Garcia & Bailey: Tony and Frank are at Odds Over The Cubbies. Dell Curry this Hour.

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Friday, October 20th

We talk the latest Camtroversy and talk Playoff Baseball and Bears Panthers.


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But Garcia. Welcome and Garcia and Bailey here on WS Jersey on a Friday morning and I am stoked for very low for many reasons on many levels. A lot of stuff to get into a lot of football lot of baseball Dodgers go to the World Series hit man loses the bet a lot of the right now out of the gates. We're coming in hot. We Charlotte hornets legend and if I may add in the area of Virginia Tech legend as well mr. Dell curry is joining us on the second job just like the boards. Home opener tonight against the Atlanta Hawks and Dell we appreciate your time audio or if. I'm doing great I'm still just like you are to basketball season's home opener as your best quote junkets were to look forward to. Did tell how do you do it man I mean the genes you have are incredible I mean I've always wondered as a data mean what does it take to just get. You know great kids out there that you just get it done at every level I mean you're gonna give credit your wife are no because that's where that goes but your part of that too. A big car holy. Scripture while. There oil output you don't play unit in the rumored that GR and Rio are you due boy that you would dearly so. Our sport who have been great if that their loved to do and everything interest that I had much larger role model of the critics of bothered power to them but. They're free and clearly came over hung out. And you don't have very good relationship there really took the basketball or play soccer a sport. The passion was basketball they're great work ethic thereafter is reporting are the best players in the world and help we're probably didn't hurt either so. Horses October have been BA hero of course. One doing really really well. Don't settle you appear early in the year for doubtful he'll sleep back so berg or you're just have to give the vote followed up with a. Yeah Dell we are motherboard are. Canoes recourse or like you let all Patel and actually you and I both Virginia Tech lumps and I took try to to Blacksburg to the Clemson game a couple of weeks back and does Sodom and Cassell coliseum for second import archer Jersey hang in there in the rafters and I said damn that things all. Extremely wealthy now pop boy they're. There older I've been out there up blue blue beer. That's awesome they're like well we're gonna talk court it's business or runner until we know you're busy man and does it's also opening night loss of their Detroit did and I were watching and didn't. It does seem right now I think they just got to try to find a way to overcome not having NIC Batum and acorda of course Michael Korda Williams out the other night nowhere and KG and I don't like these young guys but you know when you have that much experience not out there on the floor you can see the difference. Are absolutely out of me a lot of you know great. Same period in the short pre season short training camp. But there's reserve also what happened to nick but. Those have to make weight really gets back in its third fiscal put of course those young guys. I think it was pretty good future if that first game under your belt on the road. We try to figure out how to play. Regular season game without bickering couple or go out for those who know or who presume. But it doesn't get you Craig and Detroit they're much improved team they would rather get treatment there's oil. That at all here. Got a lot of home games are tough scarecrow. First point 13 games but a lot of games at home expect to their own when you are they have become out. There really get there or you could begin as early take every Obama ordered cancer early this week. A Dell our I equate scoring draught let a schism a lot of times fair or unfair you know athletes look at other athletes a certain way and say gosh this guy looks like it's so easy in the games come and so smoothly and are you can just get to the rim and scored any time where you can knock it down and just look effortless and I just don't see that many guys on the hornet's you know this year other than maybe Kemba Walker is that really can create their own shot squirming Jeremy lamb you may be a guy that you could look at that button on the defense aside this just took me one way players how does coach Clifford. You know kind of direct this orchestra or orchestrate this to you don't get the best scores and move the ball around and don't play the game differently than maybe other teams appliance. I think because people are due to Florida. That create profits in the in the fitness report would who you don't have what I heard the crowd got the good girl or break don't go out and take their own. A director authority president. In Detroit the other night rooting your opera property or become a turnover that got a sort out. But I in transition so well you're playing up you know what could clippers only a coach there. Distinct take care of the basketball they've they've led the league and our effort. The best decision has certainly you're not turn the basketball over all four years they've literally been. Not turning it over there undercooked clippers' defense that they graphical power back still for the financial back the way it was early coach clippers ten year. What you got to create EVR it's easy baskets to become very fickle. The pressure or weight off of there if they have or rent your clay and it's kind of I'm good look. Molly look at the guy think Vick can make shots you look at who. We're