Garcia & Bailey: US Open/ NBA Draft

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Monday, June 19th

Frank and Kyle run down the U.S. Open and the NBA Draft


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Wasn't thinking. Anything other than this ought to just. Or was blues about it. I don't think Ivins. Mentions my caddie rich even about anything winning and it whole week. Brian Harman and Hideki nasty comments finished four shots behind kept got. Well first round later Rickie Fowler was six shots off pace the NBA draft is just days away in the Boston Celtics are reportedly training way they're number one pick. The Philadelphia 76ers are grabbing its and in their number three pick attitude doesn't 181 rounder to make a deal. The 76ers are expected to ease the number one pick on former Washington guard mark health faults. The hornets have the eleventh overall pick in the draft they've been auditioning potential picks and writing another group yesterday. Forward turn out Justin Jackson indeed stand aloof canard were among the players working out for the team. What if Father's Day for Nolan era not so we hit for the cycle on the Rockies seven a five whatever sever Cisco. 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At Osborne WS NC an ad hit man WS Lindsay. It mammal join us coming up in just about an hour 7045709. 610 tallest there or text us there. On the building search sex line a great sacks coming in fantastic checks coming in. A still more draft talk to get to hear and our number two. A lot more as well also again welcoming those phone calls texts and tweets throughout the show right now US open talk reacting. Ought to Brooks captors went over the weekend up and Erin hills were talking to Charlie Nance of the taking dead aim podcast you can follow him on Twitter. At CLC underscored golf guy and he joins us solid technique come guests lined Charlie Howard about a. We're doing great Charlie thanks for joining us obviously interest in week a lot of life history. Over the weekend in numbers just don't get that done at sixteen under you talked about it. You know head and into this tournament tell you switch doctors below number did you think he was going to be that low. Going into yesterday talking to some people and I felt like the number was going to be. Fourteen beauty giving you fourteen other taking it got it that the club out. And I'll try to kept going you know don't that would have been the winning number but and what he did on the back nine yesterday it was just. Clutch and M and under pressure delivering big money shots at big money times. You know Justin Thomas on Saturday goes out there in suits is 63 and I immediately. Tweet did you lose and thank goodness we never have to hear Johnny Miller's name again after shooting his eight under and and the relative to par. It is just in Toms was more impresses or was it was it Justice Thomas or you know was that Johnny Miller. Well I think they're both impressive for cute for reaching your talking about two completely different golf courses and even the set up or Oakmont in 73. When Johnny shot his number was different video caught. But they played last year o'clock it Johnny put up or certainly want. Equity to Parse seventy last year but they're both having comment it's a lot of rain the night before the right now. That's sort of gets forgotten what they tell Johnny Miller story if you play your very soft Oakmont or the ball was about your round and look you know what he was playing let. Victory or a Nick Saban would steal while golf ball soon. And bullseye putter simply put Johnny it was great but I defy anybody to help lead that that 300 yards. Three wood that landed like Shaq ear lobes on the eighteenth green on Saturday wasn't one of the top ten shots they bit human life. A sack of your Lopes meant that that's a similar right there I like fell on. Charlie look Dustin Johnson run Dustin Johnson excuse me roar McIlroy Jason Day all missed the cut the top three golfers in the world for the first time since the official world golf rankings began back in 1986. All missed the cut and on top of that eight of the top twelve. I didn't make it to the weekend Charlie on a course that's as frank said a second ago yes super low numbers this week in what what does that say. About golf right now what does it mean. Well number one the tough game and number two. And Drake and I talked about this for many years we have we have all got to recondition our brains. On Tiger Woods spoiled us. From you know a bit there into the last century up until you know 2013 we get to extract. Bet someone is going to peer into the thing that Tiger Woods did that we became accustomed to in doing. And the bottom line you know there's only been two players. In all these years of all they did at that people a great fit Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. And it's gonna be awhile before that election comes along we have a lot of really good players. We don't have. That guy and it just about their subsequent cabin he could just start thinking. That's what it abate there's characters there's a lot of great players out there and let it should be won a major there's going to be got circuit which looked great. But don't kid yourself no one getting that double digit that it hurt. What's got you expect to come back onto the scene a little bit sooner Charlie in the next major which is going to be hosted. Right here in our backyard. And that's a quail hollow in a couple of months. Is gonna be Jordan speaks or is it going to be Rory McIlroy after you know him being bored and