Hornets Broadcaster Steve Martin: "It's Not Panic Time Yet For The Hornets, But It's Getting Close"

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Friday, December 15th

Hornets Broadcaster Steve Martin joins Primetime to discuss tonight's Hornets game against the Heat, as well as their overall season so far. 


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They would just this last week Steve ward said they had hornets really got to start packets of wins on the the win column it at home with a with a favorable schedule and we thought they were gonna do last weekend against the bulls and the lakers obviously that didn't happen but seriously this time the hornets got to start stacking some wins as they come back home for the next few and the composition of face. Will be old little bit tougher than him but they face last week and that's for sure. So it's gonna this is a critical game because is a division game. So that's why. You've got to win this here in the games against Miami Atlanta. Washington Orlando those of the once you can't lick of well and it's interesting too because I was thinking about this last night as those look at this game you both teams it was a Miami's records a little better at thirteen of fourteen that the hornets attendance seventeen but. These are two teams that. I think has kind of you don't want to put them with the heat did last year to go thirty and eleven after 1130 start best midseason turnaround in NBA history may just miss out on the playoffs put. These are two teams that are trying to rekindle that magic from two years ago the playoffs and they just they haven't been able to do it yet. Well and in and help his initial both sides I mean they wanna justice Wenzel and a few of the people tonight and will be missing Cody Zeller but we'll have the rest of the guys back and we'll have one extra weapon that we didn't have. On December 1 that's Kemba Walker. So that'll be a big penalty viewpoint of the hornets favor dementieva hornets you know I mean that that loss of and I think you can count these may be on. Almost too hands now and that's why there today at seventy right now that was one of those losses were you you you. Look at the box score after the game needs to have a big enough win this game and what was it to sixty that would start messages into one start but this is a Miami team. The not that Charlotte isn't well coached. But Miami is it tied the team that they have a certain way that they're gonna play just three has become more prominent. But you know if you go through history of two years ago the hornets in Miami met them in the playoffs the three was nothing to them. We have Dwayne wade didn't shoot them yeah I mean they just they wanna look there one Lois three point shooting teams not because. They couldn't hit them if they just wouldn't take it right what part of their office now they've turned everything completely around it it 322. That's not Houston that's not you know. Anybody else notice though that's not Houston that's not the warriors but that's in your top five plus 322 three's the hornets by comparison to convince south. I I was talking about this yesterday with Stephen Silas and we were talking about the history of the show and as. Steve Martin was by the way voice of the hornets 7 o'clock tipoff tonight we got the call on SNCF got pre game against the heat. At 630 same thing tomorrow night against the blazers a big back to back for the road home six of the next seven. Can you were you've been around this league for so long Steve can you remember a time where you would say over a two year period. Big game is changed so drastically as quickly because it has happened if it passes so quickly that we the three point shooting is just it's everywhere in the NBA right now and it is an and his. We've had an interesting viewpoint from it because Steve Clifford as the type of coach who takes OK who's in my roster. Hi this is Thomas Cook chip and then he made a radical departure. Two years ago. I really encouraging. You know when Al Jefferson was gonna get used less before you left and went to Indiana. They started to go he he really changed the whole hog into a four out one hand tied the team instead of a a post presence and and a Powell Ford. That there or that basically three out of her era. So. He changed into a four out and one in an eight and they Wear the number of the fourth best three point shooting team in the league right. You're ready 88873. A three pointers for a final four judges don't think. Right now I think the way the team is built is built to compete two years ago. Very. We have people that can shoot the three but unfortunately adds I guess is not implemented were has become a focus on mass how we wanna score we don't want to do the before I wonder why you got it you've got a new. Piece of real estate in there that you wanted to do you wanna live in there and that is where they significant post play him that you had it before but not. To this extent. Where Dwight Howard is a guy who can dominate everything that happens inside. Now you should be able to do with the game as it is now do a classic. Four out one end and if he can find the