real excited of course gay and probably you've got to ruin the rear grip with the way computers could score quote here. They talk about marketing you know we'll go through and bacon as well too young players Bacon's little different story than mark not a young player. Philadelphia last week this all the time you know that transition from college to pro and just a little different because you know your juniors and your seniors. When you make that jump you're eighteen years old and basketball. You know so you're not really may be mature enough I mean hell you can't drink. Guy at at you know at most places that they are you know especially here in the United States so what's that transition period like for the young players making that jump he talked about you know the nerves and the the energy and you know those type of things but you know that's the physicality of the game is something that his is important to. Yeah absolutely I think the biggest thing is that guy you know it's clearly a growing their the technicalities historical record here. But that could put you push up the spot. Also little link. It's a lot bigger in the NBA live in college. In the preceding it got our own hypocrisy and out of there directors since the start that game with a little bit back a little quicker. And it means so that coming debatable point director that step everything cannot deny that to be expected as well local pressure their quick. The technicality. The speed of the game deliberately gain. It's I think the most part the biggest part for the young guy. There's still a lot of season you don't gain thirty. Thirty the travel. That's probably about a college see the darker than they accept CPAC the polluted pepper to wall. Well but again the president carried his purpose of Craig has grown rare that this is very. Talking to the legendary Dell curry join us on it's become just like tonight's fox sports South Asia concede the game extra hour long special pregame coverage tonight at 6 o'clock or adult. Actually want guys who got in order to secure our ports update Matt Carroll you have that. I'm sort of try to not let could be taken to a couple mop or a barrel on the new car until dec Illinois. He would step three and not so clear cut over excited about the year. Or Trout brook so they're entertaining. Don't let the players to get out there and again respect and serve make sure you get there due to you because earlier a year every point count. So people here go up if you look at this in New Year's we usually get one game in the year. To make the quell what have you put these first games mattered services aren't so regular outscored Erica. You can watch it on fox sports southeast you can hear right here on the flagship station for the hornets WS DNC Chris Kroger has pre game a Steve Morton on the call obviously and I'll have the post game show live from spectrum signal right after the game excited about that delicately she goes on asking about so the other Superman here at Charlotte know Dwight Howard you don't want. One of the things we talked about when he was traded to Charlotte was that look this might not be the 25 year old Dwight Howard but this is a guy who's an eight time all star and rolls out of bed and there's your double bubble and that's pretty much what they got from him on opening night. Yeah I'd. I'm progressive I'm aquarius don't go paper so what the white hour break very fitting that it. The guys want to Orlando he understands that but he Eric literally shook those Clifford. If he can run the floor here EB. That it's early it really runs covering the regulatory can really. So the total for that the united try to protect the release so that. You know if they do a couple of blocks something he had more that changed a lot of shots. But he's a Smart guy good teammate in the locker room. And if he keeps up that area do you like theater right. The Serb position all but he's totally sure about Cody Zeller does that follow up report that he's metal plate by your. In Detroit so the white will get to extend the Minnesota at Oak Creek. Greg Kaminsky another Garros talk about the big real quick before we let you run and you know you had a disappointing night as well I would create Morgan has close get more consistency out of him. I think it accomplice for Franken begins his first couple shots off but orally when he got to regain his first two darker greens that always. If you're not at their own cheered certificate three when you first it negates. But it got your own local patient offensively. Regularly you think that you get to a room I know where the outbreak normally there were a combined to a great team and they gave their virtues in the betting you know. First injured what have you I'll give a passel of the first game. And I knew I expect them relates shots. I don't courage fox sports southeast corner it's legend Julius on the segment John just sly Dell we'll tortoise Tibetan delegates and I don't or it's coaches who thought he soaked. I think I could have. High enough levels that the sun will come back and I'm gonna be obnoxious is held for ten minutes and there's a commitment in Dubai have Garcia they left. Online job. Dodgers their hitting. Siri. Those engineers knew just what to say and I take. A decade. Ride back in time with this all did you select them. Back in my dad's day. That's would have liked you know jeans and quite certain. No my hair greased back. Immediately in my old time suit except that little debt my dad brought bullets whistled cellular takes a lot. Look Jim the suit the cowboy hats and it's on our dad mark is that was more his favorite guys you would I'd. But from Hank senior all the way done Hank