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Wednesday, September 13th

Kyle & Frank close out the show discussing the Panthers. 


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But Garcia. He's more. For good thanks it's great live Super Bowl champ two time pro bowler try it out with a so join us on Wednesday afternoon's. Here in studio and we certainly appreciate that those folks who were a little bit disappointed toward Miller segment earlier with the phony issue right about a dress because cordial north favored just truly sure that is a and eighty plus crystal clear so I ignored forcible good that I just he's architects Samir a couple of times and surveillance off figured out sorry for the confusion or for the misunderstanding but there were original land line next week with Corey. And they'll pass that thing out yes so large in relation that segment is. Top knot it's good to go away plus every single week but you know what the most important thing right now. Is it an immense amounts. The man's back was a voice my candidate which really can a candidate to Susan said that. Well yeah different. Eager to edit yourself. It takes effect on punt coverage decisions that a candidate self love self defecation you understand they got the best. It is best part about being human being. As part about me and you were banned yeah. Hell yeah yourself so I'm not out I don't know me I can't laugh at yourself to get their opinion but I think of a few better things but but that's cool that's cool. Obviate reason house who's a relative to 2130 coming your way we got so the world according to strike. But the the one thing that I wanted to bring up. By the way is that baker mayfield. Has quickly become my favorite person in sports. At least for the time being a committee feels my favorite. Favorite person sports the timed it what happened well there after that moved the stab of the flag yet well aren't on the sideline Saturday night's. Oklahoma was down to industry. Ohio city just gonna buy touchdown. And there were reportedly according Ian Fitzsimmons an ESPN. A handful of pretty over served Ohio State fans up against the wall but does Theo the Oklahoma bench. Just given it's a big commercial as a city goes training table and worked on your back in the game. And finally Judy was taken to take you to take you to finally had enough and he looks up Adam resource market and he says. I must take to stumble almost biggest on the field. And put it took still on you believe the only person. And it's. The Joes out marches him right down the field to score some runs off the field it's Barack Obama training table and starts on the odd love baker may feel loved it. Shouldn't have to apologize for that I know right they are too many feel examined that he heard the fans fillings in your house states you know that they did they get there and the bus hurt a little bit apparently. You know so I mean I don't know I mean. That's part of to the you know the competitive nature the other athletes used to drive in Kenya and now we're trying to take that away from them. It I don't I don't think baker mayfield has done anything wrong. I think that he had you know I've emotion. And you are out there acting on you know that's what you want to see I in my early stag do with us some of these players. Jeff no I I again judges at a point I had to tell us storks are read a bust and I was. I was laughing I was in tears there was is an incredible incredible story it's a maker racial make his case to be the Heisman Trophy winner and I and I also think he is a front runner right now. With Lamar jacks like a hair behind him but if Lamar Jackson shows up against Clemson this week against that defense Fred Alger corn Miller says about Clinton's defense he's gained jock. And I realize he can be be objective about most things that he does. But I had a lot of guys out there who. Who are gonna take cores. You know it's true thoughts on Clemson its defense very seriously because a game guy I think that is the best defense a country you said as much July or more beats that team he saw as much. I assume I absolutely agree with you know that sediment you know with what we're talking about now you know cows that. You know defense from what I've seen and what we seeing enough to what this going into the third week. As hard to deny that Clemson just has guys up front to get after it I mean Auburn's not a drop back and throw the ball 45 times a game in other going to be a physical guy team they want to run the football there horrifying creative ways to get to Basra and and when you can't do that because the back into doing their job the front ends gonna do their job and get to the quarterback and in a lot of talk going into in Auburn and I know that you were real high and the quarterback still them you know going into the season thinking they usually the difference maker. It's hard to throw the ball when you're on your back death right and clumps and put Martin back eleven times. And could have been more in each he's an athletic guy I was able to escape a couple of times but throwing the ball before you're ready. Are getting on your back and Thompson's defense won that game it's obvious in Auburn's defense is pretty damn good as well but. I still feel like and you we have more of our guest on earlier talking about the two best teams. You know play as Clemson and Alabama I'm not sure who I'd taken a match but it looks like we're heading down a you know the the grudge match. Seen that drove them the best two or three jet and look I still a little bit concerned offensively