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Friday, June 16th

We're  joined by esteemed guests Steve Wilks and Troy Vincent as we talk Panthers and the NFL.


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But Garcia. Welcome back it's Garcia and Bailey Al were number two up. And we are frantically searching for furniture right now chuck cowards in the house we've got to find a mature he'll join us coming up in just a few minutes which means that in just the second for a Dorsey is gonna come fly back to this table. Knock at his headset around the Acela Derwin totals of just prepare yourself for that 70457096. Dead. Took our little joys that a couple minutes Panthers defensive coordinator. Steve Wilkes at 1130. Troy Vincent NFL executive vice president is in the house today. We are alive from the Sheraton in uptown for the broccoli durst did touchdown club luncheon speaker series and today it's Troy event civil talks of football with them. He's also a five time pro bowler by the way any member of the Philadelphia Eagles all things a lot of things to get into. With Troy Vincent including some rule changes. Allowing more celebrations in the NFL what might they do about this ridiculous rule that kept Christian McCaffery oh practices week. At a lot more bats we'll talk to him. Out of a four also big Christa to elevate to a baseball insider one. Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Cora seeker Annapolis native will join the show. At 137045709. B sixty and calls or text is on the buildings that are Tex logged. We got chuck our all scored when he serial story it's an -- there's a reason to wait on this is that when you're early that we don't care who thought that's an audience at eleven device that talks at 1115. What by the way brick what's the definition of a narcissistic. Yeah. It won't Wear. Somebody loves themselves more than everybody else and that they threw. I love myself is equally as a lot yeah. I have to have a bit bigger but nothing has an event that they had an event. Did you see video Kim interrupting McCaffery you know I didn't I did I had my watch I heard about it this. Some morning of course on the up. Under four hours of KM love child. But I hit hole high. From what the way I understand it appears that is K us personalities in Boston balls with the the new guy we all do that in so YE Yang stuff I don't seem to being crazy about that I do. Feel that KM hates not being. Practice seeing right now you concede that it he's dying for. That the attention which you know which is great he wants to get the football understands any disease and deal wants to be in the mix. It so the next time I hear anything about Cam Newton I want it to be from Spartanburg and I wanna hear about him throwing footballs puts it. Beth that Seattle okay I don't wanna see TM. What he's got I don't wanna see video I want Cam Newton to beat the football player I know he can be and will be this season. All right so what's. But at the first of all what is left it and stand as tech executives say that and but it did you know okay this it is of care as much as I love everybody pitted ethnic putting yourself at that protects the rights and so frank do we get a rubric or scoring system on how to measure the greatness of a player taking into account stats actually reached championships accomplishments at all levels. Let's measure up MJ LeBron Kareem and magic the talk of who's the greatest of all time is exhausting with just opinions let's get some facts that's from bill. Rubric. What is or however is not get done what they'll group with a rescue we don't know what another group yes we don't bet ya I think I mean that you're gonna come at me like that you win dude can cut that people over the bills like the David I think about it and I what they held the rubric is that I experienced as a measure. America's use those what the Chinese. You know that the the memory system think those private things are ready rubric all prototype kick ass I guess what is okay good congratulation risk establish a francs LeBron talks this for a little while it O'Sullivan. And I just have must do abilities talked about not publisher. So so you're here you served you well dressed you're gonna hang out for awhile and you always put us to shame and a category bottler well. Your TV down so I IE and I do my last time I came here if you properly dressed in so. You're representing fox 46 and you guys are representing enter common let's look at couples slob. Offset. That yeah you know that's a chemistry TV guys are radio guy that's why this they say there's a rate face for radio basis for TV about a belt on. Okay good for me to it that's it Wear belts isn't sure it's just congress might might I felt that this undermine until shirt and look I wrote a golf course what he actually doesn't it obviously going to go to the bar so maybe it's a good athlete with a the least bubble up today yup yeah that's a scuffle at that at 250 brother are you there 200 you know let's go now the popular and what's your little world and NASCAR. You know interesting because you post. I was feel this I think folks feel that post Coca-Cola 600 it's like such a ramp up with the all star race since Memorial Day that it's like. You know and then they you know we took two went to pocono great story with. Right lady and I sit down one of my sports cancer earlier last week a lot of folks promoting the fact. For your Dale Junior retiring Tony Stewart retiring last year. These young drivers are really exciting and really give Ryan Bellini chase LA when they've touched on at the last time I was in with you guys know what. That was a very important win I think for NASCAR overall because the woods Brothers. So steeped in NASCAR tradition in ladies agree can I love this young man who A doesn't do burn outs. He said they didn't look back at the day and I would he would he won that he wanted to exclude any series rates have few weeks back did dual burn out. After the win and then after he what do pocono he's like oh now that's they did it back in the day. I love that kid. Yes that's you know kind of old school way of you know going out there maybe bringing a little bit of that tradition back to just the way I expect to win yes absolutely so other than that Tito IE. But I'm working on