the third. Can you imagine three different people in each generation like between Hank senior Hank junior ranks third. But he could not be more different people the only thing that anyway doesn't really advertisers through the discussion visit there while and volatile I was all excited about it. I'd yeah and they. Cubs fans were crying last night a whole whole war that I was I was cry a little bit for a different reason I was a crime but I tell you what I don't show dosage as well when I heard him say the words the Dodgers are going to the World Series I'd heard dozens I was three result. Players I was three result. I know and in the needs weed out the picture of the fat may demand and asked how. Kim and his brother and a picture with Dodgers uniforms and every bit like every kid that ever played baseball who didn't play for the Dodgers I play for the Dodgers would you place yeah will play the Dodgers every every kid played for the dollars. On the West Coast wasn't as Cox and most politically for the Braves it was a Dodgers there was a pothole get back to you right now the Dodgers okay I'll. You're right about that I agree I agree with that yellow too remember geographically speaking where I was group grew born and where I've played a lot of my I'm pulling baseball there was the Dodgers it was the Padres it was the athletics. We didn't have the Braves is one angels are we. Look at the same thoughts are so we we have but it was mostly braves it was yankees it was Mets it was cubs red Rangers a lot of teams like that he's just to get a lot of love those it was Jim obviously we had the Dodgers aren't. I was a dodger most of my life. Just didn't get paid for it gets into the edited but I call may have Paula Duca played on the same thing yeah. It's all like that and I've had I had this odd feeling. That's the Yankees humble ought to Red Sox win Johnny Damon humanity into Grand Slam early in the game several years ago. And it was a male CS game is a deciding game. And it was just an absolute blowout there I was sitting there before the game. And I thought you know what if this is one of those supplements they always present or predicted that is that what it is is one of those kids at and they scored the first major one nothing okay great start to score in the second to make it to nothing. Pretty damn good starved of crucial to run cushion and also the third the third run the thirdly there. There there three nothing and they load the bases with no outs and I'm like oh my god it's gonna happen Omar god it's gonna happen it's comic and just boom JJ heard is that our. The west as you know well how has that Bo Bo Bo. What is wrong with what. What is wrong with the all eyes. On him and aren't true that's. I day which Robert Frank I'd say woods rob it's called for. I see it but I'm watching my game at Katarina adamant Tom and you come any age can you say you travel words like that full. I ran into legal all of randomly. Activate it translated it went well what. Didn't glass right I have no clue in the class I was there Richard had a what does it isn't clear one thing just like we know we're qualified miss a lot Lily but we have to do we love it there. We absolutely love you I would do anything for a bit as much as he is like my brother. Like you write his little brother's here is much we love it meant he loves the cubs a million times more than. At. I would. He would. He's not married I don't think he has any kids that he knows of but I don't know while you are. I don't know there's many things that he would die for. Eight you know that's one of them up for the cubs to win he might sacrifices on my show. I don't about the life part but I do think I. I think he might shop all financial periods when you have kids don't know what I'm talking about friends or yourself in front of the bus to save implosion now the way. Lead absolutely do you take this line bulletin type you know same thing for most of us in their wives but I'm human experience and someday could I. I tell people my it was by confronting. One for the day is themselves unthinkable formula was familiar from the west and us. But man would absolutely take one for the cups that's how passionate he is. About his team he was classy in defeat last night I'll say that was publicly anyway he was class you're physically and I. And so I'm I'm done with the cubs at this point although the one final item that needs to be distance decided today. A verdict he needs to be rendered today or he needs to make a decision today. Whether or not he is going to move forward with the original bad and allow us to shade the low road tell the stand the back of a said. Or if he's going with the cubs but I'm giving him the option to choose to back. So while he talks about that. Is he allowed to throw in the bears or caucuses in Chicago sports is this it or not is this his last day last able to do this week as the not to be unreasonable to bears' week for the Panthers so I'm relevancy that is relevant to hear hundreds today's the last if he chooses that route and Monday additionally given Monday too because he'll be talking about the game. Only fair to does not say that I have no problem with that whatsoever so so he chooses that route beginning Tuesday at 10 AM okay well especially six area statistics say him. Until January 12008. Team. He is not allowed to talk about anything Chicago sports related on the station even African Blackhawks. Unless he wants to throw five dollars and comes to no bulls no no no there's no errors. Don't come scrubs no black cock no Blackhawks. Doesn't want elements and these are citizen wanna talk about the but the White Sox know that early and as always are about the