Garcia & Bailey: Steve Reed from the AP Joins Frank and Stan. Panthers this Hour.

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Tuesday, October 24th

Steve Reed, who's tweet about Ron Rivera's comments, set off a conversation in Panthers Nation joins us this hour. We continue to take calls and talk Panthers.


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But Garcia. To be 11 o'clock hour. Stand nor flee Germany or for Kyle Bailey. Frank Garcia tomorrow right in this is the Garcia and Bailey show right here want to drive their room. Run longer. It's an interesting start today I'm. Met for derailing goes to start to show you got to our friends blue. It only shuttle right now until we got to snap judgment brought to Bob go favorite time although there for a gun owners ordnance cute. What are your records of the draft is now because I'm not done a lot of sit and I was don't Chicago and I'm not. Perhaps the associated press' own Steve reed who joins us now. Via them. Season. They're don't just leave him here to talk to us staying more committed to show man's man nor clear we're frank I'm not don't we Chicago I've seen your tweets Steve. Kill me feel better about what we saw yesterday. After half boy I know I can help you feel better bought tell you there was a male there's. A bit of an unexpected disaster really I mean who thought they would go up there and in to score three points against the bears and you kind of thought it was a game they go up and dominate because if they could it be spent to take care of you know the rookie quarterback out there who who. You don't really hasn't thrown the ball Muncie you do they worked a one dimensional team and NATO defense did its job at the offense. It is just continue and you know too that it's run into quicksand just not doing thank. And I I'd god I look at it is. Did the black amid deep threat on the scope. It is just absolutely trickle down to everything else and and I didn't great protection. Particularly that left tackle spot as it is it is one barrier work. You know Mac close it is it is but too many guys get around and quite frankly. But those two things is you know what when when you have enough things. Down field. It's not that hard to figure out to gonna beer and everything so funny and your yellows safety come up in the box this is basic golf ball. And you have to have a deep threat Mets see how they just don't have one now that Ted Ginn is gone right now. Chris Samuels not against separation. And you know and yours are Russell Shepard an inert. It is an open down field so everybody out of the box thinking get the running game no. And it's it is what it is right now how could have borrowed on fox next. Steve frank and I. Agree on this and I wanna give or take. I think the Panthers had some areas in talent acquisition. And they didn't make sure that the milk bread and gates were buttoned up and in the house. Before they went out and dad this signing stuff. Oh agree with that assessment. Well I mean I. And I are you talking about you know offer its alignment. Offers a mine iron past resident got a first round pick your Burnham Butler that I still have not singing show me like we've got some deal sacked on the mr. Ahmed bin. The mayor but I steel would like to see more. Have I just don't know at the fundamental core pieces the kicking game has been an issue but there are some fundamental pieces that I'm wondering. More of those kicked off before you go do a McCaffrey and Sam. Where are you delicate thing they they they tried to shore up the left tackle spot where it would back a little in the game a big contract. And quite frankly there wars and a whole lot out there in terms of create see an ad or stray because or moral problem. Of all you know top. Left tackle out there than this it's hard and the left tackle. Any god I think he's had a little bit trouble adjusting you know cam drops a little deeper maybe even some quarterbacks city's work within the past so that's something or not. The communication issue there the Russian launch and then Brian Cooley has been out his brother you know it's it's it's better you only play you know what product are. A quarter I gave it a quarter so. Would beat neck injuries which is huge concern I think they're pretty solid guard I think they got some decent guards. Love him and Earl Williams and you'll hurt right tackle and you know he's at news thanks so. There's a lot of reports in this thing is there's a lottery area of what one of the big you know. Think there was talk but I yesterday with Ron Rivera and Mike Shula is the new guys in the young guys and try to get him on the same page in you know a bit. Yeah they were they wanted to leave ball this offense that was the whole thing Aussie to old ball this software. Well now I think in the maybe you know maybe they are too much at two to be young guy to beat new guide words just trying to. You know Moehler but he got one we don't want you know also I think they're gonna I think you will you're gonna see years you're gonna see just offense simple file a lot of things here Boca forward. As they had in the Tampa back. You know Steve I love tequila. I'm not sure when they start exerted