Hornets Rookie Dwayne Bacon: "I Try To Compare Myself To Joe Johnson"

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Thursday, October 12th

Charlotte Hornets rookie Dwayne Bacon joins Primetime to discuss how things are going so far, as well as who he compares himself to in the NBA. 


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We're gonna go to the technical I guess one way to game last night got Seattle hornets and action for the first time this year spectrum setter in another game tomorrow night at six against the mavs and then. Oh hit road to go open the season next week in Detroit come back to the the home opener. Next Friday night we welcome in they're that is a first start in his young career last night when they can make it to be forced to wait you don't end. From Goodyear didn't come until well you're Gordon everybody last nightly everytime I turn around her Jalen brown. You're a Jason Tatum here on Gordon Hayward you're on carrier ring you journal every tough defense of assignment there was to draw last night. I mean there are better out our. Well we knew that going in you and your new going into the game you're gonna have to play defense you know that's what coach asked the specialty and be out there with those starters. I asked FDA you know he watched the tape and talks a coaching staff had actually did last night. Sort of that are popular get a lot where I couldn't. Notre strokes sort of murder caper and Austria Luxembourg more. We've taken slid a self fortieth overall pick in the and dressed as yourself corrupted artists and probably my points a big minutes last night you just kind of found your way I'm the second half he doesn't don't the supports throughout the pre season it's more about working and the next he's gotten down and kind of clawed back and play your best basketball of the second half what's up with a burn. He didn't know runners up at the same turmoil truly can do. You know we were playing the way we play them we do even better Turkey preceded him. It's too late last night twelve point said three rebounds and two assists to go along with it like 34 minutes. I to lead the way for the hornets last night went down to the Celtics wanna wait 100 get ready for the a final game tomorrow night to pre season 6 o'clock tip off at spectrum center of course we'll have that game. Right here one too far lesser extent WS Lindsay has your transition Dwyane that is as smooth as you thought it would be your or where how would you say it's going to go to what you thought it would be coming into the week. And I think is gonna finish in her career. From an elaborate. Practical is that it is there any particular one game at a time. What's been the toughest part for you. You normal about it to accomplish so college. That was probably the most toughest thing right now it. Arguable leaks that ought to Italy on each other's rookies you guys to the world right now oh of course. We talk a lot. The actual game and we know that. I would probably gain or traveling to gain confidence from what we got to do. You know to compete leveled against it won't plan. How much thought is that again point make a witness sort of rookie I'd get ready for a final pre season game tomorrow night 6 o'clock that'll be expected center. How how much thought is it when he gets cooking out there as he was cooking in the second half last night what's funny is that to watch what he's doing that. Aren't there Groupon Judy he's a great score talent to score. No we kind of we've become ridiculous thing bringing cooler when peace we could score the ball. They got it you can go and when I got to Arctic also it is cut off funds this year actually they controlled the play action will have a cute so that the squirrel well. And I can include protecting the ball and you don't need to also registered just. Optional coaches give you credit last night after the game you that you had a nice little assist on a look away Apache kind of look at that guy off and a drop that. Drop that there's your driving to the basket he's he said there are. There are very ready guys in the NBA and for that matter how long they've been in the league there are very many guys that can that can make that pass through or your size really does give me some credit last night and again. Well yes certainly yeah you know just coming into one for my made a lot of mistakes but I did a lot of the good things troop. So you know just Chinatown and I'll let me get better. Well like content news. Every minute. It is. There. Have been noticed or reported to rookie fortieth overall pick in the second round get ready for this final pre season game again. That's gonna come by our night. Odd coming up at 6 o'clock what would you say Laine you're talking about that with you that people maybe don't understand these people forget we were her her freshman year Florida State. What and polished and skilled offensive player you are. What about the only keeps your scouting the leak is everybody knows he's a great shooter great score what's the course say he's people understand he's good it did to people are underestimating them that we tried and true. He burst of ball hop on you know we're glad you were written grew tournament recruit who at different content you can see progress report true. We we have they got text line you're doing people can listen to the show they can interact with you and while we're talking and I techsters telling us right now that and as I've noticed this. You want more in our our our Conner at you gotta bear striking resemblance to one and others have a singular meaning Marvin Williams in Europe the shattered I don't know he had very very eager. I. All right and I wouldn't be the worst thing to know right now I don't know and a man stopped short it's like a I just check out end up hurt I think the first time now the blame when you think about it though as you go into a rookie year do you have a player you've modeled yourself after or somebody we hear. You know five years from now it's my says hate doing Bacon's a lot like blind who do you want that there. Oil. Policy. So little I looked up there. All right we play on here and helps stroke or. So we know that you know of course ought to be better past sort of a social work to be no similar Mort it better but if there's little. But they are in writing partner I think it actually is. Where were you ranks this is fun now with the get go down this path where would you rate Joseph Johnson stayed away all time like hill among all conference fade aways in the NBA because he's got a good one. I'm not even sure can't and I can put can you put that particular in the world like they're afraid. You know it has cost could gore and the coast clear certainly couldn't do it. On the dangers so I'm not hearing could but it is definitely know that conditions are. What point you're Thomas the passing of Mo leak it Dwight Howard had a nice passed last night as opposed to bully bully who's cutting. And he's not only what's that what's that like play with white and what's he could do it for US as a veteran in this list. We'll open good behavior you have who are going to be clear little. They had. But it is very clear. People underestimate right people don't understand or winners the because do out there like it. He's he's physically imposing person but he's he's not a seven foot are out there like what he doesn't size is pretty incredible right. There are different arm different skirt. It's always good to talk to you may have been good and up best elected to go to Florida it was sealed their okay you're for a record.