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Tuesday, March 20th

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Welcome back to Adobe opens in Charlotte I'm Ryan shell you know we've been we've been talking about a draft prospects here throughout the last couple months you're free agency. Battle about a week old here you know is as this kind of new season for the NFL start to Panthers thought that they had their quarterback need. Kind of settled and in fixed when they saw when they signed up a shot real last week release from the agreed to principal with him unfortunately that deal did not go through as as the contract is voided after the shards flew was apparently runner by a golf golf cart which is kind of weird story. But where were who obviously now the panders looking for quarterback maybe they look for that guy in the draft. And it's funny if you go to medical dot com or accuracy of Lance zero line who works for a file not found some stuff in Houston. There's a guy out there in the draft that's available that that apparently has drawn some comparisons to be shot prelim. And now we're gonna talk and act are right now regard to detect and come guests like we're gonna walk me in Boston College quarterback. Isaak yeah item Isaak hour you. Good good thing he did yeah absolutely it's you know how houses process been story I know you've you've been kind of one of the the rising stars of this kind of draft process. Especially the quarterback position. You know what's what's been the secret to your success so far out throughout this whole process. All you know well. I mean this C the united made this city not means that it makes a big event must see season and he gets paid also got a chance to play in the Senior Bowl went out there and you know so it also my skills and got a chance to look at Columbine did well and its results. Now in on the way if you haven't bank. How how cool is that you know just kind of threw yeah how how cause of the you've been able to kind of showcase. You know your your skills at at that and that kind of a lead level with those guys around you. Yeah this is definitely a great opportunity I mean at the prospect of now is giveaways and so. I mean you pray for those to me that is an in my opinion you both and buy a new content I mean I had no doubt. I think do I knew that he was the best and I do think if you see that one of its other conferences. And console bullet days so. I mean an umbilical blood there and do what I do best it's an act complete ball and his love people vote. Talking a Boston College quarterback Isaac the item here on WF and C I'm Ryan sell Isaac out what's the biggest part of your game that you like to showcase at the next level. Uncle pretty good president corner. Are doing playing mentally again it's a bit now I'm really excelled at the last year. What what what what about that enjoy like what's that what's the thing that excites you about that is it that has this account is it just kind of you know that your aggressive like what what about is what what about that is is the thing the Kangyo that you wanna that you wanna kind of conveys a corner. Yes from me undated it's my job easy when I get my hands on receivers early that's alive it's a much. Not talking to Isaak Isaak yeah item Boston College quarterback you can follow on Isaac on Twitter at Isaak showtime. You know Isaak you know a lot of the NFL scouts. You know have had said you're probably one of the best press quarterbacks in this draft. You know and I know you're kind of going the next level they've kind of talked about the changes to in the past their fears long pass appearance you know penalties and things like that does that kind of bother you were is that kind of worry you that you might have to change your game at the next level. Not really mean. I'm different in and out of so you can easily get to be able to get used. The the you can't really touch and so I mean it is you gotta a boy if indeed receiver on the which. He do you just gotta a couple of weeks so that big a difference and definitely was jeered off. I think it's. Fixated on being bought out late idiotic yet. Yeah our currency on its storefront and I kind of agree with Pakistan this is those condos up and there are bullet. I'll play a compound many passes and called them. At that into it as long as they'll get the ball than than your god you are just does blanket outside the field your in your all sad isn't it is not right. It talking no I think the item here on on WFNC. Isaac out your credit is this week you know you've you've you've been you know the weather was the Senior Bowl to come on you've already kind of pick you you've exploded like you've been you know you've ball out of both those places I mean is even possible if you even get a better at this point. I mean have to go Libby basically off I never stop working until they should play. Ought to let the Bible says. Leave for the jets would want to you know but the incident that is funny in just go I think indeed just one of the world are Brody. Newest into authorizing the item here on W infancy and can follow Isaac on Twitter at Isaac showtime. Isaak you know what we remember the most about your time at Boston College. They are until it's almost memories. Coma they remembered is definitely one and our first bowl game much a year adequately bullet bullet in vitro against their lives. I mean of great send a defeated an act last up with a win then after that I mean this year just. Be at Florida State and there have been any game nagging at me so markedly. Everybody had BC because you know what little ground and access fluently he represented and university with so. You know major when we take it game on it and just let an opportunity. To come off the big big today especially at the big teams so. I mean embargo is great and I adored every single senator. If there's no better feeling than than being a sentinels is not. Right her that knowledge on the diplomatic got to do them CAA. Good stuff that's the voice of I think Isaak yeah