having two million hunt 200 million in the bank. How about that back in fourth quarter with the Tokyo. Police shut him up on. You know let it. Can you imagine quail hollow and Rory McIlroy. You can't just say okay he's the favorite going yet because he'd literally light this course now. That being sick at the quail hollow that they are going to see you don't get it up at quail hollow that they see in April and may we be. Beautiful green yet not so dangerously high rough you're to have garlic herb or protecting well all blow. Kamal good it's gonna be hot Big Three or four new holes that they never played in competition. Like you've been lit up just short board met wager it favorite after the fourth and final major this year. Who's going to be as as the Rickie Fowler you don't pay he has a very goes out there and shoots. An unbelievable opening round at 65 when everybody else is struggling he takes the lead. He follows up with a 73 driver all over the place volume goes assisted in 72. Are we looking at another Sergio Garcia potentially with Rickie Fowler you know starting to get in his own hand when it comes to majors. Giving you don't have but I think the comparison to Sergio it's appropriate one. You know I've talked many times that I hear it going through your club championship. Or you're going for the masters pressure affect everyone who did it affect the way it. And the bottom line did if you look at the last few majors would you tell it was one off the lead going into the fourth round of the masters in April we keep ballot was to shot. I'll leave. Going into this final round at the US open. And each it to be that hard twice so you know the one thing it does bother me. It comes at a hearing all of these golfers with what I call Bob Rotella speak. Trying to dig you know put rose on dumped in the states I think you dropped to signal a stunk up the joint. And I'm gonna do better next time I'm just at a hearing about moral victories he keeps spitting the bit when you go for big. Merck's kept a guy you've been talking about for years are a couple of years at least they don't Charlie finally broke through when he broke through and a big way. Tying the all open record. At sixteen under how many more majors this guy gonna win I know that's the big the fancy compares and that's the hot take is that in he's gonna be the next Tiger Woods or remember doing George speeds and everybody's saying he's gonna be the next Tiger Woods look what he's doing. He caught fire for a couple weeks he's not Tiger Woods slow your roll Brooks kept is a good player he's not Tiger Woods but who will he compared to him. You know here's the thing about kept gay if you followed its. These tracks leading up to this piece have four different. Top five finishes in majors in the last couple years ago account that he had eleven. Our top twenty finishes in majors leading up to their so he would be steady and keep that big game player he was also in the Ryder Cup. Last year I get a top five in the PGA. Last year. Alt control and he was playing with a cast audit cycle because he beat popped ligament pretty big gamer. And he's a strong player like Jimmy win more majors short. William Whitmore will say eight do we expect Jim bit. You don't go out and win nine more majors to each port at the top golfers who all know. Charlie Wi that we talk about the MBA and having a competition problem there's two teams and everybody else. But an individual sports I love domination a team sports I like a little bit more cut competitiveness. Who's gonna be the most dominant next most dominant golfer that we're talking about because. I think that's the one thing that golf is missing we thought it was going to be Rory is that you hoped it would be speeds. You may be kept them might be the guy who's the next most dominant golfer that we expect to may be. You take this and start run with it. The next most Dominic golfers somebody who's gonna do the kind of thing that tiger did. Nobody knows if they right now because he's he's probably middle school are either freshman or sophomore high school. And counting Baltimore Rangers playing right now. Any streaming big. And that no one knows him but he's not out of acute among creeped out there right now I just so. Charlie man side check him out his podcast taking dead payment and you can also find him on Twitter at CLT underscore golf Dimon and we appreciate your confidant with us once a gamble tortoise let's get out of here sometime Charl I don't know premiere in a three wood 370 like these guys but that would distract the still. Your career path appetite starlets they don't read the fact that. Serial financed he likes to talk a little snag two and so on a golf course Intel yeah and it is like that a guy can check out this broadcast taking dead aim and find him on Twitter at sealed the underscore golf guy on the other side it's a went back to this NBA draft discussion a little bit low Chad Ford so mock drafts are we all understand mock drafts or mock drafts but this particular scenario. As a newly minted hornets fan. 