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Monday, August 14th

We put a bow on the PGA talk and continue with Panthers and College Football.


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But Garcia. Back to Al were number two child barely frank Garcia Osborne hanging out with you and we are reacting and still basking in the afterglow of the PGA championship. Charlotte as he city as the host quail hollow kill great crowds phenomenal galleries incredible atmosphere especially yesterday. As Tony four year old Justin Thomas went his first career major. I quail hollow and or breaking that all down. With golf analyst from CBS Ian Baker finch who was kind enough to give us some time enjoyed a solid technique on gas line if Howard it was more like. I'm very well thanks good good to be I'm not prolong exciting week. Is sure wasn't it sure was and am I don't think a lot of us really knew what to expect heading into the weekend Kevin just for the local kid was was playing lights out when I walked off the course on on Friday. And you know then things just really took off Saturday and Sunday and again a resulted in just in thomas' first ever major what did you make of the drama yesterday. Well it. It certainly or drummer in comparison to set it up and don't just trying to survive. Somebody really became one of the most exciting majors I can remember it was sort of a coming down that I'm straight for the chance to win. But we always say don't say critically sick and tired of assigning it but it. You know that that shot is going to be the one he remembers that pops going to be the one he remembers all the Justin Thomas. What separated him on the closing tax. Was this shot on channel actually hit the tree and bounced back into the there life. That spectacular dramatic pop I want to live right second call being on the same all they've achieved seeing. A couple of calls light up. And then you know that the drummer as a deterrent on my whole seven sane so he'd be stuck. It was so what you have to do to win a major championship and the other guys just like Kevin there's not just couldn't get the gripes. What was the thing that surprised you mean you look at this tournament throughout the week whether it was the crowd when there was the golf course set up whether it was maybe a certain guy not playing up to standards are got to play better than then what do you expect and what surprised you the most this weekend. Didn't have how difficult the golf course Wallace was a big surprise to me help help hot and how often. Just a brilliant major championship venue by our. That I come back they. Are not long after the presidents cup and he is time I think it was a huge success. Kerry made in the PGA I know I sit up the courses so well. So that no that was a big plus I think that might change a couple of greens are over a little over the top. And Chris Stroud barracks or welders who aren't quite in my agent for three years. Certainly wasn't even expected to be gay he war and the week before. To didian. Two the PGA championship you know he's numbers. Got got better because of that we. I didn't even get a case you know all of this same quality although we go. Store yesterday. Predict get a couple of things like that that you don't call actually I Ager. But good quality of play was certainly. Befitting a major championship. And you look at the crowd that was out their for the week you know over a quarter of a million people projected but the ratings don't the ratings don't shows that why I mean the crowd was phenomenal I mean. You know you can watch a lot of golf on television you see some of the crowds are pretty good but nothing like it was over the weekend. It could not correlation between ground and writings unfortunately. And it's the crowds were fantastic. While Paula called it simply awesome. Joining Debra Harrison all the people live a good hosted in. I discern everybody says it's foreign southern hospitality they always dirt can't count thank them enough. But the writings were. Notes some time not wherever people around about doing there aren't saying. It's most slide over television coverage as OC ES with a turnout. In early coverage did a great job. We only had one major champion of the leading twenty players that they're there wasn't a lot of stop ally on top of the board you could shut. And that's sometimes we lights to. Do you have viewers. Total Ian Baker French CBS golf analyst joining us on the technique come guests line. A Jordan speaks in a not not the best of weekends and of course. There's a lot of stake for him as a lot of time did today actually finish this thing with a career Grand Slam was kind of on the lot what did you see from Jordan this week in and where does he go next. All. You know what I think Jordan state obviously disappointed he didn't do a little that I just couldn't over our city normally go to Mexico are the oil and aren't quite like. So little sloppy but it can't. Continue. You know and and do it every week he won twice in the last month including the open. I know lease absolutely over the burn pretty good buddy Justin Thomas. Between them that I heard. Or 307 wins it's. So of the mighty good between in this statement. And you know I don't excel and equity buddy Lonnie and I really couldn't. You're just an art did it in a lackluster I'm just a one out in the open I shot 63 and then yelled at a disappointing final round on Sunday. How much did you learn from that end and taken into this tournament