Hornets Interim Coach Stephen Silas: "This League Is About Making Tough Shots & The Mavs Did That Last Night"

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Thursday, January 11th

Hornets Coach Stephen Silas joins Primetime to discuss the Hornets loss to the Mavericks, plus much more. 


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Are we do this each and every week we're gonna go to the technique on this line here we welcome in the head coach for your Sherwood court ordered the acting head coach for your Charlotte hornets off a really tough loss in the season that's been. A pretty full of and so forth through the first 39 games go down last night 115111. At home first of but eight of the next nine coming at home last night. I to the Dallas Mavericks and we welcome in. Acting head coach associate head coach rewarded Stephen Silas coach thanks for making time you do and are there pretty good are you I mean it dumb all right it's hard to rank these things does that mean there they all count the same blood I mean it's there's been a lot of these include losses that are direct your head around I mean there's one at Chicago work. Similar storyline or kimbo went for one I think 47 that night on the road in Doug just came up a little bit short that night and you know you talk about losses stood to lakers at all I mean if there's a lot of home but last last night given the circumstances adding is at that once hard to swallow. Yeah the rather disappointing as he did so lots of that we had this deep and especially coming off. The long layover band. And that stemmed from again about the back to back is definitely. Disappointing. You know our our anticipated us. Having a little bit of rust distress he'll be offensive then but. At the defense event that let us down left by and ballot they really really disappointing part because. On the trips we we did a good job on the defense and then that lost a little bit. Going out of are coming out of those four days. As far as he just put pressure on her hand. The edge of the seat jail when it comes to pick and roll coverage. That's how do you explain that Stephen Silas were busy I mean you eat it's obviously. From a preparedness standpoint readiness standpoint game plan standpoint and then obviously the execution standpoint and I'm. In an energy simple and all that stuff window when you put it together Hattie how do you explain that last night does that that's just flatly elect down had a caddie explained that. Robert Parker explore a number you know. We really didn't do a good well in the second quarter especially. As far as getting back in transition about a big transition team great shot. And you know what thirteen tremendous support sticky gas recording it and I mean that's just. Until they usually don't get that they've got a man. Bombard their corporate erode defense just looked it was. We really had a good rhythm I guess playing. Every other day and bell law that rhythm a little bit. What before it's off the ballot this kind of hard to replicate. All the situations you can have. I have to go back and forth between getting a much rest as possible and making sure that the guys feel rested after those court gave the air solve. You know getting up and down. Doing pick and roll defense is thrilled about that sort of thing like we did so. You know we just didn't have the same defense that rhythm that we had coming out of that great earnings coming. Opposite trip. Are talking to Stephen Silas acting head coach for the hornets is with the threat known technique come guests lined. And are still three more games there excuse me two more games to go on this current homestand and a quick getaway to Detroit M located at W 12:30 eastern time tip ball for Monday afternoon. And then not come back for four straight after that on the other side but it's gonna be Utah in OKC a back to back on Friday Saturday off the loss to the mavs. On Wednesday night when fifteenth. 111 you mentioned this last night after the game coach and this has been something that I I think he's been lingering here now for the better portion of all the way back to last year the dubbed the on ball defense the ball pressure on the perimeter and in one on one defense. We're set out right now with this team because it appears to be a major major stopped at that overall within the framework of the defense is is hurting what you guys are trying to do right now. You have you no longer need the NBA should come and gone to do you. You have to stop demand type K yeah there's less ability you have less ability to its over you people are the core murder you electability that helped. And double he's mad and that sort of thing kind of the outlook archer and it last night obviously Barnes who want to work. You know Barbara Beirut are gonna eat they have shot you are. You that there are every Shalit contested because I was lied oh good he had to take multiple levels to get to his shots so we got a lot of felt today as far as how we kind of helps we had a double PGB and toward the end of the game but you're. Thanks so far all the way the lie that back the top of the key can't double speed Brenda what he's off the lane line that's as far as that part the double team that well also I yeah I like it or I'll want to gain that. We actually did quite a what I want while we were. I'll call or are par four daybreak but I columns like he says it's. Ball pressure wanna warm to stop your man. Situation a lot of times where we've been built that down. Stephen Silas with his acting head coach for the hornets they play again Friday Saturday going to be the jazz and the thunder and actually Friday as a 5 o'clock tip off a little earlier what pregame at 430 that night it'll be 630. On Friday to get ready for that 7 o'clock tip against the jazz and speaking of that and I'm not trying to single anybody out but just one got it comes to mind ninth. I hope I know we saw last night Dennis Smith junior thought had some success on him early on in the game and he Michael Kidd Gilchrist do you feel like coach I mean you Mike is obviously made his reputation. As