Garcia & Bailey: Stan Norfleet in for Frank as we Talk College Football.

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Monday, October 16th

Stan and Kyle go through the weekend that was in college football, and discuss the NCAA's findings in the UNC Scandal.


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But Garcia. The red Garcia and very late so bedside Garcia. Though it's slightly different this loan facility at this moment also furthers my dad or understand Norfleet during brief yes sir good to be reckoned settlement. Local favorites that have seen. You about the. Just a little bit. So Fisher boy Chris Taylor you're Wahoo Chris Taylor as a dodger fan he has become one of my dearly beloved it's and we will low we'll talk about that. Later in the show probably would hit man arrives because there's I would like to remind him and I'm not earlier trash talker because I rely so much second backfire but so. Two games to none Dodgers leading in the National League Championship Series. My amend the the ginger garden gnome. Just occurred last night with a walk off three run bomb. He's good Chavez or anything he's a guy who's a cast off in Baltimore and restore and we just has become an absolute stud third baseman Manila. The fans didn't argue that. The game baseball needed do suggests an amount an avid baseball guy. You army but I do tell us follow go bar far logo programs and organizations and coach and there are. In May not be overlooked. When armed where the dog is here hopefully. We'll say c'mon man Kershaw hopes they can seal. Yeah I'm out. I wanna talk about that later wanna talk about bottler career with a walk off in game two for the Astros as well lead that series two games to none over the Yankees will talk about that later in the show. We do have a ton of stuff to get into it sounds like we can we do it's one of those Monday's. That's I wanna break a lot of stuff down here and I just will carry this over I don't wanna talk about air Rogers and talk about the dolphins and falcons yesterday this huge we didn't show what a ridiculous which in the college football. You know as you come millionaires got a couple of guys who were from the commonwealth saw on the tech guy that's a Wahoo right there and your guys. Brought commander in America after years of you know just bad football the majority bronco measures all right now is the ACC coach of the year. I don't think that they. This state and put her at this point halfway through the season is the ACC coach. Are you. Depending on how Dave door finishes as state right absolutely of state plays for the ACC champs your game here shortly there. He climbs back to judge Brett Dave dog yesterday's speech or your game they're gonna give him coach of the year and I wouldn't let him know well deserved. Be fair Marco also as long we can with Ramon ACC believes there asserted known randomly be Judy. He's called he's amounting to go Broncos coach could you this year armor in your early. Or you're late reverend. Rocco last year to be coach of vehicles out politically squeeze on a bowl win. Or were you model and these were five and one. Virginia's five and one they are whatever score vs Indiana Virginians like thirteen points with Brooklyn's seventy I was I was totally pin number of Scarlett I don't like what do. Urging horse away essentially from being undefeated. Which I think speaks to. One of course the Syracuse. Of the ACC as a conference in football and high Thursday made in the winter of Torrey sixteen and change them. Money that's going into facilities Miami Virginia. The money just has gotten facilities. They boss intelligence obviously he's got something Clint. Do we know what they deal at monster this facility. It's coming together and this is why when I'm. And yes BCC low moves. The SEC so low miscues mean this is why so yo topped bottomed out oratorio thirteenth or fourteenth can go to ensure all its ideological. Launched but you're 23 or four our what were thirteen or fourteen can go get it. Not even debatable. OK I've got buddies down in Georgia these guys are the leading authorities on all things college football these guys are just hot and heavy SEC homers Georgia fans have been affair and says you know that these guys they're good they're gamecocks fans. And even there almost to a man this week in San Jose the SEC's second worst conference in the country right now is rare its bet it is Tibet. It's memo. Georgia's a good football team and then beyond that mullah you know I did this is the truth right now. Let's look at some they almost lost to Syracuse we know what happened you short LSU Jews is not what they should be and and I. I heard. Over different in my Marcus Prius misusing their word he says it may. We're on. Kimbrough of the hole will issue and is not who we are right now. Screw. Us Miramar Rick doing down in court debut her. Although I'm I'm mariners on Saturday and I'm so I thought they were always it's 112. What was and supporting Israel won't was 143 wells at two point 161. With a total one. I heard migrants wonder what six and almost 1113 at one point has won once six action would