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Thursday, August 16th

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Our next guest one Tiki Barber is joining us on a technique job just like three time pro bowler. A New York Giants and of course you can hear institute dirty CBS Sports Radio to tell you been brother. I've been fantastic I you guys don't. Were good men were good and I know we're gonna talks about a felon and shall always in the second but I would love your take on what happened yesterday between Atlanta and and Miami got. I I think there's a place in baseball for guys didn't hit when it's war today I just didn't see that just. Obviously this was or did it all and end. Check the Internet the league it's. Discretionary with the suspension at this point should be harsher harsher they could possibly go in and not the candidate version where. He's going to miss two starts but having fake it's fake it's significant because not only. What the retaliatory this was. You know even at are anywhere along the lines of the unwritten rules of baseball which can do elbow trouble you'll pardon Libby gets sort of being. Was this kid has been destroying us. What's teaching the last set. I don't know if it came from the skill port came from the pitching coach took came from his Boies on the team but it would do think cowardly move because he's seriously. Well Acuna has come on unbelievable that after all week really the entire season but it costs. Specifically the last couple of weeks. I make appropriate for I think out devastating that it that would be for the Braves who. And in unbelievably surprising this year so that that the MLB he's become they'll really hard on this. You know its integrity here in these kind of the equivalent of a guy not looking in football standing there and then another guy coming in blind signed him that's kind of what took place. And the unwritten rules in the NFL you have the ability go out there and you know maybe do something about it I don't know how. How you handle it pitcher and because of that that's where Major League Baseball has to step then because if that's not the case then. And you're promoting the fight and an expected Atlanta may be to retaliate. Yes exactly what they it's edited the it's don't go to reminds me over whether the cheap shot was what it was last year were proper delve deep. Particularly what if the ball will build but he just doesn't help dictate when he was on the ground I detect and constant it was in the lead of the game meant. Proper account he had a severe penalty handed down both of finance and the division and it was warranted because it was it had nothing to do with big game. In this is this incident politicos had nothing to do would speak with the game of baseball the first pitch. Automated lake. Eight he had done anything bad ever been played great the last couple of body built yet they need to come down and dimpled ball went Brock corps came back everybody. You know had a had a way of method. Back captain of a baseball there is no. You write about the about a which debuts white was a young man from Amman about Clinton just pull up watching it again and really it's all about emotion frustration and we all go through that but. You know the the best figure out a way it's due to control it and channel it in and better ways so. Look we can do this all day but I do wanna take on some NFL stuff and it's early we'll start here in Charlotte, North Carolina Panthers. There's a lot of excitement about this team right now to attend and it's on it's justified. You don't upgrade on the offensive side a lot of ways certainly the receiver position to bring in CJ Anderson gender and finally fully healthy for the first time to start the season in two years. I do you think all this excitement is justified. That I I think it is justified because. But Kim Newton what a lot of what he went through last year or or or is it that this post Super Bowl hangover but it really was what film. Then we've seen Ernie talk about that some talk about the excitement at that he boring and given that Super Bowl year when he won the MVP this kid and you just awesome to watch even as the that it is. And an observer and commentator on gains that help out the fans. Howard didn't it get up and detained so he has not just watching detail I would that the Infiniti and then in the infectious enthusiasm. The subsequent year he lost it and we don't call why and I do an elbow that would become public criticism that he that he received from the Super Bowl. Until that changes that were going on down there but it. It can't is it is it the excitable player that we could they would calm the low this team lips. In goals around I look the I looked at. The backfield Christian McCaffery gonna give more touch if you could stop the stewards not there anymore. It gives him an opportunity to be. Would it wasn't college. And yet that you might get hurt and and we heard Ron Rivera talked about that last year particularly dynamic. I think he's special music game changer. So you know I think it DJ Moore draft that this year in first round draft pick is going to be somewhat who could be exciting as well both Kim has abilities that not only. Exciting as superstar talent around him. This offense I think senator north turner who's worked magic wherever he's gone could be really really excite. What to do because you say that you know because is the if you were given me that definition and you're breaking down you know what the way you're talking. Now about cam to me. I would come up with a definition front runner right and that's not a negative thing at the college I think he's one of the greatest front runners were front corners of you know maybe his time because when he's hot there's always stop him but how important is it because of that that he gets off to a fast start the season. But I think it's important but it also. Application to use the political front runner when things are going great he's he's it's only gonna get better but you know he can't have the converse. You know what I mean cap would be good or bad it's only getting at is going to be your worst. The real leaders in the great leaders suspect quarterback in the National Football League went routines have been sending or you on the defense. Have found ways to. This stabilized right and I did too high but not