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Tuesday, May 15th

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And zoom better. All right welcome back to Kroger and ortho Carolina I'm just ourselves filling in for Chris Crawford today and the rest of the week also joined by staying Norfleet who. As stands for us in on Twitter on that just Marcel and right now we welcome on the Pentagon gas line Ian Rapoport. Of the NFL network you can follow him on Twitter at rap sheet you can also catch him on NFL network's. NFL so the minute which airs Monday through Friday at 4 PM eastern in how are you. What's going on Dario. Good good good so obviously the big news in Carolina that you guys have been all over is that David tepper is sounds like going to buy the Carolina Panthers the price tag around 2.2 billion what can you tell us. You're the guy covering this what do you tell us is the latest on that situation. Gary cursor over 2.2 billion between 2.2 and 2.3 billion it's it's where the price tag is gonna be used two point chilling cash. And then there's an additional. You know somewhere to get they're basically point 2.3. That's deferred you know it sounds like it dealers. Probably getting it done and signed today. Chanting ghost so tomorrow they cannot spend some time Agilent over things but. You know probably get done today and you know I I think for the NFL that that they win. We have David tempers are guys minority owners Steelers is rated that it. He's someone at the NFL owners really like kitten respectable people be good in the ownership room you know apparently meeting and another week and that the matters. He can pay in cash short and the other guys other finalists probably what about some trouble coming up put the money. He's gonna keep pitching in Charlotte so. You know there's there's there there's a lot alike think there's a reason England's. You know considered the favored all along you know I didn't have I there it is gonna want it to you don't want to commend the opponent. How much of a role did did his intention to keep the team in Charlotte playing him and ultimately winning the bad. More I would say it late stumble. Yeah probably does not the only thing you know I think. You'll money's important and the fact is it was it was close to the borrowed is. You know probably made the decision a little easier the fact that he was someone who. You know has already been batted in could be approved by the league meeting was definitely a factor. I think the other guys. No let's say ten to borrow it at one now. Probably would not happen not properly it would not have happened by Matt a there's a lot of other issues. To look at the financing is background and background checks. On trial would have been several more months to the process in fact that if you can be done probably clean and easy. The big selling point as well. Join an abused and karma just mind here amid days on the we have Susie that's just ourselves in north usually for Chris Coleman joined by the irreverent or are. Rap sheet. There's been so mom breaking news today in the sense that not just the deal boy. The thought process that pepper wants to essentially create the Pittsburgh Steelers. Here in Charlotte from a person male perspective if can you confirm. Formation in your overall thoughts on that as a strategy. Yeah I don't know about lack. I think a lot of people talk out you know wanting to have continuity. Signed contracts proactively and keep everyone in place and that's sort of honestly the simplest way to. Has success as a team and who wouldn't want a ball. The other way to Packers do it goes patriots Steelers the Steelers still going to be matches the ratings you know big scene setter. Better in the playoff spot. You know I think it's it's pretty obvious that any don't want. Two out to draft well on their own guys in store thinking contracts can keep their order place. You know it it's really just a matter. Kenny do you know what they're saying get me out of them also minor errors Steelers wanted to same thing in May not that the cost to what do game last year. Targeted GM. You know which really just. Can you actually do it I think one you know they were the characters. Is there's a good quarterback there's a good coach there's a good GM. There's a lot of infrastructure in place. To kind of make this happen and we don't need to do I didn't just come in and just take over an article and do what they were doing in you know can't match them. Minor tankers along the way. You know Jerry Richardson wasn't the most visible owner especially over the last I did ten years all the guys in the NFL. Do you gotta compare and contrast firfer understands what they're gonna see from David temporary compared to what they've come to expect from Jerry Richardson. I would say from my read our David tapper. He's going to be much more visible. You know that's what it that's what it feels like that. He's going to be around and outspoken and no way in our nation and a probably probably not going to be shy. You know I think it really kind of thing wearing that you come facility. What they say there's a reporter what took you probably