Garcia & Bailey: We Sound Off on Aaron Hernandez and CTE.

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Friday, September 22nd

We talk honestly and exstensively about Aaron Hernandez, CTE, and the future of football.


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But Garcia. He's more. Oh man it is Friday Garcia and really thrilled to have you along for the ride it. And we will regale you with stories entails induced fights and songs and everything else over the next four hours and porn porn names and come leave and the next thing. That's ethics with too little too soft word on ultra soft more for us here on the auto severely way above that ended the level of sophisticated on the show surpasses. Or names. That the but since we're gonna Godzilla. What is your first dog's name and your first street name. So what is your mind is really embarrassing what is it. Timbaland gonna mucus on the senate Cassie jitterbug got a somewhat to petite Ford store that's what I two offensive or very quick Glenda. I felt like I I in my and actually more got a wrong the first time mines and pretty strong 12 Jake Franklin. But the strong Torrey is frankly Franklin's a strong porn that sounds like a good president of the university attribute that to a regular dog Jake. You know Jake Jake right there Chris it was my first thought there was Jason. Delta hammered jacked yeah. That's the winner at the that's the winner right there it is now that that's out of the way we did down to a build business yeah all right we got a good show ahead. Tony softly former. 950 JJ are. He'll join us later in the show. As to allow former saints quarterback and a broadcaster Bobby Hebert gonna join the show 1 o'clock Steve Merrill slowing Bible dorm they just a straight over to two for the money coming your way at 1230. Gonna try to make you some money again this week Franken I three weeks straight leg demonic. Rams look pretty good lesson I did that ordinary yeah they sure did man and Ellis talk about that so. And so did the niners and they it. That was one of the first entertaining yeah sorely most entertaining game may be we've seen on Thursday he ever. Anatomy reply. Ever and probably the most entertaining game we've seen in the NFL this year I think so it's not an honest I saw somebody say that last night best Thursday night game ever thought to myself not a under the one during this lease these -- -- did James have been so un watchable often so when watchable and last night was fun filled with penalties that no scoring this is the highest scoring game in history in the Thursday night Thursday night games. You saw Todd Gurley go out there and you know do something that Calvin Johnson only has Dunn's two scored six touchdowns in the first two games of the season. You sought to inept or at least one inept offense scores first touchdown in the many more after that. But I loved about the game more than anything else. Because you don't see this very often. Was the effort that you saw with the 49ers it wasn't good enough to win the game. Think him they played hard towards the second half if they wanted to win that game you could see the will you know of Carlos Hyde and you know they're they're they're in their players breaking tackles he ran our our it was near the goal and they have scored a touchdown. The very next play but it was like a little bounce play where he was gonna kind of dough and then hit outside. Any slipped and fell and it was like to look like Jameel five yard loss he gets up. And finds a way to struggle for like a two yard game to get to the one yard line that was thoroughly entertaining game I couldn't turn it off. I was with you on that and you've by the way last night and that's what that's why I was making the case are trying to make the case and in the first week of the season that. I thought people were under selling the forty dollars a little bit I don't think they're going to be great I don't even think they're gonna finish above 501 it's also and on. But I think there are better teams are better coached team. Then they were last year I don't think that's debatable and the same thing obviously goes really ramps much better coached team this year and it shows in your dolphins and Todd Gurley. Would say young the youngest tenured coach in the history of your fellow round and on top of that they become and I believe the the highest scoring offense in the NFL this year. The rams have scored more points and anybody else in the NFL after two games. A look that's a look at video offences is much improved I think in you're gonna see that continue to to show. Don't you dare say the patriots he'll be not know what god none on civil would you put up 48 or whatever was against that cold steam. Kind of skews the numbers lie okay if you still did it there would yeah that's what it's like I think is gonna skews the numbers a little battle over the period the achievement away from the a lot of 41 hour special I'm forlorn F forty got 31 idea mark 4139 and a game last night so they put up forty want against a team. That compared to only put up Tori yeah Georgia regulatory. I get a totally fair to say I think that if they told seems horrendous but anyway that's neither here nor there right now are you write about that. And because so what does a month's accident yesterday during the show and said that. Our I exited back out I was one of those fallen just short slow us that on Twitter why I just Solomon to limit I was I was sitting where he was pretty good about giving Jack AV was live tweeting some things last night during that game. And Jeff they quoted some tweet