Garcia & Bailey: As Sports Fans, Are We Guilty of Moral Neglect?

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Monday, July 24th

Josh Parcell in for Kyle as we debate whether we, as "Sports Fans", neglect what is moral.


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But Garcia. He's more. Welcome back to Garcia and Bailey I'm just Parcells filling in for Kyle Bailey all week long while he is on vacation up in the great white north. And I'm joined by frank Garcia and just a minute from now we are gonna have Charlie can't seal team golf guy on the line he will break down. Jordan's peace open championship Witten victory yesterday finishing twelve under five under any four hole stretch after. Both being thirteen and magnificent fashion it was an incredible thing to watch coming up a little bit later we will talk about. LeBron James how much longer will he be in Cleveland. Less miles is he in the mix of the old miss job sounds like he's interest and we'll talk about that as well. Carolina Panthers open training camp tomorrow we'll get into all that. And Connor McGregor. Put drain money green in his place this weekend I don't know if you saw did not see all my gosh will you just wait because we're gonna talk about Conor Gregor. Giving him hungry in the business alliance or rim it was incredible and then we'll talk a little bit about the Mayweather McGregor fight. Not in the way then. I think we talked about it a few weeks ago. But there was an interesting article in new Yorker that I think is very off the mark on and the state of sports fans today and whether or not. What it says about you if you wanna pay for the fight talk about all that but I'm right now we've got Charlie Nancy LT golf guy on Twitter. And he is gonna break down Jordan sees victory Charlie area. Regret all right so I'd what are you thinking in your mind watching Jordan speed roll around those titlist trucks on thirteen yesterday. What I've what I've had a giving you for you take Jordan's beat to win that championship. I at that point I thought that we were finally seeing via a lack of a better determine no disrespect. Content some people BP TSB's from the masters two years. Really coming to roost and but I table blew me away. What how he was able to keep his head in that moment and realize all of his options there's not too many people that would have. So can and it's taken employable and use the option of keeping that port between them. And the hole and going back as far as they want to and realizing that the driving range as an out of bounds. Yeah I needed it I was blown away by you know and keeping his head in that situation more than anything else but not at that point when he put his hands on top of his battle thirteen. It was over I really did. You know Charlie that was an option that I'm sure they had done not a lot of people or aware of the G to go back as far as you want on the porn and including myself adopt. You know un playable it was just it's you know club lying and a stroke and then you pull you play from there are so. Obviously that was a great option that he took option C. But he was able to rebound from that angle out there and do some in the nobody expected and and I say this about you know a guy like Rory is that yeah everybody can go out there and make putts and more to do that but what do you do when you've. When you miss what do you do when you make bogey how you rebound from that is there anybody ever been better than what Rory is doing right now because it just seems and Danny. You know any tournament I watch him play he goes out there makes bogey in the very next hole hit Greg. Birdie birdie with this we know there were two things about what happened thirteen. Bombed bigger really underrated or worst equipment helped. That's six Bhopal was. But he may I come from you can definitely report about what you wish. As far as momentum swing his way he'd lost the hole he wouldn't want down in the tournament. They get she had little bit of leading that hole and I think what are the reasons of the momentum. And this was nobody's fault anybody and anything purposeful but he totally high culture to your had to sit around for forty minutes and any momentum. But he might as well. Was completely dissipated by all of the times defended that too used to it to make that shot and so when they left. That the thirteenth hole and an odd way all the creature was leading the tournament up speed had all the momentum. Now I think I said Rory airmen Jordan obviously in the thank you for not over correcting me but. I'll I don't listen I mean we talked about that you know Charlie with these guys and their slow play already. Do you like that ruling golf with a final group that they should be on o'clock or hurt you know is it something that you would just like to see them doing well. What you know it's funny this came up a year or so ago I was chatting from our side and we were in the final group. And the guy came up this that you guys are at a position and we looked behind us and there was no one's behind this. And that's it exactly who we keeping from playing the golf course. And he says well the the spirit of of the rule or the letter of the law if you you groups it's a front of you would inside. And so it's one of those things that I received the letter of the law but I also see the spirit of the law Jews. About Jordan and Jordan's a varied. Mature guy I mean in his