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Friday, January 12th

In this hour of Garcia & Bailey, Josh Parcel and Frank Garcia talk with Steve Merrill. 


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But Garcia. This Dallas coach toward the continued to the night before with Dave Matthews Band in Minneapolis is pat. Asked PA SS text. To seven to 81 now for your chance to win a message in data rates may apply for rules or to enter online visit intercom contest dot com. One randomly selected nationwide in turn will win a trip to Minneapolis where the night before. All right so about Garcia and Bailey just Marcel filling in for Kyle we have frank on the other side and also Steve Merrill will join us at 115 to talk NFL playoffs and I he is a gambling insider Vegas insider they'll give you some insight on maybe we should clear. You're all that money earned working hard this week kids college tuition. If yes. Maybe no maybe not it. I'll have put on the patriots. That's what I would do ready when one man and about ten minutes. And then coming up into prime time with Chris Kroger so we were talking Norv Turner before the break and we got a couple cause online Solis go ahead and keep talking about normal let's get Harrison he's been waiting for awhile so will take his call Norv Turner again if you just joining us hired as. As the offensive coordinator officially. Today it's been. Reported for days video. They were in conversation but now he is officially the offensive coordinator for the Panthers replacing Mike Shula. We've got Harrison on the line Harrison what are your thoughts on on Norv Turner. So we haven't Harrison Harrison. Yeah that's yeah. Are perfect yeah problem. You know how kind of mixed Barnett you know I I don't want to come in here there's gold you know bogey Bagger you know tricks and play it in. You know all that up there we saw just imploded minute so it didn't want to what I like to make is that Minnesota offered. Really took off the moment they got into and out the door. They I actually don't lock my door to recommend it you know like give everybody a chance to another chance to prove themselves. Don't like the fact they've created unemployed pro or years but down here to be the quarterbacks coach with. You know no experience or resident. I'm just didn't like a bad sit through our big strong running quarterback this you know guys it doesn't really. Elegant ball well wallet and used. I just took it wrote fiction the mechanics look boat gambler doing that not I don't think it would need to quarterback coach a minute or seven years and you know I love Jim knew not log in again I want to say that I think he's special. I wouldn't trade it for the world's. Is it like it speaking it better but we can make a run with this guy is in the play calls about it and the Norv Turner and does get a little bit bit annoyed like Cipro. Do embryo that is you know on. Third date so yeah. Yet they saw for the callers don't you know us like to throw a lot of teams are yard pass on third minute. The New England Patriots worked out for them doesn't he lost you know used to throw a lot of two and three yard passes on third Nate. Indianapolis Colts with Peyton Manning worked out there and and it. No mean there's a lot of quarterbacks out there they go out there and throw beneath his chains and their guys go out there and make place. Now if the plays are gonna be available for them to make his long Jamaican right breed he's looking for the right match. That's what this game's about it's not don't take control the ball down the field than chalk and all over the place and having just guys run their own routes. No there is organization with those things in teaching quarterbacks. To make critical reads throw the ball properly to the angle or the spot where the guy's gonna catch in his face in the ball's thrown a foot behind McCaffrey is a score that touchdown last week against the same right. Cam it's a mid stride he hits him on the route and can McCaffrey's able utilized his athletic ability and and you break the same. You know the same you know thing that Drew Brees did to tomorrow on the outside. You know that they made in and out but. It started gushing over was the same thing the candid cam doesn't do that consistently enough if you have to jump to leave your feet or reach. You're gonna lose to half a second you know half a second is gonna take you time to gather and come down the defense is attributable to close you know so. Don't take advantage of those making those throws more consistently is what's gonna allow that often to open up and you can throw those five yard routes aren't durden seventh. One of the things that I think it's under valued a lot by fans who watched any game any sport is the mental side of the game. And look when you get sue any Professional League the margins between winning and losing can be very excellent. And if you look at the patriots as an example whether the colts back in the pay Manning era as the examples in in most recent times. Those teams had the most prepared quarterback on the field every week every single we did in those pro quarterback Colin the most prepared team. But it started with a quarterback and they had guys early what do you think about Tom Brady need you talk about throwing. We need to six in Macon plays and things like that just got me thinking about how new it what New England does so well is they create mismatches and if you did all they don't have. Normally they do not have the best personnel on the field Al around him I mean that Nelson in for a couple of years and Randy Moss and they'd set records. But the good guys