. Bob and proving that they've got more weapons and nearly put six guys in double figures were consistently. I think you're gonna you're going to be between the portrayal. What is your opinion on the Cleveland Cavaliers supporting class CR's are supporting cast JR Smith. And how love and in the likes how do you think their plan to registers so for. Well employed well yeah they have not it's been pretty clear mean you know I an idol which airstrip made maybe shot by the government our corporate. You know we were we ought to about where what we didn't know what traditional way apology game. Atop Korver didn't you know I early on we got open looks and then edit it now that as quickly overly cramp ought. App Clark laid out what you eat. Well lot but the other ways that are going to be able corporate B. And in is he wanted to go to get help and added that it was the first game that theory you have got an L. So. Not happy at all costs low wall. You strip. Out. Barbara you know wrote my first time this. Get the hang out. On the air which they report out you do move. Sharper eyes I've been around. Our early look forward and Mort I'm with element in crew. Drought crop are we really learn more about all for me. You know art I'd give my opinion and and you know you give it on what is being linked. By. Even though may be otherwise about the air topic did you appeal it and daughter like airport other. And a sharp group of people or more of what he. Jane Willis joining us on the Pentagon guess line we do wanna hear your opinion now on us some of the prospects in the NBA drafts of the sons and a winning the lottery and they have a lot of directions they can go obviously some young pieces and Devin Booker just Jackson. Marty is Chris perhaps as building blocks now. It seems like it's look at Don judge or. If you were sitting at the GM of the Phoenix Suns today who would be the guy you'd think makes the most sense for them. And it do you think that debt that whoever that is is the number one prospectors are just the best written Phoenix. Well I think yeah optical with about so well player. I don't think Phoenix go to Russia where they're looking at a and all of a sudden they're chipped chipped it to under that they're they're trying to. What pillars in all you know in the the system where. They can't continue to dole and so well being it would be their you artery or look at dot church they've got connection with our building no morally well Nadal help a lot but I. We're with Europe across drop their new coach coached not church. And you are what not to do it like rear or overall by you know home appliance. Mike what I want because the show up all by the ability to tap the ball. Darker look at all The Who made it up but we go. I don't think he got a prototype MBA player what this is side what the bill. Stop wave knocked out or shop mobility. I would probably err on the side of of eight and but but like it's the electorate know what part of the strap Bobby where they are no brainer pick. Oh no you you could go to number the direction and not be wrong. But it but it took just one player I even believe got restrict the Arctic Arctic beat except respect the earth drop one players I jerk or a drug like getting props well it. It's gonna have to be a collection of player repeat next. Before the season Marvin Baddeley was a guy that I think was right there in the mix of not being number one prospect before the season started took a little bit of a slide for a couple reasons during the season. Where do you see badly split in the NBA and what you Wear your biggest concerns about him as he transitions to the next level. What will be relief coupled interpreter about whether that from a productivity at all. That aren't are apoplectic for her than anybody out at the end of the party but yeah they're gonna eat if not impact the it all on you. And traditionally for either side it's not blocking shots in a steel or the fortune. But a red flag. Eight out you know what both and the MBA. You don't really do that and and I think at time. There were issues where you are not that he is he picking up about the drop outs. You want about weight belt or all at the mark exactly part because edit the ability dark all greens that. India or you'll note the Central Bank that you should be able to adopt early I would think you a couple of quicker. By. You know I don't want they are out what it error error because he's going to be a pop pop warrior or they're about why. Even with that but I think he could've been an apple overall collected bit view or better locker upper. A lot closer in Charlotte. We show like missed cubs six fill out a little disappointed about being about Hamlin number eleven a long period. Hole will be available where for the sort of horn mr. ground there we're currently open to turn things around here. Well they're number guys that are going to be real well that are really good. But you know traditionally I think Richard's probably right beat you hope that they could be better that'll leopard but. The jets up lap that are like what one. What but it was great the chance via US. By that we see guys that bad spot that the all are that all players out. And an example that laughter dot Mitchell where it was what Mitchell picked up thirteen yeah Astor and yeah out perky though are you get really good players that are. They get up get up to be fortunate and other people about a lot of but you know operatives may be there you could have it out ala expense there. It popped bubble like although I doubt that the tree aren't quite up there. There are. I'll Bridget from ma bridge great want to be in their well they're hurt or option there. But