Garcia & Bailey: Rick Ballou Talks Jags and AFC Championship.

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Thursday, January 18th

Rick Ballou joins us to talk Pats Jags and what you can expect from the AFC Championship.


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But Garcia. It's a child Braly frank Garcia Osborne here on this Thursday. Richard I'll talk to a sort of went last night we wanna hear from him anywhere in the convincingly is a matter of fact by 24 over the wizards again Washington's number this year. What does it mean doesn't matter they're now still seven games below 500 bullets are climbing and they're back at it on Saturday megs or 7045709. 610 also this week and AFC and NFC title game the patriots and jaguars will go out and open Foxboro and I gotta be honest with you as much as I think the patriots probably will win this game. Other jaguars. I think centigrade shares to be right there at the end we're talking to Rick pollutants and excel at a Jacksonville he joins us salute technique job just like Blair allowed forced Rick Howard about it. Do well guys I sort of upset. Oh we're just hanging in there and being envious of the Jack wires and having the chance to advance because. You know they do the right way Tom Coughlin I don't think it's nearly enough credit for what he's built there or helped to contribute to. Up for the second time around but. You know if you looked at a blueprint to be the football team he has it in the he's done it before against New England Patriots. It certainly adds an addict or Seifert cause I'm all there are very good. Great structure I thought greatly. Content don't even know what are its oil epic true state Eric where I read it yet. It Brady dated art he gave them lead the ball quotable and are actually need to be. Or at all. But it would also. Be heated it got that are out. There. Yeah I'm you don't get a guy like it. Able to get our quarterback and accept the car caught true. Eddie it's no doubt it why you don't act out our it was that they mean. And only. It will make getting shot. Irritated about is on the dongle and all of the microphone on your phones and you can download try to hold a study or something we'll try to get it cleaned up our industry can but I'd love to hear about Tom Jocelyn and and sort of the process of building this thing because I asked frank yesterday if we should be surprised by how quickly. This thing is all come together and you know someone who was there every day I'm curious to know what kind of what kind of changes what kind of impact on a day to day basis Tom Coughlin has made the things that we can't see from from where we sit. Much interest to restart the four days in New England when network equipment are urged. You know the CR cigars are expert that are operations. They've got to know their coaching. They're required so out of the dogs are grown old treaty. Or are awkward because it's always like any other. Indiana well by you know so dispersed to date there are incredible thing. But it took a little who doesn't get enough credit at all. He came in its current sort of underscores a key and I Garrity. They're very very are there so yeah car caught it hurt we've heard that the new metric. Bolt. It is now won't you won't believe it and walk when it deserves more credit market or use our school. There were talking about Drew Brees just a little while ago and maybe thrown his potentially his last pass for the New Orleans Saints and you know one people are speculating that might be the same things. It was Blake morals and into this season you know in fact they talked about he'll mention him put another guy in there and you roll with that but let her forehead has really helped out tumbling more roles in I think that what morals is plagued. A phenomenally. In the in the playoffs in those degrees why they're there where there are no. It is cede any part of the guts to go there. Formal warrant for 88 draw pretty rapidly there'll be no way we are or how it tracks but we decorate Easter to all. Your typical. Or it could sort of lower scoring. And keeping in 42 only. Enriched and get what they. Are murdered her. They're warriors is their only to our inquiries should Ford decide overlooked and it's it's I don't. Oddly enough what you need those important early June. The way we fought well and aren't true darker stretcher. Are the great sorrow and the reaction to bury the full article it'd great that was great where it went portal I think we're really gave the number. Well probably read that they are creating your career. He did struggle. That we got hurt they make it extra that they're 20 Saturday it will but it went over it all hello so. You know he can contribute to explain if it weren't very big it is Super Bowl and the blues band. Unfortunately he'll probably end that he beat tiger it's okay. But he had a real good year that truly option. Yet but expect it out of there. I cried out they weren't that different direction that we're at our. I objectionable idiocy to get there. Com you know expect the Arctic situation at quarterback will all be at work or morals. I've been to York and they treated so well all wild caught the liberal. They think differently however they are. You know we're gonna bouncing back and forth from offense defense and go to back to the defense for the jaguars and I think that as you pointed out I completely agree is if you're gonna need to patsy got to get a fat ego effect too much for your for. That didn't they didn't quite do that last week against. You gonna stop you draw how do you match up against grow. That's a question yeah that's talked about it on the air power. You stop this guy went when they lied about. As a wide receiver. Arm you portrait program beyond our armed