a story in regard to the 88 car. And your future driver eight so there's this is the world this is what we call a tease. I'm not at liberty to say. What networking John but that perhaps. Eight current top driver with the current top team may be moving to the current top team. So we'll know more next week what do we know what it teases hit me and others that were gonna sleep and it won't leave us alone and that's where we're at that were fully aware of the does all of that radio this is gonna be the target year to. Because. You know if a cult silly season in NASCAR hasn't been as active as these three years past so now we're gonna find out. We mandate it because. NASCAR teams need to know by September. They're lined up for the following year because they have so much marketing involved. With the is so they got to find out who their driver is too start working on next year so I think we're gonna. Find out next week is going to be the 88 car next week Coca until it now does that does this regiment Johnson's gonna sonong through your twenties when it for the right. It is because they just announced earlier today. Extended with lows right and you know just sport. That bodes pretty whoever the guy was a low as the marketing guy at the time he made pretty Smart choice. We look back. And if you know check we're sitting here talking about you know polarizing figures and unfortunately them for NASCAR Jimmie Johnson isn't that he's probably the opposite of that. Is there another guy that NASCAR's gonna look that now that Dale's kind of no pushing off that's maybe they try to put on the pedestal they tried would Danica failed miserably. You know die obviously dale he knows a guy that went up there and I you can say whether what you want I mean he's Asian name he's a figure who's the next guy who's the next face of NASCAR. Well like I said this touchdown writing blade I got kind of tend to lean towards chase Elliott. Simply because of his lineage of his father bill southern. Well spoken young man good looking young man. But it's one of those things pretty much it I feel like these things have to happen organically and you can't see you don't foresee it you know sometimes the marketing folks try. Like you said it didn't work with Danica had Danica had more success and she still may eight. I'll that it would've worked and I think she know she still brought a ton of attention to the sport and so it worked in that regard but to your point. I think you know we got to get the chase Eliot needs to get a couple wins under his belt. That these boys need to start waiting you know when it comes to the bad boy it's Kyle Busch of course who. Not even though he's polarizing and people are I think that it's a look at side it is in this regard left out that the sport needs a face the end you know. Op will find out soon move that will be definitely all right so what division NASCAR update from chuck and have you paying attention this US open. Because I have a son that's on our air. I mean yeah I don't tawdry about if you're watching and out of your pay attention to about give and give me your thoughts on not Joe Buck doing the the covers compared to a guy like Jim Nantz. Oh it's night and day. I even you know what I hear dance I think it Nance more with golf and appreciate it more with golf that I even with football. But you know but they grow on us a little bit I did like I like hearing three come from earth you know not to Rico but you know I did a good you trick them. At Toledo yet he's a BC but he was on some of the broadcast let me play it sounds like it I thought there was I thought the same thing you thought yesterday but it was Joseph Barton sent a lot like to look at the entire six corrected but I was wondering if there was a a golf shot channel spill over there but anyway no I think Fox's coverage is improv night date from their first go around. It was a disaster that's where I was going within you know except when they started off you know wasn't last year the year before. Can cover in the US open I thought it was unlistenable unfortunately in India nothing against you know you guys over there and try to win yet and yet nothing to do with that but I'm happy to get our sixty. You know but I I did I thought the cover was awful coverage was awful the commentator was. You know the artists. Amateurish. And they try to make something and you know there are a spectacle of it compared to young discovers some work. Discover the sport I think there to begin around that what I've loved so far is. You're heading into this we heard guys that Kevin Knox Walken about the that the defense skew in the fringe and then the Rory said hey. If you can't hit a fairway that's easy you're 65 yards wide then you shouldn't be here and that he goes out and what's he fire power over three over it and they sub like that. It but then conversely. You've got Rickie Fowler who just lit it up and that's what I love about it that you would ever play eight US opens would everybody is plus one or plus two. Then you start thing and now they they're sucked into it but what I love about this there's such a disparity. Between what flower did and then Dustin Johnson went out Pete understand. Yeah you know what you know chuck you know these guys guys guys that are going out there knocking down fairways and greens are complaining about the fairways and greens. Guys that are missing Amare and you losers make excuses. If you're not going out there playing while that sort of comes across to his excuse me for what I've read overnight heard overnight in the guys they're able to shape it left or right. Our good be there come Sunday in the guys who killed. Have trouble doing enriched to see how the wind factors into this you know course there's nothing to protect it other than the win. You know it's kind of a link style like a British Open the tee times may factor into it Rickie Fowler went out there shot seven under yesterday. He's going to be a little bit more challenge with the gusts today about forty miles per hour. And you know I don't know if he's more Q you know blow up for come back you know to the field but if you can hold steady there you're seven under a good score written into the weekend yeah absolutely no room. Quick go get chuck our fox 462 out with a double more