like Chris Hogan and Danny Amendola who. Enjoy that a minute and who's not. Obviously not they're now because of injury but they've done I would. Very pedestrian. On the surface guys but it's because they come in prepared they create mismatches precept Tom Brady is able to make checks handle on better than anybody in the league. And he's able to identify where he's going to go with the football. Too quick to give his team the most success not only on that play but over the course of a drive over the course of the game to lead to the most scoring opportunities and I'm not saying that I know I don't wanna complain not Cam Newton because I think that there is. Thirty other quarterbacks in the league who aren't Tom Brady who aren't what Peyton Manning used to be in in Drew Brees and I put that category. I I think you've got to be ought to put the personnel to keep coming back to this gotta go put personnel around camp that's gonna create mismatches before the snap the day and it's gonna fall on detail and and Norv Turner in the staff to build and prepare him to a deal to identify those. Ms. matches before the play. And and that's how you're gonna see. Amendola would head Welker right if there are guys on the street and you watched him without names on the back to their their jerseys. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference beat winning three of those guys. But they win match ups they went in their one on one battles when they get those four yard pass is they make their big guy mess and they turn those four yard catches in 28 yard ten yards fifteen yard gains ever gonna break the break they're never gonna take it the distance but there's daddy guys that are elusive that you're not going to be able to tackle. Very similar to what you have bunkers McAfee there a lot of times this year. We're camped underneath the chains increased McCaffrey made a guy miss. And when given the ball in space I was able to get that first down with his running ability that he's not a square you up and break you down. But if in the space heaters stopping he can start and have you run your fly byes like it in top gun and you're gonna shoot right over the top of oh yeah and you're going to be able to turn up the fielding get that extra four or five yards yeah it runs through holes and break tackles and do those types of things. What you're going to be able to nice in darts. You know as well as anybody. You know maybe if say if you're gonna wonder what type of offense you need more players like that that's workers Samuel comes in that's where demeanor bird comes and they have the ability to take to top off they also have the ability to stop start make guys risk. Put the boot what Brady does better than anybody else and or. You know what guys like Peyton Manning used to do and obviously drew breed does that as well as they throw to spots where they know the defense is it going to be so when they catch it they can have space so. You mismatches in space scene are what these teams do better than everybody else. But they do it because of personnel they run guys off and they have those matchups underneath where they can make a guy Imus yeah. Exactly I mean I'm surprised that more teams doldrums followed blue friends on the Panthers and trying to find another guy in that McCaffrey. And hold it. That you can just use team created to be versatile and quick quick. And faster different thanks crack down quick and fast for two different things these guys aren't eat these guys aren't super fast they're not going to be anybody you know forty. But they're elusive right the stops start there at the change of direction. Those are the types of things that. You know aren't gonna make those guys. You have those type of matchup problems in you know in the NFL and were big guys have to break down and sometimes it's going to be just simply meet as a fast guy when your broken down on your heels right over you see two to three yards off you know so it that creates matchup problems because a lot of different things I do beach. Not on and we got to take a break here coming up on the other side Steve Merrill will join us to give us the biggest perspective on the weekend's playoff games also talk more about the hornets they've got a game against the jazz tonight a very pivotal game in my mind. And double breakdown what may be the future of the hornets after this season. Before we get to 2 o'clock but right now we'll take a break it is Garcia and Bailey. Garcia in Bailey just Parcells filling in for Kyle village today were taking up until 2 o'clock when Chris Kroger will take over with prime time's joined by frank Garcia in just a moment will be joined by Steve Merrill pro sports info dot com biggest insider. View I will give us an insight into the NFL divisional playoffs real quickly before we bring Steve on I just one run to launch really quickly see an Al starting with early in a while Atlanta is a three point favorite on the road. Against the number one seeded Philadelphia Eagles obviously Russa and we know 1970. Exit the and of course that's because Carson wind's not playing for Philadelphia. New England a thirteen and half. Half point favorite over in the titans it Pittsburgh a seven point favorite now come down from seven and half most places you'll seven have to deal where you look against Jacksonville in Minnesota at home in the nightcap on Sunday at five. Point favorite ordered Ford have to pay anywhere you look. Over at the New Orleans Saints are now agree on Steve Merrill the break it down seed RF. It. They are not that are doing all Rutskoi Steve just having a good time win for the playoffs and as