knowing that he could compete with these guys are they big on the biggest stage. And finish at this time would he take from that. Well he did each time you met up you learn to ensure learn if you don't granular way in. But he. Had that brilliant 63. A lot of pressure. On him and I haven't done that something special in a way he did it with eagle a lot also. Want from it actually bogeyed the first call yesterday that of that bunker shot you know will brought artillery shell again. But he obviously Lawrence Foley actually wins already this season and the UBS and I serve you know say he doesn't stop choir are capable. Eight each time you you make of the banking that you must sit back and look at it learn element into. It all goes in the memory banks and each time you faced with. The do you draw on those experiences from the cost. We're talking a lot of our Ricky Fowler on Thursday and Friday and throughout the weekend and obviously he's put himself in contention has put himself in a position. To get this thing done several times and you know if these guys like Sergio and and obviously Phil Mickelson to some degree or any indication you keep putting yourself in those positions as talented as he is it's gonna eventually happened formula visually breakthrough but as far as they're continuing to get there are not being able to finally get it done how do you view Ricky and you know is there any concern that this guy may be gets in his don't have a little bit as far as us still try to push the double. Yeah we all get an ally and it's a little bit too much of times. I think Ricky came into the very well he is one of those guys now or whatever I want talks that it really give them my agent at best players have a wanna age yet like creature only westward so on and so on. Ricky is super darn you'll be happy for Justin Thomas as well so much respect us IE that you got to. Altogether on the on the net jets flight with the Wanamaker and that is basically. So they're fighting all excited. Ricky client note I got an up noticed that there outlook intrude. Just going through my reading is that whatever concept that they aren't artists or street ready to check in Serbia had six letters in their first or second time. And I said in the telecast Saturday afternoon say you know what I I'm gonna go refer Iraq Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler mania is going to be some sort of come our. Miguel and on any issue with this 66. Feel naughty right now so yeah exactly. Justin Thomas was six or maybe Mickey Callaway and try to get and despite an order so. Letters and interest in Los mind slow world. Rory is too short but we all expected him to be up there as well and every time you don't when when the expectations that we put on those guys. To go out there when because he has the game and he doesn't go out there achieve we think something's wrong is there anything wrong with Rory or are we making too big a deal but that. Not I think oriented back we might need to be concerned that this injury. Plus he just got married and he's got a whole lot. He's just bought a new arm down here in the in the Jupiter West Palm Beach gotten area. I think he's gonna step back away from a little while and and it and assistance if it is let me say it feels good obviously drives the ball 330 out every time eats it he's just a number all the what is going which. But the city just cannot put the same time and effort into his practice at least to be able sort of cookies backs not a 100% so you just think. It puts it this just the worry. All that that's holding you back from bad. That's trying to stop that we don't know cane based. But he's not bound by any stretch I think Rory reached. More majors ashore issues too much of a talent. Ian Baker Brent CVS joined us on the technique on just sliding and we appreciate it thank you for us for joining us this morning we'll talk to her soon. Thanks a lot add an asset that's good Kevin is known as you know he's a local guy and maybe he's say it so by the mosque. How happy managerial thanks a lot but I below us most was that the sun will come back and though what will talk to Hank Haney. PGA tour radio his thoughts we're gonna put the PGA championship to bed for a little while a lot of football to get in Susan basketball stopped as well. A recent great story lines to get into but I can't inexorable turn the page to football's Garcia Villa. On the soundtrack from ten to twelve was always on Floyd. Right the south Georgia it's wealthy gets it done. What is it gonna be really dusty zigzag even DJ all right 7045709. Welcome back Kyle Bailey frank Garcia told a lot of golf right now we're got a lot of football to get into. Coming up in just a bit painter stories from over the week general chat and Joseph person later on a sort of a camp wrap up. And look ahead too well what there was fans should expect against. Against a Tennessee coming up this weekend right now we are going to talk a bit more about the PGA championship. With Hank Haney of PGA tour radio who is a matter of fact he's just coming all the years we appreciate it make it's time for us here on Monday morning I gallery of. I'm doing great thank not appreciate it. Absolutely well love is here in Charlotte it was quite a weekend as I'm sure you are well aware. A great galleries great crowds also an atmosphere and there was sort of try to try to reconcile that with other television ratings so a little bit his says. You probably know those were down a bit we had