from one of his fans I guess about. The NFL ingested all the new trendy thing right now is to hate the NFL in the and so on and so forth I don't think it's trendy so much as it's been actually pretty justified for the first couple weeks but I also think. Like you said. Give credit where students last night was excited you give me more those I'm back in full time on the NFL I want more votes and I think it has to be or 07 purity combined points every single day as your suggestion and art in full time right now. Not only games now. When he's going to be in all the games I used to be. No I mean like I I couldn't get enough like you used to be we don't have for Saturday. Like you said and I Israel and on Sundays to run by the NFL Sunday ticket I'd run off my tax is a work expense account I was in all day every Sunday. It's just I've fallen off recently did you or those that kind of excitement about a back in any way and you forgot a guy last night that was and eat it was MIA for awhile. And the witness protection program at eight coming out party building and owners and their. Assembly walked in while Arthur himself in the flatter there himself. Are you had a pretty good game scored two touchdowns had a bought a phenomenal catch. People don't realize how difficult to Cassidy made over the inside shoulder as he was brought into the outside the two guys draped all over from. Good throw better catch. But since you look like this Sammy Watkins that may be. We also are released I did come out of clumps and that went to buffalo stood. The rams and healthy right any stayed healthy and it turns out that looks like it's going to be a great deal that's little bitter just oriented Marciano appropriate if Jerry golf what he's doing right now is actually who this kid is. That three headed monster ten girly as Sammy Watkins it's going to be tough out there in the NFC west especially with the way Seattle's offense is playing right now I think they look like legitimate NFC west contenders and you know when you look at. Teamed release when I look try to watch games. You know you're looking here especially offense for me. I mean a lot of people do defense of your defense and got for example Dray Bly Damione Lewis they're no good defense and see what they're doing trying to get nuances. You know for me as a high school football coach now bomb. I love watching offense is and that's why I love watching what you know the New England Patriots do because Bill Belichick is so creative. You know with the design of the play. Yeah there's a couple played last night there were perfectly designed to sleep on this for the same reason we watch it on a guy like. Shula you design a play with a crap reality out here is out of the bag filled in the name hitting Stewart on little dog was a little past but the design of the play. You know it is really really good in that's what's you know you saw last night from the rams the design of their offense was really good in it. In order to do that there has to be attention indeed tell a lot of preparation so. You know McVeigh had them prepared and you know congrats I mean they got their second win in north a certain way and I think what they're young they're undefeated and look like a pretty good day. By the way it's extra right sincerely want to suffer concussion last night noted the best of my knowledge in table and Austin were being evaluated for possible concussions. I know against. Ambac and don't think you he is there anything you want Obama you know we're out of the gay rights as of today and in the past that it passed the right yeah the latest news that he was being evaluated for a possible concussion not that he has a concussion. On speaking of I think people expected you got to show today get into a fist fight over this old Aaron Hernandez the U and are rolled back and forth on tour last night. Believe it or not afraid dial are to adults who can have a real rational conversations about things even though we disagree on certain points of every July every once and while we can do bombs will touch on it next because you know you people are bloodthirsty other wanna sit each other we're not gonna do that this remark OK we might that I would I would that's plans to change also some of that I'll scratch set also runs out. Still pretty good about Basra enough I have a coffee this morning artists Garcia greater governor governor pat and I. They're Hernandez had an advanced. Stage three of CTV. Which is usually found in the medium aged over 67 year old man. Bias. Aaron Hernandez's attorneys as we all know Aaron Hernandez sub passed on was side yeah reportedly committed suicide imprisoned. Yesterday the breaking news that he was discovered by researchers at Boston University. To a stage three CTE which shows researchers said is the worst case it ever seen in someone of his age. And Jose Baez is represented VI intrusive as a state and his daughter. And is suing the NFL or will be suing US over fellow Florida you the NFL Carroll for twelve for twenty million dollars reportedly. Most are gonna get torn envoy yup I'm with you on that he's gonna get five like everybody else would you think it's anything at all Sears and this is part of it for me before we even get into the nuts and bolts of what you an average hitting into last night where. Hum the football stuff aside seats each contortions the level of data we all the self all that aside for second. I don't know what they expect to establish new in this new lawsuit it hasn't already been established in the previous lawsuit against the NFL. That's exactly right things are jumping on the fact that