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Pretty remarkable numbers that top three players in the world missed the cut on Friday as did eight of the top twelve players in the world. And no churlish response to that was we just into recondition our brains because Tiger Woods spoiled us. And and I guess that put at the same time golf's a little bit different now when eight of your tough twelve missed the cut at your US open co mourn. You know listen I think that guys are fat happy and mule that's when it comes down to write this I'm big bucks and a lot of these non major tournaments you know there's the they would love to be competitive in these things and whenever I don't think the focus for a lot of these guys anymore. Is winning. As much is top ten and it. You need top Tenet in any blood there and you make a great paycheck you feel like you as successful weekend. You know there's just not that guy that we see right now they. You know is all about it and the I know there Rory and appreciate. You know what he said but he said a lot with that with that tax find back they'll contend bill that after I thought elkington calls an offer being kind of happy and content you know his hundred million sitting in the bank. You know he fires back there's no that's 200 million in you know basically to that Stanton I'm not content I still wanna win. You know the you know it's about the money for these guys and they can win a lot of it obviously they've they're gonna win more if they win it but. You know it's a lot more here on your mental stress if you go out there and you're competing. In in the preparation that it takes to get ready for these things and on top of that I agree with Charlie in this is that there's just that many. The field is a lot more narrow now know with technology and knew what we're used to you guys can go out there and get hot in honor on an individual weekend. And you'll get it done Rickie Fowler that you're did you we don't see that talented guys is just more talented and everybody else think war still the most talented golfer you look at Bubba Watson. There was maybe one of the more talented guys because he can hit it a country mile but. How these guys within three woods 370 Kyle I know little downhill downwind but still. In that's a long damn wire in I knew when their reach into their their back pocket and get a little bit more this morning. They can tie that was he's rolled the long drop golf ball drivers etc. Those guys swing other issues every single time these guys or control swing about seventy to 80%. You know when that when they go out there and get after boo when they get after they they they got rule they got some mourn their Baghdad that they can get after and it just shows the talent that these guys and we think that the odds are we talking about going into Friday. Bit near your local pro who goes out there and shoot 6869. Seven 64 to you know whatever might be can hang with these guys know we can't I mean these guys. Are all talented they can all hit 370. Tie and they they got a little bit more than back. Which is on me it's always been unfathomable to me to see the way some of these guys are built physically and to understand and obviously with technology plays a part in this but. To see these guys hitting a 35370. All fifty. When a lot of on trot out there you know 511 a buck 75 a buck eighty it's just remarkable the mechanics that go into the swings that allow them to do that. It truly is it's incredible and and that's what makes them professionals and that's what makes him. Very very good at what they do. A wanna switch back to the NBA draft for second if we can because again. Chad for the ESPN release another mock draft this morning in Tebow brought this to my attention. Chad Ford's mock draft has. Small leak monk falling to the hornets on eleven. And it's if that happens. That would be I think issue true for the hornets because what are we talking about what I say earlier in my opinion and the hornets have to go one of two directions you have to find a guy on the offensive and you can just fill it up shooter in old guy you can just has that won the very marketable skill that one an incredible skill a guy who can just fill it up a shooter scorer whatever it is you go that direction or you try to get. Much more athletic along the front court. And it's my league monk. Fills the first because Moly monk can flat out stroked me the kid can shoot the basketball quick release. A very aggressive looking for shots an agenda can absolutely fill it up especially from the perimeter now like a lot of young guys. You know he's got to work on a couple of thinks he doesn't finish particularly well around the rim. You know sometimes you wonder about the buy in on the defensive end but in terms of having it and that one's skill. Event that make sure an MBA player he's got it became Kristi can flat out shoot quick release he's an ideal NBA shooter. Up Bradley deal type if you will. And so that would excitement and in this this Chad for mock draft also had the hornets at 41 which a less consequential pick but in this case. It's one that I would love for the hornets. And that's Muncie Morse the point Colorado boy out out of Iowa State. Because as I mentioned I got a chance to see Monty Morse play in person and in November oh in Ames Iowa and I've been a fan of this kid for a while. A breeze a pass first point guard who can also score extremely athletic first team all big twelve pre season big twelve player of the year. Fantastic. Basketball player if they went that direction too as a newly minted hornets fan I would be thrilled with that. Yeah you don't want to yeah they definitely need depth at the point guard position you saw the falloff we Campbell and out. You'll last year they need is nose shooter score. That's going to be able to play both sides. Mean on that unfortunately for the hornets no the those guys are probably one doing it but. A lot of drastically Moscow ornate you know our he's one of the top eight players in this draft. And it'd be it would be I think you know I had an advantage of the warrants. You know if they can