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Thursday, January 18th
We talk Pats Jags and The World According to Frank.

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Five. Even though he claims he's not checking it for ten days and at Osborne at WS and Z 7045709. DC eastern micro frankly as to read about him back to 115 so loyal join us coming up in about fifteen minutes. And we'll talk to him about the AFC child championship game coming up on Sunday but again 70457. Or 96 and hornets win last night. And they've now won in 07 attend frank and while I don't think anybody is. There ready to go to crown them champions of the southeastern division just yet you know that's kind of what we ask for right it was will start paying attention to you again. When you rip also went snow where when you start getting closer and closer to what to relevance and they're not there yet. But there they're moving in that direction and they've they've got to continue to win games. As they move forward thrusters denial Ottoman you and I would really all of us out there warm sports fans are wanna see this team do well they're good for those birds than we take it seriously because right now. In 08 to inventory five's the overall record they sit die off or games out. Of the eight seed right now in Detroit Pistons curly occupy the number rates he does the team orders be back on Monday and MLK day and you right now. The guts out of 76ers and the New York Knicks. Up ahead of the Charlotte hornets just outside looking in the playoff picture and you know again I keep going back to the process right the process the process the process he got to trust that it's gonna work load 76ers doing it. Tony Antoinette the playoffs started today they would not be in the playoffs. So were we to make a bet right and it goes back to what you were saying earlier you gotta grown tired of this Kemba Walker. It would trade him blow it up type of discussion the tanking discussion is it your got a growing tired of that. Well that's kind of where I've been to you know I got frustrated I said the couple extra have been closer and closer just blowing up towards us is ridiculous is team should not be losing games like me. This course and I here ask your question Philadelphia 76ers just point one you know you write maybe hasn't come to fruition quite yet on five newsletter. Horace or eighteen and 25. What do you say to the better direction. I'd just like he on this Thursday. Thanks right now. I I guess there's boom boom of the sixers because they're younger right I mean that's that's the answer is and what did it has more talent. The semi searches I close the fact June that they hesitate. You know is Joseph and he's nasty he's really really their own mortality nor the mourners who really don't see an understatement you look at intelligent it was a great farming your argument you know right now today it's orient point you were we at. But as your friend. Your hopeful it what's the point you're hopeful. What you're hopeful for the fact that they're gonna get it figured out the fact that they're gonna grow into their bodies attracted to have talent there are no more it's sitting where. With the tomb. There will 32 was a 32 year old aging center. With me. Young guy and it's not very athletic that you know sometimes to maybe play the four and sometimes play the five did you get twenty points you know one night. You know it's two points annexed it the doesn't have any upside. And frank Kamensky there's no upside there. He's done he's capped out. So who has. Who has a better direction. Instill a the fan base is at the Philadelphia semi sixers at the Charlotte hornets it's not even close that's the the dude the rationale. For what they've done but at least five years later shouldn't pay off more not a Detroit don't know should have failed to go to that led to toward Detroit's three year old guys I don't know. Com I I just Tanya you know as a friend. There's optimism there. You know if you're semi sixers fan. You hear all the time as a hornets fan there's apathy. I don't to have any really cares. One way or the other show me wake me up when we're done. So the results Nelson may be disinterested crowd there's still the anticipation. There's a 76ers are gonna be good so you just north of their differences and you know white point 1 AM you know the wreck is because they have direction. There's at least a direction. Was the direction of the ports. I'm waiting. But who say it's that a question. There's anybody on the other question Jeff you don't absolute answer there is and there's no direction. What is it I don't know. Doesn't that tell you the answer. That there's visited the same time though yes it does there's young talent Philadelphia but again I want to do nor could prove something has work Torre is correct you need tangible proof of that now. You have hoped. You have hope. That's what you're looking for the S and British ship makes you have hope that there's going to be there because you see in direction but just selling hope is all unit went on to say it's all you need all ultimately you see results and they're starting to show results and gotten better. I mean they may not be where they want to be but there's still a lot of game left in the season. Us how you feel about that you know I was just sitting here thinking wouldn't be fitting if the hornets finished the season 500 and they literally had no direction. Victim to this to me in some ways that's a ceiling of this team right now's got 500. And it's it would leave us in a place where we are now we say. Why are they are they building positive momentum for the future