you people are gonna jump to conclusions that. Football now all of a sudden is dangerous and it's caused. You know this level three CT we don't know no loose things right we don't know. What his background is what he's done in his life is how many times he's been hit what is. Upbringing was and there's a lot of conclusions are going to be an out there that he'll this is what caused his death and this is what caused him to act out this is what caused them. You have to do the irrational things and go kill people right not right it's. I don't know. A you know if if you can put those on the game of football and I think a lot of people jump to that conclusion and yeah I think it's. Honestly I think it's a little bit little lazy to be eight to be fair. I think it's. He looked good the first thing that I had to say about that is that. Even as your person right now who is convinced that football is dangerous and you'll never ever let your kids play and why would anybody eat even if you're that person in that can't. You also have to be as rational person willing to admit and to acknowledge. But this researchers still it's early stages that there's a lot of information that we don't have an that we don't know about. If you're not willing to admit to that when you probably not gonna do a great job engaging in this conversation first and foremost. There but second of all I'm with you when that. Look this is edited this sets a dangerous precedent potentially in that. Any football player who gets in trouble accept does something violent organs a lot it's a wealth the CT it's not my fault doubling the NFL it until sort of cities like that that sets a dangerous precedent first and foremost. You know second of all fright. I'm not inclined to believe that CT because this do to be a murderer in anyway shape performer also ultimate drive but I don't know that because we don't know a lot of things about this I'm inclined to believe that's reduced to. Well there's a lot of people or a lot of you know bus studies and and researchers say this it causes the the trauma causes and English he saw the movie concussion. And what it's you know brought as they depicted Doug Gerson Dave Gerson to go out there and turn crazy and commit suicide and right. You're gonna put that on the Jean sales death and you know I and a lot of the other things that go along with that and again. Those things may be true and what they create and caused people to do and how they've you know what they do did maybe. You create that that narrative for them but. There's no unfortunately. You know in this country. People commit suicide. Do they all have CT. Why do some people do and some people don't. You know what creates that in your Britain trying to you know triggered those types of responses that type of whatever might be that you do that. You know I think it's you know there's something to it and we have to look at to get into those things I think a little bit more deeply. But it's you know to blame it on football I think again is what. The reactionary thing is going to do. And what people are born do you know create that narrative is I'm never not my kid play football. In on May be that again that saved fraud driven right each parent and you don't kid has to come up with then. No so bit but you know I think what also was left out in this. Is that there's risk in any sport you play. Right and you know Kyle where you aren't you going back and forth what's right is when you know kind of caught my attention as you said the not what you're someplace foot. All because. On its I'd. To clarify that. I I I will idol brilliant as hard with a 140 characters but I understand I don't think that I cannot tell you right now much states if you ask me today enforcement make a decision as much as I played football before high school. That's my stance on the subject right now my kid will not play tackle football before us and I will tell you this that the football before high school is safer than football in high school college and pros. So is your son going to play college or pro is what you'd have to ask yourself because if taught properly. Right which they're learning more of and they're educating us as coaches and requiring us to pass classes. That we have to take when it comes to teaching safe football that it's you know it is a safer game than it was before. There is more knowledge and technology at our disposal than there was before. And I would argue because I've seen the research. That more girls that play soccer or basketball. Or double the risk then what boys are at before the age of 101112 that's. I'm but then also I suggest you and I were talking about this last night into some more reading as a matter of fact derivative portion of the tomorrow lose some academic paper which is a lot of big words and the measurement and understand and retreated but. Obvious things like neuro degenerative. I don't things like that could written them the moral of the story is that. I hear what you're saying a lot that actually has to do more with the physical development of the human body is opposed to the nature of those sports too. And you know you you've you've supported me an article last night and I was reading and you know talks about the development of the young brains and how there was a school of thought for a long time that young brains were thought to bounce back much more easily when in reality he studies are showing that they are much more susceptible to it's a long term damage and so those are all things. You have if you discontinued. Bright and continued writing my support got it and what my point is is