take him if he did fall I don't know whose move or not is is that Collins. You know potentially because of the blanked at seven foot just can't teach that right right you can teach a shot he can teach guys how to dribble he can teach him a pass all those things. In addition seven foot so because of that. You know that talent or that god given ability. You know that you know he might be moving up a lot of people's you know eyes and and I think that would be great I just. He may be a great player. You know he may be one of the steals this draft Doug Collins for that Collins I'm talking now I just talked and for the hornets you know Kyle because of the track record that this team has had it would be really tough to get excited to get excited about it. Absolutely I agree with you on a 1000% on that one. A quickly text to writes in Moly month would be a whole raw and only concern would be the size of our backcourt with him and kimbo on the floor agenda that's legitimate concern leap month is listed at 63. Which is not smell. Nobody can and you also have movable pieces I'm not sure if you can you maybe eventually play a little bit point. And maybe that's the rotation but you still have crews were until a two slash three. You know with what you have been Batum in on Batum 6869 so no more does he go what happens to him does he go to the three. Because now you're sacrificing the athletic schism on the wing. You know I you're gonna have a point a pass first you know wing player. You know that's gonna go out there and you know just may be what role I mean I don't I still don't know the direction of this team if you if you go out there and you make that decision make make that move. Our Jonathan what do you think about the orders what should they do a lot of. All yeah. I did you know all I got here did you read about the movie malt well that you wanna be you're outlook. Doctor doesn't muck it up the opera mobile you know out there nobody. They do update to Richard JR have to really hit own those draft because. You know our didn't always do that you can enlarge our big guys he's been burning in entities. No they haven't really been progress in your rouge on their way you don't believe basically delete all of the large. The shallow don't know where it everything he's no Jordan maintenance no merit and are the glory. You have the wrong number grows. He didn't know I really do instructor there Sean do you not. I'm going no probably no god neither ever will continue. The bailout Bill Bennett thank. I spotted appreciate that honestly by Columbia totally honest with frank and I and there's a lot of focus on average Joseph and I call that you're inferring that you lied to me. Let's send your story that you live BCI if I if I'm being totally honestly lightly sometimes I do sometimes I don't quasi public. I'm I'm not sure even knocking it out of the park. In the it would distract an equal say average Joes job I'm not convinced about because how will you know you've knocked out of the park is this whoever he picks the rookie season. Yeah you know that the rookie year I used it to the option on his final year so what is rich Cho going to proven the next. Ten calendar months that is going to save his job. You know a sword just. When guys make that job you know from the in the star player to a role player in on what what type of impact you're gonna earn. You know at the NBA level you know I think we've seen Cody struggle with that really knowing how to play. Because you know when your in the morning is on Indiana plane is going to be the best player one of the best players on his team you know and when you're on you whatever team you're coming from a college you're gonna. You're going to be in that that role where I'm always get the shot dolphins evolves around me. And it when you get the NBA you have to play within the offense I think Kevin Love initially struggled with that when he went from. Minnesota the Cleveland visit the offense revolved around me I'm always getting the shot I'm gonna get my point somebody be a stat stuffer. When I go to Cleveland on have to play a role. And with that role I'm gonna struggle initially because I'm playing a different type of role for the sting. You know and you know when you get the collar same type of thing happens I mean Molly mark you know was not the opera is not revolve around him. You know this was there when you play you watch Kentucky play I mean they're up tempo get after it. You know just lighted up there and it's like you know guys plan in the gym when going up and down the court you know and find a way to score. I love the fact that he can shoot the ball from the outside and stroke it and I know how many shots is he gonna get bright how much impact initially as your point is too rich joke is he going to help the hornet's out with immediately he's got to earn his his role and because cliff is not gonna sacrifice just the office of you don't play defense. You know and maybe that's maybe that's an issue are grown up. I think I think you know Steve Clifford is one of the best coaches in in the MBA. You people are gonna argue that she doesn't give them the most out of his talent he does he's most too much focused on the defensive end. And this team last year when you look at you know the numbers towards the eighth the last couple minutes. This they had I think they had the most remote most blown fourth quarter leads in the MBA and I don't think he was close. When you look at the stats you go back and look at the season. You know that's where they're gonna step up why is that because most teams are gonna