over a Bank of America but Ron must've been drank and yesterday after his assessment of this offensive performance. On Sunday he thinks the offenses right on course. We are united in the question he was aspect or what was basically a bow. You know Mike Shula and an HIV give him basically. You know take you do you do it it's not his fault is what you try to sack you know look at what's happening and it is not necessarily as well I think basically putting in all the players there. They got us our performance to you know. But. Yeah I mean it. What's happening right now makes no sense I don't know what dirt the identity. Off. Yeah I just you know what are they are they here are they a power running team has they've been in the past. At every. The mom yeah. I don't ask me the dog if I can't don't ask me three pointers if I'm only gonna lay ups don't ask me to. You know race. Ted again if I'm an offensive lineman. You know they get three tight ends right now on the running vertical routes they have a running practice 200. House or rent image we in between the tackles immature and Ford come back and line them up a wide receivers so. How much of that falls on the coordinator. Because that's what we see with our eyes verses you know the players. They're there if it does there's no doubt about it birders there's a big port that it does. In Ito lesser figure out how to use these new pieces we talked and used them effectively root sometimes the process but you know. But you know like who's been through support Israel to criticisms or news. You know Brett you know you go back to 2015. And military were number one offense in the league so he knows what he's doing. You know what what and when things are clicking obviously video right now things are just not clicking and I think there would surprise me this season was when they came out. And really. I know you wanted to feature McCaffrey. Put it to meet it didn't accept Wright's home. In that I stop they should just kind of stuck with the running game and establish themselves running even men more and more. Everything carried it around is okay we're gonna. Throw to Greg you know you sit anywhere we can and the cats Alex Stewart got pushed to the back in the whole idea of good power running game kind of got. Course of the back but now it which they try to go back to it this past weekend and because they got no deep threat there's nothing Medicare expect. Stewart must be there goes the quiet guy you know I think he must beat being most frustrated guy lockers right now because he cannot find a hole to run. Yeah and are no doubt about it do you can almost see that some of the runs where he's expecting to get hit before he gets to line at times and army are not running as hard as I've seen him run in years past how much of this Steve falls on the shoulders. Of the quarterback because. You know just specifically a couple of players I give you one for example you got Christa McCaffery in the back till dolphins why slice of the right on an ace left protection. On the linebacker blitzes maccast McCaffrey is out and and their route. The quarterback's first read is that outside backer he doesn't see him he should hit the hot route was McCaffery he gets sacked they're forced to amount McCaffery in the backfield and the linebackers a mismatch and indoor tennis I don't work so how much of this falls on the shoulders of the offense or the in the office falls on the shoulders of the quarterbacks maybe not understanding all the little ins and outs because of whatever reason. Well I think it'd certainly some of you know that it'd that's that's. Definition would Kenny he's got to figure out when Hillary Obama ticket. There's a tendency to hold the ball too long to try to create a play when you need to just get root ball certainly can agent. You know Ed the other thing too is is the passes are still go you know some of the actions are still float non there's some overthrow Benjamin again just this past weekend. McKenna oh yeah cemetery a macabre and across and down. Yeah 888 just you know that the past is surges. Albert Berger floats there also but again I think a lot of that frank is is pattern. So many guys up near line of scrimmage. That exists. There's not a matter everything is clogged up all its just say it's it's clogged up they need somebody who can run. Stretch the field. You know the mere bird on power so you know that doesn't help but you know it just. That the guys and they thought they were gonna get to replace Ted you and just haven't really bore down on any trust him until you figure out how to throw the ball down the field gets a chunk yardage it's gonna continue this way. They've got to do some that they've got at least test the waters. And that means softened bloggers have to protect good you have to test the waters and sometimes just sits opened things up I mean it's. You know I'd go back to basic football frank just how you can't you can't move any thing of their right up on the block are. That's the voice over Steve reed with the Associated Press you can follow him at Steve reed AP. Stayed I don't think it's all doom. I'm look at. Where they NFC is right now the conference the Panthers are just only