well Dwight pretty old chemist contract is up nick is a mix contract is a a albatross around the neck of this team especially financially. On the league mark as a show is anything to be encouraged about our banks is Jeremy lamb is okay frank Kaminsky kind of averaging has all night. He's in he's in his silly yet I mean he is athletically is where he's got these and so I think as is seen as currently constructed it's about 500 ask what team now his identity seed in the east yes that's what you're going for great but you never gonna win anything meaningful with this roster the way to the Philadelphia 76 as you shut for the start. And bead is better than any player on the hornets roster right now our drew he is easy if you combine the two rosters he'd be the best. Bin Simmons I'd rather have been sentencing Kemba Walker a safe. I had a tough I smell I I would you wanna know Y La you know why because the upside is so promising there that I would rather have him. Because he can play a litany of positions he's he's got great size got crate Jeff lettuce is if he's not an undersized point guard who's gonna demand 25 million dollars in his next contract. Now he used he is an NBA. Athletes men that's just roster does not have. They do not have in BA athletes. What do you section of Dwight Howard Jeremy Lin is the best returning she's beach every lamp is the best athlete on our roster. Kemba Walker is there as well like Tim walker is still under sigh that's right he has to work so hard to create shots he. Easy lead to easily easily easily lead as he has all the heat he has an NBA type equality. Oh we we have a roster ansari mean I'll just say this is what I think maybe I'm maybe I'm just damn wrong. All right look at the relic torch roster I don't see NBA athletes. ROC elite Alcee one elite NBA actually. I know this of the filled every six Philadelphia 76 roster was here I'd still have hope. Because we haven't seen the maximize their potential yet. What they do the things kind of always been well not my kind of it has been a little bit concerning to me and I told you just were talking about his team last week is that when you watch. The hornets on the offensive end. It looks much more difficult for them on the offensive end than it does a lot of other teams down that's obviously not been the case lately. Wasn't the case last night and would you shoot 70% is clearly not the case. But when it was terrible but that's what I was committed so so that's part of it right and we you watch or have watched them on the offensive end. Com. It just doesn't look as easy does it just what is. What shooter for the wars is it leaked. Yeah that's a problem isn't it. I mean and that's what I'm talking about in. That's what I would say gives me dies with upside because I know at this point to simple quote I know. Wiki it's just push I know what the ceiling for this team this because I watch him night in night out there. Yeah and I I watched two teams they play against. And the majority of the teams to play against have beaten them. I see what really BS please look like. It's a simple question if your general manager and you're choosing rosters take the courts take the sixers off the front of the Jersey. And you got to pick those guys vs these guys which guys you take your. Though to voice will make it is a brilliant points well made on the front I guy do we come trauma that I think. First of all to six. I mentioned this last week looking back. To what you and I were talking about in. Mean I. June you know -- and Howard deal as the holy month drafts where this team could be a kind of par mechanical seal a silly for not saying some of the deficiencies have been have cropped up there. And that's our fault we said we not then I'm not the hornets that India this week right. Set our expectations too high for this team and we are disappointed because we did that there assailant then stream them from those expectations rise if we what is said this is just another 500 team. Are we would probably still be engaged a little bit more. You know there's still time there's still gonna get the playoffs. Ball consistently get to the playoffs are still you know making that move. Right but we. You me us and and I think a lot of friends because Dwight Howard because morally mark. Elevated to a place that station event and because of that we're afraid to admit you're wrong and we don't want to say that you know we shouldn't we need to step back and. Owner or to an effort and it's an always wrong I've got the I'm not a I was absolutely wrong and here's a thank I didn't think about but I didn't think the expectations were that a reasonable because your senator earlier flu or are expectations he's outsized expectations that we capture the reveal 4 seed in the Eastern Conference and how outsized expectation could that possibly be would you have Dwight Howard Jim Walker right so that's where we work Osgood reporting what to make it. What I would say is. And this this is for the franchise and this is for the saints and this is based offer expectations. From last off season in going into this season. Do you feel that the game has passed a spot. Because the traditional the traditional big man is Dwight how our. We've got a a good point guard. We don't have a type of team to can be correctly constructed to win games in the modern NBA. Well let's say that that's the other part of this too because it's its stop and think about overdoing right now but stop and think about the conversation that we're having right now less than what eighteen hours. From them absolutely when whipping the Washington Wizards reading about 24 and the game