speech yesterday was very classy he got it's I mean pretty much any golfer who congratulated him. After he won spoke of his class and his maturity. But he also he is part of a group of guys Rickie Fowler smiling Kaufman Justin Thomas those guys who have gone down to do the spring breaks war they. I don't say are ushering in a new era of golf but in a waning they sort of all are these guys who have very little loosen. I just heard you talking about spirit of the rule and things like that and I hit I think. Does golf need more guys like this piece and valor of the world who had that personality and young kind of yet they respect the rules of the game but they also are trying to tap into a younger audiences is beaten the kind of guy who you think can help grow the game is never gonna do it tiger dead. But can he connect with the younger audience and help grow the sport and in this damage. Bought things they all can and the differences. For many many years professional golfers did not come into their crime and were not. Factors until they were in the late twenties DoubleTree to think about your own personal maturity level between when you were 22 and twenty Surrey. And when you're 2829. It's miles apart and so these guys you know when they're not being professionals they're acting like 23 year old. So you know I don't see anything wrong with the then. You know I don't know I'm met a mother yet that would George be completely just got out just what sort of be like. Upright in a branding gracing guy that we're not talking about today because of how spectacular speech was downed on the finished. Goes out on Saturday and shoots a 62. And I was so thankful for him because I know all no longer have to hear Johnny Miller. Brag about you know his 63 at the US open so. How spectacular was that is it is pot isn't as good as what. You know some of these other guys have done with that 63 in the running grace going out there and breaking that 63 barrier first time ever. Well look into it's I'm not gonna say one rounds better than another because one route to port seven meter certainly 172 shares well enough. There's been over 440. Major championships contests. 440. The number of people who shot a 62. One. And not seeing tiger lip outs in Tulsa Oklahoma to shoot 62 assault bill look so without a true last year. To shoot 62. Watch Greg Norman shoot shot 61. In the 96 masters in the first round and shot 63 did to me that maybe the best trounced dole of arsenic. Com but this guy under the gun major championship. Shot 62. He's sits. She's the list. So I'm going to hear anything from anybody about well this map. Shut up if it was so easy you go out and do it. Exactly I did 62 on about twelve holes and then incidents that causes I can get and so. We're obviously we have to make it compares only got to talk about these legacy and I winning three majors before the age of 24 you allow yourself in that conversation with the likes of Nicklaus and tiger. We don't look I have the numbers in front of me and for his greatest Jordan has been such a young age for a he also has taken almost twice as many starts to win as many events as tiger what's he has played an eighteen majors are. That tiger had only played in fourteen at this point once tiger and played an eighteen he had six major titles so. We stress seeing so far too trying to make this comparison because it seems like we are not to take anything away I don't wanna kick dirt on on jordin speed but. It seems like we're still stretching just be may be the closest we've come. But he's still not that close. I think everybody needs to appreciate each choose who they are Jack Nicklaus is the goats he's the greatest of all time. Tiger Woods unload a few weeks ago when when Jordan wonders can't permit people making the comparison how much you know he was younger than tiger when he won. Jen and you know Richard Jordan what. Under turner the sort ever to win champ. Tiger won his next ten tournaments. In his next eighteen. That's how great. They the people so it's amazing how fast timers are raced how great. And how singularly great Tiger Woods was com Jordan is a very special golfer. Obviously he's 23 years old and a three weeks she's gonna try to get the career slam and chase immortality. In Charlotte thing about that you're chasing immortality before the agent or equal. Since that's for that's pretty good stuff but I think just appreciate. Each were his own I mean no one I think it's foolish and it's not guarded Jordan and it's not fair to tiger. To compare the two just it is not fair to Jack. And it's not fair to tiger. You know appreciate each. For being their own great player that there were. Tiger tiger still an enemy. Ranks and cancer. Tiger may be in by tonight's top three athletes all try. No question about it and I think one of the things it just to make the NBA comparison. A generation of basketball players grew up idolizing Michael Jordan. Similar to what they've done with Tiger Woods. But I think the pressure on guys like Kobe Bryant LeBron James even during tracing gradient Vince Carter there was so much pressure on them to emulate Michael Jordan. And and they felt that pressure to make it seems like Jordan is so comfortable in his own skin that he he yes he he was here the tiger comparisons. Don't think they faze him one bit. I think they're pressured to make sure to be announced that they much greater McGrady. And Vince