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Man spends more time. Max spends on the couch and that's a long time. Pierce spent over thirty years breaking down for fall for NFL films and he is here every Thursday to share that expertise with the queen city. I'm busy with the INS guys is about your Panthers with Greg goes yellow NFL films on the Mac it Jack. Brought to you by garage door guru and go garage door guru dot. Oh man our favorite football army you know love breakdown segment of the week talking about breaking down the panthers' performance looking forward to paint his opponent. It's Greg cosell from NFL films 37 years NFL films about the way he is executive producer an analyst. On NFL matchup to show that featured a nice little. Peace on the blitz India is where I got ad blitz stat I heard that list from Greg cosell that I just uttered earlier this hour Greg what's going on brother are you doing. Monday Night Football queen city very excited already man I'm so already manages to get to 73 before the bye week and I think Greg Olsen backed. I'm still a little frisky today Greg don't include all right well let's get at it very explicit about just run game Greg because that's. Is Hal I don't want to run game to look at not just about two to one yards obviously we want that. But that's the way I want him heavily involved like she was. They got McCaffrey to the outside of did it seem like they used a wide receivers a lot of misdirection a lot of zone read. Like that's day that that's a multi dimensional run game the U raved about back in 2015 I felt like they got back to crank this past week. Well it worked this weekend they obviously made a conscious effort to get nude in the involved as he runnerup by design I guess. And he didn't that it started on the second position with the quarterback draw and didn't have to play action boot off a power locally raised concern before yards. So they would they made a conscious effort. To get him involved. In the run game might design it's so you're right you saw a lot of good things that were really successful in two terror since fifteen. When these features all those multiple back field actions with a different run concepts. The multiple option elements. That always feature camp. And they they were very successful. Doing exactly clearly committed to camp as a runner would in the context of their concepts. And in this particular game it worked. It was clearly game plan so they decided this is a way to get our offense back contract. Which some stability and continuity. It was good game to duty traditionally has run really well guess Elaine he's up for seven yards a carry against am and maybe that's one of the reasons they they see something in that that match up. What did you think about McCaffery clearly this was the most success. Yeah he's ever had running the football did you think it was better blocking did you think he ran differently is a game to slow down form what did you see. Well he did have a couple of nice try kid seventeen yarder on. Oh lead in the second quarter which is what we call eight I didn't hold until America got that taken note here in polled concept. Where two guys to block down on the outside continue to hold two guys on the persons are so you can from the outside in and you all. 22 guys that. Yeah excited and Ellis and they try and he showed excellent patient's condition and that's kinda what he did in college solely those traits. In fact any which featured would that concept at ten pulled in stepped inside zone shotgun trapped. And I did note that my senses and camp crew will be more of a factor in the base running game going forward I think he will be. Yeah and I I think does get that some moves and I'd like to see too. Now Jonathan Stewart spent a guy that has been a discussion point this week. Well you can't put the ball on the ground and out now in and he's died and over his career I mean you can he runs hard takes a lot of hits breaks tackles we usually protects it pretty good and this year. You've seen three fumbles to the other day. When you watch him run Greg I mean what do you see do you Selig do you see a back that is is. You know showing his major not running or well you see there's a blocking problem what's going wrong with Stu yeah. I mean overall I don't think Leo Lyons has been strong content protection actually in the run blocking and I think that's one reason. They committed to this particular running game now I humid great point. Battle plan I think against this particular Atlanta defense could didn't quit as head coach actually small task quote defense. And a lot of these concepts are very effectively does that title defense. Did you get guys who truly like that yeah you know back ten different guys don't go woke up they just go. I think you can get him with miss direction concepts would opt out of all the back field actually do you. Cause conflict for the which they don't like. But as we go forward step you know. I'd never tell watching Stewart this year that he did he lost something not put the old line wasn't particularly good for a large part of this season. I mean I can show a few runs that Stewart had told an awful lot of these actions earlier in the C in order to look really good. But the issue will be put the ball on the on the floor he came to dad and I continued to have been dismissed it'll decrease. And then they have to there's no doubt about it Greco cells SN FL films. We love talking ball with a on a Mac attack as he breaks down but don't force every Thursday 830. Yeah Gregg the offense in general did you see did you used. Did you feel like give our look at different without Kelvin Benjamin in there I mean I certainly well what would you think would you sit. I think that the task game was clearly complementary and secondary and that raises the point of it took great sister two point. And going forward can can do indeed had designed the runner over trying to cook Toews and they wanted to get this win this was an important game argument he makes a real import against India and obviously you wanna be 73 going into the body. But nude NASA designed runner I know how big he is we all know that we can we all know stuff that's been talked about for years. But can that be featured part of the African each week that's a legitimate question. And the other question is the task team was very limited in this scheme by design and can that be sustainable over time. Now your defense can hold teams then. You can play like this to some degree at now obviously Julio Jones dropped a touchdown would have made a twenty to seventeen with more than eight minutes to go. And we you make these things different conversation if he's caught that ball and so you know all seeing is these are things I don't know the answer I don't think anybody does they're gonna try to feel feel that they each. You see how it played out but this was a game where they say they were gonna run camp he got excited about it could you love this stuff but can he do that every week. Man now that's a good class that's a hell of a clash shores of this match of their aggressiveness and all that stuff I drag it yeah I'm not even let you break I'm not break in my stride Greg even. You just have to happen and Thomas. I want to bring down Matthew comes up this week I can hear your voice and I don't like even got a kick out for a few minutes here. Signal