that how many. Kids before the age of twelve. Are gonna continue a career and start other high school football teams are gonna play in to college are gonna go on to the NFL career a lose the risk don't. But that's we're talking about the you're right to point that out but is isn't that what we're talking about what you're talking about the 1% of the 1%. In the NFL sure edge of the would be exactly to the W also those kids need more. The millions of kids that player of the hundreds of thousands of kids that play. Pop Warner football. Unless they continue to go out there and play in high school and start their team and get those wraps inning collagen and host. Are gonna be as susceptible as what I mean I think the mayor did that you're trying to lead on as it every kid that plays. You know is gorge you hit you know a concussion at some point in their in their life. And I know that's a little overstated but Bono and I think I'd like Gil which are going up but I do think we're talking about two different things a little bit right here on because I was thinking last night right and I know you probably remedy would you the first time you're gonna stay in your play football. Do you remember like dude it's a thing you remember that while also remember the first time I saw this flashing stars are right right you hit somebody you get do you sort feeling was wow yeah right and some people just run yeah he did you go wrong or right it was in high school right now I didn't play. Item played football growing up okay. I didn't Mr. Big guys got to do story out of bounds kindergarten -- OK so so I'd like football so I got to be a freshman in high school and I every single year I want to my dad. In I don't know why it would in my family but. Nobody else played football I mean we were milled tiny little people err my mom's side. We had giant people write you they're all athletes that are most at eight and you won on a cart college careers and restart or whatever right but. Growing up. I played soccer I play baseball I played basketball and I didn't play it you know as a sport I played recreational. I rode my bike that was the things I've played with the ball. I didn't play football. I didn't use my head and those other sports except for soccer but in soccer I can tell you this when a kid console ball. You don't fifty yards up in the air and you're going up and trying to took two to your head that right you know in midfield. And it hit you on the back to the head this didn't have that same type of feeling that you're gonna have when I first got my. You know that but my belt law. And I think this is a it's a fair point but I also think it's a bit of a false equivalency in that. You know accused playing a soccer game could go the entire length of a game even to. We're not heading a soccer ball where you see a kid who lives it was an offensive linemen running back linebacker is gonna take a hit on nearly every play little ball wrong. Not anymore. Just people are taken head out of the game OK and again it's a bit and instill their collisions as well there's more chances because of the because of the nature of the sport of the Arizona decided to go through that and that's all that's a lot of I think people reported at least the folks and yes I was so I didn't ask us and that's an argument right I think so too. And that's where the frustration for me draws a resorts audible soccer's just as battered as usual suspect just the rest is here. But it's a lower risk because of into the back to the higher frequency of collisions and that's that's all you can argue that I don't think so white males could still hurt. That's the sport you know you're. When you're gonna tackle you know knowing your want to block. You don't whether your touch you're not unfortunately there's gonna be. You know those times where your head is just involved because in order to protect yourself sure you know that's the way you're gonna have to do it and and here's the other part about the student. We don't have diligently and I'm a tournament you are not yet we don't have to yell at each other about this topic right because every decision that we made his former viral life experiences. You became a professional football player having not started playing football until high school which to me is remarkable think I got my first day or sandlot football third break right. So I and again when I say that I I don't I am guessing you'd be surprised what you just said well I know my wits with how many professional football players. Had my path up vs the pass that you're suggesting that we all took no it's not that I think yours is extremely uncommon I just check in and of itself it's a pretty remarkable thing but I also think. But in a lot of ways it may be better and when I say that I've I would prefer I would let my kid play football until high school and it's like by the time biggest difference and that's what else are encouraging him is that no. When your kids are to be fifteen or sixteen years old that's the point with a source to be able to make some bold decisions for themselves. If my kids passionate about playing football fifteen or sixteen years old I'm gonna support of what is passionate about it are ten or eleven. The answers no from OK and that's that's it that's an individual decisions and that's all once and that's what told a Dallas stars and that's my individual it was a huge repaired if you think your kid can play attempt. I'm not gonna judge you begrudge you that Russia would come. What I also point this out you I mean you look at your body type and whatever. You know person you decide to