compute if that was the case. I was actually got tied up early in the day with a whole fame induction from my brother saw and I mr. portion of that game. A home but I got I got to catch the end of it and I tell you what. Miami shows resilience I still think George Tex really good football team brought trio were we're just kind of scratching the surface of all things we wanna talk about -- the course of the show so what's happened over the weekend. You know much going back to the ACC first second. And those coaching hires Mark Richt just in for the Bronco Mendenhall. Errors right exactly do you know favors the the injection of great coaching talent into this conference is what stirred it around and conversely in the SEC. Retreads. And you know saving coaching tree guys. And just flat out bad hires has them where they are right now now. And a couple of years ago I can imagine any of us thought we'd be having this conversation. In 2007 team but it's where we are now Clemson goes down on Friday night there and it's. I'm not making any excuses for Clemson they got whipped it go to losing killing Brian hurt no doubt about it and the do Zurich Cooper. The talent but young guy. I'm losing Kelly Brian obviously hurt you factor that in the Syracuse won that game. You aren't I wonderful that was the story when we did show Saturday they come again Friday night so let's be clear and I gave the biggest crude rose that I could toward Dino braver has done an album on Twitter and my ex transports rent. Traditional fluke I'll watch Syracuse every week and around Washington for the last two and a half seasons. Dino waivers to the way they played they wanna do so many. NE RP homes if you will solely. Many employees. Are over the course of the game they Wear you out with Ted essentially basketball wizard you try to solicit basketball on grass up and their opened out there dungy. He's not them they will mean he's not Lamar Jackson dual threat. He's to me like a poor man's college version of fallout. You're leading rusher coming into my name it. What is the way he's thrown the ball and not just a fluke we saw our own little towel last year William. Amongst the country's leaders from a wide receiver position and now here Combs her Phillips and all his boys over there Israel Steve Israel. O'Neal besides Dino has got this system Roland and major tournament don't they have such a Hokies last year at the exit exhibit. Everything and continue to do that represented a cultural comfort coastal division in new Echostar shares are next this is what they do. Or do you surprised me and when you go look I watch Syracuse play at LSU. They lost by. And nine points. I'll watch Syracuse vs easy state they lost by seven points. Which are. Get some more talent it seems to wouldn't shock me. We don't know the systems employs the coaches is there. For them it's been about talent and staying healthy show this is the same due to lost Middle Tennessee State you know surprise me as well. You know if so what do we do we we do acknowledge that Middle Tennessee State or Nestle roll over the past half decade or so but mom certainly don't feel secure no no they shouldn't but is again what you're talking about Dino speaks to what a good coach he is not a good program builder for years. And the fact that he is going to be hot commodity in these coaching sir. Tennessee's. Deliberately so do. If you're Syracuse head man. Good of course the joke because this Brussels Goldman SEC lol yeah. Here are going to be program the column pulled sure your coach at Ole lie to you more right ma'am trying to go. An employer a lot of times you'll see players get offered deals and gas summit deal when your goal while she signed a deal for a we introduce so much more based on where Jews off sometime guys are going to security go to animal. Just give me woes on the table right now will do the bears were whereas Syracuse but a lot of good deal drew the short rolls. Got about 70457. Or 96 to and the standard sports man that stands sportsman's almost a quarter of following their he's in studio today sitting in for frank we're gonna have a whole lot of fun talking college football's we're gonna talk about the week in the was in the NFL of course a Major League Baseball toils and definitely North Carolina understands chew on that as I am too I heard him attack this morning some funny stuff country. Americans oh man that was so. So attitudes are sorry I was still a Norfleet sitting in a WS since that. When I was up last night I was the only person awake in my in my domicile last night mustard yellow dogs and hit that home run I lost it. I flip my couch or jump thru window. I set my mind must go on fire ignited last night was just a blast site. MI six and I was Richard Jesse last night is that I miss football Kyle will not get the ball come back to visually based on clay over a sergeant one. I'm still want to put the job but check out I'm still watching football. There's no African football team over baseball coils read the and shot. Rude shock why can't they just looked like he feels the same way I do guerrillas were not this tournament and a majority