was never in Dallas which doesn't mean there's I don't know I know but they're playing better they've won seven of ten they whipped the wizards last night they're there they're not out of this thing by any stretch of the imagination but salesmen on Twitter says the problem with the hornets is simple. Their goal is to win a first round playoff series. Not a championship a first round playoff series it's so frustrated so the day after they hammered the wizards. And they've won seven of ten and they got the what next four or five in a row at home. And they can realistically walk out of this thing if you know having one you know what eleven of fifteen or something like that. And we're still talking about how poorly constructed they are or how much they're still spinning their wheels and getting nowhere toward winning an NBA championship. And that's that's kind of resorted me. Because they played really really well less like they played well blind boards for the last two weeks but our conversation today is rather still not good enough. It's it's not going anywhere now we're just waiting for the comeback done or could there going to inevitably anyway and French yesterday I told you. Something about I get a brick and L Charlotte Observer review wrote something about Nick Punto. And that consumers talk and Eric fidelity said you know it to where he heard the criticism. You know guys like me you won a daily basis fans on Twitter criticizing him that bitumen he could he doesn't care. We couldn't care less part of the job is gonna have good Theres gonna have bad years you couldn't care less what anybody has to say about him on the way to place. And you saw that and you thought what. He says it says again though you didn't put it was telling you recruit all the shoulder said. I you'll people assigned I don't care. I'm gonna have a good Germans have a bad here you know coming off an elbow injury just think things are what they are I don't listen of that stuff it doesn't matter to me you registered. I don't care what anybody has disabled the way to complex. One does he ever care run the one is ever cared business that the problem. I mean as an athlete. You know any hired high profile athlete. No with an ego he better have won if you're gonna be good one. I'm in a certain degree billion I don't know and I'm not saying you have to be cocky but he better be damn confident that I need to care. Because. If I don't then why would why would I be any good I just don't care. About what people think how I react to my teammates think I just do me and don't rule I mean you know where you're gonna give them proof. You know I'm I think it's an and is a necessity to certain degree not work consumes you but you better care. You better care what people think you better care what people say matters not when it comes to sports. Or comes our lives in you know give else the other really got so many of those but when it comes to sports that your profession. You better care you should care because you know that's the way that you know you make your money. That's the way you get paid that's the way you're judged. You know if you're just happy Beers somewhere. Do I want to guys probably know you want to get on your team probably not happy being here we get better we'll just a at present and then here. This. Understood that a typical. If you push gotta go we're gonna stuff which they did and that we're gonna come back Mike it's regulated WEI and Boston will join us. On his take on the patriots and AFC championship game this weekend that's next is Garcia and they looked. And I hope they don't use it for the Super Bowl shuffle and why is that that is horrendous welcome back to Garcia and Tom Brady yeah. Ellis yeah that's a thug and who screams Belichick doesn't. Let's not let's welcome and drags Mike to drag the Boston sports columnist you've heard of all over the place in all over the place and he's joining us now elements that become just line and Mike we appreciate you meant our. I'm front right here on pretty well. I take it is cold in New England right now. Yeah pretty odd bit funny but it miserably call box one degree to. 85 degrees that is still a little colder than act that there's. Still a little chill in the air of the no we had the other day. Well okay wealth 80 is there a chill in the air or off an icy feeling between. Bob Brady and crashed and don't check these days I mean so would have us believe those three distinctive long enough the other this this whole football things is not announced. They probably paid terribly overblown. And the story out there tomorrow is great we actually did. It is clear action in contention and by. Ball which let you out and I think any time. You put two or eight dynamic personality. Accomplished what they've accomplished all their own degenerative knee cap and you have what call creative tension there's no question. Have there been some of that in Bible to what they need between the donor. It has trojans star quarterback. But it does that mean. That that has been getting in the way it comes to leaders are absolutely. And that it. I think that I would caution people against it there it UK there. Just because loot one Russa worried about. We are in an arrogant French and that awed to once a dated date we head coach and the quarterback. And you think that can lead to all of them are we sent Wednesday. You know just think the next thing that'll be talked about his deflating footballs and you know taking videos of people's practices. Who'd ever do that. Yeah yeah and then I'll. Understated way now are locally operated. Well yeah intact after it just. Today at eight what