Garcia & Bailey: Stan Norfleet and Frank Discuss the Panthers' Reality.

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Tuesday, October 24th

Stan and Frank give their take as former players on why the Panthers' Offense struggled against the Bears.


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But Garcia. Garcia and really show. Stand nor free here filling in for one child Baylor. Better sleep. I think you might do a new. Yeah we got. World Series true. That's exactly pores over there a better stereo new resident. Frank Garcia. That's Osborne motive. Openness and production appreciate that out thanks to Matt Maloney and crew. For doing things warmed up a little women and we thank him Matt yeah we got to my bills great job but it has. I enjoy. Listening to reduce quality banter and especially what what I call today frank and you and I disorder trust today was the ideal so for you wanna. It's real talk to yeah yeah I'm not all into Tampa. I'm still O'Hare airport. I don't feel their way out there was Chicago. This from things that took place on Sunday afternoon. That I haven't had a chance to get off my chest. And clearly you have some things you choose your need to develop your chest as it relates ArQule on apprentice. Course we're gonna take your calls antics at the forefront Seminole mass sixteen and text on the buildings in a text line. I'm and so primarily football today we lost about this hour we'll talk about the levels of course I will revisit the game unfortunately the loss to Chicago. We will be joined by Steve reed from the Associated Press at eleven. Scenes from his tweets I think twice she agrees with us in terms. Of the direction of this team. The personality his team in the years that I word. Are we gonna talk about this meant that I did two T mean. This team inconsistency. There's another. It's widgets he's only UCLA. In his ministry here. We're also got to our Lomas brown. Small time mob broadcasting yourself. Former officer tackle what like seven time all pro he's bred boy Holmes is going join us in the 1 o'clock hour rule. Given true. Hornet's we'll talk out the World Series preview. You got a little bit and of course you know shows them over his country would out tough them Boston College football friend that is a must Shia that we give it to the college football bet you say it natural hormone or not. It's lived up to. Yeah I don't expect to get riled up so early in the my goodness. I. Some people just don't wanna hear. They ask you a question you give them an explanation. And then they try to contempt change your mind in your explanation when you're asking me the question. I if they want if they don't wanna know than they should just tell me what they want to say because that's you know what Mack wants to do he wants to tell me what he thinks it's early here in what I think. I think Mack amateur and let's not isolated manner because I'm losing the Tampa fans for how many seasons you know I've been here since before it was between. Cantor strands a lot of times. Stroke go with the whole word. That objectivity well. I have I. All learn to love words that you know I had zero here's an ever objectivity would not want an. And if Mac's case. Maximum Matt wants you to believe him because he wants to believe that's correct there what he's being traded to us by the organization and is is absolute mood and its on the trek and fixed. The deals of this team has very well sir you. Disagreed so I think I disagree I disagree were met more than I do. As a valid point yes Roger I think he has some some legitimacy to some of his concerns. And I just. The explanation sometimes abuses you know for me you know is. So. I guess. PlayStation fantasy football ask. Right we want to line up the monologue which corporation the Panthers are doing that that's what their offense is based on corporation stand you and I know as well as anyone. In college football because you have better athletes out there trick or rationing work to certain degrees but at the end of the day you have to line up in you have to knock a hole and somebody. Right if you can't do that in sustain that that you're not going to be consistent offense it's there's no consistency teams are gonna give up. And not respect the trick direction because they know that those players are going to be Q there's not one player on this team right now on the Carolina Panthers but has the ability to take it to the house in the open field. And take away angles not want. So maybe made. What that we use has seen Curtis said has said that that you know we've seen the 43. You know and just because you run for three doesn't mean you play for three era when the as an all white right. And then the camera floor and lot of difference between looking like Tarzan and playing like Janet so. And right now because he's so you are a he missed a bunch of time I would put him more on the side of plane like Zhang. And you know you have opportunities go out there and make plays and that's what we're seeing the potential in the ability there. Right but it's the burst ability hasn't been seen yet so nothing is gonna scare defense they're know what crystal Curtis and they'll get their reverse for twelve yards okay great. You got twelve yards now light. Because you're gonna do that again we're gonna knock you back twelve yards because we CNET. Once you've seen shown what you have and you've exposed your hand there's no more bluffing. Nice to go up and line up comply. Right and that's the difference between the 2015. Season. Had those plays in 2015. But they also had sustainability. Was two back at my door downhill. Unlike their works. With students. Because since we're still in this term week I'm not really removal yet. We gotta talk last night wants Obama to my football. 