outside looking the end if the playoffs started today and apparently will be at the seventh spot for and three same records the Green Bay Packers Green Bay has the better win percentage in the conference let's try forecasts out right let's let's give panther fans are some some reasons for optimism not necessarily not every chief wasn't reason for optimism. These next two games divisional opponents. Are these winnable games in how do you see this being shaken out. Are absolutely amazed I think the NFC south it is kind of income down the summit you're finishing at seven. The way its current Tucker I think Atlanta doubt you'll hear or read approximate mile Panthers beat the defending world champions and the falcons. Pretty much got it handed to them from the world champion trying to falcons are down their struggle they got their own problems thank the team to beat right now. In the south of the saints are four and two. Are there half game ahead of the can't support you and it's so you don't. It did this this fitted and it's going to be a while for this division I did. So young they've got to get you win some games they got to win some. Some games they need to win here and they need to read from division games and start toward this we have a better. But yeah I'd established young guys this this division going to be. You know go on back in forestall all seal on edge I don't think there's a clear cut favorite so that's one big problem at my I think it's. A very winnable division right now option if you can get things figured out this defense just another no reason for optimism in the defense. You know it is playing well they're tied for the league and lead league in sacks. And you know. This past weekend they essentially gave up three points on defense in and look to weekly wasn't in there Kurt Coleman wasn't in there are expecting Coleman back this week. Looked equally will probably get back on the practice field this week. Whether or not replaceable Woolsey don't Ford but no closer to you know. Star players they you know didn't seem to play this week and you know they can pretty well to defense they're deep glances at this. Can be pretty salty but I. You know the guy getting triggered out on offense is no doubt about. Slavery we got let's go man which thank you so much joy. Let's hear on the Garcia Bailey show follow him again adds these three AP. Got a stuck with such force and all the way back got to get a college football a week from today frank. The college football play all initial ranking comes out for twenty certainty you. Mean I've got to do chill four I got my fourth against the Garcia daily show stay emotionally from any of recovery and it's normal to try out for him. If I'm out there was overjoyed and again just watched the games then and see what's happening. The cut but I'm happy with what we're don't. Men and. The grandstand nor please join me for cal Bailey that is frank Garcia the legendary frank Garcia sitting tomorrow right that's right and this is clearly Garcia daily show. Just heard from Steve reed of the Associated Press one thank you for joining us he's going to quarter Guillen at Steve reed AP. Recapturing the Chicago game. Unfortunately our path has come up short as we know now we're just trying to dissect this thing. Frank is human I'm human. Because it was unnecessary. And had a chance to to win. Legal women and two taped conversation frank to the next level I started my comment just laying low the defense played great but you can always play better. Better to take the ball away you can do something special teams but they play great we know that. Let's come toward the obvious. Conversation is about where the Carolina Panthers are right now. It's offensive ineptitude. And offensive ineptitude to meet starts with two people. Mike sure sputtered. To me cause much sure can't do anything wrong revered and cosigned him don't. So I'll look at raw and our goal. I don't I don't wanna hear that is just young guys. Right. 'cause I think Kansas City has young guys. I think the Los Angeles rams have young guys. A lot of teams have young guys. Debt are. Performing. At a certain level. So I don't I don't want universal or do you. Now let's bring in that two we're really starts. You hit it on when you would talk to Steve frank. I think we came into this season with the Carolina Panthers. And the goal was to ask Cam Newton to do something. That doesn't suit his skill set. I think they want to try our enemy Cammie pocket passer. To try to make camp a dink in talker wing camps completion percentage on the Dinkins got stuff. Is one released last year was one of the worst in history to lead this completion percentage are rao's four yards Lewis was 59%. That's not holiest. Now we've got I feel like big game plan has shifted. In midstream. I believe and I'll pull somebody show. And I made the comment. Let's just call this what hideous. The Carolina campus success will go as far as cam Newton's legs and will take them. This year. I'm saying more forward like I think. This is what key years I don't think cam is there won't be a 656667. You policing down. He's doing that this year with this offense he's completion percentage is better