Jason Cole On Norv Turner Interest: "They Want Cam To Get Away From Running The Ball"

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Wednesday, January 10th
NFL Insider Jason Cole joins Primetime to discuss the Panthers OC opening. 

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We welcome and Jason Cole NFL insider on Twitter at Jason called 62 I mean. They can't be anybody else other than north herder at this point right Jason seems like it's pretty much a done deal at this point. The Syrian port that I didn't think that the world was that was in the real their wares from the get out walk upon it weren't critical for the time. Cabrera doctor come up Kirk. Battlefield don't look bigger. My. The spewing Arco words he just didn't want to go through. What was going on there ever and that one jump back crater where it when you're. Of course people that to a dome or will there should be adult. Do you know freshman development come back to our girl you know I would remove region nor was a. So what did happen because everybody keeps one I shouldn't say everybody but a lot of people point specially fans are pointing to that and didn't. In Minnesota where he he stepped away midway through the season and saying. Hey ended on bad terms there he was gonna get fired chose not to get fired so he basically quit and so that that is that's proof that. You're you're you're getting damaged goods he's too old it doesn't figure what what actually happened there what was the dynamic there two years ago and. Ireland what let him my grammar are. You know close enough it's far trip for what it's it's not a personality thing. But it came down to was. Remember what commitment to you don't wanna run that offer a different well worked play call that the but where do not only where we're gonna feel so far. And normal. Darren what the territorial what's in the creek church. Until more affordable and that's where you know. This is my flaws you are the change the ethical walks off. So that disagreement between Denver and appear which. Led him nor have enough money to shouldn't go. And I'm not gonna do it that way. Arcandor do work my way. You know or. I can do is walk and so what what's and that now Noah thing that they can have with that is what it's a little doubt the work of its slump with a pure. In general that was that was. Norwood Lauren walked away. We're talking to Jayson Cole NFL insider on Twitter at Jason calls 62. We were we were just be discussing this yesterday Jason meat to be at its base at a minimum this is an upgrade I don't anybody could look at this other than an upgrade on whether it works out. And to what extent to me that's another interesting. Debate to be had it will find that out as time goes on if this actually is Norv Turner is the next Lucy put. In your Michael back to shoot a really quickly in a weird weird just off the top or hedge try to rank. Play callers and offensive coordinators and sometimes as you know it's mixed day who's the play caller is the head coach what we're ritual which Shula. In that category now does it offensive coordinator in the big picture standpoint but from a play calling standpoint has to be I was having a hard time putting in anything other than. At best in the bottom third of the NFL and I feel like that's a different conversation we talk about Norv Turner that way when we make of that. How do you go about virtual tour. I mean I didn't think it was a great play call I thought it was a great schemer but I don't. I don't know I may give often as I never thought of him as a play caller and I do feel like Norv Turner maybe. Is a little. It. I think. Mike Shula who want to play caller plot part of that the longer than work really well you know. What camp you held off. We're gonna how awful. They clearly want confers. But I wanna give aways for you know Margaret the ball OK and this is the way to move to say we're not going to have came out. Run that the number of power their cues from getting Kuwait back. And we're going to build a better word to hurt their mistakes what were her yet we're gonna there waited for acquiescence to feel you are to run the you know a lot of that read option stuff and darted out there doesn't deploy its. There were gonna look remorseful what that stuff. We have you know in terms. Get the ball that hit the ball and you'll vote for Bloomberg OK get the ball out of the field. And nor Google. Into it or are there you're dirtier the burden of these started to fully do first time that took the offer. They don't want to counter tour in the fall that'll be out one way or the other. Arab nor to a good about that and I think the hope is good future for KL. The question will all probably become boot camp Garvey park. And their belief that he should be running to the tenth time McCain. And where out of Bobby cam orbit that Brcko. You know attributed this to conclusion. I do beat to become more. Other pure power so I do you become more public they do you know who to distribute to fathom that the centerpiece of the offer because. I wanna play fifty yours I don't wanna play ten. And that's about that but that is a potential of everything no matter who the gulf of the poor. Talking to Jayson Cole NFL insider and again on Twitter at Jason Cole 62 is with this right now. On the tech become just like do we we talked to Marty two days ago Jason organ a rerun that interview and in coming up before clock for a listeners to hear but Marty. You know he he he really seems to keep saying the right things that I think so far in his limited. Time on the job as an interim