Hornets Marketing Officer Pete Guelli: "There Is A Lot Of Admiration In This City For Steve Clifford"

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Wednesday, December 6th

Hornets Marketing Officer Pete Guelli joins Primetime to discuss Steve Clifford taking time off, as well as much more. 


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We welcome it chief marketing officer for the hornets beat quelling make it some time towards being good to see you break Chris thinks it's good to be here well first of foremost we're talk we're the most important thing which is the head coach Steve properties he's taken a little bit of time away and indefinitely to deal with you see his health and get things okay -- what would weep when we know is he OK I mean that you know Chris is an organization we try to be as transparent as possible in our forces is one of those things just can't really yell collaborate on I guess it is a lot of admiration for. Let's in this building as you know and you know we just wanna get him back on the court justices who possibly can't well and I think the thing with. We're with any of these things and be honest honest Omar earlier just the fact did you know you east. You just osu coaches misbehaved so I mean it's just in it speaks to who they are coaches right there such grind yours and so. I think maybe. You look back at nights on a Monday night that might have been the first mechanic clue of our coach needs to step away for a little bit and just kind of take. Take care you and you get you guys are going to be met face right now and the secret club that's built an incredible organization from him throughout all of its assistance and you know everybody the best operations department so it's it's nice to be in a position we've got some guys a good stuff often and you know fill in. When they need to well it normally we talk about staff coming back in the hornets are warriors and I don't know staff tonight he's he turned his ankle. Against against the pelicans and their comeback did they come back from twenty down at the half twice this year which is on a real pleasure to kind of firepower they have but. I mean nobody's feeling sorry fur for them so it is a great chance of a dream on might be output I mean in general on national TV game at home against the champs and that's what that's what this league's all about these guys to be fired up tonight it's a it's a big night no matter what obviously you know you wanna see every committee with their full complement of players just like we wanna be playing all our guys even though we had its challenges early in the season. But a big night anytime we get a nationally televised game. It showcase the arena showcase the team in the city. The something that I think people get really excited about we'll have a huge crowd here tonight we did we do have a handful of tickets remaining that typically would be gone. You walk up that's where you know having step up could impact potentially but it will be as close to a four holes as you can imagine the fans wanna come to the box office tonight he just checking you know maybe leave and I don't think it's you can take I don't know until what time you know last check we had a handful of tickets left for you to get some cable box office now it's a built in 704 hornets to write yes we're at seven afforded toward its stock comp for our rip. Up what is the number two it so what what 1848. Ticks if you look at the other number two Connecticut got a call so a 704 hornets do we get ticket info for that and of course. Saturday's going to be the real fun night because frank is just got to be peeked out of his mind for Star Wars Bobble head night for itself on. Senator and I personal it's great to have you including last game 1013 at home just nice to be home. Huge game tonight in this arena always has something going on trips are very an orchestra tomorrow night's basically sold out polls come in Friday. We Saturday night is something we've all had circled on the calendar for awhile it's always fun when the lakers come in this really exciting young team. But star worst night is something that everybody was fired up about from the minute we kind of ruled out the promotion in the frank storm trooper Bobble that I don't know which thing about bobbled if you like him. You wanna have something you collection this is one you absolutely have to have. First semi 500 fans wrote Kurt people who come out early. In tickets are really selling fast it's going to be a great turnout for that game so whose idea was this was this you guys was this franks say it's fresh it's a and there are about all this stuff whose idea was this a T know what we sit around as soon as a schedule comes out every year and start to look at what we think are windows of opportunity are we did some great promotions in the past that you remember that old ninety's I have. Nickelodeon and knows a thing and I did in the Star Wars poverty just present itself because the movie's launch them. It mid December and so we thought hey this is a no brainer we know there's a ton of fans out there's a highly make it fun that'd make you look over interesting. And that's who we thought about you know if frank Kaminsky story after for Bobble head she anytime you're kicking around a promotion like that. He's got a degree personality Frank's name typically comes up verse from I can't tell you he's not thrilled about the color of the beard. And some of the hair he said when we as if they get as simple as when I become a ginger it's a little noticed a little dog got a pretty advanced copy it is a little red shaded I don't know we've told them frankly we collect a look at some