play in what comes down to it who's gonna be able to score was nobody else out there is a Campbell. Kemba goes from the year before. It may mean being the most efficient player in the last couple minutes last four or five minutes of the game to you know just being average and I think the you don't teams are gonna slow you down on the scene just not be teamed together you know geared towards young men taking that guy away and you know I I think the hornet's just need another score they need more affluent a schism. And I've I've smalley Marcus there I think you take a menu and you you're you're lucky he's there we got some great text. McGinn on the building sooner sex line I wanna address some of these when we come back mortar phone calls the hornets its draft week eleven what do they do. And and which direction do you think they should go against 7045709. 610 calls or text us all the buildings in her text line it's Garcia Bailey W offends it. CE SL source sports slash. Works cap go broke away from the pack with three straight birdies on the back nine and closed with a five under par 67 to win the USO put it Aaron hill's. Kept their finished at sixteen under par Ty and Rory McIlroy his record at the open. Can't go is tied for the lead with six holes to play but Brian Harman bogeyed three of his final seven holes to give kept in his first ever major when. Harmon finished four shots back at twelve under par tied with Hideki that's eon labs the NBA draft is just days away and awarded have been busy auditioning potential picks. Yesterday brought a group of players including former tar heel Justin Jackson as well as Duke's live canard who enjoyed facing his former nemesis. Dozens of talented player. You know being able to play I simply isn't high school too so you know we became we became friends over the over the period of time was playing against each other. Mom you know his great great person great player and it was fun to match up against in the in the death. Good morning it's also hold the 41 overall pick in the draft which is set for Thursday night. Boston has the number one pick but is reportedly traded to Philadelphia for the 76ers third pick and a 20181. Rounder. In the big leagues Nolan Aron Otto is the hero for the Rockies last night. Teradata hit for the cycle topping it off with a three run homer in the bottom of the ninth to leave Iraqis to a seven to five win over San for Cisco. Ticket to rob his first career home run and pitch the Mets to a 521 win over the nationals. 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Charlotte sports sports leader. They thought I knew hey I'm. And it's. You know taught. Oh. It's all sides whoever months extra was requested this Sandra you don't I don't follow through my promises. To blog about what a two part movie coming out is it if you seen the trailer for the sake. How and staff it how crazy is and how similar that actor looks on you that's insane it's not slow ever tested that guy. Dear little unduly they found they found somebody who looks very very sim it is unbelievable and I can't wait to watch that movie and sure it's gonna be good. You're West Coast guy you got to be excited and aren't yeah I'm West Coast rep guy at a I did say that now we ought not much like West Coast rap no tournament is good. But it's I think it's an arguable that if you're gonna ask me the more talented ones biggie smalls not even close up will you just see you just committed the cardinal sin on the East Coast west to west on Monday is coast now. And got. I just sword get shot up. The key players about Tony's years past but at any news. 704570926. Tenths extra rights under the buildings that are tax line. If Dennis Smith junior out of NC state falls to us at eleven do you take him over canard. What does mom and here or there who would you go with their let's from Brandon appreciate the question met. I gotta be honest with you I I don't. Dennis Smith junior to me and I don't wanna paint this kid in a way to maybe is unfair. But the dysfunctional that NC state team this past year and his refusal at times to even look at god for it in the huddle. And his attitude on the floor sometimes that would scare me is a GM yah well there is some. It depends yeah I mean yeah I mean the answer is yes I would concern analyst with scare me. Snake scare me. Roller coaster so I sit here Garcia and I am so fast I'm Samantha and home and relax semantics game all the idea but no I mean I'm really concerned because here in here's what I wanna know. The have a terrible relationship with his coach it was fired up. Right and I I would probably give him the benefit of the doubt because I'd be talked about his coach that was fired. You know for not getting the most out of his players they are diluted to your point there a guy who got for it looked a culture of state wasn't great for cup leader Saddam has to be factored in are absolutely right so I knew that all factors into you know that I'd wanna know from his high school coach may be in media research on. On dismissed junior but the reality of it is. Is the guy can play I doubt about they don't when he gets going. You're so it was able to do to duke in a single handily almost Vietnam. Our bureau did beating them I mean it was a single handily but you know he took over the game. And X you know he has a lot of potential lot of upside. But it's you know because of what is said does he fit the culture of of the horse in the NBA I don't think that's as big a deal. As it is and and of the NFL. You know I think you could argue that there's some guys out there that are distractions. But