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Thursday, December 14th

 In this hour of Garcia & Bailey, Kyle and Frank do a segment called the World According to Frank. 


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Garcia. I judges Thursday you know a dead marine's frank Garcia. As a brand and that's for no let the brand new till hotel is where you'll find frank Garcia tonight located at caraway channels and I'm. This Thursday that's tonight at Washington David enjoy a special meeting at a very important but our next hour I was way just the tea plain old Austrian media shrimp and it. And I'll bail. Well coming up at all. Lost Ozzie and Hillary these things from mile away diabetes and I might be like its Brothers were elegant look about it I. I try not around to try to defend myself it's not worth the time but I've got about a mountains north of paperwork to allow for this this thing you're house stood at the house again until the body because I don't wanna do it till. I wanna jinx it. I still don't look at them afraid to make ends there I guess I'm an. He can't do paperwork Saturday paperwork and until two until a great place to pay for the people don't work on the computers all the time look I'm under car we're in the contract for house right now and I've got paperwork has to be done but today it's got a good at the they're inspectors there today we don't go there seven tonight I don't know. The united doers Simmons and Kyra but we're doing FaceBook library after the show us there I don't take Dallas say ten minute when he right when he Minnesota I get home at three units at least I can store said people were just four hours right. The Minnesota only got to do my life. Well I mean you've been saying through weeks now come to the tilt tilt I just don't want to cast my shadow warn you it's your night that that you'd trust that would not happen I'm just and I think. The ball's gonna put the purse and I. Uh huh uh huh I have phrased it's a pretty big shadow. This guy is pretty big channel but I think my last. Take away is really what happened you took a struck. They think David as you will I don't really Carol zipped shut it. Yup. Whatever anyway. So fresh did you watch it or mr. must recommend you while the holes edited unfortunately. Because I. Scored the first quarter. 125 terrified plagiarism like destiny don't drop tortured to attitude toward a 321 and it was and then almost blocked it from my memory you know and then all of a sudden the next thing you know they go on 31 to two run. Tony 501 point 21501. Point worrying how his professional athletes NBA players. Do you allow yourselves to get run off the floor like that 25 nothing. How how does no one stopped the bleeding I was noting timeouts they call met in that span Ottawa wasn't count to the colony and I remember I'm not sure. As we go we're gonna ask it does is continue. Roy Williams philosophy and it comes a calling timeouts we're gonna play out this other eating is asking much. You know the reality of it is cal. Mean Houston. Issue dean and be efficient three point rate may be more than any other team in the NBA history right now. And I just knew as a matter of time. I. Fortunately for myself for my bank account men all over this hornets team. On Ellen you know these wins and losses. And yeah I just info like there's any chance for them to play with the Houston Rockets zero. Bomb it they just don't score well enough and again that's evident last night you talked about defense only one. OK so there are schools 125 knots and say they do fifteen nothing you still get blitzed out of the gym. Let's say you're ten nothing is still don't score zero. You don't score a bucket. Then it goes 312 and you score a you know the white power's not the issue we even though there's going to be some killing people that say that you know he's not really fit in there will be ready matchups right and there's going to be bad matchup for Dwight Howard. I get it. But he's playing his ass off his play as hard as anybody out there on the court warrants are I believe I truly do his effort last night put to shame half that Ross I'd I couldn't agree more. You know and yeah this is coming from a guy that we've. Still considered a lackadaisical type of player that just has too much fun his smile is fake and he doesn't go out there he doesn't care about. No his craft. I don't know what tablet Dwight Howard. But. To me. He's the only warn him and timber that only two guys dropped regular and consistent effort on a nightly basis that. You know it seems like you they wanna win and everybody else is just like. You know I'm still hard. Some too tired. You know I think it's every down that's gonna hurt. It I think yeah. I have to slow it down and take a chart in no way. I mean there's just there's just no other player out there that consistently gives you that type of play. You know as the starters going in I'm sorry there are no or part of Nicholas Batum but he's never gonna be that guy. No and I'm gonna give credit Jim kgo is in KG had eighteen did when he was Ford isn't as efficient as it can be lest he was eight of twelve from the field eighteen points that