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Monday, March 19th

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Welcome back to WF Lindsay in Charlotte I am Ryan chow. Here we are in the miss a free agency we just talked to Torrey Smith not that long ago once the Panthers are done with they are free agent acquisitions they will focus on the NFL draft. Having different corners on both the offense and Andy don't defense of sides of the balsam navy both positions. Both sides of of the field will be in play for the for the Carolina Panthers who talked to bunt to draft prospects here. This is actually the first Penn State player we've had a chance talked to request to detect become gas line and welcome in Penn State linebacker Jason commended Jason area. You're you're right I'm do I'm doing well thanks for us thanks for pop thanks for jumping on. I energies and you're just I've base of my kind of general question for all the all the guys who kind of messy and this is a different process that not every everything gets to experience a take us through this process in what surprised you so far. Review enjoyed about this next step of of of the football journey for you. The carpet just you know sort double train or get what the combo earned you know get related to really get you to come out there in that sense. No eating well and your body is becoming more explosive. Sort. All of those things chemical until we go to the Khobar. They got the car boxing happens when you go what you performance. As I do you don't have got some attribute relocated you know what other politically and hopefully it would do all the jewels okay. You know I have another good showing dead and then they'll cut the bashes. Really a waiting game nazism did you visit here in their boat because they cut this and wait until silica and continuing to train them and last year Kraft. I remember I remember those days is it as a college athlete like you know what we know what how how difficult has the season especially Gharib and watching what you're eating and watching her die and all I kind of stuff out how difficult how difficult has that been for a. Bomb coming in just crazy Thomas yeah I keep track of and you know how little it Ito sort which you can. You know get from the settlers in the you know you're nutrition and how much. No calories and taking little economy even though my track record we know recovery so important now. So what are concentrating in the apple will make sure restriction. Are all about it just to work you're doing on the field sooner but also off the field keep your body healthy all the things I think he. Take it to a much bigger per perspective you know if you finish playing codes. And I got no class and a classical treated with all your targets this. Talking do talking to Penn State linebacker Jason Amanda here on the type to come yes and again you can thumb on Twitter at Jason cabinda. Jason you know I know you worry you were running back in the prep level -- and then here you can't you can marry you go to Penn State what what brought about the change the linebacker. In either guy that do you like conflict in the conflict or a year or did you enjoy more your time is it as as a running back. I heard we your course of their career. The dozen escort first it is. Countries it is just got to get him on the defense side about a touchy Hannity oh I'm sorry he's got to get him on the defensive side of the ball it's are you gotta deal. Yeah exactly. I mean. You know obviously. A lot of that biggest school that recruit at a high but I kind of as being a linebacker. On the other some smaller schoolgirl when there was that one it's limited back. When I got the threat they offer you know no and I don't want back years. You know I really couldn't pass down a little while ago that we. Future. You know looking back on your time in happy valley won't do what you remember most are your time there. Our track this are certain you know. I believe that they can't say mission in a multi year yeah I mean it's great they're just different. Mean they're just by the by happy valley and you know what I go back and I look at that you know maybe if you neglect happy go out yet. So don't market it just being able to take a culture here and bring it on bring it back. To that Penn State winning days in a world where there were supposed to be here. I think that was the most crucial thing about it. Our organization amending here on WF and C I am Ryan tell Jason you know when your town a team that that you want to in Arabic Vuitton team that you want them that you have to pick do you in the draft when game film is or what what particular gamer you warning to what the kind of showcase cone of put on the front stage is to say. On the guy that you need for your team. I mean I figured might do here but Baja Abbas daycare into the past. I'm glad to say you know Indiana Michigan I don't think that's made a lot of range of safe from. They can place it base and big plays in the box no other tracks coming up he thinks. Of those being kind of a code gotta love those. Won't sink into the versatility not a game. There were your professional career almost work now were you recruited their by the O'Brien urgings Franklin. I recruited by all right Boca. A crack on the obviously in and the kind the transition to to coach Franklin. You know I covered him marijuana talked a bunch of guys like key he is such a good good to see such a good dude. On the how much of joy and and and for you playing with him tell us if Thomas tell until the listeners out there how much we enjoyed as a play for a guy like that. I mean that's the depressing about you know court recognized its he's he just brings energy they bring value every day. Now he wants you to be your best you watching two to wake up they have put effort towards that. You know be your best and I think have a guy who truly legitimately and it's not refer. As