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Friday, September 29th

Coach Brian Billick joins us to talk Panthers Patriots. We break down week five in college football, and Frank's going to dixie.


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But Garcia. Trial but victorious Mora for the Chicago Bears. Knows that hot is that wrong fright but doing defraud the I don't think that was the right ways there any coincidence that the C. In the cubs logo looks exactly like the toilet. It's. Is it coincidence I mean if you turn us in sideways he turned a toilet sideways the talent like about the same. Well it's Ralitsa it ya like to listen. I'll be I've never even thought about that I'm sure demands are distorting double hallway to come pull the plug on this program. Cooked welcome credits Garcia daily Iberia is there it sounds a little different put though won't so different prolonged stable good stuff to get every day. I'm here Virginia Frank's gonna join me tomorrow. But so pleased to be with you here on this Friday morning as though we did deserve for four hours of top notch sports talks top shelf if you will frank Garcia everybody. I'm doing great to add a big game last night to went over to Weddington high school and I knew got one diets are great. You know what it is been a great program the defending state champs in the three division and there are great coaching staff but just fortunate to do when we end up you know doing are saying in. Came out with the best of that so yeah gotta yeah there's it was a long night for me. Is that the football game just it's just tough for me to get to bad and you mark my hundred things are racing through my head in. You know sort of sleep roll album ready to go. That's all the windows more yet a younger you right back Evans Novak and I think that there were a couple of minor cornerback played real well we know we had a great game plan the offensive line blocked assorted coach here. We predicted good did have a good day. Thought that it sells good bad. As always you can hit us up 7045709. 610. A feel free to call those guys are good to put him back in the studio I've got the sex line wide open so you can it be here as well 70457090s. Extent. Are you can also find us on to Iraq I'll clearly WS frenzy at frank Garcia 65 and at Osborne. WFNC. Big show big show ahead for it. Coming up we're gonna talk to Jim Patterson CBS sports dot com until we saw was gonna join mr. O'Brien bill it's gonna join us in about 45 minutes former ravens head coach. As Super Bowl champ will join us in swing by Steve Merrill later in the show we've got. That game last night and day it was weird. Whether took over half timeout ourselves tonight so long rain delay or weather delay. And at and get back to the field Packers take care of business there's still that ongoing controversy about mr. Vista whether or not he should play. But but more than any big last night Dovonte Adams and a daily travail for an. And that that hits a model that they hit that has everyone in football talking this morning. And so I'll tell you what men I watched it a couple of times last night I watched it a couple of times this morning I listen to true victims comments were used. Basically said look it happened I did it it was an intentional it was just a momentum. And and and it just hoping that they kind of happens in the game and look I tend to agree with him Franken at the same time if your football with all the things you're dealing with right now with head injuries and try to protect players. I he's very fortunate he wasn't tossed out of that game last night and I would expect to be some sort of suspension government. Gather maybe some suspension coming in a crowd you know he looked at the that they had no washed it over and over and in Adams. You know looked like he was knocked out his mouthpiece falls out you lose their loan you know ECB. Chicago Bears even motioned into the sideline to get somebody out there help he was knocked out cold so. Mom it's a tough sport there really is and you know you'd like to see the helmet taken are in the had taken out of Britain when you're leading would you helmets you know took to hit guys that are. You know DQ do you receivers running backs quarterbacks you know wherever might be. You know there's going to be there's going to be some blues and he'll be interest and see you know how the NFL annals that I do feel like he'll basis is he'll be fine and potentially even suspended. You know that and I think he he Goodell understands this is a tough sport as well and unfortunately there's things that like that that that happen and I don't I can't tell his intent. You know I don't think anybody canceled for me to sit here and try to do that would be unfair to hammer you know maybe even the game so. The reality of it is he fled with his helmet he hit him in the head that was a result of what we saw him land there unconscious and if there's going to be consequences because you can't have those type of hits. Noah and look if you're call think back to the off season the NFL competition committee. Announced that certain illegal hits which were previously punishable by fifteen yard penalty. Would be subject to immediate injection and or suspension on the first offense at the time. I NFL executive vice president Troy Vincent who Franken I caught up with a couple months ago. Said that