doesn't mean he still does not have throws it. Every other quarterback misses and consistently and I mean when you look at the way Cam Newton. Is operate I think he's operating against the ball he's climbing and uphill battle and I think the personnel dozens it is with the style of offense that they want to run greatly got a couple of nice pieces. And Chris McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel. But if the defense is gonna clogged the lanes and they're gonna pressure and suffocated the offense. Then you've got to build to do what ultimately you've got to be on the go over the top. Meant to open that up Steve Brown talked about the lack ghosts we have downed tree we have three tight ends. Right now. Told him Benjamin button don't DeVon font citizen and hum in art and food addiction those are those are vertical threats. We're playing a vertical game. Was tight ends. And that's what that that's the style of offense that they're capable of running that's their skill set. I assume your asking these guys to run vertical routes to open up these underneath routes. When defense is just locking up on these guys in not respecting the vertical game. So you're gonna suffocate those little short quick passes and there's not going to be any space. For these guys operate I think cameras for the most part making you know the right read. I don't think the pieces fit you know the style of offense that we want to run. Trying to put a square peg into a round hole with the offer what. But I also believe. Let's let's do what you do like. We sought to show this comment what this word Steve alluded to in his words thievery would be Associated Press. What is the identity of of this 2017 Carolina Panthers out of north Torrey thirteen was a military fourteen was an unfortunate Kristin Wallace. Love all those played great defense and run the football with power well let's hear. With who was the primary runners because there was several errors there was a Johnson Stewart Greg and there was Cam Newton do. William and rumors Lou Williams early may. Brought you Tolbert pulled comes over San Diego and he wasn't a great Boehner. But he opened holes for the running backs in a power type of running game with age but. H backs as well Greg Olsen has primary blocker on those offenses. Greg Olsen has. You know had the thousand yard receptions it's because you got a guy like Ted get in the can take the top off you could run. Underneath routes with him there's nobody on this offense right now. Or at least they're not utilizing them properly in that situation where they're gonna do that. They're using Samuel as a scat back type guy that's going to be a slot receiver this not running vertical not a review what it but he's not even running vertical routes and I agree with he's not Terry Killian of Christian McCaffery they're using these guys. Almost as as two and 11 in the same. In our and that's what's you know creating. This suffocation of the defense is there's there cram in the box linebackers are getting closer to line and they're able to get on those guys quicker instead of leaving them in space and let them run down the field in what you're gonna have to do with vertical threats there's no vertical threats. So they're trying to go vertical way as tight ends and that's putting a square peg into the round hole and I I. I don't know how much input on cam because of that. And how much input on the coordinator because of that I don't know the biggest problem is it's or the offensive line I think all three of those things factor into that. We got to wrap it. We'll get back to call we'll take your calls here's a national trust them no NASA can't it was about four minutes. Right back at you stay emotionally human lives cover elite that's right Garcia Garcia militia right marijuana to try to. Grocery and really show. Portia here stand normally not how Bailey. Will return shortly. Loma Vista surely come on mayor frank Garcia sitting on the right Sodom so yes this is the over Garcia and Bailey show. Appreciate Osbourne. A system in production today just go wort. And at 12 o'clock hour. Kept a moment of our Carolina Panthers will be joining us due to the current Jaroslav. 1 o'clock we'll have moments more now Lomas brown seven term. Probe all. A long time in a show man has been broadcast than mambo for radio and television we'll give moments to chime in on all things in their trail as well as our Carolina Panthers are Franken I have some discussion about. At this point this point fingers like okay what we got to assess what's the Boeing Francona to start transitioning into the solutions. Rutgers ever. I have an opinion. Let's come up with some actual solutions to what these issues art form mean. We talked about the identity of this change. You've been very vocal about the peace is not matching the philosophy. I mean the path is to be honest about what it actually has Cam Newton must run the football. There is no zone. There is no we went out quite you have to run the ball team NFL defense is must believe that cam is going to run the football or doesn't matter. And you and I just want to hold diagram but angle the geometry and we both know pass rush in and