with clumps of a top spin this is because Gillibrand would not seen enough from him but he made two big plays and they were the two big plays that Clemson needed to win the game so let's not discount those he lifted their team to a win no doubt about it they did so on the back of the defense out of Bryant with two rushing touchdowns I still wanna see him. Show or prove or demonstrate that he can be Teemu is our doors to Shawn Watson got an out unless he has to BD Shawn Watson I just because the quarterback he needs to show us some forty can be team was dorm as well. Why aren't we don't ask that about Jalen arts. What unit we don't ask him go be a team with his arm I think we did last year I think Lou we saw on the in the in the championship game his inability to do that well under the his inability or there. They scored 4140. I mean he led them down the field. On the last drive of the game to have put him in position to win the game. Clemson's defense stood up after making some great place so why we're looking at. One game in saying that that's the way you need a win games that we're looking at the quarterback solely. To say that that's going to be the difference I don't you see that guy go out there and throw the ball down to tell you why. Because I've seen enough for the rest of their team to know there are dominant team and their defense is dominant they have a really good offensive line and he's gonna make plays with his legs as well as with his arms. In order for me to say the constant is is arguably the best if not the second best team in the country you can just enough I think that's Tony Oca. Give me another team that you're gonna sit there and say that they have to do otherwise in order to beat. Who's the next dame and Alabama doesn't go that way nobody says it might elevate. For clubs and I ought to stay talk about the next big test for clothes is that we're dressed and you want to clarify what team are they gonna need to throw the ball over the art to me. Possibly Florida State why. We meanwhile why it's a what makes you say that the backup to France was gonna go out there and torched clumps and they did against Auburn they did what they do well better than everybody else were devastated and erupt now have failed. Against that defense. One side is I think Florida State has a better defense at all I'm okay I think Florida says one of the top three defenses in the country. And I think when Clemson face is that defense I think we're gonna need to see killing Bryant's ability to at least make some plays for wonderful in order from an order for me distinctive there they're with a national check. Why Alabama to meet in that way. Alabama lives meat or stayed that way. June Hurst made plays through the year ago. He made plays with his legs gimmick plays in the air you know I of course we didn't destroy you. Watched me throw a couple passes that he wasn't throwing the ball down the field and it's more than what you would Kelly bridal style is the point frank is that yeah I didn't watch the game are you kidding I mean c'mon man salary Cuomo needs his sleep useful bald guys lives easier to sit there and tell me that all murdered that Clemson has to play differently against Florida State and throw the ball down to fill the beat to beat them when Alabama just lined up man to man and what their ass. That's exactly how Alabama dissected Florida State there's no different game plan they Clemson is going to used to beat Florida State and Clemson will come out and it's. Are you taking crazy pills and outside the dignity and he's unable to do that. I'm not saying they can't win games and a syndicate athletic conference title all I'm saying is if I think Clinton is now going to win a national champs of we try to not think to start the season and so I I thought they got under sold Clemson a little bit I still want to see more through the year from Kelly drive I think they will need that to win a title I don't know because in a reasonable position. I don't I can't we don't we don't make that argument with Alabama so once again Saturday night oh well I. I know you're right I didn't but I know I know good football I do let's say you do you know doesn't know what I'm saying is that Clemson is no different than Alabama in the slalom which they're going to play football this year. They are going to dominate on the defense aside as we've seen. And I knew they're gonna they're gonna do what they need to do offensively in order to win games and. What's your take on this segment I find out that don't watch a game you want to do music his book accused other know what to negate. Do you want to get do you look at it could it was a public to book what's the data. It was pretty funny that's great analysis. We got a guy who deleted by the way who still from an hour ago is trying to argue high school football frak. I just sandy says that it is saying he's as better than west is in eastern North Carolina has better high school Wimbledon Sorrell yeah okay. You've been here a lot longer than I have but even I think that's a little bit ridiculous and that's not a slight in eastern North Carolina football it's that there's a reason a major programs all opened on the eastern seaboard are flocking to Charlotte to recruit yeah. Mean Mallard treat this as putting out top talent. You look at the top players you know and in the state right now. They're coming from the west buddy sorry you know you might argue fifteen years ago you know but I would still store independence in there with Tommy not winning at the biggest level the highest level. With