Garcia & Bailey: What's a Better Product? Pro or College Football.

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Tuesday, October 17th

We ask the question, debate the points, and take your calls about why we think College Football is better than Pro.


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But Garcia. Well today Garcia and regulation here on WS Lindsay on a Tuesday and as you heard Garcia is back end how. Yeah so loaded what's up enough and are you good doing it again I'm fighting with people on the Internet or enough. Why you fight you're always fighting with people on the Internet and you know on a mission to settle us I had I heading Twitter battle this morning myself bill was Jeff Schwartz imagine that. Heard that it lives on Twitter did lose on it I mean I'm nice her goal is his wife. What she wants or what she likes her what she allows him to do. When he claims is that as more and he's he's he's he's a Smart man tell you what he's calm. He's an after would have stayed a lot of periscope only had a lot of film breakdown now that I've noticed I gotta be honest with. You're a football guy you watched a total just being honest with me I'm glad because you usually think your line but good. But I appreciate to be an honest I mean as long as it's difficult to tell me is that. RF. There's I don't really guy you're you're you're laud your lifelong football guy you've watched a lot of film and today. I've watched it a fraction of the film you have. It takes is a very narrow slice I think of the American football watching public that wants to watch gossip break don't feel bright it's a pretty narrow slice of people wonder would you agree with that. I would mourners mourn is born there or not just managed to sometimes I feel bad for up. Up one watched film breakdown to know how that was more. The hardest things as players. That we had to do believe it or not because. You almost get to the point we seem like you're watching ghosts and you're looking for ghosts because when you play. You know what really difference does it make it's a game of reaction you know but studying Tennessee's things like that it's how you watch film. Is really what the benefits that some guys get from a thumbs to medically speaking you know it's it's good for coaches grate late you know. You know where they're going to be what they're gonna do and how they're gonna get there are those type of things but. You know for the most part for players to watch it's a really really point. Yes like I just I was I was talking to somebody about this not too long ago you know the how and it's specifically actually about how this industries changed little episode there was before ESPN's shut down gremlins the other memory riding such they did a lot of long form piece on the evolution of sports talk radio. From the days that started way back at W Australia and to the explosion on an out was done there was a lot of guys sit around a morsels break him down games. And that kind of turned to look more you know breaking down games on the you know and that's not talking about James actually breaking down games going through plays in the third cortisone has happened in a separate like that you can you don't do that for so long right before the -- boring job personnel groupings you know so I mean when we start talking about that we're getting deep in the week right exactly so listen sometimes silliness like me just just obviously puts a lot of work a lot of effort into you know his film breakdown and he's got a very committed audience that wants to watch that sort of stuff there's a doubt about it but it's a very narrow slice of sports fans that I think that's been. Perlman well. And I guess the thinking behind this would be you don't have to be the elephant. All you're trying to be as the fly and the elephant's ass right right and that's a beautiful people that don't understand maybe that analogy is just I just need to be a small piece of a huge thing yeah. Right and that's where you know with football right now it's becoming so big and smitten and so big in this country if you can just take a small piece of that and maximize that to a certain group. You're going to be successful leader Michael corn. No doubt about it and so for me personally and I can't speak for several Medusa like this big for the majority of football fans like I'm not interested. You know in on this played guard is supposed to get to the second level and try to linebacker look guys this it's not something that I wanna hear about. The license and I don't wanna hear about it just doesn't really Romeo and talk about sports I'm I'm different just like your different do different things excite you and you don't anymore I get excited about this is gonna become a lame. But I think it's cool I like looking at their TV ratings and trends are looking at CNBC this morning and I see a story that's you know CBS sports. Or CBS rather has projected died stock prices are gonna dropped. More others are projected to CBS the stock prices are gonna dropped because year to year NFL Sunday ratings right now are down 17%. And so earlier in the season and this is all subject to change still because it's early in the season worst Oleg you know roughly to a corner of the season at this point. But your year reports that it's down 17%. Sunday's NFL ratings. And you know that I I juxtapose that to the fact that cubs Dodgers. On Sunday night was the most watched LCS game. Ever in the history of the networked it peaked at an eight point nine on cable television. Okay and a cable television not the broadcast network like NBC CBS fox cable television got a a peek at an eight point nine Sunday night. And there's a reason why. Teams search for huge markets yet