here I'd I'd get that. But if you know he's a True Blue baseball guy there's no way in hell I'm taking a regular season the podium over a playoff baseball tournament that was shot Brasilia my. Was being played Saturday and the dogs when Google's everywhere we want us to dodgers' next week. Aussie receives a nicely dog of DVR and it. Those who do well baseball all of our football it was the ball. We are in that in that particular instance amateur record on the DVR under seal myself dramatically in a room a little watch my baseball game and then as soon as available. More news on. So nobody can get some yeah. I have my supplies in my room sequestered and read. The door and I'll watch it back to back but I'm watching a baseball game first I am 100%. That's a good football game when you're under a longer suitable. If all else I would expect you to I would expect your time. I'm surprised you say the U. Hogan is now they're very few occasions that I will choose something over the on the water right there very very few occasions and I'll do that and normally. From from playoff baseball oil I got CNET team where World Series since I was three years old. I turned 32 next month. This is gonna be the first time potential that I get a chance to watch a World Series and my dad my brother but ever my brother he was in Mormon from but the first Soledad to a nine year old guy I'm a pretty jacked about this swell. That's so low gets people so that we play that clip adolescent cubs fans are a little bit but you're right no we played a clip sort of run. I don't know epidural and that's not my problem. And Leslie and last year I. Listen to displace and there was a lot of co Durham. Yes a in the hall and later it's your show they'll come to this particular this year they've popped up I don't know where deny a lot of W emerge in the song. We're here. I have talked about no where last year but it happens. So. Let's talk show us local North Carolina for certain about that part of I don't wanna university. We get the news on Friday Brighton mass do we. Reporter was jealous and it we will push this thing aggregates and fund received a north NCAA said Fisher Robert let me noted there wasn't. Exactly there's no where there was. Serious sanctions and pushing replacements or not it was so so we get the word and no it's not not certainly not my surprise I doubt yours on them but nothing depth all of our. Or death I was surprised you were surprised at that billion liters of trial okay. I was. Today it takes that long. You know. I don't get to the nets small to ensure our guards are North Carolina fans will want to its problem. I wasn't the trust nor have I I've been angry or upset when North Carolina this entire time. Because to me what was happening in North Carolina. So I think a lot of the places you know it was it was just once right at. When you hear things like eighteen years of systematic academic fraud and cheating is so watch those things sound really really bad it's easy to get swept up in the hysteria not a lot of that. I was mad at North Carolina I've been upset with the NCAA from being toothless and feckless and otherwise useless outside of organizing turn to their only purpose in life and it was just organized tournament I don't know hum. At the same time though. Some of these UNC fanatics have made it really really hard to read and hear much because they wanna browbeat you into believing now they've done absolutely nothing wrong we'll I don't think this is unique to you. I was like North Carolina should be punished more so than any other schools or have been punished. On the final thing threat to the same thing isn't happening to their schools across the country and are repeating myself now from but I think it's important to emphasize. However. Don't win win year old university. And many many alarms. Are saying they're embarrassed by what happened their knowledge that we all did that wrongdoing after that embarrassing things took place that at a prestigious universities such as North Carolina. They'll allow for these sort of things to go on. There admitting that things happen that they are very much not proud. And sure I'm stingy billows his position from the beginning that this is not incidentally jurisdiction that is an academic matter and so. -- do. Sachs was there. Due to the governing body did need to step in and do something here and that's what they did it plays North Carolina probation that's that's really serious stuff is yes all those things are true. It doesn't change the fact that I don't like it is someone who is she was part of education as I know you are as well especially higher education gloom. That you are hurting guys into majors simply to keep them eligible. And there's very little oversight and I have war two with student athletes at the academic level I you know at the university level before. And I see the kind of things that go lawn and it's always bothered me. So I did this is a long wondered when all should appear to be the Florida now in in saying that I'm not mad at North Carolina I don't think the north Carolina's two most egregious things in the Indy