Garcia & Bailey: We talk Panthers News and Steve Wilks.

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Monday, January 22nd

Steve Wilks was hired by the Arizona Cardinals during this hour of our show, so Damione Lewis and Kyle Bailey talk about it.


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But Garcia. Our number three halfway home child clearly Damione Lewis sitting in for Freddy Garcia here on this Monday Osborne in the house as well it mammal Jonas coming up in just a bit. 1245 Charles Davis NFL on fox will join the show we'll get his thoughts on not yesterday's championship games and Super Bowl 50 to 1 o'clock Matt Moore NBA writer will join us his thoughts on the corners are where they go starting tonight they got the Sacramento Kings they went out west and beat the kings a couple of weeks ago was port that four game road swing and other back tonight and it's a game that. They should win the what does that action mean this to himself as well. We'll get an event just a bit there's a little bit of breaking news out right now. That's just popped up on the phone I'm looking forward there are reports out there and it seems exists. Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Wilkes. Is close to being hired as head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. We thought we assumed you know a couple of weeks go this it was a done deal Steve Brooks is gonna be out the door somewhere who guaranteed that that it cooled off a bit Damien. And if it lasts I don't know a couple of days maybe a week. You know I was soared to resign myself to that is wrong Richard I was assigned I thought Steven Wilks. We're gonna hang around there didn't like he was gonna be hardware but so it looks again reports right now that the Arizona Cardinals. Or close to hiring Steve Wilkes as their head coach your thoughts on the. Yeah I mean I've been doing my homework on this as well you know from our sources are thought they thought it was in this order big artists partially our. There's going to be definitely appeal and charm not. In May be Wilkes Bart. You're always just our morals things if this is the case you know it's it's it's social repair those but you don't bomb. Also free from euros guy's been door and that door of Wales for long are in the step in his position. I don't know how this says he had assurances defense to a civilized is a lot about. Jim's character. In own wheels is a man and outrageous a great car for Arizona Cardinals in will be a great kids what they have more in order what they need to rebuild as a football team moving forward. Well it isn't so you look at it right now let's assume for a second and it looks this way to Steve Wilkes is out you know headed to Arizona. Where the threat to start you know which things turns your dealer coach OK I. Brian Becker OK so who. Barbara and rob maggert sound I'm sort of sighed I'm drawn boy this is when Ahmad is working this morning and students. A bigger as well. I sit up front and whom I think it doesn't someone help me out here as well as hard as closely the tribe right out and second regardless what does well it goes is that there's a guy that's a matter what does is say no revenues on but we don't support those that Steve Wilkes you know it's a year on the job as a defensive coordinator is out the door now this is not shocking. This is the same guy who apparently blew his interview on the water with the rams last year on my parents Washington they're they're right there and I just can't beat think today but. You know it's. This is not a surprise in that Steve Walsh is going to be head coach of the bottomless and they would be eventually but the whether the things have kind of gone for the last week it looked less and less certain but you know he came and took over the defense of Sean McDermott and don't try to build and and Steve Wilkes is a guy who has. Lot of respect across the NFL in those locker rooms just loved him and notably Stephen more than they did last year very aggressive and it looks like that's what Caroline printers are there roads here's a McCardell. Great he's been a great opposition calls for world's Carmen for him even be interviewed as they head coach without any defense and Courtney didn't experience it says a lot about him. Would they knew coming and you bring you mean he served our already really talented defense he comes in and he does not. You know grab McDermott's playbook into everything would Derek did the years before you actually picked things up restore life to deal what is your best or bullets and Wallace got a slopes so he sold Lee was is the defense in order and I thought those were cooler than they did a good job they did a very solid job only is defense we noticed defense is agent that we don't need to get younger and you know they got a lot of positions that he need to focus on your back and added he's going to be a position. You don't drink they got there they need to get better but he took what he had it made the. Most of knowing absolutely different and again just having having interviewed Stephen talked to him several times over the course of the last series. It is obvious to anyone who talks to the guy how how well he would do. In an interview room. And so here he is so it looks like he's about to become the next head coach of the Arizona Cardinals and you'll see with the printers to get its extra minute to go though XXX like decision strip carjacked a real already sits. I just aren't you are ever go to Jack del real I mean he's going to be in demand obviously Jack del Rio's going to be DC somewhere next. There's nothing got the rumor has it that he may be the mix because according to for sure yeah I saw that no America and that would make a lot of sense for them to award. We'll say you know what we'll keep an eye on it and as individuals who becomes official next couple minutes we'll