this conversation with Ian Baker finch a little bit ago but overall your takeaways in the suite and was what. I'm happy soprano fan tactic is that good golf course. Later. Couple obvious to me when you have a cop or replace the cup is quite followed bit which there was. Perhaps stroke over art art Carter's chord are played all year. Well Derek there all kinds of birdie opportunities. I'm the bird are very equal opportunity. I think that there are a great combination that it would be even feel like it got there. And that's why you have over a great tournament. Fair or you had a great summer quality and are great leaderboard that had been there. This golf course there are played great obviously heard the band where to a you know the color of Accuray recovery period are gone everything that people are locked now why and and go to a lot of offered other things but still involved in and you know image. Golf Paula that's articulate their own way. Governor I would like to marketer of of that it was a great of that. You know anger I obviously work with a lot of different guys which guy has the worst case of the year sore the good thing that you had to fix the most it just came to you know I god bless this guy isn't he he's he's done is take always change ours right pocket and put it has left pocket. I would be so Barkley book. It was not about bad weather Carter is I worked for 6 years but I am or Goldberg opened spelled sparkly might go to any harder. I would not quite shining moment it hit the it struck by. Or my favorite people in the world golf but her spirit got it below are almost off. Are seeking a vote swings and guys who are our big time players maybe a guy who didn't have the weekend that he wanted to before we get to Justin Thomas and all those guys Jordan street figure came in with a lot of line and can obviously still. Achieve their career Grand Slam but did Jordan right now as a golfer and certainly the way you played this week in what or you're or your impressions. Well I mean hey you're back to win a ball and there are going to major championship sir are are the win. I don't think that the overt let fairly the golf course and everybody would put them. And of course we didn't recommend it never occurred great history as well. Everybody would say that the long hitters course so look out that way over. Certain Thomas Alva pornographic or consistent sort but it just party I'm very honored duck out. And you know great sword because incredible open championship. He stepped back from his left breaker that's for Kirk are not going to be just without the last major retailer and there's a lot of great note. Yeah and battle those guys are two of the top of the list you know that the result bad. I have four other players that are important for permits to hear including Jim Bakker there. Not 24 years older or younger and Eric Decker quotes here I go would there are quite similar corn sort of speak about built in comments. During that battle that's so great with great young players and yeah you gotta have a good week it's just aren't a lot of good things happen Gomez are so amount number and that was I have a let be chipped in on thirteen them. So sometimes it's your sister your time by. When your character very it is here and I heard your speech to army when you have a week after week it's your talk to briefs. There when you see these guys out there and they're battling competing for for majors are for just even a regular tournament and you see them in the final group you watch what pressure does to some of these guys you see I change his swing what's the some advice that you give to a guy that. You know maybe see you see him struggling speeds up he slows down you're what what is it that these guys are doing a wire some guys just capable of handling that matter. Talk you have the better your fundamental about a yard to begin let them. You know the board holds off a mallet so people army that that although the bill Peter purpose somewhere. A ball out like that or they get a guy. I know our cal or nervous right now so I'll go into the water and other economic only notebook but well done book and I think people all the time record you're currently the only Kirk well what are. I mean everybody's everybody's nervous when they're out their clients. But it doesn't it you can't think about what should go to so that we can't excuse the dark out and I think it is important currency cat then. They bit better here here can't go in those situations that I go look look look look anything like that matter what weird deal looked closer. The more experienced they haven't stepped up I would have a good experience that that the US open because he was right there in contention and you know this army he handled it really really well but. It is sort of those situations where the rich get richer and the more you have that experience both the better off you're out of luck. We talk about the ratings without Tiger Woods or maybe how that suffers when Tiger Woods over a decade and half was play and we saw spike maybe there's a market correction. But the guys in the game and golf are better right now the bottom half. Have come to the top and it's not maybe there's the Dahmer guy that we expect Jim Jordan speeds obviously is getting it done. But we're all looking for that next Tiger Woods but the game of golf is in great shape president. What is what it did go to work great they are required earlier I think whatever you have a real dominant player