a defensive player and one of the best it is position in the NBA but he do you feel like his defense is then up to snuff. Compared to what it's been in years past this season we're where is his defense that right now. And the defense is good that loose let that it was a tough match up last night just because Mike usually. Guarding wings who are catching law and then make it their play whereas last night. He was flying you know point guard who bring you the ball love good and bad flying high pick and roll and it's a different style of defense problem status said he used to playing you know he's got the success. The spending the morning did you hear it and and seeing him one on one situation. Lieutenant Barbara are two guys we really trust and we're gonna go down the way that they are playing everybody give great effort. They. Or have attention to detail aren't you know this this league is about to make shots from the little guys may cut shot last night that work that was done. Like this chapter on detested it wasn't like there are below buys that kind of saying Barrett didn't really make it tough shots. Where contestants so. Column you know it's one of those things. Where were the way you are seeing that bill. Though that you guys that we are really trusting him and you know one of the last night or they just. And one who didn't they both sides get. So coaches he's NIC Batum getting close to 100% wears his health level let overall right now. You can close I would say it was that kind of up and down. As far as it's consistent he let's say as far as the actual help. He's got a pretty good place CEO last night obviously. GE wasn't been. Very good rhythm by Greta as far as as helping people and artists. Had how do you explain that Nick's role within the framework of this team Kazaa I remember when when the contract was signed last summer. Our summer ago now if he can nick was very matter of fact everybody with any organization is very matter effectively wasn't gonna change that he was really gonna. Continue to be that distributor and a facilitator helping Campbell be off the ball. And men from getting his shots within the framework of the offense and obviously doubt that was the case two seasons ago. Last year I think there were moments where you saw that happen and then this year. It's been a little different were it almost feels like he needs to score more than when he does and it is so it's made that much more glaring but. It has is he does is roll need to change because obviously that's a wee guys paid him for men in the first place but now you almost need that scoring punch from him so it is just a tough spot to navigate what is NIC Batum drawl within the framework of what you guys need from him. I would the really good question I would say that. It has. Pretty much the same role they've had in the past with different is like last night's game for example I capitalism really really good about bigger role would have to wait and led the way it was effective job is gonna post up game whether you're playing out of DoubleTree coroner did foul so at least mic as large third. Option are very guys so in order predict that he had thought that those two cases. Campbell I have to make plays out of the pick and roll its work they're fairly available he was. They'll scoring out of the pick and roll or are working out that more play calls formats com. It's one of the things that I talked to him about today. As far as quite content like it may come further get a little bit more ball but it. It's an energy game for him but he can get out of pride that you think it's a fairly close does so be good or bad. It's some that's great pointers from cutting baskets so well put well help him get a little bit more involved than what we're doing but it. A way that Campbell has been playing a bigger role the way it's like this acrobatic the pain. Made it a little departure for bacon it's been a little bit about the judgment have done some games it's a little easier but did little bit harder last by Obama look into it a little bit harder or let I guarantee you definitely try. Are you worded all long term about what what he means to you guys are what he can be right for you guys or is this justice. A season with the injury and would Weydert dude. The offense has kind of changed with folding to white in that everything's just kind of been a half step out of sync do you explain that we're sure words your concern level with that. Comment mad too hard I mean. Like he says there there has been an adjustment that bird babe bit and for some that is easier. And they got a jumper and another guy that it has been so I'll put up me and other content staff. You got to figure out ways to kind of give them a little bit more involved but the bulk up to him to quite what that energy up that the police go all. He can play. Those two guys and as do what he does that could just make others better. We're talking to Stephen Silas acting head coach for the hornets got a back to back coming up Friday Saturday at home back to Detroit on the road real quick Monday and then four straight next week. After that so seven of the next eight or coming up at home awful loss so 115111. To the Dallas Mavericks. On Wednesday night daddy what did you think of the performance from a week monkey got almost eleven minutes last night coach employment first after the first time it seemed I think in weeks or would what did you think of the job he did last night. But it did a good look at like Eric continued. Like the legal. I think he's gonna be really good player at some point be ninety maybe learning advanced. Are. The doubt the program how are playing well and the last I've found an opportunity here to play a good look like the collateral. I'll bet they've certainly went small and entity that would give the game let me get a good job that you. Played off the ball popped and he. They can't huge huge shout out little pin down the at a tough jumper off ball movement defense or the he believed it did make a Hewlett state bird he was quite an arc and that's the first thing. And we get