though the league wants to eliminate its that he termed the quote on quote catastrophic. By employing the maximum level of deterrence. Frank last night. I don't know that that you're gonna identify a more catastrophic hit by that definition of what you saw them each of Italy on developing apps yeah. He gunned that that was a mean really was you have a guy this wrapped up he looks to be going down. I'm not sure you mean you're going full speed out there. And also having played a sport where you know you know that. You know you try to play our miles an hour are you try to be physical. You trying to send messages you know with big hits to. You know those were tough physical defense arm you know there's there's going to be some instances where you know you're you're gonna maybe cross a line a little bit and you know sometimes because of that you're going to be held accountable it it may not be fair it's just part of the game and I think those are the things you subject yourself to move. If you're going to be a physical football player I don't think he's a dirty player and a lot of people say that he crossed over to the volunteers perfect. You know sirens are crazy you know and I had I don't think that's the case I think Monta is perfect. You know goes out there and plays a game to it was a little different tent and you know sometimes guys like that need to be input their place then you know whether it's you know from the offensive line or from the NFL. Our US which therefore argue this was not that case. And I think there was a guy playing though you know harder than. You know maybe the situation dictated. And it's hard to really put blame you know no one when you look at something like that. Into the result again I think we're seeing a guy leaving with his helmet and you're targeting you know chin and a guy that was exposed but the only part of the thing that he could hit. No what is the unfortunately Evans head and he didn't make a good judgment. Instead of you know going out there and you know maybe just passing on the hit eSATA lowers hadn't and and ram them and no that's why you know we're sitting here talking about today. Dazzled those momentum and adrenaline plays and that was part of the explanation last night from data to make him when he was asked about it there and and I and I'm with you amid look there there's not really. To the rest of my knowledge any prior history would damage her victim of of dirty hits and even borderline hits that they get a couple of a personal foul penalties in his past that I believe those are face mask penalties and this is not a guy who's got a rap sheet date doesn't have a resonate. For this sort of thing and it's been hot it's an inherently violent game where these sorts of things happen look by the definition and and the letter of the law. This thing fits the catastrophic hit again the Troy Vincent was talking about and their forty probably should have been suspended by the rule but just watching it last night I didn't see a guy. Who was boo who who was aiming to hurt anybody but if you deported to make a distinction. You know tell if that wasn't what is. You know I had I guess and that's going to be you know rule may be a rule that's in place that. You know when they go back and watched this is exactly you know what we're talking about and you know leave the problem news. Is it would you give the authority to these referees to start just suspend people do you want to turn it into college football. Because I felt like in college football. There's a lot of hits that don't. Deserves the injection. And you know maybe can change the outcome of the game in this college football. You know in the NFL these guys are making millions of people are paying and you know a lot of money to come watch these players play. They wanna see that the James Harrison's they wanna see the blue key please imagine flu keep clean way and you know had a situation where receiver was coming across the middle he lowered his helmet to protect himself to deliver a blow to and Corliss tips to roll. And not intentionally go out there and you know decapitated guy but. The situation was he got decapitated would you wanna see the key clique. You know sat down would you wanna see those types of players sat down and I think that's the firing line the NFL's walking right now because. Are you trying to you know and to determine intent and it's really tough to do. You know if there's a history with that and there's a pattern. I think that's a little easier but when it's a first time offense I think those are the situations where you're really gonna have a tough time determined that. All right 7045709. At least one former NFL player. Thinks that one Carolina Panthers primed to break up this week and we'll talk about that next it's Garcia Billick W a forensic. Your daily here on WF and C had died though it sounds a little bit different this morning album location near Blacksburg didn't set for college game day in the morning. And de Freitas get set to join me in front Yahoo! a law. A little bit myself a great big sigh and try to get on television you could see you tomorrow morning about a patch that sounds great is that what I'm looking forward. No actually going to be on the road are not watching TV so you have to DVR but does. How long it take you to Blacksburg I need to know about this trip this road trip I'm