seven in a row you might have a players gathered here they're Julius Peppers you know you fill in the blank. But the most of the talent and you can ask any college coach. Is coming from Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding area where there its crest whether it's Shelby you know whether it's you know in North Carolina you know whether Charlotte's. You know Mallard creek Butler tough. Emma sorry the eat your your your your. You know I don't know what you're arguing here but tell you not gonna have a point here when it comes to the the the talent in the state comes from. From this area then you don't go to west and and greens Greensboro is considered the west's movies try the try to areas of palm and I'll tell us what you might as well there is the when he did to. Greensboro and and you know blast that's what were competing against vs the rest of the the the state North Carolina you don't ever gonna come back to cool off. And though apparently I was intense you know so does you'll get that yeah I said Shelby by the way wherever that takes Michelle Wie has. Well what Ford row someone has three row they've won three state championships or other to a team so nobody they kind of exclude them when they start talking about talk. That that area of North Carolina. Shelby crests link content is filled with talent filled with tell. Are we come back presidential spokesman. In front office urged the league office rather. Who thinks he knows Lindsey Kelly it's gonna serve his suspension Garcia Billick. And most. What is this one other note you can just imagine what went on behind the no on how the boards over a guy I just imagine I know what it is but like you would. Between this and salt and pepper like bush is today what is today it's ninety's should pop art big art week and a half friendly party. Frank and I didn't ask for this doesn't matter if you ask for or not it's it's a no real you don't would Osbourne leaves a music goes all the a lot around here what do I take it back up don't you are down oh OKK okay my medicine this. Must therefore the state fans are so but I heard that Alabama what their ass is not in funny and I want to talk about stats they wanna talk about drive start average let's talk about. Lawrence jerk are you all talked you you simmer on that for a second because I told the folks causey chillier there before the break for you cowboys fans sued. Illinois Vermont. For for those wondering about so whether or not see Kelly it's gonna play this week against the Broncos guests there's a pretty good knows he's pretty much a lock to play as as of right now because on a conference call media members and it'll spokesperson Joseph Lockhart says he quote unquote would assume. But Elliott will play Sunday. Of course six game suspension by the NFL this offseason over 2016 domestic violence incident plus a lot more you probably haven't heard about. And Elliott then sued the NFL assist people do and was granted a temporary restraining order allowing him to play. Of things are probably gonna get a little bit merger as the season moves along and according to. I Joseph Lockhart he does not believe that it is likely. That Elliott will play the rest of the season basically Joseph well Joseph Lockhart implied here he believes that it is a good chance to see Kelley is serves at suspension later this season. Yeah I hear that maybe the case you know I'm nineteen I'm I'm not a lawyer you know how these injunctions work to India how the you know the you know they that live you know there's little the verbiage is gonna go with. They're what is gonna keep these guys in or out but you know right now he's planned as good news from Dallas Cowboys because a better with him Boca. No no back to trashing Florida State on us at all in his it's going to decide I mean the spokesperson states still good football team. I'm not trying to disrespect Florida State I still think. If you're asking me my what do they call him JP rankings VA did he hit a the JP rank in my FG rankings. Was still have florist at the top. Probably five or six teams in the country SG Joseph Torre thought the FD job Torii five try announced important not Clemson Alabama. Oklahoma. USC has to be there just because they have the talent until they lose. And I'm put in Florida State right there behind them then followed by at Ohio State won loss is not going to. You know determined in the rest of the season for these teams are still good football teams Florida State is still gonna win a lot of games or defense is nasty now. There offensive line still gonna run the football they're still gonna. There's still got to do what's necessary to win in the in the Atlantic Division. You know I just also going to be clubs that I just don't know a thing to be you know an Oklahoma without. Know without that quarterback they can still win but we've seen what happens against a lead defense. And out in Alabama because that's what they were even though they have injuries they have play makers everywhere. And in total was just don't happen. Harder rumors are forced turnovers because you're getting hit hard. And that's why you dropped the ball. Right because it's the decline of pressure that make you throw passes into places that you know you shouldn't be making those throws trying to win games so I'm. I'm not disrespecting Florida State they're still good football team probably still a top five team for me. But they're not going to be clumps in the not immune Alabama you know and I think or you know a team like Auburn would give him all they can handle. Yeah and and here's the