we talked about last week with some of these matchups is gonna come down to quarterback play in the experience a lot of time. It's paid different is that going to be the same kind of concept and in this weekend the more experienced quarterback I should have the better advantage even if they greens and New Orleans Saints going in Minnesota Vikings. Yeah I mean I'd I'd look at history and history has told us that it experienced quarterbacks did not do well on the NFL playoffs infect my top play last week like game of the week was Atlanta Falcons plus sixty grams. Thought it went it was the better team three point one Detroit like to matchup with the quarterback get AAA. It's got to defend celtics' season and if so what was sort first time starter. First time it felt well starters or one straight up 35% of the time over the past several decades rams lost outright as a home favorite last week. Same angle applied out of Minnesota like that plot point to protect in this week. Well let's talk about TO falcons vs Eagles then he's deluded that game. The spread is the falcons minus three is heard me say and I'm sure I'm not the first person to say it but in since 1970 the number one seed and an underdog. It's very unusual and they are very are usually it's the home. Underdogs in general the playoffs because of course with the format the you know the can that the battery perceived to get soaked field so normally when this happens there's some kind of extent George circumstance is worried that the road team was injured during the regular season or course has in this case. The home team now has an entry which makes them weaker than a regular street and record the big retention amigos thick folder is not an inexperienced quarterbacks go to totally applaud that angle to this the guy that's been neatly for several years. Attacked two out of luck when they play in the play helps chip Kelly's first season when I want to division yet the third best quarterback rating in history for a full Super Bowl quarterback give it 27 to. Touchdown interception ratio and how great it. But that's gimmicky because those Kelly's first typical a lot of teams off court but the bottom line it's capable quarter. The most electric or the weaker team in this game my colleagues are little operated deceit and elect meanwhile little underrated. Although articulated the better change the government can argument for so we hear this flood of corporate to tap out their key number plus three this week. Home dog in this situation which retro over 70% play against read this several decades and I felt I felt so. On the blog this has been a way to play these type games. Can also take argument the topic are very difficult to Edwards bought Natalee is that a road habits or fortune wrote given five weeks overall. On the net that talk given oral and came back had the one against Carolina but now it went all the way album short week watch how they help back to the East Coast. Model before that the struggle for the Monday I keep several weeks go camp but at the short week so for truck given five weeks they put to we're short rest. And now another Saturday gave so very difficult opera glad I even though I think the better team all. Are the Eagles good enough defensively to impact his game enough where it's going to force turnovers into Matt Ryan. Well 10% of the weather forecasts because it's going to be 50 degrees Saturday morning in Philadelphia when the game kicks off at 4:30 eastern it's going to be in the thirties but Doug gates finishes its deep twenties. Atlanta has definitely weaker team on the road and it makes a lot of sense because there don't team they're built for speed. Our topic the elements built source stated the deathly fear of Philadelphia as well old beaver home dog to pick eagle defense pool operator not a good way to deep inspection underrated. All sort of sort of public about it the stock in the attitude about it but a lot of situation also could decrease people's armed talks. So New England on thirteen and a half point favorite against Tennessee can you put into context for the listeners how rare it is to see aid virtually into touchdown favorite in this stage of the playoffs. It happens opposite knowing what's been a double to anybody probably in recent years on. But the readers to seize the worst of the Welch were fortunate to win last week ordered up by eighteen points at halftime. Doing what would not blow a lead like that like Kansas City did defect I get the chiefs more credit for blow a decade and that due to its April when he became and the problem with Tennessee until they came back last week. But the problem within the Syrian general they don't trouble ball while the one of the worst passing offices globally so what you get behind it's very difficult to play catch up it's not their style. On what concerns about knowing whether some tension within the team you know you're surprised the couple months or the governor Rob Lowe. And now it's sort of look like there's some tension between Brady bella chicken or aircraft. I don't know that played out here the post suitable find out I would assume they'd stay focused and it's professional but that is the concern otherwise. I could stop detected a seat here I can't seem to win in this game also to take a plus thirteen and after this we just hope the middle was up more than two touchdowns. There are a lot of public action on New England here it seems like when the onion we just keep that number under fourteen I'm surprised that number hasn't pushed out of that key line it would mean we think it may be you are seeing a little bit action on Tennessee is that