and that's the reason why yeah it is inconsistent play LA is in the in the playoffs huge market. They haven't been relevant this notes listening to the back they haven't been in this position for earth like a year two years. Yeah but they have been flirting with a and with that rather sheer and they look like the better team in this situation. So is a lot more segment LA. And teams in California and the West Coast in particular. I'm from you know Arizona I'll have lived in California. A legend award in Washington it was all Eminem almost every state in the West Coast of you have a day and and people love their sports when their teams are good love him including Al. You know when the charges are good you're gonna get those statements stadium will be filled when you see is good at the coliseum will be full when UCLA. Well yeah. Now you don't know I was good the Rose Bowl the 100000 was. Act right there's so many other things do their boat when their sports are good. They're gonna watch they'd like when there's just like anybody else does and they're gonna support that's why those ratings and base smaller spike the NFL right now however. Sucks. He played and he said he just sucks I'm done it's that's his words not much harder it sucks. But what about saints blinds on Sunday you know you have been zillion points and is there a massive comeback and that was exciting or bad football. Bad football nobody to tackle block I mean the game at the the teams are so mediocre. The bulls are so. There's there's so there's so many album. The referees become the staple point lower than this the the factor in these games when. I sort of wants good football wanna be entertained I like watching guys give out for. It feels like they're telling the regular season in the MB end of the MBA start up tonight as well. I feel the same way in the MBA because it's so long center in Major League Baseball them. That these guys that are the best in the world. Don't you give efforts until the end of the season the last out you know there's certain games you feel like are going to be huge match ups and great games in the NFL. But didn't happen until all. You know December and January. Yeah unfortunately. I'm in the NFL is good I got Brothers great. Right and I love watching. College football has it. 100%. Right this last week and was phenomenal upsets everywhere. Every game matters for the most part. Right especially when you start getting towards the top 25 if you lose you're out if you win you move on and you increase your chances of making a national championship run. Right that's not the same in the NFL anymore. It's like we want to afford it don't matter because. We still got to. You know the the rest of the year we still work we're gonna person 500 teams left was the sub par 500 teams get in to playoffs. It's there's no sense of urgency. With the way that a lot of these teams play and you just hear them to I don't we won if we lose a game than he does not that big Padilla still got next week bullied you lose the game. You know used to be that there was only sixty of these things and you know you better get your crap together. Or else you'll lose your job. What I guess who what I hear you saying is not announced thought about this and got a ticket from all angles a couple of times as we do it's it's upside of a moment. Is isn't just college football which is a phenomenal product in your right to put the yeah. Yeah you're right to appoint another for the eligible product the last couple years has been a phenomenal product isn't the only. Mainstream American sport that we're watching right now where you feel like the regular season matters week to week to week is that the only one. Because I'm not I didn't bring a dead in baseball number dollar comes Dodgers on Sunday to prove anything definitive about you know it's better than this that of baseball's been a little boy your know it's not what I'm doing. But I'm wondering baseball's long regular season lot of folks don't get dialed in until about this time of the year are pure basketball the NBA which gets started tonight with a couple great. Games waited waited too right there one of 82 Reza hornets lose this first game for the first time I've. The Libyan people you know little upset with the goes in ten games spurts that should tell you everything you need to know it's what you did your last ten that little column over the on the far right. Last ten yeah. Are you hot or you're not what you what your percentages are you 80% to him or you're 60% game are you 500 team that's what people look at. Look at the game week to week unless your plane some big marquee match up and step courage coming in town or LeBron James might be Rolen and then you're like okay we'll go what's this got to see LeBron. Pride I Jesse curry. Those are the types of things we'll watch for that's when it matters does but whether they wanna lose the game is irrelevant because it's the last ten not the last one. Oslo yeah journalists you know I was wondering. Isn't this may show my acting in her mind I even today. But in how many sports do we see the same sport played with this diversity of styles that we see in college football. How many spores to BC regional differences where populations can identify with the style of football displayed to me that's what's most captivating about college football is go to the West Coast you're gonna see West Coast offense are gonna seasons for a all right time to get to go to Wisconsin. You're gonna see big burly offensive linemen come down and play power blocking schemes and legacy of big tailback county offensive line pound the defense you go I'm Lisa anywhere you go. Any different reaching you see different style and people can identify with it a