Garcia & Bailey: We're Talking PGA Championship

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Thursday, August 10th

Kyle and Frank sit down with Charlie Nance and talk PGA Championship golf. We're talking Panthers as well.


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But Garcia. He's more. Welcome back Garcia and Bailey live from BP GA championship at quail hollow club here on a Thursday morning round number one it. Here's the other way and we're leaderboard and so it's going on under sub par can hide her Jane is right. Got a couple of Americans atop the leaderboard right now we'll get that to you come up in just a little bit. We're talking a bit more about this tournament and in late getting under way at Charlotte as the host and all sorts of things with Charlie and that's the host of taking dead aim podcast and he has. For the first time sitting down with us with a headset on I got on the other media show this morning literally sit in front of me and it's good to file a major event in your treat me. Like Manning was Stanley inability to pinch myself and after I thought well at least Frankel of mile walk up and you're talking about people who were fast and attache to go to the public while I I don't know I'll welcome my able to shut out after a well how can you know what this is well a lot of credit were the result coming from a guy that has his shirt inside out as I'm still into paternity he did in China had PGA championship. How you noticed it we pointed out did I not tell you the problem with that it's my wife expecting me to put my laundry the if she would you do her job and take care of my laundry we wouldn't have these typical. I hope he's listening there's no way in hell she's it was. I don't know how about I don't oppose. Charlie knows better completely out of the Clinton Kyoto and everything that you didn't look literally I know I'm going to be you know literally looked his ass right here are the ones I've got to weigh down if you look at the event. We'll Charlie you we were all the media show this morning I had my headphones and listen to some stuff to listen to some of the coverage and I mean look we're we're a couple hours and this thing and at least PGA tour officials some of the day including that even Jim Vance you to do the broadcast. They're just raving about a quail hollow event and the host city here and and how this should already be in the permanent rotation. It's going to be the permanent road rotation. I was talking to Jason mingle a couple of weeks ago on the podcasts in just down now you know said okay look. But we've got them the PGA now we've got the presidents cup coming up in 21. We're on the road and now and this was before the announcement was made earlier in the week about the PGA championship moving to may. Which for all intents and purposes. Eliminates venues in the upper midwest and the northeast so the PGA championship is going to be looking for quality southern being used mood and an astronaut we are so yeah this place is gonna be in on the road you know Charlie I know you've been out of the course you've walked that you played this golf course of the changes to this golf course is a big thing for a lot of people. That don't that don't know talk about the changes how that's impacted these players today there's two things that really well number the overriding thing is because the greens have now been replaced what twice in the last three years. From these greens on alt on the surface of the pudding and their beautiful these guys like you win the ball goes where they putt it. Now getting into it's a whole different story this is his champion Bermuda and it is less than a year old. And it is very very very very firm hitting into an answer that is that's a problem. And it's a problem. With this Bermuda rough they're not used to that and the waiter he gets the more problematic getting out of that Bermuda is going to be. Thumb as far as the changes to the holes. They haven't been universally loved. Com but then again what was the last time of course was made more difficult the players you've got to love you man harder on me. You know the opening almost 525. Yards par four that's just a slap in the face. I'm but the real one to watch forced to bring new fourth hole the par three. They the players have all sort of said OK I don't know where exactly I need to land my ball. On the screen on there all looking at making par on that hole. That is not a birdie hole if you somehow make birdie on four you are really giving away with it on the leaderboard right now Gary Woodland at three under and he's three under on the front side. That's impressive. Yeah you know. So Charlie are you look at a lot of these holes out here and you talk about you know making par that's the hardest thing for any golfer to do when they need to. But it's some of these holes it's really what's required of the hole. You know I've never played a played a lot of golf and I've played with a caddie one time. He goes there's holes to make par on and there's holes to make birdie on. How many holes early and be where there's opportunities to make birdie for example what number eleven or twelve that little short par four birdie eagle. Yeah well you know they like to set things. Championship golf course 666. You have six that you could make birdie six that par is is not a problem and six that well you've really got to play well. And so that's how they like to set it up each and every round and you know this is no different. That the I thought to think they would set the fourteenth to play a little shorter. Then it is to David is playing 325 and it is faithful you know it's a two shot hole into