on hand. And I will indicate there. Inquiries on a tour care reporter covering it. During the patriots well long periods in ball and went out. I'm already stated that two weeks ago that. You would learn not totally in love all of band when he we're. But all and he's trying to I'd love it or haven't worked out so well so why I guess is they're probably gonna use the global very active. Companies I'm on I'm mad that he's going to lock should be Bachmann. Uses Berry and football. Is this the greatest dynasty that we are seeing are doing this you know potentially could be in. I don't know if you have to win this year or not but do what you've done. In the modern day of the NFL I think is as good as anybody's ever done I'm talking about all time you know whether it's our Marquardt and his championship search. The Yankees yankees owner. Are you sort of like UCLA back with food and and those guys but. It with what Brady bella checked in craft the three of those guys it's a monster nobody can stop. Well I am not saying that's the most remarkable is it gonna. I blah and well free agency that's what to really and truly stunning what they shouldn't have been able to dig down deep debt ultimately they could probably point. The three space is that we've talked about a little while ago a crack Brady and Belichick. The columns and they've been able to hold them to gather on the patriot organization have been able. Cheadle Briard equations. And most important I would say obviously Belichick and Brady. You know two tiger Earl Long and they have been is really the key to keeping their machine running and you know. People cannot be a war Google these are all Tucker Brady. I thought that all law that Brady is gonna lead war like dubbed. I don't Brady went through three more years. It might be getting close to. We know that period where you know both of them lead at the same time I've. I think it. I don't speak. Certainly in the modern enough well Tom I don't know I can speak to the Green Bay Packers what they were able to do. Oh clear run in the fifties and sixties. And we will brown. Between the time that they are played in the old you are in. All pop pop up already. And there are before they entered into the and I all of the early nineties these. Pollute the economy fine. In my harper and I owe a great new the 49ers. Certainly hero here you're somebody or there but what hatred and able to do speed here they've been able to do it is immediate exit most. Stephen Jackson Stephen Jackson had a great line here is a bobcat you know couple years ago and it was the blind when he went to the free throw line they're talking about pressure. In his in his line was make love to pressure seems like the patriots make love to pressure. You know as sweet love is anybody's ever made in I don't know if there's going to be you know any pressure on them this week but it seems like they are obviously the odds on favorite why do they lose this game forward. How can they lose this game. Well yeah the turnovers and it's great if not 100% and you know they air the ball get that area are subjected dolby and they didn't lose the game. I would say yes well what are whenever. Even the Jacksonville offense get it to be an ounce of football and see what it's simply a political detainees. Are worried what do last week in the first quarter really did. I thought you know not everybody I don't know he'd even though the clintons were absolutely. Don't position I don't my first order. They were able may indeed what is. And they were able to close out a little bit with the patriots. And were able to get off the field on third down. It Jacksonville it would do well below are there out. And we had to position that don't it was battle a little bit better. In the right there what are Saturday. You're talking about mostly happy that I can't see Jacksonville sworn I used. Our community. To treat their way portal is going to be operating at game one Sunday. Totem like the track clear joining us on the tag become just line AFC championship game coming up this weekend and I do wonder looking looks like both Josh McDaniels nmap Trish are out the door Fred coaching jobs. In any concern there much talk about that works you know maybe these guys will love you don't have there had some morals. He's got an interest went through the exact same thing in 2001. When. Not Charlie White opposite coordinator Romeo and now he's the coordinator quote well they went on here. You know that theory off season to win the Super Bowl. Is that are right greater bird in their work here or second consecutive which we can actually be the situation. There's not a big picture and didn't throw a four. Up next year who did a story now. Not only the coordinators might be worn out the door but it would be assistance. Content under those coordinators will be going up the doors well there could be a bit of a brain drain going on. Bob what these very concerns of are there she's been but in terms of it being a distraction right now don't vote we could not at all the patriots. Are very experienced in your mind trying to open and. Mike for a look to go and you also cover the Celtics end you know you look up and there there there there's three games I had the first spot in the Eastern Conference here we are talking about the orders today didn't play well as a slave but I don't think anybody is a real. This thing out. How did you still there's a collection first it's a good it's the Boston Celtics and that was held to be delayed on 34 elevenths did you lose they were to start the season but they still found a way to get this done I think it speaks volumes about Delaware great