Garcia & Bailey: Taylor Zarzour Joins Us as We Talk ACC Football.

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Monday, October 16th

We have guests and full tilt ACC talk this hour.


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But Garcia. Our number two child greatly expand northward sitting here for frank Dorsey here on this Monday as always reach out such a 70457096. To and Collison Texas they're on the build considered sex line you can also find us on a JJ's restaurants Twitter and box and child clearly WS Lindsay missed. Forstmann and at Osborne W asked in the disease later in the show 1 o'clock Andrew Carter of the observer will join us. Others North Carolina store continuing to riles folks up there in the water and want to give us. His opinion on all of this as the story broke Friday as we took the air talked a bit about that now we're number one we still have a lot of cancer there is to get into allies as stance looks to me a moment ago today now we're number two we still don't bartender and that's. You know we'll get there will certainly get there we'll talk about that we'll talk about technically and later in the show Whitman joins us at 1 o'clock we'll also talk baseball as both the Dodgers and the Astros past two games to none lead in the championship series in the American nationalist right now we're talking college football with a play by play voice on the SEC network also you can find a series sex and ESP and your radio and WS Lindsay alone Taylor's Arthur is back on the second job just slide tailored to mourned by Howard if out there and great about your arm or storm or doing well doing well and there's a sort assisting through one of the wilder regency in college football that any of us can remember I was look at this is morning I didn't realize this. First weekend but there were zero ranks matchup is this late in the season. Since 2009. And we get a Bush's top ten upsets in there and just a lot of shuffling going on in the polls Taylor and this is a pretty wild we kept. Guess what happened in 20094. Teams that got it to happen is that we get fourteen of the top ten law not. How crazy that it worked out that way but look and it's. It's just it's what makes college football so special is that. Every week is so meaningful and we have a four team playoff so many people are clamoring for an expanded playoff I would argue you're watching the play off. As it's unfolding in this week in you've got. Notre Dame and USC a little play on Saturday losers on the nomination game you'd spend a playoff but a case. And that's what makes each and every game so important and it's what make college football different. From other sports you eliminate that factor that component. It feels a lot like the national football eager to talk a lot like the regular season and every other sport that that's why all of it is because it's not perfect. It is subjective. Ever that he's got to get her opinion on who they think of the best teams in the country after Alabama. And who controls its own destiny that. That's what makes the sport specials so that's exactly what I think college football needed is that kind of wacky note the steps we got. So what did I hear you correctly you're told us or not eight is that right. I am absolutely a proponent for. All right they don't like four as well I think you're given that you have to Powell five you've you've got to make it a supply demand thing. I think if you open a note. People start jaywalking we already have an issue with schools not scared swollen but right competition I. Out of conference or to wake it opens up that whole deal. Before mobile the searchers Clemson to elude. I'm on the minds that we're always out Jolie Brad. Clinton wins the ACC champ Jim there's still one out of this fourteens in the country tomorrow. Yeah I'm a little concerned stand there if he's not right if it is concussion lingers in the ankle injury could linger sit if whip harder Johnson merger Cooper at quarterback if they can get through this season. Unscathed and and not lose another game they are definitely about thirteen with Kelly Bryant and there's no question that your right there were four best teams in college football. Side moving forward in my opinion with chili bar healthy he wasn't healthy Friday night and I don't well they should play in the game the fact that. If Cooper Johnson & Johnson obviously if you would start of the game played all sixty minutes. I think also want I don't think that you know Kelly Bryant being out there give him any favors or the team any favors. There in the first after the game but I would be inclined to believe you would think by the time. We got to be ATP championships they don't lose another game that Johnson or even Cooper could. Could almost replicate what Kelly Bryant is doing at that spot they have one of their very best defenses in the country yes I'd probably do bad bunker on Friday night. I think those couple of key they had won last year against Pitt I'd be surprised if that happens again. You'll remind you wanna say that I know you do you come and on talent they just I got caught Bill Jones of my attention on the third street generally when they got late years it took Ohio. I need to wrest it away so there is a precedent that it can't be done umps are now. I think it is still we actually write about tempo Taylor sort of Jonas are on the tech become just like Taylor talked about this a minute ago I had to basically what I what it comes down to is not did you have a very level headed approach at this Alabama has very much you would hope we believe elite college football team should look like I mean even in savings incredible run they've only run the table one time so you know to see the number two team in