certainly pass that along but I'd say it's pretty close to official does point adored talk about Norv Turner extradited there Wichita. You know I haven't talked to you about this but the Panthers hired Norv Turner who some people are excited about that some people. Think it's an underwhelming hire some people enjoy it and we talked about this last week. Don't love the fact that you know it feels like a family reunion with the turn this into with northern his son Scott in Iran was on staff and I Cameron knew as an assistant quarterbacks coach none of that has been no confirmed the bust my knowledge written answers so folks. Restarted them last week and these are a lot of media reports the still Norv Turner his offense he said success in the past it was an all the other little. And I swear by a guy I love the Philip Rivers story that he tells about north turn of the day that he was fired when sixty guys stood up and give him a standing ovation in the locker room was also perversity ever need is a nobody Norv Turner so again this is a guy who was run dynamic offenses in the past. Is he a good fit here. I think he has cozy it down their quarterback. You know we have a quarterback this hungry notice homer for growth. You know what better coach who has more experience who's seen more football and you know even those who lives there. Where he's forgotten more about football and we've ever known. You know you take this guy he has that Tareq Ali the most talented quarterbacks he would ever coached is on here in Carolina. When you don't it can just do absolutely everything in you know we'd complain about cam you know allowed right are you know how. I an outsized bush when he is on key is don't. He can put the Baltimore and he'll make every door relief he can make beef intervene in the defense tackles were quite tedious shuttle opened Jacqueline I mean there's not anything did he cannot do. And to put an alternative is got who made Katie breeze wanna look like the best thing since life's greatest rookie year in Minnesota I think they are almost sort of a thing they got a guy is going to be able to take this offers to the next level. What what will it looks like no dad George Rodriguez agrees he's a LaDainian Tomlinson took LaDainian -- about it what an office will look like but but from your perspective how much different would this offense looked in and what's the best way you love for northstar to utilize the weapons at his office early. That's all things glory among one. And what are you have to do for his office has taken mixed up. We have to store which are being able to run insufficient or threats which Jim Noonan -- a thing you notice zone read is a benefit is Obama's. It gives us opportunity and do different things McCaffery. But it also old you know opens up things swing passes of all the sort warmer carefree out I think arm you know they have a stable invested that I use in the mrs. say they're not going to draft a quarterback early. And learn how to keep what they have a New York you know all these guys need to be utilized a lot better than they have been in years past. In you know passing game you know oh. You can focus on getting no more receivers you know but when you look at charges and you look at Olson. These all weapons debt or to Norv Turner has been a fit in he's affirms and dominant ways to get these guys the ball and go as far as ways give a care free and open field and have those rituals of plays that we've really got to see one well this year but he's a lot of different things that he has at his disposal what is offerings as videos. This war be beneficial to him in being able to work Caron. Its biggest thing to the next where Obama excited the more I think about it more argued excited about what's to come cause we don't know what direction he's volatile he's got so many different directions doing coming and strangling my soul you got a lot of different beats the kid in the candy shop are firm that was what you'll eat that day you know I don't think he didn't do good job. Oh are you old put in so little things on display not doing a good job of really further weight to our. How McCaffrey an explosive situations really didn't do a good job of U2 thousand don't distort. To a historic Nestle was was quoted restaurant. And I think that's what Norv Turner got to sort of thing would cause you have two beautiful Baltimore this earnestly to be effective it has been showing itself. This year and last year you know teams that they were put a quarter record center in have a power running game has been able to have a lot. More success because this scene and so what's so Henry and the leaders in the league is adaptable you don't get the best athletes in the world out there player you know and what can you not adapt to get a doubts who you know 320 characters are. I'm pushing on your prod when you. 460 snaps when you're not getting the same risks that you use to get back in the day of practice they don't try to regain the same way we used to regularly so have you got a power games to your benefit that's where you sit in in the playoffs regardless Carla Martin got the ball while because you are golf practice and yet there would have sawn in Jersey and more control in as a defense well. And then we gotta get those brits you can't fake a double take you got to see. In your only CNN on Sunday. If what he's altered did you go to get their beginning hips together a work of these things almost slid it is given an opportunity to take advantage of what the defense is not being able to do. Because what's your trophy is put in place. And you don't take advantage and run that football and we didn't do that might actually do and I think that's the biggest bursting out in it actually cost Miguel and his new law has got he would not commit to run. Golf practice and perks like that electorate is a good judge Todd Todd