Carter because they were still in the league when tiger was. Ours usually when Jordan was there right but which piece of this generation. They've never seen. That tiger then a wounded. Animal they've never seen Tiger Woods for being Tiger Woods so I think the pressure. Give that was stopped by McGrady and Carter and those guys was. Was bush heaped upon them because like well now you have to take the mantle. Toby had a little easier because there were a little bit of a break I think LeBron has had a future all of you know crystal brawn is several years after Jordan. And LeBron is more hybrid between Jordan magic Johnson and truck Robinson I just don't say. Yeah absolutely Charlie and joining us in the Pentagon just unsealed the underscored golf guy on Twitter Soledad thank you for joining us who has just and it. Here all right coming back on the other side we're gonna talk Mayweather McGregor really quickly we're also gonna get into Panthers can't take your phone calls about to beat you do waiting on the line but this Mayweather McGregor thank. Are you gotta buy the fight. And if you do what does it say about eulogize me what I know I'm not I'm not gonna judge you but somebody is and we're gonna talk about that after the break this is Garcia and Bailey. As you right there. Welcome back to Garcia and Bailey just Parcells billion for Kyle all week long. I'm not only did so what's the day Thursday Friday ya I took a couple days Australia and I have a life outside in his radio show. So frank Garcia joining me it's going to be a short segment we're gonna talk jordin speech down wrap up that conversation and then we'll move on to kind of re. Move Mayweather McGregor as well let's get the phone lines right now Paul's been waiting we had to back on the line Paul. And you wanna talk about Jordan's beat what's up. Well I actually want to talk about the comparison of major one bad necklace bust the plan would drop. And certainly hit I'm every period of buddy mention is that necklace finish first or second in the 37. Lakers. Were you aware that. Yeah her second had not been second place finishes. Nobody'll ever nobody'll ever come close to that made it took to the vehicle contract and 37 this kind of real. He could've won a lot more. I became very close and I think dead thank you for the call Paul and I think the I think you I think Paul watched every one of my dad ham is funny I mean you can hear you know where people are gonna go there conversation and almost by age of voice trying to gobble ball as much. You know I'm sure that you look get as you more as you pointed out earlier with LeBron in Jordan. You know the time of what you grew up watching you thought that this was the greatest thing you've ever seen. And I think the same argument can be made with these golfers people that. No maybe a starting to watch golf didn't see tiger or Jack play excuse me Tennessee Jack play you know when he won as out their dominating. I didn't see Jack play I didn't care for golf I didn't know much about the sport. I'm you'll honestly a lot of people play baseball and thought golf was the trans sport tiger made a popular we started watching golf because of him. Mom you know and that's where you start really more more paying attention to what he was doing vs the field vs what Jack gore. You know some of these other guys Arnold Palmer were doing so. Yeah I mean it's incredible record with Jack has our numbers are gonna have to take it away from me as eighteen more than anybody he has what 172 place finishes. You know then guide dominated the sport and that's why to me. You know he's going to be considered the greatest generation you're the greatest golfer and his generation. And I think you have to do that was tiger is well that's generation if they'd those two to play together. Got her bell the match I don't know where one but out of wanna sit. Yet and oh and here's a comparison I'll make few in the 1970s was was Nichols is prime decades he finished first or second in fifteen of the forty majors he competed. Incredible in the 2000 which was tiger's prime decade he finished first or second in fifteen of the forty major. Exactly the same as Nicklaus probably deeper field at the time. It's it's. If I can make an argument one way or the other I'm not taking anything away from other one of and to your point generation believe they dominated their generation that's all you can ask for them to deal. Once you start to compare eat then use our peoples are to get offended when you don't think their guy but if he's. Well that make the argument pick somebody they make the argument for Jack you know is that he used for seminal woods and use a lot of balls. He was able to hit it to eighty to ninety tyra new technology yeah and could hit it 33 well what's crazy is tiger I love the tour in driving distance in 2002001. If he had he hit the ball the same distance today. He would be not even touch point that would do the technology but technology has changed from examined today exactly you know you do the clubs so I mean tailor made to make him a new look new clean driver everything you know you're so. You know same thing with Callaway new film complying with the the golf drivers that are out there and then. On the same thing with technology imparting in the ball the ball has changed more than anything really know when you start thinking about it in the evolution of golf but. I'm a little things