Garcia & Bailey: Your Calls On a Panther Monday!

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Monday, October 9th

We take your calls and go in depth about Sunday's big win over the Lions.


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But Garcia. I'm jacked up not as jacked up the dolphins former office of choice apparently looks you know. Pretty close and see what happens when you. Relax and get married about. That's our method to embarrass her and tell her. It's just stuff that right now she goes they don't know ultimately led by breaking news here come on let's gosh a meeting report he gotta be consistent on the Tanya break in on the open. It's usually one thing we do it would easily sit up when a singular drops right idea of my best to. Just half a jacked up as I said he prematurely. Whenever he's also. On lyrics it's. The idea optimistic about our mom the united yes you shouldn't do so like two males like like my sisters so let's assume you're telling my brother buster they're went we went to detect together well they're true or not. Audit your basically family now despair I'm. Our candidate and mama not her not tell ya the has not met her mom but I still like we know each other. She's not a sweet little lady insignia serious she's legislated in his front door and until you until you do is just brutal morning bargain hunters are you always. My dogs. This look it's my children I always felt it flush him out bill al-Qaeda guys 70457. Or 9610 dollars in taxes on the buildings that are sex -- could also be disciplined to interact child clearly WS Lindsay at frank Garcia 65 on the JJ is red dots Twitter remarks would love to hear from. Were you with the Panthers this morning's four and won the three and oh on the road. They look really really good right now Cam Newton played what frank said was the best game he'd ever seen employed 70% completion percentage 355. Yards through your three touchdowns no picks 141 point eight passer rating he was just tremendous they need is what point is three tenths of a point away from a perfect passer rating in the first test. Kim employs this way move in for this is Super Bowl team. Yeah period a mom you know that's an NEC MVP again and and weeks. You know that's yeah that's how important you know what he means to this this organization into this offense. You know defensively. I think he can be good you don't have to be great if you have a quarterback play and at that level I think that's going to be the did his biggest difference maker. You know for any team and I do feel like you know when you start looking at the the to the cream of the crop whether it's the you know the Green Bay Packers or the Kansas geez I think the Kansas City Chiefs secondary is the best in the league. They're stingy they don't like to get points and no last night to you know it was some late touchdowns you know against the Texans. Tom no but. I think Kansas City Chiefs are the best team in the NFL right now and right behind them. You know I think you start looking at Carolina Panthers a Green Bay Packers. On new Philadelphia Eagles give or even though I haven't seen them play a whole lot. You know this year I gonna go watch some of the games in you're just gonna give it an and is there an opinion on who I think they are but. Muller former one team that's who they are so they're pretty good football team as well. And then you know at the the listen the patriots aren't as good as what they have meant there have some holes. I'm eventually. You know even father time catches Tom Brady I don't know if that's this year the Arizona Cardinals aren't as good the Seattle Seahawks on his good does that mean they're not capable warning but they're not as good consistently is what the chances are in the record indicates that so. Unless they don't like handful of teams you start talking about the via the raiders have been a disappointment this year. No no no David Carr. You know their carts he's you know Derek Karr so. You know as one of the things that they've struggled with you know some of the teams of people thought we're going to be good and like the New York Giants have won a game since a guy that vote. In a hundred mark seven some days. They're more games as a guy that boat last year or don't Beckham unfortunately Joseph in a gruesome injury within the the ankle injuries there what are. Alliance that you know these did the broken what particular singularly. You know. That's ridiculous that's a big blow for them you know a defense player of the year obviously and and be just like us Lou Lou salute to Italy and it gave back some fans there's little tickling a lot people are concerned about you know his play yesterday I listen you know. The most that some delicious said but your stuff happens sometimes yeah and you know you always have your best game. You know what. Was consistent about him is that he was still the calming force. Right he was still voice of reason. And he still made these to lead the team in tackles. He's not gonna make every tackle on people that simple blue if you're expecting him to make every single play yeah. That he goes out there and you gotta sometimes understand. Those guys. On the other team they're pretty good too and they're able to make guys miss in space. Sunny there reserves are running play I think it was the first tasks and I was it is standing in the middle brunch yesterday I'm all the salmon was ins from