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Monday, May 21st

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Or welcoming Ian Thompson you gotta read his book and a reason I'm talking about the Sox went in the second but it this there's something in this book there's a lot in this book but there's something in this book that I think relates. Maybe even loosely to David tepper but the book is out now the soul of basketball. The epic showdown between LeBron Kobe dock in Dirk did save the NBA he's on Twitter at Ian Thompson you can find links to buy. In his Twitter profile and this book was awesome it may not vacation a nominee MBA junkie but even if you're not aegis of loosely love the game of basketball for the sport. I think you'll find this book to be pretty incredible so you should read it high. I appreciate critic experiment so you have any interest stinging wait about writing this book were you can't have these these these figures are the seminal moments that happen over the course of basically a decade in the NBA in their their cut of each chapter to themselves in one of the chapters is the entrepreneur or and it's signed. Mark Cuban and I don't know what you know about David tepper may be nothing and that that's that's fine but I can't help but think goes. David tepper business mobile hedge fund manager self made billionaire. Buying an NFL team in cash for 2.2 billion dollars. And not just think of Mark Cuban buying the Dallas Mavericks and you spent some time in your book writing about Mark Cuban what was the most interesting thing you walked away. After writing this book about Mark Cuban learning what was the most interesting thing for you. You know it at that as your situation. I think it's all through one saint to the work all and patent. They've got. My thinking cap political these guys did. Became a kind of opener and put themselves in competing and to respond to build the war. We can compete with deeply business that you and every single thing that the metrics didn't we order. And underperforming. Indeed chides. And every little aspect of the business he took a look at what they were doing its sense of the traditionally do you think it's and then go ahead and build. That they didn't he could come up with a new way of looking at the wave approaching it. And that was it seemed everything he was there on the team that that you. Where are sort of a quad general manager to enter so they. Focused on the basketball site share. But in the world would go so he wasn't one of these bunkers which shall and it gave it their all time. He is talking everybody in this blog there and is this at you the most. And that person already on the eve even the players and the coach. And simply because this city this probably county group that they were able well the only ones and Dirk Nowitzki finally stepped forward. Indicating the leader on the corporate credit try to eat it became dumb personality. Think I mimic from German newspaper bull almost got to be talked into iTunes living light bulb and the star. Am and he by eighty open or shut them out when he became the guy. It's sort of put Cuban back in the quipped it's quite. And it was just being in the book. Where you know Mark Cuban always be sure to change its he's always tell the Internet wait between excellent or are we broke through. I'm Cuban was yelling. And we are paid by the piece in the also a cute and shut DD out. Very everybody here and there on the but would also like the right of passage. We even need to realty. Is that the ownership is going to make it different yet to be open last moment. I was fascinated with the dirt chapter I was fascinated with Dirk throughout the entire course of this story in his book by the way it is out the soul of basketball in tops in eroded as with this right now. On the technique on guess slimy epic showdown between LeBron Coby doc and Dirk they save the NBA during credibly candy quotes. And stories in this it's fascinating it's a look behind the curtain. In the NBA over the last ten to fifteen years it's well worth your time you should definitely read it I just finished it on vacation but I was fascinated by eight. Odd that the guy that really is. I don't know if you wanna called the wizard behind the curtain for for dirt dirt hold her. Just wonder. IPhone saying his name correctly and he is this kind of guy that basically molded Dirk into what he is is a basketball player correctly keep this story. I and I I claim to know a lot about the MBA and work around the NBA. I was unfamiliar with holder until you brought this story to light in this book and I thought he was a fascinating character and Elvis. Yeah. Poker. What we were tired. German later it was the cap and determine national team during an acute certainly true in Munich. They hadn't. He has recently retired and play basketball and that weakens forties and he'd never mr. Waiting game gem. Terkel 6080. And so potentially. And all with the guys could play in the NBA the ordinary could try playing MVP but born twenty years later. Indeed interest in the actual players in east side and here. And guys they could get the NB. And he likened likened are not true weight in order to shoot the basketball he came up with entirely new way. This is important. And he did in the first with. Or people who are in a fairway computers and as you can give me three dimensional. Work on this commuter computer. Stick figures intentional. Based on our you know I strengthen. Ideology. With a perfect our basketball. What can the option B it's just. Over the years it was real. And I'll I'll pop every single day. Whenever they gathered trading numbers and even turned cheat to win or go to Germany. In the equity eight. Together in it and be part from the group now there's an entirely new way away and so would she keep that was in the paint winter people would be BA. And the way each was you know doing all these guys to put that Dirk all yeah. And they were doing different things correct like I remembered the book you talked about how and not just with Dirk but so is other. Odd disciples to you would have them literally sleep on the hardwood with a basketball they would have them. I'd dribble shoot to jazz music correctly they were doing really weird stuff that people