the case. Well you go to some public books there's square books and one of about Pollack books as one door they're pretty much as recreational boaters world into one of the most public book so I follow has gone to fourteen which makes me think maybe the public gets covered and not knowing when and of course we'll probably see more money to Morris like. Do you think will seek support teams tomorrow like to call on Sunday evening Saturday if it does. 1 o'clock game on Sunday you know Steve. User brown to the jaguars believe that went up to Pittsburgh and beat them one of the three losses the bears. And that the pages the other two teams to do it but. I just saying I don't think reject the jaguars and turn the ball over five times two of those being returned for touchdowns and a distillers. Are not going to lose that game. Different attention about that game is that people relies probably lost thirty denied the Pittsburg the middle of the third quarter was when he signed the seven decades and that Roethlisberger to back to back pick sixes in the third quarter. And Jacksonville scored dot 208 straight points there are 23 straight points to win the game thirty to nine. Five interceptions Barack is burgers he wrote touchdowns affect you one of only six quarterbacks in the past twenty years to do that at home. The two most recent before if you like dating him as a rock and so he was in good company I guessed. And would also question about that law is it actually catapulted that's for trickery to seize and after that went into Kansas City to actually give your call it beat the undefeated chiefs. And up won nine straight games after that law so. I don't woke them up I think buildup will be focused for this game. And once again an inexperienced and young quarterback and portals Jacksonville's very weak ultimately true on the ball but there are extremely strong pass defense does little weak probably that's what it. You know force bought interception wasn't a total fluke. Looked at for great Russia at all that's. So you know on the surface they actually at the makeup overrule it locked awkward at all playoff game getting seven points although it wouldn't surprise to keep it close but the Pittsburgh inspection team a huge quarterback edge. Probably on the way to witnessed one of almost just arrested on cue with the bought. You know do things in that game much easier knows it or not there are not apply and obviously I've done for the year. And then nudge did you she's dismissed you know for the Steelers and the guy that's emerged as potentially future superstar. Well essentially to you look at the vikings project to kind of surprised teams this year to go to beat to best pass defense and get a belly so we don't talk about I have to have a quarterback to win the well Jacksonville Minnesota Roy a great quarterback today at the bit past the episode is another way to get a felt restarted to test being able to stop the past. I think about it Janet on this summit and on the NFL lines and got the over under at 51 for the Pro Bowl two weeks from now any insight on that. 51 other thing I've been checked yep that is pretty low for him to focus its hands. Yeah out to look into that because normally the other pro ball like 7980 years so I. I don't know that's just a place holder or whatever the right here it says US gave 51 on a now. Yeah a lot of dejected but they've rejected your point like thirty minute game. You have to read between the lines but all don't we take into that this could be the week before the simple we can most likely talk about we. A nursing is David Sosa that the fight for pro ball. Finalist was talking the last game two of the saints in the my closet yeah you know I talk about you know those two teams oral and on the road you know Drew Brees we talk about the value the quarterback is a veteran quarterback but. That the vikings going on the road. Immunity the Minnesota Vikings are you Mike it's gonna stop their run there to do very similar things to what the Panthers did is Drew Brees good enough to go out there on the road and do what he did do the printers on in in Minnesota. Well you I talked last week that's at the saints but in the armed. Will but the saints and falcons are my two sweeper should be in the seat and it's obviously setup where it could play out that way at Atlanta as a road favorite even at the top spot there are road favorite. Well I think all of is definitely a lot dog QB could want to tend. A yard in experienced quarterback in Minnesota to get to Super Bowl champion Drew Brees. And yet the vikings and by the by the falcons and the state to vote that we draw on the road over the years but unlike the so delicate game outdoor elements. Borland to get an indoor game here search should be to top form. Have actually been impressed by on the road this year they played much better away from home this season than in years past but the main reason it's improved is because the defense has been tremendously better this year. If I give up or eight and a half points per game on the road to get applause points per game on the road than at home this year. You got to Minnesota Tim to give up only have two and a half point point well app at home. I think he under the first have to be worth a look Carrie took. These games opened up in the second half a lot of times it's always Dicey point hundreds in the NFL nowadays but the first step totals 23. And 22 defense is potentially be pretty strong this year at the district of startup so we saw that by the way. In the national title game on Monday night thirteen point the first minute exploded in the second half. There's evil or