deep yet you don't want a say in that help you got a double game. They're com or treat it that can create some doubts. I'll use wide open traditionally which won't won't stay their base defense side. Miles Jack on this particular guy is autumn when strong side. Jay you're tied at. I reject what oil there. Purple you don't want the public. Well being each. You know what they but you know or any. Quebec court sure Tennessee game I mean that was the difference. Quote out. Are ready it would ever you wanted to affordable backers it would ever ordered the backs out of the Il. The back children and that's gonna beat you she'll. Ordered a check or as well are you able to do are seeking to say Rob Gronkowski. I wish I had to answer I got about ten different people got. Actors are ready it's been a little bit. Older. Or there or car or agreed or court or I'll. More Q where you're or on their workers to take bets where I. And I think they're done. We can also view only to borrow Luke for a couple of you know plays early on that might help our teams that think they're pretty good job of slowing him down you know without earlier in the season. No no I I would agree with that and I guess our question that I had fallen of something you said a couple minutes ago I'm just curious because. Look there they are where there are right now because of defense and the running game and that's all well and good but do you ever won't like to have had a great quarterback and I'm curious if you get the sense they wanna be in public morals business for much longer if this is. If they're looking at and say okay serviceable for now let's go funny guy. My taxes what for a quarterback doubt it. You need to doubt many heated debate in our well. Should I also. Opt to go all out. Begin at quarterback now typically around here. I ordered shellac being in the top spot or in the you know which you don't risk here. Haven't we could and got 41. What about. Or point oh. The lack there I don't know what it's our records that in of them aren't that it would ought to or more for our sport. Your quarterback where our current EU to assert our caps who woke up or. It was thought that we eat out or are all work we want to go out there at that trip. Corporate diet for your or your group we don't. And if you don't portals. To jot dot electric out out or. I didn't barrel up. At a portal go out there I don't expect or are got that it where you received about one year option. For nineteen though you see how does attract quarterback at this same conversation actually. But I tell you what no one position not to be taken that's running back has yet damn good one enough that. You know senate earlier in the season this game's pretty easy up but the NFL level and you know against the Steelers he looked to to be right because I thought he was the difference in the game. Until he got his ankle kind of twisted little bit he went out they were about ready to blow them. Out of the water and in fact they were up seventy nothing I think that have continued had not that injury you're taken place at the end of the half. You know to afford that but he's a difference maker man I'm Tanya I love watching this guy play a love the office that you run around him. And it's going to be interest and see if you can execute that again against a you know New England team because you make the Steelers look slow us pretty that's pretty impressive. I really don't want it quietly are. Out her body. Just talk much about it. But outright dark side Robert it would it or bad. In it what something that would suck. You know. It was little ball or you're like oh Quetta app but it sort kind of a freak deal scrapped idea. No doubt in side. You repeat that they'll all be in it backed up but you've been tremendous pain and you know he came out there out there out aren't. And it that they it's a nice brunch sort of the second half. They don't knock off. The New England Patriots outside bet. And let water board and it is carrying the ball. Org or eight to be jaguars are subject to. What sport it runs it for twenty or more here they are eat it's too much for you get this is to win or. Well I don't think you twenty air so I don't numbers I look at though it apps all. So he. You know you're I bet you he'd get the ball or not. Statistically speaking reject or should be able to win this guy at all so if you guys go or four way. If Barack Obama the all court order or that you that you are Grady. All of this but on short it can't be jaguars were over there aren't a depression. Going to be able to boot chain so this got a quick strike jaguar all that out of 345 or. You know all the CEO or the jaguars where they score. Typically it's 8109 double digit drives they like take 56 it's half minute stop the clock and I think that's always gonna be a knock out the. Can this team win if they get behind that's going to be the issue right now I think that's we have to play for a measure shot up against the Steelers and are you the offensive line defense line their big credit that when the line of scrimmage and when the battles to win the war I think that's obviously you know what you're talking about down their Jacksonville's well. Yeah note out it was cute trail and it went became at all or. Is that apt I mean what could happen it's Kirk every there when he won nothing in Pittsburg came back it was a possession away. From tying it so. This will all seen it you don't bigotry toward its spot well. It was only print out that make it back in at one bacteria but you can't doubt that the wings weren't there you know. Cannot think fourteen not sitting in expect you to be able to turn around it would all so the good news and jaguar well it's good for all. If the first quarter. I wanna say debate a scorer. I think