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Thursday, April 12th

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Where to go to the technique I'm guests are welcome in Panthers tight end Greg Olson and I Greg's got his back to basics football camp it's his third annual football camp. And I it's gonna be coached by one of the all time winningest coaches in new Jersey state history. Is dad who's a pretty young guy he knows he has some guy he knows it's his dad and so you can sign up for that Charlotte country day June 18 through the 22 half high school as well July 9 through deterred thirteenth and it's gonna be a champion sports performance dot com champions. Sports performance dot com Greg you don't have to talk to Hawaii then. Don't condone her parents about how is your that's because you should seal and has everything gone. They're great I feel good and I got good off season training and we don't control go for awhile now so. I don't enjoy all three weekends start tomorrow and leaping up and they're back and everybody come under. Art critic how tangible I mean it. Ron talked to the combat about cam being really excited and anxious to get in there meat no more figure out what this new options is going to be I imagine for years it's got to be a little bit of the same based on what he's done with tight ends over the course of his career. It has track record speaks for itself grabbing what we eat dollar pact he aid cowboys of course. You know more you know more recently with with gates in making him you know what they all are most prolific. I doubt they're in San Diego and you know even a cut it short time in Minnesota he you know Kyle Rudolph was very productive. I'm the one year in Cleveland. Jordan Cameron is very Kirk Cameron's door Kirk Cameron don't care or they're well. I'm. You know there's been worried you know he he's very good you to back you Kurt if you think president. Very partners painted or harder that water here at higher you know. I'd really like to a bears really like dork you every it is you guys you know very global approach they've prepared personally Mubarak put it it's kind of funny how it changed kind of you know very that we that you know under the standard view that excitement that comes with that because no period on bail them you know even now my twelfth year. You know it does add a little bit alike that it you know I can't get to know meeting prepared statement go anymore they aren't going to be articulate that in my cover you anymore and then compared that to protect. It's hard to believe you've been in the league for twelve years now does it feel like twelfth at his alma how long is how quickly as occurred on by. It depends what week it is something yes that we could feel like twelve some weeks it doesn't. Got a bit off he's been there really took good. I feel happy about my training and how much preparation has gone in the early period you know we we typically get about XP we block of work prior to the start negotiate that's. You know that we got it down chip a little bit weak in that we do another boy we block with the team with you know they organize stuff. And then we get under six week window so it's really three tight spot he'd been developed kind of approach to go prettier than. You know finished phase one and the power to get ready for their you know might phase two which is in the team's star. We're talking to Greg Olsen painter tied Danny's with this right now on the technique come guess line he's back to basics football camp to get to sets a date you can get involved here in Charlotte country day is going to be. June 18 222 half high school. July 9 through deter thirteenth and it's going to be champions. Sports performance stock comer you can check that out I noticed I Stewart talked about this. A lot over the years Greg about how you know some of the injuries when they happen to him. And any miss so much time over the course of two years it sucked at the time but in hindsight it was kind of a blessing for him because it allowed him to. Extend his career do you feel like data off for uniting not listen in terms of extending your careers much is. Man you played you play every snap there aren't a lot of tight ends are hardly any tied into the NFL the play every snap needed for sixteen games opt for years in a row. And you're talking about playoff appearances and 33 of those years so like when you look back now only semantic missed it sucked to miss all that time but. To that point maybe your body's a little bit more fresh than it normally would be going into this season. Yeah I think Eric I think you're exactly right you know when I look back. They're on a fairly count admit you know not all he used are created equal you know one guy played our peers or another that playing partners that that that bodily. You know apple apple so we are prior to this patch here all right I played ten full speed it. You know I would hit it over a thousand snaps that he had gaga and get some bad play by Parker. You know to keep it under your belt to get that it matters that are now on the contrary this year. Don't miss an 89 games you know a plane for probably you know three or four record you know record speedy game. You know you talk and a couple hundred snaps you know it's. Dated it you know it's funny in the off heated when I started my deal you know I felt like my legs a little different I don't feel like at this stage sort of the same. Kind of built that he didn't where repair that are typically do and I don't like it benefit that the kind of you know you go through the Eden and you are not used to beat out but. You know now on the backside a bit you know hopefully you can turn into some positive. Greg you've got a couple of teammates in Ryan and Thomas who have said in advance that this is this is probably had for them as you think about your own career do you think you're getting close to that or. Do you still got 34. Good years of football left and you or longer than that. Gary and as I sit here today physically and mentally. They act simply prolong I still feel like I can play at a high level you like it back laps we last year are there. Gotta get my legs under me for a week or two you know in the playoffs either Europe before that. You know common offer a cup too much stretch I was able to still you know play at a high level be productive start. I'm not concerned about you know necessarily telling all you know physically and I still enjoy the preparation of the majority off he'd. It just you know it's gonna come down to you know one year might just say you ought to have a cup. There are no that's kind of what happened to restart get up to be years but. It if