outside shooters but what we haven't seen an awful lot of we didn't see it. In Houston the other night and this is no indication that this is where the league is going because they're not a great defensive team. Fifth but they just single coverage yes would Clint Kafelnikov and anybody else who came in when they went small lead and they never double covered and really help. Kris is that right this is what I was saying yesterday on the coach's show Eddie you go back and again like you go back eighteen months ago in the NBA if a player forget a hall of Famer which collects going to be if a player had eighteen points and ten rebounds and they have he's commanding lead paint getting peeled off the wall in the locker room and I think he's commanding a double team every time down the floor and to your point Houston. And I think a lot of teams in today's NBA are saying you know what will play a man's battle with the you were willing to to maybe concede that as opposed to really going out guard the perimeter right now and if you went in the locker room at halftime and Houston the other night you'd look at the stat sheet you'd say okay well like seven a monster night and then one of thirteen from behind the arc. World kick him keep doing what you do. It's I mean it is math though it at its most basic principle is really going on right now it's match but it's really kind of basic if you don't if you don't need to double if double teaming Dwight. Opens up three point shooters why bother. Watch golf well in and then also I think Steve brings up the point to a bout you must on this to Jamar earlier off here I mean we've talked about this two years ago the hornets were one of the best teams at the end in the NBA and this is where Houston is so good right now. At the reason freeze that sufficiency in today's NBA and the hornets were greatest at two years ago. And this is the voice actor looked like the shooting on that a lot of free throw line but that that factor too of then how many times you go to the free throw on but if you're not converting them as well I mean that their health disparities have indicated a little bit. That seriously don't play but there's been one important distinction this year that's affected the whole league and that's a league that's a rule change Jeff continuation as we know in the NBA is dead it's gone because. This is called the James Harden rule. There we have the Zaza Pachulia rule you know all about that no news on the nose out so we'll close out beyond the three point line or in another county my the bunker. Will be James Harden rule continuation is gone and that's what nick nick tool used to live on Greek official statistic. Last year he had and he had continuation on 27 situations where he was filed. He may 26 foul shots. He's won 41 this year now true he's missed a lot of game how many of those do you how many of those were four point place. On this guitar nations know I'd I'd that would centralize and we feel we used to talk about this a lot of last last year yeah a lot of the more four point play which makes it even more valued me a hard dumber so yeah it is of this the only period is episode 27. To 47 out of bounds Sam. Last year he converted 26 he converted 26 and he's only had one of those similar situations even always played. You know you would think you have more than one after emerging again. Is it possible Steve because we've talked about this with naked he. You know I mean this is kind of the dynamic unfortunately where he said I want to come back wanna come back wanna come back of fuel grade and feeling great and he finally got clear he came back in now. He says alumna myself I can't be myself offensively in terms of shooting in the numbers bear that out 22% from three is is. You just can't win consistently that way. If you are or is there a point we get to mid over the next few weeks if this doesn't improve you don't turn a corner we have to think about. Maybe shutting him down and getting that surgery done with his elbow or is this well. Since he he says he's been saying the last couple of games that he's getting better and that's why he decided to play Monday night in or other wins tonight in Houston. That's why he's gonna play tonight. So we'll see how that noble works out of this. Continued pain that takes him out of ballgame that's going to be a problem but but the other thing he's gonna make it a that would regards to the James Harden rule. When you look at what James Harden has done more. He takes the ball directly to the basket there is no more I I understand and I can't get cheap he's on the on the on the priority right now I've got to go to the basket and earnest. And and and it. Understands that but he's got to get the office. To your skin and that's it that's the other dangerous thing about you so I think used to really good by the way these would be fun to see what if this translates into the playoffs what they're doing. It's one hornets is such a tough cover too because they are find out more often than not at times depending on their lineups. And he beat what you could do if you try to help on that I'm that. On that drive to the basket for hard and they've