it's well all sixteen. Regular seat jams. But to act or scored the first hardly touched the ball what are they had a right. You know it became theater they want on defense first. So they're happening yet you know edit teams this year but that it absolutely key in this 88 trial great eat there. In a while back out it is they kept it would've been the first quarter. What's the likelihood we see you in Minnesota on Sunday represented the SE. I can't electric car that can yeah I think it's a perfect fit for the jaguars. Another number four portals. They Jack hadn't 01. Point portals stuck patrolled interception. Other turnover ratio was true announcing a week you go expert was bought our. Audit its dealers out they picture two turnovers that's what we have many. Like portal. If he doesn't throw the ball all or want it. Or that and that defense into east east out I think there's an opportunity debate it out of there with what they had 2440 great victory. The whole world would pick England. But I do believe the jaguars play. Airport the game they actually Richard caught this subset. Rick we appreciate your body good luck this weekend we have the Zeum Minnesota here a couple of weeks all right. Ali blocked but out there aren't ready logo are at stake you know their. So let's go red blue incidents and excel at a Jacksonville Georgia is on the second account just like breaking it all down also the jaguars radio network we're appreciated -- by were wanted circle back Greta so we're talking about a little while ago Drew Brees and quarterback play and obviously Blake morals is wealth so that you wanted to get into we'll talk about that next we come back it's Garcia bailiff. You wanna make sure that you know are you ready prepared that we know someone touch on the shoulder you know you're ready to go so you don't live with that which regret. In on I think our players have done a good job. That's not my savvy so that's I think it's Churchill somewhat but anyway I think. I just say I'm not in those that I wanted to work out pretty intelligent enough. You're Deborah that's somewhere. Sends an excel Jacksonville for joining us jaguars radio network and they've got the pats. This week you'll see if they can get it done I'm with you I'd I just don't think they're gonna be a little score enough to keep up with him getting crazier things have happened while doing so it. Our wonderful thing and you that's one of the things the pages don't do very often especially in Foxborough so it'll be interest to see your father able to do that the stat that stood out. Couple of them obviously this stats that are relevant you know to me when you start Internet. You know who wins games then loses games as turnovers it's running the football control the clock. Stopping Iran and you jaguars have been able to do that for the most part they didn't stop or shut down and lady on bell what they do pretty good job of containing him. Don't give 42 points and if they do that again this week to the pages ago losing game. They've been that game's got to be in the twenties if they wanna have a chance in my opinion. It stranger things have happened but yeah this type of game that needs to be playing if they play a perfect game is going to be a 2428. Type game. In on your death real slow down grown cardinal Brady is a gay guys capable literally have explosive weapons aimed branding cooks is one of those guys but they will work everything off full volume mismatches. I mean is are they gonna build and make the plays and not turn the ball or if the jaguars wonderful ball. Have chance to win the game plan that's gonna have to have a huge game twenty plus years is what blue says and I agree with that. You know kind of the agent Pearson you know standard method you know the teams have been able to beat. The New England Patriots in years past. Where there's the ravens whether Sanjaya seniors we're talking about most recently the Carolina Panthers they run the football the stop the run they played pretty good defense and I'm Mueller quarterback that was able to make plays with his legs and you know portals guys able able. To make plays with his legs you know you just hope that the moment if your patriots earned path area jaguars and the plume snuck too big for him. Because as much pressure was on him last week. The pressure will be doubled this week the amount of people there in the locker room. They're talking about you know how you know you'd have a chance that's gonna be double because now you do and now you have a chance to represent the AFC and everybody's gonna give you that chance because there's going to be people out there that wanna be right. Are they wanna be different and I even though they may not believe it they feel like they have a chance and there's going to be people pat you on the back. Vs Steelers or does nobody think in the they had a chance things in a snowball snowball chance and held to survive. I was talking about quarterback play earlier. And I was talking about Drew Brees now I think stood. It doesn't the saints need to find a way to bring him back you know he's going to be in turn free agency in then I got us into a conversation about quarterback play in this day and age we're talking public morals and her blue there a second ago you wanted to say something about quarterback play. Yeah you mentioned something you know college and in your. I guess I can disagree with that more tear in your down the quarterback position and in just in general the way the positions played I don't think I'm down. On the position of things different to what we're used to see it cut the suddenly drop Matt saw the ball 4550 times a game. Traditionally like what you see in some of these West Coast offenses are some of these spreads you're