love about tell you talk with views that we just trans transitions from football to basketball in a heart beat Nina skip a beat the hornet's. Nine action tonight here at home minus four against the Utah Jazz. How do you predict what dorks are gonna do because they can beat the warriors. And they can lose sued the average is the mavericks. Edit MBAs always Dicey it is to play 82 games a year you know support about schedule in the situation spots we won by. Bargains edge Charlotte has been better in general at home district and on the road it what you talk. Because of that parent altitude is always very very strong home road dichotomy as well this sort of felt steady bitch we all day at four. Broader don't drop the couple points of copper 207 and after the 205 and a half. At all pretty to defer to Tim did you like the slow the pace down I think this could be a lower scoring tent and expected. Tell us what you make some money Steve are you doing great job and I know you. You're looking for some of those college tuitions to come of their seat to pay for some. But a couple of the events on the Pro Bowl TSE minus 170 not an app is what I'm seeing right now one of the main draw short ball. All right so look so bad I. I got to find a new source thinking I thought that was reload to that's why are so glad that's why bring it comes yeah yeah. What do you go to play about it you advocates doorstep of the vote original yeah. Let's go to pretty solid book out their biggest that's probably got blinders yet I agree that got an outright tell Bobbie you know this type of information on our web site pro sports and so dot com Mike contact information is there as well. The web site pro sports and so dot com. Thanks these sorts due out next week. All right there was Steve so it looks like I got a whole new assault I don't know million milieu that website I don't know let's all go to. And load up top down look at it right here that's all I was surprised I mean this is this is a very reliable assemble name middle America that don't wanna put her on blast but has all the lines and look at the AFC NFC 51 is the total. 51 over under trickle down has the right there was Casey by a decade beatle wanna Westgate. A US isn't as good as it gets a chance somehow this is screwed up somehow but it's not every you know period I don't know I think some intern I think Blake and and that's the reason the line these hacking your computer and know this. It's I realize now. So when it is getting is better. Nestle we all day. And Bailey just ourself filling in for Kyle Bailey today also frank Garcia on the other side behind the Mike and got our. Observer Blake. He called an intern earlier that's like somebody got promoted in turn requires while he's he's a longtime friend so yeah he could be in an intern very easy in. You do really well ha ha he makes a great. When he broke any earlier he was fire it was stolen some barbs around he he wasn't afraid to mix that I love the courtesy left to. Him and eyes courtesy laugh we go to school Christians are Christian yes sir he started going there this year is there how do you guys do in football in pretty good price state champs. Yeah have goodness gracious can we not we enough players lively guy the operated by united the lead us right now. The oh goodness all right so we got about. A half hour left in the show we're gonna be taking up till 2 o'clock when Chris drove in a pride being here in about ten minutes to talk what it. Most of going on in Charlotte right now Norv Turner hired as the opposite corner for the Panthers are broken that down inside and out today thanks again to Steve Merrill for joining us a preview the NFL playoffs he just got off the line pro sports in -- dot com but I wanna go back right now for the last couple minutes here. Franken talk about the warning say play the Utah Jazz tonight now the hornets are fifteen and 24. They are seven and eleven under acting head coach Stephen Silas. It was announced last night that Steve Clifford will return net. So Wednesday against the wizards who he's gonna miss the next two or three games. And be back against the wizards on Wednesday that it did did did did they ever say what was the health issues the health concern as people because that's an important things that you know people and asked you may yet you know with some with cliff so according to the reports I saw in the Raleigh news and observer believe the Charlotte Observer that is well. He I was doing was basically severe headaches migraines you basically deal a severe headache something he's dealt with in the past. And they became a little bit. More severe more difficult to deal with this season which is why he took the break so you'll have missed in total. 21 games by the time he comes back through their seven and eleven without him it's interesting that they're winning percentage is virtually identical. Under Stephen Silas says it was under Steve Clifford they were eighty and fourteen under. Our class and their seven and eleven. Under Silas of the three games left for the hornets under Silas is tonight's game against you saw at home they get the thunder at home tomorrow and then I believe it is a wanna say Orlando on Monday I just lost their schedule but it didn't give the wizards I next week. At home on Wednesday they'll be the first came as the pistons not the magic comes on the play the pistons on the road on Monday so another 80 average to below average Eastern Conference teams so for the hornets now this is where they said they're fifteen and 44 and two rehab so we talked about earlier this the team that doesn't have a lot of direction going forward