Garcia & Bailey: Pre-Season Recap & Zeke Elliot situation

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Friday, August 11th

Kyle Bailey and Frank Garcia discuss last nights pre-season action as well as Ezekiel Elliot being suspended. 


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Back day number two round number two on the night to night PGA championship live from the quail hollow club style clearly. It's frank Garcia Billy the Marlins fan out pushed the bucks back force we appreciate him being here. Two hours left to go get fans out roaming the course. And he's trying to wrangle some more folks to come I don't sit down with a so look. We'll keep an eye out for that we had a great two hours of radio so far we've got into everything from this golf tournament. To a mr. miscue last night to of course our conspiracy theory conversation which frank is getting. Destroyed on right now how do you find hit man on the golf course by the way I don't know how to follow the hair gel listen for the scream yes. If that happened yeah. It's. Nothing I thought yeah. We did hear it. So if you missed it back an hour to like I told Franken I'm not lying about this I know for a fact that instant Brandon and FaceBook and the like or spying on you know for a fan I do I do the research I know it and I backed up by actual software engineers and other technical folks who are are coming in left and right on the text line on Twitter. Telling you frankly you need to stay woken you need to realize this stuff is happening. And then that the trump card dole almost drove George Bush Steve Smith Texan. To say that you're wrong and as light as a one on Amazon echo what his house because they're always listening and watching so. With that in by now we're talking about seed Jelena. Well you gonna talk about these are you go right ahead no this is that this phenomenal tax cumin and it's president trump and Kim Jong Hoon Kim Jong-un and her daughters walk yeah Pennsylvania. You his stay well frank care slot that's and I didn't know what I've done right now it's topical and it's not a so on this obviously they're mistresses let the Zeke Elliott according geographic for the NFL network Jane Slater and others of that and their sources are telling them that see Gilead will be spending and Eddie's gonna be suspended possibly for the maximum. The benchmark of six games. And you were talking about the fact that Columbus city attorneys did not charge him with any crimes but that the NFL saying we've conducted our own investigation. And you know we think this is this is worthy of us wanted one more thing the the attorney Lester B investigating attorney in Columbus did say. That he thought there was enough evidence there to justify. You know what was going on and they were there was enough evidence to justify it I guess so believing there were a series of incidents. Network concerning so. I'll leave it at that. So why is he not been charged why is he not been much you know at in the early obviously he's been accused right why is he not been charged. If that's the case that they have enough evidence more than not moving forward with that would be my question why obvious your question I really do and it's good question I can't answer but it is good well here's the problem right there's a pattern. I think we can all see that just like Greg Hardy there was a pattern of conduct misbehaved. This behavior that there was a college weather isn't throws and it followed him everywhere else where the cocaine all of a sudden found out as wall needed a hug out there expresses what Iran part of it right just as fast as proud as I call on his walk around I don't. Got very good thing it was that right so I mean with these C. You know there's us there's a good there's a pattern. There's a pattern there and I think that's what they're hammering him on more than anything else is there teach them lesson if that's the case in the months say that. There's been a pattern of behavior here this consistent with the no misconduct and conduct detrimental to the organization and this is read while decided to spend them for six months or six weeks for six games and that that's to me more of the realistic approach to this. Not going out there because you know on him and making these accusations and going out dancing now we're gonna suspended six games to some image that conditioned to that's really what they're doing right now. I was a bit Sosa on the phone lines we got some Muslim listeners who wanted to chime oversee daily conversation if you wanna do that at 70457096. Dead. And we will first go to cal boy shot and I've got a feeling I know what his opinion this is going to be look solicitor all right so if a given but the work cowboys Sean how are you. We'll have a full title Franken won't locomotive from their I. No home I'd do we were frankly dead. You have to be and it didn't approve guilty and all that potential mine obviously a big bin. Pittsburgh basically to win it is that he was in charge for an older and six games and we'll I think move down to three games and I'll live. That is what I mean they're trying they're basically. If this smoke is required if they want to say they're just speedy. And a bar incident and you know taken down the woman's top whatever it wanted to say maybe to go to wouldn't sit down and amid meant to relax have fun so be it. Glad to just say that it domestic you know. Violence has. You know I don't agree with that basically well I think will be fine if I don't think will be a full 68000. We hang out place jobless suck you right there because it just came across I'm sure after just tweeted he's been suspended six games. But what about April and all they are not a big deal is sure but the today it's actually as it's officially now a six game suspension pending appeal. OK I mean if you will be appealed I don't doubt it will appeal basically the end I don't know there's just six games they. I think will be the