White Sox last night and he said he was losing his classes they reporter shuttle I actually ran some player I guess that transferred or was a free agent that we the cubs yeah prince Conosoga. I know that. So I I know that. You were very disappointed. In that we were going to necessarily force him into the original bet. I don't I want to hold him down and shave his head and I did that that would be thought I really would mean that would you be more like I think we should have tase Tim's first. Taste taste that we had to order catch him because he'd been running. Run a little to do that Telstra trying to avoid a stroke so we had to taser him that would have been fun that would Michelin in order that was it the in the in the PlayStation or they taser dude that doesn't pay a political. Staying in ten days. It. I don't remember it was a comedy that they we're showing him how to taste people as I can't. Yeah and the ice and Robert asserted it was a exile the hang up I got to thank you Daniel thank you. It in the hangover we would have to have a class we're just tase him for fun out of any clue is folly to FaceBook lines and everything. And then changes it rush still think that's something we should do. If he isn't easy is agreeable to that we will go that route. Okay act Chevron the so ever on the second play and by a lot of people Melissa tracks are very receptive to this to the idea he can't talk about the cubs the bears or bulls or anything. Until January 1 direction very receptive this on it like this idea right Shelly deal primetime sixty last night loves the idea yeah so I think we can't go wrong rather what. I really don't. I don't know you know what I'm allowed to say anymore. You know because after I was called several names. One of them being Richard Cranium and it relies ahead a new nickname now. I'm Brenda yeah that was my name. My name is it Ted Canadian competitor Phil got a JK it's. Could any minutia eight million are. Only him but. I don't know what I'm a lot of sakes I don't want to send him anymore he's a little sensitive and this morning he had given the smiley face in the joke and now he's gonna. When he is in his game zone you can not mess was that Newt. So I'm just an order up. Poke the bear too much and let's not do that oh so your quick follow global forest of the sites we are told what football game last night and we want to get into the muscular David and David how are you this morning but it. And there are gonna are you. Always just on cloud 900. Yeah I mean Ichiro yeah I'm the guy called it yesterday on no rest I don't. Wanna tell you. Yeah you shank seek air it and there is gonna come back and it. He would have made it go up a disorder thank you guys. For providing a service of media and others. Or are they. The Dodgers look when a serious threat. Nobody died David trichet about getting multiple attacks I mean I pouring like fifty album. Shaved his head due out shave his head. They're chanting. There for starters your form. There may be in line outside the intercom building here at one Julian place that as to regroup demanding that we. Who saves the parks wasn't but LA sign into spot in the back to visit. Unbelievable to them but also I want import the subtitle of the more exciting parts about this World Series to inform announcer was a course digger a Charlotte and north what's the first high school he's back. He's back now miss the entire LCS with a back injury he's back now and I'm stoked that we don't read Dodgers had a short start and without them what do you do with the we'll put mother beat the Yankees ass that's exactly what yankees are hot right now they won tonight but they're hot they're. I don't is faulty and or visited. This match of the Dodgers yankees is a dream World Series Mitchell baseball right now they did see her back guy. You can tell how excited they have the judge the jury the executioner out there anybody you have the two biggest rookies in baseball is square off in the World Series just Ballinger Okaloosa and for baseball it's that's an enormously yankees are better baseball team. In this is not breaking news I mean so to hold your you know your applause there are people. When their judges is hitting the ball well and hard and showed that about eight days what it because it just seems to ignite. The rest of their lineup yet when he hits the ball hard hits a home. Ron you know he did he's getting on base everybody around him plays better. I don't know what it is what it seems like he's kind of the the fire that they ignites this team. Otherwise I don't want a guy dear mr. Edmondson the other surely you don't really roster Alex was too Charlotte's gonna be well represented in this world to address one Julian play is still free to show up and out with a pitchforks. And your shaving lotion. FFS really cutting. Necessary. Where would you rather it be something we can do instead. Is it illegal to tase somebody guessed right you can't tasty. Yes there will now go we're gonna. And a game that I wasn't watching last night but you look. Eat great leaders should these Marshawn Lynch got rejected last night and a the NFL is begging for more games like last night we'll talk about that next it's Garcia bailiff. Welcome back door Syrian Israeli and I've just been informed that so it's 45 minutes from now we're just a little 125 minutes from now at 11 AM which got tickets to giveaway to tonight's hornets home opener against the Atlanta Hawks a pair of tickets if you wanna be your chance to win inventory 3 minutes 11 o'clock is when we give those away we got a big show up already out of the gates joined by Dell curry we love him I would love it died appreciate his time also in the