GM he's done the right things in the little moves now the big moves come. I do feel like this roster. As a is that a really interesting pivot point where. You can keep re upping with all these older guys are hoping for different results babies stay healthy at just a couple young guys and mixes together Boyd. But I'd look at New Orleans and Atlanta. And I see a margin right now where those teams are getting younger and faster and more physical and the Panthers are getting older and slower this feels like Marty Ernie. Really has a chance to cut a right some wrongs and do some things where he walks away for some older guys and it's something that he didn't do what he was on the job. In the previous five to ten years we make this all season coming up for the painters. Verbal works or what talk a lot of work. Our order a bottle opener talk about why would walkway from Greg bill bill for a third floor which the darker pork well. Well I would say Charles Johnson is obviously a no brainer seems like at this point don't harbor there problem there that there are Thomas in thomas' maybe soften the locus he said after on Monday in the locker least expecting it at a reduced role at a minimum. I think Jonathan Stewart whose best days are behind him. And then what happens on the Ryan to wield his right wanna keep playing the tour or afford the word do you force his hand on that what happened to that I think there's some tough calls to her. The current worker Rick Rubin the collar work your right if so what. We actually retreat they're victims. Oh wall no doubt there where it carpet we're because there every be great shooter labor outlook on it. Oh. Devin what is more secure channel you don't file which we from. Stewart on from welcomed their hard earned on our viewers how. You don't McCaffery bitter. Part of the pollution equipment are actual from Stewart WW. Who don't will put more power properly to appear to show which alternative and not Wear out McCafferty who do what you can countersuit for more than. More your typical we're back right. Did you confide that kind of record that you prefer the current thought about before well. You don't have to do that for our first struck the ground you can find later through. This there's a lot of that got out there that talked about. Should go back into Charles Johnson or. Trotted out to a certain blow hard who work hard to do after court. That's what we chose but who probably look the first round. Linebacker this camp got but the we told you can phony liberal corrupted data because special. For. What. In order to apply for a while at school it will which. But I think you need to how that. Took so wonderful school problems that wasn't too happy with the special. The question of conform to put the culpability on back of Joseph I think that we are strong typical all of a team yes you have to contribute your hunger. Don't I thought that they could okay jogger was collapsed we just don't what he put the signal got hurt. Totally not a question with the bench the treatment noted that Wednesday. Yeah about looms larger witch of the Giroux took a bit like that Japan much want the movie where much that he did it fusion but there were gonna clear up but it. Knew Benjamin was poignant picture a little the guys that pop up with it works well and that's what we've moved from bench. Arsenal look like the boot could that'll but it will Phillips live that often worked at all obviously better for her if there's little darker but that just outlook. Hopefully paper's history when you talk about an ownership change and then what's gonna happen in in the draft and free agency withholding all of your team and like we're talking about now this coaching staff stuff but he if if you understand it. Not knowing names what is the profile. Fellow owners in the NFL August 23 of the 32 have to approve whoever Jerry Richardson. You know choose to sell to put what is the profile. That other owners in today's NFL or looking for if they were gonna all vote yes for whoever Jerry Richardson reaches an agreement offs of sale with what what is a profile for those. General gentlemen who have been ruled by a bit. Throughout the pockets but we're we're close to the court yes. Go to Egypt nor have a darn right we are here. But Garrett didn't start for a couple weeks ago you know the thought that beauty which we've mantra now it is interest but so what about referral it you know yeah it. Little larger staff put. Don't know how the deep pockets. Jamaica were greatly Cuba they're due to start who was the checks their facts when you talked with my brother to a week. You should know because those dips or if you forward. They don't want ownership where they want an older. Great somebody who's really in charge and who oh you are 50% percent percent or. No hope with the cars that they want the global war that what the Corky. Choked back the cup proper or the Paducah right jets they think proper. After that in support their people or football people of college or understand it'll be good business partners vocal effect. To be over well we want them you know feet Procter and respond with what if I was prepared for training. Community deplorable. Prevent or won't kill works they're viewed below while we want to win championships. You know if you if you live. Tried via that power would be. My guess that ruled you out used to deep pockets meets who were out of this thing I guess I'm the road forward won't go about it. Plantation Cohen accolades that are hard to put here at 62 of the best things in record time reference. But probably go back.