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Friday, December 15th

In this hour of Garcia & Bailey, Frank and Kyle do a segment called the World According To Frank.


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But Garcia. No everything's about. Networks don't talk. But sports betting. And maybe soon. Are fired up today huh. Alive you auto well I'm as a I'm all jacked up on mound and all jacked up also not do dogs can't wait I can not wait for Green Bay to small sorry asses in here please take good manners does it deliver bears sly smile for thirty. You commission that. He just came in derailed this. Excitement train I thought it was there is lines for thirty you were your religion about the nuts look are they and so play and it's a catch your attention playoff implications for the lions initial trip this is on fire about nets I don't know if it's true you like the bears that what it meant. When I I do because the bears averaged 124 game on the ground because you're seventh best in the league you know we averaged only yards. 130 and the lions are also averaged 144. And this was on the doors of the dead guy is really break 75 yards a game on the ground barely speak to the bears the bears have got a little nugget actually its interest in here ever since the Panthers played the Chicago Bears I've not watched a single snap a Chicago. There's no interest in volume and then there's this little run at her as well ahead this George Collins street and original little. Look at that when there's Ibadan and fast towards minus five by the way OK well we're not taken out you know we we do some games for you and you know since we made our living primarily on college football this year and we look at the hotels malls his mother what we were 4230 to Entrust the producer Dario isn't the greatest season but we need look. You do lose money flow thus though. Independent on the you know if you kept consistent with your bench you're probably broke about even maybe won a little bit off the top with the Jews minus the Jews but two weeks earlier he had two weeks you had a couple bad weeks and you know. Happens is what it is yeah but you know Kyle. And it's hard to pick college bowl games. I have satellite and no reason being is that you if you look at like Boise State for example taking on. Oregon this week. Starting running backs organ isn't going to play and egged it and how much do you think organ cares about what did you put to state tonight. Motionless commercially they care a lot. They only care about all these games right that's the argument he made is that every game matters and you know the more the merrier I mean these guys don't care about the games it was my boy you don't have hair yeah. About the swagger talking about the football guys. I want to bring in the swagger and how important it is to get paid broaden our chairman. I care about the football games and the product and you know guys going out and given to us right and that's the difference right thank you. Fired up today candidates. To produce picks at some point I'd like to scientists scientists of the monetary taught noticeable about this whole thing was before I was rudely interrupted by your rudely hit men over here was that it's hard to take college football games because we don't know who's going to be clients always tried to avoid those. For these post season until it gets to be. What gives all the playoff games in the New Year's prisoner six games afflict absolutely nada Rose Bowl Joseph Augusto because of that were born MBA at and NFL yes. Absolutely we got so three NFL games to NBA games for you bonafide blocks of this century of the week you're ready so first went port city tonight. And you may think we're crazy but I agree with Frankel hardly on this one porters or five point favorite I like the orders minus five tonight. Wanted to win by double digits and exerted. You know it's at home. They've played better at home they're gonna score I don't know what the over under is on that but I would I would venture to say they're gonna play well and they're gonna shoot well. At a crucial like their little embarrassed right now if they haven't tried to go out there tonight and it'll walk all over a number the play. Birdied the death so this is interstate blockbuster saw its August managed a number right now the are the over under in tonight's game is to boast either 203 and a half or 204 depending reload. Which are which are gonna tell you. I think this guy I think about it I think on that I think towards your score iron to twelve points to 415 slump like that that right you are looking at about doubled legislative acumen. Do we care what Marlow Theron I don't what you were like naming the final score their for a second I'm not okay a school that I don't I'm not enticed by the number very much and I. I think as we like 1052112. Something like that 1052115. You know 103113. This double dilemma since I've started to double digits there are consumers so really Doris minus five tonight. On the other NBA game a trick and this evening news is so the Chicago Bulls at the Milwaukee Bucks believe it or not. And afire by the way in and hip and had walked out to lunch so we couldn't dragged out and thank goodness but they've won the last couple he would play they play extremely well nine point is awful lot. It