Garcia & Bailey: UNC Talk with Andrew Carter

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Monday, October 16th

The News & Observer's Andrew Carter discusses UNC athletics. 


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Garcia. Our numbers floor. No Garcia he's back tomorrow stand Norfleet still here he hasn't quit yet let's go inside the economy. Frank drove fragments layer mask or do. Well he's got a personal day he's back tomorrow joy to get him back to talk about so many things that happen over the weekend but over NASA thought right now within recorder. Of the observer how much or how much or else on this is going to be because both saw Andrew must sell slug this weekend were a visit the target of some. There are disgruntled North Carolina fans are still don't think the full truth is being told about what went down to Chapel Hill and that I Andrews won't be smarter guys and covering this entire ordeal so we wanted to ask him some questions Sandra thanks for your time and Howard if I am and anytime anytime I'd you know it was that's back and forth in North Carolina fans over the weekend and again this morning and is there is of course broke Friday morning at about ten runs well on the year and I don't know what you expected. Going into that and Al supplied didn't expect much of an ending in Wales of punishment and there was nothing in. Of when you look back at this entire ordeal is urging it stands out to you is. You know maybe more important than you realized or something you won't we we should've caught or should have no owner dirt I don't know is this is your kind of reflect on it what do you say it. Well and I always maintained at the most surprising part of this whole thing was objectionable there Europe McKay Jim June 2014. Just because it's. They reproduce observers have the right thing about writing about this case heard. You know while before that no matter already been some internal investigations. The way she McCourt was government that's being put together at that point. And the NCAA had just show the great reluctance to get off so you obviously for years established didn't think that this was really a matter that it should be looked into or under. Its purview of and you know got involved. I think pretty good grudgingly. No choice cannot provide that attribute that divot and I was supposed prize and day of this ordeal she will be real negotiation. And then the second most surprising Beirut's what's actually try to book and check out first topic I expected shopping wasn't necessarily expecting. You know proceed and they and your vacation of victories search and that this early to Parker who would be kind of impossible for the NCAA committee on fractions. To combat what those kind of toll is based on the case of the of course success bill. You know the most striking video file and or some sort of nebulous probation and overly athletic department. Charlotte expecting something to space summit Shaq could get a worked tremendously as a politician suspicious you have to drag. Greg thank you be presiding chairman of the committee on infractions basically kicked the Jews back to the foursome four point told that there are passenger coming redo how we have no way in a way that made more sense some serious doubt expect and some analysts expect there you know some sort of catastrophic civil penalties -- the fact that nothing happened. I think it catches up corporate base so our vacations at the end stable it still let's enjoy it makes a lot of stretching enforcement staff religion fabricate that. What happened that you Wednesday in the fact that a lot of people dead there at the illustration really shouldn't be and so we will look at thank you know that there's a lot of truth to that outbreak. The importance that was ever gonna make a case out of what happened to a rebel group an academic fraud case sort academic misconduct traditionally won about this trying to make it. Impermissible benefits it's which never made any sense to me. Well you know eight. I guess what I what I read some of the report and read a lot of the summaries of you know that the decision on Friday. I saw several references through North Carolina changing its position in Owen and the assertion that you know academic fraud was in fact a typo. Hum. This just say very you know transparent Dornan a blatant it's no switching your position so descends into a new position how would you characterize. The way North Carolina changed its original offense to ultimately ended up winning them you know this battle with the NCAA. And I cannot figure academic fraud. Quote unquote type so yeah it's the sentences. I mean to me that's exactly go straight to do you know the fact that your chief did order up the frustration of her support legal actually got a little chilly go but but the world is commentary and how he's been outspoken against you NCAA college I completely disagree with the assertion but your secret order to. This. Is. Debbie clearly they do they have a great legal defense system that kind of money on that we will to know wasn't supposed who has UNC just pointing up the rules so famous