trying to watch the game do the bronze thing hang out sandwich and more than plays are called my yesterday was you know Lucas come and try to make a tackle and run play and he was at her. Under the Lee blocked a got employees scrimmage ninja stuff to be stopped in his tracks and you're just not used to seeing those sorts of things. How it was just leave places just aren't always said lead and added ticked at did sentimental law system wide and the fullback who is a pretty good bet that there's going to be. Mark growers right now he's going to be the coal bowl ballot guy because. He's a damn good fullback he's a big bodies and are on. I can distract and not only stop look I don't know if you saw on the goal line he depleted TD Romney on that Doug touchdown that they scored he was trying to force him back again but. Does Purdue football player and you got to give those guys credit as well and then take in Baghdad and still making the play each other guys have to be there and you know when you're looking at good team defense it's not one guy around the ball making a play several guys and it when the Panthers replied well I mean they they they held that the running back what thirty something yards. Because that's not a bad running back there offices in a pretty good and then. You know you can make some plays in space so totally lowly fifty total rushing yards into eighteen times into rough what was assistant rushes for fifty yards. Zimmer. 50% to fifteen for fifty dollars or fifteen for fifty. Does get it done you know it's making one dimensional and you know you'd like to see the defense on that just back castle that when the pressure's on. Don't have guys step up and I guess that's my concern with this team if we have any you know we're gonna pick in a just nitpick this. Is that you wanna see them down the stretch in or Julius Peppers you need to set JK short you need is sad and you wanna see them in deal to drop back in the zones and dialed up with the front four get after it not them to bring pressure dipped. 70457. Or 96 to Moscow to the cell lines and it's more reaction here and our Bruce has been waiting Bruce we appreciate demand our. Found that the Garcia and that the bill and I got to do is let's. The long term look talking mechanism that good my bad my local industry in the out of there. My good way to kind of player they are looking really really good and I'm being unlucky. You know how popular kind of try and we'll both do. Bob problem not my bad and it. It kept the nation learned about that so called comeback a comeback talks all the sports and popping a bit. Are you wonder what type guy a bucket. The last mile an American you can map that they're not doing. What did better outcome and lucky lucky got to do everything you can read aloud about what you gotta be good if you can keep them get knocked that mountain golf ball well guess what. On the England couldn't handle the onslaught but apparently that's what they want in the wind and and there and the patent tell all Detroit Indy chores what do we know that's a great thing that you admire ugly. This thing you can read warlords with this so called protest. Could give the problem that score well right now we I think everybody got television philosophy. You know they put up our own the role of the par Smart move to K well tell the most of the people and the brought. I'm one who became real that we are Dallas County courthouse where they wanted to go. Alms where they were trying to play in Chicago all our barrel in New York don't let the industry got from a development machine. And that we got this stated that we always like okay what I do or if it doesn't matter. But I am when the actual job. Appropriately called strike. You know protest at your job you don't like the company the cabinet job which your life. Former number is I think that's with them that's I don't. Disagree with a lot of what you're saying but striking there's still work the stone doing the couple. But I definitely liked the counterstrike you. The Donald let's say OK I don't strike competence and a welcome it should work no strike. The bulk so you go home you'll go they have outscored the walk in you don't get paid. I wrote I appreciate him which I actually charged her body about two minutes but I don't know where exactly that story out of most. It's not strike the like football where nobody's refusing to do the job so I don't know. Anyway the answer general printers or electrical closet door to a DJ is an index these if any was a brother. You know look at how you do it. Three point one person all the turning point for baby defeat in the neck in what I would feel that would sideline that the current political. Tactically he pocketed fifteen feet pain. Actually if you think chemistry the focus. That's great defeat out because that's needed just that much is complete. On the side if you look at it urged other teams that are going and not getting it can together I think that's a pivotal point I. The other thing that I would look defeat Thursday. If and it truly appreciate our political group we would they need to be there early and been a lot of oak directly to show their appreciation and give. Our home field advantage. And the last thing I think you're a lot of people pocket book and you guys have been backing up a little bit it's our people paid click sir I agree. Golf pretty vocal how it twenty decrease aggressive and coming that