them try to get a little ball playing hard they play is thought defensively it'd competent guy he's learning the doom and I think. The last car that he got significant benefits to last night he's he's made some improvements are sure. That those two miscues you're talking a defensively the switch on Durkin and I think he left Wes Matthews. Unguarded correct he switched in and Wes got a free run into the lane I think you guys got to build out a map of the wood or those some of the miscues you're talking about last night. BA yeah I mean the dirt keep that glass nightly. Didn't really do a good job as far as making our coverage at work we did what I have to give him those switches so when we get to those twenty reality mistake. We're talking to Stephen Silas acting head coach for the horn as he's with this right now on the technical I'm guess lined. What what do you make coach Joseph slide and are you probably don't get too concerned this would make dove for a lot of folks what's becoming. Some of the national guys are starting to say a a way out for this team might be a move on from Kemba Walker begins he's an asset for this team what do we make some of that stuff that start to become. I would say growing. Of course but there are there people start to mention something like Depp but he's been a heart beat this team now offer for seven seasons what do you make when people say stuff like that right now. I would say that they don't really have appealed for role Lloyd who blew it this is all about and look good kind of people you need under achieved and who lived through. The rebuilding process. Credit and it's not a fun process to go through and what you are looking forward as competitors. Everything macabre is that what you bought under chief so. Problem for people to say that suits that I mean dated outside looking here and the and I have from the inside. Looking out. It's still the I'm not really got to speak to but I have them. Through these rebuilding process and and it not pay a sustainable. Way to. Go to the potential he. Is there a right way I mean it's always interesting Yale where else is outsider isn't in me you know as much as were fans who were around the game you know everybody's got their opinions on the right way to build a team you know a mobile leave right I don't think there is a right way I think if you look it. All the teams that are successful on the NBA right now. It's happened in a variety of ways is there anyone what you've been around this league now for twenty some odd years is there any right way aren't suited to build a championship caliber team in today's NBA. Great question I mean there's a third combination of a bunch of things that make you look at. Also dealt you have done that it would be. Know that I'm losing games they could so you can get those draft pick them. They have gotten the draft Pickler who knows what that discriminate period they're gonna be a championship caliber team are they can be a playoff team her but what is it gonna be problems so that you look at San Antonio who's that sustainability you have. Golden State who has drafted well that god created so obviously it. So there's blow a lot of different ways to do occur and I don't go out there is one specific way. That you convinced that you could point to saying that. You're done. You know do it this way in the gonna work out but I would say. You can draft balloon declare its. That you have a pitch shot with two could be pretty good. Coach out how would you rate your your job performance and you got a lot on your plate right now but I'm sure you've you've done that at times we've had moments I had do you think your fair and right now in the era Merle. But don't fare pretty good you know Chris house position at the end especially considering the circumstances look Klipsch. Being out not being sullen look at Doral and so allegedly. He had coveted bit thrown into it. Remarkable. That squares are responding to a good thing about that talking about the things that they're doing. So I think it's better than that really get I think what you learn is. Sure permeated specially. It's really about the people that you're working where it could so I mean the players that they really really good at didn't exit the vote there are some bad. You know I'd do it and I work garnered the preparation has had bad video watching film all that but it's really about mandate that people and that's been that's been on the duke. I was really proud of the way that the god Khaleda on the left coast trip obviously glad McCain. What. The way lover that could be but considering. The way that I will step they have. When I don't but this is uncertainties. Turmoil that everything else that could have been shipped. You still be still be twelve I think that's pretty good job. I will let you go this obviously you know I mean is this still such a pivotal stretch for you guys since seven of the next state. Still at home you go to Detroit for that MLK day game on on Monday afternoon at 1230 but. Board did this is a this is the real dire circumstance correct coach him and that's not crazy to setting Marvin Iger told assist the other day and this is a pretty interesting line he said he had never heard this before the coach Clifford told and told him this weeks ago now it's stuck with him and he in its still Wear them is. It can it can get late early and he says it it's getting late early for this team so it's real dire right now to get this thing turned around in the next few weeks. Yeah they did is certainly in the you look after the weekend what is. 4141. Game things and that the athletic so. You have about car and I keep dumber guys it's time averaging a weight tour. Whatever. Long awaited novel and it's time they don't have a script to put them in together puts shrieks together. And have made their way back in this thing but crude we don't say it could be. Over real quick like he tries. My best to lock Friday Saturday we'll see over there at dive in you know we're always grateful for you make in some time for so thanks thanks a lot good to talk to coach at our country.