the greens I think at some point they will move that up to make it. Trust of the people that have coming out here to quell for the PGA if it ever been here what a great place to go watch. You know some of these guys have some action where there's to be Brody your words can be birdie or maybe even eagle. We you don't normally that we would all say go to the green mile bomb there's a lot of hospitality stuff out there and it's not quite what we're used to. Bombed speeds and had a good idea yesterday was necessary question should you know I would go out to fourteen green. Because you can see the the shots off the tee the shots coming in and you see the tee shot. On the par 515 figure from a distance watched the second shot as well that's a poor right usually like to go anyway during the world charter but I think it's a good spot. I talked to Charlie they're sticking getting podcast I can doubtless hear. In the media center what do they look displaced by the way I held. How intense is this place it is really unbelievable with the last time I was out acquit was about some past sixty days ago I guess was for the media day. And all you saw was the scaffolding in the parking lots for what was being built and you know just the souvenir. Tip alone is the size of Belk. I mean I think if they built a duck out of the parking lot a pipe bomb but you know this media center is fantastic in the at least I don't know. Twenty times the size of the media center were normally used to for the Wells Fargo championship it's really nice. What if you wanna view this thing by the way I've I've put a snapshot of our view of the media center right now on a script that Kyle Bailey W offensive to save as much water Jeff. As far some of these golfers go right now this is early for the day event the first round of the tournament. There we see a lot of Americans out there were apparently slit in it well right now just saw a shot at George street a moment ago. He's it even right now with. How how wolves he bats this golf course. I would like Jordan speech chances a lot more if we hadn't gotten rain earlier in the week if we weren't expecting rain coming in tomorrow afternoon. And into the weekend. Jordan explained it very well in his news conference yesterday he said look I normally I'm winning my tee shot at 29 the enemies to releasing 310. Since the differences now I'm when he needed to nine B it's releasing 292. DJ is flying his ball 310. And it's releasing the 312 that is two clubs difference and and we you've got firm. Bermuda greens. If you can come in with a wedge instead of an eight iron or you can come in with a seven iron instead of a five iron. Eventually over 72 holes it's going to make a big difference. You know the difference is always discuss part of he's cutting out of his mind like he normally does. You know anything can happen. You look at that DJ the guy you just mentioned he can bomb it as you mentioned 3123153. Warning any given time they goes out there and and you know plays to course where he struggled a little bit since Augusta hurt his back. Should he be a contender in this in this tournament because he's still the number one ranked golfer. Yeah as a born in quite some time. And I'm not sure if he's even really been in contention to win so how much does that factor into the pressure and everything else amounts with him. No he was so owner role in so hot. Coming I mean I really think you won the masters I mean I just in that it seemed to me that that there was no way he could stop that lets you stopped himself which apparently dead. Mom I saw his first tournament back which was at the wells far redundant eagle point. And he was a bomb putt. From being in a playoff there and I've watched him on Saturday and set them maybe you send your message and us that this is some of the most impressive ball striking I've ever seen he was taking lines off the tee that just were stupid stupid good. But since then he's really struggled and even admitted a week ago that. He still hasn't felt all the way you know backing you know how it golf swing is if you tweak some things. Do you subconsciously compensate for it in something just gets out of rhythm and you know he just he just hasn't been the same. That being said because this could turn into a bomber's ballpark real soon. Some get a look. For him banned them cat is out there bomb them all over the place you know look for those guys got together has talent there really has kind of an out of the mix a little bit as Jason Day. Not on office the vertigo or you know what's taking place to all of the third there. I thought you. I've read that message that your neighbors had eight years ago when he took a powder you know that's not well enough if he's American I'm all I'm gonna. Those odds you know just it was a visit today could oil oil oil and you know. But I. In his expectations his chances realistic chances in the tournament like this happen. He's just been so inconsistent this has been kind of a lost year for Jason Day. Emotionally had the thing with his mother and and the cancer surgery in the big cancer scare any moved her to this country and and things seem to be turning in the right direction for his mom. What you just. It just seems like he's been emotionally wrought in the last week or two weeks ago I saw him take a shot and grab his wrist and you know he's been injury prone with a wrist before just. Just seems he hasn't quite been the same and I wonder. I wonder if you know from time to time in this for you see guys get on a 345 we parole and ordered two years ago we just didn't see a guy get on a 345 week role. In the case of the losers why you think. Known no no