little bit. I think dosage to Jim because they really discretion of factual school like staffers got a unicorn out there were they played a lot of the big endlessly tell. Earnings power football there unicorn Jonathan in a conference and they just got a unique to so again it's it's not a I had this is not taking an opportunity to trash to get us all double 'cause their ratings are down to mr. clearly someone network it's. His college football right now the only product with a regular season feels like it matters a week to week to week because even the giants a long week to go there alone for and there are still stories of their new York and and nationally you know they look like they're dead in the water folks generally better turnaround right now or the season's over short codes for sure all your season actually is over. It you're adorned anything meaningful except maybe the tax lawyer bullet you're really turned things around so I DeSoto we're short on this morning 70457. Or 96 Def wanna talk a lot of characters they are quarterback carousel fired up yesterday Brad tire no longer with the team we'll talk about that Charles Barkley make you some pretty hilarious the possibly very accurate statements about the NBA is wealth a lot to get serious Garcia daily W lessons that. Speaking of baseball at a previous segment about Freddy Garcia's yankees last night. Statements and wind maybe eight want. To pay for the Astros took everything out and I'm disappointed that could affect. I. Sorry you have a run towards the best offenses in the league they're bad. 70457. Or 96 to and talking about the NFL talk about college football baseball honors at the assault for governor conversation says. Stop with the every week matters crap there's been a loses this week doesn't matter. Yeah it does public. No longer is they win the conference clemson's loss to a basketball school does that matter no was lower as they take the ACC Ohio State lost and didn't win the conference Tibet yes well today it's all of your questions those things actually do matter. 22 to pretend they don't is disingenuous because. Clemson lost to a team they should have lost to get another margin of error is absolutely zero. And listen listen to the argument need points that these people American verses. If you lose week one in the the NFL if you would lose weeks three in the NFL you Newsweek's Evan in the NFL does that Alice is that matter. Zero so that's the point. Guys it's not the fact that it may not matter to the end agree it's against agree not to be that your time but it matters ten high. That if you lose a year Don this is no one and done situation. When the only games in those really matter and is when you look at March Madness and that's why people love it. But because you have the Cinderella stories you have the upsets and you have the number one seeds losing etc. You know those are the games that matter when you get into the NFL and it's winner go home those games are the ones that really matter we're talking about the regular season in which matters more. No doubt about it meant and and so here's some real strike this younger on the militant attacks like this younger generation doesn't care to watch sports my generation grew up and had kids and had kids people just don't have time to watch other games in their own team. Is good pitcher I do because Jimmy and to some degree we don't know if it's for everybody but it. I mean I don't know if it's a 17% were talking about the decrease you know Karl I think that. You know when you look at a lot of different things it's a must do now it's that you know how. Output to be done formulate me what lately what we do what's the next thing that was going to be faster and fine you know and you look at. You know things around the country that continue to pop up for example would be a good one. Is top golf. You know that's a great example for a half hour round verses an hour and a half. You know maybe an hour may be inventory are you have two hours if you want to you know spend a little bit of time there. But it's that's what's taken place and you know I think that's the similar to I mean you look at it. In a football game not every game last three and a half hours of football happens a lot faster baseball baseball's. Round two landing on its America long game yeah the same thing you know soccer I mean you look at. You know so a soccer game that's a long event. Artists as consistent. Soccer's actually not that long don't you think about it not relative to the other. Actually your dog's yard and I'll think about your I soccer's probably a little bit quicker than what you expect to enter into our life in and you don't. I have the commercial breaks your house you know. Look what's taken place in the NFL right now. Right after every kickoff. It's a commercial comeback. They sent the ball reset the play reset the same that it's a commercial. Are you get a first down it's a commercial. I mean everything is based around the commercials and that's what's generating the billions of dollars don't get me wrong so there's give and take but viewing net. You know it's it's low. Any initial did try to address that problem in the offseason right so they they try to take fewer breaks were not the same Madrid to advocate the number of commercials didn't decrease or stay the same so there are longer British right on the NFL to double say this you know college football and specifically. The primetime college football games do take a while. But when you're watching an exciting product you tend not to notice as much. And that's what we're talking about here as well bay and so don't we start talking about ratings in the NFL on the way things are gonna happen right now in the fact that CBS a