reality of how big does this suspension will be reduced. About three games but maybe for a little bit of state six games that's just me but haven't learned a fair I didn't and I have seen almost offered more. So whether that my committee I think he'll be fine that's. This so reliant is that if they're cute cowboy from the cowboys failed to get all through this. And still win the division channel eleven games they're pressed got should be let consideration for the most vital player. Because they are entitled so we got we it's more does and I appreciate about it runs off we got a buzz does weight right now. So we'll go back the next what are we got Mike what's the Shimon accident if you missed that a second ago out of shifted just tweeted. That's up for his source the league will suspend. Zeke Elliott for six games so I do today domestic violence investigation so let's go to Mike next Mike Howard who's more rigorous I guess this afternoon now. Good good about you guys still well thanks Paula. Hey man calm this dark cowboy Bob over about what stuff. This you know. Back press got its going to be just like. Matt Ryan. In this upcoming year which will be like Camden those guys had some of the best years they had. I'm Matt Ryan had a MVP year Democrat Scott had Florida. Pretty much rookie of the year type year they won't play that well back here both their people won't do as well. Let me get through this. Frank I don't know why you keep saying that there's someone can just make an accusation and then they suspend them. This case with Elliott obviously. Runs right along the same path as as the Greg Hardy wants. They accept that possibly that the police. Didn't think it's very good for the district attorney didn't affect its British get a conviction but that doesn't mean would that when the NFL did there investigation. Which which would part of this you bomb. Collective bargaining agreement that that the NFL would not strictly rely on what the police because if you want to put the Greg Hardy type situation. Fully outfitted. In a bit like hey can't complete. Examine the evidence that he utility belt. It if we haven't felt further investigation may turn up evidence and god I'm spirit blood pumping you can. He's been accused of the Haitian people aren't and is not an blocked part. Of our people the only people would be armed oldest finder and and defamation of character. And I was like I picked up aren't yet about these people lessening am thank you talk about hockey hall Arnold I guarantee you got to walk out lawyer. Thanks I appreciate it Mike and I think you made a good point there in that frank you know the NFL actually has more leeway in these investigations because there there is a a certain level of bomb. I guess a threshold that needs to be met with when it comes of the police and NB attorneys were. You know if you you have to be able to present certain things and yet this expectation of whether or not you can win it Jason is always. You know there are prosecutors wanted to keep their other win percentage child I'm joking about that but not. And if the NFL with a bunch of retired former law enforcement folks can go out and used back channels the connections to do investigations things that might not actually. Present well our hold up in a court of law but are still true. The NFL actually actually has the ability to provide some pretty powerful services in the way of conducting investigations because how much money and resources they have well. They have the ability to do that us you know because. You know I guess where their status is in no way that when you look it's it's a private group they can. There's like anything else right and you can do whatever you want within that group I get all that all I'm saying is that now yourself you're you're admitting that you're above law you can go out there and suspend guys in cop charged them mr. causey Kelly had millions of dollars. So sure I don't Ellison and I'm not suggesting this might not be the best thing for him aren't talking about is the you know what's right or wrong you know right and you know if this is going to be one of those things that were and where does this stop. Right where is this stuff you know some we can make an accusation the NFL goes out there. Scandal or she's really the law enforcement those other dozen investigations you know can this be seen there but because your name was in there you can look this suspend a guy four games five games six games. Mean we're does that stuff so the NFL has total ability to you know it could cost these guys millions and millions of dollars. I think it is JC FBI and I just don't think that's right you could argue the merits of that that's probably in this case the facts are yes they actually do. Facility or more phone call before the regulatory pulse U next. Paul Steve what are your thoughts and on Zito in the jobless by the way officially suspended six games for a couple of sources out there this thing will be appealed looked he will be suspended for six games. I've got to keep this short and sweet guys on the giants then. He shot it cowboys. It's OK okay. A false hubris there's a photograph that was sort of silly piano but you know that's going to be the other people that fill the other way you know he he gives them the best chance to win and from a competitive standpoint on the field. Yeah they talk about that present the other Olmert expressed got it all over the Dallas Cowboys. You know took a lot of pressure off deck press god. You know going out tonight and let's I'm a cowboy fan I'm just talking about the situation at hand. You're palsy obviously has a little bit vested interest in this and not gonna stand has to be able live by some both sides of the cowboys fan or you think it's wrong I'm as an outsider looking in you know as next player that does a British announced that. I think this is wrong I think this is wrong the NFL has the abilities is not a guy six games. Based