and meat filling and I I don't know what you guys have said over the course of the last few weeks is tolerance and I really struggled this season really underperformed but. I believe that from a macro perspective you look at this franchise and it's it's time to really I think press hard reset on the franchised and that's a hard decision to make. Because. Not only do you have a guy Kemba Walker who's a fan favorite who's been your there's me there's the nuts and bolts going on the trade machine again. It has as I fired up here but. Not only is he your star player he's obviously he's he's the cornerstone of your franchise he is a fan favorite he's a guy who you pay to go watch he is. The main attraction on the scene it has been for the better part of the last five seasons. That is emotionally it is a hard decision. To tell yourself you know we're gonna move on from a gun got who has played all our who has been the model player for your franchise has never been in any trouble has never caused any friction in the locker room couple walker has been by all accounts a model player for what you wanna be deface your franchise having said that frank. Given the state of the team and given the salary situation that they face with guys like Dwight Howard on the hook for two more years Nicholas Batum 22 million for the next force or three and a half seasons. Marvin Williams thirteen million for two and a half more years can deal. Chris thirteen million for three years all of these guys does or four guys are there are who are all. Non playoff type players on an enemy in rotation Howard the two Williams could go christening that you know a building around any of those guys and as your fourth highest paid players all of them on the hook. For at least two more years role in Dwight Howard's case one and a half but everybody else at least two to three more years you are you are very much strapped financially going forward your best asset. Is Kemba Walker. Now with kemba you can then packaged Campbell when asked. A another contract because kemba your shiny piece right commit yourself to peace and other guys other other franchises they want. Take kemba and that affordable twelve million dollar deal it's got another year on it after this one ship him off somewhere. Package one of those other context that you're trying to offload whether it's but soon more than and KG I even mentioned Jeremy lamb who's a much more affordable deal but land as it is a guy who may make centrist depending on the deal. And bring back in the expiring contracts Wimbledon help clear your salary cap space. As well as young players and or draft picks the trade that I mentioned earlier and you were here earlier the trade that I had I think that makes a ton of sense for both sides spell you respond frank is the Orlando Magic trade I think the magic need a point guard the magic counts and some some decent young pieces. And pretty much her arm a point guard away from being at least competitive against a decent amount of Eastern Conference the other not a point guard away from contending in the Eastern Conference but their point got away from being a pretty relevant team they've got every Gordon. 740 day the civic has been really nice players said or did they need a point guard L for Peyton is one of the most anemic offensive players in the league at that position. They can trade Orlando constrained. Payton to Charlotte who's on expiring contract is content to be up after this year that clears him off the books. Shelvin Mack who's a backup point guard to be a nice addition to the rotation that's it Ken Mercer is a guy who would just be a salary filler and then Jonathan. I think it was it was a lottery pick he ones I believe seventh overall in the has past summer's draft Jonathan Isaac he's six foot ten. Three indeed type player kind of built similarly to bring in Ingram a bit more a project and a guy like Brendan negro but that body type which is becoming more more popular in this day and age in the NBA having guys that can play on the outside the than defend through four positions so that's a good young project for Charlotte to take on an additional and it would ship their first round pick may really make it top three protected so that falls in the top three Orlando keeps it this year. Unprotected and Tony nineteenth but Charlotte would essentially beginning to lottery text. Isaak plus the actual future tech. It and shipping off kemba and in this situation I should bomb Jeremy lamb as well which get that's more to make contracts work and I mean lands a good young player but. It's not like you're gonna need them to build around isn't that's a reset that to take it a reason for the hornets. Is it bad to me to feel this way. You know and I feel like come Bill Murray in meatballs. It just doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter it just does it matter it just doesn't matter. Whether he traded those players away or not because the people pick in the took the the the pieces. Are okay study did it eight. Probably Adam and to me right now. I think the in order for me to be a four on boards with an idea what I'm not opposed to right I'm just I mean it's it's interesting was. Wanted to better you like guys in the front office who would have a better yes chance of succeeding you know before I make those types of decisions I want that to exist first. Right so for me. If I'm going to you'll buy into this idea I want to know that the person that's making the the choices it's you know putting the ingredients you know together. Is going to have a better understanding of who we're gonna look for because. Up to this point to