second hour we're joined by Tom waddle former bears wide receiver will join us a sports talk radio six fixture at their Chicago you'll join us at 1130 Jason block him for a CBS sports dot com at 1230. Chris it's a low Major League Baseball insider one and Steve Merrill pro sports info 115 and of course we'll have our two for the money six against the spread now we're number three we are now 23 and twelve against the spread this year. I should be listened to ourselves more off death I keep telling. Several serve. Scoring three and twelve I I ran much better than I'm doing. My biggest problem as well isn't it you're not even take your. What's your take our pets but the problem is is I take more more that's rhetoric and that's the issue right so that 43 and twelve goes to about 23 and 28. A so you know that's the problem that's the issue for such a difference so you just listen to us to do a lot of money well yeah I'm gonna do that this week Bryce did a great news because that's exactly right or a child played and without money. And then you know does that always work out that that's what I found. Are 7045709. Yes. Yes that's what I'm talking about but you know I was sitting pretty there for awhile. Yeah I had about thirty seconds ago fifty yards to go and I'm thinking OK well. They're not gonna chick fil a lot of force to go for the touchdown they run a play Tony Romo. In Jim answers say they're going back and forth I don't think there's guys like each other by the way I think Nantes probably feels overrun by Romo and his knowledge of the game. That's just days so that's just a you know a little bit of what I caught with steal some of accommodating. I think Tony realized it at one point in kind of you know started trying to be you what do you think Jim you know because. He started dominate the competition the the conversation and a notoriously why you know I now and I apologize to around kidding nobody does is it you know. I mean I think it's just we go to get it we get excited about it and you know I'm sure he did as well last night. But anyways. You know they run a out to seems all go they throw the ball and you know basically the raiders are fighting over the ball for them you know themselves as they knocked down each other's hands. The chiefs secondary was awful last night. Especially at the end of the game they run the same exact play and eventually they come up with a play with about eight seconds to go. And snowed it fortunately they go out on the one yard line to the referee called a touchdown. They review it they realize it come down on the one yard line they run another play to the right side to isolate Crabtree 101 he pushes off. You know he he doesn't he gets to call the defense gives the call. No touchdowns that quarter play they go back twelve yard ten yards. I'm saying okay this is that you know Max plank. While the very next play duped the clock runs out you know causes three seconds left. Holding on the defense but they make a play on the ball and break it up. Very next play holding. On the defense. So finally after their fourth attempt there now like on the two yard line. Are you Roma same on the ball I'm saying please run the ball because that she says everybody stacked up on the line. There's so little out route to Crabtree where he does show mosque once again. And in the corner of the end zone catches a touchdown to win again. Did you see for a glass they distribute receive the first hour. A first off I'm screaming that the chiefs DNC's blew the game. And it turns my venom turned to the damn referees cost me the game and then I'm thinking to myself I'm not gonna lose this game and then ultimately I lose it. Certainly that's bad the supplement. Bad day three points it now and she's my mostly metal Austin. Fourteen. Or fifteen attempts to add AFC. West opponents well. And I think they have no chance Lamar Sean gets thrown out now how about that monolith. How about the referee is into the to put their hands on everybody started pulling guys off. And you're hostile environments exactly right you know and I think there needs below lit more discretion at those things. I understand what the officials trying to do that officials had no ill intentions but would you put your hands on a guy when the when things of that fiery and intense we don't will win when he doesn't know who you war where you're coming from the show many similar leeway. Writing him a little bit leeway right and and people forget that sound to I was watching last night there's a lot of over the top reaction to Omar Don Marshall and you can't do that your top really. Your damn has also mean I know you I don't know where you're coming from either a patent I just and I I I agree with fuel and that under the symbol. The best part about all of this. And how lies between this last night it's actually we are distinct Marshawn Lynch was never not playing for the raiders at this point because he's just he embodies everything raiders. Bit. This guy seemed like delightful generator to me as an Oakland guy but I don't know if you saw this last night he gets injected. And Joseph locker room changes gets into street clothes and reports were that he left the stadium to a home. Yeah he would just stands last night what defense they started out your thoughts and ideas in the stands with his hood up having himself a grand old time when he goes back down to the locker room. To celebrate with his teammates after the fact and Vinny takes the train home with all the threats against children task bar Q but the benefits on the trade a lot of marsh I love Marshawn Lynch Fred I'll always have. Well America all about the business belongs to him about direction