was terrible rivalry game I heard the guys I was so I don't come on this morning talking about this game and recoup those been a little. In this rocky at times you don't it down the stretch his last couple games I think they went again is something to do occur overnight yes we. And the hornets are rough spiked on the Bucs are favored a favor by not mean we like the bulls plus not tonight. And in here that banks and Bucs win bulls cover that's that's what are. Scrambles to ever that's exactly what are the windows and let a little while as I surprisingly well frank I was just say it they're playing. So they're coming together as a team as a small talk here but. I thought there are gonna be really bad but she's young as appropriate and they get their point guard back a little bit you know they got the conference from. Nor does twice this I think that's pretty much it down every digital V Levine back Levine's active women Levine that you'll be learning about her shortly he's your guy out the united that was. I thought Dallas to Levine Levine got on disbursement if I had done so that's those are two NBA dips on two Sunday yeah. And this is one where we were sort of in lockstep the second we sought a state Miami at buffalo. And your tell injuries. That I should expect Jay Cutler to children the snow. Still in the game that does not matter what your friends or freezing cold boys so they suck up to and there are so it's also there's supposed to get a little foot tonight Jackie Howard said. Tonight again yeah I'm sure Ginny doesn't stop snowing in buffalo for I'm sure Cutler just thrilled about going there to play destroy it and played Chicago I nevertheless I. And there's a said he played buffalo I think they Nagin buffalo. We called again just buffaloes a different animal for a lot of those South Beach guys that are in a sit there you know next to. In the cafes on the beach steer in the son Jay is awfully well here is a CNET well hockey beard okay well I'm always are unwisely Brooklyn altered but it's. Plus bad you know I guess he's played in snow before her but he was ready to retire after last there and he got dragged back out now is on a team it's not going anywhere soon got to declare a foot of snow no also. After a car racer how big did that you know. Is a playoff game for that right now maybe that's got to the point they're not gonna go there went that direct apostles the multiple. And goes back that harrah's back so we like buffalo monastery on Sunday another game we like. New England and Pittsburgh the battle of the two best teams in the AFC this one's in Pittsburg and believe it or not. The patriots are three point favorite on the road in this with a surprise that I'm I'm surprised that it's three yet because I'm with fewer that if you're if you were telling me who I think Cisco shrimp win this game. I think he's desperate I think Pittsburgh wins the game on Sunday Steelers and. I've played well last week. But they found a way to win and it went in 3130 if I'm not mistaken. You know good teams when they don't play well find a way to do it big band I think found light you know bar a little bit. As he opened up the offense what the no huddle juju Shuster is back as well they got a lot of the pieces and no she's here right that's going to be the big issue. For the Steelers against the New England Patriots because who're you gonna put in his stead because she's here was never a Pro Bowl season. And you've got to believe that wherever it is the Bill Belichick is going to exploit them. That match up the Mets going to be to me. That the chess game that goes on between bella checked in Tomlin and I just think that ill at home. Pittsburgh has more weapons. I don't see I got the other way I don't see Brady losing two in a row. Just out stash on the right didn't come back it was team on the road I believe that it's the last. It's appraisers are very welcome Wendy Davis what's the last time the pages lost Tudor road near great tribute quite yet on the rope won't get to enroll regardless on the road I was on the road if they did wheelchairs and it was last and they lost in a row and probably goes back awhile you know it is a short weeks and until I forgot about that sell you you could be read Franken maybe a bells playing. Ridiculously good football. Exhibit a great here or actually so the Pittsburgh Steelers are the best team in the NFL if that's why I picked up three employee John Cumberland citizen I'm looking civilized and their lobbyists are you under the second cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia we even without. Lance I think whispers of a stimulus bill. And I don't think it's I don't I did so on FR a margin for margin I don't think the Philadelphia Eagles without winds isn't about I don't think they're the best team in a seat. I still so light agreed I still shill like Panthers still. I still feel the cancers in the conversation the same so that would be my de facto odds I thought it was he goes with more Eagles with Lance. I think that now defers to the rams know to the New Orleans Saints. The Atlanta Falcons the Carolina fans is that they draw on that same Echelon. And you saw the vikings and the rams in there as well Sears and I don't I don't trust the rams because of the young quarterback a I don't trust the vikings because of an