hitting a new. Absolutely I'm here for lunch and we love and it. It is a couple more and get it where they're good or we come back it's Garcia really live assured it it out out. The bronco to Kirstie touchdown club luncheon Troy Vincent gonna join us here in just a little bit right here on W I've been there. This guy Joseph street party will be fourth of July it meant and MLK food live music kids rides and more. At 6 PM head on over to deviancy ballpark and watch team USA. Take dog team Cuba sky show Tuesday July the fourth. I think store sponsors community coffee and Harris teeter. Fox 46 and a GO premiere of a coast medical isn't heating cooling what does that at the depth is that some or sponsor. Apparently the prospectus and they'll let me tell the night before Kentucky got to be there foot locally identify these forces zero odd child that's chuck that's Winged Foot over there. I have I can put that simple the golf course and yeah is that is were were hanging out with over here at that the Sheridan and uptown. But Troy Vincent NFL executive BP's go to join us in thirty minutes fifteen minutes from now Steve Wilkes Carolina Panthers defense coordinator. I know breakdown that he can't we'll talk about this defense. As a failure want you to destroy about the stupid it's Christian McCaffrey wrote absolutely look there's no question I mean I just can't fathom how someone there at their headquarters didn't catch that people rickety. If maybe kid who's already dropped out of school wants to play professional football should be held out of practice. Because the school but he used to go to was still holding classes open loop data I don't know what the rule is in place for in the first place but there is it's supposed to protect those guys to be able to go back and get their degrees if they want to show Pluto at the same time. You you can't make that decision for those guys write you know a bit there's there's time for them to go back and do that if they don't wanna do that they should be held out of practice they wanna be pros we should approach. And I think get to I think it should be up to the individual you know and obviously I think that's what Ron Rivera's that in. Hi you know maybe what we can ask Troy about maybe if that rule change but. You know I think that rule was in place for you know players to protect them from organizations or clubs. Putting pressure on them for comment earlier and some guys saw you may wanna get the degree and if you're allowing a we take their rule away. In that pressure stills going to be their but it helps me have a built in excuse if I'm a player to say you know what this is the rule. I still to this bill get my degree so I think there's some good to it obviously it should be and I feel like it should be an individual choice right you know but. You know with. Where the NFL has gone in the PA has gotten involved Nestle Troy will be no good to talk to with this is that. You know there there there needs to be a little bit more flexibility. You know I think in this rule if if if memory serves Troy principally through your Buffalo Bills for a little while and. I sit I believe so not that a couple of years to leave so but you know it regards Christian. If you have it would have been nice to have him here for OT Jason minicamp but it the end of the day Frankie didn't miss them much. No he didn't you know talk you know when you look at. You know the knowledge in the technology. You know that that that they were given him. You know and he has access to you know he's going to be able to go through and you know kind of translate you know what the verbiage is too you know the plays that he ran in college does he realize similarities between. There's there's not many football plays they're going to be you know just you know dynamic that you create new and Maria reinventing the wheel it's. COQ four holes 242 hole formal six hole a hole to the right. One hole 305 hole seven home Arnold to the left and what we call those things and where were running are going to be. You know whatever it is there's there's 92 routes on a tree and you're gonna you know what every the Panthers called that that's what he's learning right now is that it as I'd like to say a whole smile. I didn't Roy yet they always be to your left into your. No that's the truth you know defense is there a whole big a gap began seeing GAAP Baylor we all sealed right at dove right let's. What they did where we get put it offensive stuff looked at and T shirt while we have you here when asked about the global situation with Rick Pitino and done the escorts. That the the punishment that they've received and I told frank earlier one of the guys that I respect most of them for a business of the bad side of things what we do looked at me. Couple years ago I guess mystery about it in just a cow look at it is the worst who have known or not to vote. If you were the two you know you know and and it's I think it's an excellent question and we find out if four years' probation. He's got to miss five ACC games that the forfeit any games played between 2000 to 2014. It which in all the players who participated. Some some scholarship stuff which obviously hurts they're gonna fight this. But you know I. It once again it's the consistency with which the NCAA doles out punishments. It's Rick Pitino crying foul opportunities being treated like a victim here. I just get a kick out of stuff well first off let me get this on the record I'm pro escort. It's. Whoever has got to make a little bit. EI is it to Kobe crazy but I'm that would these guys. I always find it silly when they vacate wins. You know wouldn't that Florida State had to vacate wins. When the Penn State vacated wins you know that you received back in an hour is so that's just an aside you know. But. You know it obviously would not. They were. Doing things they shouldn't have done and you know I don't know how much more I can add to it you know it got kind of that's almost like Emmitt you have to yeah shocker there restaurants and that's it is that cynical. No it's not that delegates vote for me it's more along the lines of note to Tino acting as if he's a victim here you know let's talk though that's really. That's what she do now trial with Rick you get in trouble you're a victim there a