taking I'm William I've been through Blacksburg. And that one stoplight it's there but I never really stopped. We have at least five Chang. Noted photo by the way you drive probably two hours two hours about the way I know the way everybody else drives about two and a half to 235 so law. Look imported didn't appear younger tomorrow members know the guys that ideas via public relations reached out there was a couple of days ago got ourselves a yellow a couple of a press pass is so I'm going to be in the pit right next to the stage tomorrow college Dave did a nice about the aloe there's a W there's a couple of things did you get me one. You're not going to be here's some occasional gosh I does that and I went one. Be in the pit there's too many people. And that all sweaty and smelly in them the stupid signs you have fun with that. Yeah the other thing yeah here's the other thing to cause checked this out listen I mean yesterday were important were your your traditional peer. You do FaceBook live in we're had an out in number regularly game yeah I'm talking a column like college is going to be like tomorrow on me to give me a little break down about what what I should expect. And he he stars given me the agenda. All right and did the agenda is not get there. Apart like a park like you know 45 minutes away they're gonna come shuttled me and Morgan Bloomberg into the black and to Blacksburg and we're once a fraternity party all investors are now. Do not hi him weigh into all the doors for jobs and ordered the likes the call yet this fraternity party what do you talk about polyester be awesome we're gonna have jeans on which includes you know where whenever you line and now is that why would I wanna be noticeably older guys to be anywhere from like you know eighteen years old to sixty years old us again why would I wanna be at a fraternity party at the no secret handshake you know what what does this say that that this attracts people to going to fraternity parties a college football games I'm nodding your fraternity that's not attractive to me. Yeah but you know what it's going to be a mess supported Raikkonen take you to multiple mass supporters tomorrow there's going to be an ice luge there's going to be upset salute. Every four years old. Got back back back back back up a pop up. It's avoidable by the way Texas writes and that's me to please make a sigh with frank space on a shot back to I don't title passes from happening to this point. No doubt about it there would be a college game Bayside tomorrow I'm not getting out of going to FedEx office as soon as the show was overcome I'm getting it. Don't what is it with us made. It can hit man here loosened up the heat this question and I salute eyes specific hundred all the end is allows it to does the date any Chris is Marty where there is. An isolated job. How how all right that was not 2008 that's a lie about they'll my second year here. I was like six you know just eurozone since Sarah maybe it wasn't a mere words to realize that I noticed a nebulous. 2000. A so that was still what nine years ago I was in my thirties yeah. Between your thirties in your forties besides in my draw more money there's no gray hair back surgery. Broken thumb body. And it's Joan just maturity. Okay well look I got a couple different segments of friends not a guy got I got my guys I grew up with I got to get your super thirty Brothers here I got my my punk rock bodies were courtesy of molten more right drive embodies. How are you edit on judges should I didn't set up here a short little setup. But right my cousin texted me last night you're a Texan biographer last wedges that have made a hundred jello shots do you think that's enough. And so yeah its it's gonna be fun for you tomorrow calls do you does that have to drive home. Yes that's not gonna happen. And I'm driving home. So I always great fun that you die I'm feel like the old guy the party that nobody's going to do because I'm the only sober one there. That's that commercial so insecure. Does show that out of college they're going to be old guys there at the front out of their canes and stuff whack induced to get him out of the ways they did live protect and it's the first enterprise the old guys stand upside down to jobs to where Jerry stands some humbly and bubbly not a yeah because they're gonna be out doing you that's why. And I would -- more tax covered and what's next erected alrighty for a hotel that I got a not to let that happen to have done this setup and download a Monday Oz you know ormat. So yeah Plattsburgh. I'm Natalie ATV out where you Nan yeah. They're really good horse faster Jupiter's pushed the I don't wanna dale Morse is right like. And old anyone but you know with with no SATA or nothing but I. Copyright act Brodeur doing or not you're right bare back all the way to like stood. Yeah yeah. Yes you can do that and I'll be impressed met. Pay this kind of got sideways for a second but and we got to get to bribe Billiton limited Fred put. I told back to those guys are the head off a little bit ago if you are obviously gonna talk it's not a Packers patriots throughout the show. But I turned dawned on the NFL network this morning and I turned on good morning football. And the like yeah we had Peter Schrager and Nate Burleson having Kyle Bratton those guys. The the start resort to preview this game this weekend