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Wednesday, October 18th

Hornets Radio Announcer Steve Martin joins Primetime to discuss the Hornets first game tonight in Detroit, as well as how many years he has been calling games. 


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All right we're go to the technique con guess slime we get a big game tonight first of 82 and Al hornet's on the road. Opening up a brand new arena for the pistons now in downtown Detroit hornet's distance tonight and dubbed the -- reunion we get coach Clifford with his mentor Stan Van Gundy Dwight Howard going up against his former coach and guy game one of the 82 Tippett seven I got premium at 630 tonight on offense each and this man will be on the call and how many years is this Steve Steve Martin what does. This is my thirtieth SN BACs and you're getting up there must friends you are getting they're racing like this fine line deal. I started this sat here. Don't trust placed in doubt well it's going to be it's really good tonight I I think this matchup is. 02 teams that I think probably feel pretty similar about where they could. Be in the Eastern Conference this year right maybe top six if things go their way got to get back to earth playing on defense and play more team oriented basketball on these two teams kind of wanna play the same style so this is a fun matchup to open here tonight. Yeah and that everything that seem could learn a lot of it came from my last and van Gundy so yeah I used to get to coaches are very committed to each other. I'm but they'll still swear to each other so that's OK yeah so what. They do a lot of things very similar in the late to practice their teams it is a privilege to. So it'll be interesting little chess match to watch and I. Yeah and it's gonna be fun to see Agassi and real live action live bullets tonight for the first time Dwight Howard stepped out on the floor and it's good to meet the thing that since you're seeing his coach Clifford is thought to be kind of the life raft for Dwight Howard everybody's been talking about a for the last few months even I know usually you're around him yesterday and he said the same thing he said you know I've everybody's got their experiences with white eyes I've only seen good from Dwight and he says. It seems like Dwight is is good Dwight right now again he's happy with words like this as we get ready and open here. Well I still got very few choices really do need to be happy here I think this is he knows he needs coach clip urged presence. And the way that he handles some handled him before each just that same kind of treatment clinics Connie and he's get that. It's not special treatment but it spit you know. I think Steve appreciates. All the good things have Dwight can bring the team. And more of those things happens to be something that every coach who love this way that he crackers she practices hard. Two last night for example. At 7 o'clock he went over to well. Detroit country day school we practiced here in and do and greater Detroit. And Eddie Graham practiced law for about an hour Allred did Detroit country day at around 7 o'clock last night so he's. He's serious about his craft he's serious about worry is his career. Yeah wants to continue at. You being paid to continue it and she put her there. And and watched took a chance to sort of pleasure all I don't know of sorts tonight and that and this will be. You know we that we haven't seen any of distorted religious people quarterbacks so it starts seeing it go from here on out. Restore order to China. So a real quick and gone back to to watch the white and and effort he's putting into his craft now so has this been something that the white is has been known to do throughout his career is this something that's kind of brand new and just started with this. With his new star here because for all intents and purposes I don't think his athletic schism was ever in question until you know obviously hurt his back. But I've I've heard about. The dedication to two. To to improving himself offensively. You on his own especially with you know his. His inability to quote unquote hit free throw so disinterested I know is a south and he's always done or is this something that's brand new. I I think he's always taken seriously. Tactically this pre season training and has since he's in training ten and has been. The good teammate from that standpoint I think he stepped up a little bit this year because I think she realizes how important. This season it is and the risk that a hornets took can bring him in. I am so I think he airlines and I think or can't control what are built dictators this is fourteen your pro you talk about. Or try I think she is regional percentage will improve and it certainly can't really that much of it you're talking about 4849%. If you can get it up to about 55%. And 56%. Did you try the player that that teams would. Probably it'll off. Quote intentionally fouling I until final tremendous support orders so. That that is a possibility I think perhaps I think door exceeds that imaginary that he knows he needs to improve that and and he scored a lot of pride in our. Currency Martins were the source of the hornets again tonight 7 