'cause I think that ultimately impacts the NFC race and where we won't displaying the goal as Dole's there watch support and love to Carolina Panthers. And then I got a comeback. About 220. I got to come back to Chicago. And I've heard everybody have their chance to say what they wanna say and I'm coming back from Atlanta I got some things to say about what we saw Chicago. Because I think there's more than and I'm reading comments from the heat coach. I respect Ron Rivera. Are really due. To time coach of the year. I know what this team was before he got. Our respect Iran. But I do think Ron is not a blow criticism Ron is not a book approach. Ultimately Mike Hsu move falls under the direction overall Rivera. And I you won't talk about coaches and in those things you're coming up but fiercely watch right with let's let's go to last night there won't. Pull back trek into North Carolina Panthers conversation. But I am well aware of which is on the other side put in thinking about last night. I come away with Fey going. What I saw here Charlotte home Thursday night last week was not a fluke. Right now the Philadelphia Eagles are the best team in the NFC. That's what my eyes tell me then there are certain statistics that back that up for me closer to more. So my demand on right now costume wins. Is an MVP candidate. And I think his divert. And match or race in from year one year to. Has been sensational. Doug Peterson has done an excellent job as the head coach slash offer support may look for an organization if they know. They are Jim Swartz says that defense final round not it doesn't interest. Like a lot of people in this division and in the conference to do. Without question right now today the Philadelphia Eagles on the best team in NFC. We'll find out what our patents can do on the back into this thing to do it back into this conversation. Saying north crucial inning for Garcia bailiff. Mr. Garcia Braly show. Writing on sixteen. Stand nor we usually if the want Kyle Bailey. I don't live tomorrow writers steal frank Garcia. Finishes the glossy M Bailey show your woman to Travis trim. I'm Mormon new. I felt a lot to delve inside joke this songwriter that they're miner comes as apparently not shine through. It's always been there we. Stimulus frank Garcia and we just begin a conversation. About. The Panthers and I want to backtrack a little bit of on the I don't Chicago wanna get into some Chicago conversation. We'll try to watch the game last night at least three quarters of the game. And I've been traveling out to try to I had to do this morning commute what your desk he. What do we see last night in terms over the direction of the NFC. And I made a statement part of going to break. Then I'm convinced that what the image of what the Philadelphia Eagles have shown me. Not just two weeks. But especially these last two weeks. Pay are right now the class of the NFC. When I look at who would have to be dealt forked out Philadelphia Eagles are excuse me. They are physical bunch. They are playing you the football certain positions. They know who they are. They are very well coached. And situationally. What needs to be done to put themselves in position to win games late. What did you see when you washed again let. Same thing you know you can Carson once through MVP level quarterbacks play better bill same thing you need to make the argument last year in the SE was Matt Ryan plan better and everybody else. You don't play calling is on point our guys are educating them understanding of what they're trying to do. And I know they're going out there and make it happen on Sundays. You know that's what the Eagles are doing right now. You know and on the defensive side. I think their defensive line is as good as anyways I think Fletcher Cox is playing better than anybody right now at the defensive tackle position controlling the line of scrimmage not allowing any running holes in the passing game. Driving his man back into the quarterback's face you create pressure and that's what they're doing. Come there they're tackling the quarterback the running back excuse me on the way to the quarterback and com it's a gap defense where. You know they're just shooting gaps in giving up to shielding create group in wreaking Havoc Havoc. Knew that works you know for a lot of players if they have guys that