I still enjoy there and play you know three to five more years typically. It about it that I don't get too concerned about which as you know at some point you're not gonna wanna do is keep doing everything. There at that time comes I don't know. And I don't know how much of this you even look at that a lot of the draft analyst and keep one against the Panthers tight ends and you keep CN. You know people mention Hayden Hearst is a possibility in that in the first round is there ever a moment where you see some to like Daniel sort of say in yourself around. Amar here guys I can still hear year. I'm still pretty good at this hour. Yeah I mean in my career I've been through this moment aren't we in the back by the Chicago out you are back years and the first order businessmen when they hired mark to back Raheem would. You know go out on it Marty I was back with free agency started at midnight. You know it got up like they do like. Collusion period a river tampering arena call it. Started at midnight and I remember waking up that by air connect oracle and Margaret are about you that that could be funny at the time. You know the comedic take my spot you know it's I think I can use it you know accurate. Predictive power. You know my approach has always been papering and a guy whether the first rather. Democrats probably everything I can't help you a teacher or mentor him but he's not going to like Spock and that's just that's it my mentality. You're out there. There here we pretty good you know take my gadget have been they might step away from me but. At the same time an art director at the Chicago we had a great better that the cork who he entrench starter there. Took me two years they actually you know overtake him as the starter in the whole part he would not think that that that may. Made my life great made it easy and I have only ballot that I find myself for that position. You know kind of return that favor while at same time you know claim map up so you know he can take somebody else is catching you know you. That's it that's just how I approach it. Greg Olsen banter side and he's with us on the technique I'm guess slide champion sport performance dot com or you can sign up. His back to basics football camp this third annual football camp Charlotte country day it'll be June 18 through the 22 half high school July 9 through the thirteenth. Gotten the wrong Hussein a few weeks ago at the owners' meetings Greg did. I you know two guys on the offense with some opportunities that have been on your roster he's gonna give me chance with Cameron added to maybe take some of those running back snaps and he was talking met Chris with the with the stats that are going to be lost it to Ed Dickson and you've you've been around Chris man hurts the last few years what could you. I think he's kind of a mystery man for since we don't seem on the field a tonne what you're around him what could you say about him and his growth over the last years. GAT at a disadvantage he has does everybody look they're still there are good they're quite near to the reality is that neither won their whole Lotta. Not to go to that their credit but. You know or beautiful rose about two blocks of the people who really are looking past the number actually the past you know those things he can really bring an interesting dynamic courtroom. You sneaky Dayton and you'd be got on the scale it probably would be that they value their Christine. He just great being used very strong he can really think it's exit you don't do a lot of that at its for a that the line of scrimmage in the backfield act protect. I think that the biggest thing that people don't understand what Ed did for us to go there were times where we could put it on their backpack structure Lott. Away from it and end and it could be up for the most part hold up the our party he'd do. I consider that a roll back factory and incompetent they'll compete naturally very good at it. Almond and that the patents that kind of evolved from bear but Crist understands what look at the role can be and what the opportunity he had. You know right now looks diplomatic guy Libya be a repeat itself. He you know he's got a unique opportunity this year you don't agree thought he'd he'd been in there every day your art training with me. Beyond you know he's the guy that I think can do some things you know about it you can have a lot more opportunity. Greg few weeks ago you had chance to go off to Bristol and work with some of those folks up there and as you think about what Greg Olsen wants to do in the future what do you found out about TV and and why it appeals to you the part of it you think you might enjoy moving forward and and do you ever see that play in and year. Decision of whether I wanna continue playing football. You know I've been lucky the last handful years that's a critical opportunity it back he beat space they're don't let Terry come around a lot of guys while they're still active well. You know of course you know I've you know do a direct broadcast there's even a little at a regular season game while still in active player has been done a lot. You don't really enjoy that aspect that they it was a it was a unique challenger. Gary those guys there called a game that that is hard work amount of preparation going into it you've got their probation that hat being able to speak clearly. Confidently but also quickly you know in between trapped in no way to talk when not to talk there's an art to and are. Not a create resort it would at one time I got a lot to learn that. There have been doing the pre games deputy here at the Super Bowl. You know I've really been able to be some some cool things in an hour earlier sort all the different aspects of the lucky that there were about to be part of their their different coverages that they are stuck with. You know with the combo are in the last few years so. They're gone up Super Bowl a political opportunity or just you know the reality it's you know I love playing. You know mark Mark Prior and it is to play it in until you know until I don't want to work. I'd I'd be lying if you say you just ignore those kind of opportunities in connection Rio that's history out when we're no sort of networks and those sort of opportunity position. Are put your name and act. You be doing yourself a disservice if he'd been at least see what what was out there ether. That's kind of what those things come from. I would wonder Greg he DUN dues one con of fancy you more than the others to do in the studio worker duet that was only one game to a play by play beat a color analyst with this one count us. Two huge huge deals gravitate towards one. Avenue more than the other