Harold Varner On Midday

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Tuesday, July 17th

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The heart of the third Harold welcome to more than my friend. Dot great man great to hear from me and like I is said to you earlier this morning. We hate the Jew not the British Open but I know that you ride on the cusp I mean you you've finished fifth at the green buyer McBriar. Six the John Deere last week so and now 104. In the FedEx Cup standings top 125 move on in the playoffs even though I know your Bundy not to over a crew across the big pond. You gotta be happy would you game. Yeah how important the adult. This. I didn't do besides being contention that they. A gold plate or. Wallach foreign. A great opportunity you know are we like him quite unbelievable. Is made up. You know so Cavanaugh. I'm super excited. Errol garner the third with a son Arctic become a gas line. Harold that you you've talked about. Kevin guy and then then last week Tim just win off how frustrating is it or is it one of those things where you look at the leaderboard and say. Well I'm not gonna win this thing you need just I guess you all are just playing for second and you just gotta say hats off to somebody goes off like that. Yeah I mean I don't. Got to play better because Monday in. I would never these. Get frustrated and that by. At a point and it got another report on the way to. To beat that person and one or towards him I'm excited about to check out. Errol Barnett with a cemetery become guess side. This is a situation for those of us who play call that a much different level you know we're always trying to work on something what about for you guys and I know you spent a lot of time on the range lot of time working on the parting is there anything in particular. It's a focusing on right now. Not parting I mean I've been hit it pretty well liked it and just. You know I'm not putting bad results and didn't attention but you know he's got it arch its usual plot. To you know really beaten damage. Not not a great you know I think it is going in the right direction what she worked for a late early this year Europe like what is thought our. Doug I'm getting better and I'm excited about. When things are going well Digisette I mean that you spend time practice and work on the putting a little bit. Do you do you kinda not think too much about everything else when it's going right. I don't think about anything whether I'm playing bad or it. And is what it is I just about. He's got to do your job and just enjoy it it's a great. Opportunity every week in what you believe that they do got a bigger bang. They'll barter with the sun the attack to come gas slide former forest view high school standout east Carolina pirates. I you've got a lot of I guess I should say that a lot of play on social media following. The Greenbrier. And is the ease soon as you got home on Monday are leasing you would do your parents oust upgrade on the lawn lore. In unlike maybe some of the bigger stars on the tour UN mode and mom and dad's yard talk about there and did you get a new one more from John Deere. Com. Go to vote want to do that all the have Monday com home Monday on Tuesday. I get an opportunity out motor lawn. It yesterday. I don't really think much and my opinion. I think that's what you're supposed to do it so it's not there. Shouldn't be so surprised that's what our common help garden. On is that there award they agree to me out sub super. Super thrilled about patent. I get -- Baltimore's. Well it wouldn't be too bad if you ended up with a nice bright green bag to carry around what it. If you got a pretty if you know what I'm tried to say I you could follow Harold Varner the third it ATV three underscore golf. Odd Twitter Errol talked a little bit about something that I know that you you know you you've stayed pretty humble and I know you really appreciate. Where your had Jimmy he's still liking you know everybody can tell what type of guy you are right you still thinking about your parents been. And I know you feel so thrilled to be where you're at the U wanna give back is well talk a little bit about The Herald Varner foundation that you start not. Yeah I'm super excited about art art that program about six. Just trying to get back to kids. You're back to where it was when I was. Ron white all when I was growing up you know you it's the army courts are what about you and fire until. September urge you to play Monday to Friday. What that meant to be under spots in I think you ought to realize how did that wasn't at all. In all it's like I don't toward their kids that are what they did go quiet much all the quiet. And you know that's mud bowl with the foundation it's outburst start daughter that are. In our what do 101. All wanted to sit in the gulf you know all walks why is bill played all go to the golf course you know a lot of the first C and everything about it. But I. I think that it should be able to go to the golf course and learn. You know your world learned about art like but you know. All the way to really figure out some pot is the such a couple of. It's a game for life and I'm. This game for life Tennessee it's against Yevgeny you learn young in place forever. Yeah exactly. I think you know the like. Our wind CA get started on one basketball court which is kind of weird in the closed down wants CA downtown Estonia's churches. Not much opportunity and he can't. You know I don't whatever on the compare like oh man he made its PGA tour that dominated in VA like that's not what I'm trying to do here of this trying to make it to where it's it's an opportunity and let's. I had so much opportunity and I want to give our kids that opportunity here. This is what I see fit doctors like how to art when you don't like on the facilities have a facility but. I think we're gonna make it work on some trying to do it I think if they bought the. Big Dig have you noticed something for tears seduced us in the summertime and at a school keep them busy and keep a focus herald barter the third is where this military come guess I'll WFAZ. It's an opportunity. Let's talk a little bit about the Jordan brand and this is the owner of the hornets an icon in sports and in business as well. How calls are to be aware that stuff and do they let you design anything. Are all so. Obviously a lot like I'll sit just. No air not a great opportunity. I don't does not much but I like it did choose the color which is not a it's article. I enjoy it I. Didn't really know much about that Jordan shoot like actual door about what you'd like mostly wars were canceled to and issues. And then out they want I got in the brandy you know they rotary NC why shoot a certain way then. That you know that it'll be a lot I'd want to be where it is quite a bit of art this way what was thought year. It's pretty cool on this equipment the report. I look forward to you know and it hopeless corporate at a critical. Few more minutes away and our very own Harold bar in the third a PGA tour budding star witness on the tech become gas line. I do will and I yesterday Harold kinda touched down this we're gonna talk about it a little bit more today with the British Open giving him rolling on Thursday. No this is the time your sports fans golf fans we like to kind of throw out there. What is the most difficult. Major. Championship that I wanna from eight. Player's perspective now you haven't played in a masters yet you've played in the US open. You played in the open championship PGA championship as well and you played really well. App the players championship now when you're in the locker room. From a player standpoint what is the toughest major. In your mind is it the field of players number of club players from the world. Or is that the golf course or is it a combination or does it didn't do you not care you're just in a major let me go play. Com. Did you have an open look on dvd. Recorder ran its go. Out there but art wrote some other god but they're. Are made that well look. What. Yeah I think the golf course you don't really think about the place or the actual test is. But of course. They edited beat it beat it down or not. Good deal came in their congratulations. On your success so far India keep their role and we want to do you know make it a FedEx cup playoffs the next there the cut off for the first. Round the a FedEx cup playoffs the Northern Trust open August 23 here. 104204. As I said currently in the standings keeper Roland man keep in touch and enjoy your time off this week. Well I am.