I hope they everything prop up the draft meaning you can certainly use that pick the package it was up well try to try to use it straight. Well you know my perception of Charlotte Mitch Kupchak art about all on their country. At the world frankly. I think. I think Charlotte got to do it through the draft. And it's really ought to trade because it's not the nation or create. Edit though so it's more it's more like the traditional. We're called it warrior run out of envelopes being intelligent through the draft that you wind up a lottery. And operate year. Out yet there is value going to be at about lottery number or Charlotte about. Did tend to agree with you and I think if you look at the makeup of the hornets roster right now without brilliant any cap flexibility whatsoever of their biggest asset is obviously Kemba Walker who's on achieved deal that expires after next season. He's a guy who's obviously been a mainstay here face of the franchise maybe the greatest one ever but if you're trying to build the model that that you just talked about which is rebuilding through the draft in the small market. Does that mean that egg Alec in the locker may be a good idea to trade him and try to turn and ended 23 assets including a couple pecs. I think everything on the table opening when your when struggling and it and it surely is good that I'm really well. But you know upbeat. What I want I don't think he is being stuck in the middle the FB eight were well it could be and it might be in in the middle Arctic. But you don't wanna be in the middle weight it would your state in the middle fall. And you yup they got the make them all through though if the order a package Kemba Walker and it depicts and and where they are taking upping the good the president and it started to drop. That would be really that would be really appealing. To me. Not a quick look back a quick turn around and pick a spot. And about one of the struggle but what are part about the MBA. If you got it you know not get Tibet is good and it Charlotte has been bad rap but her being routed through. In equality app that what do pole. And it you know what your lottery out much you know you wanna app or shall or. Open outlook they're they're mistake. That it a lot of teams make. And I don't think anybody can do that topic of the day but but what you become badly hurt or lock arms. Well the new regime in match up check engines wriggle try to turn things around so. Now opening the door for states to legalize sports betting just how big are the ramifications on this going to be across all the major sports including something that you obviously been very passionate about for a long time the NCAA specifically. I I kind of look at the waves are I would Mike grandfather looked at the end of prohibition. Or the idea Bob and it pretty strict anyway it would be EO. I don't know anybody. I don't know anybody that that you ample. And I've got a bunch of friends that they're all all they like the but it part of the game the same way I a lot of friends like collapse wider view. By about those guys like that up or right. And you know I I I never predict you know or or. Why a couple of my friend got me into this you know golf Ole re just expect guys to win major ought you know it takes before jewelry or watch. And so I think it could be help reaper. That there are no well. But just like cabinet cabinetry and be there are people that cryptic art beat up all well. But I don't think you got you know or regulated and or like alcohol or any anchor our automobile. Made it. They wanted regulated out the right way there's there's no problem. But its triple a lot more money which overall good. Do you feel like it should be the same for pro sports as this college. Or do you think college should be cut out gambling in just leave from pro sports. I don't think college should be cut out of it it anyway shoot or are not worried about that. You know to be a like college shark they prices for tickets and they are about money all of proper. Oh why can it not be ample market you know what they're ample enough already. Is where we're in the statement that work are out for her perhaps. You know in its you don't Wear it a bad. Don't Wear beat the or state. Their their political athletics but why would why would never they'd be able to make that Rupert golf and especially what's going on off or why can't we bring itself back. And bring it out into the sunshine. And it and it quit acting like the world will allow all fall off the back up what if you are well all of our people are out pockets. And they get the bat well up about Omar are more likely both orchard. It web likely purport shaping went regulated more likely that shot. Right yeah that's exactly what I thought today Dulles joining us from the Pentagon gets under an agenda to let you go back real quickly just to follow up on that. And it does bring in more money to the NCAA and all these other places you would assume that money would probably go to the conferences in terms of higher negotiations in the TV deals and things like that of the conferences are more money. Could you see this expediting the process. To eventually letting players get a little bit of peace in the pocket. Well I mean I think that it happened eventually anyway. You know we are they're gonna get it which it but there are so wrapped up you know what we're we're in a situation where I don't. Know the world we can app the tension between amateur is a billion dollars it but I don't weigh it and talked. Talk about Iraq ought to weigh it well but we're gonna we're gonna app that now is or is their amateur were to step up. All right there you go you have a ESPN.