shouldn't get pregnant it was that simple about two years ago are clearly UNC did Warner but it quickly you have to remember. Is that yes double say. You know. The world road rules totally different from what you would she do what which took with its accrediting agency with what extraction cannot years ago and put your you know probation. You know basically teach courses. Actual be accrediting body ruled violated seven of its principal and other tablet these courses by integrity there's other violation to its. Academic and athletic oversight to our people obviously lost search jobs. I think in the academics that's still based. The rules in place before I its accrediting agency UNC would have nepotism basically academic fraud. But dementia Blake you have operate and are completely different rules. And academic fraud means different things supposed to be his organization just. And you know under the questionable rule book and by other bio also was not academic fraud academic fraud according to prudential bled it goes something like OK it's to coach finding out interest for test and passed about strategy or somebody else. One player taking the test for another player that was the situation that perhaps in order to send it back or a couple of those guys beat academic fraud is much more of a small still. If achieving orbit tests majority getting. You are a lot talks so degrade the clash. Academic fraud in the NCAA rule book is not have a good look so you're you have eighteen years fashionable classes advocates kind of endorsement all of these questions about well what kind of work that they do your sisters they didn't work that they really what was at all we have worked. All the issues are part of what happened New York City. You know it's not a passable by NCAA rules and truck like that support good UNC was making what political committee. You have in this was academic fraud based on our accrediting agency that not a court judge so what rules. I understand nor clear precision join us again. Obama and again number resident U verse of Virginia so I've been in this conference DiMicco and it's cultural while now. This is the morality out here 'cause you just did a great job of highlighting. Good academic fine print out liars on that point what. Hearing here in the studio. And from your payment fixed line. What about the morality of any coach being responsible seeing what his players are doing I could him. Mentally how is it possible let's just say each class as you told about it. Not from NCAA standpoint crossover and to the rib area threshold. You shouldn't roars and Larry he held accountable for. Golisano for the class remain. It may languish what is. Passing my personal smell test to be in an institutional and universal North Carolina my players are taken it find something else where do we. We can hold the coach is responsible for war accused of signing up for. They are yet to touch a great question I think churches should be O spot what Michael. I think it's ultimately the connections responsibility for a review of the green no really everything that a kid does want you to campus in the game. They're coach is talking Tuesday. You unmanned living memorial moment basically shows development being the parent figure this condition for the next four years there chart trust what. They're kids with what these people on. Yeah passerby that level of responsibility. You mentioned the door obviously Brodeur got here after these questions at this but the judicial Roy Williams and Roy got here. Wanted to say let's see 2003 of these questions began in 1990 three's we got here your street tenure sessions. Were already on going there and occasionally want him to make the argument they did usually the only coach rich UNC. Percent separate most of muscled his classes who actually got this guys out because they got here. Those first national championship team in 2005 but completely eulogy. You know partnership that's team were you know I think of the major. And I have yet. And so these numbers look presume that a lot of these guys were taking these bogus classes more wrapped up to them and then you know looked in the following years after that the next three or five years being enrollments by men's basketball players these courses really strong law. If you look at the stats are going to Singapore put together so there really you can customize or Roy essentially it was wrong assumption it was a little discourses on the all those guys out. They have yeah jobless fewer I think that you should be held responsible but again I think there's a lot of almost all of my ability your report kept specifically that you went to her coach Sherri well and yes sensed something was over populate and that it didn't exactly go at these things or. And capture number two approaches are insulated by the whole so some of academic support or they have counselors responsible for orgasm questions shortly surprising them. But I have there's other people involved cheaters and look forward to. An active role and make sure guys are showing up to do what they're supposed to do so at this level that the big star power five conference