thing he says something about you know source they clung to the second ago. Others say it right now. Four states now being clumps and they're not going into Death Valley with a freshman quarterback and beating Clemson that's my first or second dog clubs is more likely to lose this week an and a little woman our home floor state. On that advances the bottom on fact mess out and disrespect thing with Florida State as it is harsh quarterback or about my alma mater a mile Lamar. You lose two games this year than not that they're not as good as they were last Washington right Washington is not as good I mean I like the quarterback Jerry Brown in but. I mean I've seen him play a couple of games they beat the crap out of somebody last week rockers. I know as little sluggish they're still going to change Chris Peterson's a great coach so I have a lot of faith in him. Army in the plane in the north Stanford I think you don't give mall they can handle Washington State Jamal they can handle an organ is gonna want some revenge after them put a semi Smart on them last year that is true. Also ms. franks showed quite a bit of objectivity earlier for those you don't think those you don't think Franken knew this when I was talking about Washington running the north flexible cost to states pretty good. They are pretty good. But to answer the credit of your guys. Once you just it's a good football team but they don't play the kind of physical football the Washington does and that's why I think the Huskies will be Washington State later on the season. You're you're right to give him credit Mike Lee is a good football coach is that game that. I thought top markets in Pullman it's going to be a lot tougher than do what you would expect if it's in turn up in Seattle just turn off and that really quickly get a text from Iran through early illnesses. So you guys sick you guys please give Penn State some love all yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I I've I apologize they would be. They would probably be right there that's that's accurate rapper got about as I don't know how I did. I'm impressed with what Franklin's done you know up to this point this year I still wanna see them against better competition I still wanna seemingly the breaks up a pepto bit well that you do if you want to if you watch the game though here's a deal. I'm Amanda well I'm not gonna get as you watch the here and I'm sick if you watch the game. Hit how they blew a lot of really good opportunities that between state left open right and so did you gotta make the place I get all that. On pit just doesn't really have a game change game breakers like they did last couple years there's a lot of people pick and picked to do not not upset but to give up Penn State all they can handle. They wiped the floor thump that one game wasn't close. You watch the game yes Penn State dominated the entire I felt like Pitt missile or some opportunities out there all the major that doesn't mean that there's not going to be more opportunities Kyle you know for them to them that's what good teams vs teams with holes weaknesses Erica you Duke's you don't take advantage of good teams because. You know those opportunities are so small and those opportunities are throughout the entire game. Right you you only get those opportunities presented once twice three times a game if you can't take it red and that's what makes you bet they'll Washington State Washington game. Is in Seattle okay. It was so I mean I would favor the Huskies you know going into the game but what my cleats is gonna throw the ball all over the place there and I. You know again I mean we play that type of offense you know anything can happen. Stanford still another team that you look at this gonna give them a lot and orders them and improve football team in the back to all well and I'll say this forego of Richard to ever was asking for Penn State love first of all lovesick one Barkley. Incredible player should be the first back taken off the board the initial draft an exact good. The quarterback Trace viscerally I actually called the state championship game the trees actually played in 2011 I saw him a close didn't think he was giving going to be a quarterback in college the way they've developed a kid. Has been nothing short of remarkable so they got an incredible 12 punch with those two guys. And your right to try to James Franklin the when it comes down to it. Until I'm shown otherwise I'm always gonna favor urban over James Franklin outside of the house state offense is get concern for me you should date is should be but I'm always gonna favor urban over James Franklin guns were taken coaches vs coast for that's our time we're talking about a different names all we are talking about it we're just going match as vs coaches who don't make any plays who draw up nice ones on the board. You know that really doesn't have a factor you know except for building programs. You did draw a little nice fighter two why banana appear a little while ago so far and wide 36 slowed fullback screen left the elegant place draw or white for derivative what was that was simply don't. Conference play as assorted in the big tents on so we still lean urban Barbara forward James Franklin blood to 86 we come back so rolled toward the front. Time now. Food the world according to for an. No just dawned on it. But since this has become a wildly popular segment. Why would we need to crowd source some of these questions from time to time oh really that's that's what we're gonna do tomorrow. I use the text line nice hum. Barracks and