Hornets Point Guard Kemba Walker: "It's On Us Players To Go Out There & Execute" 

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Tuesday, December 5th

Hornets Point Guard Kemba Walker joins Primetime to discuss last nights win over Orlando, as well as the Hornets upcoming home stretch. 


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Art we're gonna go to the tech become guess Lionel hornets get a big win on Monday night and I needed it in a bad way for game homestand opens up and eight the next ten or at home. Including Wednesday night's going to be a nationally televised game warriors and hornets and we welcome in the captain from the Charlotte orders he had a great game against the magic 29 points fourteen of them at the free throw line Kemba Walker where those kemba you doing man. Are undone well so that's that's a heck of a game back Aminu Kano literally last night just put your head down I got to the basket and and that's it that's a good way to kind of shake off the rust I suppose last night. Yeah you've all been. Our chance to watch and the crowd Q what they needed and you know. Last night it was one of those com where. Narcotic at that note take over the days and no bid to the pain economically not probably wouldn't do. And I kemba Walker's with a captain for the hornets and up by the way a hornet's continued his homestand and it's it's a big one for a row. One already in the books win over the magic on Monday night warriors on ESPN at 8 o'clock and does some very limited tickets I believe still available for that in the buff Friday night. And I it's going to be the bulls Saturday it's gonna be the lakers and its Star Wars tonight for frank Kaminsky used at a store worked Bobble head which is really excited about so let's let's just hope. Let's talk about. About that game against the magic first second int int in terms of just kinda. Ending that that streaky you would lost four row I mean it really felt like him two weeks ago we kind of came home and it was the same thing where hate you had to start stacking some wins against dated against good teams and then. You know you lose a tough back to back to Cleveland and San Antonio and win on the road in just couldn't get it going against so. This this stretch getting a win on Monday and being at home so much over the next couple weeks Ameen you you can't overstate how how big this these couple weeks are for you guys. Question is really or old you know we don't without look a little bit of all pulled no especially not going alone the world so. No beer everybody we play well that's articulate their lives are all. Our home and look great job I would I would bet you every night so nobody really good team coveted album we got to figure out there could play already. I gave it our great hope that you'll get worst night in night out so you know what you got to read in the conflict you know that that's what you'll do it. Oh you've mentioned that a lot of talk you've got this kemba about how do you know UP you're always out there in front saying hey don't. Don't put this on closed feel a lot of fans can buy Guillermo all the time now especially you know during this rough stretch of the sale. Coaches gotta go he's not the answer we need a new coach to get things fixed in your always out there saying Marvin is one of the guys to say it. The openness on our coaching staff they give us great game plans were or not after executing so four through the first quarter of the season. And an amateur. Let them. Really good coach Manning he. Doesn't think mr. Butler bass organ and he's not went out there play in the great quote. Nowhere tomorrow that. Nor has the barn if not what he's got a few just. Knows little about making a late but he does a great job and it works straight ought. No particular but let me let up on me know what you want but they're playing we have executed we got to get things right so. Really ought not let it that he always take the blame when this. A lot of did not know usually is all so no that's like such a great coach and Olga got closer look. Note that the graves not at Atlanta and that's not really also on I'm respect or. So because norm it is what. Well I think it's interesting Kemba Walker goes toward its captain I get ready for the warriors on Wednesday night and it's gonna be Chicago Friday back to back with the lakers on Saturday for commits these Bobble head. On Saturday for the lakers game. I think you you could speak to this strike and I think you in particular kind of why I think coach Clifford is such a great coach in this league where he comes in here. Your few years into the league you've elevated your game over the last few years underneath him and it's you know he speaks to you guys fans don't get this he speaks to you guys. Very frankly and very flatly he's honest with you guys and it's good and bad but when he when he speaks to you would say here's where I think you can do. Do these things and here's what's gonna become a bit and he rewards you guys on the back and for that and that's what makes great coaches in the NBA and that's that's Clifford style with all you guys. No question no no. You can't be a big mark no don't run the reason I am the player and they're because the coach know he gave me great confidence of but he came pretty. Change the culture around here know from day one and you don't think they're a lot different than it was so. A lot of you coordinate and but I think a lot of the people. A lot of our friends know it bothers me no I have written because. The legal doesn't that kind of urging his alt a or the world so you the president. You can you give us to last thing on this can you give us two quick stories one good one bad it probably was in the same meeting where he comes in the first eighty meets with you guys and he does his one on one meetings. What do you what do you remember about that first meeting with him where he recognized okay this guys is that he's a little different here. Arm actually it wasn't really a comfortable are all those it was really good motives and actually because we only. What he wasn't sure the guitar without the magical predator that we'd like army. Nick people would that would be all star and