guy gives US for I'm not sure it's good enough amateurs in the right situation whatever the case is in case he's gonna play hard for it. And there are nights were a dinner for being honest Marvin Williams draws the toughest defensive assignment in on most nights on the floor but your larger point is absolutely correct that as as Crowe explicitly is a great way to put it the care factor was some of these guys is so obviously not there at times and it is so frustrating infamy frank again it goes back to NIC Batum where it's easy to pile on this guy I understand that but I don't care right now because if you're three and a half quarters into a game. Against a team like Houston Rockets. And your make and I kind of money. And not only have you not scored. You shot three times. Three field goal attempts how much she tried how much do you care right now. But Didier I don't talking about you know he doesn't care about the guy I'm talking about you know what kind of effort it takes to win the NBA and to be an ad that that kind of team. How can any shots are falling three field goal attempts are you kidding me I did two million dollars. Size it take you slow to gets. To the same conclusion that was that a year and a half ago with him because you don't want to present to the ability is there may be a 24 million dollars a year with the ability is not eager to be a contributor Ellis not. One athletically it's not okay five Lewis that we're gonna see differently on this let's not let's fight I think I think he can really. You know as watching athletes go. Knowing you look at guys in the way they walk the way they carry themselves the way they looked. You know you can till about an athlete you can't if you've been around athletes your entire life like I have been. And like a lot of other guys and evaluate talent you're gonna see would Atlantis is a much like Broadway materials themselves. By the way the bodies are built you're going to be able to say this guy plays here that guy does this this guy's a good jumper that there's a fast runner but does strongly. Are you gonna be able to tell a lot about them for Sikhs have some guys. It looks like it hurts when he walks. And CR IC he's tall. And he has okay skill. But it's. Not sure if his knees or Rabin and starting a fire if you put a match there. I should I don't know. Austria just like I am just I'm just being mean so he's overcome a lot of challenges to be where he's that good for him. Because athletically speaking he's average at best. You know comparatively speaking to the best athletes on the planet. And as a football players are good athletes think you know baseball players and athletes but they don't. Hold the jock of these MBA players were comes to athletic ability their NBA athletes are the best athletes in the world in my opinion. You know the way they control the body the way they run the way they jump their size there's read in their criticism is off the charts agreed. You know and it's you know that there's some good football players and our athletes is as well. You know but it's you offer on on hole when you look at the five guys that are out there you're talking about the five best players on the planet. You're talking about the ten best players on the power plant is 53 guys in the NFL roster some by numbers alone. You talked about if you could take the eleven best guys of the ten best guys and Herschel team and that's the only team you're building what where does Nicholas Batum match up. He doesn't it does so his skill set is what makes him. A commodity and for this team if you're always going to pass your you know in my as mayor of a Boris Diaw. Yeah I just anymore studio yeah he's a skinny Boris Diaw. But its border Boris Diaw do for it for for the horse who could really don't to. But he showed up in the post season for disperse and you know and the reason being is because he had talent surrounded him. You know Nicholas Batum could be a good efficient player on a team that was built with the guys they're going to take a load off of him. But on the Lotus put on him he's not going to be you know that guy in weeks to us so we need. To stop expecting him to be that guy that made a mistake with what they thought that he was going to be. You know for this team is our Big Three is a 45. I think there for some people out there. And for what you whatever your background is your perspective maybe you just not come to realize Bichette I'd bet that sports and especially professional sports. He's not always a meritocracy and by that I mean. Is your big contract guy if they're paying annual lot of money even if the guy behind Jews are playing you. They're probably gonna throw the big money guy out there because they want to return on their investment they have committed to you financially to do that and I learned that the hard way wouldn't when my brother retired from professional baseball because he was pitching well but the they're the guys who were dressed in the first five rounds a Major League Baseball draft were still getting more you know more bounce on and he was there because he was it's a twice from drastic so that's a first experience that I had with