Haley stream. The extra envoy Todd Haley recently you'd like Obama Pittsburgh Steelers that turns out there looks like the other day of the Cleveland Browns are targeting him is another possible next offensive coordinator but we got some calls a wanna do it's who we come back but if you're just tuning everything just catching up our reports out right now but it looks like the Arizona Cardinals are close to what to finishing the deal to make Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Wilkes their next head coach a lot of speculation out there should that become the case about who's going to be carried the papers next defensive coordinator we mentioned Derrick Washington defensive line George Bush knows what molesters points on the text line and -- we are we seeing the speculation as well he may take Derrick Washington with him because that's an. And that is where oil why you might do that so would an occasional visitor or use those cards well that's exactly right so so two more years thinking that Sosa who's out there remedies for its next year could be a big big question that were left to ponder urine the next 24 hours or so so what little talk about that the whole lot more we'll take a phone calls when we come back Charles Davis and it's on fox in thirty minutes is Garcia and they looked. Heads are WS Lindsay done jobs for another way to win the tickets to USC fight night in a Mozilo tries track this Saturday January 47 at 7 PM at the spectrum sooner. Thanks to Mondello stressing LB official beer partner. Of the USC child really Damione Lewis r.'s morning and out which you're on this Monday as we. We sort this long slow march to the Super Bowl two weeks to the Super Bowl and we don't have any football Toledo that. We got the weekend I hate the most what does this common we Kim because there's absolutely nothing nothing north millions of dollars in basketball and you give him in his urine to grow our legitimate Pro Bowl you'll get that but that day never lives up you watch a little I. Not less of global fall while they were there is problems it's your I don't know why anybody does say is sold glory man this whole earlier in the it's it's. It's good and Allison there's only one also ordained that I still watch me at a baseball guy admittedly that I am what's Michelin baseball all star game but I can't watch the Pro Bowl I am very little interest in the actual stardom all of the ball around until India are him but I just can't watch the action. And I like to dart contest but today Europe. The home run derby stole my own all dispenser Omar guys aaron's does a bit. My have my name is sung we were comes from vacation or are we were all our yearly vacation. And then we had a lead over Miami so memos on stayed in Miami my wife and daughter came on bags and we want to home under every week who would show an airport loaded by the stadium. If they're just lit that they go far. That was him Cody Ballinger do this they they they put on a show that night there's nothing quite like to the home run derby you're absolutely right about that are 70457. Or 96 to end Charles Davis NFL on fox at 1245 Matt Moore NBA writer one will get his thoughts on the hornets and whether or not they're cooked they got Sacramento tonight will city got three more home before they head back out on the road atlas sells go to phone lines first and let's talk to Officer Jim what some policies and our youth. Just com. Pressure to take my cult. Doubt tell you what I am confused. You don't get my agent get confused easily spark capital can't perceive them. Mossad and all my belt clip and then we went through that gets game. And went well why there will most probably going to be don't. But caught the ball well transitions or tight employees. So we wanted to but it's getting well what happens. It's dignity does somewhere. And we talk about air Washington as basic a bit and went so well. You know he know what one hopes. So what if you know. Somebody else to it or somebody else well they're so we we heard that that. All got somewhat boring it's not that there is debate approached or the raiders are. Only Oreo Barry gets right to Pelosi that's probably. Specifically. They knew they think you do you. It will come here and aren't Burton Mariette that now he's Bobby going to be under sure she moderate that it that the giants. So we tip. Put buying back out because some anti tank patrol gotta help in your book buddy I'm Clayton is Dante first available. Yeah he is well I also jamaat I appreciate the phone call I got something for you on the front actually we just one of our list of past this long a second ago Peter Schrager early social network just tweeted this. Not not long ago we could quote news. Steve Wilkes takes the Arizona head coaching job look for the Panthers. CEO OT to Becker and GM Marty party into Washington to a new deal two weeks ago ensuring him the job if Wilkes were police that woods got to that's an original Riddell. Just you're earlier about a bit and so does this that you are. Absolutely did so Peter Schrager and NFL network tweeting out just few minutes ago that just Wilkes dozen tracks take the Arizona head coaching job he believes he's been told that Eric Washington will be elevated to the Panthers defensive coordinator position which. You know I'm sure is what would be comforting to a lot of folks are on the organization and the players in the light because. Here's a guy who knows the system knows these players and no we looked at the kind of continuity and in football matters is that. In this ought to finding just how do you. What is avert a little nervous and that means you just got a comedian that like he is guy is on leaving this program. And they're gore and other places in give me coaching jobs in full we can see right there McDermott had a lot of success of buffalo. Who don't abortion Olbermann playoffs this