we can have effects kick that field goal range. We know what happened there. So I don't disagree with the play call trying to hold it you can just got to step up put more police but otherwise I think it's the right 5% at all. They go to the end appreciate you guys from army air. But I don't think he appreciated the phone call yeah you know it's. And as you you never really know until you know right in there and you which city you're talk about percentages. I think Ron a daring dance weed this out numb I'm just you know just kind of going off stuff in my head off of like an hour and a half sleep so much it's not going to be usually pretty good but it was something with Ron Rivera's record with games under bush three points or fewer seven points or fewer what his record used to be compared to what it is you know now I think it was right around 500 like 2626. And one knows what territories rich larger 1 morning street corners and one thank you tell you your members must remind even you know without. Sleep but I'm. Listen you know and endure the record before that it was something like two imports into a fourteen. So what that means is is that since that time the percentages are are hand off the start off terribly. Right that's a young quarterback you know in 921 and nine in the last thirty games decided by oh analysts reporting one and I that's I mean it was not taken that sign up for that. You know with those types of Susan Collins learned to and it got analysts' list also take into consideration what those stats in those numbers is that how many of those times did the Panthers have the lead. You know an end and in a two touchdown lead we sing what happened with the giants guess what. You know couple years ago in 2015. Well you know we had a significant lead and the giants came back and police tied at camp took us down and the other team down into the Silva went just what we want to get a we wanna game down yesterday you know he's a deadly seventeen point lead going in the forest. Your you know right in to the lack ladle out for the third early fourth of fourteen point lead. You wanna game. You know and that's ultimately what those guys care about. Over there it doesn't matter. Or how does that to be pretty it doesn't have to be a scoring fast they could be a three nothing score that's all that matters to them because at the end of the day that's where you're judged. It's 70457 or 9610 Q does he back coming how you feel about the printers obviously you're on cloud nine because of foreign won they won yet another road game. But through five games. How we feel about this team because it's almost been a roller coaster of emotion with this team for the first five weeks again you're riding high right now but how high are you not as high as the dolphins' offense like coach. We'll help. Our view right now that is what I wanted to know the kid is. They've got a great team win for us come and play in a hostile environment. And must need to win you know good for him around as a whole in and you guys sure we have got to give prepare for. And news have to have agree with the preparation. Odds you'll both Spotify. There's a weather center. About what about my bills. It heals I'm catching seals also ideals like feelings. Yes that's just what we do is knowingly uses these days we repeat something that someone really stupid said hello and then we make it like really like cool uninteresting. A lot of memorial not bottled as the yen in July I'm also a grandfather Melinda I don't know I'm again just under the cut off so I got nothing in common with you especially 23 year old son to I'm kidding I'm kidding no. Way you cut off the more meals because in his starts into the next generation which we haven't determined what that's going to be what we know it's their attitudes in C. The call so the cause a lot of Merkel Joseph I looked up till today just engines EG if your blood borne from a late ninety's to mid 2000 with a high schoolers who sought the urgency. Yeah so right now my daughter begins the death she's eighteen. The couple days. We feel like 2829. Or join the Euro zone yeah that's me it's like I'm 31 a memorial older millennial sit this 18 or more like 82. Later a little stretch there your millennial. So I know yeah my roommate the other day told me she said I'm transforming into basic pitch and I think you sent in earlier decades and notre. I detected jumping and it's not app I said what the hell is that cities play timid and I didn't exist. It's against the bureau the girls the pumpkin spice latte isn't the now known. Hans solo now I know. It did indeed. As they referred to Atlanta and believe me being. Is there's not anything they're just kind of. Think of the pumpkin spice latte is the console outfit like the do you I don't know the pants and six I don't want sweaters I don't know those those those workers. Are like I was. Dressed up like medieval knights in addition to stress enough an. No no I know little or Peru is those are lower person. We're going to see these yeah these are just like jeans and T shirt and no hat non Teledyne I got this Lendale and it hasn't done now. Just tell you I'll show you and I know we talk about I don't know it was a picture of a BB BB seven uniform and it's yoga pants it's boots sold more. Why why why why why. Which ever say anything negative about yoga pants human complaining. Greatest gift to mankind as an independent I'm not