that and I'm watching this team. And I see Jeremy lamb put our great last night Jeremy lamb in nine minutes didn't shoot well nearly was finding him he contributed in a contributed last night he scored nine points. The same number of points that make Batum scored all nine of his were garbage time because he had scored with three and a half left to go in the game was absolutely in the back right so somebody just exodus of lamps not bad knows what he's improved drastically this year frank and I talked about it quite a bit. Elam is probably in my opinion piece third most. Athletically gifted guy that looks like an MBA player on this on this team. You know he's just got to be more consistent that was his issues he's been more consistent this year nice guys stay healthy. Right those are the things that you know he's. He looks like it MBA player at times he flashes like an MBA player you know should flash when when your eyes jump percent while we're when we lose that you know what just happened there this Nicholas Batum urged you know Jeremy lamb. Right you never gonna see Nicklaus the tune to those things yeah. Original but you're cheering go wild. Right and you know. He's not gonna cross guys over he's not done not Mac stepped back threes he's not going to out out hustle you for a rebound so. Don't if you're not going to be athletically gifted like everybody else what do you do. In order to be successor Nassau torture SI but I don't know why I'm speaking from experience here guys I mean I'm not a very athletically. Dalton gifted guy comparatively speaking to the other offensive linemen around the league but our new orders and orders from needs is to be successful I had to be. Tougher I had to work harder I had to try harder I had two little things different and everybody else in order to just stick around. Last night when the hornets second group got on the floor but couldn't even compete. And if you want to be illustrated for you that residual question I have so saw a guy hang tight little what is read these numbers because there are alarming right stats don't always told story there the whole story. I think this one does by the way. I've plus minus to be a little bit misleading look at this. These are the starters and plus minuses last night frank Marvin Williams plus 72. Hour plus stint nick puts her own blizzard up plus thirteen. Michael Kidd Gilchrist broke even plus zero Kemba Walker actually was minus three does does he play pleasant place he didn't like play with a second group quite a bit last night to. Here's the second group guys wherever forty in here here's a second group guys ready for this frank Kaminsky negative 38. Jeremy lamb negative 32 trading on Graham wasn't bad he's been to a Tom last night negative twenty. What else would also Michael Korda Williams negative finally monk negative five Johnny O'Bryant negative for the illustration here is that this second group absolutely cannot compete they can't even maintain right now when they come into the game. They just can't. I don't Zeller is not the missing piece to that obviously you'd like to have him back he still an upgrade over Johnny O'Bryant he's not gonna fix that problem. So that's the issue of. Were you watching the game with me the other members that I like this line this is the one lineup but I like for the hornets team and a happy to have Kaminsky on the show on the court. And you can interchange Dwight or code either one and probably say obviously now code is gone you showed wide out there but his slam. It's Batum it's kemba right. And it's Cody and frank best is that the five best that we have that's the five that you said you liked it when you're Iverson in press row do you address that you like that combination could you have shooters you have scores you have guys that you know care and you know rebound I mean you had you moved on both sides of the court you had guys that can overcome and that lineup looked to me like the one lineup. That could compete. Done this and I can meet the the does does the cavs or might not beat the Celtics but tonight and get blown out of the gym but the problem says once that line up isn't out there together. And you start mix match you know the people of that lineup. The wholesome the deficiencies are so great that it makes those other guys around them take steps backwards not forwards. 70457. Or 96 Tennessee got a docile take your phone calls when Nixon supported sought more plant more papers talk when we come back because of his Packers game obviously on Sunday is enormous. The world record to strike at 130 we still got some timeless and this up or simply looked. Hornets coach objectives goals W dot com and you know we're. I don't know. This is just as frustrated out talking about the Lawrence and and trying to assess what's wrong with this team were joking during the break after Michael Jordan what that even with a speech even sound after Michael Jordan walked into to a players only meeting to address these guys what do you say to. But I how do you. How do you try to fix these guys frank is as always put there during the break Michael Jordan's. He's will to win. Is that something you can