and almost to a man they're also like you know we think this is going to be a big breakout weekend for Christian McCaffery. And it's you know again that's that's not unfathomable it's not an unreasonable take but I don't know why anyone would look at this matchup in necessarily believe. Especially given the way that you don't care who's got a look through the first couple weeks that's going to be the case. The you know what does Kyle I think it's been a big game you know for this offense in general and I really don't care who gets the touches I just wanna see somebody go out there and make some place you know whether that's McCaffery whether that's. Stewart's you know where that cam you know whether that's KB. You know I Dixon somebody needs to make some plays and they need to. You know they they need to do it in and be consistent with that because that's what this team is looking forward. Sometimes it's just guys making guys miss and others times it's you know the office dictating with scheme. You know what's gonna happen so. Chris McCaffrey is a guy that tell you we've talked about we Baltimore up we drafted number one overall so yeah he's the one everybody expects to do that but I don't care for its current Samuel. I don't I don't Germans DeVon punches I don't care if it's Kelvin Benjamin and it's these guys need to step up and you know when your quarterback struggling which Khamis. You know can't hurt you struggling will get it we'll see. You know he's not accurate he's not consistent right those are the things that we know about our quarterbacks. But when he's not in you shouldn't it in he would choose passage got to hope not get up make plays. You know if he throws our boy gonna go to get into Joe's a low volume go down and get it he throws behind you gotta make somebody miss and you know that puts a little bit more pressure. Is expected to go out there and and distribute he's not say and it so you know somebody's got the stuff but take over it could be Chris McCaffrey to the offensive line knocked holes in the defense. You know with the running game so that's what I'm looking for in this game you know Kyle hopefully it's a guy. And hopefully Chris McCaffrey's a part of that but if it's not I'm not into disappointed. All right there you go 7045709. B sixty and keep this up it's mostly about francs party seen this yet that's a because suffered a whole lot of facts about that right now so I get a final FaceBook live this thing it never happened. And other fright as a black out the whole trip to fail since we if we go if we and a Baggio and your courtyard. More stringent way. You know socks on our you know so what they're so hot stuff up. Yeah. For control through a tough opponent. It's as simple slip below this and greatest that it's not. And I Bryce go street and I'm going to break we're gonna come back Brian Billick former ravens head coach and FL loyalists a little network we'll talk about pictures patriots this week Jim we'll talk about last night's win by the Packers. And a whole lot more it's Garcia Bailey W weapons it. I. She. Welcomed back Garcia and Bailey here on this Friday morning. And we've got a lot to do it's a great show ahead chip Patterson CBS sports stocks tumbled join us. We'll talk to Tony saw flick. JJ are not fifty out in Seattle long time NFL executive with the Carolina Panthers in the St. Louis Rams will look take a whip around the NFL with him Steve Merrill pro sports in full later in the show don't forget are two for the money picture coming your way. A look like Josh Parcells go to join me here in studio in just a little while those walls we've got a big show planned for even nothing bigger. The Super Bowl trip over Baltimore Ravens head coach now an analyst with the NFL network Brian Billick joins us once again on the tech become just like coach our U. I'm doing great today. What before gets a pair of patriots this weekend Ellen let's go back to last night for a minute so many things to kind of tease out of that. Packers bears win but another bigger this morning but all the talk about the hit that data Gervais blade on Dovonte Adams last night that left two MO motionless there on the field. And you know the new NFL rule this offseason allowing for rejection for catastrophic it's. As a coach as an analyst watching that last night what were your initial thoughts. Well this is a tough one because there's such a fine line obviously she's got to protect players. I don't know what bleak doesn't wanna do is help to officiate. Or legislate against intent what was the intent and that's where such a fine line defense of players or the top top position. Because Horry or try to protect the players it would slow. They can be left little vulnerable in terms of how often offered some player. Maybe the target area have also been on simple last. Instance. You know anything short of the absolute. Springing. Targeting head down watching. This stuff for the league can they obviously won't take care of the players but she she would give it ended today the players are doing they're hitting as well. It's hard to legislate against content so this one certainly physical violent yet. You know that it bought my sacred someone else could have to decide whether its final ball all those like this this is tough for the defense players and Ivory Coast. The tour Q what the players. This sort of supplement for