got the lethal three point shooter she spread out all around the perimeters of pick your poison you need your help on according to the basket. Or you give up an open three which they're likely gonna hit. Well you see very little double teaming as far as and the hornets he has defensive phenomenon. Probably more so than other teams teams are more likely to switch that. And if they don't they don't fear mismatch is out of a switch in other words big on small just so on and so forth. They they see you as well as soon as we switch we're gonna switch back you know because the ball moves that quickly responsibilities change that quickly. And so a lot of teams wolf we'll just sit there and switch a lot earlier I don't wanna end. Houston is a team. There unconventional just about every I think that aspect which they can do the game and if luck would have it they'd rather work without a senator anyway. True because it just you know assists for someplace to hide which is why I think the name works for them because you wanna play as saying he doesn't either so. He doesn't he face the basket get off the cost of crude way when their name is better than capella is that we'll actually guard somebody troop out on the Bremer. Yes no doubt in my voice and he's. He gets some say he's an inside organized yes and had as much as a point guard does. You know they don't organizer on the outside and they organize from the inside out what we supported Steve horn 7 o'clock tonight let's follow. On on this we've got pregame at 630 by the way right here in infancy. I mean ten and 1727. Games and were about a third of the way through the season. He I mean it is close to panic time if this thing doesn't climb out of this hole over the next few weeks correct them if they could be hard to climb out I feel like you. We'll be if you don't spit that's why this homestand is very important no matter who you planned use of on court puff up that record a little bit. They're really not bad shape as far as the Southeast Division this concern and an east the other their their right there even with the Orlando that he and and really they've beaten Orlando twice some of those teams have come back to the pack right Detroit is he's been in the last night was about losing streak eight -- and yours has come back to the pack a little bit up Orlando did as well Indiana still kinda pain and I'll be interested to see how they can keep it on instantly and I was surprised it took that loss to Oklahoma City. I was really impressed of the moment city at all you think this team would be a seller the deadline it's this thing doesn't it doesn't. Turn around you think they would be good could be made it wasn't pressing question I had. No I don't think so. I don't fix of really it's a variety of reasons. I really don't think so current I think they'll be. I mean they're they're a team that could be purchaser. It if they're close yeah but I am getting to that point right right ten of seventeen you could I don't think you could justify it. Seven games under 500 but I think if you get torched 500 you can justify that type of deal and if you look at what rich Cho is done in the past of this team he's tried a major acquisition or some sort of that position near the trade deadline could Courtney Lee. Two years ago do silly this team is missing that three Indy win would you agree or feel like that's kind of a thing misses that and and they've got to have some improvement and what happens after Kim believes the game yeah you know. Michael Carter Williams hasn't been that yet he may still be. Quote you the jury's still out. But is getting ready to vote there a little bit of a so all the evidence has been presented the evidence and resentment on the receiving evidences about closing arguments I don't. I don't Richmond Hill brought up an interesting point in his piece that he posted today at Charlotte Observer dot com was. Maybe you get kemba out a little bit earlier and men. You were able to bring him back with with the second unit to organize them like you've done in the past with nick maybe kemba is that guy that has to do that that's edited it used you know. What happened in Houston is that the first guy came in off the bench was Jeremy lamb. And and then that first unit was playing awfully well together or Israel do very. Plus night on the plus nine on the night when that when that line it was a woman's life and they'd only get I think once we wanted to when. And and and unfortunately that would be the case all the way through. The third quarter. But. In general stayed on and start of the fourth quarter and stayed a little bit longer in the second needed. There was not a wholesale change in personnel. As there was. That was seven minutes Jeff that was the seventh longest minutes of anybody any warnings and slides via right there. Seven and he had a five man lineup on the floor look at this on Thursday could not believe my eyes that the Houston had a five man lineup that played for two minutes together they were plus eleven yeah. So I just don't real if they're able to do their their their spurt ability with the god rocket right now all right Steve or seen a few hours of that.