marry now. And you're gonna see their body type gel and you're gonna be able create some sort of gene pool and figure out well you don't want my kid might have an opportunity. To not just play in high school and war in college in May be even sure he's really locked in he's one of those -- to play at the NFL level. Right but it's. There's going to be other people you know when I looked I was born in another against John bridges and more like guy and it was a good basketball player whenever you get your first girlfriend you know you're gonna think. That's a shot I. I can't grow it can't take that I think yeah shots but the likelihood of them them of him and his son planned. Not long and a college unless he's playing a receiver you know we started but Jeanette genetics you study body types. And I think that would be a wise decision for you but for other parents come to mean that this is the number one question idea trust me you know what. Should might wind should my son start playing football. I look at him and I say you know actually you know individual decision to but it's unique and I give them this this speech look at your body type what did you wife's body type. And by looking that you are probably never gonna play passed Chrysler digits nearly 57 like he's probably not on 170 pounds and wants to pennies don't like dolphins why Amanda. Public not to play maybe even. High school yet he might make a pretty good deal high school running back heard a defensive back made but beyond that he's built like a lineman right and I play with the why exactly I play with a lot of guys good high school football players guys who gave it their all love the game we're never gonna just look at the physical social what I tell them is that it's an an individual decision. But what you're signed. How far yeah I'm here if I do and I think you know delay it does there's more a somewhat it's a huge every phone call or give any thoughts on this and you wanna give us a phone call assured us it's actually got a bunch of these already feel free to do that. Maybe your surprised by how civil franc and higher bank you probably shouldn't be because we're too discerning adults are we're gonna keep this conversation going Garcia Villa. Is out okay. No Isiah and myself. Okay. At all. The longer than you solve moon roof is. Back right different sources. O Randy Travis before losses damn much. A broader American graveyards. They're a story as he put on people's yards cops is going to be drug make it an a grade a graveyard somewhere not too longer version already lost their money down payment on the intensity they lost to stem market. I used to. That was my mom's. Favorite or just draw enough to know he would every time. You know get the back of the car the truck you know missiles it without seat belts back in the day and you eagled camper on the back it up and you have little window that kind of pop through the front of the trucks. And you brought your bowl the backseat and you know they've been blasting Randy Travis. You know from the fraud and you know they'd be sing along and I have like oh my god this is like making my ears bleed in don't know like you know. But more brewers do appreciate you know that I grew up like you know there's something terribly songs until their dog and finish that life story and Somalia's coast. Funny but it's doing now we're really back this discussion really quickly but it was funny I was thinking about the suit that. Is how you get older and you appreciate some of the music that you thought was blaming parents listened to a stuff when you were younger but as you also get older like total some of the things applied Peoria where there's. I hated Cecil Wright a reverend. Well and so then there's also like our group listened to like a lot of a puppet I did looking back I was fortunate that somebody told him listen to go to botulism into Brockton to biggie and you know the stuff that everybody really appreciates it hasn't gotten older I still like that stuff. But I don't incorporate much new hip hop and Murray and in my repertoire Mark Lewis like. A. So some of the music you know my son puts on an IndyCar. You know is new this new hip hop stuff. And yeah I'm I'm kind of just listen along doesn't good bisons and good rhythms but the words there's there's no artistry to. And it used to be a life experiences. You know and in different lifestyles for them obviously it was for country music stars but. And ours is a difference right and a there's not that story that was once told so you know that's the difference against. Don't music today is so bad. Compared to die and I'm not saying everybody but for the most part. You know you got country satellite RB or you just it you know just regular. You know basic music on the on the radio it's crossed over to the point where it says listen I know this nine country anymore. Now on order and that's that's not a rate you wanna get beyond the gospel in the next two and half hour course Braylon on that but. We're talking about the Aaron Hernandez situation the story broke yesterday more specifically football and the researcher what are all millions and and and how a lot of folks wanna jump to conclusions and I was thinking about this yesterday and it's like. There were missed this health care debate right and without getting too political sent. They'll pay who are pre existing cover conditions going to be Carter this particular plan this proposed legislation. What about this whereabouts a lifetime tech. There's so much competing information and so many people telling you you're wrong there at the data says there's no the