the country lose in the carrier domain and a lot of pearl clutching going on this weekend. But this happens. Yeah I mean 2010 through 2015. To your point six consecutive years Nick Saban is team at least lost one game. Sign in the regular season and last year obviously they went through the end defeat there's the fear unscathed. And they have a chance of doing that again I don't think yet he's he is merely a strong top to bottom. And it was between 20102015. And not taking anything away from Alabama. But if you read more. Programs in the SEC west of that world relevant national and then chances are Alabama would have a better chance of losing it being. They're the bat but the next best program is Georgia and made. It the FEC championship game to be at the end of the even. But they yeah it's it I do think that everybody is vulnerable. Alabama included if Alabama and Penn State Michigan Ohio State on this schedule like a big Chinese program to stay at a Florida State urgent cease states. All their schedule like an Atlantic Division program at Clemson does. I think they haven't hopper rode to get to the college football playoff. But that's. That's the way is that the FTC and in 2017. You got a lot of coaches right now. There are doing a great job when you get some that have scorching hot seats in your refreshing your computer every. Two minutes it was don't forget about the Dakota Tennessee. That the fate of Southeastern Conference. I'm glad you wind down their waiters under regular social stationed at a 99 game in Atlanta talk a lot of dogs down there. This past week was the first time clearly that I looked at Georgia say it's a muscle guys this Georgia team can be. How do you use Georgia do you viewed as statement is potentially accurate Taylor what victory is Georgia complex. Well I think that they are absolutely that the team that could knock off knock off Alabama and it's because they stay healthy in the backfield the shell and show up for a vote. Wheatley LC in Atlanta to the FEC championship game. And they get to the fourth quarter to close call. Georgia's depth at that position I think it served them extremely well their defense is playing like without all these and yet they gave up some. Big touchdowns of Missouri last week from the very I know that not many people noticed that Missouri does have a pretty potent passing game so that's not surprising they've been doing not a lot. In the last few years for their quarterback drew laughter they're good receivers some not that concerned about that Alabama does not the best back to offset Jalen Hertz is not going to. Load blow you up and take mismatches and police sixty odd yard touchdown passes as much he's what you saw last weekend. They're going to play the game of bone bruise in the fourth quarter of Wear you down after they are loaded at running back. But some sort of really good at that position to resort strength on strength. With those two programs and it's a close call Alabama makes a mistake Ngo and hurts turns football over. I absolutely could see a scenario where Georgia win that game and I am badly about that because it. If there are two programs are undefeated or one of them has a one loss was good short of eleven and one in Alabama twelve and now. It's a great gain in Georgia wins a great game. I think that'll eliminate Alabama. From the college football while sure everybody outside the FEC would want that they don't want to let these CT based on a team that just walked. Just act into the college football playoffs so eight were restored it feels like we're headed toward something's. Like that happening in Atlanta what I think will be great for the game that name has been so lopsided the last few years to be great to have it means so much. Taylor Moore saying let's ago and I know you're primarily involved with the Southeastern Conference would be talking a lot about it a two year old Sawyer resident of the great state of North Carolina and a huge college sports a fan and so we're talking a lot about North Carolina over the past couple days. And it's. Don't care a lot of friends a circle the wagons and yeah they're they're very angry still despite the fact that they've effectively one on Friday you know and they beat the NCAA and I've never been all that upset specifically with there's the institution news in Chapel Hill because I think that you know what took place there has taken place across the country for a long long period of time. You know I think some things that were exposed that continue to expose. The flaws and and problems with the current business model as it is in the NCAA. And I think just for the first time really in history over the last couple years you have seen that business model come under attack to weigh in in a way that you know again we've not seen before and has already caused some fundamental change in how college athletics works and what you just want your general trillions on North Carolina what happened on Friday and there where you think we're headed in college sports. Well I think there's any question that in these states hands are people who don't like University of North Carolina -- frustrated with the NCAA. And their inability to hold North Carolina accountable you can't send three letters and notices of allegations. Or and and then ultimately. Fine no wrongdoing or be ordered him to emote. Of any wrongdoing that spat on the NCAA now having said that if outdoor journal on all of it done exactly what Bubba Cunningham and everyone else so it is associated with the school debt. In the way that they ought. Not all through these issues or able to. All that you said on on Friday I don't I don't have any probably debate fought for this. Now they should be embarrassed by what happened at that