that does use these guys are able to take advantage of why you see so many different winners. I don't think we see the competitive. Tough SOB I know Rory may be the closest that we've seen to that they just want to go out there and grind and figure out a way to get it done to win the tournament and that's why he's winning majors right now and no question about it really quickly set until now sees 1524 reasonable more than go to somebody wings Barbeque fish sliders chicken farm. The worse today a stillness up on this Monday afternoon. About he's 1524 east boulevard second Mel grey grade through there we appreciate them helping us out today keeping us up from going hungry. Which and a friend Gloria I'm always worried about the hunger. Let's not worry had a break David you're on the line we're gonna get to you after this commercial break this is Garcia and Bailey just ourself filling in for Kyle we're gonna wrap up the speed conversation next we'll get incident there's training camp talked and then Mayweather McGregor conversation that I think is gonna fascinate all deal. To the right here on Garcia and Bailey. Unborn children with the twos today. There's a good one. He's a lifeline. He foreshadowed in the conversation more about I'm not sure. I will go back to Garcia Millie just Marceau. Formally ESPN and fox sports one filling in for Kyle today he's on vacation all week long I'll be here today Thursday and Friday as well. And I joined by frank Garcia and ordered talk about sort real quickly that I think you guys are gonna be fascinated by it. And is it involves the Floyd Mayweather kinda McGregor fight which we all saw the World War II weeks ago they go on afford a press conference in. LA New York one day and this ad somewhere else and they were all over the place. And early candidate in Maine where they candidate wanted to hear Toronto or something dad yes so. All over the place and it was a spectacle and it honestly became a caricature of itself on the first day it was like. Jessica I'm excited I'm menace is going to be great and then by like day three and four they were throwing money on this stage in their overdue got it exactly jumped the shark. But having said that a lot of we actually started to goad. Much more negatively than I think many of us anticipated they're always going to be backlash anything especially with Floyd Mayweather involved but I read an article. In New York magazine. Written by will lead to is it a good writer. Been around for a long time for dad's been for awhile and ask your question and think that blush rose listening there thinking about right now there's just a tip cancer. Why are you reading New York so and I did I do not go to New York magazine trust me don't go there. But if I ever wanted to see a different opinion. On something then. You start look at yeah I well I like look for good radio I need to find something to disagree with an RY found here. The headline of the article says it seems like sports can't sink much lower than Mayweather McGregor but just wait. And I'll also loved the entered the article we'll give you guys the idea of what wills point as he says down according article. When you sign up for life is a sports fan you were knowingly introducing darkness and moral complications into your life to look clearly at the world of sports is to want to look away. Greedy owners jacking up ticket prices. Athletes beating their girlfriends and being punished a multi year guaranteed contracts worth millions. TV deals worth so much money that the they have teams and no incentive to care for fans. Toxic masculinity leading to regressive social politics. Compared to most other American institutions. So here's my take away from that's his his point is essentially saying that if you're gonna be a sports fan. You ignore a lot of the indiscretions that athletes have off the field the NFL has been going through this for the last five years whether it was with Ray Rice or Greg Hardy Adrian Peterson. Don Michael Vick. Back in the day and Smith. Exactly all all these guys do and do. Despicable things away from the field. Yet they're being there are and that becomes his moral outrage and everybody we we see think pieces on the Internet like listen we see people go on TV in the they condemn these actions and say that they're gonna boycott the NFL and that this is going to be bad for business. Guess who's not struggling for cash in FL. Guess there's not gonna struggle for cash this fight and I think wells trying to say that. If you look at duke and the actions that took place in that world war the war debt were being used by Mayweather McGregor words that we can't say on the air but. Did the epithets or being scattered across the stage of. I Floyd or Connor they're not good I have a problem with them a bit by day three or four as an okay this is gone too far but. The point I would make is. How is this isn't just specific to sports fans is it fair how to how can you single out sports fans and say that we're the ones. Who ignore. Scandal or ignored controversy. Or ignore a wrongdoing this happens everywhere couple months ago Delta Airlines right Delta Airlines drags and I'll for the plane. Moral outrage for days and the video goes viral millions of views they drag this guy off the plane was it right was it wrong I'm never flying delta and her it was delta united. You know do you unite us as a dubbed delta got into the NASA