stock price is reportedly say is set to drop because there they're expecting a 17% decrease in ratings year to year. I don't think that's necessarily. Attributed to one thing or even water to things. A humble but they've not able to overcome the fact that the product has an inquiry is good and the guys like you to play in the league for a decade or more aren't exactly thrilled with what your sink 70457. Or 96 and how do you feel about the there the conversation wherever I don't we just asked a question right that was college football the only sport where the regular season truly feels like it matters week to week to week we are frank who wants to talk about this and are not best practice franc was up front our your. Hey guys so what he does some routine how much credit for there will be better and it's a caller on the issue let's sent to contribute to that don't follow the audience. Since the inception of the content concussion in the Dutch targeting an episode last just the anti American cop. So music beta by cabaret can now which you know people are tired of defected even stopped short of national hero of the because these players are overstated their destroy the product from the inside out. Frank and they never really showed the National Anthem than ever in the history extraordinary. Turnaround it's early. You know you haven't identified anything John I'm not gonna draw always just tell him or mr. Joseph told me what are we dance and around. People are tired over the work all week to watch a game they were there with politics confused what they're. That's the big break that's. What should I answer drop and if so what happened there OK like like I did I did not schools. Out of the upside. Franklin well let me ask questions look this only Dario Scott this is not a guy who wants them in a debate he wants to yell and scream and rant but doesn't have a debate my question is. I'm filed with the usual politics your football totally understandable why were you not this upset when you know. Up half a dozen or more domestic abusers snow and others are being signed by teams why would you not miss upset when Jerry Jones was insisting that Greg parties a leader of men. How did the media was making as big a deal of his first off they went through a lot of coverage they weren't thrown in people's face is consistent and think it's a huge part of I think the media is actually responsible for a lot of the com coverage. And maybe over saturation of what's franks talked about because he's not the only one that has said that are not the only one that fills out. I have a lot of friends don't coaches like coach with him and guys I hang out with. They just watched football. You and they agree with frank they're tired of the politics and sports not just this issue from all issues that deal with the media and jumping on it making it the agenda as their let me be entertained by what I'm wash out there on the field I think that's the point that he's making not just the specific. Of what they're talking about I don't. Dispute and it's part of the issue because I believe that it is. But I I think to a tribute to that much like I always thought you know attributing ESPN's downfall to his liberal politics wasn't right. ESPN's promised court got a DSP his problem is a factor overspent on billions of dollars and rights fees that it couldn't afford and was trying you know an incredible sums of money to talent but it could afford as well it's part of the problem but it's not the problem. And that's where I have an issue with what he said you wanna say that we're part of the issue because we discussed some of these topics that's fine you can get mad and also he wants you would at the end of the day we are pulling the strings on the on the production behind the scenes and we are controlling the product. And the products from. This toward the problem the fact that the product has declined in quality shortsighted that product has simultaneously frank got more expensive yeah that's a really big providers. I don't disagree is that I think that is a fundamental problem you know and I think that what we're really kind of dance around as well what do tributes to. You know them the bad product is. You know players or talk about this because they're getting paid for less work. Are they get paid more for less work coaches hate it. Not tell you right now you talked to brought them because I think that's really important to have you talked he talked to Brian Billick you know you talk to Steve Clifford you talk to your Ron Rivera has become the point where. You take the ball out of their hands they have no control was how good they're gonna get their team with so you have to be if you. You have to get better faster you don't have the time to put an end in sports it's not like. Anything else worth your lord to work on something it is like everything else is your work on something does springtime you know going out there and doing it you just to prepare you gotta. Are you gotta practice he got to. I don't put yourself screw loose situation so that you're gonna get better. You know I mean it's got the point right now in the NFL and you know what we want to teams to run the football don't practice running the football and I think that's what looks and leads to a bad product so we sit there we and we moan we complain we talk about why is this team not knowing that why does this team missing tackles wires. You know why are these guys you know not run the football wise this team off its lineup more physical. Don't practice so because of that that's where the product are so like is is struggling and suffering. It's they're really good point and I would also say the risk he said something that was that stings a parlor he he