research says that those numbers are telling you that it's it is difficult right. And no matter where you are in this conversation about CT endangers football you have distort I think. By admitting they're so much more research that has to be done you cannot just look in civil hundreds and out of a hundred eleven's NFL brains were studied showed CT EC they're you go to it's only information we know that's not only information that we need to know we need to know more. And no matter what side of the fence you currently fall and I think it is critical to at least start there and to admit that. We got some good sexier fright but I wanna read really quickly. We got a text coming from blisters is great conversation fellows frank I have my six year old son played his first season of flag football. I think it's a I think it's great for the kids to get better understanding of how the game is played and the philosophy of the game he's built like a linebacker so I think you'll play and a high school and we'll see from their but no way in my going to let him hit before middle school. What do you think you can do. Definitely key I think that's a great idea you know I mean fur for most kids I think that there should be an age restriction for some of these kids born out there and playing contact football. You know and I think that its flag football in this just my own opinion. I mean I think it shares I share that opinion with a lot of other ex players. They've had to go through you know sports their entire life is that you can learn just as much from a flag football game. You know as you were born to learn when it comes to contact football without contact. You know your alarm the five yard to go along in order to hash marks are you gonna learn you know what do three step drop as you're gonna learn. You know what a nine route easy you know if you have good coaching and you can do that it's within the confines of a flag football game compared to me going out there and they are gonna learn how to block and tackle those type of thing that's OK you know you can you can stand in the way but it's you don't. My son for example when you know with a couple of things you'll do agencies stout. His sons will play a little flag football league over and any intro was great dusting whatever day and it's also you know Jason reverses you teach him. How to hand the ball off. You teach some you know what where to throw the ball you know what now crowd is what the men crowd is you know what it did what do slant. And know what really beautiful and those kids. What where the hash marks are and what five yards means and what ten yards means we'll take get a second nature but when you're teaching the game. You know you're trying to explain 110 yards in and out. They look at you like what he talked about Brett. That's the worst starts in you crawl and that's the calling begins that spur stage and then you learn how to walk in and you learn how to run eventually your full speed you know planet's high school level. Dentist and his two thinks first of all coming off of that discussion right there. A bumpy guys sitting on Twitter yesterday the senator earlier is that a marginal at my ten year old son play tackle football no I'm not business to me just I'm not gonna do it. If my kid just to be fifteen or sixteen years old high school and says I really wanna play football that. I'm probably gonna support my kid and give him a shot did. Fear that he's gonna be behind everybody else is displayed because I think that's a lot of parents concerns you know start looking at this window for Europe well you know I'm. A different type a guy that's true but I throughput but I'm somebody who did play tackle football on the second third fourth grade and the didn't play until I don't wanna make it sound like a more athletic than anybody else. But growing up I played soccer play baseball and I don't know if Florida had the same advantages now and today. Is what I did you know backed I was still gonna good athlete right now we're still been able to hold my own. And I was still been able to develop human I think that was after scenario I think I was at best case scenario for young athletes playing multiple sports and go with a that's I don't disagree that whatsoever that I I highly recommend that. If your parent or data out there listening your question and should we focus and hone in on baseball only bought your son wants to and that's his passion. I would say this is again that's great you know but. The likelihood of him boring now at some point is gonna be pretty good and then. He's gonna miss out on the soccer in the basketball and maybe the flag football or golf for whatever might be tennis. Are you I played all sports ping pong tennis. Our basketball baseball. I wrestled you know so I. With the ball you name it you know where they're doing it and I obviously think that helped me develop as an athlete grown up. Yeah and also say this because we're up against it but at the one thing that I I did take issue with from some people last night and you know I did get an awards are into a knockdown drag out fight but. You know what I said I don't think I'd be comfortable with my young son played football at this point do you know knowing what we know and understanding how much we don't know. I got a lot of thought well you say big is racing cars and jumping out of planes you're talking about adult decisions and as adults with kids and frank knows this better than I do at this point. Don't to a certain point you're making life decisions for your children right and so bad that comes on you. Our responsibility is