inexperienced quarterback I do trust camp I do trust breeze and I do trust. I'm Matt Ryan and that's why shall like you know there near the top of the heap you know with those other teams. Aren't they don't last trick. Panthers backers. Sunday we need to get into this and you put some fight musical substance of my songs some stand cheers for the pandas are drawn to it. Announcement our usual no gimme gimme something to keep pound and in the air. It was a okay. That's created no no that does not sound what is sound like and also now I don't know. Yeah man. Hey Iraq debris field. I'm brings back late. Okay run to. Come on AB Aaron I don't know at Enron. Barack Obama you I'm actually gonna go up 3127. Of the printers actually cover might yeah boys these tickets here at least think it's a goal for big money. And CT get other sites and on the secondary market this is gonna be a hot ticket. On Sunday and there'll be a lot of packer fans. I debt stadium they have I've already talked to double in scooped up tickets already they're tech events at the fans what is so now. Tickets to packer fans know Muster with us up and is that when you say Packers sounds like packer yeah. And I haven't had that this is get Roy guys that are Sydney that yeah well AZ. That's a you know it's half the time it's it's it's completely on purpose as stupid packer fans Kevin Anderson I love it guys sorry Kate I. If a child okay Lyle in the day while yeah yeah a lot of news if that's how we got to go quarter comeback run some of those by Steve Merrill pro sports and voted the best bets on the board what he thinks about this printers packers' spread its Garcia in Billings. Now networks don't talk. But sports spending is too. Left field. I'd just catch this 2000. Seventeen drill hole on Friday December it's one night to Bank of America Stadium as the Wake Forest Demon Deacons take on the Texas and values. Ticket office after 1 PM with a multi platinum selling country music artists got a McCrary having the headlining the 2017 dole full stand fest concert on the street which is free republic on game day for tickets. Go to billfold dot com right now but before break real. Hi it's over for various Steve Merrill breaking news the characters have a officially ruled out George returner for Sunday's game against the Packers so of course he's been a concussion protocol and this is not. Frank entirely unexpected also listed on the other injury report is so wide receiver DeVon font just. Who has been listed as questionable with a shoulder injury but as we know questionable doesn't doesn't necessarily mean anything. Deal and too urgent this is the way to change six so let's there's an editorial injury front bliss talked to a state naral pro sports info we joins us every Friday we'll talk about the best bets on the board in first of all Good Friday Steve Bauer you. I. Our let's Ellis died in the know will start tonight's a little NBA action is up bright and I both have some some problems with into the college football season embolden him isn't that sort of thing government. Hornets and heat tonight and the hornets are five towards favored and look there's not been playing great basketball but there's a reason they're they are about five over the Miami this is non elite team their hosting decision. Yes I'm in control of certain top opponent certain recent weeks and no one thing that jumps out to be about Charlie is a much better they've been at home. Compared to the road to mediate and six might not seem like a great harm America but what do you remember that 211 straight up on the road games that's a pretty strong you know home road dichotomy right there. A Miami key to actually been a better road team this year 87. Compared to five and seven at home so. Looked a little hefty how much are ready to jump the latest apple points as Charlotte a pivotal one twice the last state an odd games but I do think they get the waited out but it probably be a close one. You know Steve is anybody's gonna take advantage of your service now's the time to do it in college alluded to the reason why is because of these players may not having it being played to choosing to sit out in the impact they might provide you guys have formulas for this you guys are all over the value that these players bring and that's to us you know invaluable because we have no idea what the running back for organ and what that difference is gonna be when he's playing Boise State on Saturday is going to be with that point spread but how. How hard that you guys to you know go out there and figure those things out to bring your customers value. They try to separate the two most consistent moneymaker for the past 21 years from me as a professional Jefferson bus started in 1996. Relative to college bowls and the MBA playoffs and the reason is because the same situation all analysis works year after year. And you continue to get lined tight because the odds makers in the general public have to sit numbers based on what happened all year. And remember the NBA playoffs is about to seven situation or get cable at twenty point blow up the comeback to win the next game so it's a situation to be kept. Taped with the college bowls we've touched on this a few weeks ago the rivalry game itself. I think you could try the record to patrol the numbers out the window Lotta