Georgia there on the basketball side as well. Brad freedoms. In my probation and I didn't really NBA is clearly. The coach of the year probably he really recruit his team there we owe it to start and didn't let them edit. That was beaten just really after people keep all the emotion out of the equation. Some like. To learn. In the that Stephen is greater if he's emotion out of it and greatly each staying down. In two years old he need to do to be successful. Stephen ball a little bit after act not a terribly charging success on and want and our own particular in the day and age. We needed everything in my opinion the only thing. Even though especially in the NBA. Make your trade policy and the idea. Being is not a finished 65. And you know seventy the idea is that what the well how are they prepared to handle. Cleveland in Toronto and maybe even Washington. Opt into seventy serious matter what I think Stephen and his team goalie because why did beat are so good Kurt. Majority in the season is because egos but this team needs played each and every down better than they did last year I can't get into the NBA all at all. You know it's you know he's not doing nearly enough credit for that because when you can get carried by in the playing defense you've done something because obviously that was is not. He's odds is ten ounces of point guard and a fine in the MBA. And I think it was the steal of you're the offseason. Well our whole thought he could trade a player and he traded bigotry and reread the great on this ops one. Were these are too many seasons in ball and he isn't pretty muted but a totally scorer. Every Irving is pretty transformational when he won the point. Com and I'm you know the way primary or. Played in the first dispute and it certainly legitimize and then it not been muted but it. And certainly just odd variation in trade. Job creation and see how this team now funerals. Distracted this season is completely trying to. Corporate get up into their knowledge and he just turned thirty. They're literally advantage it's. The second half of the season and she played creature only Kyra we're at the bank cut short eating up late tonight against the Philadelphia. Something else they monitor very very well wait. And the Celtics bench in terms of its lane and scoring. Is not really being there and that is certainly an area I think Leo don't be concerned about getting into. We are you know somebody's seriously I guess New Orleans when obviously infinitely is killing everybody right now. Tree that he gave a and there because. They can probably play well with a lot of my. And that it there or even who's gonna after bigger appearance in Tampa Bay's. I'd like drag earlier joining us on the tech job does slide patriots this week and hosting the jaguars in the NFC championship game Mike enjoy the game and we appreciate you don't do so thanks Mike. And he did not they care. Time to come back it's time for the world according to front time now. For the world according. To frame. You like that again. It was a rough. Cleared. Oh Nomura didn't. Look good that's an hour. My comfort out of my bad I do militarily and I know you didn't put us shops dudes know there was there was bad radio. Onlookers who is veteran how the starfish. And ultra quick trip to fruit violence as it attracts them quickly and maybe doesn't know hopefully hunch man but the Fed OK okay. I always saw this report in for Ireland the 2000 star center just a foot short I got your bull to life itself. Lunch and cook cook but how starfish. In the world couldn't frank right yeah that's it. Have you had no no no no no no enraged and you know I should question I don't. I don't know you have to introduce yourself Elmo I yeah. So we have Dylan his mother last couple days yes. How does one frank get Garcia handle wipe out in the big green ninety if people got out a deal like a little nervous or do you scene I've got disagreed find yourself like fish tale and I need I do you. I was there's still last night he's got a remote in his right now they've lie I was I was given beats all first out now. Are skipping beats. I've worked calm cool collected boomer pressure on. Because she makes love the pressure that's I'm Stephen Jackson. I was trying to come up this until yesterday there's a bus city bus driver driver and and like 9 o'clock in the morning. All right you could get up this hill there's always did bill as you just dinnertime right and I'd die to make a decision I had momentum. And I looked on the other side. I had it crossed the median to get over there you did it and I did it well on the way up I was only two wheel drive for starters there's still enough. Never doubt delegates and definitely it's an amber and I doubt yeah. The problem people into the mistake people make is when they starts his tail and is like when they start charge of planning they wanna hit the brakes. You can't hit your yeah pub desultory you know don't your public you just try to work your way out of it turn the wheel the opposite way as like the NASCAR driver of the unknown as we. On non McQueen. You know and cars in the week yeah JD president Steven Gray and now while. I piano on the underside and cars now that tragedy it's like and I. In addition Richard Easton house it was the queen and got the cockpit on the show Kanye cars I get it done by Dick Trickle yes. I think since he was the only he was getting giant speaker Quinn the remedies are teaching senior bullying needs did you speeding McClean. How to make that sharp pair intern. ST Israel's goodness yup this is instead of turning out to the will that way at the turn at the opposite way as a