Britain's. That brings more notoriety to the sport so so that's something that's been made enormous about what would solve the players that are sure in the local. Eight out the last I majors they're that there are winners. That's not what you'd you know he could you call dominate my branding or one person. But you do have great players top to bottom that are very capable of oh when he and I think. Let the young players that you have it at the top of me you know Jordan speak doesn't sound as though Ricky powers on the merit their. They're great great kids have been ordered back or I mean he just does. Go down hole all that. And you know what it is it's so good play there being picked up until it was really cool yesterday. When you see I adored speak directly about that are a big commission are they get that featured silence this. You know that are behind the eighteenth green watch as their body finished. That supplement Scott that you beat stick picked up right now armed and it's it's it's pretty pretty pharmacy. We talk about Jordan his game we talk about his heart his guts and his ability go out there and make things happen after he makes a mistake can recover from that but. We don't give him the credit or enough credit for being talented who's the most talented guy do you feel like he's on tour. Well I've seen hate and you know they're there they're all so account that I mean it's they've got different different. Elements of a gamer who endured those because there's about a quarter. And right now he's he's elevated his fireplace urge all of you about iron. Players in the game if not beat that but EV DO look at the players I think pick and really you know hit it. Hit a long way and I mean does Doug was sold or player in the world we have been going great lately but. When you can have the distance that that he had those missiles so that just out of status. The tablet ability. To return every golf course and to a park 68 copper are really article are by. And and that said that the UG it will be changed but no statistically. Ball striking wise you look at Roy Mack all right but. Oh yeah it was Carter is is pretty popular a lot of times I did below average uttered Jordan's speech it is not belong to her but. Arguably about potter and and a great iron player. And members are you know and Rickie Fowler and and in just hours and those are my guys I should be just statistics. And look at those guys might say you know there are guys that are there right up there near the top and Jim and good a lot of different categories. In the and that. Kind of what you look for you as you on the future. A before let's go blank and and this of course is a obligatory question and I feel compelled to ask him because so many of us grew up watching him but and can tiger be competitive again. Well I mean it. You know at the end of the day but it next time he equated on the on the PGA tour we don't even though he's never gonna put on the PGA tour but the next time because credit EG tour I mean he'll be at 42 year old professional athlete who said. Ford operations and fought back operation. And the last European fusion so I mean. Clearly it is is that stayed there are behind them. In a bit about a scenario but having said that I mean these it was just so confident so good every every time the plays determine where he has an ability to finish 72 all right still you know some are MMI think that. He had the chance to win I think he I think he can play again I think he can win again of course all the kind of help. Bully beat Dominic and again no absolutely not. Bully catch Jack Nicholson's record now we need you all I mean it's just good eyewitnesses who is so you know got him as. As part friend Charles Barkley always says father I was not defeated and and you know that's just the way it is a good sport but it doesn't take any away. From how dominant tiger was assured during his career. Hank Haney PGA tour radio joining us on the technique comes just like Hank we appreciate your time this morning sura to do it again soon. Our guys are. Absolutely we're gonna step aside will come back into the gulf in the books are a lot of football to get into 7045709. B six stand. A wanna talk some printers and obviously a lot of college football hero Monday its Garcia daily W lessons that. Garcia really WS Lindsay welcome back here on Monday morning there thanks to William baker French too I can eightieth PGA tour radio. I think we've got the gulf out of our system so far this morning so Laura thought a lot of football thank you Jesus is that upsets Oregon are absolutely loves golf do yeah I mean there's always something easy to say about the PGA as Don talks little islands at the other for author and about that. Really quickly before dive in this printer stuff. I am gonna be so curious to see how this LA charters thing works out right. Because as a headline right now I kind of thought this that something similar to this might happen but and it's only pre season bottle. So and when teams moved there's usually does this blows around a team that's in a new stadium but I don't feel like that's necessarily the case in LA with the chargers. An and for the chargers pre season opener and a lawyer frank on Sunday night. A 121000. 