to help protect and lead our children. Until they get to a certain extra. Where they start making up those decisions for themselves now what do aids that is for you is apparent to decide who knows individual sources right so you and I've had these conversations quite a bit will last night you know I'm leaving the cross to jump the guy who owns across the gym or work out a notice. He was tied into an Arizona writes he was so they do Rob Gronkowski was his back and does John Matt who I think was called as what was his back Ogilvy was couple years in a daughter the so. He's Alcatel. This guy Steward cross ally is unbelievable athlete but I you know we're talking about the same thing last night and you know I said look it's it's it's a couple of things is what we do know it's what we don't know you know the match looked at me and he said look man is like you said before. We knew was football players going into this we knew what the risk plus we knew that I even though even though the science wasn't around him we knew. The Grammy. And on top of that common sense that you guys spouse to guys like me all the time now that we do have an increasing body of sides I think it's there's nothing wrong. With erring on the side of caution so why don't judge anybody who does that because that's what I'm gonna do let's Mike Ditka and Mike Vick and all these guys say they are doing. I think we're learning more yes absolutely. I don't know when your body played or the cross would do away 30 wait OK so you know I was just finishing up my career. And they were coming out with more studies they they they used to give bass lines Kyle you know before. Are you when we first started you know in the ninety's. In the eighty's and ninety's and their even their lives 2000 I think. The baseline we come we started becoming mandatory in 2000 Warren. You know 2000 Tutsis and just to 20022003. In my mid 2003. You know when I was with the Arizona Cardinals I knew that we're everybody was required students see Biggs is Susie did go out there and get a baseline but before then we had none of that. In fact they were hiding the information you know on this stuff so. Your body that his cross that do you know he might have had more. But button and they didn't have any and that's what the resume what lawsuit lawsuit took place like the tobacco company or Erin Brockovich have you seen that. You know with these big time companies is they had the information they will tell there. To protect the image of the game. And that's what the lawsuit was about death now that that's out there and there's no you know kind of double jeopardy or your double dipping when it comes back to that. They're creating more research they're devoting money. You know people are getting more awareness and those are all great things. You know but with awareness comes responsibility was education comes responsibility. And you know now these coaches are gonna be a little bit more aware and should be a little bit more responsible for some of those things. It's not you're gonna be able to stop concussions from happening but. You're gonna be you should be able to recognize a little bit sooner and those are all good things for the deaf. 70457. Or 96 tense that judgment we come back it's Garcia Baylor. She won't tell us what we wanna hear what he tells us what we need to hear. Join former Panthers defensive lineman Damien Lewis Ford telling the truth Wednesday each week at 8 AM on the magic Jack. High rates here from about your house every Saturday morning three hours eight to 11 AM. Hey that's a lot of information you need to learn. This Saturday every Saturday great information you can believe and trust. Who do you believe what you believe stay tuned tinian learned something about your house brought to you about the buildings senator service you can build on. This Saturday every Saturday 102 flat. Sixteen and Debbie FA NC Charlotte sports leaders. March heating and cooling has been keeping Cheryl poems comfortable since 1973. 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Curry got a lifelong. Yankee red hair and no we don't value meal Joseph where throughout the heartbeat be thankful for the little boy. Okay now he's he. We're talking to Jane it's forty minutes on now now it's easy owns a summer series. You don't want no wonder what our national carrier find out twenty minutes outfielder you if you go to very rare rare guys. Oh we know you're. So you think you will look up to order though you say you don't need to go to notre played a down I know I noted guy he's got to get through. Charges are what is the truth. And tell the truth okay have been when have been hard here. What you're. A hundred point. When they're everywhere. OK okay because we're. Catch primetime with a Chris Kluwe over powered by ortho Carolina weekdays from two this six. Tonight on one and 25610. WFAN season. Tonight on defense CBS radio at 7 PM. Garcia and really. Listen I'm a big fan you're ugly I do lose weight. Next I just came into the comeback I don't want you because only five out of the people who lose respect for his totally alone that's a little you feel like you won now. Two Garcia and Baylor. Yeah it was pretty yeah yeah. Mean how long supply yeah. Some government saying that. Horrible things I. Sides. Continuation. In the vein of this Hernandez story and and the concussions news broke yesterday. A lot of good writers out there who Google offer great perspectives on football and and specifically this stuff and I was reading Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! and and Mike Freeman a Bleacher Report does a great job