energy just pouring out of them every single day evaluates either so there's there's there's some that's that's special about that kind of makes us go to every day. Basis it would progression continue to get better there. Like I want half the energy of what protests like I remember like I had. I've talked image like 6 o'clock in the morning and like I feel like any three cups of coffee like he's like bouncing he's got a he's just a ball of energy like I want half without coach why it is a he just goes and goes goes. Help. At a that this is a moment that like like I I always I enjoy this moment so much how cool was and how funny was it. To have Keegan Michael key come you guys couple years ago I know he did he redid the bit on not on college game day this year. How funny was it to have him come address the coach Frank Solich was and is what is most read just look at the two aluminum like you're like which one is actually coach. Both hilarious. Washington. You have so to keep peeled. If it's awfully large oil. I don't know what he came barely human use so spot on. And the way you know Fred was mannerisms I mean the way he put it eating do later age yet it is so hot the other guys they'll. Talking to us talk images you've been here on now on W MacKenzie. In a Jason you are no Europe and you came from my kind of humble roots and execute your your mom came from Cameroon and you know you RC grew up here -- and you're you an idea is looking on to Twitter page news and you know you're writing in the in the in the NFL yet your already kind of working on your stuff off the field. With your reps for a rare disease campaign and I talk about that kind of what are what what got you into that. You know early in my career and a always seeing guys we're they're juniors and seniors you know I've been. And balled up living happy so it really sure you know what works. Really been heavily as a Volvo was up and so over the lecture here be here without them being treated solely that I had decided to come up. Take it over has still co president of the organization attached it. Which Hitler met earlier you know the causes. You know red red red achieved you know and just the rarity community Jeremy older people who really don't have a voice. Now in order get the fundraising and and every the money into the research risk you know necessary security for Israelis aren't actually let. Predicting Concord it's such York but it's hard to get that kind of money when there's only know one of them billion won in so many million actually happy that he's. And I think being able to do a conflict of looking at things where we can give people a voice you know. Give people who awareness of the need to or are these are these people every hurdle shore and that's you know that's what makes and so they're so. You know to get opportunity give a voice in the awareness you know raise money for this culture. The people who don't have a wish to themselves I mean I think it's a great cause I've met some. And it really special people you know to publicly that its organization or some really billions but actually that's all I think you know sort of sit and others so Angela. No we can't you know do something about it you know and then being let you know who have platform. That's you know make it make it different. How how great would be your how how beneficial would it be for you you know with those efforts to get drafted and kind of have that platform. And have that ability as as an NFL player to help back cause. They would be accusing us Stephanie quote that got to be a cool thing effect continue to expand it you know Internet does he really. Really cool thing to do so that we got there are I'm looking forward to. Tucked into whether as a voice and his command here on WF Lindsay again now you can thumb on Twitter adjacent to bend and Jason actually saw on her Twitter we thought we bothered by the amount a friend requests are getting on FaceBook like this comes with the territory. I've had a great look at it accurately you really still. Trying to question okay let's soak up flooding could hit it. So what's he like beat duke would you like it's winner got a Twitter snaps had leg in supreme guy like well like more like Twitter and OS program a couple of what do marshals we go to leave they were real gutsy guys who have so little club in your. Our swords are it's a last question here where actually we talked in your remain site black mound next. You guys are roommates and how was he is a roommate and what to what was the thing that he did that drove you nuts is a remanded. Current reflect where. But you on the spot because a couple other special blessed not broke through you know Bolger because. But you know rule with that was cool it was a nice helping of Florida. You know that just you know go to the BC world durable but in between Iraq to work out select that like it was cool. But I think. By a permanent if says you know if you have to do it yet let you get like crazy OC he liked our. Aren't like RC reapply suited general account. They're there are certain things about about say where he does these things to be the certain placed no matter what. To control. So if you don't like you so like you put. So like you put a spin back in like he moves it's like another place in the drawer some plays itself like that right there if you feel like a place so completely are those who used to move it put it where he thinks it should be a quick. Funny it's a good stuff out again that's the voice of a disc you've been to Penn State linebacker here on WFNC. Jason appreciate the time to take a look this whole process you know it would there's a there's a crowded Panthers linebacker room here but you know definitely there's we I feel like there's you can definitely be a welcome addition to that that that line backwards as I appreciate it sure ferret and I gracious and good luck this whole process are right. Aren't.