simple as that. If that's what he's Steele told that it that the well. But well that's for the sure that's true lawyers and then go administrators told him that but still I guy gets this perception it's pelican Roger Clemens it would put its weapons kept insisting over and over. I didn't take anything I didn't do what he missed remembered he mr. Welch is because the credit. But you know it's just that the arrogance. Of guys like that to to believe they can just say it louder and louder and over and over him and eventually result gonna believe that the 200 noted that. How could you possibly know. That the the roughly seventeen guys that he was in charge of running and escorts for recruits or die earlier and wrote you'll learn this. And they deny deny it it is not married yet not deny. Deny deny deny at all costs denied that was not me that was not mean that is not me I guess it works it works out to adopt that strategy and their hope she's not listening to. That's a tentative at 70457. Or 96 to the Jordan himself nobody's seriously I had I at this point. What can you get away with that problem. What what's that you get away what they got honestly a slap on the wrist. You're gonna fight it in the isn't it was gonna back down to some degree because they always do that what. What leverage does the NCAA have anymore period. That's what it comes down a little doubt whether it's North Carolina and the allegations there whether it's you know and Louisville. You can fill in the blank for the indiscretions across the country in the programs and what they. You are able to do and what they're able to punish and how they're able to punished and I to me I think they're becoming. You know less and less of a factor you know when it starts looking at big picture I think it's a necessary that we have the NCAA to create equal competitive. You know nature across the blue at the sport but I soft and it is 10 AM that's what it is right yeah that's. That's what they do so you know when you look at what the what their responsibilities are. Good luck I don't know what they do anymore. Which horse academic fraud or escorts. Academic fraud. Why. What's is there that through the very reason these people exist to promote the health of the success at student athletes right. Asked escorts or at least participating in some transactional commerce and it's the oldest profession no corporal puppet I thought. I've put you on the spot. That's that's I don't want to. That's your job there isn't. Let's alerts and it's not that's the best that I got for your I don't know or what's better and it is. Escorts no it's not there if you asked that wedges was an escorts and shut up because you know what escorts. Do it itself the other ladies of the rent that month sentence tuition don't forget about tuition tuition and books. That that. We're gonna drop credit cards definitely picked up after I heard then and if I read about it. But it. The thug we're going to put it. Good that it that it what do you do other incidents me well can help you look for the epithet at let let let let's Goodrich reported that they were actually network needed to figure out what I do and rest of the day I ate at some point probably around 50 start dialing it did. He's going to be. Oh yeah I don't we where my heart there really division will put up with a golf club and I've. We've ordered I've got to go pick up a couple of items this afternoon wife wants to make hamburgers because we picked. The F first made as of the year out of my garden we see huge day we'll celebrate that. Ed just kind of you know we off I think you guys that have a lot of your listeners do now we do is run run run run. If I don't have anything to do today which is fantastic. And then tomorrow gonna golf strategy okay. It's a father's days that's the Father's Day weekend. Father to authority Molly my dog onions and more real thing or two events twelve pounds of that I thought I think god of thunder and got a grouping is that's not an actual Dix after Vienna that I added that the the fifth fifth the so Keller fox 46 Nagano what this year but we project dominant. Technically I'm glad to you guys coming out of the house simply because this hour was enjoy someone. I plan on it in Detroit slight pulse the current. You know I'm gonna go on vacation next month but it was a lot of YouTube therapy to burn the whole thing down while I'm gone I'll have nothing to come back to four days reliving overplayed I think at this sort of portray him what you kind of get a bit extra he had faced Al thanks Frankie yeah appreciated by our big show ahead on the other side of this we're gonna talk to Steven Wilks the defensive coordinator of your Carolina Panthers. We'll talk about Medicare will talk about Jack Thompson we'll talk about captain marvel at Cornell with a whole crew talk about them what to expect with Carolina Panthers defense. As the season approaches don't forget Troy Vincent the NFL executive vice president he's a guest of honor here do today he'll join us on the show coming up at about twenty minutes as well. And don't forget our four is also loaded. Glory seeker Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop to Annapolis native. He'll stop by the reigning NL rookie of the year Major League Baseball all star and if your Dodgers manager for Seger fan. Head over to They cast your vote for core seeker as the NL's starting shortstop in this year's all star game I've been asked to tell you that ovulate Dodgers but honestly it probably should because he is the most deserving shortstop about the decision. More on the other side Steve Wilkes defensive coordinator of York there are a lot of papers is next on Garcia and they. I told you guys 47 team golf season pass enjoy one round of golf at six short look premier golf courses for just 95 dollars. Enter code mobile seventy check out and get an additional 10% off. Download to get my perks at or visit W infancy dot com and click to get my purpose or click give my perks. To buy your past now Steve Wilkes defensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers. Us both objective with a series just a minute and also don't forget ten minutes from now we'll talk to Troy Vincent executive vice president of the NFL. Five time pro bowler he's here for the bronco vigorously