Hornets Broadcaster Matt Carroll discusses the team's recent struggles

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Tuesday, March 13th

Hornets Broadcaster Matt Carroll discusses the team's recent struggles. 


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At Carroll and for his weekly visits they managed Jim's OK in for Mac today blues voice out excited about the there's proper term is last week or month appreciate you dropping in and port expanded to talk about going into a tough place the way Anthony Davis and the pelicans have complained of late penalties went tonight. It won't it into my detective visit to put the department get a break from mass. It's it's a Suffolk I get a lot of Betty that's funny. From the regulars I get that a lot. I'm sure you do a surge has yet. Question you are not going to be an. Our sport acquired great that a couple lately and yet but he did it look. A major player you are still a tough road trip coming up ordered it not a beauty way to start it off. So we've organism particulars and so forth that you know you win five -- you lose five broad based Phoenix house tells the morale on the team from what it was earlier had 'cause the energy and just obviously six and a half back a final playoff spot and it's kind of evident where this season is going but but how the guys hold up coach Clifford and again. Yeah you know what would deprive the well you know like a common ideals are great I look at the patch speaker Christine will agree that the all around the we've fire in a row in the dollar haul road trip no law or does he bought into silly. Toronto called almost little to beat unit on Saturday. I blew out the bureau years the way out if you know little weak right now what that the morale there. Apple we look at it for each have actually put a walker the white collar or would that look better route all they get it. Well epic brutality is so young guys in their game with an upper you know the Kerala. Our that though the according to grip the booklet that. Corp clean partner. According to be brought you by tougher Genesis visit Kemper Genesis today experiencing Genesis G eighty NG ninety Genesis. Luxury elevated match earlier sponsored congratulations. Want to talk a little bit more about. We're getting into looking ahead are obviously were going into offseason mode here Moly month what DC united human more playing time lately. The Arctic you get more comfortable orbit and I think coming at you did you know. They're two really excited and we were really item we are coming in double bogey and it wrapped in a beam your level. It there if he could happen on color but. Put up salad if you got a lot of that in our ability to well. With the matter if you but it will start to each don't score about it now she spoke about we we now. That they. Actually don't or political statement with quality or the candidate that you don't got to opera got to occur quite. Well decrypt support right now caught up in store to open a whole lot of minutes for them. An epic if the court I think there where you look for you know it'll give you confidence going into the offbeat at all. It is equally got a yet you don't quite dapper shall be an opportunity. Obviously hearted in detailed forecast just because you're revenue general manager are there any untouchables on the roster after Kemba Walker trade rumors is. Are there any building blocks to go let's let's hang and the these couple guys as core guys or do you think basically everything's in play going into the offseason. I think everything the way you know Bobby if there's one guy you very much would be walker what to reality it would look like the oil each dole well. They ever worry that we're looking at or go to lunch don't wanna lose. Well but it it at this point you know Michael talked about it would. He won't be you know in a position where you're up fourteen leave it to be that want to thank you don't like the oil out there but it's in such well. Are pulling talks here and I'm not saying this because there at the top of the standings at his Toronto the team in the east do you think DC Boston having enough the seems like some of the young players or maybe start to get a little gassed you assemble nagging injuries were Smart and Tyree nothing significant but Cleveland doesn't look like and quite get it together is Toronto the team in the east do you think. You know a group and a lot of people we recruit auto. And the commodity a lot of spoke well we. Well it could go the not a prepared and they've done a great job. A lot of oh are low. What I wrote. You do it wanted to bet. You can speak directly to wait Q and it's our job. Well equipped to which bought it off that if we just don't haven't just up the right it is a yet on what they are now but it is not what brought. Or that they now aren't. And the rockets beat Golden State in the best of seven to get to the Western Conference final script can Houston dude out. I don't you happen. Watched. Way if it in there fighting spell out yup we got a core art but he we. Our Chris Paul is worked out better in the most people with suspected. With the gold in orders. They're the best that it chance they're very clear up interpret the rare I don't beat anybody beating them. Even the rock was he looked the other. Very good iMac Carol obviously it's a slow road swing coming up here but appreciate your weekly visit here thanks for joining us is always. It.