on you know conversation in so what to do an investigation and you know they shouldn't be above the law they should not be able to be go out there and take things into their own hands if the law it if it if it doesn't conform with the law. Com or you know apply you then. They're becoming a law. Okay really quickly got to get a Tweeter the Mike Freeman just set out I think it's pretty important to remind people over there I guess the point out. Mike Mike Freeman uncovers the NFL for Bleacher Report does it really does a really good job. Just tweet quote the NFL must believe it has a ton of evidence against Elliott. Emphasis on beliefs and book and I agree with you know what's above the law not even the NFL. But and I'll be curious to find out. However much we do find out. About the contents of the results of this investigation that once again if you just don't again. Has resulted in an easy kill Elliott being suspended for six games yes three days to appeal but he's been suspended for six games due to a series of domestic violence incidents if you wanna call to respond that react to that number 704570. 96 Tim we'll do that all the other side lie from the PGA championship here quail hollow. It's Garcia Bailey. All right dude did you just got to come maybe it's your lunch hour on your big football fan hello you're not a cowboys' fan you haven't heard the ship because I'm going to be the bearer of bad news. The star running back has been suspended for six games Zeke Elliott will be sitting for six games at least as of right now. For a string of domestic violence incidence is on the on top of everything else and frank you said during a break there that you thought this was as much of an accumulation of his. And his behavior over the course of the past year a year and a half as it was anything else I'm inclined to agree with you on that. That's you know like you I've been talking about you know it's not just these domestic violence incidents is which of course there are bad enough. But it's that the government streak is the thing with the more fight you know the things that sort dad up. Where it looks as if the NFL was saying they both they have enough evidence to prove that these domestic violence instances did happen and if they're as bad as people might suspect. But also maybe sending a message to see Chile saying look your your heading down the wrong path this is not who anyone wants you to be yourself your parents or coaches or anyone. And you need to be punished right now yeah you know Kyle I mean that I. We're trying to be the moral police right and you know we're trying to figure out you know work with opinions on who's right who's wrong. Not everybody's gonna have a different opinion when it comes this so. You know because of that. You know that the way that you do things the way that I do things might be different the way that Adrian Peterson for example was brought up as we are we're sitting here talking about first the way we were brought up might be different. You know and the law there has to be some sort of boundaries right who gets to decide those boundaries the law. Right that's all we have to go by right now they do the research they do that then the investigation. And they come up with the conclusions based on what they feel like in society along State's present law some of mark dated some of mark and some things that sometimes things change I get all that. But you don't invented the I think there has to be some sort of wind. Force structure in place. You can't just make up your own rules I think that's what the NFL is doing in this them making up their own rules it has been also very much to the NFL's private entity do you discern even if you're not convicted of crimes. If you've done something to embarrass your employer they reserve the right to fire suspend do you however they please you're absolutely and you know that's that's the that is the side note to this right I mean. You're dealing with the private companies that can make those decisions based on their image. And that's where they put that clause conduct detrimental right they obviously feel that this conduct detrimental to the NFL. In order to the club. And who you I'm not sure who makes that decision where there's the cowboys or whether it's the the NFL. But the NFL has overstepped because I've never remember other than last couple years then step in and usually it's the club that makes that typically what happens with these clubs. As you and I both know is that they have a really high authority in place that goes out there and has killed people in place. That understands on and can communicate to them. What has really taken place in their eyes you know I know for example the Carolina Panthers they have it you know I very high ranking official at one point and when it comes to the Charlotte Mecklenburg police department. No captain Eddie levens is now in charge of you know that for the Panthers. He has connections all over the city all over the state where it. You know police officers that are gonna do the investigation that are gonna say here and say that. It may not be a conviction in the court of law but right you know doesn't indicate he may have plenty of evidence to justify read what you did something wrong you did something wrong and you know again this comes out of the suspension with six games I think it's gonna be reduced to three. But they hit at the end of the day right we're trying to sit here and be the more police than deciding what is fair and what's unfair for Zeke Elliott right I I don't know if you know I think when you start doing that you know you start walking a fine line because there's going to be different situations and circumstances for every case. Well there at the same time you know this you know these these these circumstances were collectively bargained for me that this is in the CBA the players knew this was in there. That's something to remember and also Jonathan just