complaining I'm this and that's the uniform and under no complaints about that. Magic you brought someone here from fifteen hundredths and they saw a young the pants and what they were used as an pollutants they don't wanna go back to get to number I don't know go bad they never go back to the Justin hundreds ever. Where's the hair. That's not how to stop it. I guess I thought let's go to market analyst day I gotta stop this overdose and we can't tell. I got a good in my next Mike was in Detroit yesterday he was at Ford Field for the game Mike what's up brother we appreciate you Carl. Other real fortunate did it go yeah yeah hard to got out of a lot of go about. So rewarding to obtain short birdie. And no regular route and there's three gas. That port deal yesterday it is very big industrial. House without football field. Is great it's loud and it. Yeah they're sort out. They really. Don't really somebody's gonna take. Between December typically don't think it's there at their school boards when they're out there is the scoreboard coming up I'll let you know all did you work. And then when that when they're being potential that dared. They had this disallowed me here all that at a decibel rating is sitting close build a noxious. It was between every play and when the Budapest or that they would they would not the ball. This thing which do we get up. Which we just I don't know Ellis talked NFL Gossip Girl role did the war. But just anguished and dim and you know it could Kim took a couple steps back from senator. Did there would go to the play on the field. It cannot tell what that was that was dead weight you know we go to bed yeah. And the stadium there's but it definitely go into the paint on sale of almost a little extra out and OJ there's no gold. And they did the same are more while we don't ever get to do so did you go up into the paint and so watch out on the until you still incredible. It was like a city the big huge in dust bowl or else with a football to get it right. Let's while my that's awesome idea I am glad get a good time congratulations on the dog meant I just don't show is always. It sounded loud on TV yeah anytime you go into a dome and you have a winning team that. I is trying to get create some noise it's going to be a little bit more beneficial for their home team to do it. You know in those in those types of environments you. You know gee he mentioned soldier filled and not know I've fallen Soldier Field several times and ever felt like it was overly loud. You know unless it was a playoff game maybe that's just as they've sucked since 85 but. I don't know I mean you know the new. Orleans saints have that they're known that there is of the dome there is known for one large venues Kansas city's outdoor venue a little bit louder but. Com and rusher pumping music and like what do when I was doing a couple of years ago. Yeah I'm not sure what the rules are you know for you the meters and when they're allowed eternal mom for you know those types of things but. You know yeah it says that Chris home sold advantage church for certain teams and does longer winning those things are great but Gmail as those things Taylor is this non union and you get your mastectomy so does good and bad for those it's manufactured. Energy input but does so. Home teams that's why you know there's an event as a three point typically when you look at those games. I was up early drive into the television studio yesterday and I I didn't think god whoever Sunday just look on the opponents radio don't tune in a slip on the opponents radio source turned on 971 particular Detroit a mowing the TV station yesterday animals and Braylon Edwards and his guys talking about the Damon they had done next no homework on the Carolina Panthers and there was kind of comical but you know they they thought that that home field advantage was a source direct the printers are gonna come in there are now and I had no idea what was gonna hit on and so on and so fourth drips like math and it was loud. Rally it's a pep rally right now. That's what they're doing I mean yeah I know that you're you're not like that you know when you do your pre pre game show. You know my hope and Clinton Ross you guys excited to go to home filled and you know take on it and you know really good opponent and I am you know so. You know when you when you look at the printers is in and or home field advantage here Bank of America on Thursday night the Eagles command. I'd love to see it I have been there where it's been rocked him you know I'm also commend them where there's been crickets are so you don't want to can't forget I'll say this about Charlotte eons. They come to support this team and they will bring their voice. Right and they're gonna bring their barbecue there voice in their beer and I don't know about you basically be. Coming off a I'm fit there there are going to be behind this team and you know since Cam Newton has been here. You know there's been a lot more of that supports you know at certain games when it's been the big game and you know there's just clarify in 2015. And I've never you know been more hyped as a fan is going to those games in a sit down there watching him. You know so yes I can get loud here in 96 general way back. Solitude is bring their there they're a game when this team does well they do their part. I 70457. Or 96 it would take it into reaction during the show you would expect we