touchdown club. Luncheon speakers series which happening all summer if you can get up to one of these events highly recommend that you do the speaker series is phenomenal we've already talked to Dan Reeves. It gonna hear from Troy Vincent today's Stephen A Smith will be uttered a couple of weeks when we're back so what's a great event in the summer here to kind of bridge the gap could keep busy to cook. Also stay low keep moving it's a great opportunity come out here and look at some great memorabilia as well. You know some great Father's Day gifts you get to watch or listen to. You guys that are leaders speak and leaders of men and you know maybe help you out a little bit with your business ventures. You know maybe if your coach give you some ideas on. Know how to address some get some of the different things that tell you these guys are able to do but. It's a great opportunity to come on not meet us some really cool people that have had a lot of success of their life and looks like we have thought coach looks ready to go. And so we'll regimen now the brand new defensive coordinator of the Carolina panthers' Steve Welch joining us on the tech become just like coach how are you we appreciate. Stopped from doing great frank come our egos doing this morning. Do really well to a really really well men and I'd I know you're excited for the season to get here obviously wanna talk about minicamp with the first and foremost so before we get to the season but. One thing that I felt really gets to about you when your relationship with with Ron Rivera is that you guys have been together. For a long time now you're dating back in August 2006 in Chicago within San Diego and now here in Charlotte what's what's behind that relationship what you guys work so we'll get. Cause I just really think just to reflect how we think defense we've. You know is all about you know the fundamentals technique of the game. We came together as you just mentioned back in 06 in Chicago. And we did some great things there have an opportunity to. Look at the pianist Ian Super Bowl. And now we're known to us San Diego we have no more defense in the National Football League there so. We still try to do some great things here and we just trying to put it all together so. And George relationship mature and enjoy his friendship and Russia has been great. You know coach us you know Sean McDermott had a really good defense in your you're handed over the reins of some really talented players. You know Luke can equally obviously Mona this middle linebackers in the game you get Julius Peppers back. You have a lot of allow weapons at your disposal. A lot of people wanna know how you're going to handle you know those guys at times and you know I think a lot of times when you know he's a coach does it may be blitz a lot you have a new coordinator come and he wants to puts all the time. The last with the fans are looking for but. Not how do you approach this when you go out there and you look at all these great weapons that you have on the defense and able to attack from a lot of different ways what your what your philosophy on that. I think the biggest thing for a few I think got to make sure that you opponent sounds and then everything they were doing. I've been a part of this defense for the last six years a lot of things that we haven't played in Chicago's well I think Diego. We have implemented here. And I think every page star power front and as you know our front seven particularly our defense line. And as you mentioned we didn't we do have some great town to town the capital there and is great to have him because you know in you know let's look for good. Form four. Make the secondary greatest world so we don't try to do everything that we can't put in the position be successful and most important thing right here's these found on film. No coach has talked to today Gelman for about a 1520 minutes he said the biggest challenge for most coaches is teaching the game now because of the the time constraints that they have in college in new you know even now you know with you know some of the rules of with the PA. You know James Bragg area as it has made tremendous leaps and gains and I thought he had. No the practice that he had the other day was you know pretty pretty amazing had to pick you know we eat. You know receivers slipped he takes what but the confidence that he has right now it seems like the game is slowing down for him. It is is the secondary going to be one of the bigger challenges of teaching that no one does that slow down for these guys. I don't really think it's going to be a big challenge out and it has ArcelorMittal would change her she's very and I agree totally I think he's definitely taken a step. He's put a little bit more time to the classroom restart I understand the game will do more. As you can see start to put a little flash there and that's the biggest they've apparently he has tremendous talent tremendous talent but. They can then next step is really just comes a student of the game you start to see that would have. Thought this. His name. Talked to Steve Wilkes defense according to Carolina Panthers joining us on the tech become just like. If Obama talk about a couple of these young bucks that you just drafted this year popcorn over especially but also to show on all the defensive and how those guys fit again. Org and dishonest don't well you know the biggest thing pianist just you know trying to get acclimated to the you know. The speed of the National Football League and I think that's the most important thing these guys coming in from college. This would different atmosphere for the temple that we practiced. And most importantly the up and demand that we don't know but I think he's making great strides. I'll always look. Chipped up early as policies and he came out there though that there are enough thought he had a tremendous breeding practices. They could play on the ball and have some TV use shown some good. Man to man technique in not doing the things that we live action to do he's been following in the classroom you could see that they could turn turn on the field. You know coaches the offensive guy you always like to look at the weapons you have and say. Don't gosh we can do this we can do that it pre pre pre vet