seeing. You're gonna have these running quarterbacks or be athletic. It's going to be more of the running you know and off in an like you know you talk went to copycat league you look at teams have been successful over the last couple years to the patriots out of the equation because they have. One of the things it still exists Tom Brady and you know same thing with Drew Brees but most quarterbacks are markets Mary Oda. There James Winston's their cam Newton's Tarvaris morals their Carson Wentz they're able to win with the wrong arm. You know somewhat but they're gonna win with the wrestler loses the bad weather schism. You know some as well and I still think that's going to exist you know with the all these quarterbacks coming out. I mean maybe the kids throw the Rosen kid from UCLA. More USC. Out you know Arnold Sam Arnold. I'm you know those two quarterbacks but you're there sneaky athletic thumb. You know and I just don't know if those kind of quarterbacks are gonna have that type successor on top of that. When you look at the coordinators in the way that you know they've adjusted their styles of calling games. It's different as well it's more Reid is more spread it's more mismatches it's more isolation. It's not line up with two tight ends and run down the hill and I hit you in the mouth and uncertainty still do that when he gets legs for that you played your strikes. Those teams are still going to be out there. But you know there's going to be more that spread you don't get these frisbee catching dog slot him obliged. You'd get mismatches against linebackers what you see the dual boot the defense is change you know you'll see the bigs Holcomb linebackers and mourn the right for defense you see guys excellent sideline to sideline. And that that makes is a master question though because I remember reading a story about this about a year and a half ago but now a lot of front office executives were concerned about this about quarterback plant about lie about offensive line play fly with a concerned well because it's a different kind of player let's just assistants and other day and they're coming out of college and they have coaches who work they're sending employees from the sideline these guys are looking or taken place in the sidelined they're not coming up has also been reading defenses and all doubling in just things that they see based on what they're looking at and so. I guess my question viewers as someone who coaches at the high school level and since these guys off to college cup. It is it an issue of don't not allowing these guys to do the things that quarterbacks used to be not just allowed to do but encouraged to do I did did you not have faith and trust in them to be able to audible call the right plays out there would what is what has changed what is been the shift it's a noticeable say well the offense is a change but why have the offense is gently conferences. Changes because you have those type of dynamic players and as athletes playing that position you when you Liza strength and at the high school level. In the college level you can be bigger faster stronger and stronger and everybody networks. You don't have to re defense is that's another. Part of my day that I only get twenty hours a week to have to teach and coach. I'm only allowed specific amount of time. You don't teach concepts teach plays are in those types of things it's not technique technique is gone out the wayside and that's where you even in high school you know you get the kids you know for example don't give a kid coming in high school and the results of which are looking for right he throws a side arm with a big pitch. You'll sit there and waste and change the way he's playing if he's getting great results are you just going to lose with what he's doing. You know in order to be successful. Right because if I sit there and change there's a chance he might digress if he digress is that means we're gonna be worse even though he'll be better long term. So low in my gonna take that risk of that coast to sit there and break him down. To change everything he's done from the time he's been five years old to the time he's fifteen years old in trying to develop. Right so same things happened with you know the kid from USC then big catch that he has. He's always had that hitch. It's been successful he's gonna get drafted because of it but ultimately at the end did the NFL level bullet be successful if he's going out there with that bad technique in throwing balls because the defense is to deregulate half a second jumped. Or split second jump which is gonna be enough to cover in 034 yards in the NFL. So. If those are the things that have changed in what do you do as a a guy called plays a coordinator. You know do you ride with a punch roll with the punches or he tried to it you know bill would mean a bomb to curve to try to change the way things are done. You know our coaches are just gonna ride with that and say this what we have this what we work with this of the office we use. Let's teach in this offense and I you know go out there and be an athlete to have success. Large arguments on college to be successful but at the the the pro level he couldn't read the defense he couldn't you know he couldn't do a lot of things that they are now. Again you know you have to adjust with those types of players his coordinators coming up as well I think that. Myopic window that slow change in you don't trickled down is starting to take place but there's been more rich trickle up. A fact over the last decade there has been a trickle down effect. The trickle down effect used to exist and you know all the time TV you're gonna play in the NFL this is what you have to do this type of often you have to be an. Now it's the NFL this is