54 France. Once an active seeded chargers did you know walked by the Seahawks against LA charge the only choice artist says and it really is a dozen of the I don't like it but. Social just over 21000 fans. But that's that's capacity isn't the stadium the plan in his only birdie at Tikrit are 3003035. So when you're 35 from the mistake and a double check double figures 35 regardless though. The MLS game between the galaxy and not forget do. Drew to almost 46000 ensues 5000 more fans but the charges pre season game what are your thoughts on that. It's pre season yes. There's not a whole lot of juice right now with the LA chargers. You know I mean just people I mean an end their product show right the masters the CR scored almost forty points on them in a pre season game. In this team isn't built to win today and I think fans are our our and our understanding of that they know that so are you gonna go spend money on a pre season game or cost you full price. Go watch a product that you're not gonna. Care about because they're not to look the same and improbably six months eight months each. So it Philip Rivers in a may be brings look at shape to LA. I know because of what he's done but. No walls does mean Antonio Gates a hundred years old. You know you don't have many great that junior sales no longer there. You have multi let Damon Thomas in there are so. You know yet Philip Rivers and why you know that's that's that's the issue right now I mean I'm not gonna go spent seventy dollars eighty dollars our dollars on the ticket. Not to watch that now you know it doesn't it feel like that LA dynamic is kind of destined to be. Like the giants jets dynamic where the rams or the team of LA. And the chargers are or may be in a bit like a let's always Brazil they ramps right if you're LA you know maybe the raiders. You know I think the raiders might have a little bit more cachet with what they haven't Dave Kerr felt let it. Take the charge back tournament San Diego and move the raiders from Oakland down LA they'll be that we sold out. And you're there the raiders would be the LA raiders and nobody cares about me because they are expected to be good bright people wanna watch a winner you know I have especially in California. I have so much time to do I go surfing on the right my skateboard. I can you know gentler and casual way do it and you know I mean there's a lot of things I can do under the zoom in on a lot of things like you're due out there. You know thing go to a football game and spend my my money be entertained with something is not very entertaining. Why can't steal to me because I'm not a West Coast guy you're Phoenix Lou why did it feel to me like this almost like there's this underlying resentment. About West Coast surfer dudes for mussina exits was because of the movie right it's a key artery is right we're actor in history of of acting and you know it it every time he talks is like dude dude it's did you Phoenix guys did you not just like the daily surfer dudes up. Phoenix was you know if you're from LA there was a little bit of resemblance there are there's a lot there was a line drawn uncertain allies thought they're bigger and better and everything we had in Phoenix I guess we're kind of like their little brother. Still like NC state vs Carolina in outcome of that complex stuff. You know there's a little bit of that that complex that you have there is you always looking up to Big Brother yeah trying to compete you know whether it was a music we felt in Phoenix. Any time the music came out we're like two years behind LA had it first and then thinks that. Right that's where it was an exchange a little bit since I was a little bit bigger I say that's awesome so he's still don't have you don't have the perception that people are riding horses and chaps I have an in an eating at rattlesnake then there. You know I'm going out there and join the cows and in the end I cut them up and Borchardt Herman no no it's not like that anymore it's grown a little bit Boca I don't more than just cactus and clean it. PLO Phoenix I was up their luster was also on a blast it's big it's spacious it's easy to get around the Mexican thirds phenomenal under back there Horford made absolutely had a blast. All right are really quickly. Over the weekend I was kind of perusing some bad there's news in their looks like foreign Butler is is not going to be back until week one of the regular season I think this sort best case scenario at this point. That they they signed so most in more depth spirit and defensive tackle for the interior but over the the Burnham Butler news in particular frank how concerned. I don't harvest concerns disappointing. You know he hadn't but done much yet at the expectations do a lot. Our coach is really happy with the way he was performing in the pre season but to injuries are part of his game and dies next man up. You know last year you had you know big rotation of guys end you know it's just gonna change the rotation slightly. But other got to find a good guy to go when they're called call last year was a guy came in there and did well. In fact he was probably the most done you know that their best pass rusher the most efficient down lime in there for awhile since first after the season. Take a short star still gonna hold their own you love to see Bernard Butler be that rotation digital bit better rotation but. I don't think it's detrimental to the defense and anything that they're gonna do Eagles don't put him in there may be some situation off or did defense where were the guy that they're bring an end. But Burma will be back it you just hate to see this kind of pattern happening in developing with the guys. And you know you eat you wanna be able to develop that trust in