fewer. Those laws making good blue American I mean I'm like yeah that is well what about the documents yup we talked Curtis Strange about an hour ago Curtis said that he said there's. Then there's no question he's the best player on the tour without a major. Syria's right now lie I guess still wanna preposterous on their second ago. Maybe dropped off since that I I don't know it's a moment ago he was sitting tied for fifth at one under you may be a bit of worst spot right now that regardless to document the dollar similar question to speak. About his office this weekend. It all comes down with him to his public there's not a better ball striker. On tour and he put on a clinic. Last week of Firestone that is that is not an easy course Firestone south and acrid has been giving these guys fits. For fifty years. And he went out and treated like a pitch and putt he made it look so easy last week in any time that he is one. He hits his irons you'll soliciting he's kind of like when Michael Roy gets hot they can hit their hires to three feet and they just make the course look easy. And there's nothing to make sure pudding really look good than hitting it to like two or three feet and that's what Monty moment in now that being said he rolled in the sixties some bomb. On his first told that but it all comes down to his pudding if he can putt well. Then absolutely he sees we don't talk to retrieve balls struck. Or on to a doctor Curtis Strange. Probably about an hour ago I about the flat bills in the puma. I know you have a son that's playing competitive golf as well and he rocked the puma in the flat bills. I don't get away with a white shorts or the white pants excuse in the white belts may be like he does get guys over 200 maybe should be aware that stuff but. In IE yeah what you think you're Regis looks like a big schmooze picture and I were no lights yeah that's good but you know what did the impact your Rickie Fowler's had arm that generation of golfers is amazing and you don't to have him come out in this course and play well what she's done before he's won the walking pneumonia. I believe want yes and don't worry a playoff yeah NB Rory and playoffs the so he has the game. Kenny get it done. It's never been a question of if he can't get it done the guy has all the talent in the world. Tom I heard this posed earlier in the week and I think this may be right there's not a more popular guy on tour. With guys who were in their fifties and guys are in there torn he's been Rickie Fowler everybody loves the guy respects the guy. But at some point in his professional athlete and I saw a clip that you the other day and what really did that you have to get nasty. I think all the sit there really successful people at some point. Have no problem putting their hue on your throat in keeping it there and it's a question of does he have that in him there when it comes down to it on a Sunday and he's got to just say you know what I'm gonna win this thing and screw this guy came. Can he do that we saw a glimpse of that with Jordan's speech when he failed off of the golf course. TV cut him and he shot back he fired off you don't get that camera out in my face. He has a little bit of that in him and I don't think people realize. How much today because just like a quiet confidence that he plays with but when it comes down to it when it's. Not crunch in time you know he he's once you step up and there's just I don't know if there's another guy on the planet right now though they shot mashal. You saw it in England and Wei also a couple weeks ago my creature would give much future standing on the thirteenth that much is too nice to know Devin that well yeah. Look he's standing on the thirteenth tee box tied for the lead if you nujoma future your next five score to your gonna put your gonna be two under we take that. He sure is absolutely what happened he was two down now into that. Once they come on that role he just stepped on why no one could chew on over there was congratulate and speak for finishing the hole. And making the bogey which was a great bogey by the way. I I just saw you know maybe that I didn't see that competitiveness. That I'm pissed off I don't wanna I don't want talk to you you just cost me. You know time I had a good rhythm going army Apple's I'm so and everything like. Yeah yeah their pat him on the back and you know we're not I think as a competitor he made some big mistakes on the thirteenth hole. Bubble never forget the camera shot of him literally taking in the it reminded me of a football game where someone has a head injury or neck injury and everybody's taking any that's essentially what we're pictured it. He put it shot to fifteen feet I don't walk it to the green and have been studying that putt and have been looking at everything I have been focused on nothing but that putt because I swear do you. I think if he birdies at hole. That par putt from Jordan becomes a hell of a lot harder and you got a big swing at that point he's got a two shot lead heading to the next hole. And that could be the golf tournament. But I just think he let down as a competitor. And when you get in the heat of battle you know this you can never let down you've got to keep your focus all the way through every shot and every home. Charlie their social and taking dead aim podcast joined us here in the media center on the PGA championship I was also meant to do it in more casual. All right have fun thank you very much we'll set aside welcome back enough doc I'm back at Carolina Panthers talked last night. Questions that rescue right now what was most exciting the most important that you took from last night's game two win over the