presents a lot of challenges to the defense of side of the football. Did the defense of guy when you get you look at their Chris McCaffery Cam Newton. Todd Curtis Samuel Kelvin Benjamin you look at the weapons that this team has offensively. How do you slow this team down in what kind of challenges that present to defense of course there. Well I think the biggest thing is is how we build defense league I think we've we've. Others good match before up for a front if you pick out like Shaq. Who's really thought slash nickel linebacker and when they start trying to put different personnel on the field. We collide we can match you know we'll start trying to you can run nickel package package so. I think the biggest thing there is just a personnel that we have the versatility answered down like Jack. You know do you have a captain in the mix. Based off three thing took office may be trying to do so I think we have enough weapons and most of all the you know hockey game is and found. What kind of challenges they present to other teams still potentially you know in the south when you look at the falcons are the Bucs or the saints. When you look at the weapons that we have offensively a guy like Krista McCaffery Cam Newton in occurs Samuels that's what kind of challenge they present to other defensive coordinators. Well I think the mere fact that you know we just based are really going to be OK you pay packages musical package and you know McCaffrey can be in the back to you don't want you can square them I don't know why receivers so. You know baseball which he would defense we also had nine got a lot of unconventional you know McCaffery it slide. And institutional you know create some problems and not claim thing right now if they start trying to go political Packers right here. Thank you run the football so I just think you try to keep small towns you know particularly across I think we're sound and our personnel and what we can do. We couldn't just sort of things like that. A lot of folks wondering heading into the draft what you guys might do with that safety position and obviously to bring in Mike Adams and I didn't like Kurt Coleman what you got there but. How does that that position shake up for you coming in the fall and how do you feel a lot of. I'll do pretty good you look at a guy like right now she's going to find a lot of if you for the position. PCs and it's good that he's doing what I could do. Molder who is playing fast and I think he's been a great mentor to the younger guys who's been a great making him the first call it. It's good to get through practice free safety and thought caucus the musical when he was there at the protection that he had a book also. I'm real pleased right now we're prospecting here in the wintertime playing. We just got to we have two rushers things up to three. You know coach everybody wants to establish their identity especially as a play caller when you go out there. What type of identity you want established for this defense. For the most important thing that we talked about a policy. You don't plan according to write these days and you know those goggles. Power went out front you know we played with tremendous effort. It's hard to win the National Football League you know each week in and out you can appreciate more you can beat yourself. And we've got to get back to where we weren't in 2015. And create takeaways corn field. Who support me just finish. The last thing you will turn him loose you know you went to west Charlotte high school doing that state you've played little low readable here in Charlotte to do this place is obviously in your blood. Everybody obviously wants to win a title with the do you feel any sort of extra responsibility extra pressure to bring one home draw. Oh I definitely don't feel pressure because I was so oppression whose home that's someone else in Washington to. I wanna win the world championship and most importantly I wanted to. Wanna do right here and my home town so I'm excited to be back. You know once again you know you were incorporated organization started Johnson C Smith of I dreamed of the day hopefully you know we hear what particular what happens. Now this happens. A hallway and just can't do everything I can hear the first world championship future city. I want to ensure we talked about that earlier you certainly paid your dues and work your way up the ladder and we appreciate your time best of luck we'll see you would Spartanburg coach thank you. Thank you gotta be doing something here. Steve we'll defensive coordinator North Carolina Panthers joining us on the tech become just want to go back to back on the other side. We expect will be joined by the NFL's executive vice president five time pro bowler Troy Vincent. Joins the show it's Garcia Bailey W offensive. According to. You know you can probably hear behind us we got a full room. A full room we got a ton of people out there today for this. Brought go to Kirstie touchdown club speaker series Troy Vincent NFL executive vice president who was scheduled to join us in just a moment. I got here on Friday afternoon great turn out what you will dress good looking people out here to see Troy Vincent. Talk about some football and yeah there are no we're we're we're one of those few Kyle we're sitting here well dressed as well so. How were we look at well I trust him whatsoever about talking to the best candidate Franken I perpetually look like we're going to play golf. Let's discuss how we roll that's well dressed for me visit Erica well it it's all it's always some combination of like you're chino shorts and a and a and a polo. For me flip flops most of the time fresh rocket tonight so. You know we're have a good time but here we've been told that the Troy Vincent will join us here in just a minute. And there were excited about that big thanks to Steve Wilkes Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator you can see if you listen to that interview you can see. One Saint Louis ray have asked the secondary coach to come and if you put it coaching job now so please thank you guys got. First of all it's obvious he's got extra in this business because he is where you just but you listen to him talk he's just got a bad. I had if your if your pictures that you trust that guy of