yes or departments ever done here I think that's hyperbole. But on the other side of the North Carolina supporters to say that nothing went wrong this is all of the mill you know much ado about nothing that is also know. It's also not the case so annoyed state I was cut along with your car. My first thought is this. A little bit. I'm president of University of Virginia Pryor was recruited by almost every ACC school with a exceptional Koppel. And what's academically can give into. Intimated it didn't when they usually record head to Mack Brown stated you would see I was home only viewers are. And then ultimately things change Regina was at a different place canceled before so for those there was say oh stay you couldn't have done and Joseph owls normally secure Lama told a caller told bush as not. If you get an average cleaning getting your as a Wake Forest to commercial was my first division offers Soria on. Eventually took pessimist or they're yeah. It surprised me win that they didn't find any element to me clarify. Being not able being too cool lets you do something. Is not the same as your into. Crude is the technicality profession what exactly happened here is there wasn't an athletic department issue this was a school last. Academia and we DNC to wage don't have jurisdiction over. The school why campus while a cameo that's are you old personal Carolina this year. You don't but technicality. Everything in and I had heard up until that point was. Me his basketball only RI football and women's basketball may take the it sounds like I. If it how to landlords to look good local or your flag shoe program on campus. Mobs at notre on no amount of sir it would they're. Because I've seen in our top guys they went to all the reputable institutions. Across the country USC. UCLA. Barcelona so for the University of Texas. Every athletic department there are majors and professors. That we. All I know. Understanding and compassionate. Toward the plight of the of the student athlete at these types of institutions. Here now you. If we're an institution have a class they just don't. And exist and hoosiers aren't going to that's a free class I'm not for that if you don't have a true team. And this could become. As a professor there's a real class I want you guys to hear the topic gold. Your own research come. Back to the table let's process what I liked what I don't lie based on whatever that professors. Train of audience right the person he or she is a professional. Whatever that department major is I'm OK with that if those things happened here Goldstein arm Chrysler checks and balances system. The problem is you and I both know. Many carries some cases right. Casey managed obviously an hour. Every time a student athletes in many cases just a regular run of the mill students. That's not the case. I able to you personally. Know someone you when I was in graduate school I received recruits for independent study from. Just for three hours a week of working on my masters series is something that I was already do so little is working. I was working right that's that's part of it but I was there are. Specifically. To pursuing graduate degree in something that I thought or still may work in one day Blair together report that that's without a cigarette. All right so I. He's an African American studies major history in Miami from the University of Virginia. My thinking more Australia is immaterial thing doesn't work. The examples of where I come from I knew atomic guys that may decent living. Coach and teacher and athletic director of something in that capacity. I with the those playing and and we talk about stuff on the I want some houses staples. On a field trip through high school. And somehow we ended up at staples the Tibetan independence used to be thriving business community in the city. Let's send a trip fare going staples and this is warming up and out and graphic design department whatever. She says she got a music degree from duke. And it always just spoke with Mika there are those like. Degree from duke who was the play and there via. Here's my point. And academic year went on notice to be true mean. Liz Lemon doing stuff in a profession and you don't Wear off you don't even touch elements of your degree. In lists are going in the law medicine something. Specified like. You guys graduate degrees you have. Bachelor's degrees below the way of accreditation. I looked at it this way and innocent but if I gotta go see the classroom. X amount owls today and we. I want a gold being engaged in what we're talking about what I what I'm passionate about something that makes sense to me that I can connect to and that's what happens so I was the first football players in the fifty year history. Recent history you create. You do after. American studies and it's it's one of the majors that gas come Turkish Chris can't treat a notional and assaulting came through to the same thing so mile long window where you say if I'm not. Manage your mama do. And other places. I amended student athletes on our last one arm saw it. Mosul so badly to black. How we were African American going to a freak after