year. You know we took this program. Turn it rarely got two of wells and got the relevant again Steve looks is a great coach in Arizona don't. You're older horses and transitioned our roster bigger smaller players or for that to give remover and support for a end are you already happened with our course of homer. You know Fitzgerald's can clearly so he's and the Rivera and rebuild our roster what Bernard got past several renewed it in no Aldous is Carmen for a debt rollover coach Freeman has done an outstanding job of developing this trojans. Yeah absolutely has and I genetic continuity matters but you bring in a north toward which I know some folks are skeptical of I'm I'm optimistic about it because. I think so many people out there want to look at this on a couple of years in Minnesota and then you know in Cleveland a little bit before that and say eyes lost right now he's. Can't ever hold anything happening Cleveland against anybody listens be honest Indian in Minnesota he had Teddy Bridgewater playing also god arms sale. Bradford ahead. They are playing great in all of a sudden he walks away obviously there was a rib but normally go to spelled it what they're doing. And offensively where they wanted to go where you think they should be so we did the noble thing and resign you cannot for the government but his success truce follows him everywhere he doles outside the plea number. There neglected it's it's it's not debatable the guys have been have played under him absolutely adore the guy you are and he has puts some of the most prolific offenses of the testimony five years on the field you know a couple of those stops and. And you got to command Ron Rivera for not following the gravy train you know we grade you know he goes out and have a great year and here it with the rams are well. Well we really OC media are loosely page not necessarily you need a guy who knows how to work. In earn the trust of his players and then this locker room in particular north turner might be the best kid out there. You like to speak you obviously Ron Rivera trust in those guys have a long history of working together of course Ramos is defensive coordinator on San Diego a little bit there's there's there is on. No there there is a sense of just knowing each other you know and and and knowing what to expect men matter so much frank made this point last week. And he was absolutely right because for the folks wanna say I nepotism you know indict a wheel like the fact that this many turner studios staffed. OK that's fine you know their reasons bigger companies corporations have nepotism rules that the government has nepotism laws it's on the football's a different animal health and and that's just the truth you know people that myself included sometimes we try to draw comparisons between the regular everyday business and the most it was ten to every day and the NFL and the truth is they're just not the same if. Barnes and blood man you know you look at it more percent of the population that's either coach is up plays his game 1%. In ask you viewing clone high school college and pro you don't corpus and a population that you know has the ability to look over and do great things in this day and every. And you have coaches who raise and also are the signals we didn't sit there. Downstairs in the basement brutal feels that it would get the nurse in football for its wholly different perspective. Than any other personal face of the planet. It is your dad happens to be no external or grades are immersed in the game you are. Other people didn't jobs in the day. Daddy have to get the job. And daddy knows that he can trust you do do oh what do you think she would do in situations that I. Daddy don't we are the slow in my just it just might lead because he's qualified business burns because he's quad. And you know it was a great example of that is Todd Haley because again we talked about this last week as well Todd haley's never played a down of organized football is life he didn't play in high school me you might have played some pop more I don't know didn't play guys Gordon played college and a certain play any NFL it's like golf at the University of Miami and I think more to other stuff what his dad. You know was is that Taylor and New York east told stories about so innocent in those days sitting down with Todd you know at home at night. And android through film and and teach him how to evaluate and then packing the family up every August the first three weeks and take your whole family training camp serves or would you grope around it you just realize it is you know you you Lori you absorb it very very quickly and then when you teach someone. You know the way things you believe are supposed to be dumb when you grow up that way that sense of familiarity and continuity matter so much to these guys. And that's certainly while I understand the noted Robert Robert mirrors feelings of a hiring Norv Turner. The same thing in business if you weren't successful businessman and you take your serve or. When your daughter is put this one under your wing and you methodically Shelby or are you Ron and operate your business why you do certain things a certain weight while you spend money here why you invest money there the terms until they won't portion council to get their college degree they're gonna have a successful business group because they've been taught this is what they notice what they brief. It's no different football no doubt about it looks like and again their reports out there and I'm searching for something right now just it's absolutely rock solid and everything I'm saying right now. Is indicating this is a done deal Steve looks to Arizona a pair of defensive corner will come and exit coached in Arizona. Element Canada where I know price right battery back as soon as soon as the words left my mouth there it is the Bleacher Report