times underdogs you know over achieving those games. It's the same thing of these bowl games under the statistics were we don't matter truth ready to play. And the number one thing you have to look at the situation became apathetic competent a lot of things I mean. Some teams are happy to be in a bowl game big favorites early on in December usually don't do well the reason is because. They're not happy to be of some minor bowl game and a good seat and that's what they're big favorite. A ticket with coaches leaving no central Florida's coach is gonna states brought is gonna coach a game but he pleaded how with a player on the that. Other subsequent how Auburn respond after it was a chance to the national title not to be excited about plus it's Central Florida. And of course you mentioned players sleep and that's a very new dynamic. Are sitting out rather that we've only had for a couple years now. That started about a year or two ago are now registered a lot of gain entry to you have to look at everything from orbit subjective manner in front of great situationally handicapping our you know prosecutors. Our daughter Christie naral pro sports central joining us on the second job just like one other NBA gamer looking outside Bucs and bulls and if the bulls host. You know that this is not a great basketball team as a matter of fact at one point 50% of the wins over the Charlotte hornets with the playing better as a plate bigger over in Boston the other night they go to Milwaukee and no law I do think Milwaukee certainly possesses the ability to blow this team out of my I would like Chicago with a plus nine number how does this was sick out for you. Gold or forgo their last four games there's still 720 on the season I mean there were three and twenty extra deceit and three and 28 straight up. Until they've won four straight so a couple of which team we handicap period kept the canoe with 322 between the sport of their last four. Public call for those went straight up as an underdog the last four games. On saudis to play better basketball and other eight point talks so I feel like to come back got hurt at some point but I'm not sure Barack. I want to wait eight pointing to bolster the 24 straight as an underdog. That's why you DS are you a guy like myself and we are planning to ride that he can ride the by the heater and he can eat you stacked chip can go out there and you continue to roll until it did you know you lose it tours that. You know there's going to be some situation he says listen this is too good to be true. We have a momentum you can't fight momentum especially in the deal we've sports like basketball baseball effect momentum works extremely well it immediately baseball where they play a 162 games well look where they're offensive momentum. And teams step for Iran potter colts think that the financial markets into the old adage don't wanna try to catch a falling night you don't want to try to pick. The Woodstock is a bomber team is gonna bottom. Yet she Gupta got a ticket to current form. Keep in mind though that that is quite into the point spread however doesn't look like it is like electricity sold eight point underdog you know wanting to become a twelve point favored all the sudden and to be able to save them but. A team that won four straight is not drug or did they point to stop to fix. You know as go to the NFL you know Steve and obviously a situation football is gonna apply here as we get into you know the later part of December and early January which conditions then you know you're talking about a team from Miami had enough to buffalo where there's expected to be some inclement weather has yet to the dolphins are only underdogs. By three points so you don't feel like this when I love the bills. A tick collars don't want nothing to do it says he's not a bad team even though if there might be some expectations but. You know cold weather sometimes make trouble. The colors that have a couple of cheap cigarettes in the pregame warm up you're. Gonna cost by. That this large a duck because agreed to strike this one with the caught a lot that was too short armed I actually like Miami on Monday night that that is a plate from my client Terry ten and point underdog. One team outright against new England and I think that is now called this ought to be lowered a couple points. While buffalo has not to play good football they needed overtime to beat Indianapolis and that was a game last week. But we've factored three point at least from home field to save these two teams are equal I distort agree with that I think buffalo is the better team. And I think that's proper Miami by the which Capone wrote dichotomy. But he's been one of the worst road teams a week dvd worst there are originally twelve point two came away from home this year. Lost my fortieth Baltimore they lost by 24 Carolina they lost by eighteen to doing their last three road games since mid October so. Does not look like a good spot and I think it is bad weather and what we saw last week that's even worse from Miami as you mentioned. Our Steve vote. It's Bergen New England on Sunday this Wednesday in Pittsburg and I'd love for you to break down why you think fits a New England is a three point favorite here on the road franks of the opinion Pittsburgh as the best team in the NFL I think Pittsburgh