adjusting to college because they don't have time to teach because there under the same rules okay because players are. RYA I guess that to me the question though is that you know are you doing these quarterbacks a disservice. By not teaching them in the same way I don't know I'm quarterbacks appreciation relations at Clark I don't know. Disguise what type of offshore. Depends on your how you gonna utilized him. If I'm tell if I'm telling him their guards and be paid many I'm doing Cam Newton a disservice by not did you have until Cam Newton to go out there beat Cam Newton. This is what you tell us just dumped on the desert area oh I'm you're music has strikes amoled can be an athlete aren't born to adjust to the athlete. As a coast vs the coach the athlete of just into the style. And most coaches are gonna do that in this takes time to have that. You don't umbrella. Unfold a little bit if you will for the landscape to change I think the landscape is changing slowly surely but it looks like red quarterback played so bad quarterback plays is different. It's different quarterback play we don't like it because. In the fourth Indy 500 yard passers consistently unless they're the assert handful of guys that did that. Dorsey RP knows we're seeing quarterbacks with every option run and be athletes get upfield and he'll make plays with the likes what morals won a game throwing the ball yards. I in running the ball eighty you rentable eighty yards right I mean unbelievably but it's I just some of this and also as it's about the results yet. No you're right candidates are you trying to win games right and it's almost sounds if you win a game you win against takes a phone calls when we come back it's Garcia and they looked the same people to a lot of different things are not really have a lot of success. There also you know you have is just build yourself for your feels the best position about. I say just this team outside of the New York Yankees built drug doesn't. Film dynasties that that you've seen premiere it there outstanding. Football team I don't think I can come in here give you guys any. You know way if you do this you have a chance if you do this you have it's you've got to go you have to execute Bill Graham. It's all about a team that there's probably the best. Execution. Being home team's performance was on Sunday. Been home and animals so it's built to double walked. Who's your furniture. I don't know frankly was your first if I was the pacers have to. The best the most executing team since 2001 yeah I'll talk about the greatest show on turf and he got it that's exactly who's talking about a finger or anywhere so you know I've finally I mean his office is closed. He's not here. Apparently there was a thousand star Trisha washed up on the beaches of Carolina ha ha. I thought he's he's Roosevelt that is doctors freezer I. He's done he's done and I headed our way. Yeah our thermal and I don't know are there or is that he's down there don't. What this is this trip islands trip island now for about a thousand doctors cluttered descended and washed up on the beaches and yes man just rhetoric started out they have. You hold masses gathered missiles into tomorrow you know he gets back from freezer full scholarship. At the we had some folks wanna talk about his quarterback situation but it they mailed so no it's not that big a deal but I do think it's a fascinating conversation. About these quarterbacks because you know you have as you talked about it of these college coaches that are here basically running these are PO type offenses and it's very different there won't work Costin doing what I grew up closer to where you grew up on and and I told Joseph is really that really long priest last year with a lot of anonymous comments from coaches across exact saying hey we're hitting quarterbacks in college these guys accountable on a scrimmage they're taken place in the sidelined all secure cards and I'm reading defenses -- it isn't really aren't teach these guys and it's the NFL level so. There's a thing in high school we see typically to defense as you see a cover three or cover you know maybe Fareed covers recovered to cover four cover to cover four cover to about the same corners drop off a little bit new deeper and they play the linebackers underneath right that's the only difference. You know in the cover for vs a cover three cover three get the single safety vertical routes are usually meet some of the round so don't work against those but we teach our quarterbacks to look at matchups right big guys fast guys vs small guys slow guys. And you know what defense they're so yes and identify the defense you know they cover two cover three. You know what your. What you're seeing here with some routes that we have called and we have all works it that's not very good against a cover too because the corner you know you've got to the post corner keep that corner after they got the flats. So yeah those are the things you teach you know these quarterbacks at the high school level when you get to the college. They're gonna play multiple coverages right there and that teaching process goes a step above and beyond. Right when you get in the NFL start disguising those coverages and they play a little bit more because they have more time you have the entire day to study. It can only be on the field for twenty hours or whatever the does seem DA has dictated for these players but you can spend endless amount of time in the film room. They're working on you know what covered this is still breaking these things down when your quarterbacks coach that's what you're doing you know with the quarterback here. Expert you're helping him home understand. You know what defense they're in any what plays that we have they're