that it's actually just kind of reiterates what does that a second ago. Because Jonathan says look the NFL is not acting like they're above the wall there and employer. And reserve the right to suspend anyone if I go to jail for something I'm not convicted in court my job reserves the right to fire me because it's not a good look for them. Just my two cents so and so forth. Yeah but you also get to speed and there's also things that protect the workers as well we'll sure write your filing unjustly I mean I didn't do anything wrong you get any accusation you want. One astronaut I shall we need to have our union step up put an ad and that's what I was gonna say as well you know you have the union are delivered to protect you in the battle led to a file a grievance on your behalf. You know what there's there's some good checks coming in right now we've we've got so someone else like look we complain about the NFL. Not doing enough for party and Ray Rice would complain about this to pick a damp side right that's it that's my point everywhere have both sides of this of this argument I mean what's the right where's the middle I know what's right what's wrong. You know it's gonna be based on each situation in the NFL and Roger Goodell in particular gets the changeup. Right here's a committee now you know it. You know with that committee they're gonna give them suggestions he makes decisions he's the judge the jury and executioner data out of the good of a severe I've ever really like that set up but. There's a more thing to do what affordable for go to the folks here to. And you set a second ago you think his Achilles suspension is going to be reduced. That's certainly possible. I do think however we've been kind of condition just to assume that's going to happen because that's what has happened the last couple times. But there's no guarantee that's gonna happen if the NFL believes it has enough evidence to suspend this guy for six games and they have that kind of evidence they don't have to relive at all. What they and that's my point what does it stopped right. You know what to make him say they can't be so where does the crime went further punishment fit the crime. You know you look at Ray Rice you look at agent Peterson the evidence is stacked up against them Greg Hardy for example. Those also all the census got reduced now why the sudden. They can make an example to seek Elliott I mean I just think that that's what it starts coming across. And that's where players have the ability to fight back you make an example out of it yet we have other situations precedent that has been set to. With different things where you have more evidence you have that you have to. You have. Visual evidence of Ray Rice knocking his wife out an elder for a drag her off feel better. You don't what do we have here on other than accusations or allegations you know where is please don't Alicia did it doesn't always know there's if there's visual evidence or there's more evidence that there than maybe that'll come out. And again that's why you know I mean it's a tough. Wearing a tough situation here right now we're trying to you don't talk about something that we don't have all the facts when. And that's their that's the fourth best of position that were and got to get out just also point out. It does not benefit the NFL in any way to suspended Z jelly. So the fact that they've done this for six games and makes me believe. They feel like they have the kind of evidence is that is necessary to justify something this big post go to phone lines and let's bring in us Stacey Stacey hourly. OK guys good afternoon. They columns there is this. Josh Brown the ticket for the New York Giants aren't. There was multiple calls from his wife yep 911 calls. How many games did he get. Zero. You know Stacy Lewis I'm odds are you bought body I think you make a very good point. And that's my that's my argument as well. You know there's going to be a perception out there that that that's not fair and they get to pick and choose. You know who they want to punish how they want to punish them and to me that's wrong I think he brings a very valid just wrote as always college sports these conversations right. The NFL dropped the ball that the F filter that enough. The giants for that went up. There Josh Josh Brown. Had no business in this league doing the things that you know it turns out he was doing guy thinks they super vet like you said is absolutely 100% or 7045709. B six stand. Any thoughts on C Kelly who again has now been suspended for six games. Due to those domestic violence incidence is he now has. Three days to appeal. That's suspension will come back I'll give you leaderboard update here he has you know maybe Americans are dominated like but a lot of American flag Jerusalem right now USA Merck Merck about who did you leaderboard update when we come back it's Garcia unveiling. So biggest stories. Christian McCaffrey joins us Christian houses what's key event like make. Think really the biggest thing for me is that this is trying to continue to learn every day and I got lucky to come and the Panthers where there's so many seasoned vets who can. You know show me the ropes you know a lot of people who learned from. By six yeah. Kate remember the mortgage meltdown of 2008. And he tried to get a mortgage since then and then turned down or maybe you haven't even tried because your credit score is stuck at 585. 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Offer excludes four miles or so APR financing for six years it was thirteen 89 per month 1000 financed the local fight fires regardless of down payment finance depressed for capital. No players qualified residential districts to find offerings at I seventy. It's a registered trademark of NCA USA LLC. One station Charlie turns to firm Panthers football talk. And score 4040. Five and the WNBA and see us. Mr. It's over. Here's how I welcome back Garcia Bailey Locke decided I'd PGA championships. British dive back into this does a silly conversation here in just. A few minutes but so for now to join leaderboard update brought to you by he'll block island golf resort Crowell the host of the 2000. 