that's just what it is. We're just work their mama we don't know that there may embark contained in a run game that's just about bush and another man back. Back at best it's just that simple. You didn't stuff the box you can do some of the things took to negate some of that but. What I'd like to see the path is getting back to doing what they do the blue collar mentality in the run game. That is ever going to back out to the phone while let's. Let's go to Larry all library Larry welcome into the showman. Jack thanks for taking my call. Yes couldn't agree with you more this poll. China it's where they enjoy around hoping he would just now working. And got to run camp more. And they're there they were worried about him it'd be injured. Did that bit. I have ever really seen him get injured when he's ready aggressively. Interviewing getting counted in the pocket or when he's not expecting did. But when he's sort of great things so bored easy to hold up locate seemed to motivate him even more. How about the rollout. Well what happened has been talked about earlier. You know Laird Persia the phone call and thanks for the and their body you know listen. Yeah I I agree you a lot of times the misconception is is a runner as a junior hurt you know being physical running the football. You know I and that that may be you know something that takes place you know teams are gonna take the shots but if cam is. Is a 110%. You know focused on Roy in the football and becoming a run ads in and get hurt. It's when eases up look towards the goal line as it did last year we got beyond. Grossman that we've got a concussion on my com or when he's been in the pocket are or rolling out. So yeah I mean those are things that when he becomes that runner in that zone read he controls for the it's come from. He knows where that gets there because typically you're going to be protected for most part. And in the running game you know where that why America is going to be free that saves he's gonna. You know if children whole menu can dictate where you're gonna go with the ball when you can get down I think the other thing that's noticeable when you know cameras run the football you know now compared to a couple years ago when I he had that MVP season. Is that he's. Deciding to slide instead of you know make more yards available then what happens when you're a six foot 5250. Pound guy coming downhill verses safety. At times you're gonna break tackles and when you break tackles is pretty big gains so yeah those mismatches that you look for are minimized because now he's sliding so. What you're doing is creating more opportunity for the defense and when you create more opportunities for the defense I mean just to run more plays and offense we run more plays a chance of being successful or make my screw it up are gonna be greater. So. Buys that my him sliding and not taking the opportunities when those big holes there and making guys miss and running horse throughout the morning or running through guys. It's now second inmates or second in six or second of five gets lineup and you have two more place to be successful get a first down where is in years past and she doesn't mean he was hit put his head down. And not only get in the ten yards sometimes a fifteen to forty yard run. Runs were breaking off and in giving this chip it teams more chances to score points so we all those things applied. You know this year with this office I don't know if it's a chicken or the egg with with cam whether he's wanting to slide or they're telling them to slide. You know but I know this it's different that was in 2015. When there have been super successful you know that super successful season at fifteen and one. The same scores and odds and end. Pretty much. You know stand the same offensive line pretty much I mean in these guys are the must I mean you had Michael Moore left tackle he got Mac will do the same player. They're the same player. I am right tackle you had Mike rumors. You have Daryle Williams it's the same damn him actually and Gerald Williams a better run blocker the Michael Michael Angeles right Mike wherever drugs trade term. Returners still territories he's a year a couple years old so he should be better frankly doughnut there. Big part of our. Ted Larsen. You know as a guide has stepped in and is a good point of attack you know senator. And then you've got to ignore all of cars employer so even in this is that this way as warnings are now. But treasury three and a half of the Internet yeah. Give us we have different names same type of ability so the dolphins are running game is no different than it was the scheme has changed. The people can see past Hingis has changed and that's the difference you don't have a guy distress in the field and that's the thing we're talking about. Chill with a speed. Of this offense cause Chris McCaffrey as much as we wanted him to man we thought he was going to be a Terry killed type of player arguably any Reggie Bush. I don't feel he's now Reggie Bush did have that type of speed he doesn't. He stuck in third gear some write they mean he's a very consistent player he's a good doesn't make him a bad player. But he doesn't have the