wins this game a break this one dollar and I am sure Z here's stars were there but that's obvious source ever and is that worth that many ports is Automask. I don't think there's hardest part because if you factor don't feel three point at least each way knowing would you like nine point oh very good three point road trip to which recovered translate to about a nine point oh Traber and I think. A lot of people be pretty tend to detect Pittsburgh one of the best and only get nine. The difference is this is they wrote game but it's still more straight up once situation on a much more likely delay the three with New England here that I would be to say it late night at home. And I do like defector coming off that also Monday night and commit to a one against the moderate voters that spot form there at the big look at it here towards Pittsburgh. Keep my ultimate struggle eventually Gradkowski was suspended for decades he will be back this weekend. That's a huge difference to the most important players delete any offense even with Tom Brady in the wind up. And the Steelers you know were fortunate to beat Baltimore they could lost that game they're not stepping up in class. These two teams are really remarkable to drop his murder Kimberly over the last twelve years one of these cases in the AFC title game eleven of the last twelve Beers 2000 dollars or Teva didn't happen. All in the winner this game most likely will have home field advantage immediately playoffs are still think New England but the team in the conference and in the short why trade are probably sick report. No Steve you're sitting here watching lines earlier in the week and use the Panthers Packers game started at minus one and opened one and all the sudden. I believe it was on Tuesday it jumped to six or seven. And which led me to believe that Aaron Rodgers wasn't going to be playing as somebody had some information. You know down there in Vegas that. That they they cut wind up well obviously now it's come back to three Aaron Rodgers is gonna play but tell why do that number jumped so high to like six or seven. I got to get exactly what that number would be without Rogers you know Hundley started to play a little bit better so that line and would have probably been about four points higher at that goes to do what went on their as we go Rodgers is expected apply the large currently hovering around key number three right now. There are some spots is still a lot of modest to have parts that the very critical comparable to this went on Sunday to kick golf. The big question from you don't Detroit RT answers you know how effective where Rodgers in his first game back after being up a couple months. All there's no question he's probably not a 100% yet. And the other thing is so they rushed to technical staff does he get back people you'd expect him to be kept the regular season home hon we did start to play better but greet each problem is defense. I think that's the bigger picture for Carolina I loved the connectors last week it was action by the document among the strongest weapons that so far this year. And without a laudable play against Minnesota we talked about accurately show last week what a terrible scheduling spot that was for the vikings. Third road game in three weeks sport in five weeks overall. The Carolina took advantage I think they have some momentum now stayed at home. Terrible failure Roger split I don't expect him to be under percent this week I think that probably gets Carolina gets. Save for me this is officially become my favorite segment of the year love doing it with you do a phenomenal job tell us are we to make some money each and not get your site. Appreciate that the web site his pro sports info dot com and as you that you practice has the best start near four major sports or called pro football and basketball. Bowl season starts this Saturday my bowl specials on the web site right now. Pro sports central dot com did you mention to show what you know make it free bets that Steve approached portent good dot com for free bets that speed at pro sports and go dot com. Good luck thanks so much Steve thanks very appreciate you very much it's us Steve Merrill pro sports central joining us as he does every single Friday afternoon also on Fridays as we do every day of the week it's time for the world according to strike. Time now for the world according. To for an. The world according to strike it's Friday. We're little lining up. Mike Richards and hang out there were major tell us why you got my attention. Oh and I saw just a dead dead dead it's important it is yeah this. Al dizzy eight putts yesterday of Ron mineral he's already more articulate and has the building and telling me that well. Anyway. So speaking of your phone and putting it down and to shoot people have these days. If you had to choose. One social media app. And it's the only one you can use the only one. The rest of you can't tell us from which one is and why. They were. Probably the well. The news and there's a lot of my. I think I think Twitter can be a useful tool and time. I'm just for news doctor there's a news and you only get about what 160 characters well. I'd say 080280. Now would situated. That's so much better than listening to reading some these documentaries people the right on FaceBook and things of that