school level at which is the sometimes say well I don't know the nitty gritty of what happens in every classroom although I'd buy them. But in terms of them violations improve the work very should've known or did note we are very difficult. And last thing we'll turn to looser and you know mom my contention all Lawler and I don't know what yours has been my contention all along is I'm not noticeable to graduate and all from a from a different ACC school and upn add on to North Carolina Dutch. I just looked at it thought OK well this seems to me there's something there's been highlighted that doesn't fact go on to some extent to varying degrees across the country do you think that is a fair way of characterizing that because I understand why North Carolina fans might in some ways sealed it persecutor picked on I do get it. A moment I and I think that's done in some ways it's it's more the symptoms unless the problem is that fair how to use it. I think that's completely are never always maintained and I think the most valuable thing that's come out of this all of arbitration is that this kind of the spurs lose. We have a system for it is we've got to have a peek behind the curtain out actually what goes. That haven't talked to you know this goes well just like UNC which is a great school it is all the public schools. In the nation of the national it was that some lesser. Yeah academic institution is gonna happen that you and city. What all the procedure here with all the talks are so many years that the current lot away with Java as many great connections and so that have come through here deems that the Roy Williams and basketball. Obviously that he or nonetheless these Soviet actual mansion door so lame I have also coaches at a Belgian sports here for this to happen here epic it just illustrates potentially what goes on at a lot of players got to feel like dust them. What are the most valuable things to come out of this as well we have a good idea I was up really cap. So and now we have Leo we know what the NCAA opens the sued insular bunch well we can't do anything about it. And that's what I could get and that's Bible are such that now we have an understanding. And knowledge of really the way it goes down. Never it's never that was fun signing up assaults adjustment and I think that's kind of where we are right now but injuries are a tremendous job covering this meant we appreciate your time to do so. All right guys can absolutely and recorder Charlotte Observer joining us on the tech becomes a slump will step aside we come back. I mean I'm just gonna get all in Tony's jock the most Earl Palmer did all the commitments grown in number and it's Garcia and they'll. I'm not even gonna. You don't closer just as you like that voluntarily. You've played at a year old Melissa. Alexei and myself there's got to be some way out of his skull yeah it's not your bedroom very happy because we can't handle late in that stadium. Hold back to the regular season. I'll come back to that the second pick ups of the masters or hostess Oprah did for lunch today great wings great sliders burgers incredible incredible atmosphere and service we love those guys about is taking germs every single Monday and they'll bring in someone so thank you to the folks out there about skews. And I would also remind you out there because you've got a chance to win 1000 dollars a 1000 dollar signing bonus. Every day honest Lindsay gets the winning word at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM a thousand dollars given away each time details of WS Lindsay. Dodd John stand Norfleet did you know that we have a bat. The parameters of which were sent by one frank Garcia on Friday I was. We let frank Garcia set the parameters are bent on throttle current I would dodger fan he's confident out there aren't so. The loser of the bet if that's me I have to shave my beer and I'm not shave and a very long time tomorrow. You know I've message is mirrored a very long time. If he loses. I get to shaven LA logo on the back to the. From home loan and Jennifer doesn't the guy or the timeframe what are the raw data on Mars or whoever yeah sure you don't have what a shame there right off the periods. What I don't take a picture where everyone who lost to bad. Yeah does that say why did that day the change of scenery couldn't come soon enough for you better hope. The cubs' bats to wake up good when they do it could be an onslaught but who knows rendered dormant right now once 67. You know once 76 I believe may be lower now on the playoffs you go to your dorm is on him. Having used he used fuel may not and I did you all you. What is your real chill and Italy don't Kershaw and they decide to get it up and they were in the game against hill whose own memo last. Couple times he's faced some yes so they've they've actually did she bed and these games that's what's so frustrating about it well that and I give it to Kershaw on Saturday night. A hum. You know. When Roberts pulled him after the sifts its Gilani today to pull juries the best pitcher in baseball. And it ended ended and Richards who bought into the system it. And I actually