when they came over to the states they were like. This is odd maybe it works but we've never heard of something like this before this is odd behavior for former coaching standpoint. Because it mavericks the first time in that old girl once when Dirk what is so I equally to each and he got down antenna Lipton intact as. And couldn't believe he -- theory of basketball that whole group come out in the way the teacher. And all the talking about and and it's not too. How the weight and it's it's possible that. You know and he's equally team that. When I went adequate training Colbert Dirk talked about dropping out of school August it's the opposite you have to be contenders student if you want to be good basketball area because student that sort of the opposite the thing we can and sweet because sports is the very one dimensional scene and academics look at what a quarter it looked and it took the opposite and when averaged one to enter if you can look. What we can get stronger Kohlberg pick them up to receive your gonna ruin stone that he could be a great lesson weightlifting prepare you to keep. Is negative approach basketball. It's fascinating all this stuff is in the book it's the solar basketball Ian Thompson is with this right now. On the technique come guess slim but really the only to do an elevator pitch write this book is we the void left after Michael Jordan. Everybody trying to you know claim the thrown and then. The one that was labeled the chosen one king James enters the NBA lofty expectation expectations he largely lives up to those. Outside in the biggest one which is winning a championship. And ultimately death decision. To leave for Miami in the way he did it and how big deal the mavs upset them in 2011 and then everything that's happened since but. I I don't know about you we and obviously you're around the NBA a lot I kind of feel like after reading this book a decade later almost. We're back at square one with LeBron again to get serious falling short may be against the Celtics and another free agency period coming up in a few months. Neither is there's that real cycle too long trip that day. Think about that you know in seventeen years old when your old your record to be the next Michael Jordan and that's what you'll couldn't walk. Wilfork it is a guy and I can live audio and guide to pretend to be something he. He pretend like he has it all figured out like he was. Going to do what thirty something year old Michael Jordan and one certainty you don't know who do you figured out. So for the first nine years the public. Square on. Do you. Miami. It is who. Won a breaking news we would definitely be life. You do locally we've also art student like to go to Miami he would be on BWAY in Vietnam and beaten. Bill because it after that he reached joke. Some like it abroad. You're exactly right he's back. The we went in a very good at at eagle on the wind. Insecure he's not pretending to be something it hasn't been immediate. The champion in the east about clear mr. and reaching. And he's sort of trying to eat out the old guy is that the BB try to keep up these young so it's lord of the younger step Corey Chemtura. This cycle and generation that generation in BP and guide them and as protectors trying to beat them and they've learned the hard way and then there's the old guys Libby is not an extra protection. So when you look at the rundown in his choice come enough to leave the state how do you see a plan out do you see him staying in Cleveland in rebuilding. A new dynasty there and you see you looking elsewhere. I'm Amy and I think he quit on me because that is. He's only got a few years left ankle by the way you would aid to the post indicating how hard he works how important it is. I don't think he's got the idea being that the left is clear based on Hollywood Records show business sir commercial and it's. Think that's the point don't like it's exhausting like I you know and Ian wrote really well about this eighties were back with a spot by the way but it really well about this in the book and I was reading I think it was Steve McManaman. And Bryan win horse last week talking about that same thing in that. LeBron is exhausting like there's a physical and mental troll for all the greatness. How I tied to him and you you certainly want all that we view but from an organizational standpoint it tapping clean in Cleveland first. Down to Miami and now it seems like the light cycles happening again in Cleveland a second time where. Each just exhausting dealing with LeBron on a lot of different levels and it's worth the exhaustion but it definitely seems to take a told on an organization and in the players and coaching staff. To have to deal with all the stuff that surrounds LeBron and what he brings to a basketball court. I think it's totally true and it was probably the same with Kobe Bryant as he see you saw the lakers back in Kobe kind they were just worn out by the time they were trying to reach their fourth straight final it and he sees the cavaliers now tires. That they have not defended a high level. Last year or this year which is why I think it's gonna leave and look for another team. The expression can defend that championship level but. You know look at how tired at fifteen minutes and look at the Prague is used by and he looks stretched is there anything you led the league in minutes played every game so. I think he's he's learned how to incorporate all of this. Prevail to be under the scrutiny and to be that people have been trying to beat all the time and play all the text games and playoff system we want to escape. Let's talk about a couple quick things Ian Thompson's with a salary alone go to Seoul basketball it's out now it's the epic showdown between LeBron Kobe dock in Dirk did say the NBA dot is completely. Unadulterated in this book the quotes and candid nature of the quotes from Doc Rivers are worth worth the book themselves by the way so that that's just a note worth sharing but. You talked about the Celtics a lot throughout the course of this book is a kind of or the standards. Throughout the course of time in the NBA a decade ago it looks like maybe their back to that. A decade later with a new group young guys and I found this interest in a talking about Danny