sliding into look at Toney Douglas and I say Dick Trickle I mean I know is there is charged for our. Yeah. I just thought I didn't Favre tonight. Let's put the hot today but czar Richard trickle until mr. And get anxious energy like in his leg. What's gonna have a list they did today Panetta silicon value your basement this forum got tired yet it has nothing else I think we're going to be earlier today yes Sony neo clear guidance I nestled. Like album was a five month head between lightning lightning lightning record called speedy McQueen and leaves east anyway. And I'll tell Collison BM DM cartoon voice over I do. Only I don't Andretti awesome to president Eddie in Austin give and is targeted agent outs an article so. Enough are going to be negative that figured that they feel by the way his voice would scare me if I always tell him I feel weird I just a slow too much try to sleep it off and yeah. And all day that I get a text last night on how much in the morning game are but aren't you sensing outfield and I. Assist on the Jesus tartan army now tartan army is bad. And the magic map the road sucked and off the big deals post game show on these warnings like I don't know you know carried out the next time he's laid the dollar's gonna batons. And nice are you kidding me that's the first six or anything sincerity. You either resign and let them sick and he thinks it's over to damage the Panthers can't make it to launch a category. It's different it's different I don't. I call the shift though ever ever I don't call in sick I come to work because we don't talk to do. Nicely milk anyway it was the last celebrity crush. I actually thought to discretionary as you like your most recent celebrity crush. Female. Army and trust. Man what I was crevices female by the ways to get America of how we got taken more opportunities and Michael Carter Williams in seed NCW big Mormon pros Wednesday jokes. Wait until an hour an hour though because this. Stupid okay front and mr. anti social media because you still about a he's sort of social media for ten days it'll. It'll lessen the last and last isn't you know it just doesn't doesn't get a beat a rare treat here no amendments on FaceBook since like 2010. Ball so you swore off Twitter FaceBook and mr. And Jessica asked that yet if you need to. And snaps. And also does this match and that kids dead anyway. All of you don't you don't hit enough say they're not entirely often at night public comments keep checking on night dobbs to see how would you rate would buster would you break you know what he breaks his critics Hoffman there's not launch games and I didn't do you think but the thing is wanna hear from frank Garcia hornets game they're gonna what they chime in on any other way nine games. Buying games in nine days nine days on the big game that's fixable and a week yeah the celebrities us. We have exists. And they have a little high when it pouch who Schuylkill it is dishes either any or city that never. We're seeking easy to alienate. Or seek to music. So totally in my book out. What we starts crying and homeland it's a dull weirdness or not and that's not months Switzerland is clearly Iran I think background and legend resume when their mother days. Don't have a slow reeker say I don't trip and picking a daisy was like Brooke Shields back now day now yet you do you sooner Brooke Shields coming back in today. We didn't really know now. And I'm not yes yes yes. Jessica Biel yes it. OK I mean can go on pocket we ask you questions and I does that I don't I don't I'm not Belmont was like my most recent looks hourly pay attention to stars anymore it was on the new motto and put us on who she was. Is that you have for the summer music video they don't lose to be on another issue was seeing incredible pictures to be the English girl the English ladies that. Her husband cheated on with death. Let's face Elizabeth Hurley yes that's or use she say hello to idle the moment but really it's just on LSU was. Yeah I would she was a one die which was the lady in the double or whatever yeah yeah yeah yeah there are some juice brand Frazier Jennifer yesterday yes. Brent Frazier can act with that no licked do you even 6400 pounds have you seen him no I. Not just you know him in the movie with the you know where he was the Tomb Raider whatever they call they what was the movie where he was like the king and mommy mommy cannot sauce but you liked the monorail like the mommy. They connect I'd like to third on but the movie that he was in with her where he was like she Colombian drug lord and then. You know the you know he was like a bunch of different things she would grant and his bush is this was the old pastor says a pocket trump is on fire chiefs attractively. Gaffney yes. He's indestructible and doesn't mean I don't they're selling no no no and today south of yes yes yes. Julia Roberts in mystic pizza to Julia Roberts is one of the all time under rated Julia Roberts she just classic too easy First Lady hot let me tell you something Julia Roberts used to have like big hips and dies if you go backing you watch in Ireland that. If you go watch mystic pizza you'll see ish. She is pretty thick. To protect also what's the one with Richard Gere Lambert you won't Lieberman and yet. She's a First Lady hot she's she's a sophisticated class when she was on the polo grounds. Mean. In the sun dress there often is certain. I don't vandalism or just accidentally or should tags frank and everything I opposed this week yet just out odometer Tagamet everything TV bites and cool I too can you add Freddy Garcia is ranked just audit your opinions are wrong. I think paid