only use him a tough. So I gotta figure at madame I just had reason to an email address. And Austria number and a crowd source some of these questions forum for tomorrow so got going dodge I don't want I don't first okay well I'll give you guys my email address right now all right dumb. Still some dumb stuff over overdue and please please them some serious stuff it's like I'm trying to make this fun and interactive is just child dot Bailey If you have any like world according to frank questions of the crowd source this single story use some of those tomorrow. You know it's now because Obama Syriana. I don't that was tough save fuel or a bear. In what choice would you agree. Wallace. Panda. Grizzly bear a little polar bear via IBM BMF there. And down and Odessa that's a big a big most. As they didn't want to tell them you've got to be the damn grizzly right. They don't pander bear for us again I don't know you serious and there's also pander each Snooki to senator Specter you don't these things a they look cuddly and also some chicks loan mod but they're also vicious you've been watching the damn car to do that I don't know that this real life can always handle here earlier these issues ban has its low but they also had a six loan is once we thank you on it that 600 degrees frank I would like got a really distinct group. I've been told they need to be more of a Teddy bear. Down below I had a pension sales if you don't like us an idea I disagree is your big bad bear. I thought polar bear kind of being rearranged you why there's a stay I wanna be he's a loser at a says there you have it bad there are more. There's really no brainer fishy to almost the polar bears the banister as there's your name in the list and an American degree isn't there's the bottom of the polar bear got killer whales. If you don't swim in the look at the seals to together doing doing well I want to become hardened you know where I'm not the biggest creature about grizzly bear Roy adored by moos I want to be a Chicago bear. Sean. I know let's get this segment started but I frankly she's number one's. You have to watch one of these two channels for 24 hours straight you got to pick one or the other I'll tell on culminated thought either wrong or. I am no wind out there now you have once you do the lifetime network. Or that he network speed channel 24 hours straight with another lifetime decent shows should movies to collect snapped. Snap was snapped by a dollar a minute notice I. And it shows ever snapped is when women. Freak out and killed their spouses or boyfriends oh do you think men do you watch that studies that make you think menu some nasty stuff. Women are worse is that a war a lifetime and oxygen sorry it's not. It's. On and on I don't know I'd. I don't know that was a choice of being held based channel and oxygen has snapped. Baghdad dead women to be vicious. And it QB and they can be deceiving all breaking news women can be vicious don't don't don't don't visceral frank. Don't (%expletive) her off we don't know that was one remind you wanna talk and I can answer my question now each channel or lifetime for time. Let's go to these channel though culture just as the other one I'm just I don't know minutes before it's dyslexia now I'm not into the as Annika next question. You win a hundred million dollars right now on the lottery which your first big purchase a hundred million dollar 1000001 big purchase. While. Cheeseburger. That's a big purges and you know it could never seen salaries down I don't know if identified change anything. Except her. And Michelman later you don't like how can. I've I've got my first tropical property I don't know where yet. An island I'd buy I don't know property that's a good when Ireland even my analogy is did you you'll want for automotive corn fields a lesson that they have something on. No seriously three different I don't know it's so little about channels seeing good to the one that liked is HGTV yeah. You know or they they talk about property Brothers and there was any decisions on my household yes you go to ACTV and they have violence herself all time are absolutely I'd never seen some really good ones like five million bucks lead to bad investment to another Olivia underwater until years anyway the only want all your c'mon man mr. global warming. Come on among what it calls a global warming to climate change anyway. Died last question. Suez is departed two part question for our question and he'd won food that you could eat every day for the rest of your life one flu like oh and in one through the makes you literally sick of the side of okay once we're here to address my life has not close its tacos. Absolutely makes unbelievable their health they got she's at tomatoes you yards through groups all in one little Tucker I can beat those daily in fact they do. You know tock goes is my favorite fruit and vegetables any kind of a strong cheese. But I don't. Festival I notice you. Tennis I tell you are my. Our kids and a muscle in Poland over. Your first response is she speaks I'll tell you how I met my Doctorow and whoever put on a uncomfortably tomatoes would put she's a group would let us a little put onions. Among the Mahatma famous shots can you reminds us yes just fresh stock concern credible are these run about that the doctors he talks about my talking so much like you talk about my taco stop. I don't you know it's just your talking. Now it's weird happened and what's it makes me sick is sick you decided liver. Really oh. Are you ever my mice to make a liver sausage sandwich is for real time it's a