or or no on that. Not a good question Iraq something that they are being able to try them both confident and real live situation now. Com your protocol on the boat I think beat in game broadcast that we've been much more challenging you go to really can dive deeper into there. Specifics that of the game in the Ito that became the talk football cop ball which. I really like you know I look being able to explain and there are yeah. You're gonna try to create here a little you deeper people who are guests they're trying to get super complex super birdie try to. Show everybody how much or go you know I think that the or in the beauty of the guys to do it so well that a guy who couldn't take a very complex game. But make it simple and make it but in May irreplaceable while while keeping the integrity and the beauty of what makes it so our food is so special. Who do you what do you like his color analyst studio guys you think man how I love listen this guy called game he makes it's fun give guys a jump out deal. Kamerion Wimbley real law and I think their own reaction to Romo is in I think he yeah he won a lot of acted guys have kind of out there and wrote it I think he can't it change the narrative. You know it you know we'll see you Linux players you gotta start up it learned to be a broadcaster. I think. A lot of it you know all you know how to talk yes you're likable personality. Why do you need to be ten years out five years now I should Romo had to change your buddy you know opinion gone back and you know you sound like a darn exit at the bar appear pop a ball that it happened and know little reporting Uga brave like that's what it's like regular in the robot what. I think that's the the beauty of it. And plus you get to smile all your opponents when you get to do it is clearly is enacted higher and all that that's. Exactly hero that's sort of where we are. Not happen I don't wanna. And academically. We've been ten year. And that all my outing gave me that they get an advantage you know oh for heck of a decoy you have to it was flagrant Olson's were missing about a weight champion sports performance stock con your place to. I to get to his back to basics football camp it's going to be our country day June 18 through the 22 half high school July 9 through the thirteenth right here in Charlotte. I say this all the time about Romo. Yet you're writing makes it funny feel like you're a minute you sit down the bar with him but you know to me my senses where he's been better than a lot of other color analyst Greg is. I mean no disrespect any other guys have done it and you don't in the past there would be to Phil Simms of the world but. To me it's very easy to critique like anybody can get behind a microphone and say man this guy screwed up that play but I think romo's got such a great way about them. Of explaining to the layman what's happening on the field and that's it sounds really easy to do but it is really hard to do but he's got a really great way about him to explain what's happening on the field. Yet it's not black and white now and again like you say it it's so he he just point out what everybody does all right that. Of course there's things that go wrong could replace designed to go for touchdown and replace it aren't on defense they're not in your heart rate up so. Expecting something other than those who scenario happened so important pick something wrong so it. Really eat it up there just point out the net block this side but the drop ball I think what people want to see what the beauty of Romo is or worried to minute what's inside the mind the quarterback you know is he. What why didn't you do timeout here what's the advantage to waiting until for the two bit collapse or to edit it you got to current. But those sort of insight that he gives indicated in real wide for what would he could fill in the blank. I can't speak aloud the rocket and Arnold reached a little bit but he just still there but that if you need to go on inaudible would wonder why team. All panned out with two minutes in one step it. It's set up and use in the two minute warning or why you know. Those little nugget the in the game to an average fan captured have been wondering that prolonged I don't let your guard play quarterback at a high level. Been in a puddle for fifteen years. And he's giving you first acknowledged that to what they're mine is like when they get in for game winning 42 minute you're just that good example. That's that's very interesting television I find myself watching it. Who's been on the field and those department on the twisted eatery at least you know. Fascinating Greg Olsen pay after study and follow him on Twitter I Greg Olsen 88 inside out champion sports performance dot com. IE it's just thirty annual back to basics football camp with the winningest coach in New Jersey high school history his pop up and you can get plugged into those two dates and. But he did that pump the gas no third annual near Charlotte if they can't in my background I would think that the great the first year he ran it back in our hometown security we look at. Hundreds if it come out every single year so I went to that is that record went to an edited Berger worked the ninth through twelfth is the cut off at high school. And then went back that the college and professional player that they'll work it for them by buddy indictment that you're gonna care that. And do location to Charlotte but it can't that they don't offer. Since against the dollar in middle school so it's really unique is that really cool cool field and you delivered in this camp for a long time platonic coach's dad. All he. Does he did on I don't know how to let's just say I don't think it's new wave of NFL I'd like dot and 22 and very well they view it asked. You do in your face demanding you know we are just certain level of expectation there's a reason why. You know for me up public school New Jersey we are one of the winningest program in terms won't miss went for several years now ever lose in the game eat. You know we would go years you know 89 years without ever missing a state championship in a lead and we're all. But we are there and it was you know if there was a recent foray and I just think it's cool real pretty young kid how to get it takes a couple of different now. Football not golf with opera or reduced do you know. Knocked out and you know shoot three point contest in the air ish couple park. And I think the earlier it's realized that that that kind of the beauty of the game. Hey Greg it's a pleasure to talk to you is always my friend be well and what was Seattle on the practice field and a few weeks okay thanks for dropping by. Our respect.