in the problem was. It looks short they also sensed that doesn't imaginable principles get him out right -- he believes his bowl has been there the cubs and it is. About as it is on paper and stat wise it is so he made a bullpen game and the and then move paid off because because boulder chancellor for five runs. Death under and then the Dodgers did it and then. Well the first got to reach base against the Dodgers fan it too came in 24 at bats was into your result I mean come on and it was hit by pitch. India during his hand as he is he's fine just Bruce commitment it was an immediate brewers aren't that mean to you audio obviously to GoDaddy didn't on the hands there was east and indeed in the series renew your season to do the best possible spot right after the risk. Bone up and ready for the knuckles right now middle part wears a little meat right there still are sludge oversight can still hurts like John don't you and Tony. America's all time and it's also true. It's really really and that there are a Steve that self closing on two runners in scoring position average. Is some Robert Iran wants his daughter also it's got all fairness they look quite as good pitching got I did but the steel that is a once again. Great pitching shuts down great eating it every time especially in. The post season the C I think that's the stores a series of Soledad I know you don't you guys because they're not hitting the ball you're talking about two really good pitching staff squared off against each other so much. Absolutely no via the factor Eminem reruns of saucers and surprise you as a surprise about the devers hover around like 222 to steal 25 to thirty decibel or playoff averages go even in a really good pitching series. That's Ortiz had a hit and at 230 arrange a little woman don't go to India but just below the Mendoza. This is. Cigarette out there aren't just outside of one game when they got nine runs. In an air Tron game by the nationals in game five they have eleven runs in the other six games pretty wild as stuck to cut it. I get insurers are under Strasburg twice against Kershaw or Rich Hill yelled eleven combined runs. But you know hunter will reduce the Chicago disarmed you're stressed earlier rumor. Mill wind blowing in like third do we are confident that the balls. We ball depth. Well it isn't the only divvied it got to manufacture runs in your seat with the Yankees do yankees had a hard time getting gas is kitten does a round. You know debt that they aren't getting a Mon they're not getting in over getting a Molder Gideon and that's the whole. Tina classy Xena Dodgers get a guy over. It hurt kids and and get a guy off first base hit by pitch that'll walk a two walks. First the second walk off homer third hit them overdo it don't get them on getting him over and Gideon and Agile and as a baseball right. Kim on him over demand that gorgeous they're just not through the cubs and yankees right now are struggling to get guys. Across the plate there are AST is god awful there's got to change well. Here's another sect let's go to last night for suck because you and I I was surprised you or not it's our I was surprised to hear you so ardently defend Joseph Maddon. As a pertained John lighted last night I prisoners of thanks I will say and I agree would you want to percent some of the reaction to that has been stupid like Joseph Joseph Maddon. Islam has been building managers in baseball listened and I don't that was something continue to be set out loud a doctor who's news that the he was getting the short last night I did disagree with now's Washington Post game shows Sheffield and Rollins and Pedro and those guys they all freaked out on a pretty hard for leaving John life you know don't like he's 39 years old and as you well know has never pitched on back to back days and his entire career as a Lehman there in the bottom of the nights that are going to Wade Davis. A lot of folks bound to be. Well he had one other questionable guy besides Kinect around doing to unveil. But he didn't want to run don't want to face that they're part of the order to cause Rondo and a boat in the in the past has been good against their party order. Lackey coming up two games rest are coming on you obviously arrest for the whole series against the nationals back decades I did that. But you do it Eads if if you bring all your closer wade Davis and digitally outs in the top of the eighth. And you do scored the bottom of the eighth I you know I'm sorry not in the Bonnie did you score top of the ninth. There's no there's no sings of clothes to game out I mean you use the guy for 35 pitches. On Thursday and you stretch and then in the first series so. This now and always got three into it you'll medics got a look ahead your little bit. Many heavy burden is guys out games wanna do and have nothing for days reform my M six and seven because we did just now have 1234. Days of rest. Out now it knows now has no chance now he teaches eighth united he needs to Yemen I don't politic all and I do agree with. His daughter before a lot of guys who didn't clean Kershaw never not think there's yet Kershaw. Am but god