clay Travis last week. United Airlines. United Airlines so airlines and Boyle and boycott united. I got news forum. In the last year. United Airlines stopped. Going well enough to a minor dip for that week when that video came out and now it's up. That's nothing new sports but we ignore the moral. Controversy surrounding united dragging the alpha flight. And then you know we did and actually we find the cheapest flight we get on and we don't where we're mired where my miles ended up on our united OK let me go and look my flight I wanna be what if it's an airline industry I want the cheapest flight if it says if it's sports I wanna be entertained. Over Albert has had executives. And drivers mired in sexual harassment controversy for years they have been murders. Urban drivers have killed. People in their cars they've had so much negative publicity over the years. And yet and over is the most heavily invested in product in Silicon Valley. Nine billion dollars I think in the last year that they reason and in investments so. People are still musing uber moving like you hear these stories all over there live they re they raped their customers. These you still get in the car. How how is this a sports thing though that's all we know are the society. What we're selfish what can you do for me can you energy what what what service are you offering me if it's goober you give you mean your car. Are you an airline you giving me the most affordable flight if you're a boxer are you giving me a fight and it's gonna entertain me for an hour and is worth a hundred dollars. We ignore. All of the negativity. Movies acting I mean how many actors have done so many horrible things they can be honest. I think that's probably more than greater examples you look at some of the things that actors do and they make hundreds of millions dollars an hour film we don't stop watching. You know I've probably almost entice is this a little bit more to watch you know let this guy has some controversy that surrounds him and you know we wanna see. You know that's we wanna see the wreck we wanna see the train wreck and if it's entertaining that's all we care about if it's cheap that's what we want. You know I doesn't matter whether it's you know you fill in the blank Hoover Disney. Delta united Tom or. You know a guy in and in the in your sports if it's entertaining and chuck signed me up our watched Floyd Mayweather in and McGregor you know some of the things that you are they were saying as you pointed out. Are going to be things that we look and saved some not support and that's guys races this guys that. I did you know hit this guy beats his girlfriends this guy you know goes out there has controversy surrounding him what do we do we sign up I'm watching you watching. I'm dumber pay a hundred bucks for whatever that is right this and I don't care my point is. I don't care what these guys do in their personal life you know when it comes to sports. You know that everybody is human we all make mistakes I don't run a route for you know bad people but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna watch. My and that's just the way that's just the way I'm built. Bomb is that right or wrong I'm not sure but it is the way I think that most humans in only go about whatever it is as you point out. We're gonna do with its cheap sign me up in our ethics more important ice. You know you'd like to think so it's gonna be and they Marty you'll that's fine I'm just a problem if you have a problem. Width what so what an athlete does and you choose not to watch them cool like I. Fine thank that in bother me certainly doesn't bother the league. But are you didn't go out and single out sports fans are sports fans there is some jocular culture that just totally condones. Stings like domestic violence and in time gay and lesbian group conversation like what's happening with Floyd and Connor. That to meet you can't single out sports fans and say that where the only aspect of society that ignores these things and just says what I I just wanna be entertained because it happens everywhere. You mentioned Disney. 2015 report came out from 2016 to 201535. Disney employees charged asylum are charged with child. Sex abuse molestation molestation 35 Disney employees and even okay charged with molestation so that's cast members that you walk through in the Clark. That's jitters I read I read several stories about the assuming people who you walk by any time you go into magic kingdom more. Or MGM or animal kingdom wherever it is you may be you you have a chance of microscopic chance for you have a chance you may be walking by somebody who. Was charged with or who is about to be charged with. Child molestation you still went to Disney World after it happened in new. Because you you ignore those things and you still go to the business and this is not a sports thing you know I think that's that's the point that the general point I'm trying to do it and when is it that. What is it that makes a difference right what is it going to be what's their breaking point view is different for everybody right I don't know I mean is it Tiger Woods cheating on his wife and you know they'll follow target. Don't know like Tiger Woods anymore I don't know I might need. You know but if you watch and watch and enjoy tiger when he was kicking everybody's tail on the golf course you don't gonna root for tiger on the golf course move