Hornets Assistant Coach Pat Delany: "Last Night, We Didn't Move The Ball Effectively On Offense"

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Thursday, December 7th

Hornets Assistant Coach Pat Delany joins Primetime to discuss the Hornets loss to the Warriors last night, as well as their upcoming schedule. 


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Are we go to the technique come gets line NW the talks and hornets basketball fall off a tough frustrating loss last night to the warriors so one of 187. And double what it's now on nine and fourteen although. Eaten for home all for those losses of and against really really good team so far this year. IE in one Cleveland Houston San Antonio and Allen now warriors and they got to shake it off big back to back Friday and Saturday against the bulls and lakers. And we welcome in hornets assistant coach pat Delanie coach thanks for making time for us. Absolutely academy. So calypso it's dissect the game I mean that's it just feels frustrating from disregard like KD get to 35 and we had a triple double he would he basically ran appoint them last night put. He has 3528. Shots in being clay had a are relatively good clay night I mean it was 4722. I mean that that lead those numbers defensively you guy he's. Overall gave your chance to be in that game and you you were in that game I mean that that bullets in the second quarter just ME DEQ I mean this seems so obvious she kicked it down 26 against the team like debt. Yeah the annoy everybody was there realist that under him on now. You know but still they're attributed team they are medal at last year's. Well what their depth with the versatility. They don't cut it to all cars on the court KG enclave. You do you write your old ordered one point which benevolent well below their average in what they're capable of doing you know apparently were using get to know. Until all movement against that you said against their switching it certainly. And you know an opportunity you get you got to make them pay and we did. And I will regroup today in the is that to a QB go home games we can. Pat the ladies with the seat joining us right on the technique I'm gets on hornets now. Ott nine in fourteen. 11 half dozen of the other I suppose though when you know derail its gonna get the type usage you got less that emit. That creates a whole other animal right compared to. Defending all those guys in the knowing that everything is gonna run through him in and his isolation and all that stuff I mean that that's a whole nother animal away that they played last night. Yeah hey get a different but also are you says. Adept yeah other means have we all got to uprooted over there your letter of November with a where else. Via web Iguodala while living in gotten out of the game at a very high level. You know and you know example billions so excuse we we had our duties again when you. And you get a team like the they've it is headquartered in that you get away quickly we have been got a run back in the second half. Gave him a double digit yeah we just didn't make enough plays you're gonna get the momentum go up. Do you think you've found something and not justices as surprised as you guys see this guy every day and you and you guys were quid over in obvious in the minutes are what they are with the rotations but do you think you might have found something here with with trading on Graham last night what he's able to do defensively especially in and knocking down some open shots. You several film we we problem that let them player. Personal maturity is ready. You about the team he competes. You know night in night out every day in practice. That number's called you know he's gonna performance. You know great energy really try to make the hard on the defense the bedroom or bold claim AB. You know made where are being in an open three medical practice and energy Clayton upper plate or. All you know obviously with the you know the injuries to both Cody credit he got up can be legal last night and you to Adobe to note board but. They've got and we truck the day one while we know if these red Vietnam you know if there are numbered called again we know what he bought. There talking to pat Delaney hornets assistant off the loss to the warriors 10187. And oh hornets try to shake it off and a big back to back bulls lakers Friday Saturday coming up we got both of the games here. On W offense he's starting at seven both of those nights pre games gonna fire up. And at 630 so when you when you're talk about the ball movement out I was listening on the huddle couple times last night and it was such a point of emphasis of guys were all just kind of standing around the ball's not moving its stake in and when he when he was working. It opened things up what would which said that look like coach wade how could you explain that when things are working properly. In the half court on offense what what should that look like for you guys. You know really is sort through pearl overall course and often and in your car with our screening team all off the ball all year all impeccable legal and all. You know and the putting pressure on the defense obviously very you're very unique he. But their ability to switch almost become 125. Other got to cut late across the board. And it it really hard you have to be contested. And we get really did that were a handful convention last night. And it you're gonna stand in try to play wanna laundered not bad defense at all. They've been a top five you for the team. The last couple years everybody to get a lot of credit for their offense and there are skilled or shooting. Well but it goes global presence and no they relied on an Lou last night and we didn't put enough pressure in the paint all want either British possessions overlooked by the late which we got to dot all of a little bit and also to window and held become. Are you making an exploit and remember in I guess if we did you don't look. Are you gotta make it in my bet eight. And we just didn't just in the last. It is it fair to say coach that way you know where things are right now what needs to change especially on the offensive end for the steam this might seem like an oversimplification. Is this team's got to finish shots at the rim right that's a major issue right now. Yeah I think you're like I don't really talk about it seem intimidated at all but yeah we have good we have grown up decision maker and good teacher to pupil. But it'll start workable our pick and roll game under our radar screen and indeed those types of possessions Rutgers is how we play probably I'd expect hero as