order to develop that trust any of those guys did go out there and and bill will play on on Sundays so. You know whether it's bad blocker not some guys just have to deal with that you need him out there are not disappointed he's not. All right so let's let's. As far as the wide receiver spot goes on the bounce around here a little bit food. The mere bird obviously you have made a strong case for himself last Wednesday aren't so let's operate for second under the assumption that the members who make this roster Brent. And into the withdrew with punches and and Benjamin the guys in Samuel we expect to make this roster that that may that would mean there's. Probably one spot left to be taken among guys like most Frazier. Britain Burson Trevor Graham Kaelin clay jars Garrett at the names like that if you had to lay money on more of those guys to get that last roster spot would you look to. As turnover in person then you have to if that's the group to learn that you the names that you just wrote rattle off of those the names it's going to be Brian mershon. There's a familiarity. You know with this offense. There's a comfortable Eddie. No with you know cam and that relationship that they have you may not be the most explosive but he's going to be in the right position. And coaches need guys like d'antoni guys are more car not I'm not saying or suggesting these other guys wouldn't act. But it's you know what is gonna make them stand out and beat out a guy that's already kind of established himself a known commodity known commodity right there's trust that goes along with that so they have an uphill battle to climb you know they have all three weeks to go out there improved. That they belong over Brent Burson. You know sometimes guys you know just get rid of you know and and move on from the guy in front doors and hasn't done anything. To get himself out here he shows up on time he works hard does everything that's asked. You know so one of these other guys have stepped up and make plays and Jameer bird you'll like that that makes it tough decision if we're talking McNamara burden Britain person now we have a conversation. Are there if you're already put more on this team which I'm not. Right. You know he still has an uphill battle he's. Where seventh round or undrafted guy but but he does a lot and he does a lot for this team and those are all valuable commodities and it's not just. You know for what you do wants on his good times it would be these guys were talking about or even just a field on Sunday it's how you prepare because a lot of things are going to winning. That's how you prepare your defense and he looks that you're given and the reps in the quality reps and they're getting. So if I know that you know a guy like bird or Burson are gonna go out there and give me a 110%. As a coach when it comes to the scout team or look for my defense. That's what I'm looking for that's what those guys and roll is right now they may not have the stars in the the the touches on Sunday but they help the team get better. People don't wanna give that any credibility they think they're always looking for. Don't why is Randy Moss on this team guys and they don't run. President Julio Jones here why don't we have these great about backed up he can afford all those guys so he had to have within those other guys. People are more to make you better from within. And that's where coaches look at that value for those types of players well. A really quickly go the other side for a second right. Not I beat the defensive backs on this team was listening to a lot of guys this morning talking about this was reading the same things over the weekend and I can give you credit here because I you were the one talking about how much talent. James Bradbury head you know and how much talent Morley hat and you you heard a lot about how well those guys played in this camp. But at the same time it almost seems like a consensus that did Brad buried. Has been the MVP. A training camp and you spoke to here in the U senate last week you said look this is all right guys there or want to trade all right there's a mini camp are washed him compete out there you said he got more talent than just normal. That's clear Oca under so like I'm giving you credit because it's like a consensus these guys Rossi and James Bradbury was the MVP you drink it. James Brad bear is a better athlete than Josh Norman. He's not a better football player he wasn't at the Tyler's not right now than Josh moment. He has potential to jet there are that's up to him but you see all the tools you see the size you see this BDC the change of direction. And now we're start to see the consistency. Right now as the third thing that goes along with the just normal one very good his first two years. If you remember reportedly they put amount that they had to put him on the bench because he was always in the wrong position. You know it was lined up for his responsibilities get blown and I you know go back to buffalo. You know between cap tomorrow believe it was himself then the only let the guy wide open the end zone for the you know for the game winning touchdown. But hit the potential is there another playmaker he's always constantly around the ball why. You know why don't we get I mean we we've got to Jones did get him a lot of credit bush firsts for spotting that. You know we had a kind of take our lumps a little bit you know after letting just go but when drew that he would not give a damn good job of