high school and grade school Lawrence. Disgusting beaver had liver you're small you have to eighteen hundred's for liver and onions is like old school you know food that you're Dan Walsh you could do every won't now and then like why are you make an ASE right everybody's like liver Hulk how hard. Who would ever lead to liver or. Utah food instrument it's a meets I think it's a true blue cheese alone blu taught can't. The blue cheese one tremendously different waiter brings me blue Jesus that a ransacked Doyle thrown out of I'll tell how valuable numbering and blue jays and don't do it. This guy says literally is bliss is oh my god what year do you live in the woods Louise liver and onions anymore. And you try. Just know a guy that all. Blow up. Also saw a lot of fun facts realistic to sexton to say such a deep degrees in polar bears are actually more dangerous the sort of Sergio Retief is a fun fact polar bear liver has so much vitamin a in a that if you eat it and Julia. Is doing polar bear liver which an ethics problems in the liberals of which are put onions on its attendant. Now. The only good taco is a and no I have a fish taco. Yes and that's going down this talk there was rumors that depends is impressive steps up. A yes certainly borderline. You know thing that you are born and I cynical I'm answering the questions that are asked to your radio off attacks the most attacks on straight I don't know that I'm original that I love that. A sewing ice it. I remind. My eyes shut buildings that are tax line is tremendous however sometimes you do you read some you probably shouldn't ask this question that was what I was does that mean did you are like Tucker yeah I like tacos on a percent right into a real quick garnered a may garner Simpson tweets and it's no surprise the man watches oxygen is coming from the guy who sits to pick and a half half. And you know Al wants to show snapped. I wanna see how crazy some women can get. This is really when it can be mean they're there they're all we all got a bit of craziness. On definitely have a big crazy you know. But there are some ones that are just over the top you go wow yeah. He can't imagine they'll ever had to make that ladies and gentlemen. Is the world according to Franklin your mommy still make you say we're just now he's gonna add I know I misspoke Cuba. Yeah. And actually full context. Oddly makes these images and guys go. It's incredulous box do freshman year she was dole bit not one this year boys Dell to the big time often it's anathema. All you don't I don't doubt I got sick I scoot off to the big guys good to go to. How several high school all part Gil and still the still the best portion of a sudden there was kind of vegetables you put your daughter's she's. And why you're let me go the end and that's the process as yours resolution put your tacos or you're an idiot automated. I but it died really quickly I love the story out of San Diego. It digital billboard near the stove on center in LA as an out of San Diego in LA I still can't do chargers San Diego bad. This is digital billboard outside the stove on center in Los Angeles let's go to displace five anti NFL messages for the next three weeks. Thanks to the efforts of a a ticked off chargers fan who's upset that his favorite team was San Diego Joseph McRae. I designed the images are raised more than 101000 dollars have been on rides online fund raiser to pay for the billboards. In the message on the go funny page McRae wrote quote this isn't just for San Diego fans this is for Oakland fans in Saint Louis fans as well. You were cities didn't deserve this and most importantly most importantly you didn't deserve this and quote he also valve of some of the messages will include Oakland hash tag Oakland and has had. As TL. It's asked tag past AGCO has died tracked. To rely every time. Sure. So this three week run will coincide with the chargers three game homestand this month starting with Sunday's game against the dolphins. And he told KS WB TV in San Diego that the owner of the billboard has assured him that he will not allow the NFL to block the messages. The billboards located the intersection blah blah blah so it unedited you know ticked off chargers fans there will look this thing go. Great story I'm not I don't all of I'll bet what do you love about it that would keep basically. I think he's got look at him as we talk. It is. What the singles was ridiculous by the way I look at Oakland okay is different. And LA is that nobody wants Cindy to charger games by the way don't bitch or you want Oklahoma you notice how nobody wants a game. Problem for civil say that that fits because Saint Louis had no business have been routinely from LA in a field of citizens are gonna look that's it. Yeah look at Tina because there's three or four donors under Jeff Fisher who come if I don't isn't very good coach anymore. Let that sensational two years ago well that is. Stan crock he couldn't extort that city for more money to get his brand new I was an extra MS that's I felt little matter of fact number listening to love doing the surgeon is big news out of the I out of a city like Delhi to tune into the sports talk radio this morning to hear the talking about so. You know Dwight Howard came here when all the papers still breaks to people all over the country Jordan docile line to figure over talking about sort of the same thing Ellison on sand on Saint Louis that tonight. And I still have those people do call and went ahead portrait brilliant technical and got a great the digital really good football city man say it. I