explosiveness. That we expected or wanted to hope that he had at that eighth pick. Yeah of that but that's a that's what difference makers do they change your eyes they have the ability to take the top off and they have the ability every time they touch it to go the distance. I haven't seen that per stability yet from Christian McCaffery courtesy of seems to have a little bit more of that. Blacks can't count on him because he drops a five yard toss. So in my gonna give him the ball. True enough but one more call to go. And so let's give Jonathan you want to chime in on the Carolina Panthers were committed to show Joan. Or sports all pro. No I mean wanna call area today Colombo where Mota was and daughters of government staying in the old little bit. How many were definitely become part of the onstage are driven though war. Student evolution of these alternate there Wahlberg talking about because moms do whatever is saying. We don't we just did on the same bandwidth and attitude putters and deluded started giving B grows we should not talk big engine and Chicago. Point oh boy in this case the way defense very traditional holiday drink sold more questions here and I hope you don't need to do well. Where do double machine that they were talking about because they won't talk about coordination. Would love them. All good oh great well so why are you going away from what will work into some big name. I'm just orientated rather. Proceeded to go brother we got to wrap it up trying to lose their lives honestly about what we got here I know you have a response are due to. Matt. Probably won't judge on the backside you guys think I stand mostly Sidney frank Garcia affiliate the company which the garb fear and Bailey shall we don't want to try to treat. You're still trying to run the football you know and and at times depending on how the flow is. We can bring Jonathan in in Zambia physical running team. Comment the flows going quickly and smoothly you can you can hand the ball off to either Jonathan or Christians. And I'm a little concerned think that that certain aspects of what we try to do we get caught up and you know happy to try to come back. You go back and look at the Philadelphia game we got caught up having to try to come back to win that game the wind up playing a few more through wide receiver sets subsidy of physical tape. You sort of third Garcia daily show continues on as we approach the 12 o'clock ouch there which we will hear from Carolina Panthers very own. Live at some point and at 12 o'clock I'll make sure you stay locked in met 1 o'clock hour school. Lomas brown continuing some NFL talk longtime NFL man you've seen a morning news opinion and some of the other networks won't give. His commentary will give him talk and frank. I feel like the office of mine. I don't know that there are playing the way that they played two years ago frank but I do greeted the talent. Level is virtual restraint. I believe we left off you were saying that they are being asked to do some different things now. Dolphins alone doesn't mind the maid did a couple of years ago. Well no I think that our teams have caught up to the style of play in which cam is gonna throw the ball down the field vertically with his with his sets and little things that rule the nuances. You know that it's normal fan Winona when expect him to insomnia no I don't I don't feel like I'm talking down to anybody but. You know it's you're given rule in the weeds you're the offensive line play but. You know you you you protect the pocket. And office of Lyman no you know with what they're set is going to be where there's just three step five step or seven step problem. And the terminology of the play dictates what that quarterback is going to drop me an IX and I take my kick step importantly and just cut TN a loss from where the defense of players going to intersect the quarterback and I defend that. That's where you create the pocket looks like a little you know you through. My own that little half moon if the quarterback is supposed to take seven and he's at nine or eleven and I'm protecting seven worst defense gonna go. They're gonna go to where the quarterback is where they can see that too sure you wanna they can see that. That mix and see where the quarterbacks that I can't I'm expecting seven because my back is to the quarterback's arm protecting an area. The problem. You know I feel like a lot of times you know with what cam does in the inconsistencies. Of his dropped if you're protecting five in his seven year protecting seven he's at nine or eleven. So differences have figured out eventually just run around the offensive tackle don't engaged in you're gonna meet the quarterback somewhere on the way. So that's what differences have figured out that's what. Bremer struggled west because. You know he's he's he's not as athletic to catch up to that off defense of Lyman and got many tackles are that's what. That's what's creating a lot of the pressure on the pass rush. The tendency for cam also is too you know when he feels pressure. Is to avoid deep in right to run around me that's where he's been successful because he's been a great athlete he's been able to do that. Defense is if