and the mud that banks not to mention I'm just about that action is so I don't know I'm an adolescent I know that people feel when he was in Seattle gave him a hard time for not speaking with the media. Honest to goodness I know cam do this to be a topic of conversation briefly today on the show because our ultimately. You know it is what it is and you each had your thoughts on and I know that you know some media members to get butt hurt twist. The fact that he's not speak seen in May feel like home you know everything and all those type of things I'm not one of those guys. Palm you know I think that if you don't wanna speak you don't you don't say nothing would say that I just coming up yeah I think I think that that's just something further weaken it to have a conversation. The later in the show as you just mentioned but. I love the fact the Marshawn Lynch stands by his guns and talk and they're all your Doug Barnett a about the business busted up a mall but that action mosque you know I'm giving you what you want. I don't think the players owe it to us as media to talk I don't think they. Oh with some unique elements against the war. We're gonna dive into this next 70457. Or 96 to and snap judgment axle say to reaction to that's been of course we're talking about campus Garcia and Bailey yeah. Lost before you. Not as we come to sign doubters would scene I should say not all Volek standards press conferences so far this year has gone wells. But that's just the kind way to put it but at least according to the NFL he's still required to do. Unless he wants to open a spot. And for some reason. Cam Newton is not really inclined right now to talk to the media in Charlotte he canceled a scheduled news conference yesterday via a normal day for quarterbacks there's it take and other drug test. I don't know I'm not sure about that to be honest with you well there. It wasn't that they excuse last I'm not yeah after the game was in the NFL told EST you know it's looking into the matter as soon dude it's the local media here in Charlotte he could sell that as well. And it's. I I look I saw yesterday on Twitter there was a dust up about cam and he's not talking to the media and then maybe it's because Jordan Rodriguez back on the beat maybe it's not coincidence I saw the report that you know while he was refusing to talk to the media he also had his music turned up so loud it was making it difficult for the reporters into other interviews with other players who did more to talk to the media. I tweeted this yesterday frighten us in by this and that you and I try to feel the same way about this. I could not care less they care does not want to talk to the media is camp doesn't want to talk he wants to pay those fine school. That's that's all his decision. Doesn't bother me in the slightest. I will not lose a way to sleep over it and I'm sure the same can be said for Kendrick. Good to open their do you. Have a problem they'll tell because this is where I kinda review your mail and I don't know like do you have a problem and you do. On the window and here you out but do you. Do you have a problem with him represented in this team as a captain if that's going to be the states. That's where I kind of like oh well you know maybe you may be the people on the other side. Have a point with that because if he's gonna be the guy. That wears the seat should he be represented above the organization. What do you think that factors into at all yeah I think it I think that's the G. Enroll expectation it's one that I kinda subscribe to but I'm I'm gonna wanna wait. Development and may may became was dealing with something personal yesterday I don't know always find out. You know you you you look a little skeptical about that now understand it on kinda skeptical about that particular thing to look. Your play music dance and around it and you know having a great time and when the cameras come on for you when you're doing well. If things aren't going your way then shouldn't you kinda have the same kind of look demeanor means or is that going to be considered what. Little bit to say specialist at Giorgio di Pavia. I'd I know I hear you and I think jump. Look I haven't been here in this market doled out walk and so I would not even. These so brash just try to speak to brother in past years since media dynamics of the relationship between Cam Newton and Cheryl media. But I'll say that in the time that I have been here and I'm just picked up pretty quickly on the dynamic between cam and the fan base and KM an end to the media. Insofar as a surface level understanding doze and what I've been able to glean over the course of about eight or nine months is that. You have your faction that will descend into the death bed he does no wrong and that he is so entitled to do an act and say whatever he wants to do act in certain. You know you'll have others who will be critical of him you love others who are neutral. And I I have no doubt as a matter of fact I'm positive sped over the course of his career cam has received from unfair media coverage I am positive that that's true. I've seen in August 2 and a half hours away doing Adrian and in different smaller market but I saw that I was aware that. At same time but I would like to believe that most rational minds could agree that some of the things the cameras are gone through in the public die have been of his own doing. But his own volition. He stepped into the couple toxic to blame no one but himself for some of these issues I don't know which one this one is that if he wants to take the Marshall unless approached the beast mode approach and say I'm just your sort of confined to not talk. OK. That's