are athletic defensive linemen that can. He'll make plays and and content files and that's what they're doing right now on the door better than anybody else. Com you know when you look at the Eagles on the offensive side. You know they're they're fast arm their physical. And they're confident. And you know what concerns you if you're an Eagles fan I'm sure is that are they peaking too early in you know because it is the only way to game seven. And almost as the second you know second quarter. In his fourth quarters you know first four games second four games third four games in the final four games and no most teams wanna be playing their best football in those final four games and lead them into the playoffs room. Lot of teams in the NFC right now still searching and before that identity in the Carolina Panthers are one of. And we're gonna talk about that come and appear on the backside it thank. You. When I looked ever closer to step back and look at snapshot of the playoffs started today. Eagles will be the ones by Minnesota. Albeit to improve. But LU and ram that the Ramsey that if the rams there as well thanks for like that just shows the parity initially ago. Oh would've predicted that would have been before coming into this season. And you'd have the Packers the Panthers falcons and the Seahawks. The falcons are three in three don't have that force one yet so that would be what would keep them out of the wild card spot but yet there are. Goggles are thought to say and franchises there. Would assume. Would be in those slots toward toppling of playoffs started voting yes Darby Packers at the six Seattle being trapped Agassi extra and I. It is right there at seven well that be tied with the backers are rare and according to a playoff seedings and I'm the connection Panthers will be on Al soundly because of the NFC opponents right arm. Probably backers pair of Packers win the tiebreak over Carolina based on winning percentage in conference a conference games right yeah that's right so I mean those are all things that it's in. No thankfully the class don't start today correct. The Panthers ran is that what's gonna change. You know what's gonna change what this offense is it better more timing with cam. Working with some of these receivers. Chula understanding his personality creating an identity. Or is still just kind of a bunch a mismatch stuff. You know what they're going out there and trying to do and put things together and see what sticks. So that's a concern right now your answer fan you know if your Packers obviously know Aaron Rodgers are you know Packers might out when enough for game. Me on that division. To me they're cooked yeah I mean they're tough they're they're done in the majority Nelson as good as the players is my car. I was news of players is. I'm you know we don't have anybody to get them the ball there and average average player just like anybody else would be. Both Bulaga and mark TRE have had injuries all year so they're injured bush has already hit them I think the pack is not a nominee whenever we can. We saw a game Sunday night there and panic Mo now they are not mountains the falcons are they they are naive. As to. Jess how critical this moment is this season is gonna play out over the next three weeks. And they saw and I can tell you unequivocally the any and every day. The fans are it's almost like there haven't met. Wayne new. In light bulb moment like oh you mean this Super Bowl angle we're paying newsreel yeah it's real. Or distractions. Get people's best. People game plans for you differently. And so it was almost like they. Believe. Both of us in the media and and transmit a game that we're trying to tell them this danger is real I saw it happen here. Tony Katrina towards extremism of the symbol on your trauma Samardo drag so I don't honestly Atlanta's Don. But they are real with Dallas seek to build a week to week to week proposition. And it's just tough to play like that argument of socialist like different ways you may or may not have. We do week like where's the dependability. Playing Dallas well you know as far as the chemistry in the locker room you know the guy behind them those type of things but you prepared like you have him in when you don't you don't. There's just like anything else you know GM and injury you do you keep going and yet and you move on but it right now they have so they're preparing each and every week I don't know if that's his big distraction. You know because I don't know how to value that out of how to measure that needs to know what that means as far as pours another have a more. Maloney plays pretty damn good all around the problem is with the cowboys is that just don't have the defense to back it up when I was I mean they're made the playoffs this year right. To be out because they've PBI and running the football is great dec Prescott's Kimberly good and you know their team that has the potential to be any idea given Sunday because of their ability to control the ball just tough to do it consistently. On a week to week basis