teach people write you sensibly that you can run the just rubs off on someone has a new here Michael what are you saying. Should she have to say anything you shouldn't know remain so what are you everywhere what are you saying this going to change the way the summiteers I don't know. So old Nelson. Nothing has a lot more than something in this case. Why don't we put the onus on Michael Jordan to go into a locker room give these guys a speech. Well there are ordered we put those expectations on. In a non non. And done right and then get an easy Unix is don't care but no no no other crucial as the owner of the basketball team has no longer a player and I mean everybody's gonna know who we is buddies are gonna go out there India of you know some what some win one for the gipper speech and make everybody is also just our heart now you know what he's gonna do a search siren guys or start. You're moving ice contracts or start. Blowing teams up and rebuilding. You know the Thomas with GM today you know Kyle is that you can't send us messages Kazaa guaranteed contracts are firemen payment yeah. But that's only power. You know that clubs have. You know at any level you know when you're looking at paying these guys Tony four point five million. You gave a guy that really doesn't really care about the game as much as maybe if you think you should. And what are you gonna do to get more out of him. If he doesn't have a little. I I'd as the Mets the conundrum I don't know if you can't I think that's where we're -- so why should we expect Michael Jordan to do that no I don't even know that I expect him George's which are could have been a fly on the wall like conversation just to hear what it sounds like this I wanna know you know you Susan walker on Steve turn people died and any idea what you do would you sell yourself you saw it yeah. I teach your lunch if I was still 25 years old but what are you what you say it looks like OK let me. Payment okay yeah you're right coach cool likes thanks we appreciate that year old who don't care I hate it anyway listen to phone call that was its own accord it's that was up. The girls are in. It did everywhere about what's the date type edit dips having. Got Cuba after Michael Teague nucleus much crack would you Emma that eats turned the corner a little bit. I think. But I have just watched the coaching. If you don't give Dwight Howard well Erica gets to rockets last. Some outraged. Maybe he has great repeated that it did their best and remain. Our district that there's bet something they can play thirty minutes scored what. I mean UK listed it discharge it won't world it is (%expletive) just back probably five years. We cannot citing a birdie at Kimba bogeyed chairman up for contract. Didn't and essentially Jim Leach and take him out of Asia he's just prior. They're act be dead too much certain incredibly bad big big terrible problem it's important for. So news. Well we didn't all go well. To demonstrate commit to get stood there watched you. They're Russian loose Marlins split it and it didn't. As part beating two distinct watched I've written verdict satellite date. They're going to be. He's ready decent iron screwed every poll. Just two minutes right. I think German and searched and upholds state or tedious it will get it Carly no big contract. But it does. I do not appreciate the phone call and tell he's frustrated yeah I mean and rightfully so. I mean what's what should be our expectation you know with the it was his hornets basketball team each and every night get better. Look company compete well I don't. I don't about jamming getting better I mean that that's like saying if you don't jump so high jump higher. If you don't shoot so well she better if you can only run so fast run faster. Those are unrealistic expectations for maybe there are I don't know that's what I'm telling you they are you eat out if you have reported Ensberg in Baghdad jokes about four inches. I know is that coach. Well is that is that is that are those expectations of me I still think that's an oversimplification I'm talking about did better in the context of the team I know we are going to write their people have limitations no doubt about that I. In this basketball has limitations. That doesn't mean that you can't do other things to keep that guy from out jumping you like box out too here's what do little things when you're. For here's my other question. There were they there were times last year and the year before last this team. Shot the ball really relive Wilson perimeter right matter of fact they shot a pretty well more often than not the last couple years this team is routinely shooting 16171920%. From the three point line and getting absolutely humiliated him into it. It liquid plateau should let her while pole while we got a full by bad happened metal like phone calls go to the next accidentally put him on August I don't think you know soft area over duke. In go. There were going hook. You pointed that is kind of the idea I don't do it out authorities are part is the expectation. This availability. We get to invested in the individual to have been quite a chart you can eat apparently