by the way back to back techsters different people saying Jennifer Aniston also had a good. Award nomination is expected to have friends there are the other lady that was in Libya does he Legends of the Fall and honorable in the ladies asked him after his car. Time is now Mary Stuart Masterson as she is beautiful yet until this woman and the woman who plays the woman who plays native American woman in their whose Brad Pitt's. Weis she's pretty hot yes dash free dot. Very very underrated. As a flash and its shares a native American name what is I don't know it's like. Talking stickers on towards that now I don't know what tomorrow engaged in this and does the name of the arena in Phoenix or don't considering that's a that's a casino out there isn't it okay it's not her last name but I as some select I don't know exactly what her last name is but it's a you know very native American name that absolutely bombarded guidance. I was I was sure I had to give you a question right I. You know I I sort of scrape the barrel here but. Frank I recently went on a diet I've cut down a lot of sinks Aaliyah. Let me ask you this. If you had to forsake all but one test sued the establishment when fans who just ran as fast food established its lights win would be yeah. Because I didn't have this to say excellent. The greatest tennis in Russia Reynolds I come I'm I'm gonna get. I'm gonna have to agree with that yes it because I can still eat healthy I can still get the shakes I can still there video curly Fries. For the particularly awful you Brussels Friday night grilled chicken nuggets they details Fries yeah. The what the president made a potatoes but at the waffle Fries aren't elicits yes they are most trusted the best for us and you know you get the nuggets seemed to sandwich and get the grilled sandwich. I don't understand why people like to grow Doug it's having to Manassas things around out. I really like does had a thumb initiated an endorsement now out of the soup they have is obviously under services are friendly my pleasure my pleasure yeah. The nicest people ever. You're the one that would be the one I think they're like festive robots. That's right anyways reasoning Wendy's Wendy's would be pretty valuable I gotta say yes that's a good that's true when you. You get a lot of fruit when he's not very much money 99 cents I gotta say this. Blow jingles. Really I love boats like you do you know which series of screens images always so much chicken before your tired and know that. You don't have the nice thing which it sly it's a chicken store but they have salads. On they have burritos I saw those awful frost had another breakfast burrito yes. Yet it's women decent amount assimilate to our guy gets spicy chicken sandwich to I would I got out. I love the spicy chicken so I'm not a big fan of the spice to I don't like so one might give but there aren't I would rather have Wendy's spicy chicken send out. Why it's the spicy judges and which is the box yup. Do you agree with you frank but you're right in terms of like best fast food being the classic chicken sandwich to collate tell seats. Well I don't know. Another so it's not what did you undefeated it's taken second a big Mac doesn't beating its undefeated we don't see him. A couple things in this world benefited edited and only sanitize and. Yeah that's usually cost efficient they just got a paddy to trickles slanted Audubon here you go agreed that we don't doubt text. No no no don't want to attend tomorrow remind you on an. And should just always saw so for the other person that I said the other word wrong what was it there were jaguar jaguar area. As a catch. Did you sauces and people say catch up really catch catch. Catch up this church right I say I say catch. In order to catch him which pro early tomorrow I'm I'm older and that's only recited Garcia may look. Do you have plans for Saturday. So where unless you were going take UFC fight night I'm desperate groups that are up down whatever lame thing. Pails in comparison to the awesome there's something UFC fight and and she has. We ways to win tickets courtesy of mode telewest to see our we shall be your partner of USC's. At 8 AM 1 PM or five. Register right WFANG dot com for a chance to win a pair of tickets and a grizzly cooler. Great join us Friday January 26 as we broadcast live from 10 AM to 6 PM at strikes city in the epicenter Farrar. Our free parking we'll draw to winners Detroit WS fifteen personalities and our fight night suite at the Specter of a better as well as opposed yellow price back. We're so why not why you waste away and way better plans that would you he must win. Lowe's Gallo fight for gold fight for glory. I'm John tripping with NFL network now on be Westwood One radio network. Tom Brady was limited practice on Wednesday NFL network insider he had wrapped fortieth reporting. The patriots quarterback jammed his throwing hand after a teammate accidentally ran into him three underwent an X ray that showed he had no structural damage. To England returned to the practice field on Thursday. Elsewhere wedded Cornet returned to practice on Wednesday to Jacksonville rookie running back was limited during the session after tweaking his ankle against the Steelers on Sunday. Vikings wide out at a Q and missed practice on Wednesday. Feeling dealing with a lower back injury he suffered in the win against the saints on Sunday Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin released a statement on Wednesday saying fifteen is not renew an offensive coordinator Todd haley's contract. Rappaport says quarterback coach Randy it's there we'll replace haley's and a deal is expected to be finalized on Thursday. This is an NFL network now on the Westwood One radio that. Spear fishing has or will strike your business wreaking Havoc on your employees brand and your bottom line spear fishing can't be stopped by traditional email security solutions because messages appear to be legitimate from your boss a trusted colleague or vendor asking you to wire money confirm login credentials or worse barracuda sentinel is artificial intelligence for real time spear fishing and cyber fraud defense. 