school academically and athletically. Through over a long period of time I think a lot of them are embarrassed and it did do a number two did it to do a big number to their reputation. I think but I know people wanted justice they wanted them to be held accountable. For what they did but the NCAA has so many inconsistencies. We've been running a monopoly for so long. And the bear this is in each and every time they pass judgment on someone like for example. Suspending AJ green per game is because he sold it Independence Bowl Jersey the year before. And then you know something like this where they can't do anything it just makes you wonder what kind of governing body truly are today. So I think that's where the frustration supplied should not nearly lie. Towards North Carolina because any other program what ought. Further there right just as much as North Carolina did. But it is a crazy time it's crazy donning college sport it is very big business as we are seeing in basketball. It extremely big business people won't do anything and everything they can't even breaking the law at times it seems. As is the case it's at least a few schools in basketball in order to be successful and so amateurism. Is being thrown out the window people are considering. And the terrorism they're considering big business. And you put all of that together and that is what you get you get a jumbled mess where everybody is confused and frustrated. And we're going to have to come up what some sort of formula. That hold people accountable better than this one and we're also one that I understand that it's 2017. And if you're going to treat this as big business gets what the players are on going don't wanna part of that whether I like guess. Like that are not that easy if you start this kind of system or everybody's making so much money all the players. It is bound to happen where the players are going to want a piece of it so you put all of that the gathered it's just a big net. I think it's terrible if anybody gets away with academic fraud but in the same respect if I were North Carolina I would've fought as much as they get. Are retailers order series sex them SEC network WS Lindsay alone we really appreciate that somebody always great to catch up with the you got a great. Our internal once again Taylor source for joining us you can follow him on Twitter at Taylor stores will step aside will come back wanna dive into some of that we still gets me did you try to muscle from. From fire rose this morning so much news so many stories so we think that I wanna talk about a route to try to squeeze it all before our sets us up 70457. Or 9610. Stand Norfleet sitting on this Monday its Garcia and they looked. Don't really stand Norfleet and Osborne are with you on Monday morning try to get everything doing the best we can we got a whole week ahead of us. We don't wanna pay interest all got underway next hour forward to know the sky's not falling. The extended rest after a Thursday nighter and and it's also lost too often Eagles on Thursday boats are getting set for the Chicago Bears who picked up a nice win over the winter it surprised me mr. Bruschi former Tory you lose all right mr. biscuits says he's a lovingly referred to around here so picked up his first win of his pro career good for health actually there's a rule that I wrote in stone that on the show he will always be referred to can only be called mr. business to the scare that's all we can call them on the shows mr. As I had to learn where man has to be have a right to be code wants because he went for me it's almost certain to Mitchell to missile. At a court are meant what I meant a from this usual are. Of the net but I just wanted to distance himself from Russell potential inflation yeah. The school board member. Oh fall's colors which really has a hard edge to you have to street main yanks. Actually act now. I don't see Mitch. It's bigger fool. It's going to make your Smart and are good for him if you look at fund. Money maker Michelin fonts and audio and that's paid for your gut truth and saw a camera on. Zemin at its. Now it's all good news the guy would side on the contractors and got fired from the deal would Harrison would hairs as well and off your fool enough so Warner parent centers. Money make you must make. I love the show or semis are on the Turks lacks true risky. True bare skin there are some bad. Oh except that doesn't accelerate their traversed it area. But Mitchell and a anyway at 70457. Or 96 in Tulsa Texas there on the build inserts excellent. Other results this week it from college football defendants still had become moaning. Hum. Couldn't stand out if you have a look Washington went down there isn't that first one that was coming out. You know frank Q. Is it husky but even he called this when he didn't feel like Huskies had what they had last year and ultimately gonna happen as a matter fact that all of our picks on Friday we both took Arizona State to cover seventeen and a half hours to Britain win. Which enters on Tuesday to cover that went. Dressed me. I pick Miami narrative I thought that this war lose a legitimate trap game. Coming off an emotional whim pursues. Florida State known and beat them in the last seven years. Mine was without five starters. More Walton who's done three year what ankle. And so we talk about Omar showed a jump start ACC obviously mean more. Away from there. Are new tech had a chance but I figured not too different in Georgia Tech game. Against Tennessee. On Labor Day order Labor Day Monday at Mercedes grizzly the Manila took. I say you know what they're triple option. Eventually athletes find a way to. And Miami's got more dudes in Georgia Tech says even with five starters out anymore but I thought