covering the NFL as well. And I heard a lot of language being tossed around yesterday about how this Aaron Hernandez news. It is devastating news for the NFL. And stop. I I got to thinking about that I thought OK on the one hand but if you really digging in that if you really invested in this story if you really invested and they sort of things maybe this may or may be for those people. Who are very closely monitoring this stuff maybe that is. But it seems like also a lot of hyperbole the mid because. To me it is just the latest in the end a lot of these stories and I don't think it's necessarily. Any more of a bombshell. The junior say Al ordained person or delve so do you did you pick the athlete to unfortunately died and we found out more about. They're there they're brain injuries or their level of CTB I do think it's very alarming. That is on stage three seats CEO guy who's 47 years old and you only played. 84 games of between college to University of Florida and the NFL with a New England Patriots only three years in the NFL what else contributed to that and I think those are fair questions. And I think they're very fair questions for guy who was reportedly doing PCP. And you know who was into it I did not unknown levels of other drug use we don't know. And so I was reading I think to myself OK if you are very invested frank in this story and in the future of football and and though it did the research that's going on. No maybe this is extremely damning news to you. But I think a lot of this is being a little bit overstated. I I agree with these latter part of that I think I a lot of its been overstated in Intel you said something in the right kind of wrote down. You don't hear much papers are erupt do you. Which is owned and usual for me so I on but you citizen grow and we're majority you said it's the ones closest to the games. That it's gonna effect right so ones that know everything so I disagree because what you just said. Right the overstatement is is that people that don't or don't have awareness of what's taking place. Are gonna see this and say young football caused this and you know this is stage three and you know that's and there's no way Hamlet my son play because of this. I think people would understand you know that the game a little bit more and have the technology in the research and you'll those type of things. Are gonna may be. Take a step back. But I think those do you still keep moving forward they won't quit on it. I think this is. That title damning news for those people that are not close to the game that don't have the awareness for the education you don't when it comes to the concussions that is going to be effect. Don't know what I think I think maybe there was this when I say close to this I mean people who are following this story closely not this or those who were closer to the game of football. That that's the point I'm making it especially people who are there on the fence are scared to death of their kids like football whatever it is. I think it they think it impacts those people's thought process but you know for instance there's there's really text or just right and CDs over rated it can stem from stress and anxiety I think there are a lot of people out there. Who would would argue I've heard you and others argue Danny kanell who were open have on the show pretty soon that. We'll point out and rightfully so there's so much about decides that we don't yet know but what is also being I think I learned is that. Football might exacerbate the problem for Obama exaggerate the problem and if that's the case it's a bit of a straw man argument and it doesn't release all the problems so again I go back to we just don't know. This is the take same type of conversation we had about three months ago when these research came out about 340. Players are 240 players wherever they amount was in the numbers are so staggering that he's won it once and I don't wanna let me the most recent beyond what it whatever the story wasn't you know going back to that deals similar type of conversation. You know. I don't know the way your jolts. Internally your genetics can you don't know or you can't see how I'm built genetically bred or internally until we die and we can open up and see. They're like retrieve we can see those the rings and see how old we are and the body the the piece we did to our bodies and those type of things we can kind of monitor those things. Right as we go to doctors and checkups and hear those type things and heart rate and you know and but it's. You're free to determine are genetically disposed to certain things and I'm just not. And I might be predetermined or pre disposed to genetic things that you're just not I don't know. And I don't think many people do because it's so new with three search. What's happening with the protein in our brains. And how that is you know how we're pre determined to CT BCT here or not I think that has to be too. An hour as well one day we will know and and it's just to advance remark technology in medical sites one day we will and I I feel a 100% confidence I met because of how far we've come and appear to forty to fifty years in medical technology as we well we'll just like this. Hundreds of years ago. The earth was flat image plus stimulus bloodletting was a primary medical solution to most addicts try to approach and it's nice let's blot out notified about a bad deal at all. I don't remember just don't have nice it's a simple goals feel free to chime in on this if you want thus far we would love to take your perspectives on that we have more stores due to a source in relief.