21 PGA championship actually had done and a couple weeks myself it was a you have placed put up. You're dealt leaderboard that frank says accurately is rife with Americans and you got challenges are still leading. And he's back to six under right now through thirteen he's got a two shot lead over us for Bjorn almost in the tundra better. That's four under he tees off at 2 o'clock is after someone used as mine and it's been nicknamed the underwear under bear with my thunder sticks when I go play golf works well for you how that works well for you so our kids there and almost that are 12. Followed by a gaggle of golfers that's three under. Ever gonna go our Ricky Fowler who's through fourteen still free under DA points through twelve he's also three other Grayson Marie. The tees off at 1233 under Gary Woodland tees off at 140 Brooks kept up. 135. Chris Stroud at 230 all of those golfers still sitting at three under as of right now only look at the scores. On the right side on what they're doing today it is playing more as the US open you know with I believe five under with one golfer shooting that went lights out. As at five under right now through the day one under for the tournament and fox from Australia but. When you start looking at the other golfers the top of the leaderboard all the way to the middle you're gonna have to wonder being the the the best score right now which just has revised leading. The next best score we see is staying at two under and then a lot of Warners and even. Yep yep that and don't you wondering where Jordan speeches right now you seven shots off the lead. Jordan speed of one over right now he'll tee off until 135 he's not yet begun to Saudi residue on her biggest one under for the day you know he puts himself in contention. UBS to see if gives they're gonna hold the lead united 600. As he finishes. For more holes five more holes says he's up on thirteen right now looks like he just finished up but. There's a lot of double bogeys out there all it takes is one bad swing for these guys to get it going sideways and you'll see what happens I don't know just now has the the the of the pedigree you know go out there and hold this lead same thing with the holes in the through Fowler and there we seem him in contention Brooks kept another guy's been in contention but. While these guys are gonna come back here as the weekend goes as golf course gets harder to be anxious to see if they get some rain tonight but. He'll be fine over the weekend for sure and no one more name that you might wanna know where they are so Rory McIlroy he's dropped fourteen spots tied for 47 he's now nine shots off the lead at three over. Yeah are not having a great round I'm not seeing him on the leaderboard right now other areas are there for over for the day so you know right now. Not get it done obviously end you know I guess that the golf course play a role cardinal stuff. Yup four over on the day three over on the tournament so our worries a lot of work to do resorted her fourteen he's been out and have a nice finish. To to be where he wants to be part we're gonna get back to his Achilles conversation quickly and affiliates and phone calls to get you Fuzzy Kelly has been suspended. By the NFL for six games that is about the last forty minutes or so six game suspension Jersey Gilead based on those couple of but domestic violence incidences. That did not results if formal charges and injured in the judicial system but the unifil says it has been conducted its own investigation. And has found enough evidence that would Doug justify a six game suspension foresee Delhi has and we got some folks that want to chime in on this let's go to Nate first off the top here Nate thank you. Calling L you. Have garnered. How much out of Dallas I'll be at the end our egos Sam I'm really worth it I'm glad he's golf that is for the first six they have. And I'm actually surprised by it by people's reactions were both you know you get this year compared to other people on the path. It's an adult situation by situation basis. Did your superstar nursed you get away with the players don't line up Kuwait is what with a lot of people really bothers me about about mark Albert. That's what good does PS. There's no charges he'll officially made. He's not convicted of an event that could be cute things war and particularly everything up by virtue yes he did some quality data off you know I'll log Greg Hardy. But either one of those records right threaten America and how the NFL out of the open private about the future. Really not give you any egos what they what they find right foot syndicate or six games they cost him. How much money. How did and they lead holiday July 2 on a second I hear what you're saying but you're also forgetting the fact there's a private organization they can do whatever they would like to do forgotten it to a guy. That they may deem is embarrassing to lose it is is not done not just a domestic violence stuff. It's suburban street stuff it's the bar fight this guy said his name pop up and headlines time and time again. For the past eighteen months and not always for the right reasons you might not see it was clear that the NFL is absolutely without charge. I'm not I guess I I guess that's are you telling me that off of the American judicial system that's ours not high enough you know but I'm up high enough standard unfortunately sometimes just. That adds to me I guess that when he signed the contract rights and enough below Brit it's good we can do whatever we want you pretty much and I guess that. Another we can do understand about it but I think it's unfair to the kid I think you can lose that kind of money because then it okay and Americans should they do it