get too low. And in in these tactic that rocked like galvanizing force. Around the around the successive UT details are still learning that it's crazy that there are these totally baffled eight years nine years. Between nine years old but he's still learning that it but it's the evolution it is devolution and the PPP ever figure that out that's what he takes that. At that somebody people out of by way to help. We've had this conversation of the last couple weeks. Leading into vehicle speed of about Cam Newton. And the about it wage is always well look at it completely percent it publicly you know appointed here like that that's not killed but we're going to George you know. What it's all said and done. It will be on what was this excess. How to keep lift people into success around so I think he's done map for a lot of this career but there is still another step the F that they did you actually did write about a beautiful. Wonder if she'd learned how to be beefed up or not all the time it's even when being called bad that's when the team excel really excel. Did you Barbara joining us on the tech become just lined you have a special affinity for the running back position I know you watch it than at and evaluated as well as anybody. Other combination of Christian McCaffrey and CJ Anderson Al got him a bit. While I take it it will depend on the scheme teed it up he was in the zone blocks what is it weapons Denver and he's he's a dynamic player he can score and that's which you really like it there that are just. Score is what is the biggest thing that I did have BR I didn't know the art of scores have cooperated Jacobs. Scoreboards out by my playing days but there is an art like LaDainian Tomlinson understood the art of a score weather was an extra. A step toward Europe had to load the right time. I think Dave Anderson has that Christian McCaffrey can learn that from camp. I've I think the depth there though is is what it's what's key we know and if so these days you eat it eat it Wear out one guy. The cheap duty to have dynamic guys in different. Different types of players. And so I think those two guys around Kalin this for a game can be really good the important thing is that this golf but the quantum like some of the off of the blind. Been in football is it pretty intact if you keep guys intact for. 1234. Years in a row. And and they tend to work better together. Here to talk about that continuity you know because. And people may have not played this game don't understand that there's a timing. You did exist with running backs and offensive linemen all I need to hold block which way need to turn them what EC vs what I see how you set me up and all those things are different and what you're explaining with even yourself from Brandon Jacobs and you know may be here with no McCaffrey and Anderson is going to be interest into how the continuity develops with the softens a line. On your ear you write about them short haven't seen irrelevant to the north yet. I couldn't I missed the pre season game but I'm sure it's not going to be there's no blocking. Even that we talked about not just just to give your audience of bought don't blocking that exactly what it says. The break that from the left tackle for the for the for the right tackle big grab their zone. They either cut off or cut. So that they create a hole and it's a one cut off but that's why all of those guys that we saw from twelve David duke Clinton supported the CJ Anderson. Except trips could take one cut get there are people kind of get deep downfield to the second level maybe make it that bit. They have big people big plays and you and you in new 2000 yard season that's what they consistently did. But it don't talking in theory differed from pole blocking in this direction in those type of thing that we've seen Norv Turner duke it is forbidden his career. And why that is part. Is because. They did or have the block back. A guard had to pull around to win tech guard pulled around here to figure out what hole he's going into Michael went but that's you know it inside the outside of the front side guard now. In my portal well the tackle. And until they have the breeder. Stuck out record that are running back at and I'll be patient behind maybe EP and I feel the only time if you keep guard pulling the running back is. Is on par or in front of the art that like being you're never. You. You know you're wasting your time because not what the blocks set itself up it's built back in total it's called that they had that it takes a lot of time. And a lot of timing too deeply affected but when it works. And we see that would direct cute though they did back in the states. My my giants irritated or are a little while and when you see it work it is a big new beauty is due. Two George five yards eight yards almost certain you'll hit this. You know your head on the goal pulled seventy yarder. I think that's what this team can be yes it has all been can be with a guy like Christian McCaffrey a line has been intact and working together. And a quarterback who forces a defense the tip typically get a peek deep center. The pay attention to the quarterback. That's important to accuser running back there advantage. I think you before let's go at least got to get this and what did you think of bug Jalen ramseys GQ article. He's a Trout a little bit. A couple of people trying to hate on that couch tactical play you going to be a great player at that can be a bracket that they would put. Actually before I mean my era. Different guys did I mean they talk trash like you would not believe. It was a it was a bitter I'd dare you I do you to come do it yeah wanted to use stake combat. Have to be it and see what happens. I love of the belief that the only it is one of the top five quarterbacks in the National Football League right now. Woke back up this trash talk and and I love it and it's great truck the horse portrayed a bit and in the red a couple of us got out bad like this. I'm glad I'm glad you brought that says have a conversation there with one of my good friends Deans may end Wesley walls guys have played long time tight end and we're talking about you know there's the quote unquote good old days back when Dan Turk and Stevens -- -- you know played for the raiders and how they were higher load guys they're trying to send messages if you're gonna