Ainge is a general manager in the winter front office is set up. They actually have a guy from a talent evaluation standpoint. Is basically a brain doctor correct they they really study personalities in brain types in a way that's different from the rest of the NBA. Yeah and this guy John needs article he's been involved with other teams he worked with San Diego Chargers and the ponies were in baseball Major League Baseball and he's worked with other MB pieces well. And he uses the Myers Briggs. Standard. Trying to figure apple don't wiring of people the brain type of both players. And so in the book there's it's a big section about how he helped. The Celtics discovers on Rondo. And antidote to the personnel the issues that the rest until the tablet for Rondo as a result. But it's a different way of looking at at players looking at them as people and trying to figure out their personality. And how that's going to influence the way they play. And I think I think gave me and she uses it alive it's not the final say but it definitely an influence on how he takes players. And it it probably helps explain why isn't alone in recent droughts like he'd be able to understand who Sheila brown strategic contained in this. And yet not let that kind of point you run amok doubtless be the most important thing but it it's one way of looking that the players it's really helped soap eccentric. Ian you have a couple both of asks ball quote to just as a small figure out figure throughout the course of the book for Mitch Kupchak who is now of the hornets general manager of basketball operations president former lakers GM. And I his relationship with Colby in the way that Kobe was wired and he's clearly has an immense respect for. The competitive nature and Coby has because it's kind of how he's wire two but I would just like to know in general. What do you think about the hornets hiring Mitch Kupchak and in the job that he is now. Equipped to deal which is take the hornets to. Another level as opposed to being just a team a middling team he once stood to make them into something more than that what do you think it'll warn its hiring Mitch Kupchak. I think it's terrific coming all the institutional knowledge that he green from the point of view. I'm Michael Jordan. If the champions clearly but how do you go from being the champ should clear to the championship owner championship but expected it. To have that cup checked there is the guy that knows how to take those instincts and ambitions and turn them into reality that's a huge help. And I think he's gonna do a great job for them I don't know if they can be what the lakers were the lakers have all sorts of geographical advantage is clearly. But but it took the point of view he's at the same teams seem to win in the NBA year after year Penn. It's because those teams are structured to win winning the championship is the most important thing it begins at the top. He's tired of guys that knows how to do this as well it's. I wanna see what that country can do it Charlie coming off of Los Angeles and whether he can scale. The needs of this franchise. To to their realities as opposed to trying to make them without with the lakers were. You would you coach Dick do you sister it's as eight armed GO that will be would Horace in good. Our free agents more sold in the strength of the draft goes I don't necessarily see him as a strong draft when he was in LA. As much so as he was in bringing in veterans. Yeah it was so hard place to draft because they were always picking at the back Kendall yeah the first round that they only had one top ten pick anonymity Andrew Bynum. Andy's opinion couple championships with them at. But I think it's going to have to be through the draft it's not going to be to create concede the Charlotte and levees so the peace and not get beat destination. Unless they have the young players great young players who track free agents that's the only way to do it so it has to start with the good. Well and and last thing I know we can say we're gonna let you go blessing for me and Thomson you know I he walked away and maybe I'm jumping too far to a conclusion I think everything still slightly up in the air but. Reading his respect and knowing what I know from other people what they know Mitch Kupchak. In his desire to win and compete and have people that are in place it at every level the organization that feel the same way. The way he talks about Colby in that book. It Kemba Walker is as competitive as they come in the NBA as you know Ian I just can't envision a scenario. Were Mitch Kupchak walks in the door and wants to part ways with a player of that ilk because of one how talented he's become. And two because of that culture of ultra competitive spirit that's something that Mitch Kupchak adding values above everything else in his basketball talent evaluation. I think all the all the winning print side to do that. Clearly let's go to that does come across in the book. And I'd look at who did the engine's been drafting populism often I look at you he's been drafting over the years and all the stuff I pick he's used it been for gamers really could yet guys markets Smart and Jalen brown to contain these guys are fighters. Again that the teams that lose they pick up players. That put up great numbers during the regular season but they're all the numbers they don't know how to compete he disappeared during the playoffs. Between the win. Aren't looking forward to guys that go beyond their numbers to elevate their games during the playoffs to love those moments and you're exactly right about Campbell locker. You can look at what he doesn't which is heights. Or you can look wait out which is hard and that's that's something is missing a lot of the other players are currently. Ian the added to views were great the weather was great to tequila was great but the the book was great to OK you don't make my vacations so it's great work people got to read it. It's the so basketball from Ian Thompson he's on Twitter at Ian Thompson within. EEN. Ian Thompson you can find a link to purchase the book and Tony showed it's really good I probably should be and it's a pleasure to document thanks for making time force to. I'm grateful thanks to thanks so much guys appreciate it.