never did before. It came out in the bullpen in relief and mr. Grasso is the prime of their career and did it doesn't have a Lackey as your point if you watch Lackey pitch he looked comfortable from the get go. But he did a couple nice balls all sort of shrugged it all to turn Ernie crushed us on the admitted that the explanation after the day's dramatic moves that you would receive wait for the save situation and nonexistent saves a joint general I don't know what you got to play for that to cut your you do have to play two for certain extent that you cannot save norms for games that don't get exile I. Win now at all my grip Osama. About satanism now apart but you know if deck came extends this the right I have one issue that Dana stands on its side you need a guy collected eagle three or four and. Surely do but the thing about it is you can say that you're skeptical Rondo and and and that your FaceBook until that point Gillick first Israel epitomize a still distant Dodgers I wanna throw up every time there's a virus started to lose the tenth but you have him on the roster he's on the LCS roster for a reason you know. You gotta use him if you need soup but also like it would also more grounded in that India Indian Angel flight I don't discuss those finished yeah nowhere with Breyer and Rizzo and I thought it was done and we don't really when I didn't. It's dear to my right there there's the cubs made the playoffs by averaging five point four runs a game in the second half. As I get well to study cruised to the playoff appearance was there. This trickles down. But they haven't done that they've given averaged there like one and a half runs against the Dodgers. And nearly three run two and a half runs a game Brazil next big hits when your offense goes away and you get. One measly run doesn't matter what pitching decision you make you can't expect. All those guys that won got to fail I mean. Not every guys did what they're never stopped because it does is law of averages are so Lackey was the one it gave up if it was it was a given up on considered on one. Gabriel Davis and it ending your immediate OpenId does so is our. I and I hate. You don't look that true I love Sheffield a low page oh it's a good post game show it's so it was a one on fox. But these guys all played the game bishop the guys back a little more they initially you have to do is wrong. How he gonna take you drove a vicious they don't I know until I was thinking of I would on a different way there are just like oh why did you do out and you do it and they still say no Joseph Girardi. Exactly is always sensed it these guys are Smart enough to know what they're doing in the dugout there's always a plan behind you're right it's always a reason behind what Girardi. And Matt in. And Dave Roberts. And opinions from that there's a there's a there's a method to the man is about managing their bullpen is a hard thing to do and commitment. Bullpen does not designs okay there's no question about them but I and and I realize we can all armchair quarterback this thing in a Monday Morning Quarterback this thing after the fact but again. That's it. I know Joseph Maddon some of these guys they operate on gut instinct they operate on hunches and things must find some of the best managers have done those things rolled the dice that paid off dividends this World Series are so again so what does this criticism of Joseph Maddon today is silly things risk management when you look back on it and I hear Sheffield and Rollins and Pedro and all the other saying. He's 39 years old he's never pitched on back to back days he's pitching out of the bullpen for the first time. Doesn't make any sense when you lay it out to stood to wonder why John Lackey was still in that game when you're trying Wade Davis that morning to go in there and do their job but I get it I did it's not I don't wanna spend it's an atomic millions of all of this job because they're gonna go back to Chicago authority and we don't know where this there's going to be a night 9 o'clock. Ali did this jealousy. Even though he struggled even in game four. He bought not last too low yesterday. Doctor's note two or three scoreless innings and looked sharpest Thabeet he you'll truck these guys decked out there again because he did this of what makes Joseph Manning great. As we said cubs he's so resilient is that aren't even electing got hit. They'll bring Lackey identity needs and again. On our team owners and residents and now we go out. You'll look ratings. Did he gets guys back on track. And if if you know I don't think you'll see Lackey. In a situation again I think now he's more of a long relief guy Casey don't Jake or Hendricks gets his club around for the first couple innings. But anyway semi active week and baseball. I don't listen Hendrix I do I think even a bit unreal at home those guys are really good at home and everybody needs to be at home to pitch right now so I think these two guys it's about real and do real well. I just don't know for distorting their rush right now hopefully the home cooking turns this thing around because I wanna see you sweat I was sick competitive 