your pictures from earlier in the year mean you know like the colors or color we. We'll decide these things we just take the pictures we try to duplicate it but it was funny they're just kind of poking fun at them with that but he's really excited to have it I know I've heard. People coming out of the woodwork how to like get one if people can't be here and from out of town and one on the get their hands on him the really would get your hands that want to come here choke on Saturday night you know words secondary market eight days they'll try to be a nice Christmas written and we truly Callista have seen some of them already. In the future shop if people got checked out this match up I went into the cup weeks Kuwaiti massive. Although Austin collections of stuff that Jordan brand stuff especially. That you guys always had special Jordan brand stuff here now you get even more Jordan brand still fear we have special store wars themed it. Gear hornets here that you're talking to people combined to change your eyes it's just now the Bobble head admit to everything you see is gonna have that star worst team to a you're gonna see characters. Walking around the building into your well. You know integration into you know the game presentation is well but -- what is going to be merchandise are worse the merchandise the guys Rex if you're shooting shirts. You know with some glimmer of storm troopers legislation yet I beat to it I don't I'm actually of one of those were hearing it all the way through the game is that it can't shop in all the Christian I don't talk to place her affair about that I got to find whatever church he would be your guy but he's got to can help me out are gonna get to Jason before the night's over a little army unit Nittany volume Yahoo! doesn't. Yeah I'd always take your that I. It wasn't enough about us he said about me aren't I got a lucky dog one bone Eliezer or credits doggy dog moral and equally to the chief marketing officer for the hornets against the some limited tickets may be still available for tonight's 744704. Hornet's where walk up to the box office tonight. Your spectrum senator hornet's orders at 8 o'clock and then the other thinks because the fan shop are there any. Classic jerseys left what were the pitcher there's there's still some yeah we got our first delivery in last week we put about on Monday that was a great response still a handful of them left in their right now and it can encourage people to get down there grabbed there will be more coming in the other hole. Transition to the Nike product is probably a little bit more of challenge and people would have anticipated it was just a big movement at a product and you know they've been ordering and reordering by the grid position now rule we have basically everything in the shop we have one mergers coming out to be released. They're likely kind of in the January timeframe but almost everything is here now. Because we were talking that's going to be the two final that is the community edition city edition which is gonna be if the tide today spirited joke of what you guys want to do so I'll let you know what's so funny is talking to Microsoft about this the other night. The uniforms have always been great I think I love I'm always an element Nike guy born joke meant stuff right now I think that changes made great because all the colors just look sharper the fonts look crisper it's everything's pull together. And the purple Jersey which used to be the road there's now no more homeowner road or alternate jerseys they're all just different and have different reasons but. The purple now is as kind of that alternate where we'll be worn again tonight. It almost looks new again we don't mean like he just Sina a few less times in the teel is just so special is my favorite one. But to see a purple now I kind of have like a new low for that purple Jersey now yeah you got a beautiful it's funny you say they can when that you know we first wrote to this process up to -- jumps out at everybody and you know classics were never going to be amazing. The purple you know initially saw the couple years ago I was that was a huge fan who we are we third in the order in announcing third popularity problem on our fan base. But the redesign even though was a minor some of the tweaks they've made due with through Nike Jordan brand it's great now and your point worry tonight for the second time we know we're all years will be fun to see that expressed on national television looks funny too because I remember all of where you remember this when they when he original pinstripes are being warned back in the day and LJ so much in those guys until. When they introduced the purple alternate it was like OK it's one thing you guys Wear teal purple in pinstripes footed all purple Jersey like that that Jersey. We're kind of you know if they already took the league by storm then the per point came out it's a kind of feels like that against a yet another in the league gets it I think they understand how important features dessert every single team. And they've really kind of loosened things up but when we can Wear them how we can Wear them how we kind of tie in with different types of you know gear underneath injures his friends and so it's it's a whole different ball game they've really kind of take the gloves off relative to what we can do we jerseys in that not just for this year but in the futures well you know next you're celebrating the thirtieth anniversary. We will be going all out with the classics in a lot of classic theme nights. You know for that particular year but this could be a lot of things coming up for the next years offense can be excited about my.