nature you know you can get your pictures out there you can get your point out there but I don't have a listen to a documentary on you know why. Mom you know something's taken place that you agree. Darkness must firstly on what do you have DUI. Just it's my parents are listening so I'm not into my mom and Watson got. But I just had you do grownup stuff. And I hate grownup stuff yeah I like to cut up I like to be stupid. I I Odyssey my parenting life is being stupid. Because sometimes when you're Smart it's not a that's fine I just had to do some grown up stuff can't. Frank what is your least favorite grown up thing it's you have to do he. Your head and try to get a loan. Yes this the worst thing ever. Mean there's loopholes that put you through. They wanna see your credit report and they wanna see. You know your bank statements they wanna see your income on. On the Israeli tax return your tax returns and your investments and you know all the things are just as they keep you running around forever silicon chicken was my head cut off. You know trying to fill a long pal you'll experience this wind you're trying to get loans your new house. Analysis and it and it almost to the point where like. I don't have anything else and I'm worn out and tapped out I didn't hear a thing I have to get the loan or not it's not to go somewhere else. You know it's not a big deal but it all you little things it did take you to get alone. To me that's the worst drawn out thing that I've had to deal with bills you know as is right up there as well. They are gonna pay bills sucks seeing the money go out not end. Now it sucks there's the hard grown up things say they are no no one like seeing a grown up Sox hash tag adults and did your kids listen like just don't don't do it don't don't come in as well. But we do is they'll wanna be old and having duke did to Entrust the world can I ask your question ours yet you ever gonna have children. And he's just trying to do good do you realize that you have to have a girlfriend first well yeah. Now I have to have a girlfriend have a child true that is true it's true I mean. It's more your eye area. Bassett. It's the ninety's all sorts of stuff is cool now out OK let's. Iceland's allows you by the way. He still living in the ninety's did that she nor does it that you'll on Simmons a little quick story you'll appreciate about him less so talk to us and he's telling me that he barely knows his remit. Personally lives with it they just they're on different schedules. Yeah you're right price he did he knows this person so little. That when my fiance to read dude quick FaceBook search emergency situation like this this couldn't be sure that her picture was hurry couldn't identifier. Buyer face and he lives with this person. A hostile. Can talk. And to make matters worse strikeout when he told me you know arrested are united like FaceBook friends who's delivered vigorous you know got to be honest with you. You're saying there's a first on the has ever occur to me to be FaceBook friends with the that's what he said he's not gonna hostel is yes no doubt I'm wondering if you lived in one or not. I saw I mean I live now hos style place if there's this. Now and I I can't act I what can I say they I see her every day she doesn't look like that. No but CC just look different in these pictures but we'll we talk we talk about cooking stuff but she took for you she actually dust. What's a fair thing to break Erica. Sheik Omar dive team. She cooks he's pumped in chocolate cookies. There are likes soft and they're just like lumps of chocolate like prompting cookie now it there's no sheet and and to just like these odd shapes. They're the best deal and fingers melting tear Delhi chocolate chips on top of it. Solely guy. Does Jerry guys ever come home and give us a little. Don't do I I you know I. And I thought our door and I say can you get up didn't pay some of those (%expletive) yeah. I consider and actually did this should just. I'm gonna get us on harm's way just the next question. Do you know Amanda you know but I don't know how much you pay attention to the tiny house movement and even these knew him talking about all not seeing those that people filing their -- build another build them like they're all over the West Coast especially in Oregon just like 500 square foot house a stay up that put him in the middle of nowhere. Could you survive in one would you ever tried a little liquid is. Any part of that appealing to you because to me the ability to put your house sort of trailers go wherever you want is kind of appealing sometimes. Although I am probably too big for 500 square foot house so he could have like multiple. Of those that's the best is the nice thing you can put them in that in a lot of different states if you're just like a nomad or Gypsies traveled around to your little houses. This decrease on. You know what if I had a little worn. I don't have a big yard and I've been have a big the funny thing is my shed would probably be bigger than my house I got too much stuff right. We have yet to get rid of the stuff and the stuff. Really need stuff we really need all the stuff that we think we need. I don't feel like organized enough to live in a small. You really efficient organizer of those would you be willing to shed everything except a necessity