67 game series policy. Last year was great six games from every game is dramatic. All four all let's would suck up what does he competitive based. Yeah I've I'm with you on that a little bit more about it second but I just so I'll say this too is that you know. When core cedar Charles minister Apple's there's core series ruled out of the end NLCS. I doubt that was likely to build the wave drew came over me when I saw that. But the way to he's played defensively as shortstop and and some of these ambassador received from these guys know what Justin Turner has emerged as an a bonafide star at their business lead. Has been incredibly impressed here's a truce that rule as aluminum mind he's played by Dave Roberts. Dave Roberts said he's actually back to norm bush yeah there's there's an injury and is there is back he's the first ever at best courses so in all that was a bit against the shifty by Dave Robin there's no doubt about it you know doubt about wants him back. Casual baseball man is loosely Houston thank you LA. All our other big markets okay. Tom Watson loves a good absolutely love it don't forget just emotion out ahead ultra strong removes in the house and they were done more to do it's there was Garcia and barely stand nor sleet sitting at. And I. We violent guys come. How Michael's alleged instead did it last night did it. Can't say bet. It's you can't save the best part of it I don't go through the papers everywhere I'll just tell you where you want to go to Berg's brutal but I thought. You can't say I don't ask that was dumb I was I was shocked to hear all favor Altria broadcaster stipulate that all sorts of even a week old. And he is is making Harvey Weinstein references Mike got. What did you goes issuing Claudia has and not gonna fire the guys I mean you wouldn't think so that saw me fees one of them situations where. He took a shot. Pot shot and oh no repercussions 200 dollars or less there's even a statement about their and nothing. Cricket is like it evaporates. Off road. Personally I didn't normally. Doesn't apparently there's some type of calls in his contrary most recent one that. Do if he comes under question produce or if there's any civil suit would rather lose if he can still maintain informant in a boy and navigate these waters. I must log on what I want to know do you are struggling through and saw some other way. What were you there is he feels he's got some. Eagle protection against us. Well look younger days it. Richard your contracts. And artistry and a surly electorate and how just a bears yesterday of course how much are residents about its orders doesn't segment. That was a heck of a win. All is different kettle. To protect the Baltimore team this year I don't know Baltimore but the bears defense played really well even more interest you played. The Jersey visit George Howard is back to being torn up. A 167. On the ground a little chemical Kumble yet a big fifty ever overtime to get downwind and it you don't eat people talk about math. What does a look right and is that because as the receivers are what they were. The guys in the past but. Bill Walsh leaves the game on a heavy and hard hit. And then the game kind of changed a little bit but. So cycle doesn't seem comfortable in the pocket or throwing to those guys on the field it just seems like flag goes to adjust Odyssey. And the Baltimore defense you know they're DDB are what they were. But it was an impressive win for the bears to another road win. And I see eye to it. I always hearken back when I watched John Fox the ball to buy every panther fan couldn't stand watching games that he coached because at the end of the game. When you have a chance to ice it. Until the clock and you got 33. Your third and wall against 33. And you do you run it it's a pivotal play which you all. It's gonna be stacked the box you'd be hard for your got to get through. You there's is no creativity would the guy it's three yards and a cloud of dust in crunch time and he puts himself in position. Put is players in top positions between games unfortunately fortunately. His guys Belmont yesterday but pared their fans I know exactly what you feel after watching this guy closely. For three years it is nauseating. To watch John Fox manage a game at the end of the vote. What are the school football mentality. It just it because it AT rears its ugly head every time this is not football the 1940s or fifties or sixties. It's new wage modern football get a raw quarterback. Well. A third in line it brought up mr. Russian right he rolls up history are to be heard I think elements it's gonna quarterback Bradley's. Your critics and and it didn't want you for two games he's still. Three yards and a cloud of dust on it's just like a couple different now Johnny wake up man what was yours is one last night at eight. He's 16313. Doors and it's a Augusta efficient football Boeing media make plays you made a play in overtime adaptable similar range. Only we're Kendall Wright to catch it opted to his right and result that it made plays to turn the ball over. You know she only gets sacked it was a fumble but it wasn't as faulty data