update on the phone here it's not the the cardinals wire Steve books as the next head coach. And died this was interest and will Brentson that we have on the show from time to time just where this decent last year Steve Wilkes his defense blitzed 44 and a half percent of the time. According to pro football focus the league average was 29% you know so you don't get any more aggressive than that so I think that's what a cardinals fans should expect to see a lot of mixture but also I'm wondering you know with Eric Washington reportedly be in the next guy in line if that continues and it's a lot of let's go to based on personnel are you know and and what they can do with that front for the pressure without having to blitz all the talk that I would imagine they'll probably drop a little bit. Yeah I mean that's all in you gotta think about the whole personal as as a whole defense you know you look at that you get noted safety you are no corners yet they're good but they're still brought up in your you try to do things to get the ball out quick or force mistakes so. Pete has put a situation what is personal worry had the this morning parlor would normally want to. So let's just call Cogent. Doubt man chosen for excess orator. This additional call Robert Walsh told characters were the source of Robert. Robert. Birds who want jobless. So I don't think that note so Roberts got to come quicker and that's 74709. To sixty and if you wanna talk print there's obviously a Steve world's gonna be the next head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. You wanna talk about that certainly the AFC and NFC championship games from yesterday's Super Bowl 32. That as well fifteen minutes from now Charles Davis NFL on fox 1 o'clock Matt Moore talk a lot of awards and our number four. As so we Digisette for Sacramento tonight the primarily. About implosion on Sunday night which has Steve Clifford fuming after the dentist in eliciting a frank Garcia it's Garcia and they looked. I just get my perks is your place for today's best deals this week's perk. Is sticks and stones acupuncture at north slate get a free consultation 50% off its. Three copies. Herbal come consultations. Or acupuncture and it's helping in well I do she I was reading something about James Harrison getting some company done Lyle in the is that a second doubled as a perfect for a day it's all perfect for decreasing the appearance of wrinkles weight loss stress reduction or help book curb food cravings. Check it got to get my perks dies John Kyle Bailey Damione Lewis sitting in for frank Garcia and Osbourne but yeah it was written by James Harrison last night and you. James Harrison spends reportedly like 350000. Dollars a year on his by on his body Romeo and so he's talking about there's a picture of him I think it's on ESPN a gym sitting there shirtless and appear football fans with you know probably. Two dozen cups. So option two is back. You know and and I've I've seen it I've I've got friends are gonna Credo I don't get it but it is what you jealous if you want to get past your drive you looking at about you going to work from home. That's about problems 600000 earlier anybody's easy. Easy nudity. So you know you're talking about you know obese twelve injections you know coping. Massages. Then you may mean relates to equal treatment dummy you've got a gamut of things big guys don't ask nodding dig a ranger bureau are just so what in the states. Areas so. But residents say it's an hour out of her look it's also that. Up really quickly died dole senator excellent venue and I was you address this would have its extra just short in the states and by the way breaking news the Arizona Cardinals will reportedly hired Steve Wilkes as the next head coach so one years of panthers' offensive coordinator he will take his first ever head coaching job. And done assuming that goes through the way it's been reported a congratulations to Steve Wilkes an event that says well learned if you ask me but about Goodman were gonna techsters takes issue with Edison Wilkes getting ahead job after being defensive coordinator from one whole year all he did was blitz a lot because he had to hold. Or because he had. Had to because of no. What do you mean I mean that's why he got the job because he has older defense who's fading out and he was able to make them effective at one point during your words on the map them in a best seasons ago a lot of what twenty years well we not. In the first four games of the season. It also that was used conversations he's going around immediately made the best of what he had but not just that year after year you develop defensive backs. For a new. Those programs. It is a guy who's the leader in his locker room he easily within his coaching staff he does things the right way he's our character guy you never hear about it all you'll also McCain's William being out things you shouldn't be doing he's a stand that guy did the coming got to do what do you face your friend just in he's the kind of guided children come in and do the football program so that's why. That's why he's getting vehicles and. They don't also we go on that front Peter Schrager of the NFL network and also died Joseph person and and and Jordan Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer reporting that side defensive line coach Eric Washington. I got an extension to edit and new contract two weeks ago and I guarantee that if Steve folks were to leave that he would be elevated to defensive coordinator position so nothing official on that front foot it has been reported that Eric Washington. Could very likely be the next offensive coordinator in Iraq. So Leslie soul. Is in Gaza another guy who's done a great job developing this guy he's learned to defense inside and out Ron Rivera have those tremendous amount of trust for what he's doing which is defense of right and