Texans 4770. In the pre season opener live from quail hollow which Garcia Billick. Welcome back Garcia and daily life will follow the PGA championship in 99 PGA championship. Take it out with the here about an hour after the show things flying by great event great people great setup we've done a great job logistically. To pull this golf tournament all four on day number one and don't get a lot of things to get to Franken our live your today and tomorrow. Groves and company alive with frog time today's well I am tomorrow and back. Who was in studio this morning will be out here tomorrow morning so awful wall to wall coverage of the PGA championship here. Well yeah you know what Doug how it's a great opportunity to be out here and a lot of people may not appreciate the game of golf that'll probably don't like us talking about it much but. You know what are we supposed to do I mean if we're right here in the middle Charlotte we have these major you know come here to this city I like golf. Lot of people like golf if you don't like it we're sorry but we're gonna talk a little golf today we're gonna talk some football organ talks in France there's even talk. This mother things as well but yeah this is if this is an awesome event if you love sports and sorry we can't appease everybody. Well I realized maybe for some good golf isn't your cup of tea and it's fine. But you know our broader scale more macro perspective I mean look this is a huge event it's not just the PGA tournament are PGA tour event this is a major. That is in Charlotte at quail hollow and not only see here. But already just a couple of hours at this event PGA tour officials and CBS officials and Jim Vance you know the voice of this golf tournament didn't force of golf on CBS. They're they're already campaigning for well followed to be an affirmative rotation which is a phenomenal thing for the city. So we don't know the delta think a lot of folks out there candidate should appreciate that would. With that so we get back in this inventors conversations and that's that it I want to hear from you out there today 7045709. BC extent. Your thoughts of the game last night most important the most exciting thing that you took away. At Franco wanted to first go to you on this back Khalili who did not play at all last night when the first couple of serious. In your mind that how did he look because he's got some positive reviews for how he handled it included article. He snaps he you know what if as I've worn out yesterday. You know we we talk about the tempo. Of which these guys gonna play and you look at a guy like JK short goes out there I think has like 45 rushes. And as pressure on three of the four you know he played really well played hard. You know typically when you come get to your home stadium the home team's been a little harder than the other team especially in the pre season so. I don't wanna read too much into the job the Mac will did you give him credit like I do with a lot of the other guys a blood there and make plays. They did it better than worked harder so you don't want on the give credit for but. I still need to see more you know from him hugely. I'm not sure if he was a 110%. Effort last night. In the pre season and you know a lot of times you know when you've established yourself as a player and they play maker you're gonna go out there you're gonna get your fit. You're gonna run to the football and honestly as a player can hope somebody else makes the tackle. I you know somebody else is gonna make the play in the free season where comes the regular season these guys get paid more plasma multimillion dollars. You know that they might have a little bit more effort. I was never able to do that I always had a player with a 100% effort. I wasn't talented enough to maybe you know take. Your that the my time and plays off a little bit you know maybe like some of these other guys are capable of and turn on when they wanted to come so. I don't understand that mentality you personally but I think that's the reason why you see you know guys going out there just kind of stand up. You know. Standing up. Fighting and fighting and you know not make a whole lot of plays so I'm not sure the if your debut in Pio was honored tempers and effort. But Matt clearly given credit for going out there get the job done and most of the time I think yup we want so you know I give up a little pressure I think euros on DA. And luckily the ball was intercepted it was thrown a little early before time the receiver what are ready bounced off his hands threat to the middle of the field near the I guess the east end of the West End zone. But other than that but he played well they opened up polls they ran behind a couple times and Chris McCaffery. And you awesome all of all good night yes and it's a victory regular. To a couple minutes KK shorts or short of Purdue play last night. I had a heck of a sore back gave Bernard Butler goes down there with a knee injury got so used to keep and I'll talk about that as well but one thing a couple of phone calls first. And double could bring an AMD also topping Andy how are you this morning. Good I guess bill and do well negative from it. Thank you frank. Saw you on the field last night if you realize that you're gonna have to run. That's that's that's I think there's bomb I don't know what you train for that or not let us. That hundred yards bashing looked like your runway at point guard who balked merit you have no thought it would be got a bit of that. The bear was definitely on my back foot exit and you know I was like that last lap of a model FF it I'm gonna run a mile for time you know exactly what I'm talking in the