American studies class. I guess the disrespect. I would never do I wanna courage and monitored. That's crazy to me a minute do you. Well and we got to embrace your dumb I'm glad to. And another over a text and phone calls and this is more things don't talk about because especially when you juxtapose this to what just happened the NC state or kid has been ruled in Belgium because he took classes. Somewhere else. Because he he took summer classes at Ohio State. And Kearns and has now been ruled ineligible to to play NC state it's absolutely absurd Everett have callers call in assumed it works say classes that works gym classes they showed up they did some work Demi is about faith no. It's not looked at me it's because I'm a class and not not a witch. That's what you were a legitimate. When you worry too when you're attending a university as prestigious as the University of North Carolina and and and believe me when I tell you this is one day I have a son or daughter missing data wanna go to North Carolina who. I'll cut that to wish and check out rocks dug Carolina blue and support no question about it. When it would a university as prestigious as North Carolina which claims to be a public I've become is setting up classes require little to no work to pass. That's a straight classic I was. I don't you're turning to face double space paper. On on whatever that that's not a class at a prestigious university I'm sorry it's not that that's an assignment for nice greeting was class that's what that is ours Garcia and released in north was sitting in WS and so it. All right sounds good bad and I'll. Ugly from the weekend brought to buy preferred sleep solutions of the Carolinas and over tag team and mistakes are good this weekend. Searches. I struggled to find anything. I know you probably weren't saying it was good you would lane dolls. I just think that that's exceptional. Only clear. At least try to I don't think they're gonna lose another game they'll be here socially ACC championship game. And I think Clinton will be one of the four teams that make you can't. We were originally Bryant's ankle it is where he's going Biggio the next time we see them in two weeks or not and I think that there won't be just yeah. The bad this weekend. What do we say a man. Iran's goal and a I think his bat for the pact also think it's bad for the NFC if for football in general it's a really high profile injuries over the past couple weeks. But go home you know there's just now or Rogers ranch. And they can't make the Orioles what are. Us air Rogge is legitimately. Is the difference in the pac has potentially playing in the Super Bowl one not make in the almost 120. Breast pump was now leading that team oil still. Pretty sure it's about perspective it's the fifth at. Yeah as soon as that's fixed oh and when you see your leg area and I know I'd dime ever Brett probably all too well on Southern California but that's been awhile since anybody's hurt and understandably so ClaimID or Roger. Our ugly from the weekend's. If I mean it's Atlanta Falcons got to do our truck though. I just got back first person who talk the talk of the day early this morning first thing is more. And going into the weekend as they don't. I afford to let this be a story even more restored and it was going to be about the stupid Coleman. Last year and they've struggled in every game Dave this season. They pulled away from the Packers some injuries the second half of their game Sunday Night Football will start the season on the net. The bears buffalo last yesterday Imus could easily the falcons have attributed to Jim Rome. To me that's good. Dolphins defense played well but would you blow that kind of second Ashley did Jay Cutler. That's troubled school. It's but I guess the good the bad neo liberal to buy preferred sleep solutions of the Carolinas if you snore or have been diagnosed really think you might have obstructive sleep apnea you need to call doctor John Kim drove prefer sleep solutions. Of the Carolinas into the phone calls here speaking to Carolina we were talking about North Carolina. And gets closer wanna talk about it Simpson book bloggers are Carolina super fan Patrick to reserve dialing us up tragically somebody knowing it. Oh and the first law I don't Al walker say that occurred thereby helped end here radio station thereby. I apologize for wasting. That during the Mac attack this morning. Bill is making excuses for that I'm not how. I'm not might have made my good idea all these years I'll play. Yeah. Let's yeah dot this got a site that made it in some ways it is truly played worse like that Kamal what do you guys dislike what you say it would thing is totally do. Help clear there are some details to come right behind it. Endangered just like where Bhutto olive growers come and prone sometimes. Let's let the muscles it was like the tell it's a military thing isn't it it's that's burn you burned on and I was so what's the what's the latest whack mole issue. Well good. Welcome thanks Maingear appears solid talk about how close the schools bowed to every school that kid and that's simply not true Carlos. Got