recalled because he's angry and damage and the Mets following welcome agendas and angry caller Siskel you can bring innocent but that much but when you say something. Don't be surprised when we point out the inconsistencies industrial logic and and something that he said they're multi dose of other sponsors can't get any one major sponsor destroys me and it's also for the should. They may want. Now they're not right away from the NFL they may be running away from the players maybe. You know with some of the agendas that they have. But to not leave in the NFL not yet anyway not yet now now. And you know maybe that's his interpretation I'm interpreting for him and maybe I shouldn't be on you know but it. The product is bad and I do believe the media. I'm. Soft promotes that you know not the product but they they the agendas the politics. And they infuse their beliefs in their stances to do. You know what they want and I think that is what is turn people off because there's going to be a left there's gonna rewrites and there's going to be a middle obviously in if you fall on the left and you're gonna turn off if you're on the right if you fall right gonna turn off of that if you're if you're only talking about four. And that you used to be it is sort of civic agreement in this country broadcast networks for an hour days to hours today we just sort of step aside from the program made the money and just do the new guests now when news came before profit endeavor and we did became kind of an issue and I wanna ask it this way too because everything. Send the media doesn't understand the product because that's what's making them money. They noticed this right is the business is there there's a reason it doesn't Rupert Murdoch wanna own news corporation's write a double yesterday's frank and I had a really instant conversational a year about a week and a half ago we thought at some point we might wanna raise this question right it's Tuesday. Got a couple of basal printers can't dividend play in four or five days we're talking on printers and ever talk a lot of cultural alternate but the question that we ask Joseph Lou we just kind of settlement for such a reserved. Sports is funds used to but Maria's across yeah. And I and I and I and the all around was almost hesitant to ask the question because we work in sports talk radio like we still have a lot of fun on a day to day basis how we have fun we have a lot of fun I don't must force and you don't watch and sports hotel but for you there really isn't us is sports is fun as an estimated. Is it just thought as he used to go to questions really is semi things that say you know personal choice the other people gonna have to make there's a lot of things that I enjoy there's like things I don't NFL right now isn't as fun I think college football's as far as every breath. And we just allude to dig in a while that is a little bit 70457. Or 96 to we got a great show have stepped aside as Garcia Blaylock W oceans are. I guess of phone calls the knicks are 70457. Or 96 to calls or text is there on the buildings that are tech slide you can find us on Twitter our JJ is read last inbox at child clearly WS frenzy at frank Garcia 65 and at Osborne W asked Lindsay talking about the NFL college football baseball on a Dodgers cubs game on Sunday night game two was the most watched LCS ever. On CBS indeed entered its peak hit an eight point nine on a Sunday night now has some money earlier suite at me and say well yeah you juxtapose that to load colts and Seahawks who saw tonight we forces who drew a nine point six still be baseball that's great. We're talking about. This network or broadcast networks are NBC CBS fox those. As most of you know our stations that can be picked deploy antennas pseudo those have been the core flex foundational broadcast networks. A bomb on TBS a cable news network from baseball took an eight point nine on Sunday night and into Dodgers cubs game in game two not a game seven game two is a really impressive thing considering their a lot of guys out there are just like me to cut the cord and we're watching and waiting can't be tracked and Jimmy touted so that's also something to consider it but talking about the NFL talked about college football because it feels like right now college football. He's the only sport left out there at the moment where it feels like the regular season actually matters we. We can't tell you this too it also feels like it's the only place I can go to were armed and escape. Because there's not the over coverage. Of the politics that take place team. No one wants cause for the lord to Virginia Tech yeah thank you very much once again. I had a great time I felt like I was a kid again. And I did you know I think you guys you don't truth about that and I think a lot of guys that go to these tell gates. You know to escape the reality of everyday life want to fill like that yet. And I don't feel like that you know when I'm sitting there and watching television all they wanna do is talk about politics a select cheese in unison just another day analyze what we really got to go to. As a struggled in every single day. I just wanna be I feel like I'm you know in any income is there a movie of I sort of be entertained. That's why we ask the question because frankly I asked this question to each other we talk. This can be really good show topic but it's not something you would typically ask people as a sports talk host considering the crux of what we do is sports. But were asking it is sports still as fun for you because we want to hear some perspectives on this number forged over the phones quickly I wanna say this we got a text or borrowing no it's not as fund the just society in people are too damn sensitive to culture of people nowadays will not allow it also men can't be men anymore unless just reality you know it's one man's perspective on that but I did it and as a matter of fact tonight. 