was really good Saint Louis always played second fiddle or you know to the corridors of the rams always played set second fiddle the cards baseball town 100% does not even close yet this is a it's a baseball town. Com you know and even when the rams were winning and going to Super Bowls there's nobody could just walk down the street here people talked and you know amongst each other. As you know what they're gonna lose the bucks anyways the Eagles are much better than them this year. You know the cardinals however I mean they're going their own little World Series every year the cardinals are the capital that's a baseball town for sure but I will say there are a lot of people who love the rams were heartbroken to stop looking at me so I can thank. It is big smirk on your veins like what do you say next that we can't do it eleven to actually that's I think. It's tough luck and bad Maine who was Kroger have. There is this is darker go to scorer and that we will find out when you find out about doing my Yahoo! ID five movies he's ready to be in the know they don't do don't got Darius Rucker coming on the show okay good and I think that was not Darius Rucker walking by Columbia's very owned yeah. Well I we're hopefully we're arsenal on the a human is now that we know we hope debts aren't realizing that it's over rover that's going to be the case or let's go over to find out about that what I'm doing now we don't know we're gonna find a little bit later that's gonna happen but today if it doesn't be excited so we'll come back Kroger does mystery guest who the hell does the hand off next Garcia and Baylor. I'm mistress all we know who's a drug czar today were just so much for Chico and and just short sister in stroll into the front doors we'll see you guys are looking to hook you Jumbo package up. Yeah and and so here's the thing you know we do the San doll segment would get 1234. Mike's side people in here so us. Hey Nellie and it's turning over his mouth I had gone thank you just have to show and selfless sentiment so we'll assess thank you reality areas right there oh man it's. Tonight so we've. Which is yells at each other for hours we're gonna tires winning yell each other as you know we and I can read and this is try to thread thirty minutes join a quote once again. Akaka. That bad all right the other frustrated president Clausen was gonna win was a good for the ball down the film as it wasn't a different. From then and what they do and Alabama and what they dear. Here's what I would like to know what is yet to gaskins Le Le Mars going better right now than he was at any point last year it's only two games but. In 2000 yards of total offense you know Davos and the other days putting a video game numbers that's that's an understatement. If you had a guest as Lamar have a better game Saturday at home than he did last year on the road against Clemson yes or no we see guys. I think Clemson defense is better than they were last year at this point obviously and I played much because October 1 when they played last year's self. I think Dumars can get his he always does but man this constant defense I think is the best in the country right now. Here's why I think the answers no and has less to do with him and more to do with locals defense because with Todd Grantham leaving to go to Mississippi state blue bulls defense to me has gotten demonstrably worse day and so I'm I'm I'm not sure how much Lamar is going to be on the field off on Saturday night so. I'm inclined to think that he doesn't play as well simply for that fact and I mean I'd I'd look at is a special player we're talking about Carson can't throw the ball down the field trial. And Jeff sucker you'll get an innocent doesn't matter it's there are you and I just tortured or did the most to lose my temper. But I mean I I he's gonna have about the same game on he's a better player. Lamar Jackson yeah he's gonna have 500 plus yards against Clemson defense. In my adult what I think closer than 200 lies your you know is it on the roof. You're too though if he gets into a situation where you have to score a lot of points at the end of games they Iraq can be largely fast downstairs earlier in the call. Steve I mean. What's what's so we were called him is how quickly teams can score momentum can change like it's so different watching FL game because. If you could be they're going to be nine Minnesota third quarter you're down four scores and you look over almost from the games tot. Test your court decision question if if Lamar Jackson and the good Louisville cardinal were planning to sell memo would you say the same thing no. Why so what makes what makes clumps and you think they're going to be any different against them. Your question. Yeah I should trust comes in more than I that's that's that's the point right here I just to stave has done for so long and in there's so many samples. Of Alabama but the promise is Alabama's had trouble with the cover quarterbacks so so but just in general Alabama's Jennifer so much long. No without here's an I just that's not actually true though 'cause I gave the stat I know we are same and people believe that it's not actually true though because there's Alabama. Know how that goes over the last six years the only other team to have six straight double digit winning seasons in college football Alabama and Clemson a Clemson on the road the last couple years against ranked teams that I think they're like ten into owning the numbers they put up close and what's I was about all the time to enter into their right I mean there's just no