the. Defense yeah you do he's put his time many understand she's been with Ron you know any good coordinator than I've ever played for you know offense or defense or under or win it. By you they're going to be the extension of the head coach because you don't have that guy as the head coach. You probably have the wrong guy you know if you're at if you they had coaching you have the common change plays you have to override an overrule things all the time than you you probably need to find. You know somebody different and you know whether ritual on the offensive side or. Obviously. You know Steve Wilkes on the defensive side. You know they better be you know kind of thinking alike and I think that's the reason why you see the relationship. They're wrong and Wilkes have Steve have with you know where they've banned what they've been through because. They can they think alike. They teach July. And you know that's really what you're looking for as head coach in. You know coach looks at things can do a great job I don't think it's going to be what's crazy like everybody may think. You know he's gonna have some new packages in high he sits you know the the skill of being the defensive coordinator. Is you know not just implement into the game plan but it's the timing of when you call blitzes. You know and when you go out there be decided plate coverage or Euro zone or how you change up things and you know I think that's what's gonna be his skill and we're get to see you know what that's gonna. You may be look like but I he's gonna have his own spin on it can be a little different the McDermott. But ultimately it's about you know the the Jimmy's in the Joes and you know he's got some pretty good ones to work Jesse Garcia he absolutely does have some depth in places ride I'm not sure people were competent people were confident there would be depth. And you've got longer meaningful experience in spots and I think securities defense long way to see if you look at a lot of times we look at who these young players and we don't get of these coaches enough credit. For bringing them along you know we say there you go out and you know because we worse deficient in this area last year in this position. You know and bring one of these big name guys sitting here as a free agent well a lot of times because we don't get to see. If these coaches have in mind the contingency plan or the next man up. That is may be pushing that older guy out. And you know what it comes to guys like Brad there were early. These guys you know you have to learn the fire they were thrown in the fire last year because of that they're gonna be a year ahead. May be where you know way in advance word maybe it took Josh Norman a little bit longer because he had established players. I think that these guys have the potential to be every bit as good if not better because I think they're more athletically gifted than what Josh was. Now they have to get that toughness they have to make the plays that Josh was able to make. 70457. Or 96 to and is always calls or text the so the buildings that are text line against Troy Vincent. Executive VP for the NFL would join us just a couple of minutes. A lot of talk about a couple of things with Troy is I think he's made his way over here right now. Obviously some bold changes some. Post rules changes and we'll talk about globalizing the game of football among other things it's so we're excited natural joining us. I hear in just a moment here is walking up right now components and on it as. For the get out of the way here. And that makes a report footnotes a five time pro bowler NFL executive vice president joining us. Here at the bronco vigorously touchdown club book and get out of pride for good to have met Howard thanks Adam and alone Charlotte's excited to have you here and does. We always does these things really was out of four hours doing radio so we we get we don't get that your that the speech so what's on the agenda I don't know of this this. Beach actions knows he's not no speeches. Sharon against the couple stories kind of power started in the game kind of what I do. I think what what surprises people is actually what I actually do my with my role. Any that's a good question. Yeah yeah right like OK would you do not know if they'll also say he is being the president of the players association right exactly and I still get their questions that you still working with the players are you on the other side job right so. Different you know different going uniform I'll let you know what he says that because you worthy of the players association president and does it was that long ago you did it but you know it seems like a new profit that you saw right now a tropical children affect. It's it was a great fifty commune. This is you know it's been obviously I would like to deploy innovative multi ethnic I'll I'll have recognized it that was seriously that he got a new crop of guys up there now that you deal with the know what what's the same with these guys what you were doing it what's different about much different in this one I think tomorrow we reaction today we start our coaching clinic up and it. That may do that that life. For you coach from year one to three and one the things I'm going to share with them is. The current athlete that gene C in the millennial athlete and I have a son that's when he won and I happy. The student athlete gets in senior in high school adjustment to how safe it is coming off stage yes sir about two months ago. And the difference just. The way you and I you keep and he was a tough love hard coaching today is a little bit different. Was social media branding is important. Promised not much about teen. Due to being in when you start talking about being inclusive how you communicate if if the coach today as a parent if you're not communicating with your kids electronically using some in the mobile devices. Become outdated. Come and ask you you know maybe a little bit more serious question when it comes to the direction of the NFL and the concussion notes. Protocol lawsuits etc. I don't know if you had a chance to see you know Michael or the the post that he had. You know with them to do the pills out there and you know what he's going to lose because of how big of a challenge is that for us as