the week. On an open couple finishing at the rim at all our reporting team. We had to be stagnant not screenings standing around not cutting off the ball up play with any wars are right now we struggled. And it seemed like Goldsberry. You know it could really suffocate you. Are in multiple ways and we didn't do much of it at any point last night offensively. You know attributed team of that caliber. And though we need to get back about every game we need to be able to stated not her quarters not Kirk. I have buried like W news in a forty minutes of open women we do that he walked knock your own chance to win and but we're looking moral. Artist assistant pat Delaney was it is that more. You know again a game to use the term maybe symptomatic were people look at shooting an eight think about shooting percentages and shooting numbers being Downey has struggled from. Off from the field and from three last night you've struggled from three the last last little stretch year but that that's been up and down at the mean. I chart that every game you guys were in the top half built in the league in three point shooting not all that long ago so he's. Is this is the shooting something less worrisome compared to the quality of a shot creation and and look you guys are getting. That they a lot of conduct that type of you know shots or getting whether there after him. In between and or three hours they are being generated. How they're being orchestrated and argued our best ones and and the numbers show what our team you know warplanes inside out at the gate. But not necessarily always just hosting the bowler you know going inside but it really starts with our transition attack. It is Campbell on early early attack you know getting into paint drawing help. He put so much pressure on the defense but people you know like cutting union. These intractable facilitator and work and obviously are being you know you probably heard from throughout the the user with our beat me to create the action. And and that all ball boys being on the war and what we do that. The numbers show our article shows. You know that it had the success we haven't obviously you know finishing possessions and me you know shots. It is all part of it on preloaded with a tight shot there getting lap I. Everything was acceptable that the rent and from the perimeter ought to get him without a badly that versatility. On what we could not all of April appear so you went. This screen setting different even from just a slight nuance standpoint of of two white in Cody is that is that something that still being worked out what that first team offense is that something that that's making potential difference right now to. I think that sort of all work together the bulldogs who really good screeners. All due to a Dwight will Gifford is in terms of his new role gain as opposed MP presence you know as well off Cody let. The dynamic is remarkable vote we've seen stretch of the little all crumble global and a good and well being. It's just that we needed to be sustained. From everybody across the board. You know and won't play LA we have at all and energy. Whether it's the shot or mistake on the U president. We have to give the continue to play this game lately and frustration Layton speaks and while we're gonna grind out game that you have a game like that last night in. The ball's not going in order and I gave it a shot on what we do we do changes but more horse. You know find a way to get better shot it activity get that break at some points. Trying to relieve some of that pressure on that at coral and and again we we've done that I've this year oh we just need a much more to. The players on the amount and well. 82 games in so to be 23 games in ye ye ye you can overreact Nam but at at the same time he even with the injuries in the schedule. Five games under five under and a huge stretch at home were worse the urgency level with this team right now. There are better contributor and cheaper surely you you know is the long dispute and whatnot but. We we don't want to be don't have time. I'm a week or whether human injuries or print meal for that matter we definitely do love to get our game going like these that we got two very important old games that are mark it with a bowl Europe. We know who you know I've been reportedly treated arc and nothing will be given to a brewers during the human look deeply. And during the senator and keep with our guys. And you know with our staff in terms of you know getting back on track and well and being just much more consistent with our overall energy on open to Lauren opened at our morning Chicago. You you're in the locker room every every game so if he did the attitude level the approach she is is how how is that with the with the guys right now where we're where they had mentally. Got the guys who go there in the public via the frustration leaguers they're they're there and they wanna win on. And I and I think individually to a man they don't like to you'd do more and played better and you know we're all that together that's kind of been our mentality is. This organization in the welcome our coaching staff there's. All vehicle were were together and that's above approach the right type of personality right did you about the right thing about the right things. It is good years yourself a chance to play well individually or are grouped play well. Animal animal or we do that you know we were imminent in our play in a bachelorette in the group right now is regrouping today. Heading back to back when we hit the road in you know again just an ability on. We think we need to work on things we've done as successfully as I know how to get that you know for forty admitted that it is not it or not well. Coach has less thing here is because he talked to cliff in the last couple days doesn't hold up. Yup tackle them you know a little bit obviously we realm as well thank element you don't think orbiter. You know particular result that now. Well. We in no doubt it is up Andy's here in this organization it is Heineman. Ball we yeah it was in the best and one when he backed when he rate go up while you be excited about the he was one emulator but speak about. The Chicago Bulls the team and you know getting ourselves right mall and it was. That's the assistant coach or Charlotte hornets pat Delaney get ready for bulls and lakers Friday Saturday big back to back at home. And frank Kaminsky Bobble head on Saturday night for Sony 500 fans in attendance will be at that and that's going to be good time so our coach thanks thanks for making time best the luck this weekend okay. It.