talk you're gonna you're gonna pay for your talk and Wilson was talking at the end of the game so there was a little bit of retribution on that side of it as well. Yet now there there's an old school to do it now we've we've gotten. Can't just about safety and that's what that's like it is you know especially adversely at trop. But there is the homogenization that's happened to that which they they all wanna say the perfect thing like which you all the follow me on as to grab. What might light. Right like me like we there's no like bad asses anymore and I think there I think it Dillon Ripley is the perfect bad as the National Football League. Hides it in less than we get to the second round of the pre season beginning tonight what are you watching for. I'm humbled to see who choose the what are the ball might be your title at stake on Barkley whether they have restraint would have but I think that expeditiously but also used to. One of the beauties of catcher ever been to go to New York Giants is that he always uses two back system. Up but it's not it's not too different guys he wants into changeable part. That's why when Calvin cope with what the down let my dear are last year. But for the vikings here we're getting good step right in there are often didn't miss the beat the other daequan has hampered they probably not the plates. This week out what I'm really adjusted this seat weighing gold at. A little bit burned last year obviously Clemson you know old national champion. From a couple of years ago policy Wayne Coleman's step until role. Other people have a bout been expecting. From in my also and so interstate with what's happening in Cleveland's. I mean I'd like you really wanna like he'll. But some of the things that he's saying like we want Jewish day at the BR back up your freaks can't get tweaked or accepted to cut belted his career. You wanna try to motivate the guys baby just think of things that being you know Blake I don't know controversial it. Predicted people popular art box. But a big deal to be picking out but it more than totality you don't have made so. What's it what happens in Cleveland the biggest drop would show in the end and in football right now but because as bright as visiting there right now it is going to be compel us. One more football question for me you know Tiki and then a question that tower asked you personally you know about your career but sit com Barkley talked about Helm and what he means to the giants. I've got in noble little bit over the a couple of months he's been here any very inquisitive and I love that about them. He's he's death and the right questions he's he's confident they'll flats copy of I met him in the first thing is that without laboratory director that I think that. The other estate LP deputy at the do it took me awhile to figure it out. But if you figure that out quake. Not only is he going to bring excitement back to the running game in New York which is quite frankly didn't go on its. Under Mac can do you know this you know you know policy they lined up in eleven personnel. But 90% of the time they all told three wide what I did what running back in 90% of the time. If it differentiation. What but there and in an NFC east Texas. Which used to be like the north the black and blue division gatlin and the ball played tough defense you need it that's when the weather turns. I'm excited for hit his ability to bring that back to the north but more importantly. Eli excelled in the play action he did you get more run game you. You know you know take it to the back field pocket pull it up and Philip a dime downfield with a with a linebackers are sitting. Or backing up at this map they're coming board instead. I think I think they think didn't think people really well for the gulf. You know this did you talk about you know this new breed of quarterback you know when I think cam is a brief note Reid himself you know the size and is. You know his at this speed and the other way he plays a position you play traditional you'll football you know tight ends fullback line up not guys up the ball maybe some power arson count or trade things like that but yeah. What could be like if you order play with let's say Cam Newton or Michael Vick how would have changed your game. Yeah you wanted to step because it would have been able to fix it until earlier because it took some time to learn how to run between the tackles. Right I was I've played it. Matt Mack Kelly tool eight. Most of my career was mode 200 until I wish he could dot kids or take glancing blows sometimes from those pac apparently tackled. But it took a long time to be able lineup to a power row which is it is true the ought to be don't know what that is. At the guided it for side of the bulk export side of the pulling guard from. Backside going for outside of like everything gold in the one hole. And ending here come the runner back running right behind it hopefully it clears itself up but it I'd eat it they are negative things. But mostly it's it's it's bang your head to the back of somebody and in and drive away but. I was able to master that over time because they realize it's. All that motion going to look outside creative natural void backside until I became a master of the cut back. Great that would you know but everything. We go that way go that way go about what it come up the back door they got Mitt and I have a big rocket built. I'll bet at all but it was more ash spread it like they are now because of run pass options because of as we've talked about earlier with cam the backside defender has. The pay attention to the quarterback you know I mean it to what the quarterback go out of boot and the comfort of about a good what are the quarterback of the the ball now. Right he's he's brought it down the sideline. And so if I was and that kind of offered that they dealt would be able to not use my own athleticism. On the force smaller back more to my advantage earlier in my career. Then happen to build up the bulk up and be above row between the tackles. I ultimately did the last three years Mike Mike you'd with a giant. Did you Barbara 1996. ACC player of the year the pride of cave spring high school joy in his sort of ebitda and a slut I absolutely but it let's do this more often thank you nice to get ready. They go to you Barbara joining us on the tech become just slide.