them if they got to play a certain way they've got to protect themselves and that's also fine line between intent. Only the launch at and those types just what a global hit look at the body again. You know obviously the checkered past you don't have something to do with that as well you know some players that maybe play on the edge. You know might be you know treated ruled differently in that tent might be you know taken a little differently with that as well but you're right I mean. When you look at these guys going out there a hundred miles an hour guy lowers his shoulder to try to protect himself. And it's receiver happens to drop down and they happen to collide is that intent is he trying to launch himself his or just trying to go out there and make a football player and be aggressive. And and the great ones I was fortunate perhaps or by way of god Cory Lewis and Ed Reed. The great ones seem to figure it out. You cannot get those types of hits some really great players. It just yet because they have a sense of oh OK whatever the rulers have got a good picture but within that they have the ability to do that. It's you do have to be careful he would check. It's an employer's best interest so. But by the same joke like this Reggie got a whole lot of integrity of the game it is a physical violent game so it's a fine line to walk. I coach let's well let's talk about the the quarterback situation in Chicago for second. John Fox has a reputation of being a guy who does not really wanna play rookies and as you well know the the tenor up there is such that. The bears don't look like they're Super Bowl contender and they wanna cedar their first round draft pick matured this yup they're on the field. You know you you've been around football for a long time you've been around these kinds of situations. You know it is it time to start looking applying mr. miscue or you know did you see a guy Mike Leonard as Deion Sanders said last night. Who was out there doing his job. Well I'm I can't I don't want to have a stellar start to see that's just my perspective or I understand ordered in order to and it's why not take place mixture biscuit which traded to move to get him as a first oral trick. Every snap it takes this year is gonna make them better. Next year out job fox you don't get how that affects jobs fox. That's legitimate question but like Glenn is what my plan and as a what you saw that's the way it's got a court order to do everything. A major point right now where English thank you hate the player. You can't protect the player put the things around I think they can run the ball well enough. Got a line of duty help give it to protect them without open its Libya I'd David Carr situation where they record here. Or accept six pop something that we look more at a bit on David Card and possibly his career. Or you think he said of mostly can't hold up. To the beatings so to speak to the criticisms that doesn't seem to keep beating case the extra disk so my perspective is by not what's what's the downside. You are your cars are so many different ways you know I wanna go with you know what what you just said there and I agree with you what was he said you learn one thing you're a couple of things from watching. You learned several things from from doing you know as a player and in you know that is a coach as well but. Circle back here to the Carolina Panthers and we were situated situation with an injured guy or guys this coming off of an injury this not playing real well. And you know with Cam Newton you know it's kind of an Justine dichotomy is like do you go out there and you put him. Out there on the field and you work through these issues or. Do you sit there and let him watch 'cause during the week he's not even a whole lot of reps but we expect them to go out there and beat Chris. It on Sundays so coaches stuck in a tough situation. You know with that and you know can't not play in awhile right now there's just so many different things that. You know need to be taken place here with this team and I just don't know where to go. Well it commit begins with the medical people they've got to take a look at this is what it is. One of the questions you have to ask is does it did get a chance of eternal soul. Worse which of course any clear up feel I have that potential but could he just by nature although Monday. Could this be more long term crooked these future in jeopardy. If that's the case absolutely you put Obama show just what to do well if it's just a matter no we're not risky for literal term future. We have a chance of it getting better not stand the fact that you gonna take the extra course seeks a and of course the player is gonna happen it could not look okay. I took a good score every player at some point deals. With different injuries and pastor adapt his game a little bit yeah it's quite clear about not about to take notes built. So this doesn't become a group decision between the medical people between the player shells and adults about the coach just what could say it looked a lot cheaper product milk you got to have better. That's what you gotta kind of say the player and the keep hope so also speaks only Ron Rivera can catch back. How much trust as coaches put employers to give them that proper information because I know as a player. I don't want the next first off I don't want the next guys showing