I was doing. And more do so in the end they were able to run and made a great mood here is developer writer for tomorrow's and I think at the end this year Kyle. Q okay what was the story of this ACC season. To me he will be young quarterbacks. That step the end and got it done. This year came into this season we're one coerced are under his belt. He's proven they can handle it yeah it's yeah. And Miami is in. Important be in position to know what happens in this or Hokies Miami's boys to get to solitary season germ Jermaine and potentially could deploy deploy unranked Miami. They won lost column. Miami do they make. A couple of I don't of course. Incredible and there's no doubt about it if this scenario plays out so it works if you ask me it was the Miami Georgia Tech I believe Miami was favored by seven and chemicals into. And I have got to six and a half and it is seen as an act Franken actually lost that bet too because. Everything was running at Georgia Tech. And any time everybody's in one direction I'm kinda declined were on the of the direction as entities of the voice for anyway and so we took Miami into six and a half on Friday and though we could lose again that. But so I just don't like Miami was to tell that'll relief to lose that game and that's that's that's what happened to them its employees of some plays late Georgia Tech should have probably won the date Palm Pilot probably Georgia should have one thing. Since my luggage and yet. They advantageous. They're not there and just are going to be either but your point about the game a second ago about Virginia Tech Miami and coastal Stafford Virginia at the moment I we gonna see a little more but to the fact that theory and this precision are now speaks volumes about how much better they are from last year this year bleed over to detects that you receive this week due the following week and that sets up for November 4 game with Miami in a game could decide who wins the coastal division we will city but Virginia. I wanna talk about Virginia for a sec. A wanna talk about North Carolina for a second when we come back to earth and a similar things as well 70457. Or 96 to and we got some callers will do that there was Garcia and barely stand athletes and again. Yeah. I forgot to our guys apple fallacies or drop offs are taken care of us every single Monday here on Garcia and Daley the bounce is phenomenal wings sliders murders. Incredible spot thanks to a bows to digest there were huge winter and in. It smells. Like your so you. Curtis still. Always the case it's smells like this in here I gotta give a man yeah I like casually die. And just sit down relax I've had their food on several occasions bush is always been our site I need to get on site and experienced. Their mental and we will reload the bow skis it's a careless on Mondays always close until the work Billy stays full we appreciate and are 70457. Or 9610. Stand nor sleet is a Virginia cavalier he's a Wahoo. I'm home of the university of the Gentile and you have had to sit through some atrocious football over the past couple years. Winning season the last decade yeah I didn't understand yet there some atrocious football you are not a right now you are flying up. Five and one primal. And I'll just say this summer to give you before I always knew Bronco Mendenhall could coach everybody on criminal justice if you pay attention to me why you do Bronco Mendenhall could coach. Active winning percentages for coaches he's like number sixteen in the country. Very good very very good track record the question about Bronco Mendenhall and still are questions we need answered obviously a home but the question about Bronco Mendenhall. Was. Could he recruit the East Coast without ever having really hasn't been here and we're east of the Mississippi that's right and could he recruit a team full of traditional football recruits and by that we mean it. Not a budget Tony for a Mormon kids have been on missions for two years and were already full grown men. So those are the questions are those that particular questions or raised it lets but he is absolutely maximized. The talent and potential of this particular group of guys to this point in the season and also the student Boise State when which you know it looked pretty good a couple of weeks go look better if they beat San Diego here over the over the weekend it's going to an historic San Diego State team over the weekend so the flow. Floor George bask in the glory of five and oh yeah. Because I know just how quickly this. I'm excited for close Mendenhall for our loans. Ford athletic department who. Who are we regret over the floats going home and I'm looking department is where we're gonna have a new age do you associate AD coming up here pretty soon. I have used this terminology we're talking about coach Bronco Mendenhall to his face respectfully. Am when I'm talking about the program on air. I have been cautiously optimistic. I was very disappointed I'm trying to think of the grade I gave Virginia last year at the conclusion of the season but my final grade for demos like. There was more talent on that team then to be having two wins. And so I thought they underperformed. And bronco and on humility this whole all seasons original work. We have more work to do and I thought we're we're further behind and I thought we were. Give me an offseason let me let me get this came back on track a little bit. And because he's got during NFL players on defense for sure. Andrew Brown Trout store to get out and he's going to do. Then you're yeah limbo landing MI Picard who's been first or second in the ACC in tackles he's like Portland sex right now for the last three years he's got NFL do all three Lola. Defense and he knows that trip that