you're gonna rush up and passed around the offensive tackle. Event the camera's gonna come to you. As what we saw on the right side was Daryl Williams in this last game on the third sat the think the the but the bears. You know got it was camera rolling to the right trying to escape pressure and the outside defense a band was sitting there waiting form as he wrapped up in his arms. And or tried to escape Teddy eventually into stepping up in the pocket you know once once that it you know became a cluster back there you know everybody broken and it was chasing the quarterback. You know dolphins won doesn't have a chance so no those are the things that are there and the tendencies that you study if your defense of line. You know coach or employer to try to get pressure on the quarterback we know eventually Romulus gonna come to fruition. You share something just in Romans took home last year man on commentary you just seconds. There's something just in that I think a lot of fans may overlook foreign. And we started this whole show and while we're meg talking about Jimmy Key offices. You are now aren't agreement that the zone read is not a fundamental running. Altria it was a wildcat no. Wildcat. Nor was or so wish bone numbing your options if maybe their Condo actually the links he has a little bit more principles and elements to death which says something just there. Defense is catching up on I'm on Regis and stats I'll try to go stay everybody when there's something that I think these are you dressed so this news from. As of Sunday. Most teams without offensive touchdowns since December 18 2001. 1234567. That true. Week seven and in a trail. 54 offers of touchdowns the fewest in a single week this NFL season. QBR. Forty man point nine out of hunter. First seven weeks of the season lower us through the first several weeks of a season in a decade. Frank you say that specifically to secure on a campus. I'm thinking this is transcendent throughout the week. Defense this half call up to. The zone read. And the new rules with the offense. And now all wanna spend a premise. Imus radio home Mike Hsu. Now the onus is on offensive coordinators. You have to now take your game to another level. Defense of court made its just like they've been in college recall though they have not ultimately put go to college games tournaments stand on senator Breaux Bridge over the line. This is an offense defense play certain. But defenses are like diseases. Why they evolved. Yes they ball why because you create medicine and they want to survive right the fungus and all the stuff you all these kinds different ways almost you know its staff is the right. You doorstep commercials that was how has that evolved. It's evolved because the medicine that we created to teacher. You know cured as part of it buddy ball because you know fights to London to. Remember it's eleven organized fights to oil so it fights sort of differences. Differences fight to lift. They fight to eliminate. They look and see what offenses are doing and they find it and players that fit the schemes that are going to be successful against those offenses. The read option has been around now for several years with running quarterback Obama. Most directly with the morning call back at the high school level. We'll start so aggressive pop Warner level and at high school level. At the college level and now the pro level so players there are now in the NFL that weren't popular rumor and started to revolve. Are now at the NFL level. After a decade or right around them to the high school college and now pros they've seen it for years. Coordinators have studied it in seeing it for years. They know what to take away they know what is going on to create chaos and they know what is going to be successful they've seen it they understand it. They've studied it. They've practiced against it. And now they're playing at full speed against it at the NFL level where the biggest the best of the fastest in the strongest. Are the best at doing that. So there's no trick or ration anymore. Right the teams that are the anomalies are the ones line up with two tight ends in double team you men and knock you off the ball. The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of those teams with the running they create double teams and mismatches and and with those double teams consistently they have a back with great patience and lay beyond bell is a guy disabled have unbelievable vision and see the whole team they have a great running game. Because they do it differently they've. Went back to the traditional styles of double teams when they're good me. They've gotten back to power football running with double teams that's what the anomaly now is in the NFL. Right that's. And that's what I think to be successful. Carolina Panthers need to give back Tuesday. That because that's ultimately how are you Jack here in doing that was Chris and Jennifer Brown I agree which we have got to polls for the coast. But it just like we are gonna get into some college football here shortly I promise I do. The standoff with drew and if cowboy I would ask frank Garcia over it's the Garcia and Bailey show you don't want to try a different.