1 AM on ESPN two. More stole sports is debuting its new talk show on ES PNC. And if you notably Rob Marshall sports these guys the best way to describe these guys is not suitable for work like that's a like this just who they are right so. You wanna talk about men being men at the age of like the man show all that. That was an awesome show but brought to sports like that's the man show monitor in my favor Lego bar stool sports is probably going to be right literally on trampling. And no doubt that that's gonna probably right up your Alley so you know it's almost as if he has children he's an attorney. You brought back some memories there but between that between between the between at a bar stool sports tonight and the fact or rumor has it been SE six of Michael Smith and bell hill. Is probably on its last leg that it's done that the probably gonna go back to more elegant traditional 6 o'clock sports center which left. I would love honestly and it has nothing to do original thriller Michael Smith personally I just want highlights that it. And so it looks like ESPN is trying to make some changes to its lineup but regardless or is asking the question of sports as much followed a lot to difference you still gonna talk it's on a printers Brad Ty waived Garrett Gilbert promoted sort of talk about that ordered all means let's take some phone calls alternates off first and let's souls go to Harry Harry First and foremost a sport still fun for you. Not not a target and then as you don't want. I can't you guys I guess a couple three weeks ago and didn't believe I tried believe me but I think that in the Panthers and Emil. I was gonna turn the TV off and it. They didn't find enough watching it and got back. I'm not watching the NFL game. Other than the Panthers. Had its. Its entire run of 1 o'clock Sunday I probably opinion that I hear upon fight. All about not about Cleveland I mean why would you just down everything you say it's just ya. It's something is. That's the way this sport of golf and football particular just really really. It's just not enjoyable so they definitely want you to your question there cow. There there are several bears some time somebody I look at that yeah. I I have a mandate oh that's right listen guys agree with me I know you do have to do is we have a lot in common. They're Smart they would risk further. There's rights and we do make Kyle's millennial generation brawler softness there among grandfather millennial I'll talk to my grandkids and thus if we can slow soft where the softest Gerald. My entire life okay. I admit there are corks and weird things about this particular generation. Praised this generation child I was handing out about this dish the style. You you someday my friend you know if you're blessed enough and I know if that's something you wanna do you're gonna have children. And you're gonna realize how difficult it is to raise children in on today's society I work with you every day how. There's really easy clearly had to check but you're gonna understand that the other challenges that we have his parents. You know you are are you know so much greater now than what it was you know Dylan was FaceBook and doing what's instant Graham and snapped chat and you know trying to you know give toughness in tough love and take in and do things that. You know we expect our kids to be respectful and honest hard workers and things like that. In all the challenges we have because how easy it is now how we want to give them a little bit more than what it's you know we had. Is that a good thing or bad thing and that's the question right that's the challenge that you have to determine you know for you and your children because you know bus went on my son and daughter are 8910 years old can talk to him a little differently than when they're seventeen and eighteen. And when they're seventeen and eighteen emerged formulated their you know who they are so certain degrees is still searching but you know they kind of see the direction and you know and it's a different type of England atmosphere in and you learn you grow as apparent as well blow up. You're teaching children nowadays is one of the most difficult things girls it's any different from the challenges our parents and they're just different challenges. Right there's so many more home. That's the hardest thing now they grow up they formulate their opinions and in you'll see you know some day where you know that that bidding gets to the point where. History has a phenomenal to doing more. I tell you this much 101000 years ago sitting around a campfire. Hunter gatherer dreading the same combat that aren't chains aren't just dinner dance up. What it is like any ice age yet. We saw it both ways to school do is terrible but there's really no wild west sitting around. Ten million kids growing lawlessness. This is achieved nothing I. Just ask my dad as a debt how did you are both ways up hill. Almost as your full bleed you know we know that. I have to extend definitely done to go to school or you walk uphill but from school all the mud dagger into the mountains of his his version outsource virtually have to enact. Don't you actually go down at some point this year's fall down and out more productive that's another camera that's the vocals more than as we come back the first things first snap judgment. Lost supplied. Our business that doesn't this is going to be a little bit light hearted but also. You know some life advice. If you haven't seen this and look I don't expect many of you out there it's an Lumia Khalifa is