Garcia & Bailey: Tony Softli Interview

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Monday, November 20th

Frank and Kyle have their weekly visit with Tony Softli to discuss all things NFL. With the Panthers on Bye the guys were able to focus on some other story lines, including the Redskins blown lead to the Saints.


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Let's get so it's always also his thoughts on this KJR and I'm Christiane Seattle long time and assault front office executive joins us on Mondays Toni Howard about it. Got a dual dual wellstone well so we're talking about the best defense and none in the league right now and frank says the vikings. I'm inclined to agree with him that I use illegals is it's a totally. Yeah you know what I would agree with that I'm and they look good you know the vikings on the registry gets Graham to assert import our reserves the most you know talk to into vocal performance or sparks. By the rams. Which would balance opposition to go so that. Is a testament to what they're doing up there in Minnesota but so don't don't you're too as well equally as good equally stellar to its other thing I like about all of those differences that there are strong. Not only in the front but also on the back here and and I think that's a little bit of the difference between good mature oil and the guts to airliners out. I think they start to slow down just a little bit on the back again. Like or so before I don't think until in his defense is dominant but I think they're good. What's wrong with Denver right now Tony you look at that team offensively are smaller goes down there they they have the game a controlled throws an interception this fire Mike McCord today you know very well and you know the the inserts. It's almost criminal musgrave. What's called the Denver bronco. You know what do you consider it tinkering it's a team chemistry I mean he's still don't put you know part of your post defense and their child alive but they're just not playing well couture do has coached. Welcome to order from Smart records department somebody at the paper that's what was going to. Great group of vocal and scores are out there what John Elway starts going out. The game in his mind of corporate and just dropped. You know that. That's not good through I don't like what are gonna survive here. It was just a matter of time he's not it's about what it is they're. They didn't help her you know pretty much as last year. I think really what they're different quarterbacks there I think that's kind of the obvious there without don't go to group that are double didn't tinker took place. And be critical of open source software can you know I have to be more physical more opportunity to. You know you talk about quarterback play and the Peerman experiment. I don't know what they saw in him to give him the opportunity. To start inferred Tyrod Taylor but you know to maybe he's not playing great. But five interceptions. In a complete six passes. And just it was a disaster. You know yoga head coach just general manager of group which you have and send them as well Ricky change too can serve good you know it. They're abductor really simple word I can you know I don't balk that would probably don't work out or vote also a couple former from a quarterback production or are much better widgets and in court he displayed yesterday. And I'd be an obstruction. Our border are pretty early pretty water go with them because rich Jew re right now they're extra change. They got to hit the panic button because they were close but still might be into a law cargo diaper. And I think it's. So apparent image it's not simple and interceptions and an impersonal output. Our quarterback that's you know probably challenge that this well. Liquidity that would. Who does that fall on example on the head coach that fall on the general managers that fall on the owners and wanna play maybe pay Tyrod Taylor. You know I think it's also an also re and maybe month maybe mu grad and being that a battle could have really good coach of notre. You know other we've got to sit down and just go elsewhere and you know response China Lou if you look at. Herbert supportive spot in the National Football League you have to give but popped 1718. Changed. If Portland Maine the rest were starting quarterbacks now go try to remain the backup quarterback. It's part is targeted at QB in the National Football League before a bit of temperature level when you do. And we have a guy that you can growing up there and then you earlier. Dual threat kind of guy like. Tyrod Taylor knows there's definitely hurt you got to sort of got to write it all the way down to. He admits he's no questions from the middle just because you really different about. I'll work he's ever worked at the last couple elements are pretty strong words used its code can repeat what I think Tyrod Taylor is the kind of that. This show can clear this week and this opportunity to finish up that you. Did you know great way to ignite the offense is not to trade away your best offensive pieces to that's that's another method I'll probably go with next time around but talking to Tony softly KJR 950 join us on the tech become just like let's talk about the threat this last time we talked did you what was. Sort of a game for you type situation because the printers are getting set to take on Miami last Monday night and they they beat the dolphins so late which saw what the dolphins did last week we know this is not a great football team but the Panthers took care of business and they get a chance this weekend to do the same against the jets are four and a half point road favorites going up to New York Chris franks talked about holiday week industry one of those trickier spots. If those guys are ready to play from the jump for you expecting in this with. I thought it was a great team we're the first to call the Miami coming off a totally different so we're structural and there was just a complete Jim Moran. And just a rational part of our offense put up or try harder because yards out that was crazy. Just this this is an interest or game the jets are playing better than expected in my opinion I don't think they would be at this point. And restore struggled in some areas could I don't like quake that this should be a little bit of a trap game go holiday away from the family go a little bit of distraction. So your business this editors Jane that trip to to New York just. Everybody will be watching but to it's it's what do they have to grow up and over visits that they wannabe and jumpers and then she's out. If they wanna me to grow deep into the playoffs this is also got a skirts. We're troops like this student and prepared mentally or physically. They're Tony two weeks or three restore now the Panthers rushed for 200 yards and then last week there rushed for almost 300 yards. What's been the single biggest difference for you and why you this running game has picked up because the same place are being called and it's just the execution. Is happening a little bit more efficiently why. You know that's that's a great question I think that took the first part of this season they can general standard or are trying to deliver all the way to. Really not wanted him to run or work calling plays wouldn't do run I'll certain to stick it on the part of so to go ahead and creates. You know outside the pocket Dell must deal with his legs. Which opens it up group of good passing game opens local store opened up with Jeffrey and the rest of the guys as well so I think the approach. An offense or even though there's bolted up global auto group play a little bit better. But once you have got burned in this helps them. I think he's jealous which he's been the difference in the last ordinance. Aren't Doug Panthers have to win this weekend to keep pace with the saints. I would ask you. I saw someone write this or are the saints the most complete team in football right now orders that someone else. No I would consider the most complete team and football I would say that it is probably so they'll just that the most consistent anyway. The thing about nor are their defense just clicked and last year they. They weren't playing well and then all of sudden this year it it's quite informative editor couple seasons. They're playing world Drew Brees was Drew Brees. He can beat you heard any game any moment with time left on the clock so. But the Q what with Norwood is their run game that two headed monster run game down there's probably depressed to have him in the National Football League that's what seems to carry listing right now. I'd Tony softly KJR 950 out Seattle longtime front office exact with the characters in the Ramsey joins us on Monday to break it all down Tony we appreciate what we'll talk to the thing. And it's there's still embody. Likewise guys probably noticed.