getting this guy and worldly. And put them in there and thrown into the fire and the coaching staff. On top of that is done a phenomenal job of teaching this guy. You know but I can you can have the best coach in the world out there if you're the guys are willing to drank or learn. Then he's not gonna get a better give credit to Brad very long because he's. Absorbed. The methods in the techniques that they're teaching and he's utilized in that. On the football field he has he athletic ability that's god given right all the other stuff is man given or you know you have to go out there aren't and that's where he's becoming an established himself. With that consistency week in and week out is one of the best corners on this team. And that's going to. Who was it to this other kid that came over sure Arturo wasn't the the burner all arms and Russell showed us a shot thank you. Russell Shepard Russell Shepard was talking a summer I think it was. No votes. And we'll both ask the question who's your training camp MVP without a doubt without hesitation. There was Jane's grander. You know because of what I descending on the consistency. The cat has at all he's gonna. Rough is going to be this year you'll because typically have to kind of show one year that you're capable. Being a Pro Bowl caliber but he's a Pro Bowl potential threat real trouble potential type of color depth special milestone the phone lines quickly wanna bring in Jason did a staunch Jason Howard is more. I got a real quick I would at lunch time Adam you're about LA I'm culminated San Diego State did against edit out. That number. Gate gate count artist soul. Its report on CBS sports and it's all insulated the present time and I haven't called the ticket office on a note be sure. A little more about seventy and they haven't LA I think bulk of the ownership groups need to take heed his. Hello my amber Baltimore solidified. And I think a cool start but a winning product on the field within the next three years. Is gonna grab a bigger chunk of that band days. And implemented that you stated. The chargers continued some of it because a lot of lackadaisical I have banned. I'd like you to step up aren't at all last night. Did not I don't know the content of LA. Now off dust and not thank you pursue the focal Jason Brees is called the shelf a host of sudden comeback wrap up our number two before Oz takes off liturgical touched on a couple of college football topics. And then no circle background dispensers discussion 70457. Or 96 standard sourcing and bailiff. How volatile. Welcome back Garcia Bailey Osborne's here as well we'll get him for a limited amount of time each day so I could let him roll found so bring it up the story that broke. About the Florida Gators and Michigan Wolverines they open season against one another. At a Florida Gators have now suspended seven for that opener game that I actually got Florida might win for what. Well they they misused some moss some funds on their ID cards and in turner and sold the merge should know on the streets in. That sort of thing misused it quote unquote that they they misuse really didn't comprehend the parameters which they could use so they did something. Sketchy. At the agenda that's moralists would have committed sort some things to their student ID cards and turn around and sold them and got busted for doing that now Florida has. Has suspended seven for the opener against Michigan so while I'm Dominic and once they dislike us what Dolan Michigan pro what's the difference between that and what I'm sure most players use to do with their books. You know they go to their books they get the brand new warns. And at the end of the year they sell back for more than you know what they would get him for. We're an you know I end up talking in the money and I don't think that's essentially what happens or maybe not exactly but that's that's the basic. Gist of what I what I registry about it and the way adheres to the article from off from bin Persian gulf. And and it it said initially unspecified reasons but the reports are that they deal they bought some things resold them. The mission done and I'm not gonna get off a lecture there was Cheryl much but does that among those suspended players in order happen if they were compared more than probably born have this to resell the books at a so I would suggest to Florida to start paying the guys a little bit more oh yeah yeah yeah well maybe they'll look into that comes into. And Antonio Calloway and it's up playmaker he's gone now Klein accidental Osce does a loss other suspended players defensive lineman Jordan Smith defensive lineman no action on this Davis. Linebacker James Houston all starters. A couple of storms weaken here as well. Down and if you're zarrella Lawson guys' names are there on the team that's not gonna that's been a bit of a grind it does it was a third stringers on their run in the first guy's name you mentioned who's the play makers most likely going to be one of their better offensive player's hand that can be be an impact but I don't know if it's gonna swing much I guess and Judy guys in their right in amendment again. In a game like that when the fourth quarter rules around it is sometimes it comes on who's more tired as the next anti coming of the guys or may not you guys are ready to go you know when it comes began the season that your starters are going to be out there most the time unless your defense of Lima new meaning to the rotation in there. It may