big jumps on your back. And it feels like you weigh about 500 pounds more than what you do. And it was a guy chasing me behind the only thought that I had running out of the tunnel. Was don't let this guy catch me Deborah harper and a teammate of mine. Was right on my tales like coach is over that used to coach correct. Varied and boxy and Harding. Excuse me and down you are much else aside to make sure I could do everything I could get that droplet going with that I. But. As this go right back in depth ordered it be a few thoughts on the game last notarized he was a vote don't you. Say thanks thanks Eric for taking a called real quick nobody's talking about John Rommel the PGA. When in this weekend but I think that somebody who's people are gonna underestimate it that you have a great year for what you about keeping that John romp but. I wanted to touch on a couple things on the panthers' first of all what I don't see why we should have high expectations for a number one receiver. Benjamin and you don't. That's what he should be doing I mean he should be checked jingles quote he should be acting like a number one he walked the beat number one then he should act like apple and plays like what. The other thing too was. I wasn't too happy with the the second period the linebackers on the second repeat not some days we had better step further let's. First preceding eight. It didn't show what like we have much good stuff there. I'll be open to blind not to Depp who's there. We had some good placing those guys so anxious. Thanks to pursue the phone call but it all right so Wallach is more this and come back we'll talk about KK short wanna talk about Bernard Butler we've got some success to get all that. We've got some sex about the the kicking competition coming in right now is oh yeah I read to donors were not happy with Graham gonna be ever gonna talk about that a the other side to its Dorsey and Bailey live from grill solid W weapons it. We talk Panthers football more than. These mothers decent in Charlotte he took her back. Go go live to. Interstate. 1025. Wanna welcome you home to both angles with the rollback pricing choose from like this get. Johnston 778. For a limited time. Coach Jack. Welcome home. 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A pair of Americans top the leaderboard at the PGA championship where first round action continues here quell hollow. Gary Woodland did Jim Hartman are both three under par on the back nine. Denmark's are very Olsen is one shot back at two under a big group of golfers tee shots off the pace at one under par. Including Paul Casey's Zach Johnson and Lee Westwood Michael Phelps is following the star studded trio of masters champ Sergio Garcia US open champ Brooks kept got. And British Open champ Jordan speed than the Olympics or rusty making Garcia nervous because he's really got off the rails he's got two bogeys and two double bogeys in his last four holes. He's now I five over par through ten holes. Kept good speed having a little better like cat is at even par speak now one over Hideki Nancy Allen John Daly are also in an even par. Played in his 100 major Ernie Els is fading fast he's now at seven over par through thirteen holes. Satellites and not doing much better he six over through ten holes still to tee off Webb Simpson goes off at 105 Phil Mickelson who won 25. And Rory McIlroy at 135. This leaderboard at his writing thank you island golf resort proudest of the 4041 PGA championship. A mini flash deserves a mini get a code seven and a half ounces and only 100 calories I'm sure it doesn't and that's the flash. He's like up trolling WNBA and she's a crucial tailgate spot. Colin doghouse. With live music in the year sauce men's barbecue GG spread odds and boosters realize green. Trucks a year corn hole and more. OK before heading into the game for stadium watched the game in the shadow of the stadium on the corner of needs more head and one until he did not queen city it's the next best thing give me a big day thanks Doug Miller Lite Jack Daniels Griffin. Brothers studio in these homemade Italian ice cap for Genesis Adam Barrett conventions apply. Because if they look as you can you can get a you get a pass on this when you get all class because your music is usually all points of business that. Yeah I'm excited about it I yeah I know I got captivated by the last segment forgot to look up the song so that's that's that's an L for me a and I I'll I'll get better. Well you know what you think very few wells in the music departments a local look look this slot blood and it's all right. Welcome back Garcia and Bailey benighted I've PGA championship we're alive for the media center here. At quail hollow have a great time watching some golf. And double to Chile to put update coming up in just a few minutes we're still talking about the victors. And they'll last night's performance against the Texans 2717. Win and what are we start your for second before to back the original port right we have Jonathan on Twitter reach out. And ask if we talk about the linebacker battle between Jeremy cash and then Jacobs have been bowl where it's the bigger and surmising water to what what did you make of those guys last night. Beyond that. That was probably if you look at the defense may be one of the weak points of you know the team I mean they're breaking tackles doing the job they're doing five secures the he liked to seem a little bit more downhill hold the point you set the edge those type of things and I'm I'm even talking about Shaq Thompson you know a guy that. When he was out there a lot of times they ran at him and you know he wasn't there to make the play