he can do better in melding cam has to worry about that here but number two is that. I don't want my teammates down so at some point you're as you pointed out is that coach has to take over and be the adult in the room. Yeah out of that you got to save the player problems also. You use it and you know how much do you trust the players to do very little. That's sounds just struck quite a bit player has very little respect for what culturally but he wants to do like say very little bits from the standpoint OK don't want all to address specific player says I can't go. Then that's yet. Q as a coach there's no possible way you can suggest should know. Or that you DUS support for either to actually appropriate urged supporters say I'm not shark before. That's fit that's game set match Al closest guest spots on it. We all know that OK it is the motion won't miss as well. You know I think you can you can go to the concussion protocol. It's you know you can yeah I'm fine portrait again. Well okay sometimes you got to help the player from themselves so that's that's well talk about what old Politico chest or. She had practiced unique game. He's willing. But if he's not he's putting the heat in jeopardy to load is so there's been good. But the team at jeopardy if he just kept all the way apple that he needs to for us to do well and sometimes you have to help a player gets. Coach the with the with the patriots of course that that's for the Panthers are going this weekend. It I'm looking at this New England team right now and and it's operated forty years old is is probably as good as good as he's ever been. And the defense aside for the second week in the row the Panthers will face statistically if not the worst one of the worst defenses in the league no we saw that worked out last weekend. And we'll see how it works out this weekend and what you can typically cal with a Bill Belichick coached team knows you well know. Is that he's probably gonna do a pretty good job taking away watered is that the two best bet and I'm curious how you see this matchup this weekend because I'm not really quite sure how the strings of ago. Well yeah it was funny with the patriots is younger Irish people are great she. But they may not be the dominant seventy goal unstoppable. Prohibitive favorite she thought going to. Tom Brady saw that you alone gives them back. That's kind of maps all that kind of Pettigrew. You're actually right back that it piece of this show do it I don't that old playbook that we do on Wednesdays at 6 o'clock with that very tech OK this Bill Bennett spell check it. GIR cal lap people so well. Belichick's brilliant take you away were which he does best. Compared to the rest of us that we just sort of yeah. That was org. So the jets coach does that show winners that will ostensibly. Now what up my peace was about was the potential for big play each. Better gonna present the social campaign as Belichick and that we will patriot defense tries to equate Christian chaplain. Because he clearly is it is to force open the running game but I have about hello I'm sure it was a couple clips as cheap react. Whether it's screen pass deployed back campus safety coming out what are you for that but Trout if you play or actually. At the backside receiver now so I want I wanted to open inside deep routes poster out I think what the patriot it would tempers gonna need to do as they continued. Analyze it and Chris good shepherd I'll pinch. What over by the reception. You don't you might catch over a hundred yards so be it iPod don't Belcher okay this number one guy kept cap or Palestinian camp and all the things he could do but okay what are they should cap doesn't keep us. That opens up some opportunities for big plays elsewhere and I think Mike Shula and the Panthers will be kids don't recognize that a big take advantage of some post match ups. Okay good to know you can you don't have much time you know but when you start looking systematically with what the printers are done. Is kind of you know it's like just throwing stuff against the wall usually no method to the madness and you look at tendencies you know I'm maybe they're trying to break them I'm not sure but there's no consistency. For us to see you with our two arises it from the outside looked and and what are they trying to accomplish or try to be a running football team are trying to spread teams are the ball all over the place. Are they trying to be a vertical attack team and when it comes across to a lot of people as a jump ball offense and just can't win consistently doing that. Well I'll only take it a different angle for you by kids to those are legitimate observation. But let's give us talk about the league pitcher where they don't that's. They more insults while we debate that whatever text. Get it on they're doing a patriot offense what is it. Yeah they haven't but it didn't do it gets a team that has a game plan is gonna stick to their game plan because they execute better everybody else does that quarterback is consistent. Right and that's certainly part of it but I just the point I'm pages that. One week the patriots brought fifty times that he didn't have and actually they've been around it forty times I think what I'm seeing you appear out. Just corporate is okay what exactly do we. I was just gonna work with McCaffrey we're Camby is what Stewart physically