took credit Mitt that's a credit to what Mike London deal. Before he got there. Again what we looked at seventeen points all vs India. The only dreamed keeper Virginia from being undefeated right now they sit at the number two spot. In the coastal division. I think they're gonna win the coastal undone. But they're trying being in the right direction if the kids are playing harder they're having fun. I don't body language and calendar we get millennial illicit prescription at a U. Does won't remember there was that time. Virginia. Was a programming you'll 18192025. Ranked team in the country I've seen us and in the late nineties early two thousands as high as number five. George grocers Anderson really detention George will's an early years of Al groh. Good. And images to continue spurt at the millennial decided to hit puberty and I. I don't know how your numbers you programs to be good by the way go look at the NFL draft or what exactly futility goalie Dominik Gaza won't play on Sunday Virginia. I told people you know what I used to cover games of their occasionally I would walk to the post game press covers as a Mike London and do their press conference through their press. The jerseys or hurting you waiting clothes are encased you know. In Italy uniform. Of their lumps in the platonic guys in the league. You know so there's no question looked at that that's what department for the was incredible amid an old baseball. All basketball that they but it does not matter that they have screwed up football the way that they have for the past decade has been just had a I couldn't it's been a inexplicable but. They might be on the verge of of getting that thing back rolling in Denham. I will say you know I I think and I I think that there's so those fans who live on cloud nine right now playing with house money this season and and that's good for them. This little. Talk about state. I was struck him back on Saturday listening to that game with my dead. And truth. You know way. It easy to lose the end of the game. And Carolina so got a shot into the forced a fumble biker turned it over and the Carolinas got the ball and don't go there there there inside the 35 I think at that point but Brendan Harris is is a quarterback and I ever taken to myself that I was at the time was Dave K you know Melissa McCauley Jamieson dean today as new subject and into North Carolina if Dez Newsom is playing in that situation right now for North Carolina that tells you everything you need to know about how injured they are. Sixteen players came in today game done for the year right. On the ground and now we're talking about. Call seemed. Program should discard. Our stock don't start us. Sixteen golf career start didn't play them so so we are these journals Carolina and that what I I didn't think there remembered your regardless died in the just the quarterback situation was in law. Hopefully they lost too much Amanda quarterbacks is when Brandon Harrison never gonna say this program that. That was that was sort unbeatable the fact that they had been hit by injuries disorders they haven't you have to point that out if Dez Newsom. Freshman you know or Derek Jeter just committed. And the fact that he's claim that situation tells you they're beat up. Rental options or not it doesn't tell the player to be wrong to give investors a modest result player Saddam but the fact that he's even in that gave it to stage in his career this late in the game tells you how banged up they are. And I think for me. Now limits Lara. Receipt of these all your gear is not yeah. Mayor pro coaches from yesteryear. This is why you do pay millions now we're gonna. Real realistic true yes sixteen dues that all scholarship get on the MB which in a restaurant here. Let me see you go coach now don't compete now coaches don't you pay that type of money at the FBS power farm level for ideal circumstances or who are you. When adversity is just talked about Ohio State. Remind you to accuse third string quarterback a won a national championship. Me go see you. Do it in non under circumstances let your door about William Taylor can be bought. Yes absolutely a service we duck caller summary to them wanna talk stay home. What a source they we come back other take your business over the weekend it is this really didn't that the second best team in the in the ACC that's what some people believe we'll talk about that we'll take some phone calls a lot of answers talk to get into our number three swells Garcia and they'll. Back child really stand nor sleet Osborne here on Monday. However three a lot of chances talking to Cleo a conflicting reports over the weekend about whether or not he did so first third concussion. In his NFL career we'll talk about that Cam Newton tickets to stall us on that just because. I'll be honest with you were not per hour Camden you smoked on Thursday. He was mr. everything for them and you know we'll talk about that and don't look a little bit. To the game against the bears right now though let's talk about statement before we do that it would take a couple phone calls we got mad and show them a lot of shark gets these guys. And see what to think and this morning Matt thank you for holding Bonino laureate. Yes good morning. Act that one out of an upstate and yes of course we did ask for the great debate do you really believe that error. Event team home. And what he needed them. But these shop at our cost quite upset and they couldn't run the table we got there came just completed to put out. It is day and I think you know let it play they're they're not the most balanced team. You know and the and the way they they can get it on almost both sides of the ball there. I don't both sides have been pretty dominant. And it seemed. Avoid