the trouble most of the disease because this goes. We put too much stock in the in the purses to an individual. You got to be willing to get rid look at quickly when they're not doing their job probably what would you press about a billion dollar to sit around and hole. And wait. About global why he's not given your production you can do our best quality. When do Republican lawmakers. Good doctor or anybody else but keep and it definitely more money. And we are special obligation to wait all of the hole and I hope they do are get ready to judge to not only to a better product. Say god how professionals or. I've doesn't want they are always thought about this term they don't understand apple personally. Professional sport coat or you're not supposed to lobbied. Can afford to bring him import job and what you don't do the job general market total. All thought their getaway and I don't below an honor and a tight you know live and where they're not doing their job. Did you drop all the all the nonsense about why we're just get rid of him not well liked about. Belichick. To restructure his contract with a tornado did give him that now. A consultant to some ten year contract and you have to sit there and ticket and okay why we need to start doing. These structural thing we can get my. It's a different religion yeah. And doing a Tammy McKinney you know the difference you know the NFL's not all fully guaranteed contract with the walkway and he thought right well I mean they can fire your meantime in not have to pay you a lot of that money if you don't sign one of those contract up. In the MBA every contract guarantees so that's unrealistic in every contract not is going to be. Elevator based in you know on on the on the free market right rewards so if you're up of that contract this is what you're going to be now you don't want to pay those guys you can go get less standard guys and hopefully go to the draft but that's been the issue Kenny visit our draft picks and we talked about yesterday. On the last five or six years would Dray Bly you know I have other thing Kemba Walker Bennett who. Buster disappointment. So they're not they not drastic well a big one more look at the some of the Mets a little while ago that I want to address from the quickly citizen control under Dwight Howard last night the post every single time to Chris. And others Everest on the front right in an ideal world you got a great back to the basket big man who can not only scored on their but he also passes well ought to double teams and finds open shooters. Shooters making shots so even if you go to Dwight Howard he's got an alibi against the reason Roger trading Jews safaris to mathematically you're gonna lose a game anyway and that's a problem let's go to a Robert next realistic brawler was up. Guys are look what frank just said I mean it rubber meets the road one outlines don't you just read something a couple of minutes ago about. It's like to ask and I got to throw the ball better or jump higher or lift more weight or something like that. And the guy just can't do it. And you don't hiring at our I've I've grown to businesses cannot have a lot of people work or me. And sometimes people have they limited capacity to do certain shops. And sometimes that's OK. And I sort receive our wit and I'm content filling in on the last caller are able to do a job now. Granted you know athletes are a special kind of employee and they should be recognizes that. Because we are unbelievable skill and what they'd put into play at this level. I think frank didn't do at all. It the hornets are what they are it's it's. To steal another great credit extension he's a good job will be Jimmy and the Joes that the hornets are out. Collector Paul individually. Except for maybe Kemba Walker. Our ceiling is just won't work and other teams they don't have the capacity. That you know and they wanted to Oklahoma City. This article to my game. Oklahoma City not playing well and he did just see what the hornets shooting percentage Willis. The regular three RQ did and it three point. They shoot 50% from three point every night no Taliban playing well they're capacity. So myself. But it gave our domestic question. What in the world. Well why would Michael Jordan possibly the most. Competitive person ever come out and steal how and I mean in the open market. Can't accuse him total from New Orleans. From Goldman was sent to me I mean step out I mean general manager and player as well. Why is Michael Jordan not being more aggressive to go. We do you know the answer to deliberate we appreciate the call on the answer to that those things costs money yeah right if you're gonna make money. You know sometimes. You and you got to spend money. And if you're gonna be successful sometimes you have to spend money. Right but other times you can still make money when there's already a system in place it's and you you know regardless of how could you war. Right and that's where revenue sharing comes in and that's where a lot of the other TV contracts commend the hornets are making money. Right they went from when Jordan got this team. I think 250 million there about a billion dollar