several kids may I can tell Mobutu arcade marquee names of mr. supported broad. Oh yes we we can get admitted schooled James Summers goes please kill our. Played a great page cornerback where employees in the deepest back to India tremendous goal. And this has happened a lot with these are almost out like it generated you know they can't get our guys they didn't care on. Type thing but this aren't. Thereby assess that and of course don't look good Davis was cut that he would get of recruiting class according Gaza only really twelve Kirk they were in school. So you know these things yet he gets here by then think how you will all end all and you talked about the yet been made sure. Not being a legitimate major to get a job and and yet in and that might be you know that's okay that's probably what it what about all the majors. And literature majors and there's a bit of total liberal arts major so like that you can't just go like that after I don't. Spoke to Mr. President but here's the thing that little bit of a straw man argument becomes a not saying ask him is the only of those majors were you kick the job. The time I just talked shall I ordered out towards I don't know that that's Thatcher treasure I mean I've given you a couple of minutes or more unless you are pre and you'll write a thank you very much look that wasn't the point. That wasn't the point the problem and the point was that when an entire national championship team like 85 to 90% of it is herded into that major. It is worthwhile to ask the question why and that's what was done there okay. Have you may not have her as an African American studies major myself from another ACC institution university Virginia. Depending on where you wonder what you specified unless you wanna go through higher education teaching whatever you can go get a second. Degree based on a bachelor's in their program or she can and I know how has been. Are higher education Patrick you may not know that long enough to understand enough and they agreed to a good. Made comments on a bush I know where you're going we're so I didn't think you waited. Actually took it and that's the that's not the way you should take because you you can be a successful individual you know taking a liberal arts major whatever else. You know that doesn't mean you're going to be as marketable as an engineer computer side to surrender or. I was an MBA or architecture Diller was around it's certainly does not okay but again the point wasn't that bullets are wasted time you know it's so it's a joke you can't learn any thing and and you know some people even taking it is as racially offensive I. I can't help that offensive that's what happens but I'll try to make sure my words or are watched and careful but here's the deal. Again when an entire national championship team almost as herded into that major it begs the question why. And when you see the NCAA coming down and on various programs for academic issues. And in in this instance saying well this is outside the purview of our jurisdiction there's nothing we can do about this okay all the NCAA is. It exists because it's the the the body of the member institutions and if the member institutions want to give the NC double the power to do something about this they absolutely can and they've chosen not to. Because they don't want more give the folks in Indianapolis. Telling them what to do on the academic side and that is fine but as I said Friday I have heard it argued eloquently and strongly. That if these things were done to ensure the eligibility. Of athletes. That's a problem. And the Arctic counterargument that Stan is watching it created impermissible benefit of just regular students or have access to those classes and coming up all over. No one's saying this isn't a complicated nuanced issue because it is and always has meant. But the bottom lines it was for me simply got to summon it was a huge proponent of higher education who recognizes the flaw issues and the problems in the bloated salaries. And the people getting tenure shouldn't and the rising cost of the data regular folks can afford it and student loan of the whole deal. The whole problem. All right for a prestigious. University meant to be setting up these classes were next to no work is required to complete dump where you don't have to show up. Where a two page double space paper which barely pass is the bar in the eighth grade. It is what's being asked to complete three credits of college courses we've got issues and issues are systemic and that's what I'm always maintain it sure. I think. For example our offer a scholarship by Harvard. Armor at the time denied give athletic scholarships but the in my GPA in. What is it that. Extracurricular activities combined allowed you know some scholarship money to be drama awake. I know for Fred for example at Harvard they'd do offer some programs that allow you it is almost like a critical thinkers curriculum and here's the issue go solve. Comrade let's have some dialogue about a cure some holes in your theory based all other court cases of a piece some information and evidence. I do. Lucy some education