typically when you're dealing in the NBA you're gonna have veteran players there that kind of control the culture and I do believe that kemba. It would be able to kind of reel him in a little bit doing so I do I think Marvin Williams would be a guy that can help reel him in a little bit. You know and it's going to be you know the leaders of the team's responsibility as well the coach to go out there and make sure that he falls in line. Come in but I don't know if that's going to be in the honestly a problem I would wanna know more can the guy play all those other things. Our secondary I need is a by way is this guy a great fit how what's it gonna be like in the NBA and if the answer is yes you take that you take the guy and you and you don't look back. Different texture rights and and it's says who would you guys be mad if we drafted. Thorn well in the second round. Army and of course is talking about us and there is storm well the South Carolina. And I've I've seen different mocs with storm will go in various places. I think the want action on effect on the look at that right now as a goal in 59 of the San Antonio Spurs Robby mad about that. No because a guy as a Bulldog and he's tough it is and they did as good music is good locker room and it's the second round and it's the second round exactly I would not be the least bit upset if they could snags in their store well 41 a would Billy's been upset about that. Let's be honest some in the second round. Typically is a guy is gonna come and give you couple minutes on the end of the bench and say you know if he makes it then. You know we're going to be a static if he turns and Isiah Thomas you're going to be pounding drums that we had the best GM ever. If he doesn't make the team you'll never remember who was ever again so I don't care about the second round as much as I do that eleven pick. Why I do care about the second round insofar as we've seen some sector around his work on the past couple years is it a lottery carries it dubbed it the gamble or I guess you don't. Long shot sure I get that but there are some players out there. And especially in this day and age shoot the top sixty players in the country you can find to dive into 33 through sixty. That can be a good NBA player so joke its taking in the second round. Numbers exact draft position I was I feel like you may have been taken around forty. And he's he's wanted to. Always a big mosque is absolutely one of the best up and coming players he is a monster and he was putting up big time played really well again sort of that final meeting this season yeah of deceit good passer big guy. Pretty good jump shot as well see you can find those guys by the way it's extra rights are. We have looked we have a team full those guys the lesser. That we can find him very easily create a problem is is not finding aren't sexually silly little resources so we need to not find those guys as those guys were not looking forward looking for the guys can actually play and have impact those the guys that we have a handful of boat owner Jack. That can all pass. You know they can all they give they give you effort and you know they look the part they're all tall. All right no doubt this team needs to add a second scoring threat pastor I pastor and and to be honest with you if we at a second scoring threat over an athletic big man. I think I can settle with that I absolutely intent you know if there's a legit guy there if that is Donovan Mitchell. If it is Dennis Smith. You know I wouldn't it Dennis Smith is drafted I'm not gonna see I mean how would be very happy whether we like whether we like it or not formally is on this team next year. You know Kaminsky is gonna be on this team and also. Could result in those years three begs. There was going to be a three bigs next year none of them are particularly apple do you like it or not those of Serbia three bigs we can't get out of those contracts mormons don't most likely be on there was you can. Come up with a trade for Naseem 32 year old that veteran. Which I don't see it happening any time soon. So that was your four players there for veggies over to the mix as far as the three slash two. They don't have anybody else behind kimbo or to play next to him. Because MKG. Is a hard working kid. I think he's not the most athletic guy thinks he's a try hard guy. But it's. He's a liability when it comes to offense. You don't have that other score we're playing four on five with everybody out there and a lot of times three on five yeah because we just don't have those scores were that the work offense Campbell is gonna score Tim Tim as our score but we need another role player to go with them is that Dennis Smith is that holy monks. 'cause it's not going to be is that Collins Collins is gonna fall in line with the other white big steps that we have this. They know whether you wanna take him outside or not and stand there he can't score what difference does make you don't read don't respect him. So I don't want another guy that party fits to the four guys that we are we have in line. You know that they can't score. I want a guy in the one thing that we never give enough credit to is the evolution of players. I hope commits he can evolves. And can get more confidence to we saw a little bit of that still flash we saw a little bit of that the second half after the futures game where he I think was the MVP of the game you know we're out there played very well at the all star game. You know and and the futures game before I think that gave him a lot of conference. I hope he continues to evolve and I hope