justice system. This should be okay. Good NFL but again like you said that Brevard different standard. You know walk. Good that I particularly thank unit but the reason that doesn't work. It's because you go back to the college Jordan and frank it's what you make all the time so why you signed a contract you signed the NL lie you agreed to the terms of the scholarship. It's the same thing in the NFL when you signed the contract you agreed to see BA you know what the rules or image you like we're cause troubles that are cause troubles are so jealous of rules right challenges are jealous rules as fumbled what do you say all the time the rules the rules until OJ just right now and the rules right now that's why you know I mean he's not enough we can sit here and talk about all we want you know the NFL has free car market to do what they want certain absolutely 7045709610. Then we'll go to rich next Richard how are you. A good guys so you do well thanks golf both Strickland says everything is based and accusations and that's not true. On the court fight there was a video. Showing you go getting knocked out with a good. And clearly that's the guy who plays anybody there wanna file charges so goes back to what you just said it prototype to walk. But there is evidence and I'm sure beat and I have so dark very deeply and has enough obviously Q sit. That force these six game suspension so it's no it's not so it just basically accusation. Thank you rich Persian focal okay they have the the bar fight that's not what he's been charged with a this domestic violence revenue would use a little while ago you thought this was an accumulation of stuff guys I do think it's an accumulation of incidences that have piled up you know honestly you know we're looking for what's best for the kid. You know hopefully this teaches them a lesson I don't know if the punishment fits the crime. With a six games because we're talking about multi million dollars and I guess if you're dead it's gonna matter has to hurt right up I don't know if you know if it's gonna teach a lesson at Astaro a little bit. You know so I I've I understand that as well. I don't know and that's why we're kind of sick in the gray right right now. Is it too harsh is it not harsh enough or is it about right you don't know they have like yeah I don't know what they have announced that and that's my issue Jeff why are they not given us a little bit more to why they're punishing for the six games because it helps us understand a little bit better as fans which I do think we're entitled to because we do support our money and we do they are our fees and our cost to go watch this and and and make this sport popular too you don't have bus have a little bit more knowledge and and then I'd. I get all of that went under for so I just think that billion us element I'm gonna give them the benefit of the comfort for a couple minutes here. Other half did you give a lot more benefits and I'm well know what I'm gonna say is that you know you you've had this reported as facts now from the likes about a gesture you Rappaport the NFL's not an official statement yet to do the best of my knowledge so. The NFL they wanna say something about this they want provides more evidence they have that opportunity if not then you know we're all gonna be left in the dark and those. You know those gripes are certainly justified 704. 5709. For six games and you know I guess we'll just have to wait see what happens but I can't get off this point. But I think it is is imported drive home for a I don't think it benefits the league in any way to spend this kid. That's said you know it looked domestic violence is something the league is grappled with for the past several years it's been a black guy for them the Ray Rice stuff to Greg Hardy stuff to Josh Brown's stuff. It's been their over and over again. And you know we've taken notice of the fact that the NFL has. Put forth some pretty strong and driven marketing campaigns directed at women to try to combat vets of the NFL's not going to take domestic violence. Lightly anymore we Novak and I I understand that and my concern is is that now that we are giving. More authority or more power to people should make accusations. That's my concern. Okay all right big hopes of 0457 or 96 and if you look at Shimon. We'll try to keep you abreast of that story we got some gulf of wanna get into as juicy as leaderboard there right now right governor to step aside the second but as you see the leaderboard there. It hasn't changed much we're still early in the day got a lot of guys that are gonna tee off this afternoon. What you see just there you see also deceased Fowler you see Gary Woodland is a phenomenal story of Brooks kept up. Feet out you know just did Hideki Nazi domino was still back there one under he's gonna tee off this afternoon it is or die do you think today to make a pusher in the second that. You know the guys that have not teed off yet is that all they want your virtually anywhere got a bloody early in his round. You know there's there's some guys out there I think kept you know as the game to go out there and maybe he'll get closer to leave. I'm not really is concerned as the top of the leaderboard today is there will be no I at the end assess Saturday. You know because I think that's we're gonna start seeing in the cream rises tops of those four rounds of golf there's still a lot of golf left. These guys are just positioning themselves it's like god. You know I need to do I wanna drafted and come from behind to only get downtrodden and and twisted to lead you know those type of things. You know that they're going to be different types of philosophies or game plans going into their rounds. We're deficit at three under right now just don't lose it today don't know anything stupid let me try to hit fairways. Let me hit longer irons let me be in the fairway though where we don't put these big numbers and to play and hit senator