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Tuesday, July 17th

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Gregg Rosen died of failed dot com. Out with his list of the top 32 running backs in the NFL and as we go to detect become gas line we've got to inform Greg that there are. I rate can't their fans out there outside the studio with pitchforks and flames looking for this Rosenthal died because Christian McCaffrey's only ranked eighteenth. How dare you do that Greg to the Tampa fans. I act violent crowd simply not accurate but there are. You either with you get. An epic and today you would. Gains seen that they were hoping partly that. Greg Greg we agreement limits eyes of the fans think that he is dreaming that even and that is that part of your list and that's what they wanna. In oh did not say streaming and where. That. Data in all seriousness no I think get a fans. Were actually. That's right about where you would put Christian and as you mention the others a ton of upside with Christian McCaffrey and so you basically said. Don't count him out a butts how do you think CJ Anderson works in now this upcoming season. In their giving more numbers on the ground for Christian because we all know what he could do catching the football. Well I think in a perfect world eating and and a baton Urquhart McCaffrey and I really expect. Under rated. Strong soccer great one B. Not even into it in the early. You know not like gaming everyone expects it into the on the field more. If you get Chris he interest in art during a practice in them that are one I'm not McCaffery. Number eighteen in the league at. Are pretty great and as a rookie and indeed it. In that. Not like a home run but at the ballot or not. Thank you think in her well that and get it under a hundred. There. And it looked like it back and Erica. Well. For the most part of that up I let you need you running back and I don't think app you want. There. We did have a texture on are Carolina building center into a text line. Asking her building so our text line. Saying he's a Ezekiel Elliott number one no way like jazzy number one. Well that the list. You know I don't like. That break in that. Little bit now what. Net apparently. Like an order. That. I think the Elliott in plane at about eighty per cent at its potential and are. That. Year act Earl Clark. Around. And they agree with you and you got more power really and op why. Up but he. Eating. In. So now they've gotten away you know. Eating at every. And acting it out in. And even gotten that much better you right there. Now. And. Gregg Rosenthal with a sign the check to come gas slide. What do you see Norv Turner doing what this running game we've all heard that you know. Back in his early days you normally do or nor would set up the pass with the run you anticipate the same old north here. Yeah I think it'll. The great in the app in the outbreak or app is then. Ever and if I running back in the app. And I'm currently is better but I. You know work op but a lot more than people realize that that part. Out. You know if we. Climb the ring I think moron in. You more people. Open field BO little lower back and in the area. App now wrapped in a similar type of player out there at air. Are but we note to eat in those sort of laid the Khmer. Rosenthal is that it become guess slide talk NFL running backs Greg yeah the position. The way teams now use the running back is as we've seen how wild fluctuations over the last several years where it went from one end where. You know don't take a running back in the first round you did valued. Later on in the draft and now we're seeing you know sync on Barkley this year's Zeke a few years ago and and then frankly McCaffrey and Ford dead at the top of the draft last year. Is it just gonna be dependent upon the team because he is now the Camara that the in the third round would you spend the high pick. I have to write about that they. Knew that. They are pertinent pick. Do re just article nobody does those. Exactly. It kept but it I think. It is a great player. Take an expert in her at all or. Are even. Now. What you ought. You know there she pretty year you know. Grow. That I owed it to them in there. It in in India I I think. Other value well being in terms of dollars but are any in terms of how keen are seen these guys because. A guy like he and there early and in the and and in late again about the change in top and I don't airway money it may. They are out and Leo yeah like may lack that. Maybe. Aren't that I hear that day to help the ya and he'll and we Epoch coordinator. Going up and the Bert it was. Earlier they are there now where app. And averaging. The apartment is so Gregg Rosenthal with a side. Of course it can't go a day here in Charlotte without discussing number one. One if year cohorts and and had recently some regard to. The most inconsistent quarterbacks in 2017. And Cam Newton of course was number one edit in the metric was based on. You know week to week a quarterback passer rating I would have to think it. Pretty much you agree we all agree that Norv Turner is number one mission is to work on their consistency with Camden. Absolutely and it you know candidate guys love why I don't think numbers he had probably agree oh. What is out in the and that that he'd. Be in there and I. See what he would be like but the coordinator you know. But they're not like you look at it up out there and back or how. In that barely in it in you career. I wanna eat out. That he looked like that it can really change a player earlier and I'm hopeful that a lot. That that nor. Well. Quiet though we of their pocket and I am. And throw the ball very well. I the intermediate. Are igniting or bring out. Gregg Rosenthal NFL expert will facilitate become gas cited you touched on king and their little bit and and darted down the field of north turner. One of the things stands you're always kind of opine about Greg is as you know we need weapons around cam cam does this doesn't really have the tools. I mean young Greg also has been fantastic maybe one arguably the best time in the game but they brought us some great pieces. Whether veteran or through the draft and DJ Moore forty what do you think of the the options cam has around in this office. We get better you know Corey that the guy. A role player. Career you know act had an impact. It quite the impact the Eagles hope for so I don't think you. The war in change everything I'm hopeful. India early shepherd at the scene right out of players and how I. One. I need to spread the ball. On. Here and on a network in an arc it is the it'll. Greg you know one of the topics of course we've been on here in the it lead up to training camp if you will panthers' schedule. NFC south. And the NFC in general I mean in some cases looks like the varsity compared the JV. Over on the day of seaside and also made C fans alike to hear that but. You know I've I've said Willis said you know the Panthers very well could have a ten win season. And be on the outside looking in when it comes January of reindeer that's realistic possibility go to thank. I killed it it. And yeah Ali are. In any given game there's going to be money they're inspected. Does that there and I certainly believe in the book all you gotta. In probably at Britney and make the play out yet preteen then it is unreal that your your schedule but Ali and the the price you know go read and I really trot that you know eat out and they are what is it that the quarterback when your order back. There's no other it is even close in terms of the top guys. At the position and that's why it is going to be I in. And out. In well in. All broke. Out. Eight and well you know 88 because the one I don't quite ready he's not the is it that it. You can follow him act Greg Rosenthal with two geez that's GRE GG Rosenthal. Odd Twitter what's your what your training camp schedule when you had now where you're going to be eight. I'm doing a lot of the LA you know the we. Are out. Not that I expect quote and can't do it or. And maybe you know the race for them cholera. And they look. Would you would you. Would you like to come to a Spartanburg, South Carolina where will be 95 in 100% humidity and about a week. I would let it. Lord. Even. If one. And sports are served well what did you just wait till David tepper builds his new panther palace. For the year yet training camp on the South Carolina North Carolina border and then make yourself. They can sell for coming eased a little bit Gregg Rosenthal line of failed on counter appreciate your time my friend look forward to talking to you throughout the season.