from behind. As an odd is that you know despite what I want you cringing going god don't let the fans went through watching this guy tried to lose a football game. Let's what I wanna clear out all of our our inbox is in such an entire some loosens your own. Timber to hit us in the JJ is right us tour and box and he says. Man is right cubs drug production as the problem not mad he's been decisions okay that's one perspective different perspectives here. Hit man is so full of crap he was really on Dustin last week for doing the exact same day and site. With a triple Serena console saw Susan sources say he has a candidate for mayor Jordan Williams perhaps. Policies don't. Stuff I played well the kids while I love them. I usually you referred to sergeant says it took years to reach out to declare every named in sector sources this is all this drama you. Is mad now I used drugs humid the real and I just about the way for for what it for what big drain and well first managerial lose about a dusty. On the other thing is guys went off to sound off their protests a rights and Maddon makes a ton of questionable policies and moved leaders the benefit of the doubt because he's the quirky genius manager take a look at our early years Chatman last year. Hopefully he's the one to give the wind for. Other potential bidding in game seven or game five of old owners whose dogs are. Sacks this reading it's also short memories and and I don't. Well as selective memories what divestiture of today's society even sports selective. Memory when it plays in the argument that you want to think that way. What do you like Karl radio old screen shot down like we should do what I have the technology introduced casual somebody's had a life holders former. This call is calling and texting in tips and remind them. Last season. We're ever killed last month you see this in like historically about Actuate entries just click on their number their name on the numbers and about gorillas actually are running. You voice to honey don't tribe still a mile away our global or current Japanese Ghassan evidence. Is going to be tough. Isn't try to bring down the yourself below we will try to squeeze it into more return men. I'll assaulting d.s call real quickly before directors they go to India appreciates called Richards told Matt Howard it. Take a look at it'll our Christmas Carol background either this is our success. And gone on and listen up. I'm just cracked down but this whole academic integrity thing because here every schools got some. Scam class and they knew whether it's underwater basket weaving or whatever it is you know who would be. Science professors get ray retired polyester is go collects salamander that is the creek the astronomy class he's stuck with your girlfriend. Every school got it. And stand with the Virginia Alex did Davidson will probably only one qualified to talk about it it's academic and tag every schools got scam classes. So what was swallowed they won't be NCAA if you don't like think they were doing for three years it just wait stand. There's absolutely ridiculous Whittier Carolina fan or not all of those schools have got those caught. I think there's a difference in an easy class any scam class and yes every school regardless of where your brain trio public private did debris is in more. Division three whatever. Every school doesn't classes there are easier than some others. We're just outright is gonna make up a class a sly do. Yeah it was certainly a bit but catcher says it's a martyr oratory taught newspaper once they knew that that was that scientifically proven so also were all wrong about that by the way just so you know this thing. It so happened that schools like North Carolina. No I think we can agree on that time will come back around don't get the handoff next Chris Kroger Mousa Mohammed in the house so we'll have some fun nexus Garcia and released an awfully severe. Welcome back Dorsey are greatly child and we stand Norfleet in my house got a little. Did your garnered an observer and a Taylor's Arthur SEC network serious accident. EST I new radio for joining just talk a little college football there's Kroger is in the house holds the so always a real. I'm better than half the teams in the NFL and college full blossom this weekend and it was just carnage everywhere started on Friday night. It went all the way into Saturday and then yesterday it was just another day where your watches football they sent how on earth is this team losing to that Tina. And no injuries through regional trying to watch the game last night giants and a member of every other play somebody's ankle mean LA blue ball photos and. General rule we all of this with football universe could or is bad issue as you think your were you watching lesson he wasn't football we're watching baseball or always while I was logical flaws actually don't want to work bus I was taken notes in just getting caught up for the week last week was crazy for me so I'll just didn't always doing stuff to get ahead this week inside the game models gonna halfway watching and just looked over the baseball little bit to aggressor Dodgers