at my wife has had an idea yeah. Although the death and it but it should help a hall of famers chopped a ball and idol how it happened but things got a dead. I'm OK let's go to deep inside the moment it's a Miami match up here and a second on defense against the painters we were just not meant just a minute ago. Matt Ryan had more success against our blitz schemes but I've seen yeah anybody do this year Fiat but ultimately they got a little help from Julio. But they did a good job I thought it's kind of stopping some Atlanta drives. You know once they got in the dancer territory what do you think about the defense the way Ryan beat the blitz what did you see there in that match up. Yeah I mean you know to a personal already tapered Donnelly lined up right very original and even though they're not high percentage of man teams they want to read very overkill. There's clearly still struggling to figure out to be the other course. Because they're they're continuing to rotate morally and Seymour. You know they would I think that's an issue shall consult seat and where is it. I mean he can't I guess you can't say it was an excellent student Joey dropped that it didn't doubt condition this year is an explosive players not just a question they were number two in the league. And this year there where he weighed down with Tony plus yard completion and then they can't stop. You know I don't think they're just did decent performance by the temperature is bad in this game at all. You know there's there's at least seems attacks don't usually call title concepts that we because you can do that it can zone coverage. But yet I think total so solid out of your performance you know. As we senate yours catch it and he do we have a different discussion boards in the community catchy generally sort of putting up thirty or 35. Now there's no doubt about it and I also I think this run defense. Is really playing good it feels like spreading battery things go wrong. Yeah well they've got a really good front seven on the chip world every week we watch we just we talk about some skaters I mean the guys are still only really good player. We felt really in all parts of the game I mean he can play the run he can cover after used to mr. blitzer at times he's Stiller really really good. Where there's no doubt about it no doubt that what's let's talk about this match up OK I got my it has almost a bears match up feels to me which CEO gives us nightmares. You know you look at them and you look let's start first when the Miami offense is on the field. Is feels like it could be a total mismatch although I will admit Miami seem to play the best offensive play you know in a while the other night well. Tom what do you think about that match up isn't it it looks like a giant mismatch on paper at least. Well they got caught a really good skill players to act or don't our volunteer that I mean they you know I think they've struggled for a lot of different reasons. I. But did that don't have anything to do with the fact that these three wide receivers who are really problematic. Cover it you know and now talkers helping in engineered and produced genetically intro level. But still sitting pretty high level and then Landry is in this city really really good slot receiver. And still scan can burn you over the top you have to be careful with this conference this past week K color played a very controlled almost risk Prejean. I think they want him to play until want to turn the ball over. But don't you know they do have a lot of weapons eventually come Cindy weapon they didn't you know again no one has the number so he just looking to stacked. I can think oh this competition really that's good but you can't fall asleep on the talent level of skill position players. And would change I go to canyon great and explosive player he's got a guy that can break off of 4050 yard run any time. All right there you see you're telling us to chill out Tebow won't stop the blow out talk all right now let's say I mean that's a chill out when the blowout. I'm just saying that they're going to be they're gonna be careful in the preparation I mean how did the production hasn't been there. But the players are great kid you have to be careful about. Now that's fairness there Greg I had this game 41 to ten now I have it's thirteen to ten. Different Slobodan you know I mean to make a couple of days ago. What did definitely this. Fashion let's flip it around now Miami's defense is on the field against the got their offense. I know they played really good up front against Iran and that could create a challenge to our run game you know what do you what do you make of the Miami defense and how they match up. They're very good up front I mean they got a lot of depth remains a lot of speed and they're very good up front. And I think they've struggled a bit at linebacker. Throughout the season they brought in Maluku to play middle linebacker because they didn't really have one he obviously only plays in the air base defense on the and I think. They might be able to get outside on this defense couldn't run T ball where they're multiple run game and that's. It's and I think in the secondary they're playing a rookie has now played for five weeks on the road takes its toll from Clinton and starts opposite view they didn't award. So do they unity the second year player and it's the first tier player in order. So you know and and yeah it's it's just solid defense but I think it can be beaten it all depends on the used to apple asking. The more a factor this week that's hard to say I don't know. Our Greg you're the man we love talking to you Greg goes so make sure you watch NFL match up. Best X and O show going on on pigskin. It is Saturday ESPN three at 830 Sunday ESPN at six starting analogue of the peace on the on the blitz schemes. Okay I'm gonna have viewed the that would mapped out really nice to understand it back I would have taken you what I would do it I'll tell us. Do you think it will do its academy did you should use it does smaller words for me I sort of judge to throw it I don't. And I don't get this done that maybe aren't paraphrased not fat cats ever. It's see you next week iMac thanks appreciate it produce a huge. So that when he and I saw a ball we talk film bone there's just mutual respect for each other's knowledge of the game. That's what I love about those conversations right it's now turned into a cosell breaking down film and talking bounty for fifty ass up here. I'm here for all that it's unbelievable bonus try to listen to your verbiage to Osborne's over here man only once in though about his why Nebraska. It doesn't bug doesn't run the damn much triple option anymore I mean seriously so couple aren't anyway we're gonna take a little breather here at 930 ACC championship game tickets a lot of people are very frustrated they're not winning they're trying hard not winning. 9:30 eastern next Chancery CC tickets at 920 Joe's ties and talk about this NFC playoff race and all that stuff. When we come back to college football topic I have noticed some people. All of my time line in my emails tweets texts starting Champlain. Club weeks out. About the SEC getting. Two playoff teams where talk about that we come back do you feel like. They are deserving if they keep winning and or are you already saying this is a bunch of BS talk about that a little bit on a frenzy.