maybe you do maybe you don't I don't know who that is Ozzie. Your initial reaction indicates we know. No vehicle leases she's an adult film I just let us not philanthropist that's who I thought but maybe a single. Yeah I guess in a roundabout way. What would it come all the by Google. Person who has followed. Just always a bonus or thrown out of work into it at the Google is a school teacher bashing the librarian and she is a cubs fan. Yeah I guess she's also a cubs that she has been tied suit too many professional athletes over the past couple years she's a die hard Redskins fair and expand that she's a force they've enjoyed it actually even go on the floor stated number stated broker. Improper title is web cam model by. Jeez wow that's my I think I'm. All right so she's toy store she's famous she's famous and Bruce for take your clothes off but she's also let's not all seaside welcome to give her credit she's more than that. She's more of it's just that some of her work all right. He's also a big sports fan who went to Dodger Stadium for the game to Florida game one of the an old DSL just. And she was escorted out of Dodger Stadium following you know alleged. This fight with a threat. Apparently according to lyrically thought there was a friend who what took a Celtic with her without asking for permission need. So she punched him in the jaw. That's reasonable. I actually think it might mix. And here's why. Because I thought I guess first of all. I'm not famous so I know I don't really know what it's like to be famous like frank knows more about that that I knew but. At the same time these are still human mixed. They're not zoo animals so if you see a famous person in public may be asked permission to take a picture with them ask for a picture. Don't sneak up behind them like they're koala bear hanging from a tree and snapped a picture because they can get they won't notice like if you're on an airplane at. Who is a famous person would I think the last flight I was on our noticeable that I think was reasonably famous I was on the flight Tommy Amaker and do. I didn't sneak up next to Tommy amateur and what he wasn't looking snapped a Celsius the tools and you shouldn't either. That's like command to a violation this one. I'm out I'm kind of on the fence of this. Lot of fans how could she does have that and I hope she does have that this is kind of ironic coming from a woman that. Makes her living in doing that still touches offended by some it is actually take your picture over what do you think about it this way don't like you know guys that you played with. You know whoever who who's the most famous football player you played. And I do you know gosh Kurt Warner. Marshall full episodes and these guys Rodham public eating dinner or join us what do you know there after elsewhere with their friends or family you wouldn't find it rude. If someone just walked up next to them while reading you're watching a game just so you know coming up next two men took a Celtic cuddle up next likes to meet you gotta be close to somebody take a Celtic women aren't necessarily. Stand next so many judges. Snap went right over here from the side I don't think there has been extended by about that but that's and I don't know I did see the picture yet and you don't do this guy on how one about quite a few. Don't put his arm around her and you know like they were there together and take a picture because it. I definitely do it right there to your MySpace and what are you getting you know like I I'm not divisional. Told details for media Khalifa much longer than this because the center it's almost over but you know just in decent human thing to others no matter what they do for a living like. Just ask for permission to take a picture that's all. That's all saying much if you see current order. Granted this big difference between Kurt Warner Mikell is a disaster commission that's all yeah I don't think people are flooding the market and over saturating them by taking self is with me a police. Mona. Not that now and they said he's almost every Florida State's ban on earth would take its ultimately Khalifa Al ultimate that would. I'd say no fourth sensitive reflect the success slime you're gonna factory orders that some calls on this or does this do very. So this to be dangerous is there a joke for self teasing me Khalifa. And let's not. It's not supposed to go to war and instead Brett Favre doesn't thanks stuff. Yeah. Oh just come on then because. You know I I agree would you got a 90% of the time but I mean I just can't believe they hearsay and they you can't be out Republican take a photo somebody. Note that's not what we're so I don't mischaracterize what assess and don't sneak up on somebody get next to take itself in wonderment all of America like they're called birthers are aura monkey don't do that. Asked for permission say hey nice young lady will you stick and richer with. This is nice to each other. OK I hope that I can respect just you know in this day and age unfortunately. You know get people people I'm public think they have the right take photos that everybody's just want to make sure I was understanding you correctly. All you know yes you're absolutely right about the banks we're appreciative focal well yeah right that's the kind of the culture that we live and let's try to reverse that cultural little bit where we have volume we we treat each other with respect and politeness. No matter what we do from now. Is it too much that's way too much stats be respectful to each other mother. They lie about being courteous and the whole way he's gotten not today's age. Effect I'd welcome back to overtures got zero to rest on my doubles as a phone calls off the top it's Corsican village.