he got in golf it's. Is what we call it by the office of climate or the tight end. That was blocking him. And you lost leverage a couple of times and you don't lose leverage a lot of times despite. Elect a government side sometimes get knocked off the ball the same thing is Lou but losing never leverage because. You're the guy has to wake goes still so. You know his job is to make everything contained go back to the inside where he has pursued. From those inside guys and you don't think guy at times he got not pushed around a little bit so. The plan that position even though we did in college at times that Washington. That's not the NFL and you gotta be able to set the edge as a downhill linebacker or you're gonna put your hand on the tight end and be on the line of scrimmage or near it. You gotta be a little bit more physical I'd like to see him get a little bit more physical with that position. And filter the ball into other guys like Luke or TD in order to you have them make tackle through the pursuit of the defense of Lyman. As far as Jacobs goes you know I made some good plays he's not great coverage. He's a big guy he might be better suited to play that strong side linebacker. And you know on a 43 defense Kyle that's really what that linebackers job is to do. They'll jam that tight end you know make sure you reroute him don't let him get up on your regular us safeties real quick. And you know force him to stay on the on the line in your typically you know especially now in today's NFL tight ends are the best blockers so. You'll be able to shed them is something that he might be able to do a little bit better discuss this size so. Those are things I noticed as far as the other guys Boulware and and you know Jeremy cash at that Jeremy cash. He's a talented guy. He's an athletic guy but he's out of position a lot. And you know when running backs again you know space. And understanding what your defense is able to do and where you're supposed to filter guys. You could take him play better leverage. You know on on those receivers or those running backs coming out of the backfield but that I think keystone is warning that. And I thought he got out leveraged a couple of times you know on those one on one matchups with the back out of the backfield on those little dark routes. And you know you he was trail he made the play. But make a play 66 or seven or eight yards down the field but that's a lot of yards in the NFL those first downs and those are drive extending type type of place so. No that's one of the things maybe needs a little bit better on understanding where his defense that worked so he can play proper leverage. And filter guy's into his help. Would give them a better chance of being successful against these more athletic running backs up the back field. As we all know there for pre season game so they got flown with Tennessee coming up to Jacksonville a comeback for the final game against Pittsburgh on the 31. And I'm curious though what about that the ball were a thing last night frank because bowler doesn't get into the game until the fourth quarter right. And I I don't know what your thoughts are on this is is that indicative of his of his status right now with this team or is it just one of those things where you got him when he got in it may seem more extreme Tennessee. Just heard those reps right you know and that's just part of it is an undrafted guy. He had a great career in college. Toys afforded the opportunity to try to compete at the next level doesn't he's gonna make the team. He's he's a national champ and again congratulations he was a really good college player but the lot of really good college players. They're not gonna make it at the next level that a lot of guys or the best of their position or one of the best of their position. That might not be athletic enough to compete at the next level placing a lot of times guys. You remove him from safety to linebackers and those type of things trying to find that fit. So that athletically they match up with guys that their position young college you know you see that a lot where there's a strong safety you know moving down inside the box because they run well. If they were replaced our safety they don't run as well as those guys at that position so you see those move those guys move and noble where is they undersized guy. He's a bull dog. You know he's gonna go out they're fighters tail off he's a football means he's gonna bite scratch claw and do what every candor when. And you know try to be competitive he just needs that opportunity but because of the depth and now the position that he plays has a lot of talent you start would look deeply. And they go to Jeremy cash award or Jacobs you know or mail. You know those guys are are you know right now I've aren't that shot to go out there compete. He's got to beat them out and right now up to this point goes off like he's done that so what does he do it goes makes plays on special teams. Yes you you make plays when your number's called. You come up with an interception a big play those type of things dory really gonna start noticing him. As we saw with the mere bird last night for him to their verdict on the same situation Jameer Burgess has another year in the NFL. So validate in and have these coaches trust them. You know bubble we're still learning that you know how to do that mean. I don't I'm I'm I'm convinced she's gonna be in the right place I'm convinced he's gonna fight is that ass off. I'm just not convinced this is if he's that big enough for athletic enough to compete. On a consistent basis against the number ones not the threes you know that you're going to be face and