fine. And he can still win a lot of games and went Super Bowls and that's cool. But it is different it is not how a lot of other captains Stewart it is very different from how most franchise quarterbacks do it and I don't know disguise persecuted I don't know if he's treated unfairly. I'm not sure about that. I was thinking about yesterday. You know is is cam ever decides that he wants to come on this show in particular and have an open mics. And payroll whose grievances and say everything that he's wanted to say don't let it will certainly welcome that would open dorks. But cam doesn't even need to do his job and I don't I can't do my job right I I think that's something that we do understand. I'm not really sure. Sometimes trite dated a how I feel about Cam Newton in the media. Nobody does it did I feel like it's sort of fluid thing is it that way for you mean your your former player. Are you you wore to the franchise quarterbacks so it's hard freedom wanna put ourselves in the shoes in that way. He's picking his is such a unique situation I think you know his his threat is there. I know unless they say is there a quarterback mislead as adversarial. Relationship with the media. I skimmed. You are calling shepherd okay well he's not elected to mean yeah but yeah the answer is scholar Derek happen in you know when he was in the league but Hillis and I'll say this come. I feel that's just the way I feel everybody's gonna have their own opinion on this you may feel one way then the next amateur another way. I feel like there's some responsibility when they do put a C on your chest in knowing and you know when you're going to go out there and represented organization and I feel same way. When you talk about quarterback where the embassy and you're just an action that everybody. No points captains had every organization does that you know the Panthers and decide to do that and you know with that comes some responsibility. That's part of the business guy if you are arts thin skinned about that you know any award what what what people are saying then. You know that's gonna get out and that's gonna be considered a weakness in other players you know as well as. You know people are gonna you know you can use that against you because. You know as athletes you learn to attack the weaknesses. And you know if I know that I can talk to bother you then that's going to be something that you know we're gonna continue to do it may be less reason why. The perception is is that you know he is easy easily rattled. I'm maybe he's still considered a front runner around league and they had to pull out the other day. You know amongst the players are. I heard Mac preakness and they're talking about. He'll quarterbacks you would least like to play for play well Jay Cutler was overwhelming favorite like 50% cam was number two. You know why. Why do other players feel that way. You know as is is is it because there's a selflessness in aspect to what he does come a Mimi meet. You know potentially. I mean everybody have to answer that question for themselves what all these are things that people now. And you know again is going to be every managed you know is gonna probably feel a little differently but the fact that everybody's going differently. You know there's not a gal that does not galvanize group. No it it is Tom Brady. You know what is what everything about Tom Brady as a cheater this that or the other thing is he a leader. Is he a guy you wanna play for disease say some things that you may missions are probably dizzy at some ways you know maybe you want from your quarterback to act like throwing tantrums until maybe. What is he a leader right at an and that word means something different in and is defined differently by everybody. Desert dust in the sunlight and a block from Carolina would absolutely say definitively Cam Newton is not just Lieberman a good. Mean to others who feel differently but I will say this is most of the subtlety a lot of phone calls on this as were were full right now health but it's you know. There there is whether I choose to believe that there is a a fairly strong correlation. Between the guys who can handle media coverage and you can handle themselves up there and who are willing to talk not all the top you know but don't go a long hiatus is. A strong correlation between those guys. And endorsements and your perceived leadership and things of that nature and weather and I love Cameron Tatum I don't think that's disputed so often this. Often assist with this real quick. If you're not gonna talk to media find don't talk to the media but don't bitch and complain. You know when you start losing endorsements and or support from the fans. Let's all and if you're willing to accept that then stand by what you wanna stand and you know I'm not gonna judge the guys condone it but you can't have it both ways. And I am I think sometimes guys want it both ways they only want the positive side of it they don't want to criticism they don't want to negative maybe that's why. You know some guys that locker room you know on the media sideshow like terrorism on a on approachable. You know because you only once in there when things are going well. You know I don't know I'm not in that locker room I haven't covered disdain but I've heard that coming out of that locker room and I think that's you can't have it both ways that's all selling them at that. Welcome back we'll take these locals got a full black callers wanting to get in on this conversation and also and snack. We appear tickets to giveaway to tonight's hornets home opener against the Atlanta Hawks writer the flagship station visceral we've always Dutch government W lessons.