a DNA guided environment I can seize an independent course is being attracts vast and I would do to us. This was you might not even see you do. Who were straight courses some examples. You took a thanks so I agree were two week. Go to break but what we don't talk about enough of a god is what busiest. If we held every student athlete they let me be clear Stafford is the only school in the country that does this. Only school in the country FBS division watched that you must meet you fool. Academic requirement of institution. First before you can. Even signed deliver content to go to Stanford employees. Need to talk about how our athletic programs are going to be compromise and couldn't. On recently is that completed king Gideon Ezra why can those key is not giving them because they're focused on playing. Am balls that are going to school based on the environment that they come from the environment that they come from laws we don't have the best teachers and and does resource available in. Given towns do you see these give in school districts this thing will disseminate all the way downtown. I don't wanna talk about America's and makes people uncomfortable click okay I don't really miracle. Jar Oslo went oh no no it does make him comfortable either in the fact of the matter is we should we're also very late so organist at the sun will come back there quicksand judgments come your way nexus Garcia barely stand or listening yet. Lost supplied. All right Syracuse beat Clemson on Friday to Devin hurt. Got a big deal. And Clemson. Prior to that law also I thought was almost guaranteed to be the number one team in the country when the first college football playoff selection committee told came out because. They had the best resonate prior Friday. Three top fifteen wins sir zero. Your stripes speaks for itself the first team to do that. You know obviously that's changed. And look I think. It's easy to overreact to a loss that is seemingly so bad when Clemson was a 43 and a half point favorite on the road. As you and I both acknowledge we think the world you know neighbors to coach and as a program builder from. And it's the second time they've done this in the past two years although bigger deal this time because they get the number seventeen team last year Virginia Tech to get the number two team in the country this year and close. The doors and things are there any place it's difficult to do some things because it's not easy to recruit football players to Syracuse and it's a basketball. It's still basketball school that's right. But I do think we need to keep in mind. How difficult it is to run the table. Because often we forget. That rolled Nick Saban success in Alabama. His teams have boldly run the table at one time just once since he's been there. And they've got a fistful national championship fractious one time they run the table. It a couple of years ago. To start the season. Ohio State is pre season all world all everything and it's the largest crowd ever watch a game in the horseshoe. Hokies come Premier League is smoked by Virginia Tech who went on to the battered by injuries and finish the season 76. And at one point it was called and they know a bad loss for them Ohio State still managed to bounce back to win a national championship which by the way in my written off JT Baird I was a little bit too early this year. And by the way to bear America's cute dog is like fourth and crisis he's still Moses 21 noted the negatives right now. Did you join us both of those summarizes field and Breslow breathlessly and the Orioles college football well semifinals. None editorial families want lost yet so Alabama. Has skewed. In the last century or last decade or should say our perception of what it means to be an elite team top. They really fast that's so good Alabama's been and that's a good Alabama is right now for the most part there are dominating terrible conference we understand that. Hum but Alabama has skewed our perception of what it means to be an elite team in college football just one time they've from the table. So keep got a mild start killing closely calling them fraudulent mark and you know not acknowledging that lost their quarterback in the first draft. And that is killing Bryant plays in my it is in my opinion and it's all of results were sure enough I still think they when the game killing Brian played the rest of. I could certainly their chance to win may get a bush and he's is exponentially shore but also want. You say there's last year when a house they do need to claim their conference championship game for chlamydia in. A year had to make a decision is in the four most deserving teams or before best. And they were right in the and you rule for the cause a ball player all bets yet. They're really good. Deserving which is our house they got election. Dive back into some of that now we're number two as a matter startled told touched on some of the next Taylor source or SEC network serious sex symbol join us. When we return we'll talk some college football with former WS and zeal llamas Ryder Garcia and really stay in north soliciting and WS and six.