me that's is bigger problem as you know what our record has banned and what our team has I didn't. So a bomb you know I think that if I'm me because something we'll have changed that. Something that isn't going to be the same. Right because what I know is that we tagged a draft choices in years past. And that hasn't worked out so getting more those I don't have any confidence right now that we're gonna be better. Bet. That's fair that's absolutely fair I mean I think that's a fair criticism they did the hornets draft record is one of the worst in the NBA over the last five to ten years. Absolutely regret means under the roadster era before wrist oh it's it's never been they've never gotten kemba has been by far the biggest and just sort of let's just talk about how dumb are you talked about before Rick and talked about while he's been a point. Effort there yet so so ratio obviously has settled in the draft and that's on him that's on him in the front office no question about they have to answer to that but. Whoever the GM is what let's just look at. What the hornets roster could look like under the situation you move on from kemba you bring in let's just use this magic example that I that I really really like now all of a sudden your building around. Holy month eventually we can talk about being used now by Mike. Only monk a young nice piece of nineteen years old combo guard who eventually hope turns into a player in my mind your minds in a JR Smith. Lou Williams type guy who Williams a top fifty on the for the warriors the other night somehow that aid is scoring guard will say resort received Kamensky scored 25 to zero ally now so but but you have a young. Hopefully attracted decent month you're trying to develop a Johnson doesn't and another wrong PC would try to develop. Then you would have initiated just in my mind if let's say that magic tickets top three protected and it falls to the fourth or fifth pick. You may have. Trey young available and that's my dad's idea I mean Marvin badly dehydrated and and look at dodges are going 12 and three did it -- young is not going into that topic I mean. I'm very hard time believing young's get a crack that top three young would be a nice fit if kemba were to move on. Giuliani's do lighting up averaging 25 and eleven leading first freshman in I believe like sixty years to lead the NCA porn and assess what a great young piece of put plug in a point guard. I you know I. I don't think you know your concept is bad you know I think that do a lot of things that you're saying makes sense to younger let's have some direction must build some. Our identity you know all the things that you're talking about I completely agree with someone boards for fifth. You know we have the right people pay a guy right and I think that those you know again in infamy. You know that has to exist Meeks before I get excited about it because I don't want more. If the person that's thinking you know of the garbage is just picking more garbage. So do you have this story gets it just the dynamics of a front office in the NBA make it really interesting because. If you were Michael Jordan and you see the track record that show has in the draft and again I wanna go back and say this is not an indictment on show me again yes answer for the the track record is that in the draft of two years ago I was the biggest proponents saying Joseph should have been the executive of the year I thought he did a phenomenal job the moves he's made since then have not panned out if you're jordin do you sign off on trading Campbell if you sign off on trading kemba. That's a decision that show would make him chose the one pulling the trigger on that this is leading to a culture. Always going to be the number cruncher. What showed is in his position in my opinion is he looks at the contracts and you know he tells the people valuing talent yes or no. Right I don't think he's making the decisions based on you know the the personnel there at least to my knowledge yeah. I guess the question is valid if you're Jordan and you allowed Cho to trade if you should Campbell walker. That is a five year decision. A long term decision correct current and that is you're saying we're moving on from our corner p.s are our cornerstone guy to try and build eighteen that is going to compete for Eastern Conference championships in five years this or that to happen in the next two or three. In this that's the move you make so do you do and move on from. It's what did you move on from show all soak this show's going to be the one pulling the trigger on that train. I think there's a bit there's a lot of these are very interesting couple months for the hornets and especially the next month before the trade deadline on grow grain and a couple minutes I want to ask him about it because I know he he knows the hornets as well as anybody we'll go to break now and then bring him back and finish up the show and talk about that also the Norv Turner talk real quick but a teetering here we got about fifteen minutes left on the show my name's just ourself filling in for Kyle this is Garcia and Bailey. Welcome back to Garcia and Bailey just myself filling in for Kyle Bailey here we are almost done after. Greenhouse fun hours a radio tone by frank Garcia and we've got Chris Kroger with us now he's gonna take over at 2 o'clock. For primetime and Chris is actually over across the street now spectrum sinner and perfect Segway because have been talking about more inside the big story you Chris we'll get to a second when Norv Turner obviously artisan out of the corner for the Panthers. Just to piggyback off the conversation frank