what he's been doing over years and he's mixed up you know he's in Maine has been barrels of randomly for the DC job did things right it's always the guy desist order. It is his term by the well loan this taxed this tweet rather. From much at most blunt said Eric Washington getting the job pisses me off the set I thought I was hoping for norv Turner's wife for the defense. I. We're okay. But that's creativity bring me more that I love it 7045706. Some funny stuff right there every other news reports about what to do. I've thought what does Greg ball but it affects. Make it a family of steroids are that are I want to get back to the edited that title games yesterday for a second if we can't just because. I feel we talked a lot about the patriots in the jags and and understandably so but I just. It was a mass will open the NFC title game. And I don't you know when you. I assume my ID I mean you don't open draw Minnesota comes out you know all this isn't drop. There on the field scored just there are in the end you know go out and did you know get a stop on defense and internal right America railed with the dolphins out pick six. It is downhill from there. So that you call 155 yards as immature as six. And if I'm not mistaken wasn't that the first touchdown eleven to lose first done non defensive touchdown we allowed all season I think I don't look at the elderly don't Jolie's own it became an immense pressure. In a bad throw. You know he's so they didn't have to say new jobs also bought a trio on the servicing arm and a bit of bad throw in they took advantage over and it was downhill ever since you don't. And it was only when there was a crowd got in mantra is all plays to win. When a rocket they got their rugged since all planned man got the landlord crazy you know hope the fans about the thing and it would be here yeah. The fastest throughput is frank and I've I've kind of started to broach the subject a little bit but you know. Case came right. This here's a guy that no one expected to be the starting quarterback of the team in the NFC title game new midnight next to nobody. Teddy Bridgewater looked like he was about to be a bona fide superstar in this league before it got hurt. Who is currently the back of quarterback if you the vikings would what do you do there did you say this is working while mess with a good thank you know the starting quarterback or do you say we gotta take another look at edit. Man with Sam breathlessly announce that is not too bad that that is what he does in the yard dead you know you're probably faster and now someone is gonna go you know Samberg is old. He's been to that point you've always been around for our. Our case Keenan you know he stepped in and did a phenomenal job in our made him sick and guess even take a look. It's debris is war noble cause we commanded respect for girls on the trio. And you know indie you have to bridge were losing your own you know vibrant quarterback who is going Herman Thomas who's after. No soul what do you do do you do you our son do you did they even signed his extension that they because that fits your option. Cause they didn't you would think here's a term the duly. It's usually put it sees itself before Torre whose are pretty sure there are 789 teams out there that would definitely want to bridge Rory football. I've just sit well. It's hard to tell deserve quick Google sorts I don't know any of us contract on settle see anything at this point and I'll double check that during the break to find out exactly what they're doing but again great problem to have you know you know dude do you do you wanna keep them around the cius is what he. Looks like man is something you can continue to do or use him as a as a trade trees to try to Branyan you know more help one on I'm. Suddenly the law and using Reza trade piece you've got you've got a guy was taken to NFC championship. It's going to be hard to have anybody else it blew himself brash for coming in and not take the job case can. McCarthy stood up. In this person season if he cared this football team you don't know. How we put it he put this team has beckoning cared. There are even try to bring sale commercial bank and it didn't work. So he's the guy he's the guy who were owners regularly are in courtesy Bridgewater has just been you know a guy who's been recovering. It and you didn't even know all you're distorting your just doesn't know get a play football again. And so you know you put the UP. He photos we do PUP got an active roster. In you don't hear you doesn't what are you doing with the do you hinting that going door William play football in two years you're not gonna do that. So here you are you have a guy who you know has Superman isn't teams are there or will it take a chance on. You also give an opportunity to go out and play I guarantee you if you go look at the jurors they'd definitely be incident merely a coincidence that holds oil. Sol de goals and competition in the world got a tour of the teams they are obviously bringing a guy like Henry is. No question about it and by the way you on the number to double check this during the break we got a couple listeners texting and to say that all three quarterbacks are not side all three quarterbacks Minnesota are about to become free agent oh the soloist who headed the mean I cannot Thomas annual raw or just haven't seen and I'm looking it up if that's true that's a tough place to be -- that's an interest in spot to be just there's one thing we do know though is the Philadelphia Eagles have no quarterback controversy enigma tolls is is playing great right now the most Carson what's his team regardless of the developing won a Super Bowl two weeks right or some which will be got the quarterback of that team next year. There are no way he's the way he commanded it to season and he did a phenomenal job loses freak accident you know we