Hornets PG Kemba Walker: "It's All About How We Respond The Rest Of The Season"

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Friday, January 12th

Hornets PG Kemba Walker joins Primetime to discuss the Hornets struggling, as well as the trade rumors involing him. 


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Are we gonna talk total orders basketball and Homestake continues and tough when he gets the mavs the other nights we're joined by quarters point guard Kemba Walker kemba you doing man you don't hear analysts have stuff the other night I mean this this season. 39 games in for you guys right now and you're still just kind of trying to find your way in and you know I think that that forties dressed almost in on cannot wait almost an urge you guys having Conan because it did that Brittany guys built off the road trip almost seem to come to a stop. The death. Those always those influences. No one whenever you have four days off knows how to. No give back out there. And had the same room. The Dow's all on us for sure. But you know you go look past them as. Knows you're ready for guys toss protest the war. What's what do you think you guys learned how on that road trip and then he don't trying to just find a way to recreate that night in and night out what what is it about what you guys did out there that just needs to be the answer for you guys moving forward. I think for the most part is it's the way we play from place own selfish and we play hard. No for 48 minutes. That's what is no doubt lose I was really more for us so. Hopefully we got hopefully we didn't realize we'll rebuild that road trip because you know bring it back home in Los get better. Like so many times to like good things they get lost if you want so I'm making shots all that stuff but. Not felt like watching that game once and maybe communication was lacking and so much of what you're talking to the energy and and I communication that that's got to be the difference in wins and losses right now that's for sure. No on the West Coast and our energy was. It was did not every single day. Who knows when to say no last night nor day somewhere out in the audience. I guess that was no we like and you know. Consistently in that game. That's something that we can do you know we can't afford to loan not a monopoly with North Korea and enjoy every single possession. You know. That's there's no we don't know we have to play hard noisy group. How we feel right now when you re middle left Saudi your body for about a month which is not right in self. I seen that grab that raskin a little lighter game by game it seems you feel right now. Oh pretty good. Don't get healthy. No question on Schundler I can help my team is winning games. Don't try to be more consistent as well north. There man. That's that's that's the whole globe instrument when. I you've been on some some challenging teams here I mean you're you're you're in a mocking her remarkable story from going from seven wins. To 48 wind 4040 went a couple years ago you get to be a top three seed in the east he tied for top three in that playoff appearance and now you look where things are at the last couple years where word assist where is this ranked pistons in terms of just trying seasons with the injuries cliffs departure now he's coming back foot. Just everything when he makes it and what you guys are trying to do right now where this where this thing is that it's so far. Those from the is whenever you know the whole year plus an old thus far this season. Which you know would definitely work towards it. You know I love being here. He's definitely. Though a digital start. You know when I first got here what don't they would definitely. A lot better. So yes some great players no of course no flipping frescoes that big hurry love to be around those guys so. I mean there's a great. It feels like you guys are far off so right I mean all things considered is just so crazy does that mean flights. Joints and what 22 double doubles I think coming your second leading point guard scoring wise and Eastern Conference and you don't nick has been injured he's trying to get healthy and he's shown flashes of his old self so I mean it's it all that being said the bench I think it's come along a lot in the last few weeks in a and so it is given the circumstances you guys are you're still kind of right there right it's not that far off. I mean he says you know this. Has been a struggle but here we're not that far on the road truck games out of the playoffs so. You know with the teams ahead of us we we played tool to teach for its arms them when it's changed twice so. It was so there's a sense know just read this because all of us at this point knows just how we. I'm gonna response to rest of the season so you always got to really be logged in and don't put together some wins. But I know Marvin Ford's fourth guard Kemba Walker where this mother went on Margaret said this to me the other day seeing a close told him don't you guys something a few months ago there really stuck with him which said. Many can get later really sometimes there's a long year but you can treat yourself sometimes tricky says it's a long years along here and here you are 39 games and so it can get it later earlier this. You have it's true it's true that's one that's one of the things that's always tepid always tells us and he's you know is right man for the post Clinton knows what he's talking about he's he's he's a resident folks know Parsons he's a great coach and definitely clearly earlier. Well there you've you've got him back now so we get the great news he comes back in Minnesota can be tonight it'll be. Next next week woods what's that mean for it for you individually and just so locker from a morale standpoint to get that got back out there. It's a love there wee wee wee wee we'd listen. He's our leader. No he makes us go. You know. No solace. To those guys do great you know they've they've been. Living great news in the absence of north can't praise those guys enough it's odd that they've done a no those. Loans of shoot to kill nobody says that such a great coach. Those guys Steve Levy held it down but. You know let us say close on either you know all. He's got that we're we're we're really used to and integrate them back. And hornets point guard Kemba Walker for real and go to minute guys it's been really interest think America is you know the season's gone away goes of course trade rumors come off and all the stuff that. He all the national guys insurers say hey look the hornets the way out as it is to trade Kemba Walker good he's an asset for this team he's a guy that people would want. And I've you've never really been a part of this in your career where all of a sudden it's like your names get brought up and some of the stuff so that's got to that's going to be different for you. News. They're just stuff. But I don't know like he's never. This never happens though my name is never comes up like this so is the first. I've heard things like that but. I don't know how long those adored wasn't very good. This is really flattering no right leg at a minimum effective did figure your thought in that regard but at the same time I mean you are so committed so. To producing a winner and I mean I'm just always struck by you and cliff talking about. We when he gets the playoffs and we wanna win a series sure that such distinctions such a big you don't driving factor for you guys see you week you wanna be here and you wanna win to announce formal question. He always. It's organizations in this city. Those who do big things here and that's sort of play indoors all of them here. Dark and left homeless and you. Know do my own way. Just a rumor I guess yours is what he was right in the like you say I'm I'm I'm I'm committed to this city and it's his organization. This is where I know my story and opportunities so. I mean I don't know I don't know well whatever so I'm I'm here for now we're hopefully for a few moments right. Hillary Wear or electoral Macy to talk to you best luck tonight seasonal got appreciate the gunman hornets point guard.