Hornets Interm Head Coach Stephen Silas: "I Think We Have Been Playing Better Besides That Stretch Last Night"

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Thursday, December 14th

Hornets Interm Head Coach Stephen Silas joins Primetime to discuss the Hornets loss last night to Houston, as well as much more. 


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Are we're gonna go to the technique come guess line is we do each and every week we're gonna welcome and head coach for the Charlotte hornets acting head coach interim head coach the associate head coach for your Charlotte hornets offer a a tough one last night 10 late 96 fall into the Houston Rockets but it in the grand scheme of things you actually split on the road with OKC. And Houston on Monday Wednesday in a that's pretty good is this team gets ready for huge for game homestand and a six of the next seven are going to be here at all. Here in Charlotte at the high we will commence Stephen Silas coached good thanks for making time you do when. Under a pretty good thanks for having me Chris. All right well we I I kind of feel like you know if we if we look back to last night week we really got to look to what the follow through three minutes of that that first quarter last night and day to seek say wealth. That's were game was decided but I mean it is starters from point great last night and I mean to me. I saw the same style of play on both ends of the forty guys used to to really boy it's OK see you guys had that lead and then all of a sudden. You know you break the starting lineup and and that 25 to nothing run I mean that's just that's just turn the game you guys and the. Yeah you know our starters really picked it. Or playing an away. Or out of our ball movement on the offensive and obviously. Life have a lot to do a status aren't getting the ball on the payment scoring in the chain that bomb. You know cabinet pick and roll game does that does being a ball well after about mark my best for the guys. Well border and being multiple multiple after armed often they had sent. Edward Brooke a line out and you know have. They blitzed us on the news Eric Gordon made it Tarik has talked a victory. Without credit are reports. It could all make another three at the end of the quarter. And and there has escalated to leave this. Dissipated very quickly and so you know whether it's the let the art guys from around the current debacle. Now the appointed halftime and gave them the most by the numbers. Just because like she did we had guys out there at turn nine minutes and they are minus thirty locker. Two men two and a half minutes of their mind at eleven. And you know took their readiness that that needed to play against an elite team and that it be everybody. And I don't think we're necessarily ready but that that we weren't wanting to win or anything like that but the transition. That's what it's something. About an Arctic not a little last week or so I'll work there that's out there yet. All those early were used in the at the end of the first quarter of them leading into the beginning of the second. Doctor Stephen Silas off that loss last night for the hornets went away 9060s with this on the technical and guess line acting head coach interim head coach for the Charlotte hornets squad. Now ten and seventeen and a note to eleven on the road but it did a good split overall honestly. Against OKC in Houston and now it's back on the big four game homestand fired up a back to back again. Friday Saturday just like last week which would we'll talk about that coming up. In just a minute you know I was looking at some of the five men lineups last night coach on that on on how that thing broke down and I mean I've never seen anything like it and I think. Obviously you're not happy with the way you guys perform defensively but I thought I think this is also which so why opening about what Houston is doing right now playing offense with a best basketball. All over this stretch really in NBA history could make from an efficiency standpoint. They don't deify me in line about their last night it in nets' first and second quarter that. Log two minutes on the floor they were plus eleven like that and I've never seen that before and literally a mound looking at that occur to try to wrap my head around how about how that was possible last night. Yeah I was turned around my head around it on the sideline to crack at it the figure out how we can outlive. Yeah I think that without the other one oh run yeah. And there's style look like it will make the really hard though at the end of beat. First corner. They usually take. Chris Paul out midway through the first quarter and they started their run the last couple minutes at Ben may bring Chris call him yeah. At the beginning of the second quarter as. You know the backup point guard he makes them though as well both those two guys Hardin called make it really really tough to enact it all the way back in transition. What the shooters that they have the mean aggressive and that that they play well. You're gonna feel you run like that Matt could appoint where he knows what it dive though our you know minus eleven the weather but. But they have a lot of our power play at that record at Cooley. Coach when when you go back in and you see how that that run happened last night and I've been saying this for few games. Actually outside of I think that Oklahoma City game just to me that is maybe that thing you want to isolate and say let's try to reproduce this. Moving forward it do you feel like in on this isn't singling out any any specific player or anything like that but do you feel like the competition level. Has been where you want because I felt like that was something that was lacking I know it happens sometimes it gets out of hand you get blitzed like Depp but you know it's a feel a body language sometimes. Fighting for loose balls. Getting in passing lanes being active with your hands and stuff like that at a field like that that's the stuff the comic dips and he'll keep one look at the play enemy shots and the shots given up but I I feel like. When you start with that point of things that were things are either working well or they're not where where do you feel like things are with that with weaker right now. I'll let our play a little bit better you know the OKC game everything kind of came together but beyond that obstructs that we have last night. We played a good game and what I'm saying that. Has been a problem for a making shot I mean that they made a match or have been made great reason they've probably. Seventeen T seen him pizza and then I think we've we've made the war and to those are the leak last true. When the game was over. So you know seventeen that the seventeen looked for the three point game is at Arco overcome. And how we have to look that we. We had the great and we didn't make those. Would have taken note of okay see in the heat beat the difference between what you make it definitely knew that it. OKC gave him make it about that the reason there thirteen point five and everything looked good at. Last night at the very good team work. Who are nineteen or whatever Portland nineteen men. Doesn't look so but sometimes become that big a bit of that apple have to do with the body language that you know that the bad the bad that your. Not making shots that you feel like you innovate but a new video coming out of the Tripoli it's split the triple Butler I thought well. Welcome and all sorts of games that we can that was the way they are all slaves we got to go and yet. Well in and add to that point about three point shooting coach Stephen Silas what is such talk and hornets as they get rated put heat on Friday blazers on Saturday big backed about four straight home game six of the next seven are gonna be a hall. And he's with this right now in the technical and guess went off that wanna wait 96 loss. Ought to the rockets on Wednesday night. The three point shooting numbers I mean you need to appoint him and he talked about the 25. I that you guys attempted the other night you hit thirteen of those against the thunder but I mean even at that number I believe you guys. And off the top of my head when I see guys like 24 the 25 in attempts right now at that number still. I mean it that that still needs to tick up right so how to how to how do you get there ready get closer to thirty. 