talked to more mister Richardson. You don't used to deal like this but then obviously when it help declined and then you know some of the other issues were issues arose over the last couple years. I was not visible except industry in the stadium I think travel be much more. Part of things involve invisible. But we're. Join us via deter a conga line here middays. In street. You're important to him more and have shown their word donors think. I am fascinated what is the business negotiation. Might. Time machine this wasn't a very. Bauman ugly and contentious negotiation and doesn't sound like we're tipper in early in the borrows group which it sounds to me like you're pretty hard in the sand. They return patrol to drill another hole and as I lament I'm out too long for you may be true true. And that's where I met. How. Did he give behind the scenes or give some back. Yeah I mean I don't. You know it didn't sound like there was a ton of negotiating. David tepper is acting now going to be the second richest owner. I'm Paul Allen and he's a very. Trudy and businessman it sounds like and basically you know what he did it. You know what he did was say I'm willing to pay this. And that is where it is and he never raised his offer bunched there. And just sit there and I think the price kind of came back to him. You know obviously the articles and Sports Illustrated some of the other. Accusation did not help. Until we did not help the price and value so you know for those who started is going to be three billion or so you know not to beat. What not 2.5 billion I think I think they did well. You know between 2.2 to point three I think that it barrel. You tweeted earlier in that at least one finalist in this bidding process had eyes on the stadium in South Carolina how confident are you dead done Bank of America Stadium will be the home of the Panthers for a long time to come. I believe will be a moment of the candidates for a long time. Now. There's two caveat there one I would expect some improvement. Loans from David tepper you know I would also. You know I don't think you'd throughout understated in the future I'm sure that's going to be honest to delist the statins don't 1995. I knew. I'm so I'm sure at some point you know in Charlie in the Charlotte area that it east they would be in spots. You know I would be surprised if there's a lot of things may be a tourist separate training facility like a lot of teams have. I think that's probably enough plants. You know but all these things are sort of minor compared to building a new stadium which sparked the. So your child's questions relative to personnel and we sought to put some sort of bush dole. Asked us to locally like how shoot raw Rivera. And Marty are you feel about pepper Meehan a guy coming over. I'm not think they should feel pretty good you know there are secure I mean. You know Rivera earning under contract to 20/20 or so candidate. I think they've all done a really did Java me in the playoffs last year's book appear back at me this. As stable really good franchise and team. So. Not not our I'm not sure it mattered who the owner would be a loner it would come in and change everything for something that is so clearly working. Right so. And I think they'll be some changes but I would not expect them to be. Anything substantial right now in music guy who is apparently a good man and a bit there's there's and pretty Smart. I think this is I think this is probably going to be good for the Panthers. This is going to end up being the largest sale of a pro sports franchise in the US history but in light of what happened yesterday with the Supreme Court ruling about allowing states to legislate gambling across the country. Mark Cuban came out and said yesterday that this is going to significantly increase the value pro sports franchises this is something. Obviously we knew was on the horizon and I'll give tepper of certainly knew this was coming if you are looking into it said buying the Panthers did this affect the valuation the Panthers at all and and even going flow or just generally speaking you cover this clean inside and out what do you expect that ruling to do to the value of NFL teams in the near future five to ten years. Oh yeah I'm actually not sure why it would increase the value of the franchise which I mean I. You know obviously Mark Cuban is pretty good at what he does is he on chart thanks to pretty good show Napster bad the chart thanks it. You know I'm I'm not sure why it would really effecting it I mean. Football is the most popular sport in America like all of a sudden gambling is gonna make it. More popular like it's dirty popular security the most watch show is in most attended you know per game and it comes so. I don't see how would expecting at all really. And I think it's. Probably just a coincidence I think the timing of the league meetings affecting negotiations more than gambling there. Sure got our goal that's great insight insight rather from Ian Rapoport you can call him on Twitter at rap she NFL network insider catch him on NFL network up to the minute airs Monday through Friday at 4 PM eastern time. I'm Ian thank you so much.