Hornets Assistant Coach Mike Batiste: "Our Identity Has To Rely On Our Defense"

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Monday, December 4th

Hornets Assistant Coach Mike Batiste joins Primetime to discuss the Hornets upcoming home stretch.


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We go to the check to come get some big game tonight hornets back home and much much needed homestand is the hornet's. Seven in three home on the year end of one intent on the road gonna try to shake off this of this four game losing skid and tonight it's the magic we've got the call at 7 o'clock pregame begins at 630 will welcome in port it's assistant coach. Mike Batiste coach show welcome welcome back and this this is a huge home stretch for you guys over the next ten minutes. Yeah it is this a real good at home stretch for us one that we need to you know we have to take advantage. You know hopefully what will come out of confidence. And I didn't media when it is possible. Currently if we're talking hornets assistant Mike Batiste is with us now on the technique come get slime what what's that hole in this team back on coach is especially in close games because I know coach Doug Clifford can sing and you know you can't look too just the fourth quarter some of the stuff has been starting earlier especially right at halftime with some of these close losses down the stretch but what what is. Holding this team back it's probably not one thing in particular but what what you look at the same and we got that we can start doing these things we want when some of these tight games. For all of you that you know look at it that we will put our cable could put two of those teams in the the one team spirit you know comes down alive tomorrow. Our execution. And you know where to team throughout the game we have a good slowest car but you still have to execute the same way. You know down the stretch as well and they had to get the best service possible so Tom Daschle we didn't precision our home. Over the last couple days of practice and stuff like that so hopefully we can come out with that type of mentality and that's execute arms outstretched and also to keep defending get stops. I know winning is contagious but does that work both ways coach word you know it's almost a mental block too with some of the execution cell phones guys just recognizing. And we adherents even if it sub conscious of the way we been in this spot before even closed at this game is that does that work. In the negative way to were you just kind of got to get one and you feel like if you get one used these kind of shake the rust off a little bit. Coptic so I think we're we're too old ones are you know hopefully it's not really a closed gate to Davis works in our favor but. On you the next game hopefully we're V antennas that way units. 234 and five minute you know grind out position type games. That we will you don't execute and then to come out on top because you know let it sit we shake. That rust off and get that one. The mine sent them around the table will be allowed different. What's the thing that's happening is at home cooks that's not happening on the road where you can explain why you guys are seven and three at home you're you're one intent on the road and of some of these games gonna take on an identity of their own bullets are there further similarities reading you can explain why you've been better on your home for the on the road so much. I mean you know at home and their army you just comfortable on the division backyard and you enable others so course you're. You know here you want to know more comfortable rolled up arms and home. On the road they got a little bit uncomfortable to Kansas. But also you know. Preparation wise you know without you don't really lacking an end to execute on the road as well because when this just. You know 1415 guys then you're going to get to 1820000. You know it's it is difficult. And you gotta have full concentration you know when other rolled it hopefully that that it changes in the near future you know we have a role truths you know coming up after this homestand. And you know you can you turn around it and one game so we'll Woolsey. There were talking hornets assistant coach Mike Batiste he's with the strain on the technique and desolate corners of magic tonight 7 o'clock at the highest for straight home eight the next ten. At spectrum center as well and I've got pregame coverage starting tonight. At at 630 so we 21 games in coach I mean we're reread and thirteen right now five games under 500 so long season but this is also kind of where you figure out where you're at a quarter of the way through his through the season so if you guys scout you're your own selves right now are more US team what's the identity to this team. I think our identity has to rely on our defense I mean I think every time when we watch video we see ourselves getting stuck out that leads to. Just had a ball playing with a better paste they would have better results are we have to let our defense dictate our offense and more times and that what we do that hobbled different so what's the chance to have to wait him out on the it was a good night so are we look back somewhat of thirteen losses upon you know indecision sometimes. In the time that we needed to get stops I mean you keep going eighteen point lead in Boston. Are being you know you have to do is New York, New York are Christ aren't we just testing it dispatch center. You have to dig back in defensively I think select at dictate talks has sent and and the shots cost. Not partisan system Mike Batiste is what the trend on the technique come guess line. When when you look at this Orlando team are they claim differently than three weeks ago we got song coaching your guys got that win against them also here on this floor but they were they were 41 out of the gates they were eaten four and the kind of details for their loss not hero they point to the last three including last night but do you see the same magic team or percentage change for them over the last few weeks. Not still see the same attitude changed every every team in NBA is dangerously on every dog has today so. We we've got to come out and be prepared and be ready to go into and that went baucus don't have been a jump start the ball circles you know. We got to be ready for that and and get my try or you know very tough difficult gained half a game that can you know sent out the rest of four home games you know atone for this this distress that we got a home. So stars now and hopefully we can get it done tonight. Coach was saying the other the other day after the other loss to Miami especially in a look at that three point discrepancy in the weight gain turned out on that that that's something that their needs to change what what what what is the the singing is so I could be just tonight but in general the three point shooting is is it more tense is it simply making what's what's gonna change for you guys because. You know Miami definitely kind of bridge the gap the next team on and on Friday night with with a three point shooting. We'll let this week pinky toes is. You know more tense but that also goes back to save the before about. This specifically how we have to elect had to take four or six a lot of times a week. We do get stops it and were read about it all the forces and we couldn T is one of time. Were able to get out ahead of ball until those corners bouncing gifted these rooms of some two by eight. And she wide open just sat opposite sides and at least the rim so I. I assume that we do technical background to that is just in my sentence and com. I'm just try to do our best every system positioning get stops to let dad you know speak trying to process. Current lusting on this and Colin nutrition issues came less that he scored eight and a at a ten from the magical into another big run in the fourth last night to run away from the next show off what puts the defensive game plan against him because he's a he's a special town there at the center position. Did you know I think he's you know he's got a one dimensional player you know he'll talk about you have to re EU rules. Army this courtroom and low post as well since she is Jennifer. So he's Angel but are we trust that B twelve is it is going to sit its own specific courses you know. So. You know. I have no problem you know in terms of trying to. I'll make him work and Andy and make Tuesday night typical so. I think we've got a perfect matchup. Criticisms except of course is imminent I take my chances with that all day. Hard court justices to Mike Batiste we've got the call at 7 o'clock tonight Portis a magical about the big four game homestand he'd the next ten and our home and hornets get a start stacked in some winds have got pre game tonight at 630 coach the scene a few hours okay thanks for Conan. Yes certainly Todd thank god take territory.