in the regular season now if you get to the playoffs to different animal because that's what you do you pack your defense you get you did you special teams. And you run the football and you're gonna have a chance to be successful. You know the Panthers from. You know differences there I think the defense is there loot she could come back this week most likely. Me Julius Peppers has had a great a season you're. Chris good you're gonna have Chris Coleman back in the middle and I curtains Kurt Coleman back in the safety position and you know disease doesn't play well enough to win most of these games. You know that's been and it was one of the issues right now the offense is let the defense down. Once we got redolent. I just don't think some Rex actually got to go to Chicago. Take your calls as well so little for five Simoneau massacre since then north please join me for cowboy you wish that Steele frank Garcia this is Garcia Bailey right you don't want to try different. Garcia and Bailey show stand Norfleet through and you shall want cow Bailey. Who's got a little World Series true. Talk to the knife that's lament Osborne over your production and help push rank and they don't courses are still talking. What do you what do you oops what are you here. You know when you hear Ron Rivera says three players. They'll be your mama I literally had it written down man's. We got a Jessica. Here's what I hear frank. And this is real talk children. I hear excuses. Everybody's doing what injuries then. Everybody has holes and a roster. What everybody does little quarterback eagle force whatsoever of 407 yards. In his third career start. MB each. I can't tell you how disappointed I am number. To be respectful we may be joined in these 12 o'clock hour or Abbas more from the Carolina Panthers human someone makes arm respectful. But I owe it to our listeners to be honest and to be transparent about what we saw. The camp criminal conversation always thought we can't. He's. He's a phrase organization. He's making a title money. I don't care what offense because. Complete four passes. And beat you try common shares of doctors I have to look at to gain from that prison first then. Whereas a say in a rule book that you can't just go candles and an assertion doesn't mean that you can't. Force a fumble from their gas. Where's it written that you can't return a kick. You have an advantage you have an opportunity excuse me as a defense. To score the football too we've seen differences. In recent memory. Play well enough but they create short fields and scoring opportunities. For the alternates that may be fledgling at that point. An anomaly is we will have a good job just defense when you look at the audits with Austria and Austria all the stats we won the stat sheet. From him. We just Carolina campus teams defensively is not taking the ball the way. No they're not in you know stand I think we don't you look it's you know the Chicago Bears and John Fox football. You know those opportunities are going to be few and far between. It's hard to get a fumble in the NFL. You know you've got to have you know way you know wrap wrap up rally and stripped the ball type of mentality the peanut Tillman did a very good job of that but. You know when you look at what the pins are doing that they don't lose that game on the defensive side that lost that game because they turned the ball. And honestly and defense cost to match what I'm saying is I hero Lotto. The defense must build the ultrasound and vice Versa. And there was much. Yeah I mean everybody's gonna take their part of the pie when it comes to owning up but let's be honest if you're valuing that I. Evaluating that they'll lose that game because the defense that lost that game because they couldn't score they lost that game because they couldn't get first downs I lost that game because it turned the ball over you. And and that was the do you think you're the biggest difference differential on the stat column was that minus two turnovers or minus three turnovers in a for the Carolina Panthers to a rose got converted to fourteen points the defense beyond the defense only gave up three points. In two weeks back to back gives Philadelphia Eagles. The defense played well enough to win that game as well the offense let the defense down by turning the ball over shorts are filled the defense does stepped up until now the end zone force midget field goals but. Your margin for error is too great if you're always gonna put the onus on the defense. The offense has to own up to its side the conference and Adrian yeah they are. Are beholden to their part for the Carolina apparently. Not this rooted out and after that we would spend the bulk of our time on the offense so I was starting from the defense of perspective if I just business and it's just a former defender Islamic. You can block kicks. You can return kicks. You can strip the ball. Like I don't wanna did. Give credit where it's well alters your score armor rating was more straight. Or Beirut to Vista boy I notice ordering his defense