item here on not W Lindsey Isaac I want to ask you about a guidance that the team it'd viewers and he's a guy that we know down here in Carolina and you know core is obviously a big need for Penn is Wilson defense abandoned outside answer team and Carol Landry. You know how you know talk about your time with Harold and bought at at Boston College are you guys are going through this process together. And how beneficial has it been for you to have to have a guy like that who's going through this process with. Carol the great player does that actually I would have been my roommate cut because it is a cut and you know that's my psychic right there is so. Go to great he made me greatly papers in. I mean. I mean is that sequence of visa playmaker on the field. And thank god Boston College got them but yet he's got. Who it belongs in the first night that they will go in the first round but the a couple of the Kama and we will wait to see what happened and to go wherever he goes he could make the budget platelet. It's great having a Obama side of the you know he'd overcome all of the world is pushing each other and you know it's funny what we do. These are losing his psyche going as a sort of Batman Robin thing like you guys are you are supposed to be you know linked together when you guys get drafted is that how is that how this is supposed to work. The man at the only way. Gotta be nicer. He said you guys are roommates like I thought the couple guys this year in talking like the multiple like Penn State players like what's your house health herald as a remain elect a bigger re talking them at some point like I want I want to hear a Lander story that the drug candidate so that I can I consider sending me to him and ask the same thing when I talked to him. What's the thing won't be so cool but having girls remain what was the thing we kind of drove in knots. Men so hopefully they'll say bad about. A lot of really well undoubtedly take. We had a great time together you know immediately Dolly to me about North Carolina. He says there is on the honestly though lately you know the guy's ticket in the wreckage of much storage to its quality the way to write this thing you know. Or regular clothes being aliens in that. He'd we got it differently than this university. Do listen to Isaak yeah item here on not WFNC. Isaak you know down here you know kind of locally it's you know look deeply you know was obviously Boston College grad he's like a god down here. Is he is Harris lit up there are still as he is down here. And and and for you how cool would be to play it the play with a kind of an icon in terms of Boston College football. Oh yeah of course every time he goes back to Bosnia deferential almost looked so you know he's a great player like he continued to do that from DC to. The Panthers and Carolinas so I mean not be great and Abbie great leader playlist from my they can you know paved the way to be you guys you know. I'll be happy and blessed that I got sent to play baseball. Good stuff out as the voice of Isaak yeah item here on nine W offends the Isaak you know you talked to lute equally tuchman Harold is a man and has there been a former player kind of occur when even a link up with the tying its own vice. On not how to grow can prepare yourself on the next level. It's good dog does not for a former state if Lester allowed the occasional and I have any questions. Not a good on an ideal you know this whole process. That you know what to expect this stuff like that so. He's a great front it's the biggest piece of advice you've gotten front. I mean just to be myself and just relax because you know at. When you get Leon though lake. You you could again be placed so late every it will be over election is to have a much precedent trying to impress somebody but it's not that age you've got to be associated. What Alexi did you look. Partner Isaac got them here on nine W and Z Isaak what's next three here I know why you know we're about what was a forty days away from the draft and were you're you're gonna have to pray this week. And is obviously visits after this and whenever below what's what's next for you here. Message to pro day and in a couple of its global work out today and this is possessed of see where I can get a chance to meet tomorrow played. Have have you have you scheduled lake have you figured out we're gonna go through your visits yet. And it has has a many times email and you probably met with some teams in the com bind senior ball a kind of stuff do you know kind of we're going yet. Yeah met although it is a few worked out here in Boston. Now with the candidate yet but it. Was the out along with the falcons nine news. Tanks and planes so well the other goes. That without a thug and things like it is not gonna go first in the classic and just it just sets up blocker kind of not right. I know I know your head and you're happy to go over every one but I know panther fans like. Why is Isaac going to Atlanta. Or. Believe it. And original ticket good stuff and I'll lasting for Isaak you know have you have you via we need for draft day you know have you you know do you got to know where. It has its kind depends on where you know where you're gonna Leo we're gonna get draft but have you major drafting plans yet. Not really but yes they have a they have their pro day more of it though. Where it being illegal Stan on the much sympathy and you know its logic. And or thought ma am immediate he. It's suffer I think that's I think that's I think the most I ever elected so about so that's a that's a good decision on your part about talking to Isaak yeah item here on out W opens the Isaak certainly appreciate your time today good luck this'll process even. And done them no matter where you end up even if his and even if it is an Atlanta. We're certainly wishing the best for you wind you know we're glad you're able to kind of take its next open your football terms or certainly appreciate your time today. Thank you almost me on your show me don't want it. Appreciated that stuff.