those you know questionable law is the part of this team that they committed it the first week South Carolina. Battered South Carolina but those you know first Wii games are always some article on the flip it to what happens so. Touting that they could do what USC did w.s don't have that very law as far as speed and right now. Thanks man appreciate the phone Coleman has as far as this thing the second best team in the coming out. Look there's a couple of other teams that are vying for second in you talk about outlook in my opinion was heading into this week and it was Clemson. Men and it was a grouping of NC state Virginia Tech Miami. You know the teams that are our normal mistaking their claim maybe the second best team in this conference. I I certainly understand an argument they are you would make for NC state. Although as this earlier as Matt mentioned running the table. That rarely happens even savings teams have only done that one time mom you know in those six years that we talked about soul I'm not going to make a prediction and insist it's going to were on the table and I do think. They probably stumble somewhere along the way that doesn't change the fact this is a really good football. Yeah. I don't noted I'm prepared to put stay at number two right now I think Miami has learned that to me. I think Miami's a slightly better ballclub. Now. Lot of questions here. Walters' injury being done for the year even as good as Travis home Aureus is America we saw a little homer on Saturday vs Georgia Tech. If a modern bridges can't go. And so essentially is it's wreck scenario is probably native. A door receive inspire her intimate ties the end and Travis homework first juice. Jay Lynn Samuels nine. Because it might offend me. Cubic yards in the top ten in the country don't think the last time I checked he was third behind Mason and we're off from reclamation York. Only. It's probably physically and you're right now yeah he's had a little. Learn so I think Walton and Richards both injuries scenario is I'm still gonna give my many critical they haven't lost it. I don't go to NC state would win the ACC champ Jim Barr running the table you know what they cook the tell. There are more concerned about their pass defense. That's secondary some low numbers are big initially they do. Relieved and teams after thrown their way back in an Italian umbrella coverage go over to come before trying to keep everything in front of you tackle it. When she and contribute swear at them rose. Are those guys there is more one male role and on defense. They can play would anybody in the country. There's no doubt there's that they're they're tough up front they are really really off. Harassment across the board and we knew that coming into the season football team that was a really good defensively last year we expect the same largely we got to say it. That that resulted in South Carolina sort the season was was confusing it was cinema four. It was seen teams lose games they shouldn't lose to start the season and go on to it adds tremendous. Our race in the rest of the regular season that's Reggie say it's got to right now 70457 or 96 total scholarship and extend. I can get discreetly work for a second they were to our children look we do respond morning. Well do you review on how Larry Fedora hat. They are meant until I actually you know what is it coach and every coach. Or any team that not like it not how life on the you know religion of because. Op Ed Cote has struggled quite cold you might get the job but we will get rid of eventually. But I don't get my job but because it really is about no one. I've not been expectations for my salary tripled visual person via pop pop pop pop pop replied. But I'll look at that they've towards them. Larry Fedora there is viewed as they try to act that if what you don't want way to opt to wait to watch it happen guy. Bet you never provoked eloped with bacon two million dollar bill or vote there well. Quote a lot of scheck politically it well why well we've been campaign may dollar. Our facility. All I want you to go we won't quiet checked for a contract when duke coach what pop up that money. I don't but don't Wear gloves and there they're there they're there to complete C what are they united good football program but the little piece it. It's our open door it worker do you have to go Obama will Oprah's favorite beer you know player. You could hear a player like you fit in Asia aren't that looked a lot pop pop pop opera. Eventually it all the year at about what you want to happen football game they're aunt pat got app that go out. They should still apply for a moment and Amazon. Instead if I hate numbers we wrote Ulysses now firmer for doorknob just to. Delicious gave them on a huge extension. Letter from doors make a really good money. But I do agree there I mean senior recruit an army to see employee would his gas. And we have the same idea and how much you won't you'll pass this year all sanctions. Could ever door they criminals know we had. Yeah same thing Lewis. A sold the sanctions compiled with the injuries layer for doors. Did this year there all the next year but we'll see as we're pros Tony Tony which I think that extension runs through. Woolsey were used it works for the here. He's going. Our numbers are hostile take your phone calls on this we got some callers are wanna do I want to talk to at there's no one talked into going to war talk in discussions Obama talk Tim Newman C surround the whole deal. And you know at some point we're gonna talk to a Major League Baseball to blend when William enjoys the show 1 o'clock ginger Carter of the Charlotte Observer he also enjoys it covers North Carolina where there's also what do confront its Garcia Villa.