at least. I was really important to meet a great air because. No of course Latvia was. No names I'd be all start up that's one of the things he told on day one on the death metal none of that debate also also. I mean. And true both Butler that you believe them all. Thursday movie taught me a lot know what the issue did did. Not allow plant. Demo what would you believe that about yourself like look beyond anybody just telling you that like when you came at a UConn now almost seven years ago would you believed. Did you expect that about your game of hey I can be an all star caliber point guard back then or no. Would you believe me there are better. I'm a. Believe because you are yeah I do think of you as a competitor like that but I just wonder what what what were you Rex Billick if you could take us back seven years ago realistically what we are long term expectations of what you were going to be in this leak. I mean I really don't know but. Not definitely. You know. Had Julian so you know being an all star motel later. And no I dream of playing the way I am clicked addict and you know I'll I'll always hope that tomorrow all worked out what you'll be able to do it and it's. Absorbed everybody's where. You know all we're always pago. Not provoke me. Well I think it's a kemba Walker's where this hornets get ready for the warriors on Wednesday bulls and lakers on Friday Saturday all these games can be at spectrum Sydor you can get ticket info hornets suck up. I think that Tony interesting things kimbo you know the more I've been around you guys over the last few years that you know you recognize Stephon Wednesday that looks like he's gonna play but you know steps agreed example this two of you might not have all the physical tools just like you might out of all the physical tools of some of the elite elite players in the NBA. But it's the skill level in the NBA and in the attitude in the in the competitive nature talking about. And the commitment to work that makes the great players the great ones I think a lot of fans just think guys roll out of bed and they turn and all stars in the NBA and that's that's just not know works. But that's what it's very red tape over my home. I do think that anybody had the typical schools smoke from. I know him from day one but it's note you can bet Australia were heartened by these signals that the duke. Prime example there needs. Been doubted Malcolm page won it became the league what do we continue to play that European look militant arm. And be beat the NBA champion mean. Not all all what I saw him. You know off a victory or always be proud of Phnom. No god like that no must so no we. Know put in the work to become the place that we don't know if. Now what kemba Walker's Willis again hornets get ready for the warriors on Wednesday night it it does sound like in the reports are in the last little bit kemba that that it will be no Stephon Wednesday which. You know staff and Dell especially I mean he's got hundreds of people come to watch him this is his hometown so that sucks for him off from a basketball standpoint. I mean at not to disparage him I mean it that doesn't change all that much right because the warriors when you're still talking about to rein it in clay and dream on and and everything there throwing out there I mean this is still monumental task for you guys with the without stuff on the floor on Wednesday. But beat up. No that was a great player and you know very they have other great players well I mean we all know played him on an. Katie and then you know they have got not a bad tour really couldn't well electron that cynical dollar note and few home. Norris will be. Reviewed on sub game of course but. Ongoing court fight the corporate partners are words don't do would have to that we can try to win. Well what with what's the level you guys are out right out if you could put this like on a scale but with a lot of moving pieces a lot of injury through the first quarter of the season. And in folding a guy like Dwight and I don't know if people understand just what it would have a presidency is down low in the way you guys got to involve him in the offense so what are you guys feel like you're out in the process is and what's been kind of stopping go with all the injuries but how is that come along with. We view in nick and into white in and that entire starting five get the offense on track. Come along the little little will be no we. You watch film that we practice when that we get a chance attract even though we. Don't try our best to get things right so no we're figured out. Well it seems like you've been I know you get some shots up after practice every day but we we don't work with white were sick crossover come from I've never seen that his career were that crossover move come from the last few games. I I don't know doctor he's been working on a whole lot to me a little bit we're. Those looking girl that. It looked like the big east tournament all over again he had he had a Vucevic on the floor plan like yep played some sort of game on the four goes all the way to the floor last night on the crossover in the Red Sea Barney threw down that Duncan. He ran the length of foreign I think the first quarter last night he went coast to coast and finished at the rim to go. They have meant though he he has he has great skill and then. My initial kick it the last night. Larry Campbell it's good to talk to you man and Beth best the luck this week this is a big called stretch and you know that end up again Wednesday it's gonna be the warriors Friday Saturday. Bulls and lakers and mint ice Frank's pretty excited about this Star Wars snide right I mean he's really on such and birdies early geek out about this is meant their beer and very. No are you guys are you involved in this in any way shape performance teammates or this is just not his thing he can he can have is now I don't Saturday night from our. Rent it out of the way our I felt kemba it's good to talk to you may welcome back and how do you feel by the way how's your shoulder doing right now the okay. There are no well Brodeur did their. Not once did too good to talk to you thanks to make in time we'll see Wednesday night okay there.