o'clock tip balls in Detroit or its open up on a rodeo home openers going to be Friday night at spectrum setter against the hawks end a pregame starts tonight at 630 right here on an infancy so who's going to be the starting five tonight Stephen no code coach said yesterday he doesn't do this very Austin but he was gonna wait to the last minute do we know the starting five's going to be tonight. And we don't he would not commit toward the end of shoot around this morning I I think basically he's trying to figure out just what water appears fastest faced and I think he is trying to plan a chess match with her stand. And once and I announces his lineup and then coaches ready to announce his obviously we know the they Kemba Walker dwell on Dwight Howard Marvin Williams. But will start tonight. So those those three you can pencil him. And in all likelihood Jeremy lamb to question this little sip starters should defer to contend ski or is going to be going basic. So that depends on the matchup. They received from Detroit. Well in any interesting thing will be Steve is some of these young guys you know I know a lot of fans have always said the last years I was close close replace the young guys more why does he play the rookies who doesn't him enough time to develop we still know she's pre season I Gil likes the work ethic and the ED attitude on both ends of the floor which is so important to him from a league Monty especially towing bacon so this this is going to be I think a different type year perhaps in terms of especially early because the point guard depth how much more content when baker points of assorted steam. We are glad they can just didn't really just. Pleasant surprise not a big surprise to Google wants you would they would get in outlined exactly traded for him they retreated Frank Jackson to. From duke to get him so. You know they did so far parliament say they're able to get them when slope fortieth. Which is basically the eco seventh grade picture pretty and sent ground. Dan and so that sir that's bargain. When you get a guy like that when he can contribute. That's even better so or OpenId can contribute on the regular. Regular season and petition comes fire anatomy and and there's the possibility that even if he doesn't start tonight if they do it even describe. Are you gonna seed going bacon early in ball game and and you're simply not come off the bench. And probably his first and it's in the game will be at point guard. Taking Kemba Walker support. Or they couldn't get it they have all the good thing about it Chris is still is that. They have a flexibility factor this year you don't want to starters out. They have a deeper. Talent pool to draw from and they've got one area that they don't really need to worry about as much anymore that this center. Where Dwight Howard stepped that's up pretty well died. Currency last thing on this maybe you always have the numbers I can always count on you on this what's the saying not to not only for tonight but I think tonight might be one of these nights but the all year long is this hornets team if they get back to this they're gonna be a good team gets its three point defense they they really really struggled in that area last year what's one of those things so you've got to get back to doing on a regular basis. Well there's still struggle. Now and they struggled and struggled in particular against this team first undated station. Are almost fortune when they had to come there that's why they get one point saw a hole in that Nightline as they were down by twenty at halftime. And a chain that all the way in the second half and and Stanley played. Ten players that and he played his rotation players but he's gonna have there was I don't know. Freeagent sort training camp fodder on before Detroit. They had to have their regular players in the ballgame and and arched. That's the starters once he got back to within one. Near the end of the third quarter and played into our sports. Where they're second unit and it and that's probably the good thing about this team its second unit it is very strong. And it doesn't matter what you put the leak monk or playing great in either the first or the second unit when they come back we'll that certain unit it it seems to solidify. You've got action to ski and Derek you've got oh well of course. You've got. We wouldn't even though I'm through the regulars in the little I have. Cody Zeller and lineup than you you've got to do a pretty good situation so that's a that's a strong. Checking units and assists did a good thing about the hornets team right now is that it's it's it's pretty good trump. One through two and maybe up to eleven. In the lineup and they are capable of hold out starters match progressed to a bid will be pressed to. Oh without the Tillman of course it won't be won't have Michael Kidd Gilchrist. You'd and probably don't like what he's not a play denied sign him with the team tonight and whether replays try tailored to come back until we can manage EC. And there you go getting ready for your number thirty tonight voice of the hornets Steve Martin on Twitter at a hornet's L Martin's Steve I'll talk to the pregame around 630 tonight okay thanks from you time. Got.