got hurt you normally don't Hussein ordered Donald Austrians own you don't hit you don't targets there was there we didn't. The league once I heated enough money were no other and you know how to do so Saudia would you roll out over you okay. You noticed about here is the ages album still you know buckled in the story why he in turn is ACL. You know book this guy. Is a phenomenal athlete phenomenal player in job done great things of Chilean they are still missing or don't care what you say neutral grey but there'd be much better arms. They're coarseness listening to this and will no doubt about that hard 70457. Or 96 to step aside we come back Charles Davis. NFL on fox George the show will get his thoughts on the yesterday's games the Super Bowl match opened up what he thinks about the Carolina Panthers as they head into the all season and of course Steve well suited just joining edited and if you if you missed it Steve Wilks looks like he will be hired as the next head coach. Of the Arizona Cardinals and looks like maybe Derrick Washington will be elevated to the defensive coordinator position Charles Davis in a told fox we come back it's Garcia and Baylor. Welcome back Garcia and Bailey Damione Lewis the hurricanes fans are sitting in on Monday as breaks out revenue a lot of fun with a look at for Charles Davis of the NFL on fox Oz is working to track him down right now mullah talks some some NFL was Helmand arguments also yesterday's championship games a Super Bowl and of course the Carolina Panthers. But so does some breaking news of course in the last hour or so Steve Wilkes will become the next head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. The now former Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator out the door for his first head coaching job other reports out there from the Charlotte Observer and the and social networks that Eric Washington for defensive line coach. Received an extension a couple of weeks ago and an assurance purportedly from T a veteran Carolina Panthers that is Steve Wilkes were to leave that he would be elevated to the defensive coordinator position by the way another report from Jason lock in for just a minute ago that's I've competitors assistant offensive line coach ray Johnson Larry Brown where her eyebrows are it will also a company Steve will stay Arizona. The become their offensive line to. I'll let us also man. Arm on my home so this is one in my life. In ray Brown's wives or are really good friends they taught in all you notice the real Boehner on no she doesn't notice analyses is that station and I thought I. Beyond that I held in a Phil flies solo Hubbard doesn't rules. Okay is alleged causes of Oz was directing is there for a second we've got now Charles. Charles Davis and it's on Sox joining us on attack become just Lama gets a few minutes with him to talk about all these things and Charles first of all we appreciate your manpower to. Yeah well. I. All right well let me first dive into your thoughts on the other championship game yesterday up pastries beat the jaguars and of course already does with somber he does and another game winning drive in the fourth quarter and in no way the jaguars give great effort the first half but in a Blake morals just didn't have enough there in the second and obviously the officiating has. Been under a narrative again I think that's a little bit overblown and I came out I just look at the patriots and thought I don't jaguars didn't do quite announced they were timid at the end of the first after I left the door open a bridge in Boston through electrically meant. Yeah I know do appreciate you know keep comes into play when it comes to knowing what in fact that they. If you were watching again it'll watching it yet has brought get boomer I had that talk about it. Where talked about it up you know your fox brother a bit of lag. Got up the deep ball I really up into Russia a couple of bad boy it. Receiver just couldn't beat it. But the bottom while not all there is QB get open or doing whatever it can't be part of what the right to quit though couldn't you bet it. Tippett yet it apart tapped which didn't surprise. Because once. Scored made it. Are not uncommon put on the patrols on hold for a sec you try to get that cleared up global get him to finish that thought there a second obviously torso connections and we'll try to get that fixed but Charles Davis and a fellow fox joining us right now with yet again while we're waiting to get those fixed. Breaking news and it was at the lunch hour for a lot of you out there's just two million. Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Wilkes will be hired as the next head coach of the Arizona Cardinals a defensive line coach Eric Washington appears if he will be the next offensive coordinator for the Panthers. And Ray Brown assistant offensive line coach with the Panthers reportedly accompanying Steve Wilkes to Arizona and that's per Jason lock in for a CBS sports dot job so that's the latest on that front toward trying to reconnect with Charles Davis earned a second Matt Moore NBA writer we'll talk NBA in the -- was coming up in just over ten minutes but what we'll try to get as much out of Charles as we canister Lewis thoughts on the Super Bowl but awarded assaults on the Panthers Norv Turner and I just there's so many different perspectives on Norv Turner and how this is gonna work and what it's gonna look like do you lament. You've got confidence in north -- agree are good guy for the job I think north turn to be the right after this job some folks just don't see. Yeah I mean when you sit there look at the norm you have to look at the body of work over the years with the cowboys with San Diego. You gotta take a peek at that and see how this whole thing just can't transition away he's worked with quarterbacks and develop guys. Over this period terra