going to be successful against that defray its defense and how they come open you know with the matchups and then specifically if you have a good coordinator. They're looking for those matchups. And you're dictating those matchups vs particular defense isn't tendencies that they're gonna be in and down and distance so. That's what quarterbacks are being taught us knowing these rooms in. You know some for some that's a lot. You know because your processing you have to remember this and that and that's me yeah moving parts and you'll some guys can't process some guys can't so. A lot of times if you're not able to you're looking for one. You need to coordinator to come up with one specific breed they're the quarterbacks go look at if that's not gonna be there than he's gonna have an alternative dump off you know or or a option route that he's gonna use writes a safety valve. And you know he's got to take advantage of that so when you the matchup you like it take advantage of that you see quarterbacks have success when you don't. You know you're gonna you know dink and dunk down the field and you know defenses or don't you know probably favor that because they'll think you're going to be able do it consistently and. Some of you who. Non football guys out there Russians even non tactical guys you might have heard some of that dries much glossed over idea that frankly I don't do a lot of heavy Leo and access and knows it or tactical strategy type of stuff because it's not great regular for some feel like like a lot of it and what I would do is I would try to bring him back job that would disaster more general sense. Do you. What what does the future of the position look like what does the future of the author of the NFL looks like because. If we're heading in this direction and the CBA says you get twenty hours a week on the field and college offenses look like this and it's translating into the and it'll receive a lot of these or trios and stuff not just for the first time but you don't widespread for the first time there's really no turning back terrorist or news you're. Adding to a Jimmy drop movement successful he was thrown into the fire right away. Don't know where we don't know Brian wasn't he and opportunities to sit behind Tom Brady and learned you know from you know Bill Belichick and from. You know set there any lessening watched me any red knee hurting in he absorbed in all those things simply when Aaron Rodgers with you know Brett Favre. You know what's forced what's happening college and and new pros. Is the where these guys get drafted the amount of money they were making and and still are making they're forced to play a little bit earlier because you don't want your number one draft choice on the bench. And we kinda guy and you think he's better that Kurt Warner you know you know sat in you know played a lot to learn a lot from. Don't his experiences and when he went to the New York Giants they weren't very good you know with the giants and they went the Arizona Cardinals they have great receivers who's pretty good there. All right but you know the difference experience is different systems and sometimes it obviously players. You know when you're running you have Torry holt and Isaac Bruce not McCain running wide open is pretty easy to throw wide open guys. But just up to understand concepts what what he was able to do curt Warner's other than that better than any other quarterback is process. He knew when the ball into come out he knew where it needed to go into a defense here and we had a system in place it was going to be quick efficient and effective right we had a deep browns we had meat inter medium routes and we had short routes all. Are built into our passing game and you know Kurt was able to. You know understand all those concepts of word go to football. He didn't understand you know what the defense is word we're doing and you know obviously a great players in the goes out there and you know and it's open and those who know schemes so. What is the NFL going with these quarterbacks I think it's going to be more of what we've seen in college I'm not just in to develop players. You can see more guys like in this and torturers Philip Rivers had a great career with bad technique and mechanics but get it done. Right you're there they're gonna it's gonna look sloppy but the exception not the rule Ryder. Since you both those were those are gimme when you talk about the two guys I was talking about the exception not the rule that's true true I think we secret shop. Session right how many college players rather. You know I'm a college co teams are the 365. Yeah number where you know there's gonna find the find 32 that are exceptions. But I guess again he's the exception to he's 61% of the 1% or right or it's gonna have this type of policy and success that you know that he's. He's gone under but you can make an argument for anybody in another certain guys have terrible mechanics. But they get the job done and they're efficient and I'm their effectiveness are teaming necessarily you know effective throwing the ball and picking defenses apart I think that's where it's gonna change as well we're gonna see more scattershot guys you're gonna see more big play opportunities. Are you gonna see broken plays turn into. The first downs you know because the athleticism at that position in the way it's grown up in Italy Cam Newton at rock calling the pioneer there's other guys before him Michael Vick nor for him. In her. What was in the office it's a different offer it's not many people run that West Coast offense anymore like the niners did and you know it's gonna be more pro style offense you don't a lot of vertical route sluggish shot down the field by the big played total yards right and