would vote badge and a structures are big changes. We we had been Greg Olsen and we don't so this is that ultra sure your game open as well so some of it may be okay were still experimented. So that at a particular have more latitude the book. Players shoot out of this okay. This week we're gonna do best because that that say it was our best matchups. As sort of let it sit tolerance are the next week you know what what place we saw that great. Two weeks don't they played earlier that's actually quite small ball he did need a separate senate staffs were gender or so left. And in the NetSuite also. They placed on the field soaks up it has do with the matchups it may very viewpoint. Well be what you are talking about I can't believe it is of course some cultural groups there without respect to that it's by design to a degree we now have happily. At different positions to where we kind of all week to week. And take advantage where we think it's there it's to protect. Our coach before religion villain or hero with a some aspects thick shoulder pads and I just incredible technology tells a bit about it. Well we've orbit talked about protect the players what's in the best interest were taken ahead navigate as we should. But that puts a higher priority on shall debts which as you guys now. That I'm 63 years old fat that changed in forty years until now extra taxes and next wave. Of degeneration of that is yet certain technology there's no paddle a bark like it's 28 so clubs. Over 300 colleges 150. College or high school players that this is where. Pollution passed a star player speech to be the best affidavit like you're short. I've got two great kids should they decide to play football. They're gonna be an extra steps you go to exec pat about how best part due to put it trouble co coach acute 20% off your first purchased. Well we always appreciate it's almost certain to pass the word long coach we'll talk tutors thanks so much. Sat very. Our Brian Billick former ravens head coach Super Bowl champ an analyst with the in the NFL network joining us on the technique come guess level come back. Doctor little snap judgment it's Garcia Billy. Yeah and. I mean how long supply yeah. Some government saying that. Horrible things I. All right today's that judgment is a two port snap judgment frank Garcia. I will love first saying. That in the midst of all of this NCAA United States attorney's office FBI a deed is scandal all the fun conversations that we're having surrounding that. It is very easy to get sucked into. The narrative that's well blue oval and Rick Pitino are insanely dirty and at Oklahoma State and Arizona and Paul Byrd and USC and even maybe Miami York the dirty just programs in all of college troops in that a dieters was the one running this and and that says that that's it. The upright and I've ordered a step of going to warn you again. That if you thought or do you think that this scandal is limited to only Adidas and to only those schools that we've mentioned to you or crazy. Because fans like to believe that their teams. For the clean programs right bright daylight every man legs leave their program is the clean program but doesn't the quote unquote right way and all of their coaches. Are in. They love to further that that perception is well right there everybody your programs the Cleveland blog here to tell you that it's not. And be very careful about who you last bat because your program could be indexed. The other side there's frank correct if I'm wrong but my second part is that judge near the other the patriots impaired the series is tied at three games of results not just correct I believe it is. Sandy 52012. Then there's another one in there as well yeah I believe that I should just pulled up and unfortunately unfortunately they want the big one. You know they did they want a bit but but still 00 all time three under. And as bad as things are for the Panthers right now you know what's bad what Chris McLean. Is hesitant to get really excited about a Panthers game and did you bring himself. To predict to win well you know what I'm gonna do it for him. The Panthers win. They've bounced back this weekend why why nots for Carolina Panthers this week given fox were you scared of that defense. Are you scared of that. Defense where you shouldn't do it all right I'm going out of limped frank I think papers wind I think the craziness in the NFL continues. And I think this chicken little sky is falling stuff. We pump the brakes on at this Sunday. Why not why not us while none us that's that's to be our theme going into the weekend why not why can't BS. They told us what to do lists the told you you're too small they told geared to shorten the told you reduced fat you run fast enough. You weren't strong enough why not why did the economy why not us. I think it will boost. I think you will be able talk about the numbers we'll talk about the spreads will do all of that. Coming up at 1230 and through for the money but I'll tell you right now call a much shot Carolina traders on Sunday at Foxborough we'll find out what happens at a couple of days but when we come back. We got us for one more hour that means we gotta talk to college football to batters in Georgia show at 1115 as well. Duke Miami tonight maybe the other sneaky is most under rated game of the weekend we'll talk about it next it's Garcia Bela WS since it.