is ball term argued that Ray Lewis is fair I went into every game and my goal we knew. No just to stop people. Has to score or at least put the ball. Damn near all the goal I have four alternates that's the mentality I mean this team. Well that's not these type of players that don't have historically good defense they have some good players but they're not domino. I know this is San Francisco 49ers in the Buffalo Bills as a dominant defense my answer was no. It still isn't there have dominant players every they have the best player in the game but he plays a position. This not going to be able to take over game and that's Lou typically is the best to what he does he didn't play last week he was hurt the week before. You know you look at you know the defense line and you go to Philadelphia Eagles who's the best in football what are they doing they're dominating the defense alignment as they were dominant player. Fletcher Cox is dominated his opponent whether to trade term or short or you sold like there are thrown them. I got to notice me. You think Kerry wants sure didn't pay yet. Tonight you can not a dumb player he's not a dumb plays a good player he's a really good player of what is not a dominant what was the humble from memory here we go to phone my. That's it that his best year was nine NAFTA and sex something like that. Is he Carson I. Hi said guy he's just so impact full at the point of attack he is a dominant player point of attack you're not always on the other side line of scrimmage. Pressure Stalin not pronounced please accept sacks who that. But what we're told this to me but you know years ago after we listen to. Daschle was that the Doug Deaton did conjunction deacon Jones came on with Bruce Morton myself several several years ago and he said Sachs or my product is the end result of the of the football I'm sure that's Soledad absolute it's not. It's not the end all be all we put too much onus an emphasis on sat us who are totally agree I always think of realty track oppressors right by you would. These greens to be here. It again without did the moment tomorrow morning I think KK is being pay ED. To be as impact for forty Carolina Panthers. Asked Fletcher Cox news for the Philadelphia Eagles are differs thousand businesses and you know that Danny usually listen to me talk about the Eagles and how they're approaching the the game plan was short is that there tackling the running back on the way to the quarterback to the shooting gaps and you know outfielder create pressure in a lot of times when you don't. New confidence and maybe your linebackers. You create haven't. Right the cancers are more gap sound the more wood to gap in team. They're not a gap shooting team captain JJ shortest you asked to keep his point polled the points list like stark so the linebackers coming our way. We get there seemed. They're feeding the linebackers. Where the difference in the Philadelphia Eagles is the defense of line or having to be dominant because they don't have the linebackers the printers that have so they're creating Havoc with shooting gaps fat and that may be the best example of you know what may be teams need to do to create a habit. But it's not everybody has those types of players along the defensive line. I wanna Katrina comes as disappointing as dramatically that I wanted to but if he's been. Holmes for a while we'll go out on the phone while welcoming its procedures or was warmer. I'm Doug to a group of pleasure are part Carmen Ortiz slow. These were part of remission rates remained. Did you see Broder probably you know about Obama watches cable lock up issue it was so good at all. Don't burn the ball security there to what. And there definitely Rex ever mentioned what you got those cells like are you want to tell shrank. Are a year more. Pork book pro football. How how rarely wears although you heard a lot that you broke her for a bit earlier that you report. I tell you know what would you. We're back at how different they want victory should've worn out Kobe ashore earlier distinction would have gotten used. Now speaker got to blockade and we tried to police Maxwell football player directional bet you're no big trip to complete moral of the remote. They immediately there was no equity it will work you remember you people review won't back a little bit but it you're actually deals. What they enjoy it do in Berkeley between current affair boot strapped to Shipley. They're not all the work they've been offered to lower wall were very Schuettler here. Which are like well there are probably also go wherever you play able. After a goal weight Brokaw also worked here are very aware of what they've never had a blog until we were all dressed. And they didn't address. And see what if they don't have the quarterback to gimme the ball properly in the space is that they need on time. Have you ever thought about that because that then you don't need much blocked and you and you look at teams in the way they exploit defenses. A lot of times it's with timing on route since with getting the ball