industry now 800 million some owners are familiar whatever they are whatever their worst right now. You know a lot of thanks to let the LA clippers have done out in LA would that franchise a 2.2. You know billion dollar purchase but. You know that is when that happens it makes everybody around them a little bit wealthier because. You know the the price of business just want to. Did you write about that are due this CJ show on on our insight we're gonna come back with the world according to Fries. But as we wrap that up might try to save some time there did take a few more of these phone calls and or your fired up right now and by the way sex or destroy it as it won't just the idea that coaching may be the big problem. There we have we absolutely yes and while we like cliffs a lot and do believe I believe he is a good basketball coach he might not be the right basketball coach for the Charlotte hornets that might be a conversation we have the moral right now we'll come back the world according to Franken at the Taylor will try to squeeze in some more phone calls Garcia and they took time. Turning now. With the world according. To frank. Didn't outlying stuff. At least now the boy your impressions that he's the worst although I sense that that. No that was our that was worse that was Thursday did you get worse not better I don't know why my first question mark shorter stretches. With some meanest thing you also about when I leave this room. Well we never think you're gonna make it back on time. Yeah and I now because every time you're not decide about every I'm not once miss an intro coming back from Britain's radical touch for a never miss an. OK you don't know why you never miss an intro plus coastal inside re here because lenders thirty seconds left and you just disappeared. I have to stick my head into the hall adult. Well and work. When all of a sudden you just magically appear from nowhere you just run down the home run and here you TV preteen. My time is it okay please under no one who comes on the air breeding can resist after doing thirty pushups in between sent him to address any desserts that I batting tunnels come back reed and edits right just resumes bushels during the break yes so where did you go when you go to break up you disappear every time you're done so gaga goes somewhere and the long well my dealings I have I have the Blatter. 09 year old army chip and so. I'll come in here on a date on the regular day I'll probably drink. Three bottles of water. And dye mound. Right and so throughout the entire show probably every other break every third break maybe I have to. So I'm going to. Let's I'm sure he didn't you know that's that way let's throw weren't so why do you go that well didn't know where I just can't just went that way nor to treat. The hierarchy of bathrooms here at intercom that Dempster bastards are clearly the best patents. Because there's singles you can go and Mary do you take clothes off to every guy did. I your entire closed its AT jacket not you know I do your you're its pride. I don't go to once upstairs to public no one cares or listening to the Francona on. I have a bladder it is very sauce on diet doctor pepper. ATP is diet that's government CP seven a 45 setter night six tenderly surtax on not taking his phone calls that's our question is an excellent they're okay close votes on whether that's me being. Little after I'd that's for a few feet right. This segment that's got that's. Okay here's my question frank. I hate to holidays. I'll be the first hunted men can't stand and I don't like the idea that we base our opinion of each other based off what we dean bye for now like unlike. Frank if you could change one thing about the holidays Christmas specifically. Always eating. What would I change about Christmas I don't Christmas is my favorite holiday. And it's not because of the guess because honestly. Honestly when you buy and I don't like opening presents. I would rather watch other people over presence did enjoy things like that I I agree with you that's way overblown it's not what Christmas is about but yet that's what we celebrate. That's what we teach our kids to celebrate so. I would say instead of opening presents. And do something nice for somebody that's gonna change about Christmas I sound like not know how. No no you're right on your. This reason yeah I mean that's what the spirit of the season should be about is doing something for somebody ninety buying some put on that John McCain just about that book as the older you get more or less the less you care about presence in the more secure but just having time most of CP you don't tell. Tomorrow I have I don't. I'm gonna cut armor come over and clean your yard. Palmer take your dogs for a walk through that's that's what your Christmas should be about not tile now. By you. Quite a new crow Keith you know glassware I lied and he sweater vest that's our Christmas should be about no. Frank what is the weirdest Christmas gift you've ever gotten. Whom a secure. What's the weirdest weirdest just the most random Christmas gets somebody ever gave it well it wasn't what Warren Sapp was and now for Christmas. Talk