change your rotation but as far as offense Alando restart that Bradley those guys names off there's no barrier impact unless somebody gets hurt that's only way you do you do you're gonna factor play for target outlined swings and things like that. That's not gonna have any impact on line though but he I guess you get some defense of Lima there in minutes in the likes to rotate a bit them along the defensive line amended it's an area where you can get her released bullish here at Bristol is not going to be very good this year anyways from all of more of a lot no seriously from a lot of wherever you. You know I mean Harbaugh is gonna have a down year. Most likely you would get to the teams that are in their conference. And what they have coming back and yeah I just you lose that much talent to the NFL. Eventually over time is going to catch up to you know again I think it's a fair point a psychic they're going to be good at all. I don't know how good to me that the starting quarterback facts of that certainly gonna help things but mostly. Well here's probably Ayman numero uno. Who people who are part of the problem on yeah for everybody out there. Is that Florida regardless of who's starting quarterback will be a new quarterback. Weathers the record eight francs leaders really desire whoever it is they're breaking in new quarterback Brett it's against a team that is. While depleted in talent still well coached. And your number one receiving threat is gone he's got Tyreke Cleveland back there you've got other guys. But disk dude is legit NFL prospect no doubt about it and he's gone for the first game. As a disc sets opening a scenario. Where maybe horror ball. I know it's just a little sneaky things here there Al coaches them wins a tight game and in their off to the races for five and oh start. So I think that that's the big deal here is debt you know obviously like you're saying frank. None of those other names really mean much in terms of the results of the game can turn to our boys are in LA. That's the guy who really makes a difference in the mountain area and that's a guy who this game could turn on because he was suspended for art really quickly. Before we turn you loose or we're gonna come back to this but I just wanna make the right way and your 'til 1230 all you more yeah old fossil hunt and I senate. Because you guys are talking and I'm like we talked about you like OK I need I knew I need my. Astonished okay that's not so here's the but the we'll do this we come back there are solely who's gonna join the show earlier this week from CBS for stock cal a lot of you know under is a great job covering college football. He put out something late last week. About the most overrated and underrated coaches in college football which in of itself is not overly exciting but he got a bunch of coaches around college football to comment on this sort of the stuff anonymously. And I'll I wanna read some of these about the most overrated. And the most underrated coaching college football because there are some phenomenal quotes here including a bunch a guys taken some shots and Nick Saban so. We'll talk about that we come back it's Garcia and Blaylock. Where Palin seen here. PSL source sports glass. At quail hollow club Justin Thomas the winner of the PGA championship finishing at eight under par for what would be his first major title tied for second at six under par two off the lead Patrick reed. Well we're Louie Tuesdays and every just go voluntary and for reed is best ever finish in a major. What Al's most impressed whether it is it didn't feel any different. In Gaza is out there trying to make his papers possible lines you know my coach coach I've preached all day. Tomorrow's Monday us treat today as if it's Monday qualifier Gilani had to its lowest round. Rickie Fowler and Hideki meciar lowered next day finished at five under par three strokes off the lead. Capital practice in Tennessee this week is to get ready for the F pre season game number two against the titans coming up on Saturday. Yesterday the final day in Spartanburg for training camp for Camden did do some storing the both us some team drills and some individual drills. Duke basketball gets a commitment from the top ranked point guard in the 2018 class Trey Jones the brother of former blue double highest Jones. Kyle Larson won the cup series race at Michigan Martin Truex junior was second night to win over Lehigh Valley nine to four Red Sox 32 over the Yankees in ten innings. Indians be to raise 43 cubs seven Diamondbacks to an Atlanta over Saint Louis six to three. I'm Jim Sophia that's the flash. We're only pay heavy hitters in Charlotte comes up pull. Prime time and we're joined now by the newest member of the Charlotte hornets still so we can safely Howard join our. It's. Russo prime time when congress growth. This afternoon that it's well into the lives. Seles men's serves hot barbecue sandwiches at the dog house on game days or makes Dawson is your pregame pit stop starting at 10 AM very early gains of five dollar jet beard gets you have free pork sandwich fresh off the bed let's osment barbecue catering your next party corporate events or wedding consider a whole hog catered pig pagan or low country boil your claims order online and skip the line and also osmond's -- inside your available for pickup by the town open Tuesday through Sunday eleven and eyes osmond's barbecue west boulevard and south China on. 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