he's been great that he really has and you know he's a guy who gets the best out of our guy. You know we need a guy's pushing number one have a number number one get better having to do with his threes have been give bit what is delivery. In an enormous got to get up and take that mixed it from being a really really really good quarterback to being in the best in the game more or Brady storms there. I'm curious. What's Cam Newton thinks about it no we we don't know relieved would. He doesn't speak much and you know he's gonna get another new offensive coordinator and I know we had a probably a good relationship with my actual amid that it seemed that way but. It I'm I'm curious how he felt she felt it was time for change and why and what he thinks about northstar because again it's got its well respectable probably. Mean for in his in this case he's his first question is this guy gonna help me get better you know cause guess what's important is the only media better. Is he gonna help this football team get better in those two things coincide you don't offense has to flow around you know. Highlighting certain guys on his roster in how they gonna get that done then what is it going to look like. Then how was that go to court you know coincide with cam becoming a better pass the liver. Become a better orchestra it was also it's how is always going to work together. It is this the guy who can put this together and make it worked right great history says that the answers yes. Does this team need a wide receiver. Yes OK on the reason I ask you that without a doubt is it because I look at an asset OPEC. We don't know what Curtis and could give this team yet. He couldn't stay healthy right there are a Christian every all consuming of guilt he can stay healthy well that's that's also true right saw but I guess you know he's a rookie it's not as if for three or four years and is a real track record of the ship so much to give the kid the benefit of the doubt. Nobody if you look to next year you project had you say okay. Yeah Christina Jeffrey reliable pass catcher on the back should get DeVon staunchest. Greg Olsen getting older but he's still practiced this you know you've got guys are you know you can count on catching the ball -- a combination of functions. And and Curtis Samuel and McCaffrey and and Olsen in. That in the you'd talk about the development of Dallack Damir bird is that is that not a test guys are comfortable with. Our security guys you like Kevin when you need somebody to step well outside forces in this receiver room you need to find the tea Ginn junior here. We're pleased to free agency to draft you've got a firm and you know some guys that can go cross and blue field and make plays really did beat you know through free agency to draft you gotta have a guy. A couple of guys to care move him to handle it crushed our situation secure are always be great goals and it can't always we Democrats in those two guys he's had to rely our own morals you know comment on the search of the season. In you know everybody else has been in and out for injuries or not playing well whatever it may beat you got. I have three characters that are running routes for this quarterback. For us to be successful have a success you have emotions in those guys little guy's anonymous cross industry into. But is it the most important position to address or would you say may be going to get an edge rusher noted Madonna Kumble should I grouper newborn finest safety or do what it is wide receiver the most pressing leaders have somewhere else man hello this is C that's the million dollar question is were martyred when his government is money. You know. Which ones in question is which ones do you address in the draft. It which ones do you address in free agency. I think you're gonna jurist or receiver deficiency in free agency has so little money which can get a dollar. I think what sort of secondary in four pass rushers you go we don't. You gotta go dress does. In you don't you can always rebuild your defense for a great draft picks. In a couple free agents free to inherit or you know some journeyman at things like that that are going away and gives you great minutes is more players. They can help contribute in coaching and in developing Gaza on your roster. You can rebuilt defense in a year. On offense is a different story. You gotta be able to draft peace got to get a brain guys CN. The category that work well in the system that you have is is more delicate and what a decency as you know he got a young guys flat around fully energy. They'll make up for mistakes they make in scheme wise. Offense is you can't get the skiing and you can't run things will proceed isn't it you have anybody New York victim Ron great grass which we do not. You OS out of Burson. You got a real problem and also it may also hold they may need to be looking at how they're developing their receivers you know is that common in squares. No cause we got to be a great rest and you are what do preachers so good guys know how to run wrestling ought to work themselves open. And debt Dick goals lead to abandon that I taught it to you or if you can. Unrest and hopefully you don't we ought to be able to do that as well you know you gotta be delivered in ovals thing to go with that defense. Energy. You know. Motivation is easy to fix all fits it's a whole lot of work increases the got to come together and miss four to work in to meet him spend money on. Allscripts animal mobile my defense who you. Rupert this back up an hour before got to step aside though when we come back we'll change gears Matt Moore national NBA writer will join us. His thoughts on the hornets end where they go from here three games lust as part of this homestand brutal loss on Saturday they can get right against Sacramento tonight could. What does that actually mean there's horses in there with.