you know every Sunday I saw David they ought to look at players who were to begin Lhasa I mean he's a big physical guy. You know he's not lose giggling no nobody is. You know he's a solid guy. He he he did make some plays and you know when he hits guys they go backwards he's the tackling machine. He's not as athletic sideline to sideline and in this defense in the way that they are built I think you need to be some haven't some speed at that position. You because a lot of the nickel that we play those linebackers are going to be range you guys are here when I mean range you don't mean cooling and hot hot hype. I mean bill would cobol cover a lot of space at that position you with the cover two that we play. That that linebacker has got to Ron and isolate on that tied and it times. And can he keep up with those guys athletically. Is going to be one of the question marks. That we have heaved again compete against the twos and he's gonna mavs match up a little bit better with them but when your face seen that Jimmy Graham when you're facing. You know the grow rocks in your face seen. The Chelsea's of the world that are going to be doubles for the Greg Olsen is a the world wouldn't be able stress the middle of filled. Can you run with those guys and get their hip pocket and defend the pass that's aware way to see from him. All right so out of there won't think it was really nice lesson that I would imagine. Encouraging prepared his fans to CKK short. Right out of the gates I mean just in the backfield picks up an early sack committee guy who looks like he certainly wants to go out there improve now. That is worth the motivated just got of organ Butler guy though they're there they're counting on to be a part of that depth and a guy quite honestly. There are they're gonna look to to determine whether or not they they're they want to have to pay Starr looks Lily I mean. Bernard Butler last night just on the field firfer handful plays Franchitti goes down with that that knee injury did he didn't come back they tested him and I've been precautionary but still. For a guy who dealt with ankle problems all year last year that was not encouraging sick. There's a difference between. Hurt and injured right right it is she herders the injured. I think he's more hurt right now but they're not gonna take any chances in the pre season. You know with those type of things right so if this is the regular season I'm not sure he'd have been able to come out there and play Russia how long he's going to be out but it's nothing significant. It's not an injury it's more of hurt. And you know that's all good news for the Panthers and for him because you want him you know first off give myself the best chance. To go out there and make plays and this is coming off of an injury. You know halfway through the middle of the season last year. You know some guys just are injury prone and you know you call it luck call what you want to call the football gods I don't know. You know but some guys aren't some guys can go to a whole career not have a surgery. Other guys they have they have five or six or seven. You know some guys avoid the piles and they edit the bodies you're coming out nominees and they are blowing amount of the guys they just get caught up I you know I can't explain that. You know I used to think it was a guardian Angel on my shoulder watching over me you're at times when those piles come down you know to not get hurt your and other guys just like you know. You get what you used to that you get used to do all those things fortunately for him. I don't think it's going to be a significant injury it's going to be something that they're they're gonna give him a little rest. He's going to be in the training room locked and something he's used to so we understand how to rehab those things and ultimately. I think it's just you know little you know bandit on. You know are on maybe of something that's not to do it. All right so we'll come back. I want to talk about this kicker battleground you know catching hell last night so bad there's fans here are some bunker. It's a 51 yarder late in the game mid of course naturally as you expect that was going for Brent to go to be cut today so we'll talk about that. Plus clumps of last night clubs and fans showed up in full force. Too much support their diving Shawn Watson we'll talk a bit about him as well. Live from the PGA championship D'Qwell followed Garcia and Baylor. I have a few fans is fans last night at least considered. Starting to change dot org position at a grand you know fired. I don't I don't a couple of needed. Granted O last night had the of the team's first opportunity to look to score on a fifty yard field goal attempt. You missed it hit the upright and I had a second chance later on the gave it a 45 yard field goal which she did. I would about six minutes look to go in the first quarter for the second quarter actually but you're symbolic religion out of Georgia Tech comes on late hit say a 51 yarder. And you know there are his frank you've been around volume that are here a lot of that I haven't into the grand get though. Hate is not easy to and I'm not hard to find if you'll look. Although there is some us unless I'm not a Smart man into a but I know that 100% of the kicks made his better than 50% of the kick Smith that's good right and that's pretty good right so that's we give credit to button what bunker buster right you know what he's able to do from Georgia Tech you know obviously has a strong leg but. Let's everybody is a look at these kicks in and in the games and evaluate these guys and whether it makes and misses. All the valuation of those guys are done in