arguing anymore is number his record against SEC opponents is incredible its just I mean this thing I can be a strong people get mad at me like I'm a concert homer I got nothing to do with Clinton your nest they get a little closer to develop a track record right there. Where is it goes clown saying in the and that one bad game without the BC here I wouldn't misunderstanding and opening more dirt here and here in reference point I don't know why people don't just accept anymore no Clinton's close to the level of Alabama Alabama's unto themselves but. I'm since we're. This close. But you you could one day at 630 years or templates with I mean totally gone into the playoff I mean like I like I didn't really pay attention climbs into league play big piece yes. Know a great night part two I just don't know when that thing is where people are doubting anymore like I don't understand why people just can't look at the general and president out of our national championships yeah they did a soreness and when you say Lamar Jackson is gonna guard there have similar numbers against what he did against can't Carolina I mean we've we've seen these two defense that I don't 400 digitally oriented towards Louisville and plays Purdue in Carolina which statistically right now is the worst defense because your biggest 300 yards against Clemson defense are surprised total. Yes force fifty last year and death Alan that's why I think it's an interesting question disease a better player who were at at this point when he was last year this constant defense is better but he's at home he was on the road last time but. I took Kyle I think it that's a good point about the global defense they're not as good. You don't dabble said Saturday night we kind of played it close to the vest by design we knew our defense who was gonna win as that game we wanna give Auburn any license so. They were cool point knockdown drag out fight you're trying to put a forty yards and points on Saturday. In Louisville cruiser off that's a longer last year there was a problem and when they play these big defensive wants Lamar just what we don't know because they only had a two game sample and and insert -- in North Carolina although they got pushed around all over the field I was this know what he's he's right about that and that institute gave simple size so we don't truly know yet but after seeing two games I'm inclined to say not really theocracy even even as bad as north Carolina's defense was at times are still got some pressure right so why I think the offensive line issue is still the offensive line issue and that's again another reason why I'm inclined to think he won't. He will put at the same kind of numbers on Saturday and tell them Lamar Jackson doubt her eyes leaving Clemson what they do defensively or another incredible. I know we get short time here. And I realized football season. We don't like Chico here and I hope to some boy you talk about this Indians would trigger one win shy disabled by that when stricker drink amended it one more drama more wind. And it's on a 'cause he's right he's wearing their Red Sox Jersey numbers baseball guys on site and come home they loose like a shape I've ever. I'm hoping it's just talked about notices it's many of these historical. And Terry Francona I love Terry Francona from his Red Sox days didn't get enough respect. In Red Sox Nation mean they they were random write him out of town this big mistake. BC wood Denny need to do right now on my club and there was a guy was an all star game us here in Charlotte the triple also him actually saw I was there you. Doesn't it demographer stat that's I can't produce Indians win streak now at twenty in his. I think they're beating teams on average seven to two during the streak yes I saw there is more willing to 32 to win the run differentials he's like he's saying yeah. How did daddy where where does having the vessel has the best record in baseball ditch in their again in X down on the first are shorter. Until game time. I'd say I'm for the Dodgers. It was I think greater than the loser can use their message out on 00 my god. The dog. Well life is something we're spin cycle times and I think he's done I think I think the Dodgers. What they were well did you would giants I hit a good advantage going to they had gone into the post season when he a 116 games period they were not mean I've been so elusive little different they're doing this on perfect. I heard them say I think this is helpful just like the chance to thank the rest of the so it's a lot of it was a total bulls on the Celtics are. What's on deck today we get loaded show dares truckers can join us and he called earlier and hit it was like Darius who. I thought is that Darius had Darius Rucker is one great great defense and it's really. I got in Arizona do this serious hoops c'mon man come on. It's. You for calling an hour now and I can't believe he didn't do too soon. There are. Yeah I guess we're going to be he's gonna join us as well bills GM. And now Wes Durham hit a Jokester so toppled south insurgencies and I ACC with him and a lot of yourself against Schwartz we have to Chico is going to be funded almost all dorm earlier. That's. Now he's thirty Smucker I don't know that I can here's what. I guess I'm hungry a lot of office and we'll see autumn or back through immigration on prime time mr. over the next we have to adjust ourselves. Did wolf and USA today Dray Bly and core Miller. We're back we're back tomorrow with a little over gimmick stay tuned for prime time coming up next. Mr. Garcia de with W lessons it.