323040. Guys have been and that number's a two points over the last few years so Heidi. How do you increase your your three point attempts per game where you're talking about maybe upwards of five to ten more per game that you'd like to be seeing Brad. Yeah you know made a couple of stops and then bounded the ball out numbered in the spot there on the baseline and Margaret get trail agrees. Frank he can get him trailed for. Real reason well. Being alive active on the all our ball pressure is another way that we can force some turnovers and give them opportunities some numbers opportunities going the other way collapse of three point attempt and then. I think the lights keeps playing the way he is on the inside joke that they'll start the mandate from double team that. He'll be able to kick it out this usually have a couple possessed the laboratory keep it out of we yet. Could look at three point shots we didn't make him. But you know that would be a formula for were getting more. Were you playing with a little bit more paid a tactic of double in the event. Obviously the pick and roll in the way to get more reason that seems like the last little while with the white peers. It switched more. That other than what we start playing those games that aren't switching quite as much it'll be a lot easier for her if the three point shot. So if you feel confident Weitz gonna start commanding those double I mean I you know better than me I think it's been really interesting to watch where it almost feels like to meet teams are willing to let him. Get his as a trade off and today's NBA for their for the three for two game that we're seeing right now but do you feel confident that. If he keeps this companies who play really well now for weeks at a time that there was double team took on the collapse single common and you get those open kick out for threes. Well there may be seeing you. He's playing great down there yeah they keep going forward you know does. One of those things that remain between the united if it war to happen where they are gonna start double dealing amend our reports chats with. Become a lot more available but you know it's it's really hard but no what teams that are there and do it comes his post up game minute and trading Cooper three year. The efficient Seattle post up as opposed to. A ball that great for all the reports shot. I know the league is always changing and so it changes in different ways a kind of pushes out new boundaries in different ways the post up this kind of going away in today's NBA over the last really the year two it's kind of crazy. In the three point shooting numbers that mean coach cliff for a stock about this with a few months ago Al. You know you go back and look at the all time three point shooting numbers in NBA history these records of all the broken over the last year or so and it's great he. The way that's happened so when your in your time in this league coach I mean this is one in your years now almost for U. Can you remember. Beyond the way it's changing which is that how fast it's changing have you seen the leaked change in style plays quickly in the last few years have you edit in in your entire career. As it has the last two or three years here 'cause it's pretty while. Did I yet while right now I mean it. The three point that it let that speak speak article when I first started I mean. It was more our. Playing half court basketball. Running more that. You pick the triangle they'd go in Utah where there are at UCLA that that trying to get the ball down the Karl Malone about. Karl Malone. John Stockton picked a roll and everybody's kind of trying to emulate that style of basketball or. There was no way back there at the all went how about it though are running up and down meant that don't mow it. I think Don belt and had a lot to do without question the ball the floor but that people were. Topic a little bit hesitant to. Embrace the theory. And the way that they have over the last couple years but he CP cycle state he he he accused of having so much success at going deep into the playoffs. Playing that dial. You know that the copycat the and in their kind of crap dignity that are their teams in a way where they can master the bucket the reason. It. The numbers bear it out you know a third. 33% from three is it that's because 50% from from two so. You know there's been a big change has been a quick Jane did you say. And doesn't look like it's gone anywhere anytime soon. Do you think you've got the personnel to compete in today's NBA with the current roster. Do I do com you know we've had stretches where we played. Played well at. Pittman inside out in a battle all at the it died out I think you know the best team guitar and yeah how you can get a lot of that the reason transition by. What makes their three point game a lot of target because the pick and roll up our role by capella. It throughout rather than vote the better now they're cute about the three point shooter. They've the Golden State they're one of the top post up he's the Lee could make. Yet there. Three point shot by either cutting into the lane up boat called the court she committed two point shooters out of the post though. We have heard about that at duke and the things that. You know we are who you are right now. That that should better. Last couple thinks your coach obviously four game home stand starts Friday and big back to back up to sit back to back didn't go the way you won it last weekend. You know you try not to get too caught up with the urgency it is a longer season here but I'm indicated it is go time right about that no I don't think it's crazy to say. The next couple of weeks ago to determine what type of factor you guys are gonna be what you get into the new year. These are big gains source these poor. National bird of hope in that required. Our our big sportsman than what has that Apple's way of playing that. Be consistent and and I public aware of the sport games that problem you know we don't want to be in a situation like throw. Miami was last year where they were 1130. And has had to go thirtieth eleven at there's two barely missed the playoffs at the end though. We ought to be playing and the way that could shift in a big for the last few games we have played pretty well. OK he gave it to be the game. Well or it gave Torres besides that one stretch and each game and we got to come out somewhere and leave our upcoming with the right mindset. All clapper. Attitude on both ends of the floor we got to make some plays is going to be a salute to our best players to make waves that our bench hopefully they learn from that experience that they had last night. I know how important they are number one and at the production that need it. An awful lot of late 96 loss to the rockets via split the the two game road trip to OTC in Houston that was daunting at the time so that that's good you try to build on the momentum 7 o'clock on Friday. Against the heat seven against the trailblazers on Saturday 630 I've got pregame both of those nights here on WFNC. Coach good to talk Tia and I'll see you tomorrow okay. Our court tomorrow.