his role grows. Because I think he can as we just point out we seem streaks and flashes of him going out there are knocking the shots now. Are on the outside. Really quickly tester writes in the build excellent excellent fellow oil college Dennis Smith is on the border in the hornets picked. You run that card up to the podium he will be a stunt in the NBA okay backs fan yell out there. That's coming from both cat global thought both Dennis yeah whoever that is and I'm just gonna take an educated guess that your state fair I'm not saying that Dennis Smith won't be a stunt. In the NBA all I'm saying is you know some of what you saw from him throughout the season. You know some of the the diva behavior the brutish behavior some of the the pouting and and to build the bench behavior like that to me that's concerning. And here's here's what it's an interest in tech for me is a daunting NN this is coming from duke duke frank you know over here is so Deluca and art. You know athletically speaking he's not want to match you leaked in the MBA. You know he's not going to be thrown down dunks you know from you know 360 those jams and things like that but he's a score. He scored his scored everywhere he's been and he scored high school he scored in college and here I think he'll continue to score in the MBAs is gonna be different. I think he did perfectly Jeremy Lin type a replacement for the hornets coming off the bench I don't know if he'll be a star misleading but that's what your. That's more evaluating here at eleven who's going to be you know that guy this gonna help this team go out there and have productivity doesn't necessarily have to be in a starting role. And you hate to think that as a year taken eleven but when you're talking about team in minutes it really doesn't matter if your starter not his larger contributing to a winning product. 7045709. The Staunton Michael Phelps is about to participate in it is simultaneously. Hilarious. But also a little bit weird kind of sad to me and I don't know if that. I don't know if I'm justified in thinking that we saw wanna bounce this off the UNC which a big hug maybe I just did a great provider questions or go around with what he's doing so I want to talk about this nexus Garcia and bailing. Itself. A great Independence Day at WBT's guy showed 27 team had BP and T ballpark each year. We honor our veterans and active military with a patriotic flag ceremony but boy we set up the fireworks. 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The leader. This would be my walk up songwriting it's terrible. Yeah my walk absolutely terrible movie. Is wrong with you it's an awful movie you're criticizing. A part of American history with this movie lots of things are part of American history they aren't good either. This will homeless this fall's lots of things are working with first as a result of the first it was. Or Jimmy Buffett and Jimmy pressure on the Airways. We're doing nothing more than still in his soul and that's fine you know what and and Barbara Lawrence yeah all the response on the buildings that are taxed like 90% of it was in favor of my opinion that Jimmy Buffett is not a great musician. Are you got the 1% is motivated to come out here and to text does. And just a fern you are not going to text message right now 7UP or buy soda and I sixth and if you look do any update expand. It's wrong look I'm telling you. Our resident how do you did Madison miss the I don't know if she's voters artery does not mad at him like I don't even dislike the guy I'm just saying that as a musician he's not very good. I got these concerts are apparently a hell of a good time I would go to. I go to a concert I just wouldn't wanna listen to the music I've wanted to know how I don't know what does it have to do with jaws. Jaws is one of the fundamentals movies. Of our time of my generation didn't know I didn't draw that connection caused it Alison was jaws is not a great movie and I was like don't you hate jocks hate Jimmy both Canada a but Santander group. A dinner at a. I'm Gretchen Dylan and the jaws thing of course leads us right into the Michael Phelps discussion because if you haven't seen this and boy is this ridiculous. And I at a press release from the Discovery Channel. Over the weekend promises that Michael Phelps the most successful Olympian of all time will race against a great white shark yes you heard that right a great white shark. As part of a television show that will air in July during shark week Michael Phelps are most decorated Olympian will raise a great white shark in July. You'll be better luck. If they like put him in the same playing. They let Phelps have like a little head start and they dangled a piece of steak off the back of his foot the chum. This and don't. How would be Aussie would be over in 2.3 seconds that would be awesome it would be finished. Quick I have that it leads me to my question is Michael Phelps smoking weed again. I hope so what is. He's about to do in my short term hope right so what's what's the dynamics of this polygamy in the same playing are they gonna be a pull our business taken place at SeaWorld. Is going to be killer whale involved. I mean after the after Phelps loses to the shark is a killer well gonna chase the shark. You know what's happening here who has a better chance to win is it going to be McGregor. Or is it going to be Phelps push push athlete has a better chance of beating there well. Because it's the great white shark that's and as one of the most fear is McGregor is one of the most most fierce competitors. Of the ocean. It's McGregor McGregor is a better chance of beating Mayweather than Phil says being to short and here's why. I looked up decides on this thing. They're surrounded by great white sharks they're cruising speed is about five to six miles per hour that's the top speed at Phelps has ever been clocked his swimming six miles per hour OK so great white sharks cruising speed is equal to Michael Phelps record speed and should that sort decided it motivated like you know. Are going to duck hunting mode they could swim is fastest 45 miles per hour. So in Colorado McGregor is a better puncher chance of knocking out Mayweather than Phelps has of winning this race. Mayweather is undefeated. 