practice you know for the most part. Mean what you all the guy verses you know the talent differential between. A guy not make him very much. Is going to be a factor. You know and that's where you look at you know how can I trust that that's the one position you know as a coach. That you never really think about but until it comes to that point. And you realize. While do we have a good owner dollar because it helps me make decisions or helps them make decisions excuse me as. You know what we do with our off to have slower week where we get the ball how close do we need to get the ball you know I call you call plays according to. You know what you have at that position and what you can count on what you can trust for example. I know some kickers or better from the left test and they are the right hash so bum call on a play dot com and typically if it's you know down in that last two minutes of the game Norma put him in position. I'm gonna try to run my place to left sides so that if we have to kick a field goal. That that he's gonna you know it's gonna be desirable as they're set up well for his eyes. And that that consistency that you talk about is going to be there. You know pressure yet like these golfers are we're sitting here talking about today it's one position in its force there really has that type of pressure on it. Because you have time to think and process before you go out there and execute. Right and there's a lot of moving parts is not just a kicker you know when you come to this thing so let's make sure clear on that a lot of times it's familiarity. With the holder. By how he puts the ball where he how he tilts the ball those type of things in these guys. You know again like these golfers there's a lot of comparisons there psychologically with the you know what these guys go through before the kick happens. And that's the snapper where they're you know he's a good enough staffer was JJ Jansen vigorous effort he gets the laces the U a forward facing the direction of the ball's going. Who took the holder usually doesn't have the spin it rotated. These guys work on those types of things. Religiously that's all they work on their rotation of the ball believer in the idea that's his Ortiz hit a certain point they're gonna catch it all they have to do was put it down. If you don't have it yet inexperienced snapper. He's got the spin it and all those movements kind of screw with that kickers head a little bit and you know they go through that process since you know it's just a while a lot of moving parts. So if you feel comfortable with the process the snap. The hold the kick thing you're gonna have a better chance of making them. You know that being said Booker hasn't had the the wraps that. You know that they have good though has been an ocean below a bit more comfortable with that process. And you know he's like a lot more money in those things are gonna factor into you know whether he's on this team or not. All right 7045709. B 610. Longevity thoughts on the game bless them and ask you the last couple of hours we'll keep on asking this question. What was the one thing that you most excited the most look at the most important thing that you saw last night that game. Coming out of the first pre season contest I know I sat up in the box where we you know we went out there as the filled love the old players. In the guys notice that with what ought ex offensive linemen one linebacker defensive backs we don't have the box up there are sick and wash in the game. And most the times occurs McCaffery. Touch the ball we're looking at each feel like you know what that looked while there's something different about this guy. There's something that he does whether it's his quickness. His his burst. You know his elusive but he why all the things that he does he was an RCH. Away from breaking a touchdown and a few notre RCH is the smallest known measurement to man. A red. Hair right but it is complete you can figure out the doubling him between. That's. What is the smallest known measurement Amanda and I was that close it was a clothes away from bright and a touchdown hook. And I love to see I'd love to see him get the open filled you with those trouble trying to hit that do out here you know you can never really got into that fifth gear. I was still waiting for to see if he had that breakaway that you're looking for. You know but he had the quakes of anybody I've seen at that position and that was nice to see if he was close on a couple of occasions and so. If there's one thing you know most exciting most important wherever you saw last night from the game. It itself from wanna talk about that have you figured out wouldn't RCH as you're 50 yeah I figured out while ago I don't know where we'll talk about I would talk about a son wants a little bit too we come back some of the topics students who of course. And how look at the Texans keep pretending that's not the best quarterback on the roster then let and that's a great thing you know we can tell we talk about this you know with we're not just to Sean but with that defense. That's a damn good defense today's last night averaged four point seven even though it's against this. You know the lawns Americana given half ass effort brother on a lot out there. You still get it done right and I know what that takes place in the regular season when guys are game planning. We'll see but there's a lot of encouraging things to take away from last night tonight live from quail hollow our number three coming your way it's Garcia Bela. One station Charlie turns to for Panthers football talk. And score 4040. 56 and WNBCX. 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