standing at the -- -- to put walk on with our cars. If we if he finishes three under today he's right in contention I think that's the number that you're looking at okay accusers at six right now. I would almost bet a lot I would I would almost bet mind you know entire paycheck. Then he's coming back he's not gonna stay at 600 he's not extending that lead when it comes a son he's not winning in this. Alternate fuel prices have well I like I tried to set I would bring a lot of money and it's obvious of legacy you're Charlie talked about it earlier talking about his there's culpability comfort level with these greens it's familiarity look like this got a great and amassing a bit and I did and what I am saying is the pressure that's going to be put on him. When it comes to winning a major is gonna be greater than his comfort with the grain I think it's fair point though the pressure of winning a major I think it's something we can't be overlooked you're absolutely right he's never been in this position no doubt no doubt partly stepson will come back and wrap up our number three. 'cause you want John and golf Zeke Elliott. Any pre season stuff will certainly take it 70457. Or 96 and live from quail hollow to Garcia Billy. Joseph what do you. 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Welcome back this year and really live quail hollow I get out. PGA championship. This lunchtime. To tell you why would you bring it may not be a gust of what to bring a must tell you may not be Augusta maybe the food here. Has been phenomenal faster days forget yes there was. Fried chicken slaughter some vehicles along ranch dressing drew a lot of and know what else we had just risen by same thing works and what tools or slot as well today hit Graham Russell wants me today have brought you some burger sliders and I knew they were to have those that I got some short ribs. In short ribs death. A liberal one for for me though. You're not Chad. The studio brought before his age she's on a sliders I didn't look at discredit had to go they probably had somewhere she's somewhere down. Yeah I was kind of in her thumb. I was actually directed by the way that we're gonna replay are Kurt Warner interviews two days ago that was so what's been highly requested so look come out of here now for we are going to do that bring you a Kurt Warner conversation. It's a matter of fact we can do that next really try to do that policy is on the sports are growth growth discoverable and for spot here. Coming up till they're not and we have lots going on right now. The short ribs are good approach says they're fantastic. Franks or to try to keep your gonna eat on the air blast and a question I can talk to the same time it's your sister be great radio yeah absolutely great radio in my garage it's called chipmunk in remembered. It's a technique that the the competitive eaters you always yet it's right because your competitive eater it's a chipmunk. Chipmunk okay sort of aside you've talked out the other side of mountain you know it's that's exactly what's going to hotels was techniques Montes had. Oh here comes Billy with designer. As so I didn't did you watch pre season football us and we know that we do they get a rocket that that quarterback battle out there is interest in because Trevor Ximian. He's just serviceable at best right in the Paxson lynch was supposed to be to god and he did not look good last night you know it's priests. These guys are game planning for. They're not they're gonna get some pretty deep good defense but there when you get the second groups out there and you here expected to move to football. Again I don't wait too much into. You know the free season I I I take it for what it's worth its pre season they're getting your chance to look at guys. They want is our game plan the number one start going out there they start coming after quarterback drill. That's more gonna see who steps up so. Yeah I mean he of those offenses are very good. They're gonna rely on the running game you know to put themselves in position and then their defense do you to make sure they get three and out and play a field position type of game. The other they're both physical they're gonna get after it and you know the defense aside there's they're both pretty good but. Yeah I'm not looking at Denver and San they're gonna make some noise because you have to be able to scored today's NFL. They don't have a historically good defense like they did in 2015. You know they'll have those bookend pass rusher DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller Von Miller so damn good player but I mishaps and he gets so you know I I don't know I mean. That's hard to judge where these quarterbacks are gonna be because you have guys like that make you throw the ball a little bit quicker than you want to. Org or give you an you know creates predictable situations so. I think we'll find out a little bit more about these teams. You know when it comes down to I thought they both played hard but. He doesn't think to be said for a lot of these teams around the league whether it's Kaiser or in the quarterbacks are only or whether it's mr. risky we'll see what happens when liberal bullets start flying again. You're right about that so I think. I don't know Hamid against Joseph was asked about his quarterback situation last night I don't think he knows what to do I really don't I don't know is if John Elway has an answer their. I don't know if the plan again for Denver's just to rely on a defense did to kind of lead the way and hope the quarterback just kind of stays out of the way. That is sort of the antithesis of what we've come to know modern football to be but I guess that still work those doors on. I'm just to know your personnel Colin. That's part of it know what you have which restricts or what your weaknesses are. And if you don't have a strong quarterback and not say you don't have a chance and you still have a chance what