army unless other people so. Yeah you're right thumb you don't have passion judgment on anybody for. You know what they're taste may be much you know for me that's that's right Stan I just find it interesting that it again the the only point I'm trying to make here is that. Sports insult somehow get a bad rap and all of this like they're the ones because capital football club football players in particular don't think I mean I. Absolutely you know I'm I guess it's a baseball you're talking about steroids but hell it's almost and it's almost condoned if your football players so. Yeah I mean you know I don't know maybe is that gladiator mentality that we look at these guys and we put them up on this I was told to think that means you know they have different rules I don't know if that's a disk is other people are gonna sit there and say no I just don't wanna turn into that because of that so. Yeah I think it's unfair that if you're just point out and that's why the moral of the story is don't read whatever article your birthday greeting from that mentally you are manually magazine and you know hey. Like I said I wanna hear all sides of the story and I wanna hear everything that I got to find something it is in the US and this was something we get into the break. We're gonna get seven on the line after the commercial break this is Garcia in Bailey just Marcel filling in for Kyle along with frank lab a little bit more to say about this Mayweather McGregor story. Like I said we'll get your phone call and the immortal panthers' training camp dull or Panthers fans maybe a little patriots are neck and I was see how many paychecks regulator during your Garcia and Bailey. Two Garcia immediately just ourself formally a fox sports one NE SPN's filling in for Kyle today Thursday and Friday. Usually and then the two days we now chuck cowards are cowards. And I'm not sure yet I hope it's not hit math. Myself. You have to pop is back if you tell you did or that weird man there there was some serious crack is going on in here you hit man walks and he's hunched over again he's like walking around like a wounded animal and I'm what's wrong Tony go so I'll man my back my neck my next in my match. How much are you okay. Is and I Pannemon endlessly I'm just so I'm a more like relax here let me popular back limit this and help our grab his back and I'm blah I'll hold him. First off it's like all hunched over. And I just as it is literally squeeze a little bit and hold things like an accordion all right down from the now I am always down it was Bernardo de chiropractor every contractors journalist probably like don't go ahead what are you going to be sued. Bomb but it that was awful. I feel bad for him many times he popped out customized name popcorn and a broken out after I hope he's OK now. I HTC great aunt Betsy my name that was little tier right up there also. They will gladly join us for mega tech trivia every Wednesday from seven to nine at wild wing cafe in ours. How the heck do you pronounce that canceling airs live again I'm not from here I'm not around these parts yes. There is legal but a simple boy that when really they're me for a loop triple threat again a joyous or mega tech trivia every Wednesday from seven to nine a wild wing Cathay and air easily there ago. It's your chance doing concert tickets game tickets and more details and WS Lindsay dot com yeah I've only been here for three years so. I don't know I don't doubt it'll make it down south much while eleven Ballantine wares bedding royals also are. I'm trying to close to turn around him aren't trying on and now it's a traitor transom puts off trial and then like 45 minute left as there's a wild wing cafe right there Daryn exit one gallery five take you know want to go to war so yeah it's no different there on the left with a predominantly town center. It's Allison as a wild wing cafe there's a a good look mediators now with data the bowling Alley and there's all sorts of things down yeah down in one minute we're gonna get to the foul line seven. On the line he wants to talk about the conversation we were having before the break and justice summing up really quickly. Will leads wrote an article in New York magazine basically saying that sports fans have a tendency sports fans specifically have a tendency to ignore. Off the field and discretion and scanned all things of that nature. In order to just be entertained by whether it's the Mayweather McGregor fight whether it's the NFL whatever it might be. And my point is this isn't just sports fan this is what we do as a society. If we wanna fly an airline. We don't care if united drag the guy off of a flight. If it's the cheapest flight we're gonna buy it. United's stock is higher now than it was three months ago it's higher now than it was a year ago it's continued to rise because the airline industry is then is is it I had in incline with ups and you know certainly an email I got an incline it's rising. In the right direction yet there you go but it is trending in the right direction exactly Disney. From 2006 to 2015. Fired 35 employees who were accused and charged a child molestation sexual abuse. Disney's not hurting you know people still going to Disney World so to say that is specifically sport problem is ignorant I think two ended. This is not as society is not at all it's misleading is what it is right and it's unfair to. I don't know this guy got