in space quickly. That's just not who cam as it's a vertical offense and I agree with your premise you know with that is that you know if you're going to attack you use what weapons you have. Don't try to sit square pegs into round holes don't try to ask guys to adopt. They can only make clips don't ask guys to shoot three players. If there are only good at low close post players don't ask guys to you don't blood there and become a curve ball hitter of all they're used to doing is hitting fastballs don't ask guys to try to run over guy. Eyes of the 200 pounds don't ask guys to try to knock guys off the ball it's are only 300 pounds and the guy across was 350. So you have to. You have to do they scheme. According to your personnel and right now we are trying to pick city square peg into a round hole that's why McCaffery Samuel. To an offense is going to be able to take advantage of those pieces the New Orleans saying it's the. You should be. New England Patriots the Philadelphia Eagles you can utilize those guys did you have a system in place is gonna go 123 throw the ball. My thoughts on those draft picks specifically. McCaffrey and sandals. Because Ron Rivera singled. Out and he says something in that press to the media that I. Not so sure about our world Hornish scared it was about five minutes then awfully draconian for cal Bailey that's frank Garcia Garcia crucial here on them to try to trap. Long supported. Yes are you sure. More dishonest and Norfleet souvenirs for Kyle Bailey. Frank Garcia tomorrow right and you are listening to to Garcia and Bailey show. And this is snap judgment brought to you of course Bob bill haven tire and auto. And normally Kyle has a lot and he's Oregon. I understand he has he's fired up normally for the segment and he has a ton that he wants to get into number you have to give him. Yeah. I would prefer. Last night the Charlotte hornets. What was that. What was that 94943. Minutes to go you've heard me talk about this offense turned to hurt we talked about needing more scores. Last night they had an opportunity. To still worn on the road against the bucks 94943. Minutes to go. Cold for seven from the field. You know I don't know if that's because of not having all starters out there having five guys on the bench but. You know as well as I don't stand as the next man up mentality you can't go oh sure. Downed the last stretch of the game and expect to be a good basketball team Dwight Howard played great he had a ton of rebounds. And yeah. Tool he's sure destroy it seven on the offensive side. Keeping plays alive turnover margin was pretty good but it turned the ball over much but it was a year. Why they didn't lose because of life other than maybe a free throw little short not. Jeff of those it's a close a game the free throw shooting was atrocious for the hornets but who's gonna be the score at the end of the game other than Kemba Walker. They're still searching one for six from three point line teams are gonna catch on to that you've got to find another score if you're born to beat playoff basketball teams I'm. I'm not sure. Now I know that slam you know played pretty well last night. Mostly mostly good. We're Mick what Tony Meehan how we deal ball. We mama Cass to assume the role that you're talking about the second score especially in a crunch. It could be powerful force whereas my mood more than likely more outlook ecstatic that. A fourth straight. We talk about defense all the new this team. Sometimes when you look at the other side especially down crunch time who is going to be your score last night. Kaminsky played well. For about stopped 42 minutes right for the last three nightly too quickly endlessly powerful. But where it was in the end. Somebody has to step up they're gonna take Kimball way somebody has to be the other score. That's what number are not supporters need to find another score where you went on the Kaminsky did Joseph look mixed up until this point. Consistency is the biggest thing. He's got a little bit better a little bit more consistent two games out of three he's been pretty good last I don't know if you saw the dog and you took. The great treat them into the hole suite. Glittering put the ball on it on the ground and took him to the hole that's the first seven footer that's pretty athletic that's what you give him four. I wanna see it when it counts I want to see that the into the game I was he has throw one of those down in the last you know two minutes. I was just so I want somebody else until the takeover because if they don't feel that's where they're there they're born and that's where the struggling with right now. I heard maybe it was magic may have been somebody else I'll listen to as so many people in my did this morning. So much that they believe the honest onto the cold pool is going to be the next best play your initially. Young guys that will develop into being in the face of the lead well he's on pace right now he's done what Jerry west's you don't with well. Into that what do numbers you can almost positive foursome points. 