to have what do you do like laundry I'm really I got big close. Right I mean today that's an underrated problems sometimes too because you do laundry like OK I get six shirts in your words she is gonna get twelve right there half the size in my that's right now very efficient no it's not mean so my genes are not aware for like a week. Who knows along you have to Wear the underwear for. You don't prepare. It was a freezer genes that Washington. Trees what Curtis look at Google. It's a because that Google I am did you Google's OK okay you because it's not just blue dogs I like our bread lots of he's Lucifer you're not supposed to wash the demo over and over him because it erodes it makes it weaker because the dude to decay in Britain faster you know that's where they freeze the genes it kills all the bacteria on them and hesitant. That's the noise basically dozens redneck is a thing I've ever heard doesn't. Breezy high ceilings just freezing teens didn't turn out. No it doesn't doesn't taste so there's some cold and all the top here's the problem. Is it you grew up where we draw up and your kid. It's your anywhere in your teen aged dirt on you gene Susan G says not to deter. Their careers listening after like three or four where's the start sinking. So just frees them to put detergent on and somehow don't just tell you and I Douglas I've read lots of people sentenced to free its slowly. I jeez what are renewable resource and I I'm Bart I'm. And I don't you probably think she still supposed to wash your clothes out McCready an actor who. I. And you can brawl that did. You know every once a YE a beta in the river did major and so it's Julian on it it's always have been so I'd be awesome. We can turn mile motor to a place like fight club man was least likely makes his own self. If you had to here's a good question to guys no electricity. Outbreak could you survive it we know. No none of the essentials like you said it was just like you out in the woods. Would you be able to survive. I gonna show you something hum. My guy was yet not at all. Hatchet and here. I don't wait to deepen those survival shows little a little while I I actually have a running list where's my back I'm running it's in his chair writing I have him back in front. Like tiny little thought that I wrote. Two page document of all the things that I would need serve to survival things I would pack in my bug out bag like I got really into the survivalist a search for awhile and not I'm not ashamed out. So could I yes Georgia could most guys feel like they took but I feel like jump. Having not done most of it I'm still Wear what I need so no it does make his next administration you know I don't know cell be naked afraid I didn't volley that. You're sharing your urinated in ashamed I have settled. I'm Michael naked and get sick and my ought to be afraid they did things I didn't say yeah. It could drop me off make some cold weather climate it's not a random looking like you're full so no I don't know a lot of fried turtle there. So I don't show it to you and I've not met yeah it's a good answer. A little wanna see the list I'm in my. Seven is making some seriously good points on Twitter which is a strain for one would say that. I he says aid to pressure makes it once you're not friends with which I found to be absolutely true yes and T. Kyle bro you dry clean jeans you don't watch that's not true such Rudolph but some forty toward you you know and who dry cleans their jeetz. It's factor and an extra hundred bucks muscular for the dry cleaning mourners resembling out to drive. Would the Drexel in his five dollar jeans. TDD what's it was expensive pair of jeans you know. There were given to me I didn't buy some serious questions quick question quite right now is I saw positive energy disrupted rail your quick closing gonna change society and I was not a but one of the callers or the such as once knows that first on that list is the sweater vest. I. Number one on the lessons addressed this is the in order to survive I need sweater vest a lie travels around the world. Faster than anything else before before the truth can even wake up. Frank is accused me of word sweater vest when in fact I just have a much different colored Columbia sleaze simple play best I'm not Sangamo stylish guy in the world but it's definitely not a sort of you know it's one garment of closing I'd never own is a fast intelligent utilities unbelievable. Tumble out what good is the best out of her sweatshirt MIR and B performance. Yes it's a thing if frank can relate to because francs a big tough offensive lineman who used to go article weather climates and play with no sleeves on because you know everything just in what's right both for me I don't like him aren't status and you're worried about the excellent ability yes. Looks like it's just a couple how. If I'm in a bank is somebody's rob and I can't you reach out to do with people run if I got an X restrictive -- on what if I have the vet is you had one piece of closing to choose from when you do is take out into the wilderness what he's disclosing what the dressed sort of messed. Us. Just Google us let her rest. Always say look excellent mobility in the facets so this guy gets it. Absolutely gets it this guy best rock thank you I appreciate is that there are coached West Virginia. Are