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Friday, January 19th

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Right now we're talking about the NFC title game on Sunday vikings and Eagles and figures to entertain looking forward to this one maybe a defensive slugfest and a couple of quarterbacks who probably didn't figure to be here. I tasty them and nick foals and right now we're talking to longtime Philadelphia eagle you can hear among 9401 WI PO in Philly weekdays I grease gun and Jonas are in the queen city like what somebody haven't seen you since just army navy game a conciliatory if. Our part then yeah that was what I want them home though right now bar bottle off the board yeah sure. Yeah but I knew we were so busy Minnesota going all different directions renewed chance to catch our men and I know you guys have had plenty to talk about this last month and matter of fact I was up germs tell people don't I was of their seed like game before it flew back to Charlotte and I was talk and all sorts of Eagles fans and if they were so excited about this team and that was literally the day before course and winds got hurt. And they were also jacked up in the next day went goes down and it felt like the season just came to a crashing halt but that's not been the case. Happier out oil well if it took a few weeks ago to remove that culpable. Period actually out there that we had. We called the Atlanta Falcons but it spent base who are I get to a lot of them filled with people both you and are there to defeat was pinging and his spirit train them believe in what beyond that feeling minister Christine. And talk about our big that there are evoke wonder you know course one doubt it is partner trade a player that played an MVP level. Go to record book treatment but there are now. Through his great play it overshadow. How much of a complete pain this Lilly had been you know you've got to that it can't be out there about four major threat. We cannot bear the British shot at our review of the Carolina. Peppers. That cannot I'll pull properly but what an eloquent on it we had a dispute. Up all or boosting and are willing they are a complete pain they are strong and all all that's not paid yet. They've taken a step or two back or in the quarterback the pitch without cost and what puts Mitt folded there. But I believe there and not index role all who who so you can Wear with the amount of talent and he throughout its. Ike let's be honest here and I both know that this team is doing because of their tolls are winning because defense of Fletcher Cox story and he's been a man mall and us a way they've beaten a lot of other teams and offense and get the credit to him because of what Carson once was doing. And the numbers he was put up but the defense was put him in position and I think that's what people are under rating with his team in Carson once lost a game managing their go out there and play. If they're gonna beat the vikings that's where they're gonna beat the vikings. Yeah I completely agree when you look sporty girl out army took it before he bachelor of formula. All puppets are the layout marker so. Our defeat been so you know without that they're there a point topic they've got to go on this sort of just do what they do all what I am grateful not big. Our country a good. Came planet could feel what Nick Cannon cannot do leave the that it. Tibet and the people can pick up there boy I mean they've the last great games. Are they haven't allow more than it cuts down our tempo game and so are they are outstanding at home. Our bet what you need your home go to Bannister really comfortable with the crowd noise. Art to affect he opposed the team pulpit and deepen its. As large belt but at the last two years they're the they're beat that and the league and all given up left of pork imports could very. Thought that it tilt through the Latin market that the that would make both of the quarterback and that's what we want to look book to can't start date format the play great he very. There was a sports Kate you know. Our heart at all caught the open pictures possibly talk all they don't that there won't applaud all. If you would give the total will help Bob and I got on the ball well all on the ball or alternate. He is taking a manageable. But doubted that this situation. And it really about it being. There are these but what are beautiful bike pulpit Nikkei gained. Toward I Kris WIP host of marks and raise their weekdays joining us on the segment on just slide I got a kick out of his side did you know they're they're travel agencies in Minnesota warning that vikings fans. But it took the vikings to win this game they should take off all colors and make sure not to get too inebriated or fear of their own safety are did you have the meanest fan base in the NFL beyond us. No don't go so where are the candidates that are presented to Oakland. As well it's. So what they're we are. Very passionate here. Certainly. What's there were correct true. And that quote poor worn political repair that that meant the meant the company can apply at trial lawyer can tell you what you're like he's going to pull won't go. Our culture and an additional well to hear about it but. If you can you somehow. Why are the way to quit a game. I would. Except mark went so hopefully our what are little humility. I would I would I would certainly not. People bracket don't shoot them both old and and fellow with the Oreo in the they have very near Philadelphia where. They're perfectly viable or look at all of the equipment that entertainment chair you're getting more but why not go all too well accountability. And it is important that. Understand the common good toward open house you're guest. But able quarter. Well all. About it the war out of there they're not played in the bed as well. Are aware of what little more court to and when combined actual thought behavior stole it out of there at the respect well we'll let you do it. Well but hate yourself if you don't don't happen to interpret through our outcomes. I coups the pressure on this game you know you look at deal vikings you know he seems like they're playing with house money even though they can be the first team ever a host to Super Bowl. You look at the Eagles right now as the number one seed playing at home who's the pressure on. Apparently you can't it's not the way to get both coaches. Are we don't have dot com or beauty or troop three organ donors wanted to evenly quarterback and our partners. Our sport cupboard you'll respect analog Google oil well that. He got a couple of days a management premiere in tracking them in their old. People are it is great book McCain spoke both of these coach is bad but management game that we don't want to appear quit they're. And what could this spill situation now and allow other in the made mistakes so I would bet there where are. I won't pay the price a lot of our own book Peter you know you gotta get a particular data that are a bit better. Gotta put another good day where the other. And the export off the bottom of all and don't care European trip the coach who had a tough situation. All are no current that it I can beat that is very optimistic. Our little it would get out because. Let's go to port Perry didn't make mistakes