they're one game you're gonna. You're going to be a lot of games which you're you're not going to be a dominant football team unless you have a dominant defense and that's going to be that the case or dominant running game. If for example with the cowboys I think the Dallas Cowboys you don't even without you kill understood and they'll move the football. Don't think he'll be as explosive and we'll see you know put a little bit more pressure on deck press got to go out there and make plays with his arm but they started pretty good offense you're starting with the offensive line. If you want to look at that as a weapon but moving wild cards up to right tackle gives them five solid starters and so I think they have the best left tackle on the game Tyrone Smith and you know maybe one of the best senators in the game as well so. You look at their their line up across the board they're gonna still be physical is still gonna knock holes through you and young guys can play running back in this league. Breaking news Jesse just saturated. Sammy Watkins. Just you just gotta traders saying we want give us his comfort and what's to come the Trevor who care well I hear that was Sammy Watkins has been traded. To the ramps. That is wow I I didn't alas I mean think about the last night. The first three completions of Tyrod Taylor always to Sammy Watkins and I gave. They look what they were trying to make a statement right out of the gates and the next day Sammy Watkins is traded he has now been reportedly traded to the LA rams. For the sixth round pick the bills are traded Sammy Watkins any 20186. Round pick. To the rams for quarterback EJ gains in its 4018 seconds Ralph and I think the rams got a steal. I think they win that deal Sammy Watkins I think he's a very very good player he's got to stay healthy. Any need somebody get him the football but you have a very good 12 punch now put their receiver running back combination. No because I think they have one of the more talented young cornerbacks in the league which are girlie so. You know they got to get the guys up front about their block and they need to guy. That makes the decisions whether it's your job for you fill in the blank if they Gaza gonna get the you know he's the starter this year so. As they put him in here halfway through the season last year and now they got him a weapon to go out there and throw little quick passes if your jets fan or bills fan excuse me. You know then you know what would you get you have you that I wouldn't be a while try to just got even better the bills are done out of there was just Sammy Watkins. As he wrapped boards just waited they also traded for wide receiver Jordan Matthews and a third rounder for cornerback Ronald garbage. While so the bills making moves the offensively it looks like the tank in what looks like. True. While tanking fly closer look I mean what do they get short amount is here stellar field okay well I mean Sammy Watkins when he's on the field as the best player. You know on the field most of the time that are delta and other argue that it is a phenomenal talent but they just have been able to keep him on the field. They're there totaled does this take Zeke he's got our civilization is good or change you are so again if you dismiss that little low little breaking news the Buffalo Bills have traded wide receiver Sammy Watkins and also traded Ronald Darby for wide receiver. Jordan Matthew Jenin before put it Kurt Warner interview at the top of the hour hosted elegant shade in his his thoughts on his Achilles situation as far as Shane thanks for holding their power if. Hey no problem does Lewis Libby should tell all the polo match is scheduled head just handling questions are darker outlook science. I went and grabbed us like we can survive a six games with that was great catalog Christian leaders. Are. We are serious incidents where I was never be considered revenue mix and when they actually ever be smooth it's. Ever listened to actually knocking very good I hope come breaking birthplace rookie minicamp showed great. This led the hard bit detrimental to the league. And here's schedule wrestling the original. Independent leagues and so I continue to do everything I read I. I didn't do it says Iran doesn't understand that man that we didn't say they listened and read this should get as and we take them there. Thank you buddy yeah I mean are you guys that's great question. You know why they determined one guy is is. You know doing things differently compared to Euro another guy I mean I guess its pattern of behavior right and that's what you lean towards. You know and these types of situations I mean that Joseph makes sense you know did a terrible thing he'd keep cold cocked their girl with a right hook and you can say whatever you want. Think just it's not something that it's you know is going to be accepted right and should never be. You know excepted so when you start looking at you know that situation vs Rosie Joliet I don't know what Joseph Manchin has done since then that sounds like he hasn't done a whole lot. He understood his situation where he was that maybe has learned from that. -- you still is it is in that situation right up because Joseph makes it may take days you know ton of draft spots. Because you'll buy a lot consider the best rookie running back in this in this our draft now so he he drops double spots. You know because of that end you know he's gonna pay this price you know with that. I'd get a fills dog crazy guys we got dizzy Kelly is suspended for six games the bills just traded Sammy Watkins to the rams and an Eagles just traded Jordan Matthews two bills so a lot of things happening we'll we'll kind of recap and reset. Coming up an hour for but we come back. Franken I caught up with Kurt Warner yesterday or two days ago was just inducted into the NFL hall of fame a lot of even ask him to hear that again we'll replay that for the next right here on Garcia bailing.