players moving forward. So I did actually saw the posting and I writ written article about and then when you see it it's. The first thing you say and I come from right in line with which which gave the government is. Is Michael Pitt can break or for himself and his family and that's not think that's not a good image but that's that's Michaels reality. In what we want and we we believe that we're making we have made tremendous strides from when I played a role we play. It's not it's it's it's not a badge of honor. Win when things aren't going right we don't feel right we're seeing more players self report now than ever before. Our concussion protocols. That are in place we just have to make sure week in week out clubs the clubs are lined the silent and everyone is actually. Going through the proper protocol that has put the pressure from the team's slowed down a little bit because I know again going back to when we played. You felt that obligation he said badge on your right. You do or let your teammate your buddies down but he's seeing teens maybe handle it. A little differently now with you'll be able to go out and get other sources and you know communicate then and maybe even give into you know what these players are going through at times. I would say that what what I've seen news. It has changed at the club level because now when you see a clear that you have actually coaches actually coach. You see that there may be some things do that that are happening in his life his quality of life hence changer have been. Something has happened. The clubs understand as we've done research in science and you're actually dealing with the players it's real. Pumps over clubs were only together and again players know each other accountable. Coaches poll when each other accountable and medical staff's going to Travis Campbell and then we've been accountable at the National Football League. On lighter note. Rules changes to those of the Cuba not to long ago. And notes it's relaxing celebration rules for the players on the field and maybe have a little more fun how does that come about. It was frankly the commissioner. And I we spent. Ample amount of time talking with several many stakeholders to Fannie and the players first and foremost coaches. The competition committee. Hayward we need to be an. And that that that rule beyond sportsman like conduct who has evolved throughout the years. When you start talk about TO when Chad Johnson into you know so. We just we we talked about a hundred different players. And multiple fans. To say that we do we need to me is really taking the picture. Is that really announcement should that be a fifteen yard penalty. They need to step back and both commission are we we listen. Does the watch hit the ball be a prop. Mean we just made some adjustments but there was a consensus that players understood sportsmanship. But they also were very clear on what they felt like she'd be added back into the ball being a prop. Being able to choreographed. Dances. In being able to celebrate on the ground so those are the three themes that you'll see back inside. Again only after scoring play. Four after change of possession token if I hear you and so I gotta we've got limited time with you're gonna build these folks pay to come see you but speaker rule changes are Christian McCaffery. They were open haven't for the full week this week but just Stanford's on the quarter system. He couldn't be out there because of that rule. I don't think there's there's a ton of momentum necessarily to change that rule book does that so that you wanna look at we look at it every year and frankly it's something that the AF CA the American football coaches association. This is something that we had discussion with right now that may sixteen rules affecting about 66 member institutions. And they're all in the pac twelve. So multiple schools in the pac twelve want a quarter system but we do visit it in one of the things atop their share with us that the owners meeting list. Because of graduation rate in the eight PR reached. They're now tying. That performance to coaches' contracts in college it is important for those you know for those kids still staying in school finish finish school. The retention rates are important in a tied to performance in months. If that makes sense makes a lot of sense actually less than here. McCourt frank he's an ambassador for the game just out of Mexico doing his thing they're you have to find your direct path that the cure them I do my best NBA does she does armed and I understand that the desire to to grow a nickel globalize the sport but whether it's China are different in China doing that you know the British football over there or Mexico City or London. I guess my question would be. I think there are some concerns about exporting American football if you how do you make it stick in places like stuff. Before she got to find talent right and for us I think that has been our main focuses where he should count. Because you just can't get out there and just because you may be a decent athlete perhaps imagine that this isn't. There's a skill that's required to perform at this level we are kids here in the states. They've been doing it since three and now you didn't a young man a potentially young woman. That wanna just come out in the field you really put that person that risk a lot of risk. And we identifying talent. Then developing the talent. And then learning the nuances of our game. We got some ways to go for a house so we we don't hate Canada were looking in London we're looking in China. But really for rest the identification of who's out there real quick before we let's go McGregor. For Mayweather. A I've got to go listen. Up I have never doubt we'll wait. There was some. Some fight city had about to step I don't know if he can get through this one and he has proven me wrong fifty times of 44 and I don't know audio. It should be entries should be in and it interesting. Event new. And five time pro bowler executive vice president with the at a cultural events and joining us or we appreciate it took no thanks thanks for having me that if I was the only talk with our thanks to you as well. I was the I voted for you too by the way. More more bizarre the other side if Garcia really W offensive.