cut from his basketball team when he was a young kid or not but yeah he does seem to have a problem with sports fans exactly so I think the jocular culture sometimes if this stigma attached to it that. We don't really care about anything just. Golden goal on the field stack up strapped the chin straps in and hit somebody and we are entertained by that but it. Then this is far from the only business in the world war we're willing to ignore some of the negativity. In order to get to invest. Quality service or product that we want so seventh on the line right now we're gonna get to 77 what do you dissect. Out. Do me. I don't OK will will leaks New York magazine LE IT CH. Let go and do conclusive. Oh yeah why did so a moron uncle saw it. The girl he wanted to I call it the girl like the jobs. Looked at psychiatrist they do or that because. L says it already and I guess I won't help the consumption are important and we created all mortgage. And the other corner of the industry television radio and print. That's operated outside instead of this group and diplomatic infidelity and quiet sort out this. Can you say hey I know our sport they have barely you don't the more popular. Shouldn't they kind of are that are consuming Apollo. And entered it okay this. How they did an engagement in the old English Wikipedia mobile. Wish you know you're gonna condemn the sort that let them already been used to people don't know you can come up. I'm from the I can't have been critical step in previous fired up he is my opened but he's right is not. In some ways yes I think that it's what Hanoi say that. Look if you could actually said earlier if you have a problem with Floyd Mayweather beating his wife which I do I don't condone and other absolutely not armed. But if you have a problem with that to the point where you're not going to watch any of his fights fine I'm I don't have a problem with anyone who says that. I mean we're talking a curse McLean. Chris McClain will not watch because of what he does and he's come on center. Let's I thought that's OK fine that's fine nobody's nobody's condone or and you don't condone us for watching exactly Don don't exactly and dole. Paint sports in the picture there in a corner that. The rest of society isn't exact same way the exact same way that that's all because. As chairman kind of waited a few different directions there but yeah I mean sports pays his bills and if will wants to try and help. Solve the moral ills that are going on in sports and good luck to him. But. It's an entertainment business and something that there was somebody on the buildings or text line the hit on that I wanted to talk about. Says I would argue in many instances in the NFL for example. Punishes its players exponentially more than the legal system ever does or what. So who. Yes and no but I think one thing that we tend to say we talked about it got under every the other day when they're gonna talk about making cabinet. But they basically said the NFL the privilege is not right. Any job it's a privilege that's a job for them they're paid to do a job because that's what they're qualified to do Michael Vick just to use it it as an example he went to jail. OK got out of jail. He is most qualified on this earth to play quarterback in the NFL that's the thing he is most qualified to deal. Some like me I'm probably most qualified to talk on the radio. Maybe most qualified to write for a newspaper I don't tell me somebody who has finance degree is most qualified to work at a bank. If you pay the Penske the legal system why should. It's another entity punish you even further now that you have standards and guidelines in this suspensions come into play that's fine you can suspend someone no problem but people who say. All the person X Michael Vick Ray Rice wouldn't you name it shouldn't ever play any other elegant that should be taken away from them. Why it ended and our our society is built on the as a legal system that is meant to treat. Issues like this. And once you have gone through and pay George justice to that legal system. You should be allowed into it pursue whatever line of work you want and if that line of work deems you worthy of a performing and being a part of that. Then by all means that's how our country is built. That's that I am umpire in Lima that obviously meant thinking that you know I I think people make mistakes. Guys there's something that's gonna be more egregious for me than others you and I'm probably a look at the situation. There with when it comes to one thing and you know I probably won't support if it has something to do with my savior of the safety of people that I love that are going to be involved with that the MIT she you know choose to. You know stay away from that but tough for the most part I think people do deserve second chances you know I'm just not sure you know what you know with what this guy's writing if you know I think if you agree with that and has so I think that's or debate and obviously come in and you know right now. Is probably gonna have a lot of people agree with them early start I'm not. He'll have blood on the entire left wing media will let them edges are 80% and anybody on the Internet these days so. There's that we're gonna come back and other side we're gonna talk panthers' training camp they open up tomorrow and Wofford will get deep into the Kansas conversation and what what interest you going in.