49 and no never lost. There the analysts are talking about he's arriving to get punched his timing and hit his dad danced around adapt them up all day. And McGregor is gonna have just he's gonna get embarrassed I've heard people come out there and criticize this fight. You know because of you know what is meaning it's demeaning to boxing if your if your traditional most of your purest. You know that Dana white's making money off this and he's making a mockery of the sport. If you're a swim fan I what is it what's happening here is the same thing isn't it. Isn't this the same exact comparison I think deduce a valid point I mean it is desperate for money. Is it no I wouldn't and that's that's why should do like this guy's the most decorated Olympian of all time he can make millions of dollars and years traveling around doing speaking engagement. He doesn't need to do this so I'm just wondering today how much the discovery channel's pay him and be like what's the stick right like once. What what are we missing because no logistics by the way have been mentioned for the sake so what we do know where is probably not dirty Michael Phelps who Sharpton Olympic size swimming pool book is that sharp almost won't fit in Olympic soccer swimming pool so where are they going to do to us and knows a lot of what are going to do this safely. Yeah we're beginning to shock for this this is shocking captivity I'm guessing either. How they gonna motivate patients to go so what does anyone out of the ocean. What she had never been a dog track. Now OK the dog tracks when you go to the dog tracked they have little rabbit the runs along the rail on the dogs chase that rabbit out some wonder if somebody gonna be an keynote. Would say no not fish a piece a state. Don't go sitting right there are all cut up as it is as its trailer because women and charge as motivated as you point out Kyle. The shark this woman at 45 miles per hour compared to six Simon grace is not a race I'm. What she symbols raised racing a horse if we've ever seen that poll by the way and oh yeah we did. Which brought which begs the question as we're almost out of time. What man vs beast competition would you actually like to seek. Because I'd love Pearson like that what. We fertile guys fighting bears an election fights a bear book is that there will mess you up bright little Pete to hell that's like what are some legitimate and that is big east competition like that all the vs. Alligator. No yeah I know you get his desire to protect this jobs that you know there's an. That's. Offense. What they're vs Greece competition would you like sea and by the way as we step aside here. Once again the build considered tax lies. Overwhelmingly pro loyal to remind us start with yeah overwhelmingly pro Bailey on this Buffett discussed you and felt so smoke in the same. I don't I don't carpets and I decided okay yes you colonials as a doobie. I feel like to refuted it goes let's go to break on the other side. Hum against my better judgment we're gonna talk about ecology effort for seconds Garcia Baylor. In CE SL source sports slash. Bricks cap gun had never won a major report in fact the only one was ever on the PGA tour. Now he's the US open champ after closing his final round with three straight birdies on the back nine for a five under par 67. Kept good finish the weekend at sixteen under par tied Rory McIlroy as US open record a. We'll be ever got nervous you don't want to not have one point its borders and out just stayed in the moment. Is it hot dog. I thought ahead I was gonna. Frustrated from the game plan at all that dot com that's where things are gonna come and go into the what you're sideways. Kept up finish fourth that's ahead of Brian Harman and Hideki nasty comment and six shots ahead of first round leader Rickie Fowler. The Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers are reportedly swapping picks of the upcoming NBA draft. Several media outlets it is Celtics are trading at number one pick this 76ers in exchange for the number three pick and a first round pick in next year's draft. They're trade jet for the hornets are not the eleventh overall pick in the draft. They could use to pick former Dario Justin Jackson or do you extend only canard a great time yesterday working out for the team. NASCAR is at Michigan yesterday were Kyle Larson held up she's Elliott for the win. Jelena Ghana was third followed by Denny Hamlin and Jamie McMurray. In the big leagues Nolan are not a hit for the cycle in the Rockies seven to five win over the giants have paid off with a three run homer in the bottom of the ninth. Anthony Rizzo is just a triple short of the cycle as the cubs beat the pirates seven to wind. Braves beat the Marlins 54 hours the Dodgers have to get ready to seven. Tonight scored eleven runs that gave up five in the ninth and lost Indianapolis is twelve to eleven I'm sure it doesn't and that's the flash.