and I've been having for a better part of the afternoon today. For the hornets this is the game look tonight Donovan Mitchell's gonna walk into that arena tonight and he was picked two picks after. Holy month bleak look has played nineteen minutes in his last six games Donovan Mitchell is averaging almost nineteen points per game. That's that's that's got to sting. If you're a hornets fan and to me I wonder about the long term future of this franchise I have suggested today that it might be time to move on from Kemba Walker and trying to trade him for some younger assets and picks where do you stand on the state of moments right now. I mean I understand that theory I understand a lot of people are saying that nationally it's starting to become a thing but there at the reality is this. You talked before on the NBA all that the teams that would be interested in a player of kemba Walker's ilk which to me is a similar move too quickly pointed to get an Isiah Thomas Isiah kemba. We're pretty similar and how they played last year I mean they're similar in in the way they play because of their size and and then what they do offensively I think obviously kemba is a little bit more effective defensively Isaiah is more reliability of that wave it. What you would it would do you think teams are willing to give up for Kemba Walker because I I can tell you right up talking to folks around the lead. Odd good teams who would be understating kill buff. Are they want for next to nothing but if you're the hornets are not giving away Kemba Walker so no I I understand the theory because he is the heat he's what people think is an asset on this team put. I in reality if you're talking about moving forward rebuilding. Or you know trying to get it. Did have really changed the trajectory this team trading Kemba Walker doesn't accomplish any of those goals that's just the reality of the situation so now you're back at square one trying to figure out what you need to do. Yes and here's here's a suggestion I have to you cause I think you're right I as far as teams that are contenders at the moment or two playoff teams right now. There's really not a big market for Kemba Walker and further mostly because most of seems RD or interest at point guard. No yep that's good team said Dennis I think good teams have to have guys that are either Paul dominant in his play essentially point guard which is what James Harden. I'm LeBron James does at times in you know they have really good point guard play and that's why they're so good in the first place and you're right I mean they're guarding a lot of landing spots. And if you're two you're not trading him to a team that. Doesn't have one because woody what are you getting back from Mehmet in this situation is this Kemp was not the issue. It was cheap these contracts are killing you. And when I guess what you wanna pay kemba you do wanna pay Campbell what he's do you wanna pick him at a Max contract the problem is account but the problem is NIC Batum. The problem is what you get from your other your other wing made it in Michael Kidd Gilchrist so to me that's the issue is how do you how do you find a way if you if you're thinking about. Changing the pieces around kimbo. How do you do that to get was not the issue and I think by trading him. You're you're not actually gonna make yourself that much better you by the way to trade him now what are you gonna do you go from may be picking ninth or tenth to seventh the rate. I immediately. To me of jeopardy if you're gonna tear it down that's an offseason move where it's if you are really tearing it down to the studs and you're trying to be bad intentionally because there're there're a lot of teams who were. We're trying to be bad thing in the NBA right now they've been trying to do it since game one it's a little late a year you're trying to do if you're the hornets right now. I'm sure you have plenty of time to talk with that today in our norv Turner's new. Obviously your great in his quick shots that actually talk about that as well the off Eli like I like him on more voice Jonathan so folks some pitchers did and I think as we've all been talking to will be interesting to see that dynamic with him at camp that's gonna be the million dollar question and clips back I spent about thirty minutes with a in his office earlier we got a conversation live at 5 o'clock about fifteen full minutes with him and he looks good guys like genuinely. I have seen of it in about a month just like everybody else and he looks. He looks healthy he looks refreshed. And you see which is good to see him back to him but he's he's a good place that I help the health wise against so glad to have them back that's radar McChrystal have a good show mammals on dissidents and you and I need to get on the get on the line for about a couple hours and talk about the sort of titular Stewart dale we still don't know what you have and I think third there's got to be a way out but I. I just don't police kemba is the issue here is he's the he's the solution you got a bunch of other answers don't really cool thing about that I pulled guys like Chris edited show like guys all right that was Chris for. Anchor good show man thanks to noted thanks unitary windows live Merrill Christie talk for joining us tilted kilt that's. I'm Kelly for coming in the grip regime. If you have by large gay dividend and hanging out yeah absolutely not Bonneville Oz behind the board is all lunacy guys try to does a great job in now come join me on Sunday at the tilted kilt appreciate those guys as well I have a good weekend. Shake. Anybody was I didn't have low. Just happened.