43 rebounds top 21 assists. No player in NBA history. Has that many points rebounds and assists. Through the first four games of the season. Now I'll probably would take Anthony Davis. If our goal and he crossing over from a young guy. What age are we talking about 45 and under. There's a great bridge twenty years old you can mix and what 2401. Extra and I got that'll eat out to senators probably 23. 24 so between those troops out. Davis why the outside shooting is better. I don't know man defensively. I think I particularly I think in today's NBA. You've got to have a slasher score in a difference maker on yeah. He cannot be stopped in transition out. On his back he's going to the hole and he's a blank is like dictating to be like a step in such a great aligning Don lay it up and it actually insert in Anthony Davis has for big guide nice outside shot he's athletic as hell you can defend the realm what does your. Oregon can score. The MBA is just like the NFL it's about school or anything. You can't score carry the unarmed SNL. I listen I mean more dodge and one a one big number enough. Army or actually that's not like them discounts and Anthony Davis say he can't play the game obviously he's full tremendous he's phenomenal. But if you're asking me what the direction I go and it's the cab and re election it's the the Greek free gram act introduced Tom to say his name so distant recently a correction yeah. It's crazy is to pull onto the cold apple it's quite simple he's. I had a little piece I mean I don't think he's near ceiling yet that's a crazy part if you don't you just restart it was a great article Sports Illustrated about him they said. That when they went scouted him in Greece. They won the scouts rolled up to the game he's playing the semi pro game in the pro game these plants you sit outside smoking cigarettes. Yes he's sitting on his scooter outside smoking just drew. And again they say this is to god and scripture and they see it only to. Lopez and soon after smoking cigarettes and he said this is to guide and they civil. You gotta you gotta stop smoking meant a dollars and sixty at 611611. Settled late last night of that size Dana said he was closer to seven feet now. He's legally your score right now 36 point eight points per game. Was Hingis is sakic Anthony davis' third during one point seven. I think Anthony Davis Steele say it is a little more refined at the moment the honest my good point OK well John mrs. Just happened to the ceiling to tear it apart and how madrassa has served as a group. Certainly has the rules and its predecessor's little. Girl's death. Or tape to get a draft order those but as much that Joe's the idea. Hope they haven't AD group or Kuwait window we are guilty William Cody what you don't goddess was strapped to do you miss the first track but once it yeah. Pick John this is not. And what I see not aim of MBA. A mix of sin is right none of of NBA. All NBA first three chains were. Undrafted saying your dog I mean we can we can have an hour to our show on this you know we look at our team vs everybody else around the league so we are athletes. You know we got him KG who's post your defense shut downward teacher he's eminently movies. And and you know you as a teacher was amazed and you know I'd have to say so at least a couple of guys that play basketball no different. You're the teacher and embody. Right so elite talent is not gonna come was dead bodies. I mean he's a hard playbook works that's often gives you everything you have perfect he's a hardworking guy he's a jag. Cody Zeller. Dives on the floor he's a guy you stay away from in the gym because you get hurt somebody because all over the place probably a crash yet he plays harder than everybody else right. Does stay away from them. He's a Jack Kaminsky. It is old game himself seven footer 21 down on the floor last night. OK so we some consistency but athletically speaking. He's a Jack Kemp had little scoops gat you know get my idea horrible. Out of a lion. But. He's going to be ups problem. Small garden misleading you going matches in Newsweek. We got a rapper Nick Punto can barely run down the court without his knees knocked him. And get dumped in open court. Order is yeah. For its offer are honest I don't I mean they play hard I love that let's get the most out of them two out of this dramatic system. But there's not a guy that can. You know you guessed it close nonetheless analysts and the press conference we can't win that way we can't win isolation basketball we have to do it differently and I agree with them. He tries to do with what he what he works and what he has as well as anybody totally agree but. In this league. On the back into this thing Steve free from the Associated Press we gotta get back into his camp this conversation if hold on from Chicago I think. Now I'm I'm not. Newcomers from the everybody stated to travel. You do an NFC if Garcia and daily show's been mostly true and if the company would have still frank Garcia pitched almost laughed while contrast gives me the print.