that's where that's were offerings is going is not going to be pink and don't. You don't get little quick scat backs because there's not read Tom Brady's they're gonna have that consistency with their arms and be able picked teams apart. It's me it's a little bit that's that's to me why it's a little bit surprising that a guy like Mason Rudolph for instance out of Oklahoma State rock joke it is a little it is not higher on some of these draft boards and he is right now that could change. Given he's got there prototypical size and style comes out of that Oklahoma State title losses were slowing in Iran put the video game numbers enough is heading that way as a kind of guy and I know that I'd like a might seem for. So Liz routes are covered their fellow linebackers you know near the U there's you're gonna let those cross yours ago and you're gonna blow mock the corner. You're gonna you're gonna check that guy with the long America that's capable of running with the wide receiver. And that's the difference is that all the assistant style offenses in college football become. Problematic because you know you it's not about the scheme it's about the players. They want but the Y guy like Patrick Holmes in Kansas City you don't think I don't think it's Texas Tech they're running the same kind of authors want a guy like that you don't have a lot of upside you're going to have a quarterback that has the capability and upside is what what what is upside I'm ordered to close orders notice exactly right there does that mean I mean what does that mean what is talent main. How is just a word. He's big he's fast he's strong he draws is rose art what does that mean. To play the position. Mean he has the potential to do you know what he has to deal go out there and understand the content all the other things that goes along with playing that position. So I just about being bigger faster stronger and athletic. You know you can get away with that. And the linebackers you get away with that is offensive linemen and defensive lineman because fumbles the ball tackle ball don't block guy in front of me hard. Long often I don't mean not to be bigger and faster and stronger throughout the use of take me because I guess going to be pretty good as well but at that position. Is the one position that you had a grown up it'll play and an understanding those concepts because all the things add up. Are we got to go but before we do did call right now 7045709. B sixty and we're giving away a pair of tickets right now the USC fight night January 27 at the spectrum center earth thanks to Mondello stresses all the official beer partner USC two tickets right now third caller did some 70457. Or 96 terrorist Garcia but look. You back at me kind of in disgust he says. Only more surprise right. A big drinkers and the well he's got to say our notebooks that we're haircut color is of that today I don't know. And earlier that the weird sort like. Pseudo mullet thing Doyle last Hamas sort of strange goofy glasses and no new lenses. The lenses. You're singles losses you'd have lenses and I remind I don't know many ECB board glasses without lenses Russell Westbrook. So goofy that it is weird. Cigarette you Wear glasses well lenses and it's kind of pretentious you know it's it's just weird like you did to me and so style is a minority glass has been a really glasses. Really I Taylor I think a I think it's a way for dumb people to try Alex mark frank decides Miette Suze about the system throughout my tire war joining us criticizing ya and I don't answer to these days I can see it just look at your eyes got a size me up really quick to say something you're gonna say. Dude I did chains and just today and I. Well as Romeo and you've kind of words and everyday what is what an agreement haven't changed. Just immigrant went home closely Boca. And stuff. Odds are pretty much the same outfit Everton a minutes same things well that's a rather we're pitches yesterday. Well he's been promised us that early today I got the hats and just in the back of the car manages and measures to get us frank I don't think there is it's like you're phoning home to get a good guys. There in the back of the car not my car her car. Or follow me home dumb enough. Night I don't know Jim how. How's Patrick I don't feel that if it's not an annuity to donors things you never follows through several notably below what is a load etc. held an accusation. LB their. I'm not so until it's large. I'll send you some to come up coming over my buddies out to watch the game and you know I just moved a little tired. Seems to dog the dog got to take it all doubt see here's the thing with me and tile. We're home bodies. Now that's an anchor it's just a church and when you figure out to somebody is a homebody you won't you just understand okay this person wants to be at home. Beware they're absolutely comfortable at all times. As. And invite you several times just come join us every single time you said you've been there did you show up yes. Why. Because anyone let you down here a couple of a failure and your manager work correct how many times and knows that today. How many times has Kyle promise is. And be somewhere dollars in two gutsy that's where you twist the sort of sit your own merit I don't promise to be January I never promised to be anywhere. It's your thought crap. I don't promise to be anywhere but I know better and a promise to be closest now. It is futile care about my its literary anyway so you don't always talk about your credibility much credit I don't know I thought. All right well on her stepson on that note we're gonna come back Mike Dorsey the sporting news covers college basketball little bit at a fellows well left that conversation next it's Garcia and they looked.