got sun. Our Arab our about a half hour 45 minutes let's Basel Dawson college football when we come back a couple of top ten teams went down over the weekend Nebraska did well let's not do that to him to OK let's. Plus plus. Yeah. I do I attended a dual a lot of what Iowa State did Oklahoma could about a starting quarterback and down by two touchdowns I've. I have a state beat Oklahoma and that's pretty ridiculous sort of talk about bad that we can that was plus an ACC games and dive into its Garcia and their look. Yes sir. I was just up enough Portland. And from my sister's wedding. Dell bought this grunge music taken place where little place called McMahon amendments in the committee that's hard to say McManaman testimony and evidence that got them where they. Made amends. A great little place there like a little winery on their helped force three golf course. These symbols don't wars and it was like an old. Farm that they converted into in this resort apparently in organs are big they're big deal. But it was fun but I Butler grunge music while we get an invitation votes. We were invited. You're a little busy guy and I'm glad you had a tough yeah yeah yeah allows real busy there or you don't at a well you can't even come to Virginia Tech with us so I know he might you support or the more we give your ticket to a David. So luck particular ride anyway time. Necks to sleep schedules not at risk killing one ultimate. And tonight. Yeah you still there once it's I didn't snub you you did it take your brother you have fun that's served as strides totally snubbed him yes I. Other snubbed yet the and he was hanging out with his kids he had an excuse you know you say you know with a stiff odds on the other just wanna sleep than. And that there exist very different picture of him when responsibility other ones excuse it is enormously good. So I. I got there early quickly so. Miami Florida State it was probably frank and I want to money again this weekend there was 514 to afford to go to reduce our stupid over no I was lost that went and we won't be at. I didn't yet you did Arkansas South Carolina Gloria knows yeah. That was that was not take full credit cards but I do know is we still sort of sports or yeah so we know we both we both laid an egg omelet we did so we're now on nineteen and ten against the spread so far this year but he gets. Such a bad are and so I anyway. I on Saturday. IR dot all the families and tell my folks her folks you know we go to my brother and some friends and or blacks and in the epicenter of which is the officials thought word and all the lumbered into clones go watch the tape and I'd not been a struggle there and enforce state Miami game mall with a bunch of Florida State fans and most Miami fans were also there to watch the Jacobs Derrick Clemson bar. Never close the deserts are okay so I'm I don't know I just the reports of Slorc state Miami fans are watching the kitchen so we don't deserve Jeremy news. The GM there which it really matters -- it was a floor Eric in Virginia Tech borrowing I think it is not I don't know what is urging their port like that is it for the official watching this remorse devotion and balance on an and an epicenter but it anyway so we gonna do the watching the game and Virginians NBC news sources sevens this team with the Miami Florida State team is all. And you know we all know how it's finished and it was a great finish well for Miley fans but it was an exciting finish nonetheless. And it is 716 hits and there's like a minute thirty left to the sort of say Miami game and eternal TV's off. It draws in his office were serious defensive emerges that BC game which even though those were sort of wants to reduce the receive a what do you do it. A clip this game until it finishes released a couple of TV right and it was just a mistake they fixed it I don't know more than big screens there at the end butts off you know Miami. In the final seconds touchdown pass similar Croshere when it. And you know Miami gets the job now unfortunately in that game mark Paul junior there with a season ending injury and he's done for the year. You know but Miami got a win and I we can debate the merits of how bigger win it was considering forty states plan a freshman quarterback and so on and so forth but still very good win for Miami we have. Better gauge. Of who Miami is now after a couple games would you agree. Where do you stack them up from the coast that are that the best team and they do the one of the two best teams I still think they're one of the two best tapes. I did not meet an elite Florida State team on Saturday and I decided that's what a believer. Yeah I think that. Yeah I agree with that amino Torsten struggle then neither one of those teams and offense that was pretty much of an elegant yeah it was a it was a don't like him and don't make mistakes let's punt the ball a lot and see who wins until position battle and makes the plays when accountant in Miami ultimately was able to do that but. I think I've seen Virginia Tech play a couple times I think they're good football team child. What I tell you we to you know not great. Yeah I think that. Yeah I and the L game you know I mean you will be and I think you will be when they play Diane and I tell the other team that you know we got to give credit to because. Do they remind me so much of what north York C North Carolina was able to do a couple years ago. Bomb and