about the ultimate violation of the corporate handbook what was weird about that at the slaying of a I was to have nothing. Would you say oh sure yeah though I just I dumped that. But it says nothing said the we're Olson's. Differently where they'll say it now remains second dill pickle the up. You know except he's not tickled and yeah Homer Simpson does the don't on the all right anyway last question and we wanna clear crystal months what was the first moment in your life where you realize. Dan on to note. The loss for the first moment you like for just hit you elect I'm I'm not I'm no spring chicken anymore. Well I was playing basketball is Jim. And typically known as a guy has played a lot of sports as life. You get to a point where you can see things happen and when you're good athlete to react to those things your body your eyes see something your body reacts to what your eyes see your anticipate or listen to as patient but your body reacts to that match go make the play. When you stop making those poor taste. When you stop making those plays in your eyes are telling you one thing but my body just Mon ago. That was probably about seven years ago I was playing and they you church league basketball game. And this guy I was coming down and Agassi who is passing it to I kind of baited him this guy's little wide open and arousal and passing the ball and I was Nuno intercepted. And I made a great break on the ball and I saw it coming. Just going to take it I'm just going to get there anymore so that's when I first there. Lies and arousal nota was removed. Well what to do play a pickup game at the wide. In uptown down and was out there regarding Joseph Torre did it was 21 years old I'm thirty tuna. And it was a Democrat. I'm gonna turn this so I say I'm. It the centers and yet not suitable for work Texans defensive side of chocolate candies and into. Yeah big time Timmy divisiveness is just yesterday senators Richard and I just don't the people walking by tab to see this you're just gonna think something I'm doing and here is an appropriate that's not me yeah that's Frye didn't do that are visceral according to Fred bought that music don't wanna I wanna do what I promise and clearly so much before we come back to Randolph is due to receives its first season it was a bit. You know march by the way. I found out. Where there are I'm 00 when did you stop on a dime and I did it. Yeah there there would have liked it if while you're right oh. Are there is. When I did well at all. How what I see out there where we you know they. All we know it early armored troop fanatic of political lower. Happened about what Godard an outlet quarter about it they're. Well look at these players in the row a bit you know based on our multi star of how that happened yet. We get ripped go mad mad at Ballard we go to the better people and order but I had a question but you guys. Well and to take or what the problem with that I don't paint ball with all agreed. Well this city because there are a lot of B right now what they do wrong where. We restart between order and I. Well it's not translating it to win it. But we think there are apple on court went away so why not just. There are accurate if you go broke her ballot. Are over people have a right out and I don't I don't they saw what they are all ballplayer. But did you know. Familiar with the paper the day or are you increase the web I don't know what doc about. Thank you Suzanne appreciate it would on its own time to get into drugs are more phone call were already a little bit late but I would say it is all just say this from because Frank's Frank's position on this is pretty well established. Nor dragon it closer and closer. To just blow. Dock yards and a closer and closer by the turn of the year this thing has improved. I make a vow to Yunel and I'll be on team blow the hell up. And start over so that's aura that was that right now we had a conversation and a different day but Dulles go to hotter and Carlos talk about the forty dollars or fared mark tried this earlier as there is basketball coach because you know let's gonna fix everything went so far Howard looked. Bet they exact answer to all our solutions go to their web part BM allergic you murder. Voted by the light that we know we have to fire all our company and their act in order prefer him to be pretty good coach. Well pretty sadistic and we've got time by this bring X record of not having gotten in the conference but yeah. It's just not adequate enough for the glorious stuff athletic department so obviously can't just start Judy rattled. We've given Lambert opportunity and I know that there are just great obviously but yeah I yet he had. But seventeen imported one and so orchestrated the recent price isn't doing well is because of its lack effort in the first preceding its current winning go to. I'm obviously not evaluate and well vote yeah or out up Eric well it's evident that. Thanks John appreciate that well on his numbers show what your word be the final woman today because there was a lot of times a lot of calls put up. Or that there's an odd situation are we're gonna come back and actually really quickly