are hit man. But I was watching a game and yes I mean it's just it's it it's and it's a wakeup calls were I think triggers and basically it's a sense can can attest to this. You watch you watch the NFL on a regular basis all day long to realized. Okay we really I thought we were better than than we were we're not I also thought we are worse than we Europe we can you guys are ominous earlier you're not either some of these things are fixable so I am I slaves game was okay. I think the highlight was what Al Michaels put his foot in his mouth. About that later by the red sex a little while ago saying that. You know you as an owner there was wrongful dissent are you respond to. Oh I don't know you know there is technically nothing actually wrong with what he's done this is not a thing I don't think you wanna be make light of zone. Robbery isn't so. The first yeah the first 20 and definitely had a positive fly their last night. Did there there were some good days the official yesterday there's a lot of other great games saints lions lose on freaky real manly our guys things amount bells Lamar hunt for Israel. Million Adrian Peterson for a week made everybody looks silly. In the desert I'm not sure the deck and sustain itself not him but just in general that whole team can sustain itself slowly got the oldest roster in the league and hell man did you zero yeah. Carson Palmer almost 30 Peterson Sumi just two days off. In Karlsruhe truly trust 17 years. This hour. I don't know because after the game. Gosh Obama Blake another coach now but variant adversaries got to the podium anywhere is a tangle hat and you say enough is again up I love coach it'll guys. It's working man's coach Rutgers uppermost here are different this week can I get. I would easily Getty has already spent Cisco unity oh cents a down to vista's played decent rely would you call him out. So that's it is that really isn't it is normal limits and also make names Childress Gibbs Carolina. So I just go for mr. biscuits for some residual bear ski earlier alliger. Under is true just get so what one horrific I have a bad the fan is toward hours back to normal and he really resort and hard any brand downhill and get tough stuff. Recall could play quarterback he could throw a touchdown pass. Through her on the open up. And then let a little bit scary though liberal. Stubborn that's kind of a that's a decent line on the road in the NFL for team also went another team also lost that's actually. It's C I mean it seems right at the neighbors say in this form want to have a team is by investing more than football and everyone is our daughter diving in ninety well I don't really. You know what to Beirut yesterday helps big time no I don't know what little political design and America and shortly daily yesterday and when the look and say I can't have seventeen no collapse oh man it was a Koresh and often. Some do remains off. But he's spoken in the backfield yesterday had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth there's a great need is that out of the best news. I'll tell you a letter never gets old for the falcons player ministry doesn't mean there's been take other falcons players with wings and a smoking a cigarette. It is funny. A good position though yes absolutely right just ordered. The eagle news plush Eagles are really good they're really. Little early good depth I I need to formally apologized to mr. Carson once or some comments and a couple of years ago there is free did you. There's three see you right now Brussels on advanced. A bad. Puts it was a today. Our get into that I mean I think you watch that we can there's reason to feel encouraged it also. I think still be a little upset that the Panthers didn't win on Thursday night so we'll talk about that moos is going to be witness today so sliding your little bit. And Doug Schultz all's -- drop by we'll talk quarterbacks with him a three Michael shoulder for the Bleacher Report we'll talk to Felder about wildly get a college football and double it will go elsewhere get home pro football weekly Derrick Williams expected to join us to this offensive line that's the thing up more about this interstate north of the program it is just not cut that right now. And I grew you guys I don't KM. You can do Medicare for Ellie played thirst and I -- go to specific things that's fine but he was the reason cancers were in the game yes absolutely right and by the way every complain about that touched down at the goal line with Boston's superior Jenkins yesterday Jeff did you see which team did the slide ten yards thirty or not an attack on Thursday night generally sit down shut off OK it's different. Even worse and worse I've always editors I guess hundreds or lose job. Had a lot of fun got to thank John Osborne Donovan Billick got a budget measure making this thing possible capricious about it always ma'am. I was Ortiz superheroes just. You're slave we appreciate until Wednesday Garcia is back tomorrow looking forward to that this has been Garcia and Bailey would stay indoor flea civilian on W lessons that shape. It was I think they'll blow your mind that it just happened.