that's NC state no doubt. They're just it's a good football team I think that at least it looked military able to do on the defensive side. It really helps about a thing that other quarterback is above average specially in college. And they got some playmakers and Samuel so you know we you look at what's NC state is doing. You beat Louisville handily. I game that I never felt like that was out of it that was in jeopardy I thought Lou as the north's NC state dominated from start to finish. Lamar Jackson made a couple plays here and there but nothing consistent enough to be Q in other. Are they better than Clemson no can they be clumps and absolutely. And that's going to be an interest in interest in game. A couple weeks I think clumps of what place Florida State this week's. And then right after that they play NC state if I'm not mistaken. I don't have there's definitely there or another got together at Syracuse. Is this week so let's break in an early in Georgia second home in Georgia Tech Georgia Tech to obviously per game for for clumps and by the way. As if they're not careful sleeping on them you know they have a little more time to prepare this week at Syracuse. A image before that spread that does veer option that triple option at Georgia Tech but. And right after that NC state and Florida State I don't think clumps of stimulant impasse NC state after the scare they had last year but. Doug Collins and has just you know a tough schedule still remaining and we'll be interest in the seat you know what happens there but getting back to NC state. Listen I mean. Dave dorm we kind of felt that going into the ACC media day trial. That this team could get a potentially be one of those teams Cutler who has a guy from the at the SEC that columns national champ I'll call 20 hole chew right. You said they wore and you know at the end of the day he wasn't he might not be that far off you know if if NC state continues to improve. No I look at NC state yet it considered a sure you were here on Friday to be able to react about Dave. And I settled fraud and it was a good win the and I like and a little bit to the Panthers win in New England last week because we all understand outside of Lamar Jackson almost not an elite team but they're a good team with a great leader. And that's against NC state just doesn't win a couple of years ago on that stage with that kind of opportunity they probably don't win that game but it looks like they've turned the corner. Analysts say game was a big game I thought to give them some momentum to get over the hump you know especially with what their record and men. Against ranked opponents and then to validate against another ranked opponent and do it like they did 3925. A couple of touchdown win. You know shows you this team is pretty legit you know defensively I think that there one of the best in the ACC. I still think there's step or two behind Florida State in clumps and you know and you know and at a similar clubs and the best of Florida State on the defensive side the front. From you know and then you can probably throw NC State's front four in there as well. You know when starlet after talent at the next level but ducks a good football team to run the football and they have a playmaker and a quarterback does make mistake yeah. No I look at it they've got a very good team I think it's important mentioned that and a lot of us were down on the -- to South Carolina beat the mental and look NC state fans were down themselves after South Carolina beach in the first week but it's he's shown a lot of resiliency and I think they're coaching and a lot of other things that the fact that they've been able to rattle off these wins and to do what they've done since then now the twentieth ranked team in the country and does states got theirs their sights set on a big season still and look I don't think they're going to declare Clinton the best because I don't think anybody's going to be closing quite frankly until maybe Alabama the national championships tenth but even if they don't big clubs and NC State's still could have its sights set on New -- six -- Orange Bowl this is that your where the ACC still in the doesn't get into the playoffs. We don't won't get that Orange Bowl slot and is day door to take this team to an article. That would be one hell of a cease. So I you know there there are a lot of things out differences state not just for this season not just for the wins that's just the momentum of the Mamas and the program. Moving forward that's huge. Who's who's more likely lose the remainder of you know this season is going to be Alabama. Or bullet DNC state Earl B Clemson. Which team would lose first which would who'd who has the higher percentage chance of losing first glimpse or Alabama I'm sure Alabama. Because I. Because I think even if they lose Kyle because I think there's so far ahead of everybody else. And the ACC was considered one of the best this have a chance to be in that. In that final four even with the loss as long as they validate come back to when the ACC or the the SEC championship. There are 70457. -- 96 and state fans react Cal's football fans were yet how you feel and right now one here from new wrap up to our number two still all sorts of time to call him and talk about these Carolina Panthers foreign one big win yesterday I feel about that is wells Kersey and Baylor. The left side there. It's. Clear that yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The beds are rocking though Hamanaka and I don't believe this we didn't play. And they're like some sort of you know song that I don't Diaz. Looked a dorm that look we had OK so. Before eleven your friend in the us understand though. We always screw each other so one time we are party and don't want our door and again we're part of us. Put our Doris. Got busted off the hinges we'd go buy a brand new door. Well one of our bodies send a young lady that he had met that evening were I don't imagine reading and got a model cellular room players. So we thought it would be funny to take the door that we just bought and jam it into the existing door frame there was a different door so when they open the door there's nobody there and I'm kind of assorted stuff like that denotes a dumb things that we got into when I invited hang socks on the door none of that I just like minority filibustered electrical late man that was on you. I don't know what that had to do with Marvin gay. Story though little cousins try to do you stop telling stories or members opposite that my future in laws might be listening to read a book is they are in the queen city for at least on the seven networks. Other listen stuff. Panama stuff is so hot stuff stuff stuff I had several former fox could no 96 stand Oz and so are much corn Huskers but it's a religion. That's okay. Too bad that happens you knew it. I know yeah I I didn't I going to I am but he just sucks when you would they would do this you can't enjoy Saturday's road I enjoyed it. There's a good I I ain't. I stopped being like one of these fans it's like really just a downer I'm just a real bright I live or die but doesn't. I knew they're gonna lose that game I don't. It's it doesn't mean anything to me anymore listen there is anything I mean like this like I have no expectations for the cease. So I can just enjoy the game when they have a good play I sterling enjoyed I'd I'd get up I scream at Wisconsin I give my I give middle fingers to the walls just yeah. I guess I have jazz behind. Yeah exactly when was God's wants to turn it on a play power run against us and its first years 34 defense we don't have the dizzy tallied in those two to be able stop the run though we're gonna get the ball run down our throats. And that's what they did what they do a lot of people and that's why we suck in the Big Ten because we had no physical reality are either offense or defense of lines. I'm not worried about it doesn't get to meet. Russia sent us. Now I can tell a profile. Don't know I mean I'm not even the northwest Pacific northwest we'll talk about it I mean if you could imagine and every bar in town the ducks were plan. And value of that game was like your saw the TV uses northern game in the world than the ducks game and every bar and it in Portland Eugene Corvallis knocks maybe not Corvallis you know that's almost beavers but you know I'd every other city and then in Oregon and that game was being show cased and how Washington stays pretty damn good. Yeah my they're they're better than I thought I thought they were just an offensive team I I thought this was going to be one Leach's you know Texas Tech teams that they utilize important. I did 38 years older than Obama but to their better defensively and that's I think a lot of Israel's leader leaked but they're they're much better defensively than we realize. I'm not sure who my Huskies are either out there yet though I'm not sure they're going to be tested it was against Stanford. You would slash U they blew the doors off no Christian McCaffery he wouldn't there. I'm in the beat cal 387. I believe they still have the apple cup obviously your final game of the season. But. You know I'm just not sure who they are. You know quite yet another undefeated. My I think their quarterback. You know Browning is is more of the better quarterbacks in the pac twelve. Doesn't get near the credit to you know I'm not sure if they go down Arizona State that's always been trouble place for them to play. And we saw what happened organ down there as they lost Arizona State there's just there's not very good but then you sealer organ Stanford Utah ought. You talk ends up losing the game this week and an end to finish up with Washington State mean they should just. You know by just record alone and they you know ranking and etc. You know run the table until it gets that that that final match up there might be the biggest or most that the highest rated. Apple cup that I can remember two teams that are ranked up to MM I know where a lot of the ninety's when the Huskies were pretty good. And we played Bledsoe and I'm sure there are top ten but if washes days continues to win which I do think they will do and Huskies. You're gonna see you may be potential like four vs fiber. You know maybe even how. Hired to drill what happens with some of these other team. Not care that much but did you happen to see ecology and his story about how though. Old crimes in the Washington State flag was it was flown to the 200 consecutive time college game on Saturday TCU this is not a rich I realized it doesn't to cougars but do you know was forced streaks going sports real streaks that was pretty cool sort of thought the duck and a great summer. I am glad you got that. I thought our big guy that was that was predictable Arnold come back down ornaments there's a nexus Garcia Baylor.