you know if you really want to if you really wanted to send me. Accusers mid West Virginia plays Jesus built a beautiful state it's is a very scenic state you're absolutely right about that it's a state. A lot of people don't automatically. If it could darn it detectives sweater vest not a touch itself does pose and but whenever he's called this old buddy down shirts throw your voice voice you act like I give my clothes from some you know unknowns futuristic this is a button down shirt what you called the Columbia. I don't know many of those snow lake tore through us take this up. Stretching and they get a stretchy material got a thousand I don't Orlando sentinel I I think it was stretcher might Wear more but the problem is his mobility in those things that stretches through the camera can brand mobility is perfectly up here in and so cheap. But had a sale would buy one get two free around on the dollar condemn a touchy time. Earning more than used to be and so you know I am all right and you're gonna come back its television stuff for the garage door bureau. On this list on the subordinate a survivalist for rich sort of mess miser series razors facial juicy Ellison and it's not it's your job it's a judo shop notes Judy's job now I'd see each got a series are you studying on the Jenna and you are seeing the big question and engine giant engine. Well we'll show I did get beyond just what the passengers up and apparently nobody else is good yeah. A busy job and it got two little ten a backer in your back pot. Pocket Darnell sucker on stock did you ever sit and what is millennial thing now is not is a red material militant attacks Garcia merely thinking the wrong. We have to move. Quickly here it's time for the garage door guru Randolph brought you buy extra stress got a garage door guru Chris Kroger is live at the hot to order seventy tonight. Ellis Brent unit here Chris Kroger good afternoon sir Howard if they make guys happy Friday. To you was well to you was well what do you chewing on today. You don't know I'm I'm kinda with you guys I think the if you get Brady towards Sunday and this is kind of the emotional I think Epson closure tickets a fan right you know you hear Rodgers is coming back. Maybe you home scale little sweaty your brow gets a little sweaty. And then you start to dive into the match up pretty look at the numbers and I think come with Tom what do you guys and specifically with frank. The Panthers are nine and four for a reason I think they got a really good football team I think Aaron Rodgers deserves. I healthy dose of respect but overall I think the Panthers are better team it was some of the injuries that might have going into Sunday and I I kind of like the match up for this defense on Sunday especially a front end and that's truly I think petrol both sides of the ball so. I'm looking forward to this man this feels like we got last week guys we're talking about. If you're Carolina you wanna prove you can be a playoff team neck and they can make a run you got to beat a team like Minnesota. Today our Sunday I think is one of these games where you wanna put the NFL on notice a little bit hey pay attention to what's going on a Carolina right now. I think it. A good look what opening up of Green Bay on Sunday would would start really turning some heads in the NFL they pull it off and I think they're capable of it. No I think Suze well are we a short time did your thoughts on the Lawrence and I'd amend its feet their view of what you think happens is well I mean look I know is so like studies mistake games in a row within the issue he's against Jodie data sets stakes for him he's not going to be here to play that's good for the hornets took justice when slider show. Look I mean this is kind of a game again where the bench I think it's got to do their part come speakers. Wayne Ellington went off for the for the keep the other night off the kitchen though their bench players got a good good wolf put on the court it's a few weeks ago. They got to win this game and I think they get a sweep the back to back that they tonight and tomorrow against the blazers the winnable games. And look six or seven at home they got to climb out of this hole. And I think they're capable of it but if Donovan I think we're gonna go to January we're going to be a pretty good your ideal one way or another with a sort of steam is 412200. Tonight cruise he likes data unless they work quite like its corners when. Yes I think kemba gets right again tonight now he drug she's always got a hat is number but I I don't know I gonna feel the camera gets right tonight. I bodyguards more necessary right yet says it three we had really great conversations with Kyle Love and Jonathan Stewart of the Panthers this week you'll hear that. Poured it to system pat Delaney and we're at it we're gonna dive at the Panthers a Packers are gonna support for a few hours after. Every week embodied in our guys still an offense probes are you concede tonight LC and about the suspect consider Frank's going to be their Oz is going to be there via WS NC party out. About it. Carlos CNN we are vague all the folks involved in this and obviously hit man on board for Franken child this is Glenn Dorsey and really W offensive. Shot eight encourage what does that do they'll blow your mind. That just happened.