before we do frank and I wanna hear your worst holiday stories were talking about earlier we want your your worst holiday story so if you go to WS Lindsay dot com slash contests. Leave a short worst holiday story and the winner. It's gonna receive a yacht a massage from bossi met spotting telling you it's an awesome gift so you may did you Christmas different lady's mother whatever it is for free despite tell initial worst holiday stores though Siemens boss the real deal load those folks. Trust me you want this that you go to WS Lindsay dot com slash contest. Telus sure were solid story bulletin after Christmas and come back it's time for the garage door dour Randolph Chris drovers in the house is Garcia and built. This is the handoff trucks in my garage door drew it's gonna take very little time to do this relates. And grow our apologies to customers fart of conversations that I. No it's okay I mean it's just another day at the office man I I appreciate the I assume really boring to get into this just the way you guys are few really genuinely bad assuming they grew up around your Schwartz going all the 49ers right now but I do appreciate their inept athletics department for their for the show. Content today so I was out of it can be both of those things on saar for the fans but thank you Judy rose for being completely incompetent previous stuff to talk about I appreciate that once or. Line now what's the timing on my game by that. I don't know but yeah Godfrey who they fired openly was able to finish coaching. And everybody knew that was gonna put everyone in the world and our governor is gonna be fired NC state stolen I say this all the time I mean what when people say oh fires discuss I would get this for the hornets fire cliff fire close cyclist might not be the next head coach other big cushion picture I don't know about that but when you talk in any sport. You say fire coach mid season. Bad teams do that and programs do that bad organizations do that bad teams do that and eat you could probably count on a very short list the amount of times and it's worked out for the better. Over the course of that year we fired somebody and then that team was better off Ford if anything it's just guys falling on the sword moving a problem around kicking the can down the road appeasing a fan base so even if you fired two point of fire mark price mid season. What he really accomplishing what I'm he would pay a lot prettier hey don't pay attention that look over here it's a slight of hand is that the we didn't fire Lambert's it'll you know we're gonna make sure that we're still in charge and it worked anyway here you guys who and attention around you right maybe I mean I don't know but it's well look I talked to some folks aborted solution they were so shocked as anybody he was shocked try to stay here here's his statement I was shocked as anybody does Lego Dell settled is completely I'd left sealed well you know Houston venture right amid I do know here's some will say issues is really good basketball coach should be I was in school with Houston Houston. Is a guy that honestly that was a very good coach for us and given the resources we had which were nothing. Given the general recruiting we had which was not great Houston signature did not deserve to be let go the way he was let go Houston pitcher. Did Corey work at a school like gap that has no basketball tradition for the most part and very little resources for basketball so darn fine hands with Houston pitcher but this scene about Houston's signature. Since you re do I love Houston to issued the same about Houston this is about an athletics department that basically for. You're going on ten years borderline fifteen years has been cleat completely inept yup it sure looks. A lawyer art we're we're out of time and you've got a lot to get into today we talked about captain moral and walking out of practice Genesee you know you have the folks out there trait charter concussion protocol that practice today Shaq Thompson in practice today so lush and either you're into a television what's going on yet. He has is gonna join me three to Chico is going to be in the locker men he's gonna come over what is so he'll give you'll join us as well. We got Hancock at 230 retirement by drive what we're doing hey kid it's seanez is really important bring a phone with him at 230 for little bit from WBT. I did discussing the observers really plugged and he's covered Charlotte 49ers athletics for a long long time or to talk about some of this with him at 330 incher Bryant. Who drafted Aaron Rodgers with attackers at 430 is gonna join us and died 5 o'clock we'll talk to Stephen Silas Lee had a. Hornet's them that that 235. To nothing wrong last night meant that some of that and that's on the that are equally served militants blew a twenty point lead. And it's nicer this and that. That's the that's had to do. The most brutal blow on the back side drive jobs coming up next Reggie Bush four Oz and hit man wherever he is at frank Garcia a child to see you tomorrow this has been Garcia and released W oceans it. Shot eight. I what does that do they'll blow your mind. That just happened.