that it wouldn't or might never expect charmer appeal little bit. All the paper's top corner of Europe Porsche noted it. And forced them to get out there a couple of doll and let the people beat their big spot and all that they've been and are we get called the that the way. The last two here. An article. Minnesota have some earlier mistakes that we can't play with the eat what you all full value wonderful well what I believe people that he had better. In that department over the bike and so. You know it's been good. Prepared both the content they're. Our culture they've been in Europe where I think it was not a beauty art started back there and is it. Our cycle let's go on this 10 what's your take on the AFC title game because you know for the second time in three or four years the patriots opened up with a early season loss to the chiefs. We all try to bury him we we were predicted yet the demise of the patriot machine we say it's it's finally here it's almost over and now bloom hold the patriots are once again play the best football they play all season and they're they're playing the jaguars team that in a while they're really really good defensively and they're really really talented running back they obviously have some deficiencies a quarterback did not ask and I kids do anything that he can't do right now which is why this thing is working but if that team's gonna go to Foxboro when this weekend they have to play a perfect football game and they have to be able to score points I just don't think that many people have confidence they can do what do you think the jaguars not just can win this game because we all know they're there they can win it but with -- do you clear that what the odds that you go there when the stick. I just don't see it I would at this period in order to open really and I'm impressed with Jack and what they've done to speed that the Church of God certainly low what the identity are they detained in a bomb. What that operative bill that would impair out and they just don't move very open. Up there and doing a little. The FC championship game not going to go to the group all bill fortunately Fort Jackson real. Unlike the two periods and here at feet they're going to meet their quarterback that actually. Played very well make some plays here I think they're being different put it out to keep it close. I'm not sure how period you can do to operate and do now what you'll. Ever let that thing they have what I'd bet. We are certainly wouldn't bad audit. Architect who still want him by like every like but what are that there are Bernard Rogen. That the go very large. It's the big the patriots Sunday about a brother break that bit of the all been a very operated Bill Belichick but I just don't be that. I just don't think they have enough. The quarterback position. So they actually. Porter went out what I do believe that a vehicle that I would pick and not point out that amount Mort that the divot but they've been cubicle. Well I think. Operating Bill Belichick called just too much. Amber's target everybody's talking about this great to you know Jacksonville jaguar defense are they watch this and I mean that last week against and these these the Steelers get to 42 points. You afford to do once they do it again they lose. What you are we do it that's what me an elite quarterback you're going to medical mistake and became not a bit caught them. Thought but that's what quarterback lead quarterback what we do publish a player. Can do to reject the bill Pete there's not it's not like the eighty spot bare boat who doubt the brave and I would think that they certainly notable because there's Seattle are out it is is being spent there at the cookbook support support we got to put the points they'll want them. Doubt it got the bill so you better believe that about operating. Bill Belichick. Are cut and 01 K plan would Aiken sort of five holes and that he does that's why. I don't know what got the bill went they would have to keep the liquid at Torrey all allow active are you both speak at that I might do they could very well for two point. Are what are we have dispersed so are going to be go to break good note that there. You know like this there obviously is schematic thing you can do with the passing game you to get your guys in positions of did you take advantage of some of those mismatches and those holes and it comes to running. Run in the football you can line up knocked the guy and we'll put him. Someone from India and the running back as the rung two tackles linebackers are gonna face a guy coming downhill is bigger and faster and stronger but to me the Jacksonville Jaguars won that game up front with their five guys in their running back and it is that the Steelers got hit in the mouth and didn't respond until the second how. And can they want them in front of him. That it has got to be real exterior if it just simply don't really had a chance they need to keep you also is the only time these two are out there you go all. They're fed up with eight minutes. A series to try to keep that preacher pulpit. Although not a lot of short again expert you have the most about it do like live report back if that money at all. I'd do make up what it too so much for me but I still like jump and run by other shoulder. They get I think they're both. From our ability our impact page response I don't know where he got the Bill Bennett. There about the extent we hear you expect will be expected in peace accord appropriate it game as we would there have been and are on the way. Can't wait portals. Makes them play is that when Eddie can't can't eat that got a boat and by. A bird that what is politically don't get let them off but it do you support sustained them throughout the proposal for a spell. I believe they can keep it very close and watch a typical fourth quarter will go. But. I don't know if that awful bad bad the news this week it's not a direct quote the great respect if you don't put out there are broad and put it there are about whether there'll. The debate nordic. Tiger you know we tell them are rooting interest in who we want to see his fans and you know who you want to see is an individual booed as the NFL want to say. Are politically to go to break them and I think they want the K you know. Well it mortal or a wave portals they're full well what I had grabbed big rewards they they would much rather have. No language in there. Possibly Minnesota because of the story line in the plant at all. Thirteen air what do mr. ball won't go home field that's what I believe they would I don't like but our Gary we got a player Sawyer so it. Well again I obsession with polling game be officiated accordingly. It's. Oh but who spoke were all are making it figured out what out brigade figure out what what are we look we have been so. Well I I don't get my first taste of the link that we can credit wasn't eagles' David I got my first say stuff like and Chile stands about a month ago you are hungry you're passionate I loved it and you know good luck this we're going to do a good luck this week and a guy doesn't we'll see you with a Super Bowl they're about to axles in Minneapolis like. Art aspect a lot by I increased 94 point one WI PO in silly joining us on the segment John just like breaking it down.