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I eat I'm not a fan of blog actually on sort of rivalries in the NBA with your division rivals in the Southeast Division I forget there are divisions are Miami and Charlotte I think over the years have tried to get something cooking never really has actually in Washington there's the arrival of jurists say there and it's on out. Different scale than football. Because there's more these games you play EC four times a year in your division. They got a little thing with Washington and the wizards to me for all the talent they have and boy are they good they should be a whole heck of a lot better than they are media and today they had some intimate it's on that team and they could they quit last night and it's made him cry uncle last you watch them body language all it's dusk they quit. The first quarter of that game. The hornets were 7580%. Sure 90% we're only minutes ago the first quarter and yet here they hit their first nine shoppers. There's two record here first for modern air force its basket and they were too. Yeah I was scared to death photo we're really I don't think they want a good odds are the same I thought I could channel the best horse ever looked at. Ever play the alpha male history in this organization is definitely DSL and joins us at to have an import so well I edit the first quarter the first quarter 77 at the past they've built a big halftime lead and then they stepped on the gas right out of the halftime break to be if you watch it's always funny and I love watching this in the NBA because I think you can do mourn the NBA than the NFL. His momentum swing so quick in an NFL game all it takes is one turn over one play. And all of a sudden boom teams decadent look at what happened in the final four minutes of the vikings saints game right but if you watch body language in an MBA early on. You get a pretty good vibe who's ready to play night in night out Washington had no interest in playing that game last night in the hornets took a flight from and they just quit courts are pretty good when the make it shots aren't there no pretty good to make shots and a pretty good honestly when guys are playing team ball and I don't get beyond given it to a lot of grief for saying end. They were good team we're good team. But the one thing he said consistently as we got to play as a team and it is amazing when his team looked at times it selfish basketball. To me and they play some pretty selfish basketball and Hammond doing that the last Uga let me ask you this he just mentioned this you know so. You talked about the wizards and I agree with you. They didn't show up to play. Well they will look they did too because as you said they were down they showed to play offensively you talk about the body language if you talk about their of them as a holes and then. Is is that the reason why the ports where the wizards the reason why don't. The hornets won that game with the plaza resort there when I mean you can make an argument I make it similar to what happened with the Mazar. I don't know I carry it on to CEO and that's worked in a close they just point the other day where he signaled. Could senior team in good losses in that he's a good wins bad losses every team I'm all year so it seems rules of Dallas the Dallas really outplayed a hornet's or did Doris just not show up so. I think you got to do got to take credit I mean I thought Boris just took a flight from I don't Washington's energy defensively was dash from the jump. But the hornets just Texas California. I'm two shots and they just kept porno none other the wizard said now we're good we're Israeli reporters don't mourn by himself had issues though Scott apparently after the game last night tore the -- off the wall and they dig they got some real issues on their hands 'cause there's no reason for that team did not have a better record period now they've got this much talent on that team there. Arnold Porter juniors one of the best three point shooters and MBA deals a freak. John Paul. I mean it's crazy they should be better than there are tiger was about a foot eagle hornets just fun last night and this team such a tease man for such a tease anything. I don't rollercoaster day it is and it's a long year so I don't know maybe they're turning the corner and mourn any take which is good to have cliff back last night. Morale was good energy was good it's been that way for a few games and also talk a little hornets. I talk a little Panthers won't get into some some NFL playoff stuff the way you guys are as well and I don't know lower grades anyone who shows recall of toys. France. Now. Unrealistic I've embraced us. We're back tomorrow arrive to a wrap up the week big thanks to off to Mike the drag leniency rig blew it to Mike the course. You guys are great by the yes they really were if they were found that a fantastic we appreciate your time this afternoon we'll what we'll do it again tomorrow for Oz it may have frank young child this has been a Garcia and Baylor WS since it. Shot make the right what does that do they'll blow your mind that just happened.